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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 20, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning and welcome to the 6:00 hour of mornings on 2. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. let's go right to steve paulson. we are seeing better temperatures today you have been saying all morning. >> oh, yes. yesterday we had 34s and 5s but today we look good except for coast fog. inland temperatures will be in the 70s to near 80 on saturday.
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73 for a high today. the record was 95 in 2009. the record highs are usually not that long ago, yet the record low is 28 in 1896. i don't think we will ever see that. 40s, 50s for a few, a couple of 30s, but not too many. 41 in menlo park. mid 40s in union city in fremont and 48 in pacifica. monitor are, half moon bay and moss beach. fog at half moon bay otherwise the high pressure will give us warmer weather in the coast and bay and a lot warmer inland in the 60s and 70s. 6:01 and the traffic is doing what? ?
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a 24 minute drive between the carquinez and macarthur maze. not bad there. i will show you something here. one thing that is very encouraging, yes, there is a back up but look at this ramp here. i don't know if you can see that but i am put that arrow on the ramp. that is a very good approach. almost no slow traffic there. when that happens we will have a lighter than usual day. this is a look at i-880 north and southbound. moving well up toward the coliseum. not stop and go yet. san francisco northbound 101 approaching the 80 split, a very nice looking drive there, as well so far. as i put the map up of the bay area, a lot of times we see red here. i see some red here on 680 heading south to 237, but that is about all. there have been no major issues in the south bay either. 6:02. back to the desk. new this morning police in fremont investigating a deadly
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overnight shooting. man was shot at a convenience store on carlson boulevard near portrero avenue, the fourth homicide in richmond after a aceful start to the year. >> reporter: we are waiting on more details from richmond police. we do not have the identity of the victim and we do not know if they have a suspect. at this point it is still under investigation. we did drive by the scene earlier. it was mostly cleared of police activity. it is near i-580. just before midnight gunfire erupted outside the stop-n-shop convenience store. several cars were riddled with bullets and one man was killed. a masked man walked into the parking lot according to a report and opened fire on the cars and people outside the store. for nearly five months richmond has enjoyed relative peace
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here. there haven't been any killings and it has probably been one of the longest stretches without a homicide according to city officials for as long as 40 years. we have now had our fourth homicide in the month of april that richmond police are investigating. >> leigh martinez in richmond. thank you. a vallejo elementary school teacher accused of inappropriate behavior will be hit with criminal charges. 36-year-old andrew lund is a 4th grade teacher at glen cove elementary school, arrested yesterday on suspicious of attempting to contact a minor for sex and sending harmful matter to a young person. lund communicate this had month over the internet with an undercover investigator posing as a young girl. hour time is 6:04. the two men charged in the oakland coast ship warehouse fire are due in -- ghost ship warehouse fire are due in court this morning.
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a judge is considering lowering the bail for the two, derick almena and max harris. they face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person that died in the fire in december of 2016. also happening today, san francisco's golden gate park will be packed with big crowds on hippie hill for the annual 4/20 celebration but this is the first 4/20 celebration since the sale of medical marijuana became legal here in california. -- recreational marijuana became legal here in california. now more straight at harborside in oakland. >> we couldn't wait to come here and do something legal that is not legal where we live. it is part of our california vacation. >> neighbors say they expect a larger crowd than previous years now that the sales are legal. city officials say there will be double the number of parking
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control officers and more private security guards than last year. it has been four months since recreational marijuana became legal here in california and since prop 64 took effect many dispensaries have seen an increase in sales but there are also challenges. the businesses are adjusting to new regulations and competing with a thriving black market. more now on the growing pains for the california cannabis industry. indust >> reporter: for marijuana- lovers, is a whole new way to buy, with a seemingly endless number of cannabis products. >> some of our most popular products are our gummies. >> reporter: offered to customers at high end dispensaries like this one in san francisco where sales have soared since january. >> the first three months of sales since january has been a
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whirlwind. >> reporter: this manager has had to hire more employees and extended store hours. but it is a somewhat different story across the bay at the berkeley patients group. after prop 64 took effect there was a big early buzz and lots of new customers, but it didn't last. >> the market has not shrunk and they are still purchasing cannabis. they are not coming to the licensed operators as much as we expected. >> reporter: and this woman blames the disappointing sale's figures on the operating costs that are high for legal operations. >> prices are high, taxes are high. i don't think it is fair but what can i say. >> reporter: to save money a lot of people continue to turn to the cheaper black market and state regulators have their hands full. since january the california bureau of cannabis control have
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nt out cease-and-desist letters to more than 1,200 unlicensed marijuana businesses state-wide. a small step in the right direction for those playing by the rules. >> there is no one silver bullet answer to the problem, encouraging the growth of the legal market. >> it needs to happen. if we are trying to find an economic equality with every other industry in the world, you know, we have to be licensed. >> reporter: prop 64 mean as lot more rules for businesses to follow. all the products sold can have no more than 10-milligrams of thc per serving and everything has to leave the store in a child-proof bag. then there are the required warning labels on everything. for a lot of businesses it is a challenge keeping up with all the regulations. annual permits can cost more than $70,000 a year. the high cost of doing business is keeping a lot of long-time sellers and cultivators in the shadows. >> i think we are all trying to
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learn and work together and navigating the bright new world of legal cannabis. >> that was alexa advantage reporting. in the midst of the rocky rollout of recreational marijuana, some are hoping for stepped up enforcement in the future and a tax break from the state to keep the products affordable and help the legal cannabis industry stay competitive. well, san francisco is expecting a big turnout today as we have been talking about at hippie hill. we will break down the extra security precautions in place in anticipation of that record- breaking crowd. and easing tensions along the korean peninsula. is north korea backing down on one of its demands involving u.s. troops? and the san mateo bridge it looks pretty good as y drive out to the highrise. we have been looking at the dumbarton bridge and the other bridges. so far so good. and in the inland areas today no problems, but the
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coast and bay are dealing with a little fog. in fact, there is some on the morin side, the golden gate bridge, but not at sfo.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. new this morning north korea and south korea set up a hot line between their leaders ahead of the summit a week from today. moon jae-in and kim jong-un plan to make their first telephone conversation on the
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hotline some time between -- before their face-to-face meeting on a village on the border between the two countries. south korean officials say the hotline will be maintained after the summit and help increased cooperation and reduce misunderstandings during times of tension. reportedly north korea has dropped its demands that american troops be remove from the south korea, a condition for giving up its nuclear weapons according to south korean president moon jae-in. previously north korea has demanded that the 28,000 american troops in south korea be removed before it would enter into negotiations over its nuclear programs. our time is 6:13. the justice department released 15 pages of memos written by former fbi director james comey and his teractionsith president trump. the redacted pages detail comey's conversations with the president. in one of the memos comb canny says the president -- comey said the president asked about the possibility of jailing
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journalists and told him he had serious reservations about michael flynn, the former national security advisor and told a story about vladimir putin and russian pursuits. president trump tweeted in response saying james comey memos just out and clearly there was no collusion and no obstruction. clearly he leaked classified information. wow! will the witch hunt continue. president trump hired former new york mayor rudy giuliani as part of his legal team to deal with the special council robert mueller's investigation into the russian election interference. he said quote rudy is my friend. he has been my friend a good time and... >> maybe to bring in rudy giuliani as a whole new face, sit down with mueller and say
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let's cut a deal of some kind. you can't rule it out but it is a tall order. >> guiliani was a major supporter of the trump caai during the 2016 election. he is joining the president's legal team along with two former federal prosecutors. sal, can you take care of the folks this morning? >> i can. and by the way we came up with a theme for traffic. >> i was just going to ask you. >> that is right. the theme is -- well, actually let me ask you, pam -- have you ever misheard the lyrics to a song and been singing them wrong for years? >> oh, gosh, yes. even just a couple weeks ago. >> okay. so fess up if that is you, too. we have someone in the newsroom that confessed. >> i will! >> let's take a look at the bay bridge, everyone. i have done it. it is not even big news, i've done it so many years for so many songs.
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this is the westbound bay bridge backed up all the way to the maze. a 10 minute delay. we can see the traffic here on the taupe approach from 880 looking good. a little congestion but sometimes this ramp is full. this morning it is not and that is a good sign. also i-880 in oakland north and southbound, that traffic is moving well, as well as the traffic in san francisco to downtown san francisco. no problems will. and the commute on the bay area, look for reds on the roads. we have red on 680. that is the look at this pretty nice start to the morning commute. now to steve. let's get right to it. look at this from nothing about 15 or 20 minutes ago -- [ fog horn ] >> exactly. the fog powering over the midlands, and the sausalito hills. not on the san francisco side
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so far but going over the north tower. there is the fog. some of it will play into the city forecast and mainly the san mateo coast and morin south. not so much to the north. i tell you, it has been one continui for the hawaiian islands and a lot of rain. you are saying well, is tre a back edge to that? not really. look at that. wow! the moisture continues. a pretty strong stream of subtropical moisture going right over them for the next couple of days. back home mostly clear. a little fog in our system from yesterday. we formed a new low over the intermountain region. 43 in livermore. the temperatures today will bump up for most. except right on the water's edge. then they will probably stay in the 60s. san francisco 64. too much of an on shore breeze. there will still be stun but 64
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and 79. 63 and 49 is what is average. 93 in 2009 the record high. oakland is 46. sfo at 50. and santa rosa is 43. san jose is in the upper 40s, as well. 42 for morgan hill. gilroy is 40. so cal is -- socal is 41. 23 in truckee. 50 in monterey. fog in monterey but everything says sunshine and warmer temperatures except for a few on the coast where the fog is influenced but inland mid 70s. a few maybe upper 70s and the trend will continue. below average on the temps for a long time since last saturday. guess what, today we go a little above and tomorrow will be warmer. dry except for fog at the coast and bay. no rain yet. >> okay. keeping it cool along the coast. >> nice, yes. >> thank you. k you. right now it is 6:19.
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19 years later still calls for change. today students at the columbine high school will remember the horrible tragedy that occurred there as students across the country and here in the bay area plan school protests. also, wells fargo may need a loan for itself. the record fine it was slapped with minutes ago. and the prime time line- up... ne- up... of pure alchemy.
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the creation of something from nothing. first stands on no shoulders. it follows no footsteps. to first, the view ahead is wide open. the only thing that first chases&is possibility.
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you know what we make. first makes us who we are.
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all right, san diego-based mogul chip maker cutting 260 job cuts from the company's offices in san jose and santa clara. the rest will be at the company's san diego headquarter, part of a plan to cut costs by $1 billion, about a month after president trump blocked an offer from a singapore based company to acquire quaqom. one san francisco leader wants to bring small businesses back to the richmond district.
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the first step of the plan is pretty simple. >> reporter: from where we are here on the corner of 10th and clemente, there are three vacant businesses on this side of the street. on the other side of the street there are two empty restaurants. the supervisor for this area is taking steps to fill those vacant businesses. she says the first step is getting an accurate count. clemente street buzzes with activity here in the richmond district but lots of the storefronts in the bustling neighborhood are empty. y. it is a critical issue for the neighborhood. the first point of order is
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knowing just how big the problem is. that means counting the empty storefronts. that count found more than 125 commercial vacancys in the richmond, something that can bring down business for everyone. >> we are trying to keep small business alive in our corridors because they are the backbone of the district. >> reporter: the merchant's association and business owners say a combination of retiring business owner, high rent ann rubin overall high cost of doing business in san francisco have led to many of the vacancies. melissa anderson owns foggy notion and just relocated to clemente street from one of the side streets. >> i was looking for a location for my business with more foot traffic here. >> reporter: she has reopened her doors here and while there are more businesses coming and going, slow business on the street slows everyone's growth. this isn't just a problem here in the richmond district. the supervisor says the same
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story is being repeated throughout san francisco. that is why this count is so important and getting a look at the scope of the problem is the first step in getting a temperature of what is needed for these businesses. an update in the newsroom about wells fargo. they were fined $1 billion for abuses involving its car lone and -- car loan and mortgage business, the largest ever given. wells fargo agreed to pay the fine to settle allegations against the bank. wells fargo is headquartered in san francisco. by the way this case is not tied to the scandal that involve sos millions of bank -- involves millions of bank accounts set up without authorization by customers. 6:26. going green in the south bay. we will show you the all-
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electric buses that will soon start rolling on the san jose streets. good morning. we have traffic that is getting a little bit more crowded right now. as we look at the bridges, this one all of a sudden, you can see a couple of scattered brake lights on the way out to the peninsula. for most it will be sunny and warmer and at the coast the fog is coming back for some. ♪ ♪
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. thank you for joining us here. it is friday, april 20th. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. the time now is 6:30. let's check in with steve for a look at weather today. it will be nice. >> we are talking sal's traffic. we like it and we like the topic today. >> and i was sharing a story on my facebook page about my mom. it was a pretty good one. [ laughing ] >> we will get back to that! by the way, the water temperatures are very, very cold and the water temps can cool fast when we are not even in the 70s inland. so when we get to 80s the fog is flying in. even some on parts of the coast and the golden gate bridge. the inland areas will warm up, but we will have to deal with morning fog. everything says sunny. 40s on the temps. had a lot of 30s yesterday.
6:31 am
not the case today. san jose is 73 and 48. 70 is the average. the first time above average. 79 was the record high in 1999. -- 99 was the record high in 1979. well, it is getting crowded out there on the roads, sal? i think it is a doable commute. this is a look at 80. i-80 between the carquinez bridge. start the timer there to the macarthur maze, a 23 minute drive. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed up for another 20 minute drive. not too bad but once you make it on the bridge it is a smooth drive on the san francisco. co.
6:32 am
the peninsula traffic so far is pretty good. no problems on i- 80. we are starting off -- i-880. we are definitely starting off with a lighter than usual commute. back to the desk. today the san francisco golden gate park will be packed with big crowds on hippie hill for the annual 4/20 celebration. >> yes, good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. because of prop 64 taking effect a few months ago it is possible you may have more pot lovers than normal on hand for the annual 4/20 party here at golden gate park. we are expecting at least 15,000 people to take part in
6:33 am
this year's event here on hippie hill later today. the area is fenced off and security will be tight. the annual celebration of cannabis culture will be carefully supervised. this is the second year the event has been licensed with corporate sponsors and a lot of rules to follow. no one under 18 is allowed inside the event. the can be no large coolers, glass or tents. and this year neighborhood merchants are spending money to hire more security guards and bring in porta potties to limit the problems for people that live near the park that complain about party goers blocking driveways and generally leaving behind a mess. as the city cracks down people have been abuzz, literally. [audio difficulties -- static, interrupted or lost audio. please stand by] please stand by]
6:34 am
>> reporter: all right, we. >> reporter: going to hear from one of the folks attending the celebration but -- >> i am bringing a sandwich with me and hopefully i can share. it will be a giving and taking relationship. >> reporter: at the event well organized to get people to and from golden gate park. there are special shuttles being brought in and ride sharing locations close to hippie hill. 4/20 certainly no longer the free for all it had been in years past and city officials want to make sure it is a safe celebration this year and, of course, the celebration as he talked about takes on added significance now that recreational marijuana is legal here in california. pam, dave? >> yes. i know some of them are even planning their vacations around the state this year for the 4/20. >> reporter: absolutely, aaa is offering its tipsy toe service
6:35 am
for people celebrating 4/20, the first time the service is being related for a marijuana- related event. they will tow you and your car for ten miles for free. tipsy tow will be available between 4:20 this afternoon and 4:20 tomorrow morning. well, also happening today high school students here in the bay area and around the country plan to walk out of school overhead on the 19th anniversary of the columbine school massacre in colorado. oregoners expect 2,000 -- organizers expect 2,500 walkouts across the country, pushing for school safety and stronger gun control laws. students and administrators will stage a walk-in before classes start, as well for a rally against gun violence in schools. and students in florida are taking part in the national
6:36 am
walk-out, as well. this is video from the students at marjory stoneman douglas high school, the students there very active inhe movement for tighter gun control after the school shooting in february that killed 17 ople >>one school that will not take part in today's demonstration is columbine high school itself. the principal says traditionally the month of april is a time of reflection, not protest. it is closed today as it has been every year since april 20, 1999 when two teenaged shot and killed 12 students before shooting and killing themselves. they use today to remember the victims and their family. 275 bay area students are back home after they went to sacramento yesterday to meet with state lawmakers about gun control. the students represented schools bike by shop orchard lake dowd in oakland and -- by shop o'doud in oakland and --
6:37 am
inti ship o'doud in oakland. >> we want to add domestic abuse to the issues. . a 52-year-old manteca man is due in court accused of threatening federal employees. ronald joseph la faye was charged with three counts of threatening to hurt and kill staffers. the threats happened between march 19 and 26. if convicted he could get up to ten years in federal prison and be fined $250,000. the time is now 6:37. a san quentin inmate that spent 25 years on death row is now a free man.
6:38 am
68-year-old bbusente figueroa was accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend's daughter in 1993. the state supreme court overturned the conviction last month finding the medical testimony at his trial was fabricated. prosecutors in kern county decided they will not retry figueroa, released yesterday afternoon to his lawyer and waiting family members. santa rosa police arrested a man on suspicion of stealing a beer delivery truck. a 46-year-old stole the truck just before noon yesterday. the beer company had gps tracking on the truck and quickly found it a few miles away. witnesses say the suspect ran across highway 101 wearing nothing more than an american flag shorts to get away. police say he was arrested 45
6:39 am
minutes later after being found hiding in some bushes. the time is 6:39. san francisco mayor mark farrell is announcing a plan to plant 2,000 trees in san francisco, part of an effort to eliminate the city's carbon fingerprint by the year -- footprint by the year 2060. he said this about president trump's decision to pull the u.s. about the paris climate agreement. >> the policies coming out of washington, d.c. are unacceptable. in san francisco we will steer a different course, steer a different vision for our city and be a beacon not only for our country but the world as it relates to climate change. >> 2,000 trees will be planted over the next two years. we are getting a first look at five new all-electric buses at the santa clara valley transportation authority. they are expected to roll out
6:40 am
next month. take a look. the state-of-the-art buses are charged through a new pilot program designed to track energy consumption and also reduce the impact on the state's electrical grid. there are plans to add five more all-electric buss to the fleet next year. well, proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana sales at the start of the year. but coming up in our 6:00 hour we will take a look at the success of the dispensaries and the impact illegal sales are having on those retailers. and did you watch the warriors last night? they are just one win away from moving onto the next round of the nba play-offs. when we come back we will tell you about the big win over the spurs. and there is a car on fire on the san mateo bridge eastbound from the peninsula to hayward. now look on the left. you can see there is a back up here trying to get over to hayward where there is normally not one. we will update this and some of the other commutes coming up.
6:41 am
and except for fog we are looking good. the same cannot be said for the hawaiian islands. they have had enough rain, but guess what, it is still raining and there are flash flood watches out for all the islands.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are following breaking news out of central florida where one person has been injured in a school shooting. this happened at forest high school in central florida. the marion county sheriff's office says the suspect is in
6:44 am
custody but the school is still in lockdown at this time as a precaution. that shooting comes, of course, the same day many schools across the country are holding walkouts to protest gun violence. we will continue to update this breaking news out of central florida. the time is 6:44. in the meantime the warriors beat the san antonio spurs last night 110-97, now one win away from advancing in the nba play- offs. san antonio's assistant coach filled in for head coach gregg popovich whose wife, erin, died the day before. the game was tight during three quarters but the warriors starting hitting the three quarters and kevin durrant did that, leading the warriors with 26 points and 9 rebounds. and after that dramon greene said the warriors can actually play better.
6:45 am
>> there is no doubt in my mind we will get to that level. but as bad as we were playing to where we are now, it is pretty solid. the first round, if you can still win and not be clicking and peaking at that time it is great and i don't think we are. >> if he says it, i believe it! on sunday the warriors will go for the first round sweep of the spurs in san antonio. this morning the board thatover sees the oakland coliseum will meet behind closed-doors to discuss the legal action against the warriors. there is a dispute between the team and water authority regarding the warrior's lease agreement. the team says it is not obligated to pay the remaining $40,000 in outstanding debt payments for renovations at oracle arena. they are both meeting with ash administrators now to try to settle- with arbitrators to try to sett the case.
6:46 am
well, a new audit shows california as a whole is doing a poor job of sheltering its homeless. details of a report from the state auditor and how california is home to one in four homeless people nation- wide. they explore the suggestion in the report that could help address the problem at a state- wide level. also, watch you ever step the next time you are in san jose because delivery robots are coming to the city. the mayor is welcoming a new company to san jose that could dramatically see what is coming down the sidewalk. those stories and more in just minutes. great traffic relief coming for drivers of the richmond-san rafael bridge. >> nice along 101 in morin county, as well. a third lane for eastbound traffic set to open today. it will be open daily between
6:47 am
2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to help ease the traffic congestion. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:00 this morning at the scenic view area west end of the bridge. yes, as i drove across, this morning, sal, the lanes are marked, striped and clean. they are ready to go and a lot of people are excited about that. >> the afternoon commute, i think people will really like that and we will see what happens. it will take a little while to get used to it, i think. and another problem on the santana bridge. 92 south -- san mateo bridge south of 92 there is a car a car on fire there over to e, hayward. eastbound traffic will be busy. look on the left side there. we normally do not see this kind of slow traffic coming eastbound. that is because it is all
6:48 am
whittling down to one lane because of the car fire. the fire department is on the scene. and the bay bridge approach, traffic is moving along pretty well with no major issues. when you get to the commute on i-880, no major issues on 880 heading south. 6:48. now to steve. happy friday, everybody. let's get right to it. some people are saying i am going to the hawaiian islands and i hope i get a lot of sunshine but think again. there is all kinds of rain there and flash flood watches now, too. so think again. we will get to that in a moment. look at the golden gate bridge. it is not just a little fog, it looks like it will continue. and tropical moisture over the island. a cloudy, rainy couple of days there but not here. the stretch of rain has ended the next few days. i don't think the coast will
6:49 am
warm up that much, however because there is still an on- shore breeze. 51 in san francisco. that is cold, cold water. inland temperatures, we are already getting fog and temperatures barely hit 70. they will hit near 80 for some inland tomorrow night. orrow night. 64-49 for san francisco. what is average? 63-49. livermore is 43 degrees. 41 at the knapp airport. -- napa airport. concord and buchanan is 50. at the concord pavilion it is 44. vallejo has 50 degrees.
6:50 am
fog down toward the monterey peninsula. the fog is very shallow, mainly just on the san mateo- santa cruz coast, maybe a little in the city but otherwise set to warm up. a lot of sunshine, 60s and 70s. it has been below average the last few days but now we will be at or above average. >> thank you, steve. the oakland as are hosting the red hot boston red sox tonight at the coliseum. the giants keep struggling on offense losing last night to the diamondbacks 3-1. the giants jump to an early lead thanks to a brandon bell home run in the 2nd. that is the only run the giants scored. a scary moment in the 3rd inning. the diamondbacks outfielders collided. they ran into each other trying to get the ball. both players are expected to be okay. arizona took a lead thanks to a
6:51 am
home run in the 6th inning there. the giants have not won any of their six series so far this year. they play anaheim, the angels tonight. 6:51. coming up a deadly shooting in richmond. the police search happening right now for whoever fired shots at people outside a convenience store. and a winning superlotto ticket sold in the bay area. what we know about the person that bought it and where it with us sold, coming up.
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to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools...
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and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets - and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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♪ >> okay, she says we built this city on sausage rolls. when you were a little kid maybe you couldn't figure it out. what is your favorite misheard lyrics? we all have them, give me a shout out on facebook twitter or instagram. if there is a song that you misheard the lyrics to, let us know and i will play requests. just use our hashtag on facebook twitter or instagram.>>
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linda evans, i didn't know she watched. >> i'm pretty sure it is not that one. we are learning more about the person who purchased a california lottery ticket and won $27 million. the ticket was purchased at an arco station on grimmer boulevard in fremont. the man whose name has not been released, we understand he is a regular player, yesterday there was excitement at the store as representatives hung the oversized check on the wall. $27 million. >> it is selling hopes and dreams, people come here and we show them we sold this and now you are part of it. it makes it more real. >> the lottery says the men purchased the ticket wednesday and then return to the store at 3:00 thursday morning with the winning ticket in hand. the body of former first
6:56 am
lady barbara bush will lie in repose in houston. the general public can pay respects, tomorrow a private funeral will be held for mrs. bush, president trump will not attend but first lady melania trump will attend, former president barack obama and bill clinton will be in attendance with their wives. we have been talking about the rain in hawaii with cleanup continuing after the storm damage is worse than first thought, heavy rain causing mudslides and flooding, hundreds of people had to be rescued. a major highway is still blocked by a landslide making it impossible for some people to return home. power is restored but some people are being told not to drink or cook with tap water. there are no reports of any major injuries. there is word some passengers from the southwest airlines flight where the engine failed leading to an emergency landing received a $5000 check from southwest, the
6:57 am
passengers also received a letter expressing sincere apologies for the incident where one of the passengers was partially sucked out of the plane. she later died of injuries, a firefighter who was on the plane ran back to help but could not save her life.>> a family lost a loved one. i feel for her family and for her kids. her husband, the community that she lived in. i cannot imagine what they are going through.>> in addition to the $5000 check passengers will also get a $1000 travel voucher. the ntsb is investigating how a crack on a fan blade led to the engine failure. the way that passengers on the flight were wearing their oxygen masks during the emergency is being
6:58 am
scrutinized. jesse gary reports photos from in the plane suggest a lot of people were not wearing the masks properly.>> the pictures speak of panic, 35,000 feet in the sky, tuesday many southwest airlines passengers could be seen holding emergency oxygen masks over their mouth but not their nose. >> if you are a nose breather you won't get oxygen. >> this retired pilot has over 30,000 hours behind the stic and he says somemes flight attendants rushed through instructions while passengers are distracted. >> it should be emphasized to put over your nose and mouth and emphasize to pull the cord down. otherwise you will get no oxygen. >> the masks are designed to employ -- deploy in case of dramatic air pressure change. at altitudes above 10,000 feet
6:59 am
the air is too thin to breathe in the masks make up for the lack of oxygen. >> they provide oxygen to supplement what you need to breathe. as you know if there is not enough oxygen coming to you your brain will die. >> many of the affected passengers were not using the masks correctly according to this doctor chairman of the san jose state university aviation department. >> it is a big deal because the mask is supposed to cover your nose and mouth. you will go through the breathing cycle. >> using the masks incorrectly is like not having one at all, experts expect the industry to police it self and stress the importance of grabbing the masks and using them correctly. the captain says he expects a memo to be sent to all airlines reminding them of the importance of proper instruction to passengers with use of the masks. he also says the pilots trained twice a year to lend a train with catastrophic emergency
7:00 am
such as cabin depressurization, the goal is to get below 10,000 feet so people can breathe without the masks. from san jose jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. recreational marijuana sales are booming across the state due to proposition 64, coming up on this 4/20 a look at the difficulties facing california in regulation of the industry. after a relatively peaceful start to 2018 the city of richmond has its fourth homicide in the month of april, more details are coming up. this is "ktvu mornings on >> 7:00 we have made it to friday, april 20 i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about the friday weather. it feels good outside. >> unless you are stuck in the fog but most of us are not. we started off with clouds and rain with 50s now we have plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures except for


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