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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 20, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. friday, april 20th. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. >> and we have steve paulson here. a beautiful friday, steve? >> yes. the rain is gone at least for the next three days. we will take care of the next few days, first. here is a note from a viewer, joe. yes, there are little league games and you are fine for the next five or six days. take a look at these 70s. high pressure is our fair weather friend. today and tomorrow for sure. 40s for many. 1 to 8 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time.
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lakeport is one of the few 30s. it won't take long twarm up with the dome of high pressure, the everest building in, 60s and 70s. on that temperature thing, it looks like it is 70s for most people. >> yes. and tomorrow you will see some 80s. >> wow! all right, now you are talking. >> i know you. you are on the other side of that. you won't be visiting that way. >> that is okay. >> it will still be nice for you, though. >> thank you, steve. steve knows me well. we have known each other a long time now. let's take a look at the commute with tracy. there is a little slow traffic where 205 and 580 meet as you go over the hills into livermore. it won't be as slow as it can be, but it is still slow. this is highway 4, pointed out
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toward the port chicago area. traffic looks good heading out to 242. some people go all the way out to 680 and head to the bridge. this is 880 north and southbound. a nice looking drive. at the bay bridge toll plaza there is not much of a wait. it is 5:02. black to the desk. thank you -- back to the desk. thank you. our time is 5:02. happening today, high school and ound the country plan to walk out of scoltoday. the 19th niversary of the columbine school shooting massacre in colorado. >> most of the events are scheduled at 10:00 this morning in each time zone. the goal of the mass demonstration is pushing for school safety and stronger gun control laws. organizers say 2,500 walkouts are planned including marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida where 17 people were killed in february. and in the city of richmond, students, teachers and administrators will stage a
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walk-in this morning before classes start for a rally against gun violence in schools. but one school that will not take part in today's demonstration is columbine high school south of denver, colorado. the principal says traditionally the month of april is a time of reflection, not protest. columbine high school closed today as it has done every year since april 20, 1999 when two teenagers shot and killed 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves. the columbine community uses today as a day to remember victims and their families. about 275 bay area students are back home. they went to sacramento yesterday to meet with state lawmakers about gun control. the students represented schools like by shop o'doud in oakland, lobbying for gun control legislation. legislation.
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>> we are not trying to take away regular law-abiding american's guns. >> at least 40 meetings were held by the students and lawmakers with their staff and they say the talks went well. they will be watching to see what lawmakers do next. it is now 5:04. new this morning after a peaceful start to 2018, the city of richmond had its fourth homicide in three weeks. >> it happened overnight on carlson boulevard. we have more with ktvu's leigh martinez at police headquarters. good morning, leigh. >> reporter: yes. we are still waiting on more official details from richmond police. this is still under investigation. we drove by the scene before coming to police headquarters and it was pretty much already cleared up. it is near i-580. just before midnight gunfire erupted outside of the stop-n-
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shop convenience store. several cars were riddled with bullets and one man was killed. a masked man walked into the parking lot and opened fire on the cars and people outside of the store. we are still waiting on details on the victim and if the police have any suspect information. this does come after nearly five months of killings in the city of richmond. it was the longest stretch, according to city officials, that they remember in the last 40 years. so far we have had four homicides now in the past couple of weeks in the month of april. >> leigh martinez in richmond. thank you. the time is 5:05. san francisco's golden gate park will be packed today. big crowds on hippie hill for the annual 420 smokeout celebration. >> this is the first 4/20 celebration since marijuana became legal in california and marijuana dispensaries have been very busy.
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>> 4/20 is definitely more of an event this year. >> reporter: a line like the dmv. >> i would say a lot of them are here for the holiday. >> reporter: 4/20 is driving enthusiasm, along with curiosity about cannabis. >> something that will keep you body buzzy but relaxed. >> reporter: this is christina milan's first time in a dispensary. >> it is a good, gentle way to put you to sleep. >> reporter: cannabis, instead of counting sheep. san francisco's 4/20 celebration in golden gate park is known far and wide. ♪sweet emotion ♪ >> reporter: and expected to balloon even bigger than past years. this couple got off a flight from st. louis and came straight to shop. >> we can't wait to come and do something legal that is not legal where we live.
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so, it is part of our california vacation. >> reporter: 4/20 missouri- style looks nothing like this. friday they will see the wharf and golden gate bridge, then wrap up the day at hippie hill. >> that is the scene. that is where we are going. we will stop off, see a couple other sites along the way, then hit that and probably sleep all day on saturday. saturday. >> reporter: christina leaves with something to helper nod off and now knows the difference between kosher cush
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and granddaddy purple, a newbie no more. the time is now 5:08. in other news a 52-year-old man from manteca is facing charges and due in court today, accused of threatening federal employees. yesterday ronald joseph la faye was charged with eight counts of 2017ing to hurt and kill staff -- of threatening to hurt and kill staffers at the offices in san mateo. if he is convicted he could get up to ten years in federal prison and be fined $250,000. a san quentin inmate is a free man after spending 55 years on death row. 55ear-old vincente figueroa was convicted of killing his girlfriend but medical testimony was found to be
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fabricated at his trial and prosecutors decided they will not retry figueroa, released yesterday afternoon to his attorney and waiting family members. the two men charged in the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire are due in court this morning. the defends could be seeing reduced bail. it is currently set at $750,000 for each man. it was more than a million dollars. both of them face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person that died in that fire in december of 2016. the time is 5:09. a homeless camp in santa rosa has been cleared out so new apartments can be built. 70 homeless people were evicted yesterday from the camp off of sebastopol road. at one point about 130 people lived at the camp. it is part of the community development commission. homeless advocates sued the county to stop the evictions
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but a federal judge overruled them. homeless advocates are now trying to find housing for the people evicted. the plan is to build a 175 unit apartment complex. about a third of it will be affordable housing. north korea and south korea have set up a hotline between r leaders ahead of their summit a week from today. the south korean president moon jae-in and north korean leader kim jong-un plan to make their first telephone conversation on the hotline some time before the face-to-face meeting on a village on the border between the two countries. the hotline, which will be maintained after the summit, will help increase cooperation and reduce misunderstanding during times of tension. it is 5:10. the justice department released 15 pages of memos written by former fbi director former fbi director james comey act his interactions with president trump. there are detailed conversations with the
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president and in one memo the president asked about the possibility of jailing journalists and he wrote the president told him he had serious reservations about michael flynn, a former national security advisor and told a story about vladimir putin and russian pursuits. president trump tweeted in response saying james comey memos just out and showed that clearly there was no collusion and no obstruction. also he leaked classified information. wow! will the witch hunt continue. president trump has hired former new york mayor rudy giuliani as part of his legal team to deal with special council robert mueller's investigation into interference. the president said rudy is great. he has been my friend for a long time and wants to get this matter quickly resolved for the good of the country. guiliani plans to get a list from mueller of what is needed to comply with the rest of the
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investigation. >> maybe if you bring in rudy giuliani as a whole new face to sit down with mueller and say let's cut a deal of some kind, you can't rule it out, but that is a tall order. >> guiliani was a major supporter of trump's during the 2016 election. it is 5:12. we are now hear from the judge who ruled in the brock turner sexual assault case. in the next half hour, we talk about the criminal justice system itself and the campaign to remove him from the bench. good morning. we can see traffic is off to a nice start here. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. a nice community into san francisco.
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welcome back. the early day sculpture of a native-american man sitting on the ground with a spanish man over him shows how the early days of the conquerors and it
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was requested to be removed. the board decided to keep is statue in place. the initial criticism was sparked last summer by clashes over the removal of a confederate statue in charlottesville, virginia. the time is 5:16. the warriors beat the san antonio spurs last night 110- 97. now they are just one win away from advancing in the nba play- offs. offs. the warriors can play even better some say. >> i think there is still another level we can get to. i have no doubt in my mind we will get to that level.
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as bad as we were playing to where we are now is pretty solid. it is the first round. you kind of don't want to -- if you can still win and not be clicking and peaking at that time it is great and i don't think we are. >> on sunday in san antonio the warriors will go for the first round sweep of the spurs. and the spurs coach gregg popovich and the death of his wife, erin, was on the mind of both teams last night, before and during the game. gregg popovich did not coach last night. he took time to step away from the game to deal with his wife's death. the warrior's head coach steve kerr talked about his friend, erin popovich. >> erin was sort of the balance that pop needed. [ laughing ] i still remember when he traded me to portland in 200 . he called me up to tell me the news. he said i don't think i can go home because erin is going to
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be so mad at me. >> erin popovich died at the age of 67. they were married 40 years and had two children together. this morning the board that oversees the oakland coliseum will meet behind closed-doors to discuss the legal action against the warriors. there is a dispute between the alameda city and coliseum authority about the lease agreement. they say they are not obligated to pay the outstanding $40 million. both sides are looking to an arbitrator to try to settle the case. well, let's get you out the door here at 5:18. sal? >> good morning. we have traffic moving along pretty well on northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose. we will look at the gilroy super commute. northbound 101 looks good
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through san martin and morgan hill. if you are coming from as far away as watkinsville to 101 that also looks good. at the valley the freewayse still light and we are hoping for it to stay this way a good long time on friy. this is a live look at 280 northbound to the west valley. a nice trip so far. the metering lights have been switched on. i don't think it will be a big day here unless there is a problem on the span. we will see what happens. 5:19. let's bring steve in. >> sal, when you started, just a few years ago, when did though those metering lights click on? >> 6:30. now 5:15. >> there you go. exactly. well, a little fog on the coast but everyone else should be fine. good to go for warmer temperatures. we will see 70s inland,
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although there were a few 70s yesterday in spots. fog in half moon bay. pretty thick there on highway 1. north and south of san francisco. keeping an eye on it. if that is not the case let me know. sometimes it is hard to see that fog this time of the morning. 37 in lakeport. 40s and 50s. temperatures are 1 to 8 degrees warmer than they were. a few 30s though. gilroy is getting close at 31. campbell is 41. saratoga is 43. cupertino is 45. 45 in truckee. not too bad and 45 in monterey in sacramento. you can see the system we had yesterday right there reforming, giving colorado snow. a pretty good system there coming on. for us it is about high pressure and everything is going north. 60s on the temperatures to 70s.
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inland may be clicking up a bit. santa cruz should eke out a 70- degree temp. warmer temperature into saturday. our time is now 5:21. another sign that the bay area yrocketing ing prices. coming up, the incredible price somebody is payingin mountainview for this burned out house. plus, new concerns from this week's southwest airlines emergency landing over the oxygen masks worn during the landing. what officials say the passengers were doing all wrong. renew
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. welcome back. this home damaged in a fire was
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recently sold for $1.5 million. >> it is crazy what is hatching here. >> reporter: this realtor says the sellers hired a contractor to rebuild the house but it fell through. the buyer is a builder. smith isn't surprised the quick sale happened, saying the value is in the land. it? a desirable neighborhood next to palo alto and close to the google x campus. >> it is a hot topic. burned down houses in the silicon area selling for extreme prices. >> reporter: the prices highlight skyrocketing housing prices caused by a housing shorten in the bay area. this week a burned out home in the san jose willow glen neighborhood sold for more than $900,000. and in fremont a condemned home sold for more than a million. for those looking to buy a home that don't have seven figures to be patient. >> eventually our release
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market is cyclical. it goes up and down. we are at the long end of a cycle but eventually we will level off and probably have a correction at some point. the time is 5:26. san jose streets are about to get something new. don't look now but delivery robots are coming and they will be right downtown. plus, traffic relief for you commuters that drive across the richmond-san rafael bridge. what you need to know about the addition of a third eastbound lane later this afternoon. and in morin's other bridge, the golden gate bridge, traffic is looking pretty good southbound and northbound so far as you drive across the span. inland temperatures are set to warm up. otherwise temperatures a little warmer this morning. more on that coming up.
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to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets - and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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. well, welcome back to mornings on 2. it is a pam cook friday. >> well, i like fridays, too. >> there you go. it is all good. happy friday!
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there is a little fog out there. not much yet on the golden gate bridge but we will keep an eye on it. half moon bay has some. otherwise sunny and warmer bayside and inland. tomorrow looks warm inland and 80. when you get 80 degrees and the water temps are 50 it doesn't take much to get the fog going, especially when you get a little ripple in the jet stream. inland 70s to near 80 over the next couple of days. 40s and 50s, although lakeport is 37. 44 in livermore. a couple 40s to 50s. except for the fog everyone is set a good to go. mid 70s for some. tomorrow we will get near 80. 5:31.
5:31 am
sal tells us -- well, right now we don't have a lot going on, but we do have slowing traffic at 80 westbound at 113. a little slowing on 37 toward morin and sonoma county. across the carquinez bridge it looks good. if you are driving to the maze it should take you just under 20 minutes, less than 20 minutes, i should say. there have no major problems once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. there it is. traffic is going to be backed up a little bit. the metering lights are on. there is a back up of about ten minutes here. 5:31. back to the desk. new this morning the judge who sparked a national debate in the brock turner case is speaking out about the recall efforts against him. >> we are talking about judge aaron persky of the santa clara
5:32 am
supreme court who talked exclusivelily to the mercury news saying he supports the movement to support the way sexual assault victims are being treated in the criminal justice system but recalling him it does not help the cause. if he is recalled he will be only the fifth judge in california to be recalled and the first if 36 years. he told the bay area news group he will keep fighting the recall effort. police in petaluma want your help finding a man that did not register as a sex offender. this is 45-year-old thomas stager. he has six outstanding warrants for drugs and weapons offenses and failed to register as a sex offender. police say stager is a transient, often seen riding a bike. if you have any information call petaluma police. we have a follow-up to a story we have been reporting
5:33 am
for the past week. we are hearing from the family of a 9-year-old girl killed in a hit-and-run crash in oakland. ktvu's crime reporter henry lee spoke to the girl's father who says despite his heartbreak, he has already forgiven the suspect. >> reporter: this 9-year-old died on her way home from bible study. she is a 4th grader at redwood christian school. she is described as charismatic and always smiling. >> we are trying to be on our feet just by god giving us strength. >> reporter: the crash last week also injured two of zida's friends who are sisters. >> i am so sad for zida and her family but thank god because i have my two kids here. >> reporter: the wreck happened as the woman driving the girls tried to make a u-turn on 35th
5:34 am
avenue near paxton. an suv traveling south on 35th slammed into the victim cease toyota. the suspect, 21-year-old kevin lee payne, jr. turned hills into authorities two days after the crash and wrote a note of confession and apology. >> there are two different kinds of feelings. i feel bad that i destroyed his life, but i feel good that he is a out of the streets. >> reporter: he is the charged with vehicular manslaughter, hit-and-run and reckless driving. witnesses saw him passing another car by going into on coming traffic at high speeds before the crash. the family says although they want justice, they have forgiven the suspect. >> that is what god teaches. he teaches us to forgive. the time is 5:34. we are hearing some of the passengers on the southwest airlines flight where an engine failed leading to an emergency landing in philadelphia have received a $5,000 check from
5:35 am
the airline. the passengers received a letter exprsi sincere apologies for the incident where one of the passengers, jennifer riordan, was partially sucked out of the plane and later died of her injuries. a firefighter on the plane ran back to help mrs. riordan but could not save her life. >> there was a family that lost a loved one. you know, i feel for her family. i feel for her two kids, her husband, the community that she lived in. i can't imagine what they are going through. >> in addition to getting the $5,000 check, passengers were also getting a $1,000 travel voucher. the ntsb is investigating how an interior crack on a fan brad apparently led to the engine failure. well, how the -- fan blade apparently led to the engine failure. well, how the passengers
5:36 am
were wearing their masks is being examined closely. many of the people were not wearing them properly. several people are holding the emergency oxygen masks over their mouths but not their nose. experts say using them incorrectly is like not having a mask at all. a memo may soon be sent out to all the airlines stressing the importance of passengers wearing the masks correctly. the cdc says it is seeing more cases of e. coli related to chopped romine lettuce. doctors at the cdc say 53 e. coli infections have been reported in 16 states. in the last several days there were 18 new cases and nine people admitted to the hospital. investigators say the lettuce came from yuma, arizona and the grandmother and distributor have not been -- and that the grower and distributor have not been identified. two deputies were killed in
5:37 am
an apparent ambush. they were sitting in a restaurant two hours north of tampa when police say a man walked up and shot them through the window. police say the man then killed himself outside the restaurant. the 29-year-old sergeant romero was a florida police officer for seven years and leaved behind a wife and three children. deputy taylor was 25 and put in three years with the department. so far no known moe for the shooting. family members of -- known motive for the shooting. family members of superstar entertainer prince are speaking out after a doctor illegally prescribed opioid for prince and agreed to pay $35,000 to pay a federal civil violation, however a doctor says the settlement is not admitting guilt. a cousin of prince says more >> there has to be someason why and someone should be held accountable for the fentanyl in there and i hope to make sure
5:38 am
that happens one day because i am going to keep a light on this situation. >> prince died april 21, 2016 from a accidental overdose of fentanyl but the prosecutor says evidence shows prince thought he was taking vicodin, not fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin. the body of first lady barbara bush will lie in repose today in houston, texas, where the general public can pay their respects. tomorrow there will be a private funeral. president trump will not be going. the white house says out of respect for the bush family and with his added security he will not go. but instead first lady melania trump will attend. former presidents barack obama and bill clinton will attend with their wives. federal regulators are expected to announce today that wells fargo will be fined as much as $1 billion. according to the new york times the fine is linked to abuses in
5:39 am
the bank's car lending and home emergency businesses. that fine would be the largest ever mosaicked by federal bank -- imposed by federal bank regulators. this is not tied to the scandal involving millions of bank accounts set up without customer authorization. our time is 5:39 . proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana sales at the beginning of the year. at 6:00 we will look at the success of marijuana dispensaries and the impact illegal sales are having on the retailers. retailers. and someone in the east bay strikes it rich. they bought a lottery ticket at the gas station and just won $27 million! million! good morning. right now we are looking at a commute that is sexual actually doing pretty well -- actually doing pretty well here. highway 24 heading up to the tunnel. and the only fly in the ointment for us is fog at the
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coast. the hawaii islands dealing with a tremendous amount of moisture and almost too much rain. play "do it like this".
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welcome back to mornings on 2. criminal charges are expected to be filed against a vallejo elementary school teacher accused of inappropriate behavior. 36-year-old andrew lund is a 4th grade teacher at glen cove elementary school arrested on suspicion yesterday of trying to contact a minor for sex and sending harmful matter to a young person. he communicate this had month on the internet with an undercover investigator that posed as a young girl. fremont police released the names of the officers involved in a deadly shooting earlier this month. they say these officers...
5:43 am
they have all been put on paid administrative leave. 18-year-old nathaniel prassad was shot after undercover officers saw him in a car while his mother was driving on central avenue and fremont boulevard. responding officers ordered him to pull over, but that is when he jumped out of the car, ran toward the gas station and fired a shot at police first, leading the officers to fire back. police say prassad was wanted for two felony warrants including gun possession. in sacramento the older brother of self off and on clark is in jail -- stephon clark is in jail. 25-year-old stevante clark was arrested on suspicion of felony assault and vandalism, making threats and abusing a 9-1-1 emergency line. a couple says they rented a room to him last year but he changed after the sacramento
5:44 am
police shot and killed his brother. clark threatened them on monday and they had no choice but to call police fearing for their safety. >> you say that i am going not disrespect me again or i going to kill her. >> in a jailhouse interview stevante clark told a reporter he has struggled since his brother was killed in a controversial police shooting last month. he spent two days at a mental health treatment center and is expected in court later today. . take a look at these state- of-the-art buses planned to be rolled out next month. they are environmentally friendly. there are plans to add five more of the buses to the agency's fleet next year.
5:45 am
traffic is going to be eased for drivers on the san rafael bridge. a third lane will be opening today. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:00 this morning in the scenic view area of the west end of the bridge. sal, we have been talking about this. it is not just to help people on the bridge but everyone on 101 in morin county, as well, because that backs up all the way to mill valley sometimes. >> right. the back up will be moved up. yesterday when we spoke to the man from the metropolitan transportation commission he said this will help, but it is still going to be backed up in some places, just closer to the bridge now. we will see what happens. here is the commute on 580 westbound as you drive through. that man was john good win from
5:46 am
the metro -- goodwin from the metropolitan transportation safety commission. he was is one that spoke to us. . here is highway 4 into concord. it is a little slow. and 880 north is fine. it is getting more congested but it is fine. at the bay bridge toll plaza we are seeing a 10 minute delay. pretty good for a friday with no major problems on my of the bay area bridges. 5:46. >> what time is it? >> 14 minutes before the hour of 6:00. let's go to steve paulson we have clear skies except for fog on the san mateo coast. otherwise we are good. a nice day. 43 in santa rosa, 40s in san francisco, oakland, livermore and san jose.
5:47 am
yesterday there were a lot of 30s. warmer today for most. inland no doubt about it. 76 today. san jose 73. knapp 74. oakland -- napa 74. oakland 70. pacifica, half moon bay will still stay in the low 60s. san francisco 64 and 49. 93 not that long ago in 2009. the record low is 42 in 1963. the system in southern california reforming another low in nevada pushing off into the mountain regions that has become a big system there but not in our forecast zone. otherwise 40s and 50s to a few 30s. only a few. in the santa cruz mountains we are seeing some. pittsburg, antioch, won't take long for you to warm up. alamo is 43. san ramon is 42.
5:48 am
pleasanton, as well. on the mild side for some, cool for others. the water temperatures are 50 in the bodega bay. a seagull flapping its wings creates enough dynamics to get the fog going. that is why i am a little hesitant to warm up the coast. too much of an on shore breeze but inland not a problem. today sunny for almost everybody but fog on parts of the coast. i think the whole thing is in check in pacifica but otherwise 70s around the bay, mid 70s inland. look goods for some and tomorrow will be even warmer although i think there will be an increase in the fog coming in. the coast and bay will be nice, but not as nice as inland. >> how poetic of you, the flapping of the seagull. >> there you go. it doesn't take much! [ laughing ] we have details this morning about the first bay area winners of the obama
5:49 am
foundation fellowship award. the president created the foundation after he left office. >> more now on the two bay area non-profits that just received the special honor. >> reporter: off of telegraph avenue in the heart of oakland, rochelle mckenzie is setting up shop for co-op, a non-profit that received an obama foundation first group of fellowships. >> it was really despiting. it was a great experience. really uplifting. >> reporter: the former president obama wrote a letter congratulating the 20 non- profits chosing from 20,000 applicants worldwide, groups that reflect the foundation's mission. >> we want to inspire and empower people to change the world. >> myself and my twin, we are the first in my family to go through college. >> reporter: mckenzie says the co-op program changed her life with its motto, overcoming underemployment because they learned that getting a degree
5:50 am
doesn't guarantee a job. often it relies on a network in a some students are not born into. now she is working with the co- op's founder who grew up in palo alto, creating programs that bring college graduates together, get connected and get jobs. >> earning a degree is not a pathway to upward mobility for everyone. really it is a thing that governs whether or not you break into a salaried, high potential career. that comes down to how many people you know and what those people look like. >> reporter: another fellowship winner is oakland-based uncommon law founded by attorney keith whatley. >> it is hugely exciting, that is for sure. we are grateful to president obama and michelle obama for the opportunity. >> reporter: uncommon law helps prisoners with long sentences turn their lives around by providing counseling and legal support, helping them understand the emotions and actions that got them into trouble and how to change.
5:51 am
>> so many people we work with were basically thrown away and labeled as things like surgeon predators and things like that -- super predators and things like that but these people can transform their lives. >> reporter: so far 182 have been released on parole and only one has returned to prison. ktvu fox 2 news. the time is 5:51. the future is here. up next, the city of san jose is introducing something that could soon send robots right to your front door.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 54. won was arrested for trying stab a woman with sissors. police say it appears to be a random attack and they are telling people to be careful, even in very busy areas. >> our preliminary investigation shows this attack appears to be random. for residents and visitors alike we want them to be aware of their surroundings in a 44- year-old woman was arrested shortly after police arrived on the scene. the victims, the 24-year-old man and a of 2-year-old woman are expected to -- 62-year-old woman are expected to be okay.
5:55 am
ahead of earth day this weekend san francisco mayor mark farrell is announcing an ambitious idea to plant 2,000 trees in the city to eliminate the carbon's fingerprint in the city by 2050. he says the goal is in line outlined by those in the paris climate agreement. he commented on the president trump's decision to withdraw the u.s. . >> the policies coming out of washington, d.c. is unacceptable. in san francisco we will steer a different course, we must create a different future or our city and be a beacon not only for our country but the world as it relates to climate change. >> and under farrell's plan the 2,000 trees will go up over the next two years. our time is 5:55. robots in san jose may soon be making home deliveries. later today mayor sam mckartal will hold a news conference to show how the robots work.
5:56 am
a company called star ships technologies will deliver robots on-demand right to the customer's front door. we are learning more about the person that bought a california lottery ticket and won $27 million. the superlotto plus ticket was purchased at the arco ampm station on grimmer boulevard in fremont. the man whose name has not been released is a regular lottery player. inand day there was excitement represtatives with the lottery hung an the wall. >> everybody is excited. you know, the person bought the ticked yesterday, last night. we find out about that, come down and put signs up, get excitement, put a big check, a novelty check that says $27 million. now we have to wait for the person to come forward. >> i guess the lottery says the man bought the ticket wednesday right before the drawing, then returned to the store at 3:00 thursday morning with the winning ticket in his
5:57 am
hands. our time is 5:57. still ahead, a deadly shooting in richmond. the police search that is happening right now for whoever fired shots at people outside a convenience store. and the two defends in the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland scheduled to be back in court today. the possible decision that may help them get out of jail while awaiting trial. good morning. you can see traffic will be okay if you are driving on the san mateo bridge and for that matter on the dumbarton bridge. we will do a bridge check when we come back. except for a little fog on the san mateo-santa cruz coast to monterey we are set for a nice friday and even warmer into saturday. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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good morning and welcome to the 6:00 hour of mornings on 2. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. let's go right to steve paulson. we are seeing better temperatures today you have been saying all morning. >> oh, yes. yesterday we had 34s and 5s but today we look good except for coast fog. inland temperatures will be in the 70s to ne


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