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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 23, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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pinch -- pitch at-bat the longest in major league history. evan longoria hit a homerun in the third to help the giants. a call for rent control, the rallies being held today to make housing more affordable. we will be speaking with the san francisco chronicle working on a series about people packing up leaving the bay area. the royal baby has a live -- arrived. welcoming the third child of kate middleton and prince william. >> happy monday morning as we are rolling right along this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we have some fog in between the towers. welcome everybody, gasia mikaelian has the day off so claudine wong is joining us.
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>> the weather was great. the weekend flew by. >> you know what, i will tell you a quick story. yesterday i booked a flight on virgin airlines four months ago and i got a message yesterday from alaska and it said that nonstop now you have to go to seattle for a few hours first and then we will put you on another plane and take you from seattle to denver. so they actually refunded me on everything and i rebooked. so if you booked just be wary and look out for those emails. >> you have options at least. in san francisco in a few hours there will be a rally outside of oakland where community organizers are pushing for affordable housing on a statewide ballot. alex savidge is joining us live from oakland with more on the
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effort. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the goal is to try to protect renters during the housing crisis and to keep rent prices in check. at noon today organizers will be holding a rally outside of oakland city hall and they are pushing to close a loophole in state law. they have gathered enough signatures to put what is called the affordable housing act on the statewide ballot. if this measure passes it would repeal the 1995 law that allows landlords in cities with rent control to raise the price of a unit to the market rate after a tenant moves out. the same law also bans back rent control on homes and apartments built after 1995. oaken city councilmember rebecca kaplan says that rent in the bay area and beyond are hurting families.
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repealing the act will certainly help though. >> we are facing a crisis of housing displacement and the action today is a step toward changing california law so we can protect renters from skyrocketing rates. >> housing advocates say repealing this will protect tenants and limit how much landlords can raise the rent. there will be similar rallies to this one being held in sacramento and los angeles. this event in downtown oakland gets underway at noon. we will have full coverage throughout the day. >> alex savidge thank you. we will continue to follow this story. congressman ro khana met with residents yesterday to talk about skyrocketing housing costs. >> i can encourage the development of affordable housing. i can try to find funding for public transportation to improve
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public transportation. i can talk to the local mayor and city council members about the need to have enough housing to support folks. >> the congressman says housing prices block many essential workers from living in the community and everybody should care about the crisis because communities cannot have good schools without good teachers are quality healthcare without qualified nurses. the congressman helped the town hall meeting in san jose. this brings us to the question of the day. what is the best way to address the bay area housing crisis? looking at the twitter poll, 39% say rent control, 22% say build more housing, 31% say to leave the bay area and 8% say something else. on twitter david says without rent control i would have had to move out of the bay area and i have a fairly good job. i am one of the lucky ones.
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>> another viewer says decentralized, we need more rules. >> another viewer says have developers make a 50-50 split on new units. >> we will check your responses coming up just reach us on twitter using the hashtag. the massive manhunt continues for the man who opened fire at a tennessee waffle house killing four people.>> we go to antioch, tennessee with the latest on the search. >> early sunday morning 29-year- old travis reinking shot two people outside of a tennessee waffle house and then went inside continuing to fire. a total of four people died and four others were wounded. a brave customer was inside when the rifle jammed up he managed to get a hand on the barrel driving -- knocking it from the gunman's hand. >> i saw my opportunity so i
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took it. >> the gunman ran from the scene prompting a massive manhunt, residents have been placed on alert. this is not the first running with the law for reinking, last july he was arrested for entering a restricted area near the white house, in august police seized four weapons from him. >> he voluntarily surrendered four firearms. his father had the legal right to take custody of those weapons so he was allowed to do that after he assured deputies he would keep them secure away from travis. it is unclear how he got the guns back but at least one of them was used in the shooting on sunday. >> he has murdered four times with no reason or motive. >> at this point there is no known motive. investigators believe the location was targeted at random and they say they believe he
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had serious mental health issues . from tennessee jonathan seri ktvu fox 2 news. a new effort underway to help victims of sexual assault and do away with the backlog of rape kits around the country. we had our guest last hour who was the victim of a 1993 rape in new york city. the case went untested for 10 years, the suspect was arrested and is now in prison. she is now the founder of a nonprofit that seeks to end the backlog crisis and she has written a book about her experience and the efforts to reform the testing process for thousands of kits. >> that is a scary thing. we don't know what the numbers are. that is what is jarring. every kit represents a human being whose body was a crime scene. >> in california two bills are
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working through the legislature calling it or how many kids are unprocessed in the state and it will put together time restrictions. there might be delays as southwest airlines canceled 90 flights to continue engine inspections after the engine explosion last week that killed a passenger. that is on top of the nearly 50 flights canceled from yesterday for inspections. after the incident last tuesday southwest announced accelerated inspections for the fan blades of the engines, the faa has ordered inspections on the same engines on other airlines. 1000 people gathered to remember the albuquerque woman who died on the southwest flight, services for jennifer riordan took place at the university of new mexico. she was survived by her husband and to my children when the engine of that flight caught fire shrapnel shattered a window and the 43-year-old was fatally injured when she was partially
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sucked out of the aircraft. alaska airlines is setting new limits on animals. passengers will have to provide documents that their animal is healthy and well behaved and needed for support. these changes come in response to another incident involving unruly pets, however they will only apply to emotional support and psychiatric service animals. delta and united have introduced more changes. the duchess of cambridge kate middleton has given birth to her third child, she and prince william welcomed their baby boy this morning. benjamin hall has more on the royal berth from london. >> it is a boy. thousands of royal fans in england and around the world celebrating along with kate and william. welcoming their third child on monday an eight pound seven ounce baby boy who is now fifth in line to the throne behind
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prince charles, his father william and most notably his siblings george and charlotte. >> he will not step in front of princess charlotte in the line of succession. as would have been the case until recently. that would be the first time that happened. >> de 36-year-old duchess and her husband traveled to the private wing of st. mary's hospital with huge crowds gathered outside after the palace announced she was in labor. the newest member of the family shares a birthday with shakespeare and was born on st. george's day a national holiday. fans gathered outside of the hospital and they are excited to share their good wishes with the duke and duchess. >> we will be singing, congratulations and celebrations. >> it means so much to us. it is fantastic. >> the young princess and the
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rest of the royal family are delighted. in london benjamin hall, ktvu fox 2 news. bookies across the pond are making the most of the big day taking bets on what the royal baby will be named, some popular pix include arthur, james and albert. there is no word on when they will announce the name. coming up next, a hiker from marin county gets an unwelcome surprise. coming up the case of mistaken identity that landed him in the hospital. protesters are voicing displeasure with starbucks. the demonstration being held and what the company is now doing. it's gonna be a good day.
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they're cooked right when you order on our flat iron grill. so they're hot, full of flavor and fantastically juicy. mcdonald's new 100% fresh beef quarter pounder burgers. you'll need a bigger napkin. ♪ welcome back we have a little bit of movement on the markets as stocks are mixed as
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healthcare and industrial companies have made some gains, energy companies are slipping though. >> teachers from 18 san jose elementary schools are hoping to see changes to their contracts. this is video from holly oak elementary school. teachers from evergreen are picketing all week after a fight over contracts. there it is. they say that the latest offer includes more students in every classroom without pay raises and health benefits that have been rolled back and it could cost teachers thousands of dollars every year. before class started they talked with parents and handed out leaflets about the issues. a 79-year-old man is in the hospital after being bitten by a rattlesnake. >> the man says it is the first time he has even seen a snake in the years he has been hiking. >> the hiker admits that he let
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curiosity get the best of him.>> mount tam is known for breathtaking views with the sun out plenty of hikers are soaking it in and so are snakes. >> it is pretty scary because i had no idea you would find them around here. >> around 2:00 sunday afternoon a 79-year-old man saw what he thought was a harmless gopher snake but it was not. on face time we spoke with the chp flight officer and medic.>> he saw the snake on the trail and he thought it was a nonvenomous snake so he reached down to pick it up and it bit him twice. >> it was a baby rattlesnake one foot long. the marin county fire department says he was bit once on each hand near all the railroad trail. >> he had wounds to each hand
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and they were both swelling. he was feeling itching in each hand and in his jaw area. >> the victim was airlifted to the medical center in walnut creek. chp took these photos and in one of them you can see the hand bandaged. >> it is scary, there is wildlife that can do that damage. >> hikers say they have seen lizards and other reptiles but they have never seen snakes. experts say that it is common to see the rattlers this time of year with the warm weather they lay on the trails. hikers now plan to stay alert.>> i have not heard of any so it does concern me and i am more thoughtful of where i am stepping. it is good to know and i am glad i did not learn the hard way.>> ktvu fox 2 news. a colorado man who
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survived a bear attack has another survival story to add to the list. the 20-year-old dylan mcwilliams was in hawaii near kawai thursday when it happened. he was traveling when he felt something bite his leg, that is when he spotted the shark. >> i knew that it was a shark so i kind of, the scary part was swimming back. i was 50 yards away and there was blood behind me. i didn't know where it was.>> the injury was not life- threatening and he says he will be back on the water in a couple of days but williams is also attacked by a bear in colorado last july. three years ago he survived a rattlesnake bite during a hiking trip in utah. >> maybe he should just stay home? >> he is very lucky. demonstrators at a starbucks in
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phoenix took their protest inside of the store speaking out after a manager in philadelphia called police to arrest to maked men at a starbucks. >> we take a look at why protesters are now taking a stand against the company despite its plans to address racial bias. >> taking the protest from the sidewalk to the inside of this starbucks. a handful of protesters holding signs posted in front of the counters hoping to spread a message. >> the problem with racism is at starbucks. so if these people want to continue to come patronize that is up to them. >> this man was referring to an incident in philadelphia where the barista called police on two black men who were sitting in the store refusing to order, since then anger over what is called a racist move. protesters have been seen
9:19 am
across the country. >> i come in all the time and i do not order anything and i would never think, i have never been told to get out. >> this woman understands why the group occupied the store. >> it is their logo and brand on the property so it makes sense. >> the company is taking steps to reconcile the situation. they have issued apologies, also closed doors to undergo training but for the activists it is not enough. >> committing to one day of training, that is not enough. they have a lot to work on.>> on may 29 starbucks will be closing 8000 locations to administer racial bias training. coming up, the high cost of housing is one reason people are packing up and saying see you later bay area.
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coming up we will talk with the producers of a series as they look closer as folks are leaving.
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every few weeks michelle robertson and alex martin produce a series that takes a look at why people are leaving the bay area. the series examines where people are going and if they are coming back to the area. for more on this michelle and alex join us live, thank you for coming in. so when i think about housing costs, rent, mortgage and housing but it is not just that. it is also gas and food. what reasons are people packing up for?>> obviously high cost of living. that is number one but also the traffic, the crowded and the general sentiment that there is this monoculture of technology. whether it is true or not but ultimately you come here as you are excited and young and you cannot settle down and get a
9:23 am
house. >> so let's start in california, where are people going in california?>> a big one for people in california which a lot of us want to stay because we have family ties, sacramento is a huge destination. we find there is a little bit of a difference depending on the socioeconomic class. so with middle income and lower income people they are likely to stay in places like sacramento or inland into modesto or fresno. they are trying to stay as close as possible. when you have a former tech worker who is not necessarily struggling to make ends meet but once a better quality of life, they are going to places like portland seattle and austin where you have the emerging tech industries. >> what about the argument when someone wants to stay because there are more opportunities? do you find people saying that?
9:24 am
>> ultimately technology is here. we are the hub of technology and so i think it is hard to discern what is public sentiment about wanting to leave and what is happening. when you actually look at the census numbers the population is growing in the bay area. 8000 people have come recently but the caveat is that the domestic net migration is dropping so that means people from the us, they are not moving here in the same numbers they are leaving. more people are leaving from the us. >> we had this debate, would you call it an exit is? is that accurate? what % are leaving?>> i would not call it an exit is. we do not need to sound the alarms yet. it is reflective of the general public sentiment. the survey is done where people say they want to leave and that
9:25 am
is something to talk about. is it really happening? i don't know, but people are talking. >> so what about politics? do politics come into play? we are talking about money but sometimes people are fed up with california politics. i have a relative like that.>> that is true, we did a series of stories people leaving for the south and the way they feel is split. some people want to stay because of the politics. a lot of people say when they move out something they miss is the diversity and the political mood. the bay area bubble, some people do miss it. >> but some people say it is worth the move?>> exactly. it is hard to put a price on those kinds of things but it is really easy to see when you're paying your mortgage for much lower. >> are people coming back? maybe they test out?
9:26 am
>> here is the thing there is no place like the bay area. we are sticking around so yes.>> do you agree? >> people do want to come back. we just started the series one year ago and we have been talking to people for one year and they have left more recently and there has never been someone who didn't miss something about the area.>> well, i came back. michelle and alex thank you. >> we have put a link to the facebook page for the series on look for it in the web links section under the "ktvu mornings on 2" tab also you can find it on the mobile app. we will be right back after the break.
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live picture of the bay
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from marin county looking onto the bay between richmond and san rafael. it is a nice-looking day, just a little bit of fog as we bring in steve paulson. i know this will be the warmest day of the week. >> yes it is by far because by friday we have 60s but today will be warm and cloudy. >> we will enjoy it. >> today is the day where we are warming from the coast to the bay and there are already 60s. 61 livermore and san jose 62. temperatures will be pretty warm but not as warm as yesterday so we have a slight cooling trend but mostly sunny nice and mild with 70s and 80s as fog is on the move tuesday wednesday and thursday. then we have those high and mid- level clouds but in advance and
9:30 am
is not coming for a couple of days. already low 70s and mid 60s, fairfield 67, concord buchanan 66, redwood city 64, novato 64. only by the immediate coast will we have the cooling, concord and buchanan 6 degrees warmer than yesterday but everywhere else 1 to 2 degrees. i expect a westerly breeze kicking in with half moon bay southwest. there is patchy fog but the low is moving toward us and by thursday and friday it is really sending us down because the water temperatures are cold. 49 bodega bay and san francisco 52. warm today with a lot of 70s and some 80s. a nice monday and then tomorrow it is good but in the forecast is coming for the end of the week. 60s, 70s and mid 80s today and again we should top out today but the trend is cooler by thursday and then friday to saturday the possibility of light rain but more cooling and clouds. so today is the day.
9:31 am
>> okay, today is my day. bart is moving closer to carrying passengers on the new south bay extension, there will be a new stage of testing taking place along the entire 10 mile extension to the berryessa station in san jose, today they will begin testing on the tracks from warm springs. they will be running up to 20 hours per day and every day for the next several months. the berryessa station will be opening later this year. the remodeling work in san francisco is one year behind schedule, the station is getting a $30 million facelift. it is supposed to be a five- year job but they are 18 months behind. improvements include new fair gates ceilings tiles restrooms and ticket machines. according to the clinical these delays have been pushed back since 2016 because of requirements with a contractor.
9:32 am
rallies will be held today in oakland sacramento and los angeles to repel a law that allows landlords to raise the price of rent when a tenant moves out and bans rent control on units built after 95. so question of the day, what is the best way to address the housing crisis? 40% say rent control, 21% build more housing. we were talking about packing up and leaving, dirty % will be doing that but 9% say something else. there has been conversation on twitter what do you see on social media? >> someone on facebook says stop building houses this place is already overcrowded and another viewer says my rent went up $500 in four years. >> alan campbell says change rules, no more tax transfers other than to your spouse and we have heard that from a lot of people.
9:33 am
there are a lot of solutions and by the way you can always chime in with how you feel by visiting twitter and using our hashtag. for more on the other headlines we have been working on let's get to dave clark.>> here are some of your top stories. a scared this morning for a southwest airlines plane leaving oakland for burbank. flight 1673 taxied to the runway and there was a report of smoke coming from the engine. half a dozen fire crews rushed to the flames but minutes later the call was canceled, the plane went back to the gate and passengers got on another plane which landed safely in burbank about one hour and 20 minutes late. the san francisco mayor mark farrell is taking a tough approach to clearing the homeless of the mission district. the chronicle reports mark farrell promises an aggressive crackdown on homeless encampments. farrell told the newspaper san francisco has gone from being
9:34 am
compassionate toward homeless to enabling them. sweeps of homeless camps in the past have seen the homeless move a couple of blocks away or come back to the same area just days later. tonight in san francisco james comey will be speaking in the bay area at the kern theater promoting his new book. among other things, he described in the book meeting with president trump describing him as unethical. president trump has criticized the book calling james comey shady and accusing comey of trying to make a lot of money from a third rate book that should have never been written. the event begins at 7:00 pm and is already sold out. later this week the supreme court will be taking up the trumpet travel ban and will hear arguments on if the ban targeting people from muslim countries is legal. it will test the limits of presidential power.
9:35 am
until now the high court has never decided the legal merit of the travel ban and has only responded to white house request to review lower court rulings. those are some of your morning headlines, mike, sal, claudine, back to you. new information on the homicide underway in union city. allie rasmus just talked with police and she joins us live with the report. >> reporter: the shooting happened at 10:00 last night, police responded to a call about a man shot notable times. they went to a home on feldspar court and that is where they found a 57-year-old man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. his wife who lives in the home was arrested and placed under arrest for the shooting. the man ultimately died from his gunshot injuries. there was another adult female relative in the home at the time who witnessed some of this. the wife was the person who called police to report the shooting and again police placed her into custody.
9:36 am
they consider this a domestic violence incident and they do not think the public is in danger. there is no longer a public threat but at this point they are talking to the suspect the wife and the adult female relative trying to determine a motive. >> it is important for the community to know there is no outstanding danger. all of the weapons are accounted for and we are sensitive to the family now. there are adult children related to both the victim and the suspect and they will learn soon that their father is deceased and their mother is under arrest. >> reporter: the union city police lieutenant confirms police responded to another domestic dispute call at the same house involving the same couple 14 years ago in 2004. you heard the lieutenant mentioned the couple has adult children out-of-state and they
9:37 am
are in the process of notifying them. as you mentioned this is a bit unusual for the community, this is union city's first homicide of the year and last year they had two. police do not believe there is any threat to the public but they are investigating determining the circumstances that led up to the killing. >> allie rasmus thank you. investigators are looking for the cause of a deadly fire at an apartment in san francisco on saturday night. investigators spent the day gathering evidence trying to figure out what caused the fire that killed a woman who has been identified as jessica castro. castro was remembered as a warm outgoing devoted mother and grandmother who lived in the downstairs unit of the building. relatives say that the entire family is devastated by the unexpected death. >> everybody is hurting in the family. it is unfortunate and you would never wish this to happen to anybody.>> the upstairs
9:38 am
neighbor could smell smoke and saw castro standing on the porch watching the fire and appeared to be confused. she ran upstairs to call 911 but the fire quickly grew. 100 firefighters battled the flames, 15 people have been displaced. modesto police are expected to release more information about a killing that left three people dead. investigators have only said andrew goodall and two young boys were killed but they do not believe the killer is a threat to the community. a man woman and little boys moved into the house a few months ago. the neighbors are stunned by the deaths of the children, two women put a teddy bear outside of the home. >> we just want to let them know we are thinking of them and praying for them. >> i have a two-year-old grandson so it hits at the heart, it is sad to know. >> police have not given any
9:39 am
indication about a motive and they have not released names of the victims. president trump's nominee for secretary of state, mike pompeo faces serious opposition before the senate relations committee which will be voting on the confirmation today, all democrats on the committee and one republican have said they will oppose him but pompeo can still be confirmed by the full senate. it would be the first time in years a nominee for secretary of state did not receive the committee endorsement. ahead of trumpets meeting with kim jong-un north korea is making some concessions over its nuclear program, over the weekend north korea announced they would stop nuclear testing and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles and shut down one nuclear test site. the meeting would be the first time that a us president has agreed to meet with the head of the north korean regime.>> i am glad they are meeting. we all look at this with great
9:40 am
caution and skepticism. it has been going on for 25 years and obviously kim jong-un is setting this up for himself but i think everyone who has been around this looks at this as the beginning. >> there is no word when or where the meeting will take place. president trump will be hosting his first state dinner at the white house, the french president will be coming to washington today. the three-day visit begins tonight with dinner between the presidential couples. tomorrow the leaders will hold a joint news conference, later tomorrow there will be a ceremony at arlington national cemetery and the state dinner afterward. on wednesday the french president will address congress. a 30% tariff on canadian paper is hitting some newspapers hard increasing expenses at large metro newspapers. the tariff is a response to a complaint from a paper producer in washington state that says
9:41 am
canadian competitors get government subsidies to sell their paper at low prices. critics of the paper tariff say the businesses which will be harmed are not vapor producers but us newspapers which have been hit with a loss of advertising revenue to the internet. barbara bush was laid to rest this weekend in texas. hundreds bid farewell to the former first lady as her funeral was held at saint martins church in houston. after the funeral she was laid to rest at the george h.w. bush presidential library. the former first lady died tuesday in houston at 92 years old. look at this photo taken after the funeral showing unity between the first family. from the left laura and george w. bush with the clintons, next to them the obama's with melania trump and of course that is george h.w. bush in the center.
9:42 am
president trump did not attend over concerns of possible disruptions because of the added security. no sitting president has attended a first lady funeral since john kennedy went to the services for eleanor roosevelt in 1962. coming up next, facebook is defending itself over leaking personal information but there are more companies who could be putting you at risk. how some of your data is being collected by google. the discussion continues over banning foot tall -- ball involving tackling for kids under 13. brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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my soap, ... ...dove. dove cleans beautifully ...dove. we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. facebook has been criticized over the data leaking scandal with cambridge
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analytica but google may have more personal data. the database includes information on users and nonusers, in one year they collect enough data on a single user to fill up 500,000 pages and that includes location information, browsing habits and schedules. this is used to target advertisements to specific people. if you are worried about data sharing use the my account feature to change privacy settings. thousands of young football players say they are being unfairly targeted by legislation working its way through the state capital. the proposal would ban tackle football for anyone younger than 13 which comes after several ports of players with serious head injuries sometimes after they retire. the players say in lower skill levels they learn valuable skills that they use for the rest of their careers.
9:46 am
the organizer of save youth football says there has been progress made in tracking and preventing injuries. >> we have about 12 ideas. we think the rules that apply, the natural progression is to drop it to the youth level. >> i have seen kids on the first day of practice, my friend broke his ankle and his leg.>> we spoke to some others of youth football players and they say flag football is not much safer. state lawmakers could hold future hearings on tackle football fans in the next month. >> i'm curious because if i was a lawmaker i would vote against legislation because i feel it is a parental decision. >> remember they made some changes with soccer using your head. but the thinking is laid out that any injury when you are that young will be long- lasting.
9:47 am
>> i wonder what football will be like in 30 years. or 10 years. baseball, the oakland a's cooled off the hottest team in baseball beating the red sox yesterday in oakland.>> he grounds that one into the hole and it is into left field. >> the oakland a's took the lead early after chris davis hit a single in the first. after that it turned into a pitcher's duel only allowing one run each. davis would come back in the eighth for this monster shot to put the oakland a's up for good. they will be headed to texas to take on the rangers tonight. in case you have not missed it in the game saturday the a's picture sean manaea had a no- hitter against the red sox dominating throwing 100 and pitches only walking two batters.
9:48 am
there were a couple of close calls including one error in the fifth inning. it is the 12th no-hitter in a's franchise history and the first since dallas braden had that perfect game in 2010. the giants beat the angels yesterday in anaheim which included a record-setting at-bat in the first inning for brandon belt. >> right field and belt will reach. >> that pop out ended the 21 pitch at-bat the longest in major league history. he just kept going. evan longoria smashed the two run home run in the third inning to put the giants up. brandon belt also went deep in the fifth inning. the giants took two out of three from the angels. they will return home to face the washington nationals. the giants are showing some pop.
9:49 am
>> the warriors launched -- lost to san antonio yesterday in the nba playoffs. >> he has an excellent shot but it has not been on target. >> they were close, the warriors had a good game from kevin durant with 34 points but the rest of the warriors did struggle with only two others in double digits. kevin durant had a three pointer in the fourth to cut the lead to two but the spurs forced game five. game five is tomorrow night at oracle arena and if the warriors win they will move on to the next round of the nba playoffs. the nba and fox sports agreed to terms on a deal bringing a junior league tournament to your television set. the jr. nba world championship will feature 13 and 14-year-old boys and girls from around the world. the format is similar to baseball's little league world
9:50 am
series. the tournament will be in orlando with games televised on ktvu and fox sports 1. every week we will be highlighting some of the athletic abilities of bay area children in a segment that we call that kid's got game and we are meeting nathan robinson. a senior from walnut creek, on april 1 robinson won the 2018 california hope dunk contest receiving perfect 10 from all judges. robinson has been playing since he was seven years old. he averaged 21 points last season with five rebounds and four assists per game. he has yet to commit to a college but look at that. >> how tall do you think he is? >> i don't know, six foot four?
9:51 am
anyway, congratulations and good luck with your career. submit your video with a brief description of the athlete in your life on facebook or twitter using the hashtag "that kid's got game". coming up, if you are heading out on the highway, how you could get on the open road with a new motorcycle. this is a look at the primetime lineup tonight. lucifer starting at 8:00 followed by the resident and 9:00 and don't forget to stay tuned for the 10:00 and 11:00 news. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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harley davidson is offering a summer internship with a twist. eight interns will get paid to learn to ride a harley davidson and go to biking events across the country documenting the travels. the company is looking for college juniors and seniors looking to work in social media, and at the end of the summer they get to keep the motorcycles. the nfl draft is this weekend -- week in arlington, texas it will be taking place at at&t stadium. it will be inside the stadium but activities for the fans will be happening in the parking lot and on the grounds like a festival. the 49ers have the ninth pick and behind them the raiders at 10. we are your home for the first round of the nfl draft thursday at 5:00 we will bring you every pick of the first round and then on friday we will bring you the pick by pick coverage around two and three starting
9:56 am
at 4:00 here on ktvu. >> it is amazing how big the draft is. i feel like they used to be in the lobby of the hotel. join us tomorrow as we talked to the author of a book which dives into millennials in adulthood with everything from jobhunting to finance. before we go remember pam cook did a special story on ocho candy in oakland and we felt like something was missing.>> yes, i wanted to try some.>> the cfo of the company stopped by because he said we can't have you not try it. so i got a huge assortment of coconut and peanut butter and jelly and peanut butter and caramel.>> do you have a favorite? >> you know, probably the dark chocolate. dark chocolate and peanut butter but when you try one of these you won't want to eat
9:57 am
that other one again.>> i think i am the only one who will eat on television. >> talking about the crunch of chocolate with the crisp shell but it is organic and local. made in the bay. great stories of so many companies making great stuff here. >> thank you for watching everybody, have a great rest of your morning and we will see you back here at noon.
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