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window causing it to blowout. now southwest -- what southwest is doing in the next 30 days so this doesn't happen again. we have a look back at barbara bush is life as a former first lady and mother of a president. [music] this is ktvu. thank you for joining us. wednesday morning april 18. let's talk about the middle of the week weather. steve in his office, right here. a lot of cloud cover but other than that, there won't be much here. this system will mainly die toward the central california coast. so those inland will probably not see much. the mountains have a better opportunity and it will be much. the system is dragging across
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and it's called positively tilted and it's usually weak. it was still driving a lot of cloud cover. cooler than yesterday. now we are seeing 40s and 50s on the temperatures and onshore breezes. the low is diving south and does not look like there will be much rain. if it is, it will only be a couple one hundredths. after that, we will be good to go for maybe a week or so. 50s and 60s on your temps today. right now we are looking at the tracy super commute and we will show you that traffic is light. so if you ever want to go once really like, right now is a good time for you because it will be light but won't stay this way for much longer.
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right now is a good time. if you go from livermore to pleasanton, it also looks very good. more work northbound 80 near 23rd. watch for slow traffic but it's early enough to get a very good drive to the bay bridge with no delay. former first lady barbara bush passed away yesterday at her home in houston. she was 92. her death came just days after an announcement from the family that she was no longer seeking medical care. she was the wife of one president and the mother of another. her down to earth manner made people love her throughout the years. >>reporter: barbara bush was surrounded by family when she died at her home in houston yesterday. she is being remembered as a first lady who had a grandmotherly image but one who was never afraid to speak her mind. barbara bush's crowning achievement in life maybe this, having been at the center of
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what has been called a political dynasty. a large close knit family that she would fiercely defend. >> it hurts when people criticize george w and don't ever do it in front of me or behind me, really. >>reporter: born in 1925, barbara bush would mary first met you ever kiss. george hw bush. they would live in texas at first but george bush's political career would take them around the world. they would have six children including a daughter who died at the age of three. it was a life that would eventually take them to the white house where her attention turned to literacy. known as being something of a disciplinarian, listen how deftly she completed a question about her health three is a go. >> i had a little pneumonia. okay. literacy -- >>reporter: c was a defining issue for barbara bush's public life but her family was everything.
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a family friend who is a doctor describes her final days. >>reporter: yesterday she was sitting with the former prison all day holding hands and he was with her when she passed. she was strong and courageous to the end. >>reporter: there will be a private funeral for mrs. bush on saturday in houston. southwest airlines says in the next 30 days it will inspect all engines like the one that failed yesterday during a flight from new york to dallas in which a passenger was killed. >> the pilot reported an emergency about 20 minutes after takeoff. the boeing 737 was about 32,000 feet in altitude and had to make an emergency landing in philadelphia. passenger said a part of the engine flew off and hit a window causing it to blowout. >> there was the smell of smoke. confusion and chaos. the plane dropped our air masks.
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now, a passenger identified as jennifer riordan a wells fargo bank executive and mother of two from new mexico was partially sucked out of the window. other passengers desperately try to pull her back in. when they finally brought her back into the cabin, they performed cpr but they could not save her. the national transportation safety board he says one of the fan blades separated from the engine likely because of mental fatigue. >> this is such an unusual occurrence because if a part is expected to wear out after let's say, 2000 hours, then it is inspected up to 1000 hours and then replace. the black boxes on the
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plane have been recovered. they will be examined in washington. seven other passengers had minor injuries. southwest flies were delayed or canceled as a result. there were disruptions all across the country including at oakland international airport. wells fargo bank issued a statement about jennifer ritter and, the wells fargo family is saddened to learn of the death of our friend and colleague jennifer riordan. a community relations leader and albuquerque, new mexico. she was a well-known leader who was loved and respected. the red cross in san jose will go back to a department complex where a big fire yesterday has kept more than 100 people from being able to go back to their apartments. that fire started just before 6:00 yesterday morning. you sought here with us. it was at the summer wind apartment on mclaughlin avenue about three miles from san jose state university. the fire started in the kitchen of a second floor unit and then spread to 36 apartments.
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four people were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. 15 others were treated at the scene for minor injuries. as many as 118 people have been displaced. the red cross provided cots and blankets to people who were staying in the clubhouse of the apartment complex while others stayed with family members or friends. it is still not clear when they will be able to go back to their apartments. a san francisco police sergeant is in the hospital an 18-year-old woman is facing hit and run driving charges. it took police less than a half an hour to track down and arrest the suspect. >> as far as i know there's no indication that this was targeted in any kind of way. >>reporter: an officer down for any reason is a dreaded call and an ambulance carrying a veteran san francisco police sergeant past city hall to the hospital had a motorcycle escort. >> he was a classmate of mine
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and you get a pit in your stomach. >>reporter: the sergeant was on duty and in plain clothes in the tenderloin when you stuck at the intersection of eddie and larkin street by someone making a left turn. knocked down in the crosswalk and there were plenty of people to describe the vehicle. that hit him and kept going. >> right now we are speaking with witnesses and trying to gather more information and evidence from the scene. >>reporter: 20 minutes later and four miles away in the richmond district, an officer on patrol spotted the blue mercedes suv distinctive because it had no license plate either front or rear. and the woman matching the description at the wheel. >> from the time the police got to her and she was stopped she was driving very normally. >>reporter: the driver identified as 18-year-old marissa of san francisco was apprehended with no problem. in fact she did not seem aware that she had hit someone. >> she was asking why she was in custody so whether she knows
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or not, i'm not sure. >>reporter: the sergeant who was hit has almost 19 years with the department and works out of subway station. >> we don't know if there was any intent in regards to striking this person. >>reporter: there is no indication he was targeted. in street clothes he would have looked like everyone else. hoping their calling will cover, -- hoping their calling will recover is all they are thinking about. >> it sits in the pit of your stomach and it is very hard to swallow. in san francisco this morning, the annual commemoration marking the 112th anniversary of the 1906 san francisco quake and fire. at 430 this morning people will start gathering at the fountain on market street. at 5:12 a siren of sound marking the moment the earthquake hit. this year with the wreath will be placed at the fountain and be dedicated to the late mayor
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ed lee. in addition to the victims of the victims of the fire. this morning willie brown presented that special vintage fire helmet to marilee's widow. it was given to her in honor to marilee's contribution to the 1906 fire commemoration. >> every year from 1919 there has been a fire department thank you. willie brand created a controversy when he wrote on sunday that he would rename the fountain in honor of mayor lee. after there was an outcry on social media, willie brown said he made a big mistake and quickly backed off of that idea. the fountain is named for a goldrush entertainer sean crotty -- charlotte crabtree.
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a condemned house in fremont sells for more than $1 million. more about that house and also the driving force behind that's a big price tag. [music]somatic we are off to a nice start and a live look at highway 101 in san francisco. you can see traffic is moving along nicely and this is the theme for now along with the area commute. to make we have a million- dollar forecast for you today. a lot of clad cover not much rain. we will look at it closer, coming up.
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us officials have now revealed that cia director mike pompeo and north korean leader kim jong un met in talks over easter weekend. the u.s. is preparing for a presidential summit between north korea and the us in the coming months. the two countries are holding talks at extremely high levels but that the two leaders have not spoken directly. adult film star stormy daniels released a sketch of the man she claims threatened her and her daughter seven years ago. professional artist drew this sketch based on what daniels remembered of that reported
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incident. daniels believes the threat was tied to her alleged affair with president trump. she says a man approached her in a las vegas parking lot and told her to mac leave trump alone " her lawyer is offering a $100,000 reward to anybody who can identify the man in that sketch. bay area state senator scott weiner drafted a bill that went down to defeat in the senate transportation housing committee that would have allowed developers to build taller and more dense condo complexes near bus terminals and bart stations. opponents said the measure would change a character suburban areas and give the state too much power over local zoning. california lawmakers are considering a proposed law that would create a gender neutral option on all legal ids in california. the bill is working its way through the legislature now. it would allow californians to choose that option on a drivers license, learners permit, state
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issued id cards and birth certificates. this third gender would be for people who don't identify as either male or female. if it is approved, california would join oregon in allowing the gender neutral option on state ids. it's part of a growing global movement to provide gender inclusive identification documents. we have an update on a story in fremont were somewhat is now spending more than $1 million to buy a condemned home. why that home is going for so much? >>reporter: on bruce drive in ferment further proof that the american dream is alive and well. a 2013 condemned three bedroom, two bath house with mildew eating away the interior just sold with a whopping $1.23 million. >> my neighbor told me that and i said oh, cash. i can't believe it. >>reporter: the neighbor next door said 12 years ago she
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bought her home for $750,000. military larry says the price price differential is about demand. >> we had a couple of offers that were pretty close but my clients when i first met them wanted laid little bit more in that with a price he had in mind but they ended up being happy with this. >>reporter: he says the sellers are family and they decided to sell the house. the buyer designs green homes and he's going to put his 4000 square-foot masterpiece on this large lot. he actually paid about $230,000 above asking. >> nothing surprising about this. it's about location. david's dark says buying a tear down to build a dream home reflects a 10 year trend. the section of fremont with is
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desirable with the average home selling for $1.3 million. unlike 2008, today's skyhigh prices showed no indication they crash is coming. >> people are purchasing vacant properties like there -- this. the man is there. >>reporter: on the block, residency a blessing of curse and living in the land of seven- figure humps. mccoy tried to move because -- we are trying to move and we have no place to move. >> it's a paradox that has some suffering under high taxes while others are able to unload their homes even when they are unlivable. that's unbelievable. that is not the update. this is a new house. yesterday we talked about a house in willow glen which they
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have accepted an offer for probably more than $1 million that was also a condemned home. we will update that story as well. let's check in on traffic in the bay area. >> it is all connected. it's a nice place to live. people have to drive to work and some people drive from far distances just a little more affordable and a little farther out. and we help you out with that. for example gilroy, hollister emma castroville -- the whole thing. people would drive from there to get to the bay area. right now that commute is looking pretty good from watsonville, gilroy and all the way up into san jose. i have a friend who drives him gilroy or takes the train to san francisco
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every day. that's what people are doing. let's take a look at northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. this looks okay and there have been no major problems here at the bay bridge. it looks okay so far. so the early commuter is getting the good commute. it's 20 minutes after four. oh, for -- 4:20 in the morning. >> a lot of cloud cover and so if you're on the san mateo coast and monterey, i think of a better opportunity than anybody else to get a little bit of rain. it will be cloud cover here but really not much else. the system is diving southward but out ahead of it it's bringing in a lot of cloud cover. you can see this diving down here. all the forecast models are in sync. some spread reign over us and
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that most of it have it going along the coast. 40s and 50s on your attempts. cooler to the north. kelsey bill 39 degrees. still cool there. the farther north you go has the less opportunity at all. doubtful of any rain on the northern french. lima valley at 40. an interesting spot they're getting some cold air drainage even though they are not that far from the marine influence. a westerly breeze so that is different than you stay. 28 in turkey with no possibility of snow out of the system here. taking a more toward the central california coast. a lot of cloud cover and marin county south looks to be good. this system is the last in a series until the pattern changes and it will later. we are looking for warmer weather after this system goes through. you can see nothing to north. half-moon boy at .04.
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that's about right. that seems to be the truck of the system. 60s on the temps. below average. temperatures are set after today. they will start to bump up tomorrow and then they really go there and let's warm it up. 70s on friday and saturday looks to be the warmest day. pretty nice. i like that for the weekend. all right. thank you. last night's a's game was a big hit with the fan. coming up, getting into the eighth anniversary game for free. we will take you inside the ballpark as the a's celebrate 50 years at the oakland coliseum. going after online shopping. the case before the supreme court that could make it more expensive. [music]
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a case that the supreme court is concerning could force consumers to pay sales tax on all their online purchases. hearing started yesterday in the case setting the online nasa retail industry get south dakota. they're asking to overturn a 1992 ruling exempting online sellers to -- >> this is not a new text. this is a tax already do a
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sales and use tax. all we are simply asking is to treat everybody fairly in the collection and remittance of that tax. >>reporter: sales tax becomes weapon iced against small online sellers like myself. it is in effect taxation without representation. and i was thinking boy, didn't we settle that a while ago in boston. samantha trump and menstruation is backing south dakota in the case. the high court is expected to issue a ruling by the end of june. >> a warning from a top wall street research firm . it's a response to the latest big news involving tesla. yesterday the electric car company announced it temporarily suspended production of its model three sedan at its factory in fremont. the latest setback in the company's attempt to deliver its first mass-market electric vehicle. the wall street research firm bernstein is warning its investors that tesla may have a hard time reaching its profit margin that is forecast for the year. car dealers could soon regain some of their ability to set consumer inserts --
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instruments -- interest rates on auto loans. the senate is planning to appeal the rule by the protection borough by 2013 to the rule delivered if passed by the senate today it still needs past the house. eight tax on a cocker spaniel stun people in the san francisco market. they're looking for a suspect that killed that dog. traffic is going to be doing very well. the golden gate bridge is a nice looking drive heading down south. so make a lot of cloud cover but not much or hope of any rain . maybe a little bit toward santa cruz and south. we will take a look at that. coming up.[music]
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thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2". it is wednesday, april 18. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson will tell us how to dress for the weather. >> we are still below average on the temperatures. don't worry. >> i am not worried. today we have a lot of cloud cover not much else. the best opportunity for any rain will be about the san mateo coast and the santa cruz mountains. there will not be much north and east. ahead of the system it is spinning in a lot of cloud cover. you can see the echo returns off of monterey. everything says it will go right along the coast. 40s and 50s for the temperatures, mainly 40s to the east.


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