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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 24, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the apartment building was off of clayton road, just a few blocks from downtown concord. our reporter henry lee has been at the scene, and five just gave an update over the last hour. >> reporter: an official confirmed to us that the national response team and an elite group of fire team investigators will be arriving tonight and investigate the scene tomorrow morning. they say it is too early at this point to say whether or not the fire was accidental or intentional or whether it is related to other construction fires we have been seeing in the bay area. county fire officials told us what the firefighters were able to accomplish this morning. >> our goal was to contain the building and keep the fire from spreading to adjacent structures. we were successful in keeping the fire from spreading to an inhabited structure next door. that building was saved as well as a long-term bakery that has
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been well established in the community. it is a locally small on business that was saved as well. >> reporter: this investigation is being led by the contra county fire protection committee. they hope to find out what exactly started this fire. >> reporter: the fire broke out about 1:00 a.m. in the morning and this apartment complex being built in downtown concord. about 250 people from a nearby apartment building were awakened and evacuated before dawn. >> an officer ran by and knocked on the door and said get out now. i looked up and i can see the flames licking at the top of my building, but i could not figure out if it was my building are not. embers and burning whatever were dropping everywhere. >> reporter: construction at this building was about 60% done. the renaissance square apartment complex two would
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have open with 180 apartments. investigator say you could take one day or two days before they go back into the building to find out where and how the fire started. >> additionally, in order to get inside the building and conduct the investigation, we need to make sure that our staff is safe, the investigators are safe to get in there to do that. >> reporter: although the investigation could take time, the city's mayor vowed to rebuild. >> we are a generation and from generations of survivors and rebuilders. he will rebuild and continue. >> reporter: the red cross offered shelter for the evacuees and a nearby church. >> it is surreal just to think that my house could catch on fire. it makes me sad. it makes me cry. >> reporter: this fire has cost about 55 million dollars in damage.
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firefighters have been spraying water on this fire throughout the afternoon. they have been using a drone overhead to seek out hotspots, and they tell me they will be here through the night to guard against flareups. >> there were a lot of street closures in the area. are those roads reopened or still shut down? >> reporter: they are still shut down at this hour julie. concord police tell me they are working to reopen the street, but at this point, the traffic has been clogged. you are urged to avoid the downtown area. >> henry lee in concord tonight. thank you. this is just the latest in a series of construction fires in the east bay. between 2016 and 2017, four buildings under construction were destroyed in oakland and emeryville. investigators determined that two of those fires were the
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result of arson. we are following a developing situation in livermore were officer spent five hours today trying to get a suspect in and that's make a home invasion robbery to surrender. swat team members over one hour of ago went into the the house and detained the man. our report is live at the scene with an update. >> reporter: neighbors who had been evacuated from their home or from going on have been given the all clear. in the skater say after hours of negotiations using teargas and less pain grenades, -- flash bang grenades, they ultimately had to go in and make the arrest. and we were able to take the suspect into custody and there were no injuries. >> reporter: the unidentified suspect had a criminal past and
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prior contact with law enforcement. the stand up again around 10:45 am tuesday morning. in the skater say they received a report of an armed robbery inside one of the homes near waggoner and coronado. the victim was not harmed, but robbed at gunpoint. arriving officers called for backup and evacuated four surrounding homes. >> a s.w.a.t. van pulled up to my parents house and escorted him out of the house. after that, the officers told me they were located around the corner. >> reporter: the suspect ran and locked himself inside of his own home and sparked the standoff that -- went into the afternoon. >> they wanted to question the people across the street from me, and so far, they have not been able to get in touch because somebody is in the house and will not come out. >> reporter: livermore police used a crisis negotiate team, but in the end, the officers entered the home and made the
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arrest without an instant. >> we do not believe anybody else was involved and nobody else was in the house. >> reporter: the lieutenant says the suspect was caught hiding in the attic. he is now charged with the home invasion robbery, resisting arrest, and additional charges could be pending. >> a quick question jesse. today suspect that this man might have been behind other home invasion robberies or any other crime in that neighborhood? >> reporter: they will not go into what his prior criminal acts were, but neighbors tell us that yes, it is the same one that has been going either into neighbors vehicles or homes and committing acts of robbery. we have not heard that from police, but that is what the neighbors are telling us. it was a rough day on wall street. the dow jones closed for the 20 points lower. at one point, the dow jones had
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lost 600 points. the nasdaq was down 121 points. stocks plunged in the fears of a slowdown in company profits. several of the stocks until today was the parent company of google. facebook drop 3.7%. seattle- based amazon lost 3.8% also. san francisco leaders have been struggling to try and keep a handle on the epidemic of car burglaries, and they say that increased security is starting to pay off. our report is live with the changes that were recently made at city-owned parking garages and the results of those changes. >> reporter: we are here at the stockton center garage next to union square. let's show you one of those innovations that have been made here. you can see that camera here, and that is one of the high- definition cameras that have been placed year. one of the innovations that the
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city says they are hoping to spread to the rest of their 22 city-owned garages. this garage near union square in san francisco has been the frequent hunting ground for auto burglars. so many that regular customers here take precautions. >> i don't feel in jeopardy, but i don't leave stuff in my car either. >> reporter: a network of cameras and fencing has been added, and he san francisco police officer regular patrols this garage. auto burglars here have plummeted 83% down from 44 in january 2 just nine last month. >> this is an area where we can lead by example. we can control this property and we can focus on efforts that are going to work for car break-ins. >> i am very pleased to see that the mayor and the police are taking the advice and suggested that we have been making for months. >> reporter: the district attorney's office said they have been focusing on the issue releasing up that's make a
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report that says which garages have been a target of auto burglars today, they took the unusual step of using an 18 count grand jury indictment saying that the sean patton is a repeat burglar. >> we are ready to take this case to trial, and that is why we wanted to push the case forward. >> reporter: the district attorney said bringing a grand jury indictment is time- consuming, thinking weeks together the materials and convince the grand jury to indict. as part of the reason that his office is asking for an additional $10 to beef up a special unit in the prosecutor's office by targeting auto burglars. >> every component has to work well. the mayor and his people have to make sure there is sufficient funding to the work! do the work. the police department and the district attorney have to work
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well together. >> i am glad that he is talking to you about it. all we have seen from the mayor's office is a letter. but for my point of view, i am going to fund things that are going to work. >> reporter: we have been telling you that auto burglaries are on the decline. let us give you a sense of what that means. there was 44 auto burglaries in this garage alone. last month, there was not. so far, there have been zero this month so far. that is certainly moving in the right direction. >> that is a trend that we have not seen for quite some time. a court appearance was postponed for the man who was acquitted in the murder of kate steinle. he was due in a san francisco courtroom, but the lead defense attorney was ill. arguments were supposed to begin on two pretrial defense motions. two police officers have been shot and critically
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injured. shooting was reported outside of a home depot in northeast dallas about 4:00 p.m.. a third person was also shot and injured, but there is no word on that person's condition. police are using a helicopter and k-9 units to search for a suspect in some -- the nearby woods. we are awaiting details on the shooting. a set aftermath of the northbay fire. property owners make the difficult decision to sell instead of rebuild. a look at the number of empty lots on the market. a couple of hours from gametime here at oracle. the workers have to get their act back together trying to close out this verse. you will hear from a youngster on this roster make it's first ever run at the playoffs. we are coming right back with the sports report and everything that is going on for the fifth game here at the oracle. we have partly cloudy skies
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and cooler temperatures around the bay area today. the cooling trend will continue. i will have a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up.
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the warriors are one win away from the second round of the playoffs, and they could do it tonight in front of the hometown crowd. and fans hope the team does not blow another -- >> fans hope the team does not blow another chance to wrap up this series. >> reporter: there is always a special feeling when it is close out night. the warriors will get their act back together like we did not see on sunday and play more like the warriors basketball that we have been accustomed to and they will move on. >> this is the one that they
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want to get it done. they don't want to go back to san antonio. you may start to feel the pressure a little bit if you do that. you like to be on your home floor to try and close this out. the guys had their routine and they are out here getting loose. they are always out here at the exact time. >> right now, the warriors are going through their margins here. joe and i were -- marches here. joe and i were talking about how it is a different feel out here than it has been in past years. i don't want to say that the warriors are taking it for granted, but they are expected to win this. >> people have a tendency to not get quite as excited about the first round of the second round. i would say the team that the warriors were three years ago is the houston rockets, who had
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that hunger to them.'s and no doubt. i tell you who is excited is quinn cook. he is a guy who really earned his way onto this team. it is interesting for him because joe, he is getting to go against what was for him, a boyhood idol of his. >> when you think about the spurs game, tony parker, the guy that quinn cook grew up watching and idolizing, and you know you are old when the opposing team says i grew up watching video of you. >> i used to have this dvd called ankle breakers. it had a 50 minute -- 15 minute on tony. . i got my spin move from tony parker. i knew a move that he was going to do before it happened because of just how much i watched him. for him to be so good at this
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late age in his career says a lot about him. he is just so smarter and i could not imagine guarding him two years ago. >> he cannot imagine, so mark, how many times now has somebody come up to you and said that person is not that young. and they say i have been watching you since you was a gift. >> you get offended by that. [ laughter ] >> i have been watching you since you had black hair. it never gets old and it is a playoff game. the warriors can move on and they will face the new orleans pelicans if that should happen. >> sometimes when you are expected to win, it creates more pressure. so is steph curry still out for injury? >> yes. it is going to be the first couple of games in the next series, assuming it goes that way for steph curry.
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and patrick mccall, he looks at it like well i sincerely doubt you will see him out here in the postseason. >> the latest word on curry is the earliest he could be available is in game seven of this series. >> in the next hour, we will talk about kevin durant and how he feels about having to pick up the slack while steph curry is out at least for another week. >> let us know how he matches up with the spurs and all of that. we will get more from you coming up in the next hour. the wife of steph curry joined the oakland mayor libby schaaf and officials from the organic health company to show kids how to grow their own food and cook healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy. they show the kids how to create a classic family favorite, spaghetti and meatballs.
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>> don't scoff at me, we are going to sneak some vegetables in these meatballs and you will never know they are in there. >> after the demonstration which took place at the oakland whole foods, the children got to ask questions and take a few pictures. it is looking good out there. that's get a check of the forecast there. rosemary is in for bill tonight. did the fog burn off fairly quickly? >> it is still a little hazy out there and the temperatures are definitely cool. it is about 10 or 15 degrees cooler outside this afternoon. the cooling trend is going to continue. as julie noted, we have the cloud cover early this morning, and it did barn back, but you can see what -- burned back, but you can see where it stalled out. we are still watching it, and
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the temperatures are a lot cooler over the northbay. you can see it is already beginning to move back in. this will come closer to the coast as we get into the coming hours, and then we get into the overnight hours, and it will be back across into the east bay. here is were you look at word it is -- where it is as we put the satellite in stop motion. it is now over areas of pacifica and moving closer to half moon bay. it is 58 degrees in san francisco and 60 degrees at half moon bay. if you are going out to see the giants play, it will be cool and breezy this evening. so it is still a very beautiful and mild weather for you to enjoy. santa rosa yesterday was in the 80s, and right now, it is 67 degrees. about 11 degrees cooler in santa rosa and down by 10 degrees over concord. this cooling trend is going to continue.
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the winds is definitely breezy in some spots. fairfield is also reporting 70 mile-per-hour winds. for the next few hours, it will be a little breezy in some spots, including at&t park. at gametime, 84 degrees is expected with a southwesterly breeze at 20 miles per hour. here's a look at what we expect tomorrow morning. low clouds at the coast and inside of the bay and up into the northbay as well. as we get into the afternoon, it will pullback, but the coast will remain partly to mostly cloudy. it will be 50 degrees in san francisco tomorrow morning. our afternoon high temperatures will drop off as it will be 73 degrees in santa rosa. the cooling trend will continue for the next few days. it will bottom out on friday. we will have a slight chance for a few scattered showers. it is not look like a big deal,
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and we will continue to track it. as we get into your weekend, it will be partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-60s. after a celebratory welcome at the white house for the president of france, discussions turned serious and the warning that president donald trump gave to iran surrounding their nuclear program. 4 the epa's left the city of oakland with a six-figure fine for years of sewage spills and broken pipes. >> we have to take responsibility for it and make sure that we learn from both problems and do better over the next period which starts now. tonight on ktvu, we have an action-packed primetime lineup. starting at 8:00 him, it is lethal weapon. at 930, you can watch the final season of new girl. then stick around for tonight's 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. news.
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details have begun to emerge about the man suspected of mowing down people on a toronto somewhat yesterday and one of the deadliest mass killings in modern canadian history. 25-year-old alek minassian was in court today in connection with that attack. it left 10 people dead and 14 others wounded. a majority of the victims are women. he is charged with nearly two dozen counts of murder and attempted murder. he was arrested yesterday afternoon when this white van repeatedly slammed into pedestrians along a stretch of
5:26 pm
a busy toronto street. >> people are scared and they are unsure of what happened and why. they are in certain about what they should do. >> authorities combed that crime scene for evidence and continue to look for a motive. he has been described by classmates as a socially awkward college student who kept to himself.'s recently deleted facebook page may point to the fact that he harbored ill feelings toward women. he also quoted elliott rogers, who was angry over being rejected by women. acid united states decide whether or not to withdraw from the iran nuclear accord, president donald trump is warning that iran will pay if they restart the nuclear program. this is one of the hot topics that president donald trump is discussing with a friend president emmanuel macron. our correspondent is in washington with more. >> reporter: president donald trump extended a warm welcome to the french president, were
5:27 pm
the two leaders are trying to sort out their differences on thorny issues like the paris climate accord and the iran nuclear deal. in a ceremony on the south lawn. president donald trump welcome emmanuel macron to the white house during the official state visit. the two leaders disagree on some key issues like the iran nuclear agreement. emmanuel macron wants the united states to stay in the accord, but the administration is thinking about withdrawing. president donald trump also warned i ran about restarting their nuclear program. >> if iran threatens us in any way, they will pay a price like few countries and never pay. >> reporter: trumped up said he will meet soon with north korea's leader, and calls kim jong un very open and very honorable. >> i want to see that the nuclear rosacea of north korea and a lot of concessions have already been made, and we have made no concessions in spite of what the media is saying. they need to get rid of their
5:28 pm
nukes. >> reporter: on the domestic front, the president refused to accept whether not he is considering a pardon for his personal lawyer, who had his office raided by the fbi. trump and emmanuel macron are expected to discuss syria, climate change, and trade terrorists. president donald trump said there is a good chance they could reach a trade agreement with china. a lavish state dinner will happen at the white house after a a long day of talks. they will wrap up their visit on wednesday. he is the only republican in the race for sam cisco mayor. coming up next, richie greenberg joins us in the studio to talk about his priorities. as if the recovery up here in wine country was not going's low enough, there are more and more for sale signs popping up on lots that may not be built
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on for a long time. plus the latest design from amazon that will bring packages to your part car. they are trying to turn your car into a storage locker. play "do it like this". [music plays] [dog barks] [concert roaring]
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[music stops] dinner in 5. when everything's connected. it's simple. easy. awesome.
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hundreds of people who lost everything in a northbay wildfires last year are finding it easier to sell their lots rather than rebuild. we went back to wine country for an update on the number of
5:32 pm
property that is on the market. our reported joint is now with what he found. >> reporter: there is no doubt a plague of under insurance up here in the wine country of santa rosa. is a plague that many people believe was created by the insurance agents themselves who wanted to get as many customers as they could by lowballing them on coverage by protecting their company but leaving their customers out to dry. today in santa rosa's burned out coffee part, there is a lot more construction activity that we saw two weeks ago. but there is also a lot more for sale signs. in january, there was 112 burned lots on the market. since then, mainly developers and land speculators have bought 180 lots. >> a lot of people cannot afford to rebuild. >> reporter: this realtor and the immediate past president of the northbay association of
5:33 pm
realtors, there are now 208 lots for sale. >> that is just increasing as a lotta people cannot afford to rebuild. they are choosing to move out of the area. >> reporter: but the majority are trying to rebuild. perhaps a much smaller home due to the high construction costs, under insurance, and a lack of construction workers. >> we lost over 5000 houses, and to date, we have not had much that inventory restored. what they were talking about 250 houses completed the first year and maybe 500 the second year. that is nowhere near the capacity that we need. >> it is going to be a long time for us to rebuild. >> reporter: with so many lots for sale in the burned areas and due to the people leaving, prices for lots are eroding. >> more supply has come on because more people have come
5:34 pm
to a conclusion about what they are going to do. as result, prices are starting to pull back. >> reporter: besides not having enough insurance, you cannot rebuild if you don't have builders. >> we had one developer in the area who decided to pull out after committed to 100 lots. he backed out because he did not think you can find the skill to actually make those homes a reality. >> reporter: so it will be a far slower and spotty recovery than expected, and it will have many new faces in neighborhoods that will be very much changed. >> such a sad aftermath of those devastating fires. the city of berkeley is considering a law aimed at reducing the use of single use containers and cups. the city council is expected to discuss the proposal at their meeting tonight, which would require merchants to charge $.25 for every disposable cup
5:35 pm
or food container. the law would also require that restaurants and foods replace reusable dishes with -- plastic dishes with reusable dishes. people in san francisco would decide on a new mayor this year. ktvu invited all of the candidates in for an interview. this week, we will be introducing them to you one by one. last hour, you heard from amy farah weiss. now we will introduce you to richie greenberg. >> there are many people out there, even democrats, who are sick and tired of the left and leftward politics that is dragging our city worse and worse. >> richie greenberg hopes to be the next mayor of san francisco. the republican business consultant describes himself as a moderate in a city that he says is in a progressive decline. among his priorities is build more housing for all, increase
5:36 pm
police funding and equip officers with tasers. also, stop the flow of homeless people from out of state. he is also opposed to the status of a sanctuary city for san francisco, and his mayor would encourage local law enforcement to communicate with federal agencies. >> so many big issues are facing san francisco. the start with a housing shortage. the are families that want to stay in the city, but they cannot find affordable housing. what would you do to ease the housing crisis? >> thank you for having me here today first of all. i look at things a little bit differently as we have a housing crisis. not everyone who wants to live in san francisco should automatically have a place to be accommodated. i want to look at a more different approach to where it will take some of the pressure off of san francisco per se. we are busting at the seams and we don't have the capacity, and waiting and waiting for the builders to build is not going to solve the issue. another issue that i am looking at is that we have to be sure
5:37 pm
that whatever is built is addressing the needs of single families and i don't want to have just micro apartments built. we need units one, two, and three bedroom apartments to be able to house a family or elderly senior to have another knee, and we have to have parking as well. this is a real strong point of my platform as well. we need to take care of all of the people. we do not want to be forcing or pushing families out of sam cisco. >> another issue is street crime. i want to read a recent statistic that us all. when it comes to violent crime, san francisco has a rate 60% higher than the average in california, and 80% -- 84% than the national average. what would you do to change that? >> this is clearly an enforcement issue. enforcement means police. i am a big supporter of our police department and our men
5:38 pm
and women in uniform. i salute them, i myself and -- am an auxiliary law enforcement officer. we need more police and we are understaffed. at the current level of how many officers are active in the field was determined back in 1996. since then, we have grown quite a bit and we also need more patrol cars. the cars that are in service right now are in disrepair. so we need a concerted effort to get more funding and more police on the street. we need to be policing and more academies to get more graduates and to train them properly with tasers as well. this will help with our break- ins and home invasion robberies and violent crimes. >> a lot of people say that homelessness is the number 1 issue facing san francisco. what would you do? do you have a policy to change and help ease the homelessness problem.
5:39 pm
it is a regional problem, but specifically, let's focus on cyber cisco. >> i have a three-pronged approach and it is based first of all on that we need to concentrate on the people that are living here that are homeless. for example, we have about 7500 who are homeless. 30% came here from somewhere else. that means they were homeless in some other city or state and traveled here. i want to put the brakes on that. we need to have, for example, a summit of the regional areas that we can assist other county so that they can take care of their own homeless in their own cities and counties and not come here on the taxpayers dime. i am going to declare a state of emergency within days of me being elected. i am going to bring it fema trailers that you see after a hurricane or disaster to put those who are on the street and living on the street specifically, and bring them
5:40 pm
into the traders and get them off of the street and without hesitation, we need to do that because it is a humanitarian disaster. i will do that immediately within days of being elected. >> you are the only republican in the race. san francisco has not voted for a republican mayor and more than 50 years. right now, what is your message to get them to vote republican for you? >> we actually have to close to 40,000 registered republican voters and 150,000 no party preference. now is the time if you are ever central or right-leaning, this is a time that we can come together and stop this left and leftward drift toward the brink of disaster that we have seen from city hall. i am honored to be the gop endorsed candidate, and at this point, we just need to get the boat out and to realize you are not alone, and i am meeting so
5:41 pm
many people around me who are actually republican and republican leaning and closet republican. so this is the time. >> take you so much for joining us richie greenberg and talking with us. i want to let you know that we will be talking with all of the candidates for mayor of san francisco. tomorrow we will speak with mark leno and london breed. you can find all of our interviews on our website it is all posted on the top of local news. we go to los angeles where a woman was found dead, reportedly shot by her own son. it all started early this morning when firefighters were responding to a house fire, and quickly had to run for cover with gunshots rang out. the second government has been identified as jose ramirez. swat teams were called to the scene after ramirez barricaded himself inside the home. to make our firefighters had to
5:42 pm
quickly shield themselves behind their fire apparatus to ensure their safety. >> police say that the suspect shot and killed his mother in the head and multiple times before shooting himself. tonight he is an alive and remains in critical condition. ab area mom reaches out for help. this teenager has a rare illness and the family has trouble moving him around. what the family says could really help them out is coming up. tennessee honors their hometown hero. coming up next, hear from the man who wrestled the gun away from the waffle house gunmen. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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the man who snatched an ar- 15 rifle away from a government was honored today at the tennessee state capital. james shaw jr. is credited with knocking the gun from that shooter's hands during a red paint they killed four people on sunday. today, the very humble man maintain he is just a regular guy who did the right thing. >> i am a genuine person. i did not actually get it to say people. i did it to save my life. so, me saving my life, i saved other one slice. >> a gofundme account for show has raised more than $50,000,
5:46 pm
and donations came from hollywood stars. the accused shooter is still on suicide watch and being evaluated for mental health issues. the supreme court will hear arguments tomorrow about the legality of president donald trump's travel ban. the executive order severely limits travel from seven countries, including five countries with a muslim majority. the order has prompted immigrant groups to complain for months that they are being unfairly targeted by claiming that the ban is tearing families apart. there is a growing call for the president's nominee to head the department of veterans affairs to withdraw from consideration. he is facing accusations that he oversaw a hostile work environment as the white house doctor. he also overprescribed drugs as well as accusations he drank on the job. today, the present -- president strongly defended jackson, you
5:47 pm
seem to suggest it might be time for him to step aside. when it comes to amazon, some wonder what the company might be next. >> it seems a little like a big brother and kind of writing. >> coming up, the latest idea turning the trunk of your car into a storage locker. a notable cooldown around the bay area this afternoon with continued cooling as we get into the days ahead. we will have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and into your area weekend coming up. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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amazon today announced a brand-new delivery service, and
5:50 pm
bringing packages to the trunk of your car. >> our reporter show you how an application turns her car into a portable storage locker. >> reporter: it is a new way to get your hands on that amazon package. the company announced tuesday they can now make deliveries to the trunk of your car. >> it is certainly convenient, but it seems a little big brother-ish. >> reporter: the amazon key in car delivery allows careers to unlock the trunk and it requires the owner's permission right before. >> it is not a bad idea. everyday, i hear about stolen packages. >> reporter: to combat ports these, amazon has been launching delivery options including inside of your home and more storage lockers. >> from the standpoint of solving a need, it is a really cool idea. >> reporter: he calls this a big deal for convenience in a competitive market. >> this business will make it
5:51 pm
even harder for those other types of the delivery services to compete. >> reporter: amazon key is available in 37 regions across the country, including the bay area. but only prime users with certain cars with an active onstar account can use it. this mother does not like the idea of having an amazon delivery driver inside of her home, but she would consider this. >> they would deliver straight to my car? certainly! why not? i would give it a try. >> reporter: others felt strongly against the idea citing concerns about privacy and car break-ins. >> it is pushing the privacy issue a little much and by giving people access to the vehicle. if you can get into the trunk, you can get into the car. >> reporter: in car delivery is not available for underground are gated parking garages.
5:52 pm
we want to get a check of the forecast now and rosemary is in for bill tonight. another nice day but cloudy along the coast. >> we are definitely seeing a cooler pattern, and this will continue as we get into the next few days and bring us the possibility of a few sprinkles in the next few days. we are taking a look at the satellite view where we had those low clouds against the coast. they are already moving back in and the north bay is beginning to see that hayes and cover as well. it will begin to move across the bay as we get into the evening hours and tomorrow morning, you are likely to wake up with it. also, in the coming days, temperatures will continue to cool off and we saw a pretty dramatic drop in the temperatures today. we will see some subtle changes go on for the next few days. riding looks like the date that
5:53 pm
we could see a few -- friday looks like the day that we could see a few clouds. if you are going out to see the giants game this evening, ensure you bring a jacket. temperatures -- make sure you bring a jacket. temperatures will be cooler and fog will be in portions of the north bay. afternoon high temperatures will come down slightly as the high temperature in san francisco will be 61 degrees. it will be in that mid-70s for areas like concord. these areas were in the 80s just yesterday. here is a look at your extended forecast and the temperatures will cool off on thursday and bottom out on friday. as you get into the we can, we are partly cloudy with generally mild weather and generally cool to enter the final week of april. >> we noticed that change this morning. it was definitely cooler out there. a southbay family is struggling to kate -- to take
5:54 pm
care of their son who is struggling. coming up, what they need to help get their son around. the epa has find oakland a quarter of $1 million for sewage spills around the city. >> when i heard about this, i thought it was ridiculous and we have to hold ourselves accountable.
5:55 pm
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more for your thing. that's our thing. visit a mother of a southbay
5:57 pm
teenager who has a rare illness is asking for help. she needs a special van with a wheelchair because he is just getting too big to carry into a car. our reporter visited the family and saw firsthand the work they have to do to keep the boy going. >> this machine goes up to his lungs. >> reporter: life has always been hard for this boy, but now it is getting harder for him and his sister and his mother. they need help. >> i don't sleep at night. i watch him around the clock. >> reporter: tony was born with a rare genetic condition. there is only 8000 known cases of it. he is missing a part of a chromosome that affect his brain. he functions as a 3-year-old and there is no cure. tony's mother takes care of him with help from the 15-year-old sister when she is not a
5:58 pm
school. >> he is sick every month and in and out of the hospital. the latest one was pneumonia. >> reporter: tony's health is deteriorating and fluid collects in is lungs and his family has to hooking up to a machine four times a day to cleared out. >> this is our life for the rest of his life. i have no problem doing this. as long as my body can take it. >> reporter: we first met tony three years ago. his mother was raising $3000 for a bicycle like this one for special needs kids. with tony's condition worsening, they have gone from needing a special bicycle to needing a special van . one that can accommodate a declining wheelchair. with tony over 100 pounds now, it is getting too hard to getting into the honda. one of his favorite activities is riding in a car. >> i am good doing whatever i can.
5:59 pm
>> i looked up and i could see the flames licking at the top of my building, and embers and burning whatever was dropping everywhere. >> an east bay apartment complex under construction goes up in flames. investigators are looking into what sparked the fire as officials focus on what is ahead. >> we have a city where there was nothing 150 years ago. we will rebuild. >> that fire caused 55 million dollars in damage and force 250 people to evacuate from a neighboring complex. >> that three alarm fire started just before 1:00 a.m. this morning at an apartment building that was under construction. it was just blocks from downtown concord. we get live coverage from henry lee and henry, crews are still
6:00 pm
at the scene due to fears that building may collapse. >> reporter: they are concerned about the structural integrity. first thing tomorrow, an engineer as well as the elite response team will begin the on- site investigation. for now, did -- they say it is way too early to say if this was our son. a fire broke out at 1:00 a.m. at this apartment complex. about 250 people from a nearby apartment building were awakened and evacuated. >> an officer ran by and knocked on the door and said get out now. i looked up and i can see the flames licking at the top of my building, but i cannot figure out if it was my building are not. embers and burning whatever was dropping everywhere. >> reporter: construction at this building was about 60% done. the renaissance square apartment complex


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