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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 26, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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molesting a woman in her home in 2004. >> we are learning new details about the suspected golden state killer. including where he worked up until his retirement last year. >> two restaurant servers knocked to the ground during a violent robbery. now they are searching for as many as six suspects. good afternoon, i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm cristina rendon. gasia is on assignment. we begin with the bill cosby retrial in pennsylvania. a jury has found him guilty on three counts. he was convicted of drugging and molesting temple university employee andrea constand in 2004. the jury reached the verdict after deliberating 14 hours over two days. after the verdict was read, cosby lashed out. 80-year-old cosby could get up to ten years in prison in each of those three counts.
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we heard from his accusers who say the verdict was a victory for women. >> today this jury has shown what the the me too movement is saying. women can be believed. >> the judge decided cosby can remain free on $1 million but orerred him to repain in the state. the arrest of suspected serial killer and rapist joseph deangelo. >> he was taken into custody tuesday at his citrus heights home. right now investigators are still on scene methodically conducting room to room inspection. >> this is after desank low was being held -- deangelo was being held in jail. he is suspect of killing up to 12 people and 51 rapes across ten california counties from
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1974 through '86. investigators have not said why the string of crimes stopped 32 years ago. >> earlier today on mornings on 2, we talked to nancy o'malley who was a volunteer during a rape crisis. >> i think he should never, ever get out of prison. he won't. assuming that all of the evidence goes in as it should. i think that having victims come in those that choose to come in one by one look them in the eye, if tell him what he did to them in their lives and their children's lives and their spouses lives and the community at large. >> here is a map showing where the crimes happened that deangelo is suspected of committing those early crimes marked in yellow were in the sacramento area with at least a dozen more in the east bay. final cases what you see here in blue are from southern california including ventura, orange, and santa barbara
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counties. this afternoon new details are emerging about that man behind bars accused of being one of the most prolific serial killers in our history. >> alex savage is in the newsroom. >> reporter: he was hiding out in plain sight. the former police officer and retired mechanic lived in his suburban sacramento home with his adult daughter and granddaughter. and authorities say his family had no idea about his past. it was just last year when 72- year-old joseph deangelo retired from his job as a big rig mechanic at a save mart distribution plant sacramento. his colleagues at the warehouse never suspected they were working alongside an accused serial killer. and the home where he lived, neighbors are still trying to to make sense of this stunning arrest. >> that somebody as heinous as that could live here. it's just unbelievable.
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it shakes you to the core it really does. mostly when you grew up with the fear of him and to find out he lives around the corner. >> reporter: deangelo was married in 1973 but later separated from his wife. neighbors say the pair would often fight in public outside of her home. the navy veteran served in the vietnam war and when he returned from combat he started working for the police department in the central valley and later the auburn police department outside of sacramento. >> joseph deangelo did work for the police department back in the '70s. i think it was august '76 to around september of 1979. anything we can do to help those agencies, we will do. >> reporter: deangelo left law enforcement after being accused of shoplifting a hammer and bug
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repellant from a store. still for four decades deangelo never caught the attention of police. until finally innovative dna techniques connected the retired officer, father, and grandfather to the violent crimes. and today investigators are continuing to fill in the gaps in this complicated case. working to figure out what deangelo has been doing all these years. the accused killer being held without bail in the sacramento jail and he is scheduled to appear before a judge at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. >> alex savage, thank you. >> the crimes they endured have left a lifetime of scars and horror. >> reporter: the first known victim of the east area rapist was a mother attacked in her home. a masked man broke into her
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house and entered the bedroom where she was sleeping with her three-year-old son. >> he came in and had a ski mask on and jumped on the bed and had a knife. and i don't exactly remember what he said. something to the effect of, you know, don't scream, don't, whatever. and tied my hands behind by back. >> reporter: carson sandler was one of dozens women raped. one couple was violently killed inside of their ventura home back in 1980. their daughter jennifer carrole lives near santa cruise. her parents were bound together with drapely cords and beaten to death with a log from their fireplace. her 12-year-old brother found the bodies. >> this murder was a heinous
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crime. extremely violent. very bloody. >> reporter: he says deangelo's arrest was news she's been waiting to hear for decades. >> i'm so mad he's been alive this time. he has not been living in terror. i want him to confess because i don't want to waste one more municipal dime on his trash. >> reporter: even though the arrest comes decades after that first attack, there is aceps of relief, a sense of satisfaction for some of the victim's families. >> for the 51 ladies that were brewly fall -- brutally raped in this crime scene sleep better tonight, he isn't coming through the window. he's now in jail and he's history. >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the golden state killer. coming up at 12:30 we will hear an audio recording from deangelo's first victim recalling her terrifying encounter. developing news in wisconsin where there was a
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large explosion at an oil refinery. a tank containing crude oil or asphalt expleaded this morning injuring -- exploded this morning injuring several people. no word on the extent of those injuries. a contractor at the plant said the explosion sounded like a sonic boom and it happened when crews were working on shutting the plant down for repairs. back here in the bay area, demolition has been under way to tear down what is left of an apartment building that was under construction. >> the building caught fire early tuesday morning forcing nearby businesses to close and 250 people that live nearby to evacuate. allie rasmus is live in concord with a lock at what is going on there. allie. >> reporter: the demolition work just restarted after a brief delay. you can see that excavator, that single excavator will tear down by the end of the day, hopefully, what is left of that four story apartment building that burned on tuesday. in the meantime firefighters continue their work putting out hot spots. you can see their latter truck
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with hose positioned over some of the flareups. there have been a number of flairups over the last 48 hours. early this morning we heard a loud boom. some of the debris fell and we saw a spray of embers shoot up into the sky. the fire marshal says it's not unusual for a fire of this size, but the firefighters have been continuously extinguishing those hot spots and the demo work has gone on. in the meantime, some long-time owners of a popular bakery which is next to this burned apartment bilged, they were escorted into their business about an hour ago for the first time since this fire happened. they had a chance if to go in and assess the damage. they were lucky the bakery only had minor water damage and they hope to reopen a couple days after the demolition next door is finally finished. >> we are extremely lucky that our building did to the catch on fire.
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it's only 30 feet away from the other end of the building and there was a wall at flame. if the wind was shifting the other direction, we would have been up in smoke. >> our biggest goal for the day is to get people home. that apartment building across the street is still unoccupied and so we are hoping to get that side cleared. once we get that side cleared, we'll let those folks come back home. >> reporter: let's take you back out here live. we have seen that excavator in the last 30 seconds or so tear down some of the scaffolding that was on the outside of this burnt up apartment bilged. no one was living in this building when the fire happened. it was still under construction. however, there are about 250 people that live in one of the buildings, apartment buildings next door that haven't been able to return to their homes since this fire broke out because of concerns that the burned building could still collapse and there is some safety concerns with people living nearby returning. that is why this demolition
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work is continuing in earnest and going on right now. and you see that happening in front of us. this excavator is all that is needed to tear down this building. it's using what i'm called a spud nick which is a long metal beam with a hook on the end. like a pick ax it's tearing away the walls of this building. this demolition work is expected to continue throughout the afternoon and as you heard the fire marshals say i checked in with again. even though there has been delays, his goal is to finish this demolition today and hopefully by tonight maybe tomorrow the people that live nearby can return to their homes in concord. back to you guys. >> allie rasmus, thank you. police searching for answers after two servers from a restaurant were robbed in alameda. and this happened in the same neighborhood where a woman was killed outside of a restaurant earlier this month. we'll have the latest on this investigation. >> cooler temperatures across the bay area and even a chance of sprinkles in the forecast. we will check in with
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meteorologist mark tamayo for all the details. >> more allegations against dr. ronnie jackson the man that president trump wanted to lead the department of veteran affairs. why we are learning he stepped aside. the savings are in full bloom at ross. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. alameda police are looking for several suspects after two restaurant servers were attacked and robbed in the same neighborhood where a woman was killed earlier this month.
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>> henry lee is joining us with more. >> reporter: we are along busy webster avenue near pacific. this is where those two restaurant workers were mugged as they were walking toward their cars. the two women had just finished their shift at a busy chinese restaurant on webster at 2:15. they were almost to their cars when two vehicles stopped in the middle of nearby pacific avenue. 4-6 people came out and confronted them. a 59-year-old woman from hercules was hit in the face with something. possibly a bottle and knocked to the ground. the second victim a 52-year-old oakland woman was also forced to the ground and had her purse snatched from her shoulder. their purses were later found in san francisco. one woman's wallet was missing. this comes less than three weeks after a violent attack outside of the restaurant also on webster street. authorities released surveillance video from that april 6th incident. in that case 61-year-old cindy lee died from her injuries. a 28-year-old man was also hurt
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during that attack. police are still looking for suspects in the case. they say there is no known connection to the homicide. still people that frequent the neighborhood say they are worried. >> i was very concerned. especially since lately what happened down the street from here. we have lived in alameda all our lives and there has never been this much crime. >> reporter: they ask people to walk in pairs and be vigilant and report anything peedly. live in alameda henry lee ktvu fox 2 fews. >> thank you. police continue to investigate a shooting that happened around 7:30 last night at the hayward bart station. police say a man shot at one of their officer but no one was injured. according to reports the officer just walked into the bart station to alert bart
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staff about a shooting nearby when the suspect walked in and fired. the suspect was arrested shortly after. so far his name has not been released. san ramon officer is in the opt after crashing into a power pole. this happened at 5:30 this morning. it's unclear what caused the the officer to crash the motorcycle. the officer received moderate injuries and flown to the trauma center. that crash is under investigation. time to kick in with mark tamayo and a look at cooler temperatures. >> yeah cooler temperatures heading our way as we approach the weekend. we started off the week with warm 80s. nice to see the the sunshine finally over san francisco. it took some time but we have clearing skies there for that portion of the bay area. also our walnut creek camera you can see evidence of patchy fog out in the distance there. you can look at 24 and that tree getting a workout. a cool breeze setting up for your thursday afternoon. this is not happening. we do not have dense fog.
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what is happening is this the marine layer has deepened around 2500 feet. that is transporting the cooler marine layer into the inland area. no more 80s. no more upper 70s. we are thinking lower 70s this afternoon. all if response to this guy out there in the pacific that will approach the bay area coastlines. has been flirting with us for the past few days. so here's the current fog pattern. there is still lingering fog out there that we can see coming in close. and right around the close. closer to ocean beach and daily city. current numbers. lots of 50s. still a few 60s showing up in mountain view and san jose. it looks like the fremont observation showing up. around 60-61 degrees at this 12:00 hour. wind speeds up as well. that is a gust to 2 miles an hour. out in the fairfield area, oakland airport westerly wind at 10 miles an hour. here is sfo gusting to 21 miles
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an hour. so here's the setup out here in the pacific. this guy will approach the bay area. this area of low pressure over the next couple of days. for today we still have patchy coastal clouds. mild temperatures inland. we're thinking lower 70s this afternoon. and the cooling trend will continue into your friday forecast and saturday forecast as well. now there there be enough moisture tomorrow we could track drizzle near the coast for your friday morning. and the the chance of sprinkles first thing saturday morning. definitely more clouds as we start the weekend. we'll track the sprinkle chances as well. here we are tonight the clouds working their way back into the area. and possibly some drizzle tomorrow morning. you will see rain showers up to the north of the bay area. up toward ukiah and mendocino county. look what happens as we take this into saturday morning. lots of clouds and the possibility of a few sprinkles, maybe trace amounts or .01 and that is about it. we'll hold on to that possibility throughout the morning hours on saturday. and skies becoming partly
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cloudy by saturday afternoon. highs this afternoon upper 50s to the 60s. warmest locations approaching the 70s out toward pleasanton and livermore. san moe say 69. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. temperatures cooling off through saturday. and then a minor bump in the numbers. if you want sunny skies and warm temperatures, not going to show up in that five day. give me a new month as we head toward may. >> summer around the corner. but it's still cold in the summer. >> you get the inland heat. >> thanks. the country has a new secretary of state just about 45 minutes ago mike pompeo was sworn in. >> also today white house position ronnie jackson withdrew his name with consideration to lead the department of veteran affairs. >> reporter: white house doctor ronnie jackson withdrawing his
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name for consideration of veterans affair. jackson released a statement saying quote, going into this process i expected tough questions about how to best care for our veterans. but i did not expect to have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity. jackson faced accusations about his workplace conduct. including recklessly prescribing drugs and being drunk on the job. he says the claims are completely false. assentment president -- a sentiment president trump said. >> he's got this beautiful record. unblemished. >> reporter: this is not the only headache for the trump administration on thursday. scott pruitt is on the hot seat facing back to back grilling from two congressional committees over ethics and fiscal scandal. >> facts are facts and fiction is fiction.
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>> reporter: the white house continuing to stand by pruitt even as a growing number of republican lawmakers are joining democrats in calling for an investigation. as for jackson, the administration releasing a statement saying the doctor is back to work as usual at the white house. in washington lauren blanchard ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, youtube is working to create a safer website for children. the changes rolling out today that will give parents more control over what their children watch.
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taking a look at the mark right now. stock indexes really higher in midday trading on wall street as facebook leads a big rally for tech companies. you can see here the dow jones positive throughout the entire day up 255 points right now. facebook stock has jumped nearly 9% since saying a recent data privacy scandal had not hurt its business. now despite the scandal and delete facebook campaign. facebook says it has added about 50 million users. the company also says it earned $12 billion in profits in the first quart i of this year. google is trying to help people get rid of their unwanted prescription drugs. on saturday they plan to use its home page to promolt the dea's up come -- promote the dea's upcoming prescription take back day.
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meanwhile the national institutes of health is spending more than $150,000 for a study that looks into adding warning labels to soda. the researchers aim to see whether the warning labels can push consumers to healthier -- and that is leading to other problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. youtube is peak changes to its children's app. the update rolls out today and gives parents the ability to decide which shows their chirp can watch. youtube is making the change in response to complaints that the app fails to filter out disturbing content. youtube which is owned by google launched the toddler oriented app in 2015 calling it a safer experience than regular youtube. but it has been criticized by childed a low cats for its commercialism and the failures of its automated streaming. coming up we are continuing to follow the latest on the arrest of the golden state killer. after the break we will hear from one of the first known
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victims who recalls her terrifying encounter. >> more than 100 tents cleared out in san francisco.
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now back to our top story. the man accused of being the golden state killer.
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joseph deangelo was arrested and expected to be formerly charged with two murders in sacramento county tomorrow. investigators from around the state have been working together to solve this string of rapes and homicides that started 44 years ago aids of sac -- years ago outside of sacramento. investigators are not saying how deangelo became a suspect expect to say dna evidence convinced them they had their man. after that they watched him for a week before arresting him. >> we developed a plan to wait for him to come out of his residence. we had a team in place that was able to take him into custody. he was very surprised by that. >> reporter: investigators say they have not yet figured out why the crime stopped after the 1986 rape and murder in irvine. deangelo recently retired from his job at a mechanic at a grocery distribution center. and they have no record of him having any legal issues during that long-time gap.
12:31 pm
the fbi released an audio recording of the first victim. >> take a listen. >> i didn't hear him come in. i didn't hear anything. and all of a sudden there was someone standing in my door. the bedroom door. i looked up and i thought it was my dad at first. because he drives weird hours. he might have come in early. because it was early in the morning. and nope, it wasn't my dad. he came in and had a ski mask on. and jumped on the bed and had a knife. and i don't exactly remember what he said. something to the effects of, you know, don't scream, don't, you know, whatever. and tied my hands behind my back. he put a cut over my eyes but i
12:32 pm
didn't realize i was cut. after it was all done with he went through the stuff in my room. took money out of my purse. took some coin books and stuff that i had. took a piece of jewelry. it was just something that i had just gotten. i don't remember what it was. i laid in the bed forever. forever. because i didn't know if the door closed. >> the victim said the attack changed her life forever and that anniversary is especially hard for her. but she is also not holding hate in herhearted. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the golden state killer as we learn more about what led to his arrest. you can go to for more in-depth coverage. there is a development regarding the sexual assault allegations against raiders
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quarterback conley. he sexually assaulted, battered, and raped her at a cleveland hotel. conley has repeatedly denied the accusations. although conley has never been arrested and charged, the lawsuit is seeking damages for quote, physical, psychological, emotional, and mental injuries. conley played only two games last season because of his injury. the woman that accused reuben foster of domestic violence is recanting her story. foster was later charged with three felonies but now the woman says she has hired an attorney and that attorney said she made up the allegations because she was upset foster was breaking up with her. the exgirlfriend says her injuries that included a roup curred eardrum came from a fight. petaluma police arrested a man for not registering as a sex offender. thomas sager was arrested
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yesterday. investigators say he had a replica gun in his possession. he has six outstanding warrants for drug and weapons offenses and not registering as a sex offender. state treasure spoke out at the state capitol today announcing a new petition to have california's backlog rape kits tested immediately. there are more than 13,000 untested kits sitting in crime labs in evidence lockers across the state and it can cost anywhere from $5-13 million to test those kits. but he says the state has enough money to cover those expenses. >> he is just one of the candidates running for governor. a new poll shows it's becoming a three person race. he is not one of the individuals list. lieutenant governor gavin newsom received 21%.
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and then businessman john cox with 15%. the rest of the candidates were in single digits but this survey shows many voters have yet to make up they're minds in the june primary. 17% remain undecided. the group survey usa conducted this poll. state lawmakers in sacramento are considering ten new proposed laws designed to protect california fire victims. this comes in response to the wild fires in the north bay last fall. democratic state senator mcguire has sponsored one more requiring faster payoffs from insurance companies. many insurers demand detailed inventory information from fire victims including receipts. >> i would not be able to provide this type of information if i lost my home and i think all of us here would be a changed to do the -- challenged to do the same. >> bill dodd is behind another fire victim protection bill. that would require insurance companies to renew a
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homeowner's policy for two years after their home is destroyed in a wild fire. in san francisco mayor mark farrell is making good on his promise to clean up homeless camps. >> and as christien kafton reports, this comes after the mayor announced a multimillion dollar plan to clean up the city's dirty streets. >> reporter: the mayor is pledging to spend $13 million launching a series of initiatives. trash on the streets of san francisco as a distressingly common sight. residents and visitors regularly complain about stepping over garbage, huged hyper determinic needles and human waste. mayor mark farrell rolled out a two year plan spending $2.8 million to clean the streets. >> so together this is an ambitious effort. and i know i only have a few months left as the great mayor of this great city of san francisco, but i plan on
12:37 pm
sprinting to the finish. >> reporter: the mayor's proposal will fund five new pit stops and expand the hours for the portable public restrooms. a place for people to relieve themselves instead of on the streets. they will hire an additional 44 neighborhood cleaners. that is additional four per district that will target problem areas. >> i get calls daily about illegal dumping. i get calls daily about how the trash has increased all over our city. >> reporter: the mayor's plan also spends $3.4 million on new equipment like these street cleaners. the tools needed to get the jobs done. loretta lawrence has lived in san francisco for decades and says she has seen the worst of it. >> a lot of people using the bathroom on our street. human feces. >> reporter: she is happy to hear about the plan and hopes it origins. >> it hurts.
12:38 pm
and i'm encouraged and happy this will start something new. >> reporter: that $12.8 million takes up a sizable portion of the mayor's discretionary budget. he says it takes that financial commitment to see that the streets are cleaned up. in san francisco christien kafton ktvu fox 2 news. in the south bay we are learning new details about building tiny homes for the homeless. they are finalizing what the homes will look lick. early estimate for each home was around $20,000 and depending on which materials are used that figure could go down significantly. final plans for the tiny homes are expected to go before the city council this summer. right now the bart board of directors is meeting to discuss a proposal providing discounts to low income riders. they are receive -- it would involve five of the bay area's largest transit operates. these agencies could offer
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discounts between 20-50% for passengers based on their household incomes compared to federal poverty levels. in just a few hours, the port of oakland commission will meet about the future of the oakland a's. commissioners are scheduled to vote on whether or not to enter into exclusive negotiations with the team in regards to building a waterfront ballpark at the howard terminal site. the one year negotiating agreement would give them to examine the economic prospects. the a's are entering a similar agreement with the city of oakland regarding the coliseum property. a's president will join us to talk about the a's ballpark and of course about tea's vote. from baseball to football the nfl draft is a couple hours away and when we come back we'll talk with ktvu sports anchor jason appelbaum on who the 49ers and raiders might be targeting in tonight's first round draft. >> blue skies across much of the bay area. a little hazy in some pockets.
12:40 pm
not too warm out there. we will get to mike mibach about when we may see a warmup.
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the san jose sharks head to las vegas to play the second round in the nhl playoffs. the the sharks beat the d.c.s, golden knights, swept the kings. they hope to shake off any rust from having that game off. and today is day one of the
12:43 pm
nfl draft in dallas. ktvu sports anchor jason appelbaum is joining us with a look at what the 49ers in oakland, raiders might do. >> the draft has become a huge thing. if you are a hard core nfl fan or if you are to the it's a big deal. fortunes can change for some teams or in some cases you can blow it. and not pick the the right guy. we don't know who the niners or raiders will draft. when you study the draft boards, when you study the mock draft, a couple players come upmost often when you talk about the niners draft. the first is raquan smith. and then edmond out of virginia tech. even if ruben foster escapes his trouble, they are still in need of a line backer. 6'5", 250 pounds. he has some rare athleticism.
12:44 pm
he was finalist for the -- if the niners do take him, look for the raiders to take smith. he's one heck of a line backer out of georgia. not as big as edmond. he is 6'1", 225. he is very disciplined. said to have all of the intangibles. and keep in mind for the raiders bowman came over from the niners after fave games. he played great in oakland but he is a favorite. now again we don't know. but if you look at all the guys, the mel kiper junior and all of those guys that really study this stuff, they have the defensive players going to the niners and raiders. and the niners have taken a defensive player the last five drafts. >> so what about the possibility of a trade real quick? >> there is always the possibility. >> someone is going to be knocking on their door saying i'll give you this.
12:45 pm
>> yeah. maybe they trade down, add a pick, and take them any way later in the draft. >> what about local college ball? >> yeah. we've got to be fair to all the schools. so we will give you a guy to look far from stanford and cal and san jose state. stanford will lead the pack. 4-5 players expected from the cardinal to be drafted. or another guy to go top off the board and that would be safety justin reed. the name may sound a little familiar. because his brother eric reed safety for the 49ers. he played five seasons in san francisco. he's also a free agent, by the way. eric is. justin reed probably the first stanford player to go or harrison phillip. other than reed, look at this guy. this is a cal player looney, james looney. he had a great workout. he is expected to go in the
12:46 pm
later round. he's a big guy and he's playing defensive end. not to leave out san jose state frank gindan number five right there. nobody knows this but he led the nation in tackles. he had 173 tackles in 13 games. so frank ginda of san jose state expected to go maybe rounds 5-7. so that gives you a guy from cal, sanford, and san jose. >> big day for the bay area teams >> it is a big day. a huge day. >> ktvu fox 2 has complete coverage of the draft. that starts at 5:00 tonight. after the first round stay tuned for our special draft special as we get reaction to the 49ers and raiders selection. and then tomorrow you can watch the second and third round starting at 4:00 in the afternoon. remember you can always get your local news during the draft on ktvu plus big day for the nfl. let's check back in with mark real quick and a look at that forecast. >> the forecast we are talking about a bit of a cooling trend.
12:47 pm
no major heat at all in our forecast. we had solid overcast over this picture. still patchy coastal fog. looking out toward the haze. a little bit of haze in the south bay. today most areas will be a little cooler than yesterday. temperatures have definitely been trending down. you see that circulation out there in the pacific and that is shy. don't want to approach the bay area coastline just yet but it will move toward the north. here we go with still some stubborn overcast. especially in portions up on the coast. but also this lingering patch in portions of the north bay. so as we come in close here, closer to windsor, closer to he's burg as well. that could impact the visibility on highway 101 but most of it is higher based cloud cover. so it should not be too bad. and showing you cloud cover near portions of the coast. closer to pacifica. let's check in on the current numbers out there. right now we do have san jose
12:48 pm
at 64 degrees. walnut creek 64. santa rosa upper 50s. and san francisco around 55. that fremont temperature closer to 60 degrees at last check. so the wind speeds picking up as well. kind of that time of year winds pick unduring the afternoon hours. springtime and that is happening right now. it's a gust to 29 miles an hour out in the fairfield area. and more reports with sfo gusting to 21. zap jose winds around -- san jose winds around 5 miles an hour. here's the view out here in the pacific. here's the system we are watching. this will impact our weather pattern especially for friday and saturday as we kick off the weekend. for today we'll have mild temperatures inland. lower 70s. and then our cooling trend will continue. it was warmer earlier in the week. but it looks like we will cool things off on a friday and saturday. and by the weekend, in fact, by tomorrow there will be enough moisture we will have clouds around here. and then possibly drizzle tomorrow morning. saturday the chance of some sprinkles first thing saturday
12:49 pm
morning. so here's the deal on satellite. the forecast model showing you the clouds regrouping later on tonight. and lots of cloud cover tomorrow morning. once again for your friday. and then the chance of drizzle especially coast side. and by saturday we'll thicken up the clouds once again. we could see rainfall just to the forth of the bay area. but a little spotty cells here we could be tracking a few sprinkles out there at most maybe .01 and that is just about it. probably more in the form of trace amounts. temperatures for today. 50s, 60s, and lower 70s. san jose we will go with 69. gilroy 72 degrees. a look ahead your five-day forecast remains cool into the weekend. lots of clouds to kick off the weekend with skies becoming partly sunny. christina and mike if you want the long temperatures, i looked long range and it looks like it might be a warm cinco de mayo. >> that is on a saturday. final preparations are under way ahead of tomorrow's
12:50 pm
highly participated cross border summit between leaders of north and south korea. >> it's a hugely symbolic pressure to discuss denuclearization. >> reporter: an even greater security presence than normal at the korean border on thursday. history will be made as kim judge moon walk -- kim jong un walks across the border. >> the urgency of resolving this issue is something we all share. the united states, us. what that time frame will be very much depends on the discussions at that summit level. >> reporter: president trump says he has high hopes for the summit seen as a dress rehearsal for talks he's expected to hold with kim jong un in late may or early june. >> they have given up denuclearization, testing, research. we will close different sites.
12:51 pm
and i'm saying to myself wait a minute, all of these things he's giving up and we haven't asked him. >> reporter: and on the eve of the summit the trump administration announcing harry will be the next u.s. ambassador to south korea. and the key ark tech of the regional coalition keeping military and economic pressure on the north. >> keep the pressure active and on north korea oddly is important to the reg corral stability. >> the summit is set to kick off at 9:30 local time on friday. it will last about 12 hours and the north is bringing some nine people in its delegation. in seoul south korea, ktvu fox 2 news. we now know when president trump will visit the uk to meet with prime minister teresa may. may was the first foreign leader to be hosted by the president after the white house
12:52 pm
after his inauguration. another sign of times in the bay area housing market. we'll tell you how much over asking this two bedroom, one bath sold for. >> looking at tonight's prime time lineup it's the nfl draft starting at 5:00. once the first round is over we'll have a ktvu special coverage. that is modern family right after that. and then of course stay tuned for the 10:00 news and 11:00 news all right here on ktvu. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months
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of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto.
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dna evidence was one of the keys to arresting a suspected serial killer. >> coming up on the four on 2 we talk to experts about how that dna evidence is collected and how it will be used to convict the man police say is the golden state killer. taking a check of stocks now. the dow jones is up about 240 points. nasdaq up 115. s & p closing the day up 27 points. it is another sign bay area home prices are going up. two bedroom, one bath home in san francisco's glen park neighborhood reportedly just sold for 62% more than the asking price. according to the website curb
12:56 pm
san francisco, the home went on the market last month for nearly $1.3 million and sold for more than $2.1 million. the realtor told the website the home had several offers in just a few days. the desire to buy a home is at an all-time high. about 8% of consumers are expected to buy a home in the next six months. the report shows while many people set a spending goal, that does not mean they will buy a home especially with housing prices back to levels last seen well before the housing bubble burst a decade ago. visitors will have a new attraction when they visit the oakland zoo. the zoo announced three orphaned mountain high lyon cubs were rescued and brought to the zoo in december. they are now officially in their new exhibit. they are part of the california trail expansion which opened to the public in june. the zoo says the cubs were mall tourished and barely alive but they have been -- malnourished and barely alive. nfl draft or sharks. what do you go with? >> probably sharks. >> yeah. >> game one will be a doozy of
12:57 pm
a series. but also excited for the 49ers and the raiders to see who they will pick in that first round draft that starts. coverage at 5:00 right here on ktvu fox 2. have a great afternoon everyone. our next newscast is the 4 on 2. 4 on 2.
12:58 pm
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