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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 28, 2018 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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starts now. the warriors take on the pelicans, how they are reacting after tonight's blowout win. hello, we begin tonight with the warriors and the second round of nba playoffs where all eyes were on seth curry and whether he played in the game. but, he was ultimately rolled out for two nights game. they are aiming for again to return on tuesday, just moments ago the warriors beat the pelicans 123-101. tom joins us live from oracle arena. you have been talking about fans tonight excited about the blowout. >> all night long in fact, what is interesting is this time in the playoff season, the hope of winning is just as good as winning itself a blowout is super. >> rhonda trinidad, even though he does not have a ticket for
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tonight, became midafternoon to get fan cards for his warrior man cave and take in the spectacle. he will watch part of the game on the outside monitors before heading home to san leandro. >> it gets the juices flowing, then i go home, take my london broil out of the marinade -- >> denise cordero and her dad do have tickets. >> i just want to be on the line, and the first of the line, so i can get in the arena early, and watch them warm-up. >> we could not help but notice all the security inside and outside. >> we saw rooftop spotters, legions of uniformed lease, and sharpshooters. fans want to show their pride in support, but it is also about
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money. especially if stefan curry plays, betting line wise, right now -- >> i am betting on them, so if he does like, it is our to go up red >> we expect a win tonight, and stuff curry, his first two games, we do not meet him yet >> tony mayfield designs championship belts. >> and, the lawyers are a championship team. i will support them to the and. when curry gets there i will support them even more. >> and what about if they move across the bay? >> i will just go there, and watch the game again, nope with that. >> don't change the name. golden state lawyers, come on baby. they're coming home. >> tonight, faith was rewarded. >> they were up by 30, and everything was clicking on all cylinders. so, it was a good chance.
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>> it is a blowout, they will win it. >> and, so this full house is now leaving, going home fairly late at night at happy with their victory, but remember, the one victory is not an entire playoff, so as a result, they still have their work cut out for them, because the pelicans are going to feel like they have something to prove to the warriors. reporting live from the coliseum, fox2 news. around to on tuesday, tom. thank you for that rape work. coming up, scott reese was inside the arena at that game. he will be joining us with complete highlights. it is all happening right here on ktvu at 10:45. we go to some news tonight. uc berkeley police are searching for a man who tried to rob a student at the robbery happened just before 5 am outside of the unit one residence halls on college avenue. surveillance pictures say the
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least, pictured here, had a gun and fought with the victim. the student managed to break free and run into the dorm holding. if you recognize the person you see in this picture you are asked to call you see police. >> well, police have stopped the search for a fisherman who went overboard . he was one of two men who fell into the boat east of the antioch ridge this morning. someone on a nearby boat heard yelling and was able to hold one of them from the water. they were unable to look at the second person. neither man was wearing a life jacket. >> it is important that anytime people are on vessels in the water, they where life jackets. it is the number one saver of lives on the water. >> search and rescue crews stopped searching at around 3:30 this afternoon. the driver faces charges including assault for allegedly dragging a police officer down interstate 80 during a traffic stop. the officer stopped christine
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wade as she drove to the lower deck of the bay bridge at around five yesterday. the 33-year-old took off, dragging the officer who was clinging to the steering wheel for about 1800 eight. the resident had several other vehicles and was taken into custody. the officer has been released from the hospital. police are searching for the driver who sheared off the utility, causing a road to close four hours. just before 6 am, and eyewitness reported that the driver of a black car was speeding and lost control, crashing into that role. witnesses tell police that the driver got out, and a man and a woman in that car simply walked away. >> the law requires that the scene of the collision that you remain on scene. we don't know if they fled for an illegal reason. certainly, we expect everyone to remain at the scene. >> a portion of the avenue had
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to be closed while the damage was repaired. >> well, mayhem at a carnival. eight teenagers arrested for inciting a riot and attacking police. it took dozens of officers to break up the fight. lee martinez has the story. >> britton middle school shut down and left town before the we can even begin. >> we come to the carnival, and we love it. so, hopefully it comes back. the kids were disappointed, but also shocked that a group of young teens violently reacting to police officers was responsible. >> this is a quiet neighborhood, we don't know what happened to my butt we are disappointed red >> on friday, just before six, the staff said they noticed 18 give a knife to another boy. officers approached the boy in possession and arrested him without incident. but, when when -- that is when
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the trouble started. morgan help police say when they approached the second boy to make an arrest, at that point, the boy immediately took a fighting stance and allegedly said that he wanted to get arrested red >> during the boys arrest, several teens began a wreck -- attacking the officer. crowd grew to 200 people and refused to disperse. 59 officers had to stop the melee. eight juveniles, aged 13-17 were arrested. they face charges of possession of a knife on school grounds, assault on an officer, threats on officers, inciting a riot, resisting arrest, and the laying and obstructing a police officer. morgan hill lease and the school decided to end the carnival, a large fundraiser for the school. >> this is my school, you know? so, it is too bad that happened. hopefully they will figure out a different way to raise money. >> police say only one of the
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juveniles arrested attends britton middle school. in morgan hill, lee martinez, fox2 news. new at 10, following the historic summit between north korean kim jong-un the north korean dictator reportedly plans to shut down the countries nuclear testing sites next month. he also says that he will reveal the process to south korea, the united states, and reporters. kim jong-un says president trump will get to know that -- he is not a person to aim missiles at the united states. north korea plans to match time zones with south korea. they shared the same time zone but in 2015 the official pyongyang time was set 30 minutes behind japan and south korea. president trump is calling on the senator to resign. he said that john tester should step down. tester raised concerns about --
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over prescribed medication, rated a hostile work environment, and wrecked a car while drinking at a party. the president says those accusations are false. >> these were false accusations. they are about a great man. there about a man that has a son who is a top student at annapolis. about a man that has given his life to this country, into the military. a brave man, he would have been a great leader. >> tester, the top democrat on the committee responded to the presidents tweets in a statement. he said it is his duty to make sure that montana veterans get what they need. and he will never stop fighting for them as their senator. for the second straight year, the president skip the white house respondents dinner, instead the commander-in-chief spent the day in michigan holding a campaign-style rally. we have more. >> i love the state and all of the people of the state.
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>> resident trump, speaking to hundreds of supporters near detroit saturday night, holding a campaign style rally in washington michigan. he was rallying his base and boasting his record on the economy. >> the plants are coming back, and you people know something about the car industry, because i will bring it back to the state of michigan. >> some of the biggest cheers, and when he talked about battling illegal immigration, and his campaign promise of building a southern border wall. >> we are getting it, we have already started . i don't know if you see. >> trump stated -- staged the event at the same time as the correspondence dinner. the president traditionally attends that dinner, but mr. trump skipped the celebration for the second year in a row. >> you know, you may have heard that i was invited to another event tonight, the white house correspondents dinner. but, i would much rather be in
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washington, michigan than in washington, dc right now. >> is his trump-friendly territory. he received 54 percent of the vote in the general election making him the first republican presidential candidate to win the state of michigan since 1988. talk about hitting the ground running. hours after being sworn in, you a secretary of state, mike pao attended a nato meeting in brussels. tonight, he arrived in saudi arabia where he plans to speak with the saudi king, and foreign minister. he will fly to israel and jordan before ending his first trip abroad as america's top diplomat. i wanted to do something that made me happy. >> well, from high-powered attorney to master lego builder. at 10:25, why a successful lawyer decided to stop building a career, and start building
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legos. but, first she was convicted of killing her children 20 years ago, now the mother could soon be released on a roll. up next, why her family is pushing for her to stay behind bars. and, in weather, lots of clouds today. a few scattered light showers. coming up, we will go through the threat in your forecast.
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a mother, accused of smothering her three daughters to death was convicted and sent to us in.
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that was 20 years ago. now, she is eligible for parole, but as ktvu's amber lee tells us, relatives say she is still dangerous and should stay behind bars. >> they love to hug and kiss, and they were friendly to everyone. >> the molly roth is talking about her three nieces. antoinette, angelique, and alexandra. the three sisters were found dead in their daily city home in march 1998. their mother, megan hope, was convicted of killing them. >> the pain that we feel, the pain that we felt 20 years ago, and the pain that we carry with us is unimaginable. >> relatives say their pain is compounded by the state prison review board's decision earlier this month to parole her from state prison. prosecutors are joining the families fight to keep her behind bars, saying that what
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she did to her children was premeditated and vicious. >> they taped -- she taped their mouths, hands and feet, and smothered them one by one. >> at the time of her trial in 1999, her defense attorney said she was taking drugs, including prozac for depression, and may have had a psychotic episode. relatives say she also suffered a head injury before the killing. she received 25 years to life, so far she has served about 20 years. >> we thought this woman would never get out again, and now she is out and that is wrong. and, we are seeking to change that. >> governor jerry brown has 120 days to decide if he will reverse the decision to parole hold. >> we cannot understand how that happens. we are shocked and upset. >> prosecutors say that hope does not deserve to be paroled, and that she has displayed bad behavior such as possessing and
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selling drugs, including heroin and cocaine. if the decision to parole her stance, she is scheduled to be released next april. friday was a particularly different -- difficult today for the family. the oldest daughter would have turned 28 years old. in daly city, amber lee, ktvu fox2 news. an inmate who escaped from jail last night was only two days -- with only two days left on his sentence has been captured read last night he scaled a fence and made it through coils of razor wire at the north county detention center. a sheriff's helicopter and k-9 units were part of the massive search. an alert citizen heard about the break and spotted the man in a field. deputies eventually tracked him down. they posted these photos which showed him being caught and his bloodstained jail issued shirt. he was only serving a four day sentence by the way. we are still working to learn
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how many unused prescription drugs were collected in the bay area and around the country for national drug take back day. the white house and dea spearheaded the event. thousands of preapproved locations were organized, including at the united pharmacy in berkeley. a pharmacist there says the take back is an important step towards cutting down on the amount of prescription thefts and abuse. it is important that people do not keep their expired medication at home. it can get into the hands of small children, and can cause death. we don't want people to flush it down the toilet, because it goes out into the sea and kills wildlife. last year's drug take back day collected more than 450 tons of medication across the country. berkeley police officers met with community members today for coffee with a cop. several members grabbed a cup of joe with people at cafi estrada on college avenue. there was no agenda or any
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planned speeches, they just wanted residents to interact with the force and share their concerns. >> this is an opportunity to create a space for engagement and discussion when we think about is -- hey, what can we talk about? what is important to you? >> berkeley is one of several cities of ross the area to hold community building events like coffee with a cop read temperatures have been down over the last few days. we even had measurable rainfall over portions of the rainfall. mostly up in the north bay. you can see in mendocino county, ukiah picked up one .4. occidental picked up .13. and just for hundreds of an inch. the rest of the area, just trace amounts. or a few sprinkles out there. cooler temperatures across the area. a lot of these out there. santa rosa maxed out at 63. morgan hill at 68, so most areas in the 60s this afternoon. there is the system, we have
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been tracking this all week long. it is pushing into oregon, but for us, we are tracking clouds as we head into your sunday forecast. right now, we have clear to partly cloudy skies. clouds will thicken as we head into the overnight hours. current numbers are checking in. a lot of 50s out there. napa, one of these -- cool spots at 49. san francisco and downtown is checking in at 53. our camera looking out towards san francisco where the clouds will continue to be on the increase as we head into the overnight hours. you can count on more clouds sunday morning. there is enough moisture that we could track drizzle out there as well and we will add that to the forecast for tomorrow. overnight lows will be in the 40s-50s, so not extremely cold for sunday morning. and, here's the deal in san francisco, our forecast is showing cloud cover. and, possibly drizzle. this is 7 am, 54 degrees. then, into the afternoon cloudy
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skies. you can see the rainfall moving up to the north of the bay area. there's a lot of moisture up there in the clouds and possibly drizzle or sprinkles. in the afternoon partly cloudy with higher winds. we could have winds topping 25 miles per hour. so, here's the deal tomorrow morning. 7 am sunday, and then into the afternoon hours we will scale back on the cloud cover, and more changes are headed our way. a bit of a warming trend. we will talk about that coming up. consider this your morning. mother's day is coming up on may 13, and americans will shell out more than $20 billion worth of gifts on mom. according to the retail federation, spending is expected to top $23.1 billion. so, 86% of americans say they plan to celebrate on sunday, and will spend on average $180. here are the top three most popular gifts for mom, number one -- of us, jewelry. number two, going out for
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brunch or dinner, and of is the old standby -- flowers. still to come, starbucks is being sued by a police officer. why a homeless man is behind the legal trouble. health officials are warning people about romaine lettuce as more people get from an e. coli outbreak. and, a high-powered lawyer gives it all up. he then built a career out of something that many of us use as kids.
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the parents of the victims at marjory stoneman douglas high school, taking legal action against the school board. walking olivers parents say they are upset over the school's insurance policy. the $300,000 cap would be shared by the 17 families of victims of that shooting. the school board released a statement saying they are committed to dividing support and resources to those impacted by the tragedy. now, to another tragic incident
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. the man dubbed the waffle house hero who stopped a shooter in nashville has raised more than $100,000 for the shooting victims. james shaw junior was inside that restaurant last sunday when a man opened fire, shooting and killing four people. now, he stopped the shooter by grabbing the ar 15 rifle, and wrestling it out of his hands. he has since started a go-fund- me page to raise money for the victims, which currently sits at more than six figures. he says he does not consider himself a hero, just a regular guy who did the right thing in the meantime, mourners gathered in tennessee to remember one of the victims of the waffle house shooting. a funeral was held this afternoon for ebony groves, she was a senior at nashville's belmont university, majoring in social work. starbucks is facing a new lawsuit, filed by lease officer. a new york lease officer, a sergeant suing starbucks after
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a homeless man at that store assaulted him, dislocating his old -- shoulder. he warned them to stop feeding the homeless. they ignored the advice, and the police responded their 280 calls since 2017. health officials are warning people to stay away from romaine lettuce, specifically from yuma, arizona. more than 100 able are reported to have gotten sick for many holy outbreak linked to those greens. across 22 states, including california, 46 people have been hospitalized, 10 of those with kidney failure. the outbreak is linked to the yuma, arizona region where the growing season is nearly over, but the cdc says it still remains a health risk at this point. well, if you're tired of working in corporate america, imagine abandoning your career for legos. the man you are about to meet did just that. it is a huge leap of faith. he went from billable hours to building blocks. >> i wanted to do something
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that made me happy. >> from attorney to lego builder, nathan is one of the world's eight lego master builders. he left his job at a new york law firm when he was 32 to dedicate his life to legos. >> i was not happy as a lawyer. creating art made me happy. and, using lego rex made it very accessible. so, i decided to leave the law firm behind and become a full term artist. >> he has shown off his work around the world at he has also picked up high-profile fans. during his presidency, barack obama post with one of his installations, and monochrome life-size man sitting in park benches. bill clinton has a sculpture in his office and lady gaga used one in a music video. his constructions use dc comic book heroes. he used to million bricks to create 120 sculptures, including batman and wonder woman. >> i wanted to explore themes
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of good and evil. and i turned to the pages of comic books, where you really see heroes and villains play out good and evil. it made sense, let's play without on a bigger scale. >> is rations self or 5-6 figure sums. it is also been displayed at the kennedy center and the new york library. >> andrew kraft, fox2 news. a homeless man is facing charges for breaking into the governor's mansion in sacramento. what the intruder says frightened him enough to do it. and, details in relation to the golden state killer. how the internet track him down.
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a homeless man is facing charges after police say he
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trespassed and broke a window at the governor's mansion in sacramento. tom miller spoke with the intruder, who says he left without ever being confronted by security. >> the homeless man, who lives across the street from the mansion in midtown sacramento says that he walked into the mansion through a side door after becoming frightened outside. >> he is an open door policy guy, so i figured it would be unlocked. >> 51-year-old stephen seeley says he heard a large wildcat coming from a garbage can nearby. >> you know, it was kind of a deep growl, you know? >> hoping to get away, he said he ran into the mansion looking for the security team. >> i figured i would run into at least one of them. i was hoping so, because they have guns. >> he said once inside, he cannot find any -- anyone, and he could not get away. >> so, the only thing to do was to dive through the window. so, go through the window to
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get away. >> the incident happened april 19, when brown's wife was inside. >> in a statement a chp spokesperson says the first lady was on an upper floor of the residence when the incident occurred and had no contact with the subject. no force was used or required by officers. >> after cutting his arm during the escape, he says that a good samaritan took him to the hospital. it was not until two days later that he was booked at the county jail. >> that was tom miller reporting there. they say that the governor was not there at the time, but the first lady and gus brown as you heard their lips is she was also there, but uninjured. the founder of the burning man festival has passed away. larry harvey was hospitalized earlier in the month after suffering a stroke. the burning man official says that he passed away this morning, and he was surrounded by family. harvey organized the first burning man in 1986 at san
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francisco's baker beach. it is now held in the nevada desert where it draws tens of thousands of evil every year. larry harvey was 90 years old. you are learning more about how police zeroed in on the golden state killer. an online genealogy database called jen match was confirming that they tracked down the suspect. we have more on how they did it, and the privacy questions that these dna databases are raising. >> four decades after police first collected dna from the golden state killer, a county investigator, paul holt, had a new idea. simply upload the killers dna profile onto a free florida- based dna database, and see if it got a match. >> we ended up generating a dna profile from the golden state killer evidence. and then, we were able to take that profile and upload it into an open source public genealogy database. >> the cofounder of the
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database says they have more than 950,000 dna profiles from people who voluntarily opt to share their information. they told reporters that the killers -- killers dna matched more than 100 users listing relatives such as third cousins. it took four months, but those family trees led to joseph d'angelo. >> everybody wanted to find this guy. so, you know obviously -- there was an out -- a wonderful outcome. i think that we really need to also be discussing the appropriateness of using genealogy databases. >> the database fishing by investigators is raising legal questions about privacy and civil rights. >> it is remarkable that the databases have been used for this, because i think that until this case came up, it probably never occurred to anyone that it could be used this way. >> david levine says it is a gray area. if one person's consent to use their data impacts others who have given no consent.
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>> i think that at this point, there is no privacy law in the united states that would forbid those connections from being made. >> two of the largest companies, 23 and me, and ancestry dna both say law enforcement agencies need a court order, or warrant to obtain users data. ancestry publishes a transparency report every year, and in 2017, they handed over data for 31 out of the 34 valid requests received from law enforcement. the cofounder, curtis rogers, said that although we were not approached by law enforcement or anyone else about this case, or about the dna, it has always been our policy to inform users data the database could be used for other uses. and, it may be that we are going to have to take a look at some of these privacy issues, and make sure that the consent forms are as clear as possible. still to come, she was shot to death on a peer, and now her family is keeping her memory alive by giving back.
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more on that grant, it is coming up. p. an, and whether, still tracking clouds in the sunday forecast. possibly drizzle as well. will warm things up in the five day period
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new at 10, the family of a woman who was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant has presented a athlete with a grant. it was presented to ella rodriguez from gilroy. it took place at the challenged athletes foundation grant. she lost her leg from cancer when she was nine months old, she has been participating in adaptive sports for three hours and participates in wheelchair
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basketball and track and field. she will pay for her to attend the national adaptive competition in arizona. >> this gave me a lot of confidence. when you are able to do things that you are not able to do before, it is like your eyes just open and, i never knew that i could do this. >> so, she worked closely with the challenged athletes foundation. welcome your forecast for tonight still includes more clouds moving into the bay area. possibly drizzle in your sunday forecast as well. in terms of major rainfall, nothing is showing up for us. but, look what is happening to the north. we have a bit of a circulation here. and, we have rain near eureka and mendocino, so the northern portions of the state. for us, clouds will continue to rush into the area as we head overnight. let's check in on the current numbers out there right now or
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the 10 pm hour, we are showing you lots of 50s. a cool spot in napa, 49. and san jose, checking in at 56 degrees. here is our life?, looking out towards the a bridge lights. and towards san francisco. and, you can see the overcast already a factor. and, a lot of excitement at at&t park . we will have more on that coming up. but, for tomorrow partly cloudy skies for the giants and dodgers. winds will ramp up out of the northwest at around 25 miles per hour. you can see out here in the pacific, a progressive flow. but, this guy has been flirting with the area. tomorrow, definitely some cloud cover. once that system kicks out, we will see gusty winds. they will top 20 miles an hour through the afternoon hours. and high-pressure will try to rebuild. it will not be a big warming trend, but it will be a trend
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over monday, tuesday, and wednesday. more 70s coming on board as we head through the midweek. for tomorrow, here we go. this is your sunday morning workouts, 8 am you can see the cloud cover, and also a possibility of a sprinkle or a drizzle out there. so, there is a chance of some drizzle tomorrow morning. then, into the afternoon, we still back and this is the time that we bring in the stronger winds throughout the afternoon on sunday. by this time tomorrow, we should have clearing skies across the most areas. the forecast highs for tomorrow, a lot of 60s, and the cool spot will be at the coastline out towards pacifica and half-moon day. mostly i upper 50s. san jose, 66 and gilroy, 68. here is your five day forecast. temperatures warm up a little bit into monday, and then we should have fair skies by midweek . not a major warm up just yet, but later in the week
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that could be a different story. that does it for us, next to the warriors blowout to win against the pelicans. play "do it like this".
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fox news sports starts now. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. seth curry would not be back yet from his knee injury. the warriors went out against the new orleans pelicans and played like there was no hurry to rush him back. while curry was walking -- watching the game, jay-z was getting a little bit more attention among those in the expensive seats. after an evenly played 1st quarter, they took off in the
10:44 pm
2nd. the beauty of a bounce pass. green had 16 points. he was on the way to a triple- double. the warriors went on a 24-2 run in the quarter. he ran the floor, it is livingston accelerating to go for the jam. 10 points for livingston off the bench. with the warriors, you have to pick your poison. they will let green take three. he nails it. 15 rebounds and 11 assists. kevin durrant, he has to get in on the action. durant had 26. and then of course, there is clay thompson. a signature moment as thompson almost loses the ball, controls it in the corner, and then measures the three. that lights up the bench. he led the warriors with 27. the only thing the pelicans had to be pleased about headed to the locker room was this play at the half. darius miller lets one fly from three to court, they went to the locker room up by 21. more of the same in the 3rd order. andre with the offensive rebound and getting the role.
10:45 pm
but it is felt. he is one of four warriors in double figures. one of those games we have become accustomed to in the regular season, when they could coast and empty the bench in the 4th quarter, they went 123- 101. they will host again on tuesday night. scott joins us now from oracle arena. it looks like the warriors that the bay area knows and loves. they started next young tonight instead of mcgee. >> and, it is a matchup that has favored the warriors big- time. i have one incredibly 25 out of the last 27 games including regular season and playoffs against this new orleans team, including a sweep in 2015. but, tonight it did not feel like a blowout. in fact, the pelicans came out and shot 60% in the first quarter. and then, the clamped down defensively for the rest of the game. it was quarter number two where everything began to go their way. >> that


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