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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 25, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2". it is wednesday, april 25.
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i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about your wednesday weather. steve is off today. we have mark tamayo with us. >> steve was talking about a cooling trend all week. we are right on track. instead of 80s today, we are thinking mid to upper 70s. this is just the beginning of a cooling trend that will carry us into the weekend. on the satellite, you can see the circulation offshore. let's put some distance on this to our west. right now it is from the golden gate bridge out to the west, that is about seven -- 676 miles. it will not bring us any rainfall just yet, but may be a chance of a few sprinkles as we head to the weekend, especially the north bay. we have some scattered clouds, not completely overcast, but still an on short trees around the bay.
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a cool start in nap at 42, san francisco 49 degrees, san jose and mountain view are both in the mid-50s in livermore is 49. we have clear skies out toward livermore. our live camera shows some scattered clouds out there and some clear skies above. it will be one of those deals that we will be tracking this cloud bank around the bay this morning. that is reflected in your forecast for today for your wednesday. we have clouds this morning and clear skies in line. we will call it partly cloudy this afternoon and temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to the 60s. the warmest locations around 75 to 78 degrees. san jose is 72, san francisco 61 and santa rosa 69 degrees. we will talk more about the sprinkle chances coming in. the accident at pleasant hill is gone and traffic is moving along in both directions pretty well. northbound and southbound 680, you can see traffic is moving well. it is early, once the lanes opened up, everything came back to normal. there was a multicar accident that was out here. they just
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cleared it and things are open. that is good news for walnut creek and pleasant hill. let's look at some the other commutes. traffic is going to be okay on 680 here. we do have traffic on 80 westbound, vacaville and vallejo that is moving along all right. if you're driving out to the carquinez bridge it looks good with no major issues. driving onto the bridge itself after getting to the toll plaza looks pretty good. it is light at the toll plaza. happening today, federal investigators are in con court, where there was a huge fire yesterday morning at an apartment complex that was still under construction. it happened near clayton road and the linda street near downtown concord. we had it all over "mornings on 2" yesterday. fire crews were still there
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more than 24 hours after the fire started. >> a five-story apartment complex was in the framing status. >> reporter: fire crews could see the glow before they even lost their station -- left there station. there were almost 100 firefighters and there was nothing they could do but contain it. hours later, looking at the scorched shell, gratitude it did not spread. >> reporter: do you have any idea where started? >> not at this time. >> reporter: even with the fire out, it is still dangerous. watch to the rear of this surveillance video about midday. a five-story scaffolding collapses. it is not hazard that keeps neighbors out for second night. more than 100 tenants next door are being allowed in only for a few minutes to retrieve pets, medicine, essentials, things they may not have grabbed in the 1 am rush. almost everyone thought their building was on fire. alarms were blaring with heat and flames so close.
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>> there were big embers falling from the sky. it was surreal. i never saw fire like that. >> reporter: at least they know when they return, their homes are okay. >> there is a lot of smoke, but otherwise it is fine. we are happy. >> because of the magnitude and the size of this, we were grateful for the resources. >> reporter: k9s and reconstruction experts are coming in to find answers amid the debris. it is way too early to know if this was accidental or intentional. four other apartment complexes under construction have been destroyed in the past two years in oakland and emeryville. a few of them are known arsons. they were all lit at night when
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the projects were almost finished and primed to burn with no protection. >> there is no sprinkler systems. there is limited sheet rock. you basically have a standing lumberyard where you have a lot of open wood and the fire can be very quickly in those conditions. >> the priority is to figure out how to tear down what is still standing so construction can begin again. the fire is not being classified as suspicious yet. it is too early to say if it is linked to the other early- morning construction fires in alameda county. police in concord are looking for help from the public. they have set up an anonymous tip line. if you know anything or have any information, call the major crime unit at 925-603-5836. a livermore man is behind bars after police say he robbed his neighbor at gunpoint in and
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locked himself inside his own home during a five hour standoff with police. officers say the incident started just after 10 am yesterday morning with the report of an armed robbery near wagner and coronado. investigators say they try talking to the man before eventually using tear gas and flash-bang grenades. after nearly 5 hours, the s.w.a.t. team went in and took the man into custody. he has a criminal past and prior contact with law enforcement. a new report about health and safety conditions. university says more needs to be done to protect students and staff from hazardous materials. the california state auditor's report says chemical safety plans have not been reviewed for years. not all students and employees get state-mandated safety training for handling hazardous materials. sonoma, sacramento and san diego state campuses have not been inspecting their safety equipment on a regular basis. sacramento state and san diego state did not warn employees about asbestos, as required by
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a california law. the csu chancellor says the schools take the audits very seriously. they have already begun addressing the issues. the epa is finding several cities for violating the terms of a settlement agreement designed to prevent untreated sewage from reteaching -- reaching the bay. there was a settlement agreement with the epa with the city and utility company to upgrade their sewage systems over 20 years and work to prevent future sewage spills. the biggest fine is for the city of oakland, $225,000. this has officials concerned. >> we have to take responsibility for it and make sure we learn from this problems and do better over the next period, which starts now. >> the epa also find $134 -- $134,000 for alameda, berkeley
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in others. >> oak glen responded with a statement that reads in part, we knew some penalties would be unavoidable and we are continuing to make our improvements to our system and her own best practices and we hope to reduce those penalties overtime. the city of santa clara is at odds with the 49ers again. this time it is over the 2019 national college football championship game that will be played in the bay area for the first time. >> it is still nine months away, but santa clara officials are already raising concerns about how much it will cost the city. the 49ers just gave santa clara leaders a financial guarantee. >> reporter: it is considered one of the premier's premier college sporting events stadium in january with an estimated 70,000 fans. stadium, santa clara and the south bay.
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we are tickled pink to have them. >> it is not a matter of trust, it is a matter of floating $12 million through our general fund. >> not everyone is thrilled. questions were raised over how much the game will cost and who will pick up the tab. >> we cannot absorb those costs in the city. to the 49ers estimate it will cost $12 million, that is how much it cost the city of atlanta to host last year's championship game. expenses include public safety, planning, traffic and code enforcement. the 49ers are adamant they will cover the costs.
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>> there is no risk to santa clara, the general fund or anything in santa clara whatsoever. the 49ers will take care there's costs. >> reporter: some committee members are not convinced, saying some costs could come out of the general fund, and ultimately taxpayer dollars. the city of santa clara may have to front some of the public safety costs because it deals with city employees. >> there been instances in the past where things have not been followed through on. we need to see it in writing. i have not seen any agreements. we need to see those agreements to make sure the city will be protected. >> reporter: the 49ers and the city of santa clara has had a contentious relationship. the 49ers estimate the championship game could bring in $200 million of economic impact to the south bay. they say 7500 hotel rooms have already been booked. one santa clara city councilmember believes the city is sent to gain, not lose. >> i don't believe there is a $12 million loss the city will be liable for. i think this is a wing -- win/win situation. the warriors won. they are moving on to the second round of the nba playoffs. they beat san antonio 99-91. that
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is the buzzer. klay thompson had 24 points and gave the warriors an 11 point lead at the half. the spurs made a close in the second half but the warriors pulled away, thanks to 25 points from kevin durant. there is a few. last night's win is the warrior's 12 straight playoff win at oracle arena. they will next play the new orleans pelican's. they are topical tickets for the first three home games go on sale today. season ticket holders will have top priority beginning at 10 am. the general public can buy tickets at 5 pm. game one is set for saturday at oracle arena. officers were killed in a deadly shootout in dallas texas. we will show you the wild chase that ended in gunfire. right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you are
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driving on the bay area commute. bridge traffic getting into treasure island. we have a cooling trend still on track here in the bay area. scattered clouds and possibly a few sprinkles are headed our way in the five day. we will talk about that coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". a suspect has been arrested in texas in the shooting of three people, including two dallas police officers.
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29-year-old armando warmer as was arrested last night after leaving police on a high-speed chase. police were called to a home depot store to help a security guard make an arrest. when police arrived, shots were fired and two officers were critically injured. the mayor of dallas asked the public to pray for the victims and their families. >> once again dallas is at the precipice and looking into the hell of heartbreak as our police department was attacked this afternoon. >> police have not told us the name of the two officers are the third person who was shot. police will be in downtown concord to help find the cause of yesterday's apartment fire. >> it cost more than $50 million in damage.
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>> reporter: we don't know when atf will be able to get inside that building. it is still on fire. we were surprised to come out and still see flames coming out. fire officials told us yesterday there were still some hotspots they were concerned about. you can see the scaffolding that collapsed yesterday. we still have fire crews out here battling what is left of this fire with water. it is still burning at this time. the apartment complex next door, we knew that about 100 tenant were able to get back inside and colette belongings that they could not grab in the a.m. rush. they are still not able to stay in their homes this morning. the danger is still not gone. watch to the rear of the surveillance video about midday. five-story scaffolding collapse is. it is that hazard that is keeping the neighbors out.
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several calls of fire came into 911 around 1 am. the apartment complex known as renaissance to was 60% completed, its wooden frame four and five stories high took up an entire city block and it was fully engulfed in flames. >> leaving this area look like a movie scene, almost. big embers were falling from the sky. it was surreal. i never saw fire like that >> atf national response team is expected to arrive and work alongside local investigators. atf brings engineers and reconstruction experts to find answers in the debris. the renaissance 2 is the latest construction project near completion to be destroyed by fire. four others have been destroyed in the past two years in oakland and emeryville. if you
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of them are known arsons, all lit at night. fire officials have also warned us yesterday that the road closures that were put in place, clayton road, willow pass road and golinda road, they will probably be in place for several more days as the investigation continues. we see a large van that could belong to atf. it is off to the side. we know that they come usually early in the morning. that could be atf getting ready for their investigation. i don't know how soon they will be able to get into this building. it is still on fire. officials say there are likely hotspots so they will be watching it. they said it could be 24 to 48 hours before they can get in. we are past the 24 hour mark nailed. >> while you are standing out there, i know this is such a big scene, can traffic move through there fairly easy?
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or how is it moving around in that area this morning? >> reporter: i will swing you around this way. this is galindo street that we are on. the surrounding streets to have access. you see some commuters going by. yesterday it was craziness. i was talking to reporter alex savage yesterday. he had problems reaching me at my same location because it was bumper to bumper traffic at 8 am in the morning. i am not quite sure what it will be like in the next few hours. the streets surrounding this area, most of them are still open. >> it definitely could affect traffic. let's check in with sal castendo, speaking of traffic.
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it is light, but if you are driving in downtown concord, especially near that bart station, you should allow extra time, for the foreseeable future as a clean that up. today should be better than it was yesterday. let's move around to the westbound 580 commute. at 205 you can see the traffic is slow already as people are coming in from the tracy super commute from stockton and tracy into the bay area. there is a lot of slow traffic, including truck traffic. by the time you reach livermore, it does get better for you by the time you reach the castro valley area. 580 southbound looks good in both directions and traffic is
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moving well all the way to the bay bridge, where there is not much of a delay right now. some of the cash lanes may be delayed. there is a daytime baseball game today at at&t park. the san francisco giants play the washington nationals. it will put traffic in the city all day long. let's go to mark tamayo. it will be close to the upper 50s, 59 to 60 degrees at the ballpark. >> any sun? >> i think there will be sunshine. especially for the first few winnings. are you heading out there? >> i think i am. if you have an extra ticket, let me know. partly cloudy skies in the bay area. temperatures are trending down. sunday and monday we started with some pretty warm numbers. we have a bit of a breeze later on out of the northwest around 20 miles per hour. here is the satellite. you see the big circulation torah west. that will impact the bay area weather patterns beginning today with the cold and. into the weekend there is a chance of a few sprinkles first thing saturday morning. there is only a slight chance right now. it will only be a trace or .01 or .02 at the most. current numbers have some 40s for napa, san francisco is 49. here is the live camera looking
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towards the colosseum. you can see oakland and some scattered clouds floating around the bay and some pockets toward the golden gate bridge. this is the weather system we are watching as we head for the weekend today. we are talking about partly cloudy skies this afternoon. this weekend we have a sharp drop-off in the numbers and the possibility of a few sprinkles first thing saturday morning. here is a forecast model today. the clouds claire back near the coast. tomorrow into thursday the same deal, probably some more mixing in the afternoon and on friday there is a chance of a few sprinkles toward mendocino county. we are looking for that chance for us in the bay area first thing saturday morning. most areas of cooling off compared to yesterday. we have 50s, 60s and 70s. your theme in the five-day forecast is no major heat, just a mixture of sun and clouds. it might be one of those deals where you can count them all on one day as far as the clouds.
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trying to rebuild after the devastating wildfires in sonoma and napa counties. up next, the hard decision many families in santa rosa are being forced to make.
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there are likely hotspots so they will be watching it. they said it could be 24 to 48 hours before they can get in. we are past the 24 hour mark now. hundreds of people that lost their homes of the wildfires have decided to sell
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their lots instead of rebuilt. in january, there were 112 burn lots available on the market. now there are 208 lots for sale. developers and land speculators have purchased some the lot in the area. >> that is just increasing. a lot of people cannot afford to rebuild. they are choosing to move out of the area. >> many people are trying to rebuild but because of high construction costs or not having enough insurance, some of them are building smaller homes than they had before the fire. a new record high for bay area home prices last month. the housing research firm says median bay area home prices hit $820,000 in march. that is 14.7% higher than this time last year. core logic says san mateo county had the highest median sale price, more than $1.3 million, followed by san francisco, santa clara
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and marin counties. the controversial order by the president is being argued in the supreme court. the effect it is having on thousands of families.
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gunfire as an air bnb party
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ends in violence. short-term rentals where the shooting occurred could soon be on the chopping block. families feel unfairly targeted by president trump's travel ban. arguments will be heard today in the supreme court. >> reporter: thank you for joining us here on san francisco. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson is off today but mark tamayo is here. >> i am happy to be here with you guys. it is a bit chilly for surfing. we are talking about some patchy, low clouds and a bit of a cooling trend as we head into the weekend. there is that circulation to our west that could eventually send a few sp


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