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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 11, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it's layered with a slice of smooth, perfectly melty, white cheddar cheese. a crunchy medley of tasty, crispy garlic chips... a dramatic drizzle of smooth, delicious and flavorful, delectably creamy garlic aioli... all coming together with a mouthwateringly juicy tomato slice and crisp iceberg lettuce atop crispy buttermilk chicken on a soft, warm artisan roll. (breath) luckily, you can take all the time you need to savor every bite. the signature crafted recipes collection, by mcdonald's. the white house effort to harden the mexican border it's a boost from governor ground -- governor brown. $400 of the -- 400 members of the california national guard.. california was the holdout. now all four states bordering mexico participating in the
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president's plan. california and the trump administration have clashed repeatedly but not this time. the democratic governor complying with the president's call for help after learning the federal government will pay the bills. san jose after talking to people on both sides of the issue.>> reporter: the governor said national guard's role will be to target human traffickers and drug smugglers. they will not be engaged in immigration enforcement. one activist tells me the presence will be harmed. the first members of the national guard in texas make their way to the ux mexico border jerry brown agreed to deploy up to 400 california guard troops to help fight transnational crime. a letter to members of the trump administration the governor roads combating these criminal threats are priorities for all americans. republicans and democrats. he went on to say let's be crystal clear on the scope of the mission. this will not be a mission to
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build a new wall. it will not be a mission to round up women or children. the california national guard will not be enforcing federal immigration laws. it is a good start. the cooperation is encouraging.>> reporter: santa clara county republican party. it is nice to see the governor is putting the concerns of california residents ahead of partisanship. really border security should be a bipartisan issue. it is a disappointment for me and the immigrant community.>> reporter: immigrant rights activist voice their opposition. saying it is sending the wrong message and will perpetuate fear among the immigrant community. people are afraid to go to work or take the children to school. this is another signal for immigrants that we are not to trust our government. >> reporter: the president
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wants up to 4000 guard members sent to the border. the republican governors of arizona texas and new mexico have agreed to send 1600 members. white house press secretary had this to say about governor brown's letter. we are also glad to see california governor jerry brown work with the administration and send members of the national guard to help secure the southern border.>> reporter: in his letter the governor said there is no massive wave of migrants pouring into california. apprehensions at the border were at a 50 year low. have you heard of any local troops being deployed?>> reporter: i did call the california air national guard out of the moffitt airbase. they have not had any orders for deployment. they are on standby for any more information. the ninth circuit court of appeals of san
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francisco heard arguments about trump's order to withhold federal funding from sexual cities. the justice department against the city of san francisco and santa clara county. the judge panel is deciding whether to keep in place in ruling that block the president's order. attorney for the justice department said the restrictions should be lifted. are doing the order was sufficiently narrow and only applied to three federal grants -- are doing. it would not affect san francisco and only affect less than $1 million in santa clara county. the attorney for santa clara county disputed that.. it is not what the president who authored and signed the order one of this executive order to do. he was extremely clear he wanted executive order to be a weapon to end sanctuary jurisdictions. san francisco and santa clara counties of the president is trying to intimidate local officials and one of the judges noted trump has made repeated statements about punishing sanctuary
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cities. the judges plan to consider the arguments and deliver their ruling at a later date. mark zuckerberg was back on capitol hill raising more questions about facebook's data mining scandal. he even admitted it is time for his company to be regulated. caroline shively is in washington dc with more.>> reporter: definitely a tough crowd yesterday. for nearly 5 hours today march zuckerberg taken the task over user privacy. the facebook ceo returning to capitol hill for a second day of congressional hearings. grappling with the fallout of the cambridge data privacy scandal. the political consulting firm improperly collecting the personal information of 87 million facebook users. your personal data?>> yes>> reporter:
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fielding questions about allegedly russian election interference. the data breach and how it will protect your privacy. will you make the commitment to change all of the user default settings to minimize to the greatest extent possible the collection and use of user data? i don't think that is hard to say yes to. this is a complex issue that deserves more than a one-word answer. that is disappointing.>> reporter: one of the greatest concerns foreign interference in the elections. lawmakers blasting zuckerberg for not doing more to stop it. it might be time to regulate companies like him. the internet is growing in importance around the world and people's lives. it is inevitable there will need to be some regulation.>> reporter: those hit by the data breach can expect to see a message from facebook. they have begun notifying users their data was improperly harvested. facebook sets a date plans
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to end its opposition to november ballot measure that would require companies to disclose was kinds of data they collect for customers. they contribute $200,000 to the campaign against the california consumer privacy act so did google and comcast. organizers of the effort that they welcome to facebook's move today and added we call on the remaining corporations who have contributed to the super packed opposing this common sense measure to drop their opposition. family of a google engineer killed last month on his tesla crash on autopilot and burst into flames is planning to sue the automaker. walter -- was killed on march 23. on his way to work on highway 101 in mountain view. his family has hired attorneys. they say tesla's autopilot feature is defective and likely caused his death. they plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit. for its part tesla insert -- issued a statement.
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it happened on a clear day with several hundred feet of visibility ahead. which means the only way for this accident to have occurred is if he was not paying attention to the road. despite the car providing multiple warnings to do so. antioch a new monday deadline for a sprawling homeless encampment to clear out. the camp and dozens of tenants located at isa six street. complaints from neighbors. deborah is live in antioch and learned the camp has been cleared in the past but keeps popping back up. >> reporter: from city hall notices will go out tomorrow. demanding the homeless clear out. campers tell me they are not entirely surprised. the bulldozers have come before. i'm just going to sit and see what they say something to me.>> reporter: they are nervous and even scared. knowing eviction signs are going up. doris who were. who wants to work as a
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hairstylist again has been here a few months. i just get food stamps. this is it for me. it is a really nice place.>> reporter: it is a a few blocks from downtown. within 25 tents and 75 people. nestled in a neighborhood with homes nearby. the city has heard complaints. you see them all over. this is the first time i've seen it this bad. >> reporter: neighbor see the trash infielder street has been taken over. you can even drive in the middle of the street. i come in and i cannot even part.>> reporter: understood the cold this camp is considered blight. in a hazard to the wetlands flowing to the san joaquin river. a violation of health and safety standards. she has left her off and on for six years. she said conditions would be more cemetery if there were port-a-potties and garbage service. people are doing the best they can. -- cemetery. they are
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going to be roaming up and down the street. trying to find somewhere to go.>> reporter: is the camp is on private property the city plans to charge the owner for the cost of clearing the site. i talked to the owner. we have his permission and blessing to be here.>> reporter: this veteran is on track to get an apartment. it won't happen before monday's deadline. they just want to take us disappear. i'm not going anywhere.>> reporter: at least one former camper has mixed feelings. there is a lot of things going on down here.>> reporter: she moved away and she sympathizes with the neighbors who find the camp too close for comfort. i would not want this here if i lived here either. but where will they go? >> reporter: that is always the question. from san jose to santa rosa it is a regional question.
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where should homeless people go? the 72 hour notices will go up at the camp tomorrow. is the city offering any sort of accommodations or perhaps local shelters or any resources? >> reporter: the emergency shelters for contra costa county are in concorde and richmond. what you will hear is there is in a shelter nearby. they don't want to leave the community. the city and county have been sending social workers to the site and will continue over the next two days. to offer services and try to offer whatever these folks need to get them inside. bay area high school students publish a magazine with a bullet hole in every page. their message and why this is personal. we are tracking the rain that has moved through. significant amounts in the north bay. the rain has ended.
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i will let you know when it can return. house speaker paul ryan calling it quits. what it might mean for the midterm elections in the balance of power in congress. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. i'm announcing this year be my last will one is a member of the house. paul ryan is not going to run for reelection.
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he is a republican from wisconsin. he accepted the leadership post reluctantly. he said it is time for him to focus on family. jana is in the newsroom with the impact this could have on the republican party.>> reporter: to have been speculation he might not seek reelection. today he confirmed he plans to retire at the end of the year after two decades in congress. much work remains. i like to think i have done my part my little part in history to set us on a better course.>> reporter: paul ryan said the reason he is retiring is personal not political. my dad died when i was 16. the age my daughter is. if i am here for one more term my kids will only have ever known me as a weekend at. -- dad.>> reporter: he is been in congress since 1999 reluctantly agreed to serve as party speaker in 2015. colleagues on both sides praised him. he answers his colleagues
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called with ernest selfless and focused approach that has defined his entire career. in congress.>> even though we disagreed on most issues in the areas we could work together i found him to be smart thoughtful and straightforward.>> reporter: chair of the berkeley political science department says ryan will leave in january having accomplished one of his long time goals. the biggest accomplishment given his vision and goals was the tax cut bill. >> reporter: trump said speaker paul ryan is a truly good man. we are with you paul. colleagues say ryan was often frustrated and at at odds with trump.. it is been a difficult marriage. they are different in terms of temperament and character. i remember running into him. >> reporter: conservative scholar at uc berkeley knows ryan. he said he is a family man. and also a political realist.
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most of the party has fallen behind him for conventional political reasons. trump is not the first choice or fifth choice for most republicans.>> reporter: he is part of a growing exodus of republicans from capitol hill. a total of 26 house republicans retiring with 13 more leaving to pursue other offices. senate republicans to. or in hatch. bob corker and jeff flake of arizona. discord puts republicans in danger of losing control of congress. that leads to members to retire. once they retire that makes the seat more vulnerable. you don't have an incumbent defending it. ryan's retirement and the other ones as to the fear among republicans 2018 it will be a bad year. many others say they would not be surprised if ryan who is only 48 ends up taking time for his family was staying in politics and
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eventually running for president in the future. former nfl player aldon smith appeared in superior court today after his arrest last friday. when he allegedly showed up the sheriff department severely intoxicated. he is pleaded not guilty to assault domestic violence false imprisonment and vandalism. in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident last month. last thursday a judge ordered the 28-year-old to be fitted with a ankle monitor. to use an alcohol monitoring device. we showed up for the monitors authorities say his blood alcohol content was point for zero. five times the legal limit for driving in california. he remains jailed on half $1 million bail and is due back in court on friday. authorities will assign him to an in custody treatment center. oakland police searching for a hit-and-run driver involved in a crash that killed a nine-year-old. it happened last night on 35th
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avenue in fruitvale. henry lee tells us the girl was in a car along with two other children when they were hit from behind by another car.>> reporter: these smashed cars are what is left of a chain reaction crash that killed a nine-year-old girl and send to other children any woman to the hospital. it happened at 35th and paxson avenue after 9 pm tuesday. investigators say a woman driving a toyota corolla with three girls was making a u-turn heading south on 35th. they were struck by an infiniti suv heading south. those cars slammed into several parked vehicles. i was calling police. they said -->> reporter: a witness told me as many as five people from the suv ran away. nine-year-old died at a
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hospital. the 25-year-old female driver in critical condition. eight and 10-year-old are in stable condition. ruby owns this damage nissan. she is more concerned about the little girls. i just pray to god they are okay. the suspects they have a heart.>> reporter: witnesses say they saw beer cans in the suv. police are not saying if alcohol was involved. based on the damage investigators are looking into another possible factor in the wreck. speed might be a factor of the collision. that has to be determined. >> reporter: they should put some lights. there are a lot of accidents.>> reporter: he thinks police should step up enforcement on traffic violators.. children and families pay a price. whether you are drunk driving or just don't have the experience to be on the road.>>
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reporter: oakland police asking witnesses or anyone who might know who is involved to give them a call. we saw heavy rain showers tonight. in many bay area communities. a cold front moved through. this downpour in oakland was significant permit did not last long. did not last long. it came down in the north bay. the totals for an hours worth of rain. fairfax 4/10. berkeley hills to tents. most of us were up to 2/10. here are some of the other totals. san jose 800's. concorde to tents. santa rosa to tents. a quick over. quite a punch. it woke us up. only a few hours. it hit late in the afternoon. there were problems on the roadways. now it is drive.
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it will snow in the mountains. they will have to consider chaining up on 50 and 80 at some point tonight as the system lingers the next few hours. some went with the system. it is moved out. the cooled air field and behind it. tomorrow's date is textured by the cool air in place. the current radar shows rain around soloed that monterey in gilroy. the story from here forward into tomorrow will be clearing. mostly sunny. temperatures on the cooler mild side. upper 50s and low 60s black not as warm as it has been. we'll talk about the next chance for showers in the five day. a face-off -- president trump provocative message advising russia to get ready for missiles. we are already seeing tensions rise. players with short tempers. mark will show us some of the malays coming up later in sports. talk of and pritchet -- talk of impeaching president trump. a town hall attended by
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hundreds of people.
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billionaire and democratic donor tom stier hosted a town hall in oakland calling for the the impeachment of trump. the hundreds of people gave a standing ovation when he walked into the room. $20 million of his own money into an ad campaign. he has collected 5 million signatures calling for impeachment plan the investigation has not reached conclusion. he argues there is already evidence to show the president obstructed justice. impeachment is not about putting somebody in jail. it is about removing them from office. richard nixon never went to jail. he just would have been a private citizen which is what he became. tonight's meeting the first
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of 30 town halls that he has scheduled across the country. rhetoric escalating between the u.s. and russia over serious nicole attack on civilians. today trump tweeted russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria. get ready russia because they will be coming. nice and new and smart. you should not be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it. fox news john robert tells us some are questioning the president strategy.>> reporter: military strike against syria on a hot boil at the white house. press secretary saying today it might not be inevitable. that is one option. it doesn't mean the only option. he hasn't laid out the timetable which would be broadcast his intention. >> reporter: other critics took aim at the president for not having a cohesive strategy.
10:26 pm
announcing one week he wants american troops out. now threatening a military strike. the president does not have a serious strategy. i think one off attacks or tweets or missile strikes are not the same as a strategy.>> reporter: national city -- national security team huddled with the vice president at the white house today to go over options. matt is saying that the u.s. is still awaiting confirmation chemical weapons were in fact used in dumont. we are still assessing the intelligence ourselves and our allies. we are still working on this.>> we stand ready to provide military options if they are appropriate. as the president determines.>> reporter: russia continues to deny local weapons were used. the attack was staged by rebel emergency responders. the white helmets. based on
10:27 pm
investigating the territory visiting the medical institutions featured in footage by the white helmets questioning of medical personnel" -- and patients. no evidence of poisoning substances or victims.>> reporter: president trump today said our relationship with russia is worse now than it has been. that includes the cold war. on wall street stocks fell after the president threatened syria with force. dow jones job 218 points. oil prices hit a three-year high. given a boost to energy companies. young woman from the north bay killed in a plane crash. how this aspiring model is being remembered. guaranteed transfer to uc schools. the new program that was announced today. a powerful message. in a bullet hole to every page.
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ student run magazine apollo also high school is getting national attention because it features a physical bullet hole that runs through every page. this dramatic effect in the message the student writers were sending.>> reporter: there
10:31 pm
is a gaping bullet hole in this month's issue -- it pierces the cover and disrupts each article inside. the students at apollo also high school said disruption with the point. they wanted to make a statement about violence. somebody threw it out like what if we did this. we actually could do that.>> reporter: their advisor and printer found a way physically punching the whole through 10 copies of the magazine anytime. it cost $100 to have someone stand there punching it.>> reporter: the issue in the wake of the school shooting in florida was meant to cover a number of perspectives. an article about a walkout on one hand. an interview with the student gun owner. they were said to go to press one things change. our printer was holding up the magazine. we were also excited. this is our idea. coming into fruition. he is holding it up. they said this is not a drill
10:32 pm
but a lockdown.>> reporter: someone called in a threat to shoot up the high school. police later found it to be a hoax. the students say they took the fear they felt in those moments and added into the issue. when you realize you are not just contained in your own bubble. you are not safe from this other thing happening. there becomes a time when you need to do something about it. >> reporter: the magazine went viral. garnering mostly praise for its design. the student journalists are hoping the bolthole prompt people to read the content inside. and to further the conversation about guns. bullet hole. people our age are just generally taken the lead in a discussion reserved for adults until now. the pressure to get it right was very high.>> reporter: they printed 3200 copies. more than usual. they hope to bring some to a journalism conference this weekend. demand has been so high they are already out. california
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community college students who want to transfer to the uc system have a guaranteed path. beginning in the fall of next year students who do well in courses developed in part by uc faculty will gain admission into a uc campus as long as they have a yet to be determined grade point average. it was announced today by california community colleges and university of california. the courses lead to an associates degree for transfer into one of the undergraduate campuses. the times among several organizations suing the state to make executions fully assessable to the press. the suit says new execution rules as san quentin will prohibit journalists from fully reporting on lethal injections. the drugs will be prepared in a different room not assessable to the media. the suit calls into question a new role requiring a curtain and execution rule to be close
10:34 pm
of the inmate does not die after three doses. department of corrections said it hasn't yet been served with a suit. new information about the deadly crash in mendocino that killed a family of eight over two weeks ago. 911 call records from washington state shows one of the mothers who died texted a friend two days before the crash. saying she was so sick she might have to go to the hospital. the friend called 911 saying she was worried because she had not heard from her or her wife since the call. hours later the suv was found at the bottom of a cliff. authorities said it appears the crash was deliberate. north bay community in mourning of the death of a woman killed in a plane crash in arizona. we talk with her friends and family who are remembering her as a happy person with the dreams of becoming a model.>> reporter: killed in the prime of her life mariah does. was a former student at cardinal newman high school. she is now being remembered for
10:35 pm
her spirit. she was a unique person. she was happy joyful person. she had a chance to pursue modeling. she left school to do that. she had success.>> reporter: her family owns a restaurant. both located in granville. still grieving they declined to talk on camera. her mother stacy shared with us to of her favorite pictures of her daughter nicknamed sunshine. also telling me she feels robbed. maria leaves behind three brothers and one sister. she was one of social media's top 10 influences. with 27,000 followers on instagram. one of six victims in a fatal plane crash on monday. the passengers heading from scottsdale arizona to las vegas with a single engine plane crash and a fiery ball. in scottsdale. staff and students at cardinal newman high still rebuilding after the north bay wildfires
10:36 pm
the news was difficult to hear. beside the fire and destruction one of the children of one of our teachers was killed in a car accident. that was very painful. you are working to help the family and support them. we are going to do what we do. they were supportive family. her brother was here. the younger brother is probably coming here.>> reporter: as people leave condolences the principal says the crash was unfortunate but she was living life to the fullest.. we worry about for seniors be safe. she was doing stuff she wanted to do. that she enjoyed doing. she was being safe. >> reporter: officials are investigating the accident and expect a report in a week. here at cardinal newman are planning a tribute to her life the message for students in the mist of the tragedy is to live your life to the fullest. a
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plan to turn a public school into a homeless shelter. see why it is earning praise and criticism as educators grapple with the growing number of homeless families. we are tracking scattered showers. what to expect for thursday. gondola to the ballgame. the idea being folded as the oakland a's look for a location to their new ballpark.
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if the oakland a's decide to build their new stadium at the board of oakland howard terminal. they might incorporate a gondola system to take ticketholders to the ballpark. it is considering all options including a gondola that could carry up to 6100 people per hour. a gondola could help solve some logistical issues by going above the 880 freeway. the estimated cost between 50- $100 million. similar system has been a success at the oakland zoo.. what a cool way to see the city. just to get places faster. but also have a little fun. last year the zoo open is brand- new $5 million tram. passengers between the visitor center and the restaurant at the south of the property. where other exhibits will soon
10:41 pm
open. we told you about a tiny audit up home in san jose that has an asking price of $800,000. tonight the realtor tells us she has already had one offer higher than that asking price. the house was badly damaged by a fire a couple years ago and never repaired. it is only 1000 square feet and sits on a 5800 square-foot lot. it is in the willow glen neighborhood. she expects the new owner to tear down the house and rebuild. police and the bottle asking for the public's help in locating a person of interest in connection with a case of forced entry. a man resembling this sketch forced his way into -- jewelry on grand avenue. hispanic about five foot seven inches 200 pounds with black hair and mustache. last seen wearing a sweatshirt baseball cap and carrying caps for sale. the incident happened on monday
10:42 pm
evening. the store appeared to be close today. surveillance cameras on the building. it is not clear if they were working at the time the man forced his way inside. anyone with information should give police a call. should a public school help to house homeless families at night?>> we have students living in cars. sleeping and bart nations. the new plans during controversy at a school campus. bill martin is tracking rain in the bay area. he will show us if there is more on the way tonight.
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10:45 pm
which was damaged by flooding this past weekend. a nearby creek could not handle the rain and overflow wiping out the interest of the parking lot and making it in this is about. picnic areas were damaged. it might take two weeks to complete their work. portions about a new plan by a san francisco public school to help students coping with homelessness. the idea is to convert the school gym into an overnight shelter. point of this document to school and san francisco mission district teachers and demonstrators say
10:46 pm
dozens of students are struggling through a problem no child should have to face. homelessness.'s. there is a level of desperation that is unprecedented. >> reporter: that trauma makes its way into the classroom. we have students that are living in cars. they are asking different relations every night if they can sleep on the couch. they are sleeping in bart stations. sleeping in tents. >> reporter: kindergarten through eighth grade school propose an idea to city leaders. turn the gymnasium into an overnight shelter are some of the schools 60 homeless children and families.. what we are trying to do is find a place for our families here in our students here to come to the school looking for safety. and security.>> reporter: the city and school district are looking into it. they estimate the cost at $900,000. they would have to add lighting and security among other items. leaders believe it appears doable. this makes sense to
10:47 pm
me. it is a proposal that is a work in progress where we want to fill in those details in cooperation with the school community.>> reporter: there is support among parents. it is amazing. i'm proud to be a parent.>> reporter: the city of san francisco 3:00 -- responsibility to solve the housing crisis.>> reporter: this mother among a group of parents who have doubts. there are already so many needs that are not being met for students. to bring in yet another need on top of needs not already met is cause for concern. >> reporter: under the proposal a nonprofit would operate the shelter and help families and services. supporters agree a lot of detail needs ironing out occluding how many families to stay overnight in which ones. if we can offer a place that is warm and dry where they
10:48 pm
can count on a meal and do their homework. they already trust. i was say certainly this is a step up.>> reporter: if the plans fall into place the district says the shelter could open in october. the rain fell pretty hard in the north bay. over half inch. a short amount of time. it went quickly. fairfax a half inch. most of us 1/10 of an inch. like in palo alto. 800 of an inch. the average was about 2/10 of an inch. it is done now. the showers are through. a light sprinkle being generated tonight as the secondary back end of this rose through. you can see some green on the radar. more scattered showers. though showers will most likely die out by the morning commute. you are dry on the road. the cool air lingers.
10:49 pm
tomorrow is not going to be middle sissies but low 60s. and upper 50s. sunny. partly to mostly sunny. you see a few sprinkles in the north bay. from san francisco. partly sunny and mostly sunny. a slight chance of a shower. nothing to change plans over. by the afternoon it looks like this. that takes you into friday. a significant warm-up. friday back into the 70s. tomorrow morning and then tomorrow evening. friday morning. it is going to be nice on friday. friday night. saturday. saturday night. and then sunday we get a system that wants to come down sunday night. the weekend is good. another one of these weak systems migration to the area. temperatures tomorrow upper 50s and low 60s. the five day forecast is clearing and really nice on friday and saturday. even sunday with more clouds. a chance come back into the bay area on monday.
10:50 pm
quite a bit of rain for a short amount of time. just some good rain. nothing better than a late- season rain to make the environment. it is going to be beautiful tomorrow when the flowers come out. the grass is green. we have another one of these. it comes in next week. keep it going a little bit. it doesn't add much to the totals. it does a lot for the landscape. coming up a man accused of sexually assaulting two women appears before a judge for the first time. details on what happened in court in the long prison term he could face. warriors find out the first round opponent the brother of one of the splash brothers makes a play of the night at the a's game. per roll
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which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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mark is here. i just saw this. 16 runs for the a's. the game is not even over. oakland inadvertently does the giants a favor. battering the dodgers in la. the big thing about this.
10:54 pm
the a's bats all over the yard. all night long. bottom of the ninth. it is none other than chris davis having himself a night in la. he is from lakewood. putting his natural swing to good use to get things rolling in the first inning. two run homer off dodgers starter. second of the year. good luck happening. the a's were up only 3-1. two out. no designated hitter. the picture was the eventual winner with the rbi single. gave up seven hits and three runs. marcus assume eon gets into the act. fair ball. two rounds are going to school. days cruising at this point. 6-1. you have to see this. 9-4. everyone talking about the offense. trying to get the dodgers back in there. thompson brother of warrior star klay thompson.
10:55 pm
up above. look at the ball in the heel of his glove. he hangs onto it somehow. sensational catch. all those hits 21 for the a's. people are talking about the defense of play including the brother clay. brother is problematic what asked him about that tomorrow. giants you have johnny -- medicine bumgardner. we are getting a glimpse of the future. andy -- big league debut. tyler beebe. first for the giants back to back debuts and 76. welcome to the big no shame in this. every picture goes up a home run sooner or later.
10:56 pm
paul goldschmidt -- john ryan murphy. who also takes him deep. the giants found themselves down 3-1. a great start with the bad in particular. buster posey man on. he takes a robbery rate deep. we have a 3-3 ballgame. suarez making his debut. for hits and four runs. struck out seven. he is done. before his family appreciating his efforts. another look at paul goldschmidt. doesn't quite leave the yard. that is a go ahead. rbi double. it is arizona taking on from there. 7-3. the giants fans showing a united front. they are after all this. just a game under 500. very weird day in the major leagues. you think these
10:57 pm
guys will be the happiest in the world making a ton of money. they are playing baseball for a living. when someone throws a 95 mile- per-hour fastball behind you that will do it. nolan of the rockies going after -- of the padres. they go at it pretty good. several haymakers thrown. it did not appear in the landed. you see the replay. probably one of the best players in the beaks. not happy. five players ejected. fines and suspensions to follow. mark mcgwire getting into it as a peacemaker. padres batting coach tried to calm him down. that is not all. fenway park boston. always heated. sox and yankees. tyler austin does not take kindly to getting drilled in the ribs with a fastball. he goes after joe kelly. they go at it. austin kelly and third-base coach were all ejected. that is just pain.
10:58 pm
immediate anger. the bench is clear. or like a typical baseball brawl. the calm things down pretty quick. 10-7 yankees wind of beading and cooling down the red sox. last day of the regular season. we know who the warriors will play. they will take on the san antonio spurs. we don't know whether it will be saturday or sunday. timberwolves and denver. denver fans in minnesota. gut wrenching game. two minutes left. jamaal murray ties it. with a tough bucket. they go to overtime. nuggets up 1. jeff with a floater that was the timberwolves up for good. 112-106. they will face the denver rockets. okc is in. little history in the making. russell westbrook. first player ever to average a
10:59 pm
triple-double in multiple seasons. that rebounded it for him. 20 rebounds. 19 assist. only six points. paul george will wind up popping up for 40. thunder will face utah in round one. no matter what happens the rest of the sports year i will tell you who the comeback player of the year. have a look at this. we take a look at the collegiate lacrosse. no lambert. she lost her leg in a moped accident a year and a half ago. she is not only back and playing she is back and scoring. right there. your comeback player of the year. noel lambert. all worth checking out. that is the sporting life. time for more news. coming up next. a looming eviction.
11:00 pm
the plans announced by antioch as it prepares to clear out a large homeless encampment. people living in a homeless encampment in antioch being given 72 hours to find a new place to live. city officials want them out after declaring the area a health hazard. it is on a dead end street at the intersection of sixth street and mcilhenny road. live coverage from deborah. those living there say they have no place to go.>> reporter: it is literally the end of the road. this campsite is not new. homeless people say it has been a magnet for a long time. whenever it is cleared it comes back.. i'm just going to sit and see when they say something to me.>> reporter: they are nervous and even scared. knowing eviction


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