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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 30, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit a total of eight gunshots. >> that is the pathologist hired by the family of 1015. his autopsy findings are generating more controversy tonight. expect it contradicts many of
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the narratives. spoke today, the independent autopsy counter -- >> according to the autopsy, stephon clark was hit by eight of the shots. a pathologist said anyone of those seven wounds could have killed him. the pathologist hired by the clark family shared his findings today. officers searched for a man who was smashing car windows. police chased him their backyards at night and believed he was armed. it turned out he was only carrying a cell phone. the pathologist says in his view, clark was facing away from the officers when they opened fire. >> has back was slightly facing
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the officers. that would -- during the entire operation, he had his back toward the officers. not his front. >> police have said that clark was advancing toward the officers when he was shot. attorneys say the autopsy [ indiscernible ] in a statement, from the moment we saw the video, we knew the details of this horrific shooting or graphic and disturbing. we have an obligation to everyone involved including the family of stephon clark to
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wait for the full findings and results from the official autopsy and investigation. >> the shooting has prompted demonstrations nearly every day and sacramento. tonight, is no different. >> stephon clark! stephon clark! . >> a crowd has been gathered -- gathering at city hall. protesters save the release of the autopsy report makes them wonder if tensions could rise tonight. >> i think it will get heated. he got shot 8 times. there is no excuse. it is unjustifiable. >> several protests focus on the sacramento kings arena. the warriors pay their days play there tomorrow night. it is possible the warriors players may join the rally along with matt barnes. we will be monitoring the march and sacramento and bring you any updates coming up on the 11:00 news. >> new at 10, tesla is
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releasing new information about the accident that killed a driver new mountain view one week ago. the driver did not have his hands on the wheel at the time of the accident. in a statement, tesla said they recovered the computer logs from the model x. those logs confirm that the driver was using the autopilot feature at the time. the company reiterated that a safety barrier was missing. tesla says the driver was not holding the wheel when the crash happened. statement said the driver received several visual and one audible hands on warning earlier in the drive. the drivers hands were not detected on the will for six mexicans prior to the collision. tesla said it is working close with investigators to better understand what happened. in our next half hour, tesla's biggest challenge yet. ramping up production on the model 3. >> arnold schwarzenegger is hospitalized tonight recovering from emergency open heart surgery. he went to cedars-sinai hospital
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yesterday to replace the heart valve. dmz told us that they knew the replacement procedure might not work. they had a team ready to perform open heart surgery. sure enough, it failed and they performed the emergency backup surgery. >> the person who i spoke with who i know and trust, he said arnold was not in danger. day she was not in danger of dying. he was in stable condition the entire time. >> arnold is said to be in good spirits. it is being reported that his first words after waking up from surgery were, "i am back.". >> police say the suspect was seen on jackson street spray painting an image -- image of bart simpson. similar graffiti has been seen on other buildings throughout the city as well. investigators spotted tyler ross near the corner of
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jackson and grants. officers say he had paint on his hand and was in possession of a grocery bag containing several cans of spray paint, whiteout markers and a bart simpson keychain. >> police say they caught a tire chief -- tire thief today but not before the patient officer was almost hit by a stolen suv. we have more on what happened in the high end wheels -- high end wheels that were still in. >> this is the stolen mercedes suv that crashed after the two people inside were caught stealing fire -- tires friday morning. it started when a police officer caught a man stealing tires off of a newer honda. >> two tires had been removed from the vehicle and they were in the process of removing the other tires. >> the thief saw the officer and took off.
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so at the officer had to move out of the way to get -- to avoid from getting hit. >> police copy passenger but the driver escaped. inside the mercedes, the two wills stolen from the honda were found. they were's -- there was more. >> there is eight more sets inside of the car. we don't know who else those belong to. someone else got victimized tonight. >> please confirm that the mercedes is the same used in earlier deaths. at the nearby tire shop, we asked how easy it is for thieves to make off with tires. >> they will put the blocks underneath the wills and will let the air out of the tires sometimes. when they let the air out, they are able to get the wheels off without having to jacket up. so he showed us these wheel locks which can be put on the
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tires to guard against theft. >> if you really wanted to prevent it, you can put two different styles of a wheel lock on their. that way, you have to have suit -- two separate keys. >> not guilty. that was the verdict today for noor salman. she is the wife of the pulse nightclub killer . he shot and killed 49 people two years ago at a nightclub in florida. today, a jury in orlando, florida decided that noor salman did not help her husband plan the attack. >> this is where noor salman was arrested and where her five- year-old child was with his grandmother. the lights were on inside until a few minutes ago. no one in the household is commentate -- commenting. >> police body kim and 911
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calls take us back to the horror of that june 9 when omar mateen's rampage left 49 people dead and 53 injured. >> with tran22:, attention focused on his wife, noor salman as a possible accomplice. >> after 12 hours of deliberation, a jury found noor salman not guilty of aiding the attack and not guilty of lying to the fbi about it. >> you believe they scouted the pulse? that did not happen. >> her defense team said the evidence was not there. >> the more we looked, the better she looked. most cases are exactly the opposite. the more you know, the more -- the worse the defendant looks. >> during the eight-day trial, she was portrayed as a woman abused and manipulated by her husband and misled by fbi tactics as well.
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>> i am so disappointed and devastated. >> survivors of the massacre gathered at the site of the pulse nightclub paying tribute to those who died there and expressing surprise at the acquittal. >> i am sure the rest of the other survivors in the victims families are devastated just as well. >> this mom lost her son and calls the verdict disturbing. >> now she will actually be able to raise her son. she will actually be able to see him. when i am here alone and looking at what i have as a wall of memories of christopher, that is all i am going to have. >> this neighbor on the rodeo street where noor salman grew up expressed happiness for her calling her a victim of a bad man. >> i saw her growing up here. she never did anything wrong. >> noor salman can go home now
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to her son zach, resume her life and try to pick up the pieces from two years in jail. >> we are looking forward to take my niece and hire a therapist for her. i don't know how she will make up for the last two years. >> noor salman decided not to speak for herself today. her lawyer answered for her as they put away from the courthouse. whether she plans to reunite -- reunite with her son here or at another location, we do not know. no one responded to our knocks at the door. >> you are getting the sense deborah that if she does move back to the house, the neighborhood would be fine with that? >> yes. a lot of the neighbors do not necessarily want to be on camera or make a comment for the record. everyone seems sympathetic and welcoming her back and have a lot of empathy for what she has been through over the last couple of years. >> deborah, thank you.
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>> another day of record heat here in the bay area. more 80s out there. scattered high clouds for tonight. a little bit of a drop off for the rest of the weekend. i will have your forecast coming up. >> tonight mega millions numbers as the jackpot is worth of $521 million. what lottery officials are telling us about possible winners tonight. >> we have newly released 911 calls that captured the chaos on the night the northbay fires broke out. >> we are stuck. we can get out. brings home to you, g it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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our 2 investigates in -- team got the recording. it documents the real fear and the urgency to save people and property. >> our team spent hours reviewing transcripts, looking at incident reports, listening to dispatch audio and 911 calls. what we found was a terrifying moment of people trapped. dispatchers were overwhelmed and a lack of resources all while the fire spread and burned out of control. >> oh my god. oh my god. what the hell? >> resembling hell on earth. panicking people. like this mother and calistoga.
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>> let's go alex. no, no, no. >> what 911 calls shows started as a wind event. soon it became much more serious. >> the fire is spreading fast. i think it is an electrical fire from the wind. >> been, and emergency communications center began getting dozens of calls. less than an hour later, fire was reported right at people's doors. >> we are trapped. we can't get out. >> what? >> we are trapped. we can get out. >> meanwhile, resources were so scarce, first responders were feeling helpless. >> you don't have any ambulances? >> no, we do not.
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>> is there anyway we can bring the patient's to meet somebody? >> with communication towers going down, it became difficult for fire crews to mobilize. >> do you have any ambulances -- any engines available? >> i need like 20. >> we need 30-50 inches immediately. >> those trapped hoped, prayed, waited. >> they can't get out of the gate. they are trapped in the property. they need somebody now! >> hello? we are going to die. >> 2 investigates ktvu fox 2 news. >> the oakland fire marshal fired today to take the same job in gilroy. the department was criticized for having hundreds of backlog building inspections and the controversy led to the
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departure of the fire chief. the current chief plans to serve as acting fire marshal while a search is underway for a permanent replacement. he had been fire marshal in oakland since 2015. >> a san jose man -- police say he was driving a car that hit 61 garcia are march 1. the 33- year-old is charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run. >> the california atty. general. is taking legal action against southern house. it found it's northern patients are paying as much as 56% more than southern california patients. >> we seek to stop sutter from continuing the illegal conduct. >> it is time to hold
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healthcare corporations accountable and bring down illegal -- illegally inflated healthcare costs that are imposed on california's families. >> a 16 investigation on the healthcare giant charged too much for doctors out of network lacked transparency by not disposing -- disclosing what they were charging prevented insurance companies from giving low cost options and told the same companies they had to work with everything within sutter health or the insurance could not be used at all. >> these practices have been real. >> the company is aware of the complaint but hasn't reviewed and cannot comment on specific claims. however, sutter health released a statement saying in part "sutter health is proud to save patients, government payers and health plans hundreds of millions of dollars each year by providing efficient and integrated care".
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>> walmart is reportedly in talks to buy health insurance company humana. if the deal goes through, it would make walmart one of the country's largest health insurers. in addition to its pharmacies, walmart already has some primary care clinics. it recently said it would begin offering lab testing services and some source. humana is a major provider of medicare advantage coverage. it already partners with walmart to offer prescription drugs. neither company would comment on the report. >> we are waiting to learn if anyone had all 6 numbers to hit tonight huge mega millions jackpot. we can tell you there was no big winner here in california. >> across america with mega jackpot, it is megamillion. >> the jackpot had grown to $520 million. that makes it the 10th largest lottery prize in u.s. history.
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the numbers on your screen. we are still waiting for other states to report that no winner -- but no winner in california. if no one matches all 6 numbers, next tuesday's jackpot will top $600 million. >> another day of record heat here in the bay area. more 70s and 80s. a take a look at the report today. we had 79 at sfo, moderate 83. look at the senate -- the record, 82 degrees. breaking a record of 81 setback this day in 1900. tomorrow, we will call things off a little bit. you see the heights from today, lots of 70s and lots of 80s. san jose, 82 degrees.
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these numbers [ indiscernible ]. stew a mild 67 degrees in san francisco. right now, 67. san jose 64, napa in the upper 50s at 57. our live camera looking toward the bay bridge. scattered high clouds for tonight. we will hold on to those first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures for saturday will be in the 50s to start the day. still some clouds in the morning hours. the afternoon, we will scale back on the overcast. we'll have more on that and talk about your easter sunday forecast in a few minutes. >> ahead at 10:45, a staggering number of children classified as homeless in a school district. how educators are but -- changing the focus as they try to help students and family. >> the giants depleted pitching staff had a tall order.
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so far, they have met the task. later in sports, we will show you how they held the dodgers and check again. >> a bay area city with a police officer shortage so severe they chief on patrol. how city leaders want to help them. >> --
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new information tonight about a fetus that was discovered along the berkeley shoreline. an autopsy was performed today. the sheriff's office says the unborn boy was likely the result of a miscarriage. foul play is not suspected. officials are urging the mother to go to the hospital and seek treatment. the 20-year-old -- the martinez
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police department has a shortage of police officers and may be losing more in the months to come. >> the main problem appears to be lope compared to other police department's. new at 10, we look at what is going on and what the city plans to do about it. >> the martinez police department is so short on officers, the police chief has been taking shifts on patrol. >> it can potentially cripple the agency. it with more hours: moreover so -- it means more hours, more overtime. >> of the department is down to 31 officers, six below what it should have. >> it is a problem we have to stop right now. we are hemorrhaging. >> the martinez mayor says it
10:26 pm
is disturbing. >> they are looking at salaries. the cities around us are pulling them away from us. it is hard for us not only to recruit new folks, but also to retain seasoned officers. >> officers who handle homeless issues or all safety are in patrol cars. the most problem is money. starting pay for a martinez officer is about 75,000 a year ranking at the bottom in near counties. a 17% increase would put them in the middle of the paper. that could help stuff the exit is. >> the guys are having the opposite -- opportunity to work in a neighboring city that are days compensates them fairly. >> the mayor says the city may be able to come up with the money for a pay boost but the city also needs to make sure it is in jeopardizing other services. the mayor says one proposal could be to ask the voters to approve a tax hike in november to cover the cost of any pay
10:27 pm
hikes. in martinez, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> in san francisco, please have named the two officers in last week's deadly shooting at a barbershop. the officers fired their weapons at the shoot out in the amazon barber shop. police were searching for the 21-year-old when they found him in the barbershop. that is when the shooting started. the suspect was killed and others were injured including one officer. >> he was detained while dropping off his young daughter at daycare. later, why a father who is facing deportation is now being allowed to stay in the country. >> and 3 minutes, we will take you to san francisco as passover celebrations get underway. >> bloody clashes at the israeli épalestinian border. >>
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a citizen organized quickly's dacia spun out of control.
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several deaths and hundreds of injuries. the palestinian protesters are focused on the right of return. that is the idea that palestinian refugees should be allowed to resettle in israel. as part of good friday services, pope francis laid the passion mass at the vatican's st. peter's basilica today. the 81-year-old pontus needed help in front of the altar before starting the evening mass. he delivered a sermon urging catholic faithful to be nonconformance and blend in with the poor and marginalized while leaving the comfortable world behind. >> here in the bay area, the jewish community is celebrating the first night of passover with a traditional dish with a tradition. >> we're live at the jewish community center where the tradition is being observed tonight. >> tonight, about 300 people gathered at the jewish community center to observe passover. is the beginning of a weeklong celebration.
10:32 pm
>> on this first night of passover coley the jewish community center opened. >> how liotta got. -- hallelujah to got. >> -- god. >> the items of food served at the dinner, a symbol living -- of living life between oppression and freedom. >> the story is presented on the plate. >> and egg signifies spring. saltwater, the tears of oppression. they are themes that irrelevant days that are irrelevant today -- that are relevant today. >> young people have recently decided that empathy is not enough and knowledge is not enough.
10:33 pm
getting in the street and affirming the power is what they need to do. >> change that is part of the spring ritual of passover. this friday night event welcome people of all faiths. >> the doors never close. it is one of the things you're supposed to do. >> and embrace of eternal and timeless values. >> passover ends next saturday at nightfall. >> amer, thank you. >> in san francisco, a mcdonald's that was a landmark but also a magnet for crime has shut down for good. the mcdonald's at haight and stan unit closed its doors yesterday. it is surrounded by chain-link fence. they plan to build affordable housing there.
10:34 pm
neighbors say they are worried about the proposed building that it will be too tall and out of character for the area. city officials plan to schedule community meetings before settling on a design. >> it has been a rough road for tesla over the past week. the company -- companies stock fell sharply after a deadly crash. also, a recall of its model s. a big challenge is still ahead. >> way up high on a car carrier, set an unusual sight, a bran new fire engine red tesla model 3. still a rarity compared to what tesla promise. tesla violated a basic principle taught in business go. >> under promise and over deliver. they seem to have done the opposite. >> according to a bloomberg
10:35 pm
business account, they have less than 12,000 model 3's that have been ordered. they are making less than 1100 a week expect if you build a reputation in the market and -- as overpromising and under the -- under delivering, that can be semi-fatal to your stock price. >> teslas stock stands today at 266, a loss of 31%. a week ago, tesla had a fatal crash so bad that the national transportation safety board is looking into it. this week, a voluntary -- voluntarily recalled cars to replace an important power steering component. has an operating loss of $5 billion and is burning through crash -- cash. >> they need a whole lot of money to keep building cars. the cost of borrowing the money is way more than it was a year or two ago. the cost will cut into their
10:36 pm
profits. >> though consumers have many questions, tesla remains a solid brand. >> i do not think enough questions and i don't think enough consumers see the end of tesla by any means. i think that will weather the storm but i don't think they can make any more mistakes. >> for his part, tesla remained optimistic asking employees to volunteer time to speed up the model and prove wrong those who say it is a takeover target. >> coming up, relief for a family from the south bay. the ruling that an undocumented immigrant father can stay in the united states after his controversial arrest outside his daughter's daycare. >> it has been a warm week. some changes as we head toward the weekend. checking a cool down and eventually rain clouds should show up next week. >> next, a rocket launch from
10:37 pm
the central coast. how today's success marks a milestone. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto jake... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar.
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space x launched another falcon 9 rocket into space today. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the launch took place along
10:40 pm
the central california coast. the rocket carried 10 satellites into space for communication. all of the satellites were successfully released into orbit. today's launch marks the 10th time that space x has launched a falcon rocket. >> frequent fires me notice that airport screenings are a bit more of a hassle. the administration may ask you to take the snacks you pack out of your back so they can get a better look inside. airports officials -- airport officials say they can prevent from getting a close look at what is in it. >> an immigration judge has ordered the release of an undocumented immigrant from san jose after she was detained from.-- dropping his daughter off at daycare. an attorney for fernando carrillo tells us the george issued the order yesterday. fernando carrillo has been in custody since october.
10:41 pm
he is said to be released early next week . fernando carrillo is undocumented but his attorney said he was able to prove that he was a high chance that he would be persecuted if you were to return to mexico. >> fernando was very lucky and he had actual evidence of what had happened to him. many of our clients do not. evidence from the mexican government itself. he really could not return. >> isis said had fernando carrillo been -- i.c.e. said he had a previous conviction. he will not be able to travel outside of the united states. >> it involves publishing the date that an inmate will be released from custody. the states sanctuary laws are meant to limit law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration officials.
10:42 pm
immigrant rights advocates say the sheriff's office is trying to exploit a loophole by indirectly communicating with i.c.e. officials. >> addressed turn conservative commentator stay she does have ended her -- stacy dash has ended her political campaign. she says holding office would be detrimental to her family. she is republican and is pulling out about a month after she entered the running. >> janet jackson is one of the artist who will perform at the festival in san francisco. fence quickly recognized janet jackson's album, ed figured out she would be one of the performance. a twitter page has revealed other acts. the full lineup
10:43 pm
will be announced next tuesday. the three day music festival takes place in august. >> still ahead, a bay area school district where more than half the students are said to be homeless. >> there is a problem that is not going away. >> from laundry facilities to meals. how the district is trying to help her expect we have your holiday weekend forecast. he is back with how long the warm weather will last.
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today marks cesar chavez day. people gathered to remember his legacy. the mayor was among several hundred people to attend the cesar chavez legacy awards holiday breakfast. organizers say the event offers a time to reflect on the work that cesar chavez began to make sure that people who pick the food we can also support their own families. >> we want to really improve the lives of the community who deserve preselect the money raised benefits the 25th annual cesar chavez holiday parade and festival. it will be held on saturday april 14 at dolores park. >> the housing crisis is been
10:47 pm
-- is being felt especially hardware administrator say as many as happy students faced some type of housing challenge. ann rubin tells us the district is not implementing programs to help families make ends meet. >> for many students in the rabun would -- raven would city school district, this is what it looks like. some live in rvs, garages and a few intense. >> we were at 55% homeless. i was appalled. >> have of the kids in the district are homeless. their families are unable to afford rent. the definition of homeless includes those with entire families in single rooms or garage spaces. >> for a time, her older child stayed with friends and she would sleep in her car.
10:48 pm
>> the community has taken action. this year, they have but washers and dryers at the school so kids would not have dirty close. they would introduce a hot supper in addition to breakfast, snack, lunch already served. the district had vans to pick up kids every day at local homeless -- homeless shelters. they also brought in counselors to help students cope. >> it is a band-aid approach. that is the best vacant -- we can do. >> they also realized family lien it -- needed help outside of school hours. >> it is a start. those in this rv say more it needs to be done. >> we want to make our community aware that we need support for these people. it is a problem that is not going away. >> many are picking -- packing
10:49 pm
up and leaving town. the district has lost about 1000 students over the past five years. with them, the state funding as well. >> the financial impact this year was devastating. we ended up with a $3.3 million deficit. >> they say the situation is not sustainable for the district or families. >> to stay like this, they will have to leave. >> next, the superintendent says she will look to build housing on grounds. she says the students are not the only ones suffering. teachers are also having a hard time with the cost of living here. >> it has been a warm week with a were mowed today. the umbrellas continue to get a break. we jump right -- right into your forecast for easter sunday. it will be a little cloudy out there. in the afternoon hours, some mild temperatures. 65, around 70.
10:50 pm
overall, a nice forecast for easter sunday. take a look at the long-range map here. we will see a return of rainfall next week. we will try to pinpoint exactly where. let's keep an eye on thursday and friday next week. some rainfall may return in the bay area. right now, we have a scattered high clouds moving. they have been here all day. mostly cloudy skies right now. san jose, 64, livermore 62 degrees. usually we would have temperatures in the lower 50s at this time. not the case. here is our life camera. we have a few scattered high clouds paying us a visit tonight. it has been a nice week.
10:51 pm
which is warming up nicely. tomorrow morning, some overcast for san francisco. we will csn cloud mix into the afternoon hours. temperatures on track to reach the upper 60s by 4 pm. lake tahoe this weekend, it will be dry and warm. look at these temperatures, around 60 degrees by about 3 pm. the snowfall continues to melt at the resort. still, a nice healthy base for those heading to the mountains this weekend and into next week. this big area of high pressure has been in charge of our weather all week long warming us up. it begins to relax a little bit into the weekend. we will: thing is off for saturday and sunday. more 60s and 70s. not much in the way of 80s. he we are tonight days tomorrow, scattered clouds out there. for your sunday, partly to mostly sunny skies. that will put that quiet weather pattern of next week.
10:52 pm
these numbers are coming down around 8 degrees on average from today's readings. san jose 76, santa cruz 73. here is a look ahead at your 5- day forecast. easter is rapidly approaching. it looks like a nice weekend forecast. as we get to next week, pretty quiet. if you extra clouds. beyond wednesday, we will be looking for those rain chances to move back into the area. >> is a a narrow band of rain that could be heavy. it just depends on where it ends up. >> mark, thank you. >> hundreds of hip-hop fans lined up for a chance to meet rap star snoop dogg. he paid a visit on broadway and 19th. he greeted fans and signed autographs. >> for me to come out to the bay and support means the world.
10:53 pm
but something positive in the community. would both come from poverty- stricken areas where there is a lot of negativity. we have risen and we are doing a lot of positive angst. >> the daubert store just opened at its new location three weeks ago. >> coming up on the 11:00 news, amazon and president -- and president trumps crosshairs. the numbers behind the story. >> why one expert says anti- truck -- trump action is likely. >> wait to see what happened against the dodgers. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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jake... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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scott is in for mark tonight. starting with baseball and starting with the giants. >> a pretty impressive the first two days for the giants. raise your hand if you are concerned about the giants pitching staff. in the first two game -- if the first two games are any indication, they will be just fine. >> johnny cueto tonight. game to in los angeles. cueto was doubted. he gets logan forsythe one of
10:57 pm
four strikeouts for cueto. he was perfect into the seventh inning. beswick chris taylor looped one. falls for the only dodger hit. how about facing a minimum of $21 -- 21 batters and seven innings. homers off of kenley jansen who never gives up home runs. >> incredible. a power hitter. is 1-0, san francisco. turn it over to hunter strickland. for the second straight night, he ends the ballgame. the giants the second team ever and the first since 1943 to in the first two games of a baseball season by the score of 1-0. a's and angels, the equipment managers throwing out the first pitch.
10:58 pm
>> hugs from bob melvin. second batter of the game facing mike trout. well, trout winds. as he so often does. that was the only mistake minaya made. no run support. in the ninth, justin upton left field. all the way to the well. it will get trout around with the second run of the game. it turned out to be unimportant run. made it 2-0, la. bottom-line ends with a mini rally. chris davis's home. it is 2-1. next batter is joyce. he doesn't had left field. ballgame, angels when it 2-0 in matrimonial terms, 50 years represents a golden anniversary in bay area -- anniversary.
10:59 pm
>> bas had a party of sorts today. a pregame celebration of the 50 greatest players in franchise history. 27 of them attended the event and additions to family members and deceased alumni. >> we don't want to stop at 50 years. we wanted to continue to go on for years and years. >> the cbi doesn't generally move the needle in the bay area or --. on the whole top over the last two weeks, it has become a big deal. >> one went away from a college basketball national championship game. >> greeted vader probably not a good omen.
11:00 pm
matt mccarthy out for a head injury. >> roosevelt smart, somebody forgot to guard somebody. north texas by 11 at the break. they can get up in the second half, make a big-time run. usf was down 14 and came back to within 1. they could not get over the hump. aj lawson the scoop to the who. north texas is your cbi champ. women's final four semifinals, yukon, notre dame. you guys might want to wake up for this. it was epic. final seconds of regulation. jessica sessions cannot inbound it. lays it in at the other end. 79-79. we have overtime. in overtime, notre dame by 3. we


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