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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 30, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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officer when he was killed as authorities have said. >> the proposition that has been presented that he was assailing the officers, meaning he was facing the officers, is inconsistent with the prevailing forensic evidence as documented at autopsy. >> reporter: the pathologist went on to say that clark lived between three and 10 minutes after being shot. after the gunfire police waited five minutes before they approached him but the pathologist said it's not clear if clark would have lived even with immediate medical attention. >> the official results from the county coroner are not expected for weeks. the city will aggressively seek answers about the circumstances of the shooting. of the shooting.
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>> rob malcolm has reaction from the warriors. they are playing the kings tomorrow night in sacramento. >> that's right. it will certainly be interesting to see what happens on saturday. throttles of the autopsy may reignite -- the results of the autopsy may reignite emotions. as the warriors come to sacramento saturday many fans and supporters hope they show public support for stephon clark. the death of stephon clark has resonated with the golden state warriors. >> yeah. i mean, it just -- another kid taken away from his family and friends and life taken away for who knows what. it's a tragedy. >> something i never been through and couldn't imagine
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so we'll talk about it tonight and see what we can do. >> reporter: as the warriors ready to play the kings in sacramento on saturday night, the team is well aware of the tragedy which is unfolding in the city and the business of basketball will be a priority. if the players protest stephon clark, it remains a personal decision. >> i mentioned to our players yesterday that if they wanted to be part of anything that's going on, that it's something that they should discuss. >> reporter: on thursday, the day stephon clark was laid to rest, former warriors and kings matt barnes invited players to join in a pregame protest at a local sacramento park. barnes a father of two, still lives in the community where he recently played. >> great that he is going at it especially in his hometown. it hit close to home with him. i'm sure it's a difficult situation for everybody involved and we want to support the family and show them that we care.
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>> reporter: the city has been rocked with protests in the streets and the arena. another protest scheduled for game day presents a challenge for the warriors who are recognized as being one of the more socially active franchises in the league. >> as coach right now, um, of, um, a team that's lost three straight home games, ha ha, i'm, um, you know, i'm kind of focused on basketball. but at the same time, i'm, um, very much aware of what's been going on. >> reporter: the findings of the family-ordered autopsy have revealed stephon clark the father of two was shot eight times from the back or side. mortally wounded it took him three to 10 minutes to die. regardless of who shows up on game day, matt barnes hopes the former teammates will show up in protest. >> i'm here for support and i'm here as a father as a black man tired of seeing this. >> reporter: so again head coach steve kerr saying it's
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up to the players to decide whether or not they want to protest. it's also unclear how many people are expected to show up saturday with the noon rally at cesar chavez park in sacramento. the warriors have a large fan base so a large group is expected for saturday evening's game. >> thank you. along with matt barnes a former warriors player the sacramento kings are also joining with "black lives matter" and bill black to help the stephon clark family. >> to throw money for black youth in sacramento. the warriors did commend the kings for what they are doing in that community. so people hope the warriors will make a public statement. everybody is watching to see what they will do. >> i live in sacramento. what's it like right now? >> very tense. as we said yesterday during the protest, i mean, a lot of raw emotions still as people wait for the official autopsy
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results. but what happened today with the family issued autopsy certainly going to reignite some emotions again. >> thank you, rob. a jury has found that a man shot and killed by vallejo police last august was responsible for taking his own life. 45-year-old jeffrey barbeau from benicia was responsible for an armed robbery when he pulled over. police say he got out holding a machete and then officers fired 41 times when he didn't drop it. he had methamphetamine in his system. the jurors concluded it was suicide by cop. a baton rouge police officer being fired for deadly shooting of a black man. the decision comes three days after louisiana's attorney general says that the officer would not face criminal charges for the death of alton sterling. sterling was killed in july of 2016 during a struggle with officers outside of a convenience store where he was selling cds.
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the officer who shot him is being fired. his partner is being suspended for three days. sterling's death set off statewide protests with more than 200 people being arrested. new developments in the orlando nightclub shooting case. tonight the widow of the gunman is free after being acquitted by a jury. she had been accused of helping her husband plan the shooting at the pulse nightclub that killed 49 people. noor salman was facing the possibility of life in prison. she had been living with her mother here in the bay area when she was taken into custody. matt finn reports now from florida. >> noor was the first victim of omar mateen. she is not the last. reporter: it was the deadliest isis-inspired attack on american soil. 49 people gunned down by omar mateen at the pulse nightclub in orlando back in 2016. mateen's wife noor salman immediately suspected of helping her husband plan the massacre. but on friday, a florida jury found her not guilty of aiding
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the attack inning of lying to the fbi about --and not guilty of lying to the fbi about it. >> the truth is to our benefit. we learned a lot as a community and group during this trial. >> reporter: salman sat waiting for the verdict with tears streaming down her face. she was facing life in prison if convicted on all charges. prosecutors claimed salman and her husband scouted out the club together and she knew he had violent tendencies and was buying ammunition for his ar- 15. but legal experts say that wasn't enough to definitively connect her to the attack itself. >> they wanted to tie them together with the terror and failed to do so to the extent of doing away with reasonable doubt. >> reporter: the defense portrayed her as a woman easily manipulated first by her husband, then by fbi officials looking to hold someone accountable for the attack. defense attorneys hope the feds learned a lesson from the acquittal. >> this is not about the fbi or good guys or bad guys. this is about what is the best and fairest technique to employ in the questioning of
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american citizens. >> reporter: prosecutors obviously say they are upset with the verdict. but they didn't indicate whether they plan to file an appeal. in miami, matt finn, fox news. pg&e says on monday it will start building new underground electric and gas lines in the coffey park neighborhood of santa rosa that was devastate by the firestorm last october. pg&e says much of the equipment was destroyed by the blistering temperatures during the fire. pg&e calls this a huge milestone of progress to rebuild the coffey park neighborhood. the company expects to complete construction by the end of the year. the night the fires broke out most everyone was caught off guard. for the first time we are hearing a play-by-play of the scene. we have obtained hours of 911 calls and transcripts.
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brooks jarosz reports from the newsroom with a sample of the transcripts. >> reporter: we spent the day listening to the audio and examining the transscript every script and what we found was terrifying moments of people trapped, dispatchers overwhelmed and a lack of resources all while fires burned and spread out of control that early october night. >> reporter: resemble hell on earth, panicking people, we're trying to escape now, like this mother in calistoga. >> no, no, no! come on! >> reporter: what 911 calls show started as a wind event -- >> the wind is blowing really, really hard and i think it's making the wires that are just above the street, um, hit each other or something. >> all right. we'll let pg&e know. >> reporter: soon it became much more serious.
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he. >> reporter: then emergency communications centers began getting dozens of calls. some callers left hanging on the line for several minutes dispatchers even frustrated. >> can you stop transferring the calls? we can't take them. >> it's our fault. we have to transfer the call. >> reporter: less than an hour later fire was reported right at people's doors. >> we're caught! we can't get out. >> what? >> we're trapped. we can't get out. >> reporter: meanwhile, resources were so scarce, first responders were feeling helpless. >> you don't have anybody -- no ambulances? >> no, we do not. i'm sorry. >> is there any way we can bring the patients to meet somebody? >> reporter: with communication towers going down, it became increasingly difficult for fire crews to mobilize. >> do you have any engines available? i need like 20 engines. >> what alarm are you at? >> fifth, sixth, tenth alarm. we need 30 or 50 engines
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immediately. >> reporter: all while many of those trapped, hoped, prayed and waited. >> they are trapped in the property. they need somebody now. >> hello? >> what is your name? >> we're going to die! >> in fact in one 911 call a woman was told to get somewhere safe and she told the dispatcher she and her family would be in the pool under the tarp because fire was all around them. in the newsroom, brooks jarosz, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i find myself tensing up listening to those, they are so dramatic and frightening. after listening to all those, what stood out most to you? >> it's just amazing how overwhelming it was for dispatchers and all the first responders. and all the first all the resources were shifted to napa county really so people from sonoma county called in saying, hey, we need help over here. when can you send stuff over
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here? so it really kind of gives you that perspective of they were on it in napa and there were so many fires breaking out so quickly, they just couldn't keep up. >> a horrible night. brooks jarosz in the newsroom, thank you. coming up here, arnold schwarzenegger recovering from emergency open-heart surgery. what we're learning about the procedure and his first two words after waking up in the hospital, that's at 6:30. >> and in weather, another very warm day out there. in fact, felt very humid or steamy but looks like some changes as we head toward the weekend. even your easter. we'll talk more about the forecast coming up. >> at first the wheels of justice turning in the east bay. what we're learning about an arrest after a series of tire thefts. >> someone else this morning got victimized overnight. and probably woke up to their car on the ground. >> live look right now at the friday evening commute. this is the 101 curve, the slow going there. the traffic heading to the left is heading towards the bay bridge. the traffic on the right
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heading towards the 280 split and potentially sfo. >> another live look now at a different area. this is interstate 80 in oakland. it's near the macarthur maze. the car is on the right. -- the cars on the right are heading toward richmond. it's not too bad for this time of near there. we are back with more in just a moment.
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san leandro police caught a tire thief redhanded. our crime reporter henry lee is in the newsroom with more on what happened and the high-end wheels that police recovered. >> reporter: the wheels of justice did move quickly here. the suspect crashed the mercedes suv he was in. >> reporter: this is the stolen suv mercedes that crashed after two people were caught stealing tires friday morning. it started at 5:30 when a san leandro police officer caught a man taking tires off a newer honda on benedict drive. >> when an officer saw in progress two tires removed from the vehicle, they were in the process of removing the other tires. >> reporter: the thieves saw the officer, jumped into the passenger seat of the mercedes with paper plates. it took off and they chased it. >> the suspect vehicle crashed  into a park card and trying to flee the area the officer had to move out of the way to avoid being hit. >> reporter: the driver crashed into a hill. police caught the passenger but the driver escaped.
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inside the mercedes, police found the two wheels stolen from the honda but there was more. >> two other complete sets. eight more tires and wheels inside that car and we don't know those belong to so someone else this morning got victimized overnight. and probably woke up to their car on the ground. >> reporter: police confirm that the mercedes is the same suv spotted in two earlier tire thefts. the thieves were targeting newer hondas and acuras with 18" tires. police say both hondas and -- > put the blocks under the wheels and let the air out of the tires sometimes and then that way that gives them the -- when they let the air out, they are able to get the wheels off without having to jack it up. >> reporter: he showed us these wheel locks which could be put on the tires to guard against theft. >> if you really wanted to prevent it, you could put like two different styles of a
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wheelock on there. and so that way you have to have two separate keys for the wheel locks. >> reporter: they won't do too much good when the entire car is stolen. thieves are after hondas. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> they stealing the cars or the the tires? >> just the tires and the wheels. so it must be a hot black market for these honda rims. >> a shame to come out and find no tires on your car. thank you. an autopsy was performed today on a fetus discovered along the shoreline in berkeley this week. the sheriff's office says the unborn boy was likely the result of a miscarriage. foul play is not suspected. officials urge the mother now to go to the hospital and seek treatment. the 20-week-old baby was discovered tuesday with its umbilical cord still attached. to the weather now. as we take a look at the conditions in san francisco,
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look at that. not a cloud in the sky. that's just spectacular. >> the sunshine today brought out a lot of people in lake oklahoma. everyone was embracing the warm weather. there were plenty of people walking, jogging and biking. one vendor likes the weather because the business picks up. >> there's been a lot of people coming out a lot of families coming out having fun. people enjoying this weather walking around the lake. >> he says she will be stationed outside of fairyland every day selling his refreshing cool beverages to people who are passing by. >> chief meteorologist bill martin off tonight. meteorologist mark tamayo filling in here. did it hit over 80 today because it was just outstanding. >> yeah. we had quite a few 80s out there. so we cool things off a little bit but it's still very warm. >> hazy and humid still warm especially for this time of year. looks like we are going to cool
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off heading into your weekend but just some minor changes. if you are missing the rain clouds, we could see a big change in the overall weather pattern for next week. take a look though at the highs this afternoon. 70s and 80s in the area. clouds moving in out there so it's not completely clear. clouds have been streaming in over the past few hours with kind of that thin veil of overcast across the bay area. still warm. san jose right now 78 degrees. santa rosa 77. still holding on to 71 in san francisco and half moon bay. 63. here's another camera looking out towards the bay.
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milky cloud cover for this evening. for tomorrow morning temperatures starting out saturday in the 40s to the 50s. and here's the forecast model showing you some of the high clouds. we'll have more cloud cover compared to the forecast for tomorrow and we'll continue to cool things off but still pretty warm in your saturday forecast. temperatures ranging from the mid-60s all the way to the upper 70s. we'll have rain in the forecast and we'll have more on that coming up in a little bit. it is known more for crime rather than its big mac. now a landmark mcdonald's in san francisco has been shut down. up next tonight the new plans for this property. >> also, the warriors kevin durant talked to the media today about receiving his league leading fifth ejection last night against the milwaukee bucks. scott reiss tells us what kevin durant said later in sports. >> plus, he was arrested after dropping his daughter off at daycare. now an undocumented immigrant is being released. details on the bay area case that many found outrageous.
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new at 6:00 a transient is behind bars in the south bay tonight on suspicion of attacking a woman with rocks. the 33-year-old man who goes by the name one brown was taken into custody last night. police say he through rocks at a woman's car and when she got out of her vehicle, he hit her with another rock. two witnesses held him until police arrived. the woman is expected to
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recover. in san francisco, a mcdonald's that was a landmark on haight street but also known as a crime magnet has shut down. the restaurant at haight and stanyan closed yesterday. the city paid more than $15 million for the site and plans to build affordable housing there. some neighbors have said they are concerned that the proposed building will be too tall and out of character for the area. city officials plan to schedule community meetings before settling on a design. today marks cesar chavez day and in san francisco people gathered to remember the late farm labor leader and his legacy. mayor farrell was among hundreds of people who attended the annual legacy awards holiday breakfast at the longshoreman's hall this morning. organizers say it offers a time to reflect on the work that he began to make sure that people who bring food to the tables of others can also support their own families. >> the union that cesar founded along with the -- their mission
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was to really help farm workers to work safely to be able to provide for their families and to really improve their lives in the community that he served. >> the money raised today supports the parade. it will be saturday april 14th at dolores park in san francisco. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with arnold schwarzenegger recovering from emergency surgery. >> he had open-heart surgery so it's invasive. >> up next, what we're learning about the procedure and schwarzenegger's first two words after he woke up in the hospital. >> and california taking legal action against a healthcare giant. details on a lawsuit that claims northern california patients are paying more than people in southern california. >> also a startling statistic at a bay area school district where officials say half of the students are homeless. and it's right in the heart of silicon valley. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 did -- stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next.
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noor salman is free after a jury in florida acquitted her of helping to plan the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando in 2016. and then lying to the fbi about it. prosecutor said salman knew her
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husband was buying ammunition and helped him scout the club. her attorneys claim she was manipulated by her husband omar mateen. tonight it's not clear if she plans to return to her family's home this rodeo. a baton rouge police officer is being fired for fatally shooting a black man in july of 2016. the police chief says the officer's partner will also be suspended for days in the death of alton sterling. sterling was killed during a struggle with the two officers outside of a convenience store where he was selling cds. and private autopsy results of the young man shot by sacramento police are raising questions about the circumstances of the shooting. according to the autopsy, stephon clark was shot eight times by sacramento police on march 18th, six of those shots were in his back. police have said officers believed clark was pointing a gun at them as he walked toward them. it turns out he was actually holding a cell phone. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is
6:31 pm
recovering tonight from emergency open-heart surgery. a spokesman says the 70-year- old schwarzenegger is awake and in good condition. andre senior has more now from the newsroom. >> reporter: schwarzenegger went to cedars sinai hospital in los angeles yesterday to replace the heart valve that was originally replaced in 1997 due to a heart defect. harvey levin said he knew the valve was never meant to be permanent. >> the doctors told him then it wasn't permanent that it would eventually need replacing. it lasting longer than anybody thought it would. so it wasn't unexpected for arnold that this happened. but the heart surgery was kind of a left turn. >> reporter: levin said doctors knew the replacement procedure might not work and had a team ready to perform open-heart surgery. the replacement failed and they used the team but the life of the former california governor
6:32 pm
was never in danger. >> the person i spoke with who i know and trust, he said look, he was not in danger of dying. he was, you know, in stable condition the entire time. but when he got out, he was in stable condition, shortly thereafter according to the rep and he is doing fine now. he is doing okay. i mean, he had open-heart surgery so it's invasive but he is expected to be okay. >> reporter: sources say he is in good spirits. his first words after surgery are naturally, i'm back. >> andre senior in the newsroom tonight, thank you. actress turned conservative commentator stacey dash has ended her campaign for a southern california congressional seat. the clueless actress said on her website today -- that's her show by the way -- said on her website today that she believed the bitterness in politics and rigors of campaigning and holding office would be detrimental to her family.
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she is a republican and polled out about a month after she entered the contest in the heavily democratic 44th district which includes compton, san pedro and north long beach. a six-year investigation by california's attorney general found that sutter health patients in northern california are paying as much as 56% more than patients in southern california. now the attorney general is taking action. reporter max resnik breaks down the allegations. >> we seek to stop sutter from continuing this illegal conduct. >> reporter: attorney general xavier becerra announces the lawsuit against sutter health. >> it's time to hold healthcare corporations accountable and bring down illegally inflated healthcare costs that are imposed on california families. >> reporter: but he says a six- year investigation found the healthcare giant charged too much for doctors out of the sutter network, lacked transparency by not disclosing what they were charging for healthcare, prevented insurance cops from giving consumers more
6:34 pm
low cost health plan options and told the same company they had to work with everything within sutter health or the insurance couldn't be used. >> the consequences of these practices are real. >> reporter: the sutter health spokesman says the company is aware of the complaints but hasn't reviewed and cannot comment on claims. however, sutter said in part. ch >> the complaints come from con supers and employers. walmart is reportedly in talks to buy health insurance company humana. the "wall street journal" reports that if the deal goes through, it would make walmart one of the country's largest health insurers. in addition to its pharmacies,
6:35 pm
walmart already has some primary care clinics. it said it would begin offering lab testing services in some stores. humana is a major provide of medicare advantage coverage and it already partners with walmart to offer prescription drugs. neither company would comment on the report. coming up here he was arrested after dropping his daughter off at daycare. now an undocumented immigrant is being released. details on the bay area case that many found outrageous. >> and good friday marked with mass protests in the middle east. the latest from the israeli-palestinian border. >> today's a turning point for our people.
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an undocumented immigrant from san jose has been ordered released from federal custody in a case that drew attention and protest. supporters of fernando carrillo say a federal judge issued the order yesterday. his attorney told us he should be released next week from the detention facility in richmond. his wife says he was dropping off his 4-year-old daughter at daycare on october 11th when immigration and customs enforcement officers detained him. i.c.e. has said he had been deported to mexico previously and also had a dui conviction. meantime, immigrants rights groups say they have serious concerns about a new protocol at the contra costa county sheriff's office. the department has started to publish the date an inmate will be released from custody. the state's so-called sanctuary laws are meant to limit local
6:39 pm
law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration officials. immigrant rights advocates say the sheriff's office is trying to exploit a loophole by communicating indirectly with i.c.e. orange county started doing the same thing recently. they say it's helpful to organizations that help inmates re-enter society. a prominent houston pastor and spiritual adviser to president george w. bush has been indicted on federal charges. the man is accused of selling worthless chinese bonds to elderly and vulnerable investors. his attorney says he never knowingly committed a crime and the pastor insists the bonds are legitimate. caldwell and another man who was a financial planner are charged with 13 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering. palestinian protestors are capitalizing on the convergence of passover and good friday to protest on the border withry.
6:40 pm
the group hamas staged this massive protest. it started as a sit-in but quickly spun out of control. health officials are reporting several deaths and hundreds of injuries. the israeli military says the violence started when protestors began throwing rocks and rolling burning tires towards border guards. >> today is a turning point for our people and our history for national struggle and fight on our way to freedom and return. >> there's also a renewed focus among palestinians on the right of return, that's the idea that palestinian refugees should be allowed to resettle in israel. many will protest until their demands are met. the israeli military says it has doubled its standard deployment along the border hoping to contain the violence throughout the holy weekend. there's a startling statistics at a bay area school district that's right in the heart of silicon valley. >> at the end of the 20162017 we were at 55% homeless.
6:41 pm
>> a look at how the school district is working to get families back on their feet. >> another very warm day out there across the bay area. some scattered high clouds added to the mix and more changes as we head toward easter. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> and coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus, continuing coverage of the stephon clark case. more on the independent autopsy that he was shot in the back six times. we'll talk with a legal expert about whether this changes anything in the investigation of the police shooting. >> and a tool to prevent gun violence but some say it's not used enough in california. the renewed focus on a law to temporarily take away weapons from those who may be a danger to others. it's all coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus.
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the bay area housing crisis is being held found in east palo alto's ravenswood school district where as many as half of the students are facing housing challenges. >> the district is implementing programs to help families make ends meet and as ann rubin reports, they say they need to focus on food and hygiene before they can focus on education. >> reporter: for many students in the ravenswood city school district, this is what home looks like, some live in rvs, others in garages a few in tents. >> at the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we were at 55% homeless. i --i was appalled. >> reporter: that's right. half the kids in the district are homeless. their families unable to afford rent in silicon valley. the definition of homeless in this case includes those putting entire families in single rooms or garage spaces. among them, this person's children.
6:45 pm
she spoke to us through a translator. >> for a time, her oldest child stayed with friends and she and her husband were sleeping in their car. >> reporter: ravenswood located in east palo alto has taken action. this year they put washers and dryers at the school so kids wouldn't have dirty clothes. they also introduced a hot supper in addition to the breakfast, snacks and lunch already served. the district has vans to pick up kids each day at local homeless shelters and they brought in counselors to help students cope. >> again, that's not enough but it's a band-aid approach. but that's the best we can do. >> reporter: they also realize families needed help outside of school hours. and so they formed a partnership with second harvest to open an on-site food pantry. >> we know that there were children who were eating well during the week when school was in session but on weekends not so well. >> reporter: while it's a start, those in this rv enclave say more needs to be done.
6:46 pm
>> we want to make awareness of our community that we need support for these people because it's a problem that's not going away. >> reporter: so many are parking up and leaving town. the district has lost about 1,000 students over the last five years. and with them, the corresponding state funding. >> financial impact on us this year was devastating. we ended up with a $3.3 million deficit. >> reporter: they say the situation isn't sustainable for the district or the families. >> they will have to leave. >> reporter: next, the superintendent says she will look at building housing on school grounds because she says students aren't the only ones suffering. she says teachers can't afford to make ends meet here either. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. still for very warm day out there across -- still another
6:47 pm
very warm day out there across the bay area. day two of records to report with 70s and 80s. we'll continue to cool off toward the weekend but take a look at these highs. 80s towards santa cruz. 83 degrees breaking the record set back in 1900 on this day so that was the old record of 81. 83 in monterey. sfo checking in 79 degrees to break the record of 78 degrees. thinking about easter here's the forecast as we head towards sunday. it will be dry so no umbrellas needed northeastster egg hundred dollars. partly cloudy skies and afternoon sunshine. mid-60s to the lower 70s. so the umbrella is going to break for right now but that could be changing next week. high cloud screaming into the state. it's that filtered sunshine you probably noticed throughout the day also felt humid that moisture coming in from the
6:48 pm
south and west. lots of 70s toward fairfield and walnut creek. oakland 74. san francisco 71 degrees. here's our live camera looking toward the embarcadero and just some of the high clouds drifting over the bay for your friday evening. this area of high pressure begins to relax towards the weekend. this weak system moves in from the north. so the weekend sun/cloud mix probably more sunshine though by easter sunshine and a little bit of a drop-off in the numbers. here's what the forecast model thinks. probably extra clouds for saturday and we'll start out possibly with areas of fog at the coast especially closer to santa cruz, monterey bay. and then by sunday afternoon, increasing sunshine. look at this, although it's all the warm temperatures you might think the rainfall season is over but that won't be the case. on the weekend, then into next week, as early as thursday we bring in the chance of rainfall and then a better bet as we
6:49 pm
head toward friday. so rain chances by thursday and into friday of next week. the forecast models to be honest still trying to get a better handle on what will develop. for tomorrow 60s and the 70s. most areas a little cooler than today. san jose 76. san mateo 73. half moon bay 66 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast. we are cooling things off a little bit toward easter sunday. quiet into next week and then we'll thicken up clouds by wednesday. it's interesting some of the forecast models suggesting significant rainfall next week. so keep the umbrellas nearby, not for this weekend but next week. hundreds of hip-hop fans lined up at a clothing store in oakland today for a chance to meet a rap legend. snoop dogg paid a visit to the dope era store at broadway and 19th street to greet fans and
6:50 pm
sign autographs. it's owned by local ranker mr. fab. snoop helped open the new store for his friend. >> for me to come out to the bay it means the world to me and him. this is what it's all about showing support for black businesses to put something positive in the community. we both come from poverty- stricken area where it's a lot of negativity but we risen and we doing positive things. >> the dope era store just opened at its new location on broadway three weeks ago. mr. fab told ktvu his lease ran out in west oakland so he moved downtown. coming up, kevin durant talked to the media today about his fifth ejection of the season. it happened in last night's warriors loss to the bucks. scott will tell us what he said next in sports.
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all right. scott is in for mark tonight. we are starting with the dons making the trip to north texas. >> a group of college hoops teams still playing basketball today. it's not everyday a local college team plays for a national championship. it's not the ncaa tournament or even the n.i.t.
6:54 pm
but hey, usf wins today and they would raise a banner on the hilltop. dons at north texas. mccarthy out with a head injury. all mean green in the first half. alley-oop off the inbounds of zack simmons. north texas up by 6 and then smart runs the baseline with a game-high 25. mean green by 11 at the break. but the dons come to life in the second half and guess who? frankie ferrari off a screen. knocking down the triple. he had 19. usf was down 14, came all the way back to within one. but they couldn't get over the hump. aj lawson here with the dagger. north texas is your cbi champ winning the deciding game 88- 77. kevin durant's return to the court was more brief than anticipated. at least he didn't get hurt. he did get ejected. last night against milwaukee he drives got fouled and doesn't get the call and lets the
6:55 pm
officials know about it. you know the rest. losing the game wasn't so big. kd is now in a precarious position going forward. the double technical gives him 14 from the season, two away from a one-game suspension. >> they doing their job. that's all they doing is they job. after the game i didn't go find a ref to give him my two cents. i went home, enjoyed my night and came to work today. that didn't affect me, my personality. i didn't change as a person because i got a tech. it just happened. >> bay area baseball off to a great start yesterday. giants and a's both winning tight one run games. and they will be at it again tonight. in the meantime, big time drama in detroit. check this out. pirates, tigers, tied at 10 in the tenth. jones the base hick. castellanos coming in slides home, game over, tigers winner this celebrating -- but wait a minute! we got replay in major league
6:56 pm
baseball. and we are going to use it! they review it, they say francisco cervelli tagged castellanos reversing the call. he is out. forget the celebration. ron gardenhire then gets the durant treatment and gets tossed so we play on 10-10 in the 13th! wouldn't you know it, the other guys win. polanco the three-run home run. a five-hour, 27 minute game. pirates win 13-10. you can't fire a king but apparently you can release one. the raiders somewhat surprisingly did so to marquette king. i say surprisingly because king averaged more than 47 yards a punt last season. that was 6th in the nfl. jon gruden apparently not a fan of king's distinct personality. the move does save oakland $3 million in salary. so one veteran gone, another re-signed. the raiders will bring back reggie nelson who started all 32 games the last two years. he is second on the team last
6:57 pm
season with 96 tackles. he is a two-time pro bowler but he is also a 34-year-old defensive back. the houston open not exactly one of the more high- profile stops on the pga tour but you never know where we might find video gold. here it is. round 2. >> hole in one! >> not a hole in one but it is an eagle. it's cool. he is one-under for the tournament. rickie fowler a co-leader. no matter how many times you see it you think i couldn't do that. >> no, i couldn't. >> but then it happens and you go, wow. >> i can't believe the raiders cut king. >> yeah. shocking really. >> yeah. >> i liked that guy. >> yeah. big time talent but they are moving on. >> thank you. >> good night. our coverage continues at 7:00 on ktvu plus.
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oh, damn, they canceled my visa. (gasps) oh, yay, a new mastercard! uh-oh. what? i was going to get my mail. okay. are... are you hoping to get it telepathically? i think you mean telekinetically. and no. i just wasn't sure of the proper protocol now that you and leonard are no longer having coitus. god, can we please just say "no longer seeing each other"? well, we could if it were true. but as you live in the same building, you see each other all the time. the variable which has changed is the coitus. okay, here's the protocol: you and i are still friends, and you stop saying "coitus." good, good. i'm glad we're still friends. really? oh, yes. it was a lot of work to accommodate you in my life. i'd hate for that effort to have been in vain. right.


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