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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 26, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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the answer was in the dna
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we knew that we could end should solve it using the most innovative dna technology available at this time. >> i hope you were with us earlier when we spoke with alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley. i asked what she would consider justice ? >> i think you should never get out of prison. i think having victims coming in and looking him in the eye, and telling him what he did to their lives. >> this is a map showing where the crimes happen. the early crimes happen in the
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sacramento area. and a dozen more in the east bay. the final cases are from southern california counties. so exactly who is joseph james deangelo ? ktvu's alex savage has more on this. >> we know that joseph james deangelo was a retired mechanic and former police officer. he lived in suburban sacramento with his adult daughter and granddaughter. investigators are saying that it was innovative dna techniques that led them to joseph james deangelo. they are not elaborating beyond that. authorities believe that he is the golden state killer that terrorized communities across california in the 70s and 80s. breaking into homes in the middle of the night and raping and killing the people inside. the string of attacks began in the sacramento area, there were
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similar crimes a later in the bay area. in contra costa county. last week a task force zeroed in on joseph james deangelo. investigators had them under surveillance, they tested dna samples from items that he through way and they were able to get a match. decades letter -- later a sense of relief and satisfaction for the families. >> for the 51 women that were raped, they will sleep better tonight. he is now in jail. >> joseph james deangelo is a navy veteran , he came home from combat and worked for two
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police departments. he left law enforcement after being accused of shoplifting. joseph james deangelo and never caught the attention of investigators working on the golden state killer case. he worked as a mechanic for 27 years in the sacramento area before retiring last year. his coworkers at that distribution center are stunted to learn about his arrest. his family members are also quite surprised. investigators are working to fill in all the gaps, trying to figure out what he has been doing all these years, and how he managed to avoid being caught. >> the suspected golden state killer, joseph james deangelo is suspected of the attack in walnut creek. this is from 1979.
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>> reporter: law enforcement officials from every agency in contra costa county is looking for a man who raped a 13-year- old girl in walnut creek. she was attacked in her home, police say she had -- described her attacker as a white male, that was wearing a mask or a hood. he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. he was in the residence for 45 minutes, she was bound. he raped her. he did not bother anyone else in the residence. the young girls father and older sister were in the residence of the time and unaware of the attack. >> reporter: the suspect might be the east bay area rapist, or
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he could be an imitator. police are urging everyone in walnut creek to be on the lookout and report strangers in their neighborhood. this is betty anna bruneau in walnut creek for the 10:00 news. >> henry lee went to the neighborhood where joseph james deangelo was arrested. he joins us here in the studio this morning. what was the reaction neighbors ? >> complete shock. the 72-year-old man that has been living among them for decades is allegedly the golden state killer. >> were some surprised ? >> he was the average guy. they said that his temper would flare up, and sometimes he would yell about losing his keys. and people can hear him for blocks. >> the evidence that they have his dna evidence. do they have other evidence
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linking him to this ? some people are concerned that this new technology may not be 100% foolproof in court. >> i think it is down to the dna cell. because of the technology that is developed over the years. they have samples of dna that he discarded. and they have connected him to these homicides. according to the task force there prepared to try this in court. >> there is no overstating the feeling of fear in some of the neighborhoods that the golden state killer hit. talk about how this change the vibe of the community's ? >> he struck all over the state. i was a surprise that he was a kill -- accused of killing two
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people in my hometown of irvine. and there was no answer as to who was responsible. >> did his neighbors have awareness of the golden state killer ? >> i don't think he had that moniker. he was only known as the east area rapist. his neighbors are in disbelief and denial that after all these years that the killing stopped in 1986. that he would be living in average life. >> we do know that he had two daughters around that time. starting a family might have changed him.
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>> some of investigators were looking at an individual that had military experience, or law enforcement expense. based on how the nods were tied. in the word that stuck out was meticulous. when he talked about his yard. it ties together. >> having a former police officer the new how to cover his tracks, apparently was working as a law enforcement officer when the reign of terror began. >> the crimes. in 1986. coming up, an update on a fire in a building in concord. as that investigation into the cause continues. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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stock is trading higher as facebook rallying for textbooks. google is up by 1.6%. in the dow is gaining. that's interesting about facebook. because his stock was 160 a share. now it is up. time for our bay area weather. >> temperatures have come down a little bit. there are some subtle changes. all morning long we've been talking about the overcast in the area. were starting to see more sunshine near concord. were
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starting to see that cloud cover breakup, during the mid morning hours. we continue to watch the system out west offshore. it will approach the bay area on friday and saturday as well. that cloud cover still paying us a visit. you can see in portions in the north bay and petaluma. taking a look at current numbers, no big changes. 40 in napa. in san jose in the upper 50s. here is a live camera looking out that cloud deck. you can see a few breaks developing, into the afternoon hours we have partly sunny skies. temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s. no major heat insight. possible drizzle for our morning commute. and then we
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could track some sprinkles on saturday morning. don't change any plans, not any big deal. we will have to wait a few days for that to change in the overall weather pattern. >> thank you mark tamayo. drug demolition work underway in concord. a building under construction when it went up in flames on tuesday morning. allie rasmus is alive on the scene. >> reporter: the demolition work is underway. it just started about one minute ago. you can see that excavator picking up and clearing away the debris from this burned out building. the plan is to clear this alleyway between the burned apartment building under construction in the one still standing. then they will take down the walls, the exterior walls of this burned out apartment
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building. 48 hours after the fire started , firefighters were still putting out hotspots. the fire marshal says that is not unusual for this size of a fire. demolition work can continue even if those hotspots flare up. we have seen that demolition work beginning this morning. this apartment building caught fire on tuesday morning. it was at 180 unit apartment building under construction. there are about 250 people in the apartment building next door that have not been able to go home since the fire started because of concern that the burned building could collapse. the fire marshal says that's why the demolition work is so important today. once they bring all of that building down it will be safe for the residents to come home. >> our big goal for the day is to get people home. to the apartment building across the street. it is still unoccupied.
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we are hoping to get that site cleared. once that is clear, we will let those folks start to come home. >> reporter: investigators have been on site for the past 24 hours. they have done initial work in their investigation, they will continue once they get inside the burned building. that is also another reason for exterior walls been demolished. you can see the demolition work going on behind me. one single excavator is all that is needed, that bucket is going to clear the alleyway, and then once they do that they will take down the walls. that demolition work is expected to last several hours throughout the afternoon. after those exterior walls come down, they will evaluate
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whether or not people who live next door can come back home. coming up next, are you an aggressive driver ? where california ranks in the study of aggressive drivers in the nation ?
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your crops might your ovebe in 1st grade.a pants. but when your oven roasted turkey breast is crafted with nothing but heart and hard work... you're closer to the farm than you think. white house physician is withdrawn his name from consideration to lead the department of veterans affairs. lauren blanchard has the latest on the cabinet concerns from washington. >> reporter: white house doctor ronny jackson withdrawing his name . jackson released a statement saying that going into this process i expected tough question about how to best care for veterans, but i
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do not expect to have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity. jackson faced accusations about his workplace conduct. he says that the claims are completely false, claiming recklessly prescribing drugs and being drunk on the job. >> i said welcome to washington, welcome to the swamp, they're trying to diss droid the man. >> reporter: epa scott pruett is in the hot seat on capitol hill. facing back to back grilling's over ethics and spending scandals pics but i have nothing to hide as to running the agency. facts are facts, and fiction is fiction. >> reporter: the white house stands behind pruett. as for
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jackson. the administration released a statement saying that the doctor is back to work as usual at the white house. in washington lauren blanchard ktvu fox 2 news. ken will cross into south korea tomorrow. this is the first time that leaders of those countries have met face-to-face. and new poll shows it's a three-person race for the governor of california. 70% of reuters -- voters remain undecided. the first lady milani a trump is celebrating her 48th
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birthday today. i wax figure of the first lady made its debut at the madam to sew roads -- tussuads. it'll be on display to linda may. a new study says a california drivers are the most aggressive in the nation. that brings us to the question the day. which habits are you guilty of ? take a look at the results. 57% admit to aggressive acceleration, heartbreaking,
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not yielding, and failing to you. good morning. you would think that california has more traffic is the biggest date. sadly one of the by products is that we have more aggressive drivers. you would think that these drivers would not want to fess up on camera, saying that there aggressive on the road. but we found a few that are loud and proud. >> are you an aggressive driver ? but i would like to think so, yes. i commute from the valley. >> so you punch it signals ? you change lanes ? >> well, now. i am safe with it.
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i'm just trying to get to my destination. >> but if you need to you let it go a little bit. >> just a little bit. >> they're blaming california ? >> i haven't driven in a lot of other states, so i can't really compare. it's very crowded here. people can get a little crazy. they want to get on the road and get home. i can't really say that we are the worst. were just very crowded >> what you line-up ? but i try to be polite. >> are you an aggressive driver ? >> i am. i grew up driving your. my husband is from chicago and he says i'm a terrible driver i have a very heavy foot.
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. on the freeway i am a very heavy foot. >> and what is your license plate number ? >> i'll give you my old one. >> she's not giving up the goods by any stretch. if you do slow it down and you're an aggressive driver. you can save $400 on gas. gas in california is the most expensive. we pay on average 359 a gallon. if you live in oklahoma it's $2.46. road trip to oklahoma. coming up. day one of the nfl draft. the savings are in full bloom at ross.
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more now are not top story. the golden state kill her. joseph james deangelo will be charged with two murders in sacramento county. investigators working to solve those string of rapes and homicides it started for decades ago. on tuesday night he was taken into custody at the home where he lived with his adult daughter and grandchild. police are not saying how he became a prime suspect. we spoke with the district attorney who said the dna evidence convinced investigators that they had the right man. >> i'm not able to speak on all the specifics. we do know that new technology
9:31 am
led to the ability to link all of these crimes together across california, and to be able to find that needle in a haystack. my heart immediately went out to the victims. these were very brutal crimes. we've had people all over the state victimized by these crimes. they have lived in fear for so many years. >> here is a map showing the location of those crimes. a dozen of those attacks happening right here in the bay area. >> so -- for more on other headlines. an arrest of a man accused of firing a shot at a police officer at the bart station in hayward. it was shut down after shots
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were fired. the police officer was not hurt, and neither was anyone out. east bay times is reporting that the police officer had just walked into the bart station to tell the staff about a nearby shooting when the suspect walked in and fired a shot. the suspect was arrested shortly after. in a separate incident our trains were stopped because of a police search. alameda police are searching first several suspects who attacked two restaurant servers in the same neighborhood were woman was killed earlier this month. the woman was a mugged by multiple attackers. one woman was hit to the face with a bottle, and her purse was stolen. three weeks ago there was a violent attack at a restaurant. the surveillance video was released, the victim a 61-year-
9:33 am
old woman died a few days later from her injuries. a 28-year-old man was also hurt during the attack. police are still searching for suspects. struck those are some of your morning headlines. breaking news, several people have been injured in an explosion at a refinery in wisconsin. that's in superior, wisconsin. that's in the northern part of the state. of fairly small town. authorities say the explosion happened at the husky energy oil refinery. six people have been injured. we do not know how badly they are hurt. were not getting any immediate information. we will bring you word as soon as we get it. the lawyer for the ex- girlfriend of the 49ers ribbon
9:34 am
foster recounts the domestic violence claims. a statement from the attorney said that foster did not strike her, injure her, or threaten her. they said the injuries were the result of a is a go fight with another woman. and a foster tried in his relationship with her after he learned about the fight. that video has been made available. the port of oakland commission will meet about the future of the oakland ace. this is regarding whether or not to build a ballpark at the waterfront. this will give them time to examine economic prospects and environmental issues. a similar agreement with the city of oakland is also in negotiation.
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it's been a week since the sweep of the first round series. san jose is hoping to avoid any rest from this extra time off. >> it's important to stay sharp . it is tough, anytime you can get some rest, you want to take amanda that. today is day one of the nfl draft. so what some of the action we might see in the next couple days ? how about the 49ers ? >> someone bid on the offense of line ? >> first of all the nfl draft
9:36 am
has become such a thing. it is huge. it's the biggest stadium in sports. and it has been televised primetime. it's going be on fox tonight. nobody knows who they are going to pick. so if you look at all the mock drafts. and you look at who they add up. it looks like they might draft a defensive player. the guy that everyone is talking about is edmonds, a linebacker out of virginia tech. he's said to have rare athleticism. he was a finalist for the butkus award. you mentioned ribbon foster. even if he comes back in place for the niners. they still need another linebacker. look at the mock drafts. the guy that pops up another
9:37 am
defensive player is ward. it could be an offense of lineman. very fluid. the raiders pick 10th. is a coin flip. for them the guy who pops up most often is another linebacker. six foot one. not quite as big. very disciplined player. said to have all the intangibles. not just a great tackle but a great leader he came over to the raiders from the niners. he's a free agent they're looking for a leader of that defense. he's quite the player. you could see him tonight. >> i wanted to ask you. these players. the 49ers are ninth, the raiders are 10th. we could see a guy swap back and forth. >> absolutely. we could see roe quan come to
9:38 am
the niners. we just don't know. i've heard some rumblings that he's a holdout >> you think they'll get someone else ? >> everyone thinks i can assign him. but how much ? is the command hundred 80 -- $180 million. >> let's talk about what's happening with josh allen. finding out that anything you put on the internet lasts forever. >> he is supposed to have a big arm. talked about going top five in the draft. it just shows you that something you do before draft day can have a big impact on
9:39 am
your value. look at ruben foster. he was was to be a top pick in the draft pick. he dropped to 31. if you do something stupid a could get you in trouble, and cost you a lot of money. >> in this case it's offensive tweets. just to be clear. san jose state ? >> we are going to be fair. stanford is going lead the pack. you're going to see harrison phillips go first or this guy justin reed is a safety. if you've heard of them. in his name is familiar it's because his brother played safety. he could be a first or second round. defensive end is the only cal player to be projected.
9:40 am
very impressive. not i'm rooting for him. were not to leave san jose state out. linebacker frank could be picked in round six. he led the nation in tackles. the spartans don't get much love. like representing the spartans. i love it. >> nice. we'll have complete coverage starting at 5 pm tonight. reactions for the pics tomorrow . remember you can get all of your local news during the draft on ktvu plus. >> we have a whole draft special at 8:30 pm. 49ers, and raiders, joe fonzi will be there. draft parties.
9:41 am
there's going be a draft party on the pier. it will be fun. action-packed. hundreds of people showed up to san francisco's grace cathedral. for a special beyonci mass. what organizers say is the message behind the mask. >> as the church bells toll, curiosity led hundreds to line up for the event. many say they don't normally attend church services. >> it was up to hang out with my friends and beyonci. a call time. >> many are big fans of beyonci.
9:42 am
church musicians performed her songs, but no images were displayed of her inside the cathedral. >> what is this all about ? how does it connect with beyonci ? >> black women who fought through their court to make sure that there is a better tomorrow. >> reporter: the references that this is a chance to use it as a conversation piece to talk about god. >> a lot of people think it's a gimmick, thinking they were worshiping beyonci. that is not true. >> reporter: the usual service drew 50 people. this brought a crowd of 900. organizers wanted change the perception of church being judgmental. >> if you come from a different community in a different nationality. god loves you and your life
9:43 am
matters >> i think we need that strength and energy. >> the references she plans on holding concerts in the future for beyonci. >> -- amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, north carolina restaurant daring customers to be more adventurous with their food. and a visit from animals down down under. anein,
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that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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the oakland zoo has announced that three orphan mountain lion cubs are now officially in their new exhibit. they are part of the trail expansion that opens to the public in june. the zoo said that the cubs were malnourished, and barely alive. they have been able to nurse them back to health. australia is experiencing widespread drought and an increase in wildfires. animals have to adapt as water becomes a precious resource. for more on this let's send it over to rich swarts. >> what kind of animal do we
9:47 am
have ? >> this is peaches. we are all about australia and the new exhibit opening that our safari park. she's found in the islands north. there's about 20 species found in australia. and that new exhibit highlights wonderful species. and we are looking at how australia and -- is dealing with the drought. >> some of the things that we have a learned cannot be applied to here in the state. we see that they are learning and have a lot of the same conditions. >> they have are to come up with a lot of good ways to capture water when it does come. or ways to work around the use of water.
9:48 am
the species that we have our quite well adapted, but the challenge that were facing in the wild are the dry seasons are getting longer. we have a classic species. the laughing at kookaburra. >> so cool. classic. >> i don't think i've ever seen anything like that. >> if you ever saw the jungle book or old tarzan movies, you heard that sound before. they actually live in a dry forest area. but they use that sound anyway. you might notice that the kookaburra is a bird of prey. their body standstill and their
9:49 am
head moves around. they can lock in on their prey. they speared their prey, they beat it on a rock, and swallow it whole. >> do the animals adapt to less water ? >> yes they do adapt well to less water. their bodies pre-evolved to drought situations. the biggest situation that is a challenge is the droughts last longer. these are two species that have done well. they learned how to live in gardens, backyards, and parks. >> look at the long time. -- tongue. it's a blue. >> yes if they're feeling
9:50 am
threatened they'll show there tongue, and hopefully the predator will heed that warning. these are not venomous. >> i like touching animals but i'm not sure about these guys. do you have anything else first ? >> yes were talking about australian animals. these are marsupials. these are baby oh possum. they like to eat things that we find in our garden like snails, slugs, and snakes. they can take a rattlesnake bite and not be affected by it. and they collect tics as they walk through the area. but they eat those tics. and that we also have a red kangaroo. this is a one-year-old kangaroo. she's too big to be her mom's pouch.
9:51 am
this is a specie that is done very well managing the drought situations. they get most of their fluids from plants they need. >> thank you for coming. if you go to san diego you can get close to the animals in the australian walkabout. is one of the only exhibits that you can walk into with the kangaroos and wallabies. go to san diego to find out more about the exhibit opening in may. >> will be right back with mornings on ktvu fox 2 news.
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of serious side effects. the details make a difference. the man makes them matter. see real results at another sign that the area home prices are going up. a two bedroom home in san francisco sold for 62% then asking price. according to the website the home when on the market last month for $1.3 million and sold for $2.1 million. the home had several offers. a new report shows that homebuying is an all-time high. showing that 8% of consumers are expected to buy a home in the next six months. report shows that many people spent as -- set a spending goal.
9:55 am
april is exotic meet at month. and if you think you are brave, consider a burger topped with a baked tarantula. here's more from north carolina. >> reporter: people around the south are salivating for this on top of this ? >> once i put aside the fact that it was a spider and i ate it, it wasn't bad. it was just crunchy. >> i thought i could enjoy another one. >> reporter: this brewery is serving up a hamburger with a baked tarantula for this month's exotic meet month. they came up with the tarantula challenge a few years ago. >> it's about diversity, and teaching people about different types of cuisines. >> reporter: normally people keep spiders as a pet, but
9:56 am
overseas there hunted for their meat. the creatures can be found in the forests of cambodia. and they grow up to 6 inches. the size of a human hand. >> there something thrilling about eating your fear. for people who are afraid of spiders, this is the big one. >> i love spiders, and that made me not want to do this. >> reporter: he put his name in the raffle like the other challengers and arrived with an appetite, ready to taste his prize. >> there's a lot of crunch when you sink your teeth into it. imagine snapping twigs. >> reporter: he devoured the burger in less than eight bytes, and received a teacher to commemorate the occasion. the owners say that there next unique dish could be anything from exotic fish to bull [null].
9:57 am
>> not for me. >> any takers ? >> no. i think i'll pass. >> join us tomorrow on mornings on the nine. that is our show. thank you for watching.
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>> live from new york city. it's the wendy williams show. now here's wendy! >> wendy: woo! [ cheering and applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watchin. [ cheering and applause ] >> wendy: my cohost, the studio audience. how you doin'? >> let's get started. it's time for 'hot topics'. [ cheering and appla


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