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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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matt mccarthy out for a head injury. >> roosevelt smart, somebody forgot to guard somebody. north texas by 11 at the break. they can get up in the second half, make a big-time run. usf was down 14 and came back to within 1. they could not get over the hump. aj lawson the scoop to the who. north texas is your cbi champ. women's final four semifinals, yukon, notre dame. you guys might want to wake up for this. it was epic. final seconds of regulation. jessica sessions cannot inbound it. lays it in at the other end. 79-79. we have overtime. in overtime, notre dame by 3. we are tied at 89.
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the irish hold for the last shot. they go to their superstar. the irish ends yukon's undefeated season. they will play mississippi state in the women's championship game on sunday. that is just the tip of the iceberg on a big night in sports. much more coming up in about 20 minutes. >> those girls are incredible. >> next at 11 -- suspect terrifying moments during the fire storm last october. for the first time, we are hearing the voices of the people who were desperate to get help that night. >> hello? >> what is your name? a >> we are going to die! >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2. >> our 2 investigates team has received calls from the fires
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last year. >> desperation, some did not know where to turn. dispatch centers became inundated with calls. >> 2 investigates reports on the urgency and the chaos to stabilize. >> we spent hours looking at transcripts, looking at incident reports, listening to the dispatch audio and 911 calls what we found were the terrified moments of people trapped. dispatches were overwhelmed and a lack of resources all while the fire spread and burnt out of control. >> oh my god. only got. hell -- help pick >> panicking people like this mother in calistoga. what 911 calls show started as
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a wind event soon became much more serious. >> the fire is spreading very fast. i think it is electrical. spoke then, emergency communication centers began getting dozens of calls. some callers left hanging on the line for several minutes. dispatchers were frustrated. >> can you stop transferring the cost? we can't take them. >> we have to transfer the cost. >> less than an hour later, fires were reported at people's doors. >> we are trapped. we can't get out. >> what? >> we are trapped. we can get out. >> resources were so scarce, first responders were scared. >> with communication towers gone down, it became
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increasingly difficult for fire crews to mobilize. >> do you have ambulances available -- engines available? i need like 20 of them. >> all the while many of those trapped, hoped, prayed, waited. >> they can't get out of the gate. there trapped in the property. they need somebody now. >> hello? >> what is your name? a >> we are going to die. >> for 2 investigates , ktvu fox 2 news. >> the work to rebuild from those fires is taking place every day. on monday, gas and electric lines are scheduled to be installed. this is a huge milestone, a
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progress in the rebuilding effort. it expects to complete installations by the end of the year. >> key information about an accident was released. tesla says they have recovered the computer logs from the model that are expert the data confirms that the driver was using the autopilot feature at the time. the company reiterated that a safety barrier designed to reduce the impact into the concrete divider was missing. tesla also says the driver did not have a his hands on the wheel. a statement said the driver had received several visual and one audible hands-on warning earlier in the drive. the drivers hands were not detected only will for six seconds prior to the collision. >> not a sacramento where hundreds of people are marching to downtown tonight to protest the deadly police shooting of
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stephon clark. the march started at city hall and remained mostly peaceful while police kept their distance. at one point, demonstrators entered a restaurant in downtown sacramento that left after a few minutes and continued marching. now, we have a live picture to show you what it looks like right now. this is where marchers have ended up. it appears the protesters are blocking an on and off ramp on i 5. they are remaining peaceful and nonviolent. >> a pathologist hired by stephon clark's family has conducted his own autopsy and he released the results today. >> autopsies can be interpreted -- interpreted in a number of voice. the independent report shows stephon clark was shot 8 times and call into question the assertion that he was advancing on officers when they opened fire. >> with the official autopsy pending from the sacramento county coroner, the family of stephon clark commissioning a private autopsy for the 22-year-
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old. shot and killed in his grandmother's backyard by police, nearly 2 weeks ago. officers mistakenly thought clark was holding a gun. that turned out to be a cell phone. they fired 20 rounds at stephon clark in 5 seconds. >> both of these are the same. >> an independent autopsy performed by dr. bennet finding that of the 20 times officers opened fire, stephon clark was struck 8 times. the first bullet , in the left rib cage. >> the six following and shot striking the 22-year-old back and the final bullet in his leg. >> the death took about 3 minutes. it wasn't an instantaneous death. >> the pathologist adding have individual autopsy with video released to law enforcement --
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release from law enforcement shows stephon clark facing away from officers when shots were fired. >> stephon clark was running away from police. representative -- responding from reports about someone breaking car windows. >> those fighting for justice as well as the mayor and -- and sacramento police want to prevent a deathlike stephon clark's from happening again. >> again, that was vicky goodall is reporting. the official autopsy report from the sacramento coroner's office is not expected for another two weeks. it may uncover a different conclusion. >> police say they have arrested a man who was selling marijuana to minors as young as 14. the investigation began last month after complaints of drug dealing. officers arrested 20- year-old mcgill hernandez today when he came to the marin
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county probation department for a routine check and. shortly afterward, detectives served a search warrant at his apartment and sees more than 4 pounds of marijuana along with $10,000 in cash. >> a case of hot wheels in san leandro where police have arrested one person for stealing wheels off of tires and cars. officers spotted the man taking tires off of the new honda. when he saw the police officer, he jumped into the passenger seat of a mercedes suv and the the officer on a chase. they crashed into a parked car and nearly hit the pole officer. several sets of tires were found in the suv along with wheels. >> there is a more tires and wheels inside the car. we do not know who they belong to. someone else got victimized overnight and probably woke up to the car on the ground. >> police say they were able to catch the passenger but the driver escaped. these were target -- targeting newer model hondas and acuras.
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>> the wife of the pulse nightclub shooter was found not guilty today by a jury in orlando, florida. you may recall noor salman and her son were living with their mother in the east bay at the time of the arrest. >> police body cameras and 911 calls take us back to the horror of the june night when omar mateen left 49 people dead and 53 injured. with tran22:, attention focused on his wife, noor salman as a possible accomplice. after 12 hours of deliberation, a jury found noor salman not guilty of aiding the attack and not guilty of lying to the fbi about it. >> the more we looked, the
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better she looked. most cases are exactly the opposite. the more you know, the worst the defendant looks. >> during the a day chat -- trial, she was reported as abused and misled by her husband. >> what is the best technique to employ in the questioning of american citizens? >> survivors at the massacre gathered at the site of the pulse nightclub paying tribute to those who die there and expressing surprise at the acquittal. this mom lost her son and calls the verdict a disturbing. >> now, she will actually be able to raise her son. she will actually be able to see him so when i am here alone and looking at my wall of memories of christopher, that is all i am going to have. >> she can start her new life. >> this neighbor on the rodeo street where noor salman grew
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up is expressing happiness for her calling her a victim of a bad man. >> she is a very nice go. she never did anything wrong. >> noor salman can go home now and resume her life and pick up the pieces from two years in jail. >> noor salman hit her face and her lawyer spoke for her as they pulled away from the white house. >> whether she plans to reunite with her son here or at another location, we do not know. [ indiscernible ] >> arnold schwarzenegger in the hospital tonight. the emergency procedure he underwent and what he said when he woke up.
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>> in weather, another day of record he in the bay area. we will: as we head toward easter. eventually, rain clouds. look at the forecast coming up next.
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former california governor. arnold schwarzenegger is recovering tonight after emergency open heart surgery. he went in for a scheduled operation yesterday to replace a heart valve. during the procedure, the replacement valve failed and a backup team performed the emergency surgery. he is in good condition and
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high spirits. he reportedly said i am back. >> if you're like many americans who may spend time this weekend shopping online, that is good news for the people at amazon. there could be some tough times ahead. president trump made it clear this week that he is not a fan of the company. and springer looks at what that make mean. >> being in president. trumps crosshairs may have cost amazon more than $40 billion in stock over the week. the seattle-based online retailer now captures half of internet sales. amazon have killed 295,000 retail jobs in the u.s. at the same time, they added 570,000  jobs of their own. >> bennies to be an investigation. the business model of them is to drive out its competitors. >> the u.s. labor department says 2 million jobs were created
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in 2017 but retailers lost positions as store bankruptcies store states sort. amazon has been stealing ideas and controlled access to online shoppers. right now, there is no case against amazon. >> it isn't designed to protect small business. it is designed to detect consumers. >> president trump blasts amazon for paying little or no taxes. the company does not collect taxes for third-party vendors on its site. it does create a price advantage over brick and mortar stores. trump also accused amazon of having a sweet deal with -- deal with u.s. postal service. the service is making money off of amazon. federal law prohibits delivery of packages below cost.
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>> there are legitimate things that he could look at with amazon. his erratic approach of this undermines his case a little bit. >> amazon declined comment. the company is working behind the scenes with more than two days two dozen lobbyists hoping to avoid a legal showdown with the administration. >> another piece of the toys "r" us empire has disappeared. the bankrupt company has shut down its e-commerce website for toys "r" us and babies r us as part of its liquidation of u.s. operations. the websites were turned off at 5 pm yesterday. the company's corporate website toys "r" us is still operating. with no new orders are being accepted. >> stanford university says it has offered admission to 2040 students for the class of 2022. 47,000 students applied for those spots making an acceptance rate of just about 4%. that is down slightly from last year.
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stanford says the freshmen are from all 50 states plus washington d.c. and puerto rico as well as 63 foreign countries. students whose parents who are -- who earn less than 125,000 a year will pay no tuition. >> the team joined with salvation army to dedicate the --. the gym investable court at the community center were refurbished in partnership with the warriors and the good tidings foundation. >> it has been a very warm week across the entire bay area. dry weather pattern as well. day two of records out there. take a look at the records. you can see sfo moderate. look at the one that stands out. that santa cruz record is 83 degrees. wrecking the old one setback this day in 1900.
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pretty impressive. lots of 80s across the board. here san francisco, 79. san jose, 82. most area of a touch cooler than yesterday. still warm. pretty humid out there as well. all the moisture moving in from the pacific. lots of high clouds coming up. as become closer, we have partly cloudy skies. we will hold onto cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning. current numbers, checking 50s and 60s out there. very mild for the 11:00 our toward san francisco. it is 63, san jose 67. he is our life camera. -- here is our life camera. this is the high clouds:moving in for tonight and tomorrow morning. that is in the forecast for saturday morning. overnight lows will be in the 50s to start out the day. that includes san francisco at 57 degrees. still some cloud cover out there. hartley cloudy skies by 12:00,
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67. 69 by 4 pm tomorrow afternoon. this area of high pressure warming us up all week long. it begins to weaken a little bit this weekend. for saturday and sunday, a son cloud makes will call things off as well. here's the forecast model showing you this. not too much change for tomorrow. we will scale back on some of the cloud cover for your sunday. it looks pretty quiet into next week. here's a quick snapshot for tomorrow. on sunday, a mild weather pattern to start off the day with cloud cover first thing sunday morning. highs were tomorrow, 60s and 70s. a little bit colder than today. san jose will go 76. no rain clouds for tonight's weather pattern into the weekend. by thursday into friday, we are tracking a rain chance. enjoy the next five days as we have the dry weather pattern.
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>> mark, thank you. >> the giants depleted pitching staff had a tall order starting the season in la against the dodgers. they are up to the task. how they held the dodgers in check for a second straight game. >> more life pictures from sacramento where protesters are marching again after locking -- blocking a ramp to interstate 5. protesters's chanted over and over again, stephon clark and a black lives matter.
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scott is here now. the season starting off well for the giants. >> it has been exciting. giants fans hoping and praying that 2018 is the opposite of 2017. how is this for evidence? after two games, we have joe, the superpower hitter. the dodgers unable to muster a single run against san francisco. go figure. game to in los angeles, johnny was phenomenal. 6th inning, he gets logan forsythe, one of 4 strikeouts for cueto. he was perfect in the seventh inning. that is when chris taylor looped one into right-center. cueto goes seven innings, faces the minimum 21 batters. gave up that when hit. yesterday, hit a home run off of clayton kershaw which nobody
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does. no one home runs out -- off of henson either. the giants have a 1-0 lead in the night. turn it over to strickland. looked fantastic and closing out last night's game. again he gets peterson to end it. the giants second team ever to win their first two games of the season by a score of 1-0. a's and the angels . steve has been with the team since the kansas city days. 60 years and counting.
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second batter of the game, mike trout. you don't want to make a mistake to mike trout as he is mike trout. health and happiness, they tend to go hand in hand. the warriors expect that to be true when it comes to the playoffs. steph curry remains delegated to the exercise bicycle. there is a silver lining to all of these injuries. >> our young guys are playing a ton. this will pay off so much for them down the road. they are doing some great
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things. i have no worries especially -- we will get back to do what we do best. we will play the beautiful game of basco. >> don't have time for the video but i want to get this in. lebron james double-figure scoring for the 867 consecutive game. that breaks michael jordan's record. that is 10 1/2 years. >> thanks. have a good night. have a good weekend. ing ]
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oh, god. claire: phil, it's a little early, isn't it? phil: go back to sleep. i don't need you awake for this. it's christmas eve. are you gonna spend all day on that thing? i made a promise. last christmas, phil got an elliptical machine and vowed to walk the equivalent of our house to canada in one year. this body doesn't just happen, ladies. if he didn't make it, no machine in the bedroom. except for this machine in the bedroom, ladies. who are these ladies? oh, phil, give it up. oh, you would love that, wouldn't you? just when i'm so close to the canadian border, i can smell the bacon and the reasonably priced medications. mom, this came for you from nana. i don't know why she bothers to wrap it every year. it's always the same thing -- slippers. you never know. she might surprise you this year. would you care to take a visit to the museum of maternal indifference? - [ thud ] - alex: watch it! oh, careful! you guys are really moving her downstairs right now?


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