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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 30, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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refinery. coming up, the startling noise that caused neighbors to phone us. >> a major car recall by tesla. the problem with 123,000 tesla cars that were made before april of 2016. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thanks for wake up with us on this friday. it's good friday maybe you have the day off march 30th i am pam cook. >> it's pam cook friday. >> i am happy it's friday to be honest. >> good morning. i am dave clark. steve paulson is happy too. he has the weather. >> i am so happy i am going to get a cup of coffee. >> me too a extra. >> a double. >> not that i am not happy to see you but friess are nice. >> exactly. thank you. yesterday it was one -- fridays are nice. >> exactly. thank you. yesterday it was one for the books. today, i think only san jose and mountain view have a chance. a lot of high clouds. it will be warm.
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we are way above average. 62 to 68. but santa rosa from 86 to 81. 81 in the city to 76. 83 concord. 81 and 82 to san jose 80's. 80 is close. the record is 8 #. 1942. -- 82, 1942. maybe 82, 83. but officially i think they will fall short. 28 in 1897 was the record low. san jose bumped up to 50. they went to 54 now 57, 58. 56sfo. concord buchanan, 55. 49 though out by concord pavilion. 6 degree spread. 49 lafayette. 48 san ramon. low 50s. yesterday i put on the brakes. they were in the upper 50s and 60s. a little cooler. 54 he will veto. there's the eastern -- el cerrito. the higher clouds will play into slightly cooler forecast today. so 70s and 80s.
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still warm. just not as warm as thursday. 6:01. so far so good right? yes i am smiling. 70s and 80s. that might be a touch too warm. but i am not going to be complaining about it. it is what it is. >> just a smidge outside your comfort zone. >> a smidge. and all kinds of other things. >> exactly. >> thank you. right now, there's really no smidge of any slow traffic. it's light as you might imagine here on westbound bay bridge. it's good friday some people have the day off for example the financial markets in the united states are closed. and that means that fewer people are going to work. it's going to make it easier to go if you have to. that is look at interstate 880 north and southbound. the traffic is moving well. i know that next week some schools have spring break and that's going to make it for driving for the morning
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commute. this is the peninsula where traffic has been light in case you are catching a flight over to sfo or san jose everything looks good. 6:03 now back to the desk. >> thank you sal. new this morning, u.s. military announced that two coalition troops were killed and five others wounded by a roadside bomb in syria. >> it happened last night. wounded were being evacuated for medical treatment. and they have not been identified as u.s. soldiers only members of the u.s. led coalition that's battling isis in syria. the u.s. military has not said where this occurred but it came hours after reports of a roadside bomb in the town that is near syria's border with turkey. we have an update on last night's loud noises at the chevron rephenery in richmond. chevron says there's an explanation but not before nervous ktvu viewers called us asking what happened. >> this is video sent to us
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last night from a viewer. chevron says the loud noise was caused by a steam relief and says it was not a signal of any danger. just before midnight, chevron tweeted out this statement "chevron understands the concerns neighbors felt this evening due to a loud noise from the richmond refinery. as a result of steam pressure relief. we apologize for how this may have impacted your evening. there's no need to shelter in place. >> time is 6:04. last night sanja te'o firefighters battled a fire at a 4-story apartment building on north delaware street about 10:00. firefighters got it under control shortly after they arrived. no injuries reported. and there's no word on how the fire started. about 20 people may have to find temporary housing because of the damage. immigrant rights groups are voicing serious concerns about a new practice by the contracosta sheriff office to publish inmate release date.
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>> alex savidge is at the detention center. why do they believe this is an attempt to undermine california's sanctuary laws. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you pam and dave. our states passed sanctuary laws are designed to prevent local law enforcement from notifying federal immigration officials when an undocumented inmate is set to be be released from custody. however, the contracosta county sheriff's office a month ago started the practice of publishing all inmate release dates on the website and some immigration rights advocates believe the sheriff's office may be trying to exploit a loophole in california's sanctuary laws by indirectly communicating with ice officials. sb54 which took effect in january, prohibits local agencies from sharing inmate release dates with ice unless they had such a policy in place. now according to a report, from
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the east bay times the sheriff's office publish receipt lease days because the public information it can be help it be publish release dates because the public -- published be release dates because the public information says it can be helpful. immigrant rights advocates are raising their concerns this morning. they believe this new practice of publishing inmate release dates is meant to essentially circumvent california's sanctuary laws. >> all right alex savidge in contracosta county. thank you. the trump administration is seeking to change visa applications to require applicants turn over 5 years of social media history. in documents set to be be released today, it would require foreigners applying for a visa to include the social media user names on various platforms including facebook, twitter and instagram and
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previous e-mail addresss, phone numbers, and international travel. all from the last five years. this comes as president trump ramps up efforts to implement an extreme vetting process for visa applicants. if approved, it will affect nearly 15 million people who apply for visas. investigators in mendocino county searching for the cause of the deadly crash off highway 1. an suv carrying a family of 8 plunged off a 100 foot cliff on to the rocks below. two women and three of their 6 children are confirmed dead. three other children are missing. they are presumed dead. the family's suv was found monday off highway 1. investigators say there were no skid marks or any signs that the driver hit the brakes. but there's also no evidence that the crash was deliberate. just days before the crash, child protective services was investigating allegations of child abuse at the family home in washington state.
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they wanted to question the parents jennifer and sarah hart. the neighbors had called cps and said one of the children was sneaking over to ask for food and said his parents punished the children by not feeding them. cps tried to visit the family at their home the seam day but no one answered the door. >> the next morning, when we saw that the vehicle was gone, we -- and then sunday morning when it was not there, we figured they -- something. >> because they never go anywhere. >> back in 2011, sarah hart was sentenced to a one-year probation for dough he met being assault after admitting to spanking her then 6-year-old -- domestic assault after admitting to spanking her then 6-year-old daughter causing bruises. that same year one of the otoes of the children went viral showing her tearfully hugging a police officer at a police reform protest in portland. he is among the children missing. the family moved to washington
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state last year. marin county middle school student was arrested accused of making school shooting threats. san rafael police say the 12- year-old boy, a 6th grader at davidson middle school made the threats while on the school bus wednesday. police interviewed the boy and his parents and say his family don't own guns and the boy doesn't have access to firearms. the student was arrested for making criminal threats. and the threat against palo alto high school has been deemed a hoax. the school was put on lock down for more than an hour yesterday afternoon after someone phoned police and made a violent threat about the school. after investigating authorities determined the threat was not credible. officers remained on campus for the remainder of the school day to make sure stew enters were safe. time is 6:09. last night in sacramento peaceful protest after the funeral of stephon clark. the young man who was shot and killed last week by sacramento police. >> stephon.
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>> stephon clark. >> dozens of demonstrators chanted outside the district attorney's office. they blocked downtown traffic. however, the sacramento kings nba game was not disrupted. earlier in the day, about 500 people gathered for stephon clark's funeral at bayside church in south sacramento. stephon clark's brother was overcome with emotion and you see at this point, reverend al sharpton helped comfort that man and his family. >> that's what we came for. for them to hold onto somebody until we can change this together. and all of these protests have not been violent. >> now along with stephon clark's family, sacramento mayor steinberg and retined nba -- retired nba player matt barnes were among those paying respects. the sacramento kings is partnering with black lives matter establishing an
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education fund for stephon clark's two children. tesla is voluntarily recall more than 120,000 model s sedans. there's problem with the power steering. corrosion in the power steering bolts may cause problems in the weather. the recall affects the tesla model s sedans made before april of 2016. owners can keep driving the cars according to tesla but the company will let them know when repairs are available. federal communication commission gave the green light to spacex to launch a broadband network using satellites. it lay lou spacex to provide ultra fast wireless internet service to those not connected. it will sus more than -- use more than 4400 satellites. it's the first of it's kind approval. its 6:11. russia is taking a feud with the united states to a new level. moscow's response after the
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u.s. expelled dozens of russian diplomats. >> a major desomethings by attorney general jeff sessions. his explanation on why he is not appointing a second special council to investigate the fbi. >> well, record setting thursday. it might be close for a few today but santa rosa the forecast high is 81. the record is 85. probably not but really warm on a friday. we will see what's in store for the easter weekend.
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we come back. it's 6:14.
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russia just exspelled 60 american diplomats retaliating after the u.s. closed down the russian consulate in seattle. we will show you new video from this morning. this is the american consulate in st. petersburg russia. all u.s. diplomats have been told they have to leave by saturday. this comes after the trump administration closed russia's consulate in seattle. russia has been accused of poisoning a former spy in britain. but the kremlin denies it. >> they don't need to act like a victim. russia shouldn't be acting like a victim. only victims in the situation are the two victims in the hospital in the uk right now. >> russia's backlash is not limited to the united states. 150 diplomats from two dozen countries have been told to leave russia. well u.s. attorney general jeff sessions says he is not appointing a second special council to investigate the fbi despite pressure from the republican party to do so. >> instead e. sent a letter to
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lawmakers revealing what's being done and how the decision was made. careline shively has more. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions revealing utah u.s. attorney john huber has been named to look into republican claims of fbi misconduct. not a second special council as requested by some republicans. in a letter to lawmakers thursday, sessions explains the appointment of a special counciloccurs under the most extraordinary circumstances. and that huber's review will determine whether the allegations merit the -- merit the need. in a exclusive interview, sessions touted huber's experience before revealing utah's top federal prosecutor. >> i have appointed a person outside of washington many years in the department of justice to look at all the allegations that the house judicialary committee members sent to us and we are conducting that investigation. >> reporter: the decision to wait drawing mixed reaction on capitol hill. house judicialary chair calling
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dization step in the right direction. meantime, representatives peter king said a second special council would be optimal but naming a prosecutor is a good move too. >> this is a significant step and it shows that the attorney general is considering criminal prosecution here. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. representative jim jordan arguing the firing of fbi director james comey and deputy director andrew mccabe are extraordinary moves. >> if those are not extraordinary circumstances warranting a second special count i don't know what the heck is. >> reporter: huber appointed to his position by former president obama, has been looking into whether the fbi should have more thoroughly probed hillary clinton's time to eu rain young 1. sessions is asking him to review the latest allegations and recommend whether a second special council or criminal charges are warranted. caroline shively fox news. the former mayor of houston is hosting a fund raising breakfast in san francisco to support mark leno for mayor.
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parker was the first openly lesbian mayor of a large city and is now the president and ceo of the victory fund which is a national organization dedicated to electing openly lgbtq candidates. leno the is first openly gay man to serve in the california senate. this morning's breakfast starts at 9 at 2390 market street. suggested contributions start at $100. our time is 6:18. sal is up watching our commute. your buddy m.c. hammer, today is his birthday. >> happy birthday. >>. and mc ham sear huge a's fan. >> yes. >> probably -- hammer is a huge a's fan. >> yes. >> probably had a great time with the walk off win. >> love m.c. hammer. >> and the traffic jam theme today, fools because we are coming up on april 1 into the. >> there are -- april 1st.
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>> there are lot of songs coming up with fools. >> we will be thinking. >> we will put your thinking cap on young lady and young man. let's go out and look at that commute. it's not much of a commute as i mentioned in the snipet i did. traffic is lighter than usual because well, for a variety of reasons. spring break, good friday, the markets are closed. and that kind of thing. i think fewer people are going to the office today. this is a look at the commute on interstate 880. there are no major problems on the freeway here in front of oracle arena. and if you are driving on the peninsula it looks pretty good. be a in the south bay we have what very light commute. we have what couple of crashes, too. but even thoughs -- those have not slowed things down for the san jose commute. 6:19. let's bring in steve. we won't get fooled again is what you are saying, right, sal? >>i see what you did. >> you don't want to be a fool
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-- never mind. we have very warm temps as you know. but pollen count is bonkers. the moon is full tomorrow morning. it's blue moon. the second of the month. we didn't have one in february. but we had one early march and one tomorrow at the end of march. so, easy to see although there are a few high clouds. for those suffering from the pollen, oh my gosh, it's the trees oak, pine, juniper and sycamore are high. nothing on the grass as i spec the -- expect those to make a move later. these are the record highs yesterday. 86 santa rosa. 84 san ray fay -- rafael. and napa tied at 83 degrees. slightly cooler. higher clouds, 68 still pretty warm. average temps this time of year is 62 to 68. so well above that. san jose down 2. concord down 2. down 5 from 86 to 81 for santa rosa. for the city 76,56.
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average is 62, 49. record is 82. so probably not 42 back in 1880 the record low. the best bet is today for record highs is mountain view and san jose but i think it will be close but just a teeny bit short. 40s and 50s on the temps of the san jose 58. they were 54. 44 in lakeport. on the pi nine la, 40s to 50s. 10 degree spread between intown and los altos and los altos -- losalityos hills. 60 in pacifica. so there's a slight eastern component for some. woodside is at 46. theres northeast northeast and there's west southwest, west, half-moon bay, south north. that's going to turn but may not be until tonight or tomorrow. higher clouds spilling in will take some temperatures down a few degrees. 25 this truckee. 47 ukiah. higher clouds will lead to a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures still way above average, though. so higher clouds. minor cooling today.
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minor cooling and fog returns for the weekend on sunday and it will be cooler going into next week. but dry until probably next thursday or friday. signs of rain returning them. -- then. 70s and 80s on the temps. and temperatures again, i mean we go from one extreme to the other. but we will settle back to near normal by the time we get to sunday into monday. >> okay. >> monday and tuesday. >> and today is national take a walk day. >> it is. >> a good day for a walk. >> i am walking. >> okay. >> yes, indeed, i am walking. >> there's a song there. i knew it. >> thank you. 6:22 is the time. a russian hacker accused of breaking into silicone valley companies. the czech republic extradited him to the u.s. overnight. tell ahead, the cyber crimes he is accused of committing.
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michael mcdonald says. >> nice. >> today kind of a tying in with april fool's day which is on easter. i am not sure you should be playing any jokes on your mom or grandmother. >> no. >> i am just saying. >> not on easter sunday.
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>> keep the peace in the family. maybe your little brother that's okay. i guess. if there's a special song you want to hear and thanks to the bay area transplant for requesting that. and special song you want to hear with the theme which is fools april fool or just fool. i will play your request. use the hashtag ktvu on twitter facebook or instagram. i am not fooling the giants and the a's won the season openers thrilling one run victories. the a's beat l.a. angels 6-5 in 11 innings. and matt chapman makes the great catch of that foul ball right there and the a's were down 4-0 when they may the come back kicked off by chris davis hitting a homer. and then matt olson comes up and hit a home run, too. and then you can hit yours now. throw the ball. and then he hits it. forever. he hits a home run. and then on the bottom of the
6:27 am
11th, the shortstop hit a walk off single and that was enough to win the game. yeah. the two teams play again tonight at the coliseum. tonight's game starts at 7:05. and the fans were cheering as they left the coliseum excited about the extra inning win. weather was also perfect. hot but it was perfolk for an afternoon game. team's first day -- perfect for an afternoon game. the team's first day game opener. they unveiled a tree house that is above the left field bleachers. >> i have been coming to a's games all my life and this is beautiful. you know, the fans put this in here, and it is here to stay. it's beautiful. >> tree house is a new feature out here. what do you think? >> it's absolutely awesome. >> everybody loves the tree house it was a hit. the attendance was not as big
6:28 am
as the amount's were hoping. -- a's were hoping. there were 28,000 people there a sell out is almost double that. a high drive towards foul territory. and that's a fair ball and gone. >> it is. joe's home run in the 5th inning all the scoring the giants needed in the one to nothing win over dodgers. it broke clayton kershaw's streak of 5 consecutive opening day wins. the giants block pitched 5 scoreless innings and got the win. giants and dodgers play again tonight in l.a. time is 6:be 28. the -- 6:28. in the next couple days a abandoned chinese space station is due to fall out of the sky towards earth. it's expected to reenter earth's atmosphere between today and sunday. scientists say the 35 foot long space station will almost certainly burn up before it hitsearth. scientists of china lost
6:29 am
control of it in september of 2016. the tax deadline quickly approaching. when we come back, ways to keep your information safe from thieves looking to cash in on your refund. >> reporter: san francisco police release body camera video from a march 21st shooting at barber shot. coming up, we have the community reaction. there's only one word for the all new together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> well good morning. thanks for joining us for mornings on 2678 it's friday morning -- 2, it's friday morning marchth i am -- march 30th i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. >> let's check in with steve. >> better late than never. warm but not as warm as yesterday. >> good. people will be happy to hear that. >> it was a cooker yesterday. i just saw one of our photographers it was hot yesterday. yes it was. we will have 80s today. higher clouds are spilling in but temperatures that should take a couple degrees off. and there's a west wind that's trying to develop but there's a slight offshore component. san jose, 80, 54. average 67. the record is 83. 1942. on the low it's 28. back in 1897. it will be close east san jose may get to 82. 0s and 50s on -- 40s and 50s on
6:33 am
the temps and we will warm up. morgan hill 52 santa cruz. cupertino dropped to 51. campbell is at 49. there's the offshore offshore onshore onshore. so neither one is strong but they are both there. higher clouds. there will be a lot more today than yesterday as they break through the ridge of high pressure which will ease back over the weekend. fog will come back as well by sunday. 70s and 80s today. 6:33 on a friday. still quiet. you are looking at something. i check to see things have not changed but steve, think you will be happy with what we haveout there for the morning commute. it's very nice. and we don't have a lot going on. let's talk about the bay bridge where you will see the traffic continues to look very good. now there's a little crowding on the bridge that has not affected your wait time and i think it's crowded on the bridge because the peter -- metering lights are not on. there's no congestion here in front of oracle arena. it looks nice and traffic is looking good all the way to
6:34 am
downtown oakland. on the peninsula traffic is at the speed limit on 101 and 280. westbound 92 and dunn barton bridge looking very nice all the way across to the peninsula. 6:34 let's go back to the desk. last night in san francisco, at a town hall meeting the police released body camera video of a shoot out at a barbershop. on march 21st, 21-year-old man was killed in that shooting. five others including a police officer were hurt. >> ktvu leigh martinez joins us from the neighborhood with are poo- with more on the emotional -- with more on emotional meeting. >> reporter: people say they felt the police put everyone's life at risk by using that use the force in the video. you can hear a man shouting there were kids in the building. now a body camera from a san francisco police officer captures the moment gunfire erupts inside a barbershop that officer goes down, shot in the leg. and he is shown crawling out of
6:35 am
the shop. police release a body camera footage at last night's community meeting at balboa high school. four people were hurt in the cross fire among those injured two barbers and a teenage boy shot in the foot. some barbershop customers complained that police risked everyone's safety and needed to show restraint. >> you guys handled that all messed up. there are dads, brothers, everything, husbands in that shop. my son goes there and does homework in the back. and you guys walk in and shoot the place up. >> reporter: the original call, we learned, was from the suspect's parents who said he threatened them with a gun and tried to break into the garage. police found eid in the barbershop and gunfire erupted soon after. 21-year-old jehad eid is shown holding a handgun which police say he fired first and fired 9 times. it's unclear if he fired first. the audio doesn't begin until after several shots were fired.
6:36 am
dash cam video shows the pandemonium. two san francisco officers fired 26 rounds. eid was shot 18 times and died at the hospital. now several family members were also in attendance at last night's meeting. and the family members are also divided over the use of force. the officers involved theiridentities have not been released. >> leigh martinez is san francisco. thank you. time is now 6:36. emergency crews rushed to mineta san jose international airport. several passengers were sick on a incoming flight. these are live pictures from out there at the airport in san jose. about 7:00, fire feeters met a delta -- firefighters meat delta airline flight from minneapolis. two passengers were having motion sick test and five more people -- sickness and five more people became sick. no one needed to be treated once the crews responded and no other flights were affected. also new morning, a russian
6:37 am
man suspected of hacking into computers at bay area based linkeds inn and drop box has been extradited to the united states. the czech arrested him in prog in cooperation with the fbi in october 2016 for habbing into computers at silicone valley firms. since then the u.s. has been trying to get him extradited to the u.s. to face trial but he is wanted in russia on a separate charge from 2009 and they have been trying to get him extradited there. the czech republic's high court rejected a lastment appeals from russia and ruled that he would be sent to the u.s. facebook is about to get tough on the truth in an effort to curve hokes and false stories. they announced they have begun fact checking videos and photos. it began on wednesday in france with assistance from the news organization afp and is expected to reach more countries and partners soon.
6:38 am
the specific criteria facebook will use to evaluate the content has not been revealed nor how much a photo could be edited or doctored before ruled fake. under armour says 150 million user accounts tied to its popular fitness app were compromised. the company says it found out about the data breach. but last month, the my fitness pal accounts were accessed by a third party. under armour says user names, e- mail addresss and passwords were affected but credit card information is collected separately and that's not at risk. shares of under armour are due to open down about 4% because of that news. next week, the man accused of driving a van into a group of people in san francisco on wednesday and killing one of them is due in court. 33 year old mark dennis is accused of causing the crash at24th around illinois street. and we know more about the victims. the man who was killed was 43-
6:39 am
year-old eliseo lopez. four other men were hospitalized. one is still listed as critical. another listed as serious. and two others were discharged. a nearby business owner says one man ran into his shop asking for help. >> i looked across and saw four bodies on the floor. and two of them were not moving. and one person was crawling slowly. and it appears one person was huddled over someone asking him to hang on and not to leave and not let go. >> another witness says a suspect got into an argument with the five men and was holding an ax. he says the man then got into his white gmc and plowed into the men who by then were on a sidewalk. mark dennis was arrested shortly after. he is facing 15 felony charges that includes murder. the benicia police made an arrest from a sexual assault case from five years ago.
6:40 am
the 64-year-old one was -- woman was assaulted in her home. dna from the attacker's blood left at the scene matched a burglary suspect in washington. detectives arrested alexander haynes in university place washington. he lived in benicia at the time of the attack and will be in jail until extradited back to california. last night family and friends gathered to remember two young men who were shot and killed outside a san francisco pizza parlor ten years ago. jason de la cruz and derrick butch were killed in march of 2008. they had been out with friends when there was an altercation and someone pulled out a gun and started to shoot. his family says time is passing but they are holding out home the person responsible will be arrested. >> we want justice for my brother, for me, and you know,
6:41 am
and we hope that bringing us altogether and standing here tonight will bring justice for him and something will happen. >> police arrested a 19-year- old man in the killings days after the shoot being. but the charges were -- shooting but charges were dropped after a key witness told authorities they arrested the wrong man. no other suspect has been identified since. the time is 6:41. former oakland raider aldon smith has more legal problems. he didn't show up for a court arraignment yesterday e was due to be arraigned for three misdemeanor counts of violating a court order. he was arrested earlier this month for an alleged domestic assault incident and was then rearrested after he allegedly contacted the victim. smith has another court date for next week. a judge could issue a 50,000 dollar arrest warrant if he doesn't show up again. kevin durant's return to the war jurors didn't -- warriors didn't last long. he andremond green returned from injuries last night to take on the milwaukee bucks. game turned in the final
6:42 am
seconds of the first half when durant killed at -- yelled at the ref about a missed call and he was ejected. durant told reporters afterwards he got fouled and told the refs about it and was kicked out. he had 10 points before being ejected as the bucks beat warriors 116-107. this is the first time since january 2014 that the warriors lost three straight games at home. happening today, the late mayor ed lee will be honored at the salvation army center in san francisco. the warriors and the salvation army will be there to dedicate edwin m lee court at the salvation army. chinatown core community center. lee who is married -- who was marchied at the center in 1980 was a lifelong supporter of the salvation army. the gym and basketball court at the community center were refubished in partnership with the warriors -- refurbished in par phisser inship with the war -- partnership with the war
6:43 am
years, pg&e. coming up at 7 -- coming up 579, a noise at the chevron plant lat night and chevron's explanation. >> plus, you drink a little coffee? listen up. there's a new health warning that could be coming with your morning cup of joe but researchers disputing the claim. we will explain. >> good morning. we do see that it is a lighter than usual commute. we see a little congestion on the bridge because the metering lights are not on and because it's the light at the toll plaza. >> we are brewing up a nice friday forecast for you. just not as hot as yesterday when we had a bunch of record highs. highs. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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we are watching the closing bell honoring one of the olympians this. >> power olympics. >> -- pair olimb fix in a -- paralympics. >> yeah. we are watching the closing bell because the markets are closed today in observance of good friday. and they will be back opened on monday. there's a lot of business news to talk about, though, even though the markets are close. walmart is reportedly in talks to buy the health insurance company humana according to the wall street journal if the deal goes through it would make walmart one of the largest health ensureers. in addition to the pharmacies walmart has primary care clinics and recently said it
6:47 am
would begin offering lab testing services in some of the stores. the company said it wants to make walmart stores a one-stop shop for customers every day health needs. hackers apparently stealing tax refunds. according to the irs they are doing it in new ways. >> we are seeing, though, are tax professionals, tax practitioners getting their data breach from the bad guys from the criminals. >> hackers are stealing information from tack prepareers to submit false tax returns. the irs says the hackers use people's bank routing numbers to make electronic deposits. >> what we are seeing is an erroneous refund showing up in the real bank account of the taxpayer the victim and the criminal calling threatening arrest or from the irs or criminal this that and other we want the refund back. >> the irs says traction prepareers know about the hack and they are trying to find new ways to stay ahead of the
6:48 am
hackers. this year, of course the deadline to file tax it is coming up april 17th. type is -- time is 6:47. sap fran competes to host the 2020 democratic national convention. mayor sent a leter to the chairman of the national committee saying san francisco wants to be considered as the host city. that is the first step before a formal bid is made. last time democrats held a nominating convention in san francisco was in 1984. former vice president walter mondale was nominated for president. new york congresswoman ferraro was nominated for vice president. the president ronald reagan was reelected that year. it's 6:48. time to check in with gasia fresh in from the a's ball park. >> we had the best time on the 9 yesterday. we just about melted. >> yeah it was hot. >> it was wort it. and the wind was nice too. i will join you in minutes a
6:49 am
moment ago you talked about tax scams we need to be aware of. i am concerned about that and, of course, no one likes to be audited. we dropped off the shoe box of statements and receipts to our tax preparer yesterday. and now we wait as so many of you are. and if tax time has you stress heed, some of that worry may be unnecessary. if you live in fear of an irs audit, why you should rest easier than in years past. also how the vatican worked fast to set record straight on whether the pope denied the existence of hell in an interview with a well-known italian journalist. it started after the reporter asked the pope where bad souls go and later quoted the pope as saying hell does not exist. but the vatican now says -- what the vatican says about the controversy this and more. i will join you in minutes. >> all right see you then. >> thank you. time is 6:49. sal's right over there. everybody basic in the commute. >> they are. as a matter of fact, if of you
6:50 am
look at the pictures -- if you look at the pictures, you will know that today is a very light day on the commute. probably the lightest in a while. highway 24 looks pretty good. there is some congestion. i haven't seen stop and go traffic in lafayette or orinda heading to the tunnel. you can see the traffic is looking -- it's a nice picture. looking good on the upper deck of the bay bridge. westbound bay bridge traffic is backed up all the way out or not backed up. i almost said that automatically. this time it's usually backed up all the way out to the maze. this looks like a sunday morning out there. and, again, it's good friday. the financial markets are closed. and so are a lot of schools. this is a look at 880 in oakland. you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. and there's not a lot of activity out there. so take it easy. drive savely. at 6:50 let's bring in steve. >> i had to can a double -- i had to do a double take on bridge it surprises me when --
6:51 am
ridge. >> it surprises me when it look like that at 10 to 7. there were plenty of record highs yesterday. including 86 yesterday in santa rosa. napa tied at 83. not on the panel but it was 8 3. san rafael 84. san francisco, sfo and mountain view 81. all records. stephanie says hey steve. too hot too soon but early february had record highs as well. maybe a cooler summer. i have no take on the summer although i would be very surprised if it was hot as last summer which was record setting. i do look for an active spring. i think we will get back into rain by this time next week. temperatures today will come down a little bit. 86 yesterday in santa rosa. 81 today. 81, 76 in san francisco. 83 concord. 81 to 82 to 80 in san jose. speaking of sap fran, 76, 56. way above average which is 62, 49. the record is 82. 2011 record low of 42. way back 1880. 50s on a lot of temps.
6:52 am
san jose 58 degrees. sfo56. downtown san francisco in there. and around the bay, the berkeley lab is 66 warm degrees. oakland 54, 57, 58 alameda and why the is berkeley lab at 66 degrees? because they have an east southeast breeze right there. right there it's at 66 degrees. so there's warm araloft. slide -- warm air aloft. by the time we get to the weekend, the onshore wins out as the system digs into -- digs into the pacific northwest. high clouds will be moving in today. 54 down in monterey and the higher clouds will be on the move. so mostly sunny in the morning and partly cloddy thissa noon. high maxed out yesterday. just minor cooling today. still way above average. but by sunday into monday the fog returns and it will be starting to cool down. 80s on the temps. 70s for some. normal highs are 62 to 68.
6:53 am
so it's going to take while to get back down to that level. maybe by early next week, tuesday looks okay. and then after that, sunday morning will be all right but watch out for fog near the coast. >> watch out for the bunny. >> watch out for the bunny. many people depend on it to get going in the morning. but still to come, the reasonyour next coffee order from starbucks or pete's could have a health warning.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
♪[music] >> this reminds me, dave. >> yes. >> of growing up in san francisco. my parents would actually ride the street car to my friend tony dunn's house and this song was on the radio at the time. >> wow. >> fool in the rain. led zeppelin. this was requested by ricky. thank you for playing along. today's theme is fools because of april fool's coming up. if there is a special song that you want to hear, let us know. often we have a theme every friday morning. use #ktvu on facebook, twitter
6:57 am
or gram. the drummer, by the way, i don't remember his name. spectacular. >> thank you, ricky. >> a proposed warning label may make you think twice about drinking coffee. a california judge says that coffee drinkers should be warned about a risk of cancer. >> the coffee industry says this legal fight is just beginning. >> everybody knows how much he loves coffee. >> reporter: robert really likes his coffee. >> i usually roast coffee once a week. >> reporter: his favorite drink may now come with a cancer warning. a los angeles judge ruled wednesday that starbucks and other coffee retailers did not show that the chemical is insignificant. the state law requiring warnings on a wide range of cancer-causing chemicals. >> i don't think it would deter me. i think there are so many things that have cancer warnings today.
6:58 am
it could be really insignificant. >> reporter: it is a chemical in coffee that naturally occurs in the cooking process to increase flavor. many have settled and have agreed to post warnings. >> what would be helpful is if the warning explicitly said what kind of roast this is in. i'm not sure that a lighter roast has this problem as much as a darker roast. >> reporter: coffee has been shown over and over again to be a healthy beverage. this lawsuit has made a mockery of prop 65, confused consumers and does nothing to improve public health. the u.s. government's own dietary guidelines says that coffee can be part of a healthy lifestyle. meanwhile his wife who is pregnant says that a cancer warning would further alter her
6:59 am
drinking habit. >> i've been having decaf since i've been pregnant. it might make me say no to coffee all throughout my pregnancy. >> one person called the decision premature. in campbell, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. >> our question of the day is this, will this warning affect how much coffee you drink? 20% say yes. 80% say no. let us know what you think by voting on twitter and and comment on facebook as well. today is also national take a walk in the park day. i'm not kidding. every year the goal is to, gasia, stress the importance of a calm, relaxing walk to reduce stress, reenergize, improve your health. so celebrate this day. grab a dog if you don't have
7:00 am
one. go to your favorite park or for a walk around your neighborhood. the perfect way to celebrate. chevron is offering an apology in connection to the richmond rye finery. coming up, the startling noise that caused many of the neighbors to call us here at ktvu. a major car recall from tesla. the problem with 130,000 car that's were made before april of 2016. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a friday morning. good friday for many. >> uh-huh. >> march 30th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about our good friday weather. i ducked outside. it feels good. >> i bet. >> how hot was it at the game. >> very hot. >> today feels cooler than yesterday. >> slightly cooler. your friday forecast is a walk in the park


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