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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 30, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us monday morning. last day of april, right? april 30th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. steve paulson is back. he's in his office. >> yes, last day of april and it's been a cool april. >> yes, it has. >> and we will see if that carries over into may or not but we have another system that will dig in but first of all take a look here, quake this morning, a swarm of them yesterday into this morning as well on the calaveras fault line for those of you out towards alamo, danville, maybe san ramon as well, it was 3.3, just about east of alamo. now you know. there's our system that came by and it's continuing to march in. it's going to give us mostly cloudy skies, some scattered showers have been in the forecast over the weekend, mainly north and east and that will probably be a case again today -- the case again today, all that system is a fast mover and it's going to give us a lot of cloud cover and occasionally maybe to the north, i would think mendocino county, lake
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county, possibility of isolated showers, probably more cloud cover than anything else. west at 20 at sfo, gusts to 30, 31 at half moon bay, so there is a decent breeze there. this will give us cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, you can see that's what's going to move in so 60s and 70s, one more cool to mild day. any news on the train, sal? >> yeah, it hasn't moved for about 40 minutes or so. >> any good news? >> pardon me? >> any good news? >> no. >> okay. >> it's still stuck there. as a matter of fact, show it to you real quick, a lot of people are stuck behind the tracks all along jack london square and they haven't moved for at least 40 minutes, maybe a little longer, and this is now becoming a situation where apparently the authorities are going to have to come in and see what can be done, people are walking around, this train is very long and it's basically cutting off all of jack london square so we will let you know what happens here. let's go to the roads and the freeways. you can see 80 westbound,
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carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze, 27 minute drive. bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have been on for about 45 minutes. it's about a 10 to 15 minute delay before you make it onto the span. 880 north and southbound here in front of oakland looks okay. there have been no major issues and on the san mateo and dunbarton bridges, those commutes still look pretty good. you can jump ahead of the crowd and get off to the other side. likewise for the south bay commute, that silicon valley commute, most of the freeways still have plenty of room for you. it's 6:02. go back to the desk. >> thank you. new this morning, two suicide bombings in kabul, afghanistan killed at least 25 people including nine journalists. i.c.e. claims responsibility. this happened near nato headquarters, the american embassy and the afghan government buildings. authorities say the first suicide bomber was on a motorcycle, the second one was among reporters who were gathered at the scene of the
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first explosion. a few hours later authorities say a suicide car bomber targeting a nato convoy in the southern province of kandahar killed 11 children at a religious school. more shaking in the east bay. another earthquake struck early this morning. it was a 3.3, hit at 4:55 this morning. no reports of any damage or injuries but b.a.r.t. is experiencing some delays. as usual, b.a.r.t. heads out to inspect the tracks. so far we have not heard about any problems this morning but the earthquake does come after at least eight other earthquakes, as you can see, a bit of a swarm in the danville area, so far there have been at least 60 small earthquakes to hit that area this year. now, our question of the day is, how concerned are you about a major earthquake hitting the bay area? are you very concerned? a little concerned or not concerned at all. let us know what you think by
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voting on the ktvu twitter page. you can comment on our ktvu facebook page. time now 6:03. oakland police say a possible pipe bomb was found in north oakland about 11:00 last night police blocked off an area near 62nd and telegraph avenue. we checked with oakland police and -- with the police, they say the area is not blocked off anymore but they haven't given us any information about what they have found. we will bring you details as soon as we get them from police. still no details yet from daly city police about a search for a suspect who shot and critically injured a man saturday night at the classic bowling center and we still don't know why it happened. the gunman fired three shots, critically injuring that man. investigators say by the time police got there, the gunman was gone from what the police are calling the scene of an attempted murder. reportedly the bowling alley was celebrating nighttime bowling and glow-in-the-dark lights were on. but things quickly changed.
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>> suddenly the lights just wend off -- went off, music went off and that's when i was like something is going on. i really couldn't see what happened. i was just like, oh, let me get this on camera. but i didn't -- i had no idea that gunshots were going to go off. >> the bowling alley operators would not comment but customers who bold there regularly say security guards are posted at the bowling alley at night. police are looking for potential witnesses as they investigate their first homicide in three years. >> it happened yesterday morning on the popular aloney green way. ktvu's allie rasmus, you're there this morning. what are you finding out and what do you know so far? >> reporter: well, around 11:30 yesterday morning is when albany police got a call to report a man who was discovered injured on a park bench along this aloney greenway trail which you can see behind us it runs through this residential neighborhood and directly under the b.a.r.t. tracks.
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not far from the el cerrito b.a.r.t. station. police say the injured man was found sitting on the bench suffering from a gunshot wound. they took him to the hospital where he later died from his injuries. now, that bench where he was found is located between portland and garfield avenues along the aloney greenway. that part of the greenway was closed for most of the day yesterday while police started their investigation and police are asking anyone who may have seen or heard anything in that area around the time of the shooting, again, it was 11:30 yesterday morning, to give them a call. the victim eaid tee has not -- victim's identity has not been released yet, pending notification to his family. police want to remind people if you have a tip, if you were in the area 11:30 yesterday morning you can contact police and remain anonymous. back to you guys. >> allie rasmus reporting. thank you. time now 6:06. today 49ers linebacker reuben foster goes back to court. now, he is facing three felony counts including domestic
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violence. the charges stem from a dispute in february with his former girlfriend at his home in los gatos. at first the ex-girlfriend accused foster of punching her and rupturing her eardrum but later she recanted the story, now claims she was hurt during a fight with another woman and she made up the allegations against foster because he was breaking up with her. prosecutors, however, are still moving ahead with the case against reuben foster. today pacifica police will work to remove a sail boat that ran aground over the weekend. late saturday night the four sailors tried to get out to open ocean when their engine failed. a man and his wife were driving by when it happened and saw the boat in distress off linda mar beach. >> the boat was like being rocked back and forth and then the lady jumped off and she landed on her face so she couldn't move and the boat was like -- i was worried it was going to come back over us so i
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ran and picked her up and she had a broken wrist. >> police say it's the owner's responsibility to pay for the removal of the boat but officers are helping them with that process. the last time this happened it took several days to get that boat off the beach. well, search teams say there's still no sign of a missing fisherman who fell off his boat near the antioch bridge over the weekend. contra costa sheriff's deputies say he was one of two fishermen who plunged into the delta waters early saturday morning. they say a passing boater was able to pull one man out of the water but was unable to locate the other. investigators say near man was wearing a life jacket. our time is 6:08. hundreds of people work their way through mexico. they are now at the u.s. border. coming up, the latest on the caravan of immigrants and what happens if they eventually enter the united states. and beneath the waves is the yellow submarine. what kept firefighters busy over the weekend and what the police are now doing today.
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and here's a look at tonight's prime time lineup. lucifer at 8:00 tonight followed by the resident at 9:00 and don't forget, stay tuned for the 10:00 news. well, the morning commute seems pretty uneventful except if you're trying to get to jack london square. there's been a train going on almost an hour here that's been stuck on the tracks cutting off a good portion of jack london square. one side or the other. we will let you know how that's going and look at the other roads coming up. last day of april and have another system moving in. doesn't give us a lot of rain but it keeps temps cool with cloud cover. more on that coming up.
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welcome whack to mornings on 2 -- back to mornings on 2. now 6:12. hundreds of migrants reached the u.s.-mexico border, gathered there hoping to be granted asylum here in the u.s. about 200 people are claiming reportedly that they fear going back to their home countries. doug luzader has more on their fate as they wait along the border. >> reporter: president trump has promised to stop that caravan and that's going to be put to the test at the border. they are piling up at the border, some even scaling the wall, hundreds of central americans hoping to find a home in the united states but running into resistance. >> the hardest step awaits me today and i don't know whether to take it or not. truthfully, after all that has
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happened, i feel nervous and i don't know what might happen later on. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection says they are at capacity for undocumented asylum seekers and many will have to wait as the political pressure comes to a head. >> are you watching that mess that's going on right now with the caravan coming up? >> reporter: president trump at a rally in michigan over the weekend railed against what's happening at the border. >> our laws are so weak, they are so pathetic. >> these individuals are there to follow u.s. law. that's why they are going to a port of entry to present themselves. >> reporter: immigration attorneys are working with the immigrants to help get them through. but if they are successful, what happens next is uncertain. >> a lot of these individuals, they cross with children, so they have caught on how it works. usually the mom will cross with their child, they will be released in the united states pending, obviously, the asylum case and a lot of these people never show up to their cases.
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>> reporter: meantime, vice president mike pence is headed to the border today to talk about border wall construction. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. dr. ronny jackson, who asked to have his nomination as secretary of veterans affairs withdrawn will now return to the white house medical staff. there are reports that jackson will no longer be president trump's personal physician. now dr. shawn connolly, another navy veteran will take over those duties. the president has complained bitterly about how jackson was treated. our time is 6:14. let's go to sal. we have got a lot of things happening and affecting our morning commute, sal. >> that's right. we are looking at all the roads. just wanted to let you know that jack london square cut off by a train that has been there since about -- or just after 5:00 this morning and the train has stopped and apparently some sort of malfunction or whatever, but the train has not
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-- well, we haven't been able to get through on one side or the other and a lot of cars just went outside and saw just a bunch of people outside of their vehicles just basically stuck and we are going to try and find out what's going on there. let's go to the east shore freeway, looks like we may have lost that shot so let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic here is moving along okay westbound and as you drive out toward the toll plaza, it's about a 15 to 20 minute delay, which is about the same as it always is. there have been no problems in the carpool lane if you happen to be getting into that. we are also looking at interstate 880 in oakland, northbound and southbound traffic looking okay. southbound traffic in hayward is beginning to slow down a little bit from the 238 through hayward, gets better in union city and as i look at the east bay map here, you can see traffic is not bad. this is a look at 280 in san jose, 101 and 85, all those freeways are off to a good start so if you're a south bay driver, you can still get pretty good commute. looks like we just had a new
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accident come up as he was speaking, this is southbound 680 at concord avenue on the off-ramp. several vehicles involved that just came in. chp is not on the scene yet. again, southbound 680 at concord, this accident just happened, it's reported to be blocking at least the two left lanes. i'll get you more on that coming up in the next report. let's bring steve in now with today's forecast. >> sal, on the train, do we know where the engine is? do we know how far it is? >> we do have a crew investigating. >> okay. >> but i'm not sure if it was heading north or south but we will figure it out. we have another last day of april, this is it, yes, this is it, tomorrow will be may 1st and we have some partly cloudy skies in the mix, low clouds, high clouds as well, one more system coming in and that might be enough to produce wildly scattered showers, i would think within mendocino county, lake county, northern sonoma, napa. a quick mover but still going
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to give us another reinforcement of cool air. wildly scattered showers in the sierra, sacramento valley and even around here over the weekend, kind of hit and miss but that's possible again today. the big main low which parked itself to the north, circulation right there, look what's coming in on the western side of it. that's what's going to zip through today and keep us on the cool side. 40 in lakeport, must be cloud cover coming in, upper 30s there, a little breeze quicking -- kicking in. sunnyvale at 45. 39, though, kelseyville and 45 napa, 42 in roanert park, even occidental at 41. winds bumped up to 44 and alema valley is cool at 42. mill valley one observation at 43. there's a good breeze northwest 17, gusts to 24 at half moon bay and sfo has gone from 14 to 16 to 20 and it's out of the west and so is oakland and it's a west-southwest in hayward. not strong but an onshore breeze. 30 in truckee, isolated snow showers possible. this system looks to be more favorable out to the valley.
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it's not strong but anytime you get something coming in like this, the end of april, you know, the days are a little longer, angle of the sun higher so that could trigger afternoon development and maybe a few wildly scattered showers, partly cloudy, cool again, another day where temperatures will be slightly below average. that will be the case through wednesday and then after that, thursday, friday and saturday do look warmer. not a barn burner or anything like that but they will get back into the mid, upper 70s, maybe a few near 80. today it's 60s to near 70 degrees. again, could be popping up in the afternoon to the north and the east so watch out for that. otherwise another kind of cool day, we will keep that theme going into wednesday. after that, then it looks better thursday, friday. >> is that okay? >> it sounds great. i'm getting the yard ready now. >> why not? >> right? >> why not. time 6:18. a warning today on the campings of uc berkeley. how a student escaped an armed robbery and the evidence police want you to see. and should the same protections for the vice president be extended to
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schools? the group calling out the nra over a decision for the week.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. today is the start of the 2018 spare the air season. it usually begins at the beginning of may when the weather starts to heat up and
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smog and ozone layers are rising to unhealthy levels. the bay area air quality management district will begin issuing spare the air alerts on the tough days, the agency says cars remain the largest source of smog pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the bay area so on those days we are encouraged to carpool, take public transit when we can and reduce energy consumption. our time is 6:22. later today, former students of corinthian colleges will battle in court trying to restore a student loan relief program. corinthian colleges ran several schools in california including heald college in the bay area before it closed in 2015 because of allegations students were cheating. the obama administration helped students get their federal student loans erased in cases where the schools misled students. but under the trump administration the department of education is now telling some former corinthian students only part of their federal student loans will be forgiven.
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the national rifle association says no guns will be allowed inside the arena when vice president mike pence appears at the group's annual convention. pence is scheduled to speak friday at the nra's gathering in dallas. the nra says the secret service will coordinate security and will not allow weapons inside the convention hall during the vice president's speech. the irony was not lost on parkland school shooting survivors and other gun control advocates. they say america's school children should be given the same protection as the vice president. time now 6:23. a passenger who was on the southwest airlines flight and sat three rows behind the woman who was killed when part of an engine smashed a window is now suing southwest. she claims southwest unforebly breached the -- unforgivably breached the trust of passengers and that debris flew through the train and she had trouble breathing. she also says she feared for her life, she prayed and called her children to say goodbye and
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now suffers from anxiety and depression. she is suing for damages for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and medical expenses. well, frequent fliers of american airlines may soon see higher ticket prices. the world's biggest airlines has a -- says a spike in fares is expected because of higher fuel prices. the price of jet fuel has gone up steadily since the end of march. the airline says it's paying 40 cents a gallon more for fuel than it did a year ago. a berkeley cafe once tied to an alleged racist incident has abruptly closed its doors. crowds have been gathering outside the now shut elmwood cafe reading signs, notes and old newspaper articles to cover the windows and front door. many of the messages call for love and tolerance. three years ago this cafe was at the center of a controversial racial incident involving a berkeley comic and host of cnn's united shades of america. >> in 2015 on my birthday actually i was told to leave the elmwood cafe in berkeley,
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california because they thought i was harassing my wife and my 13 week old baby. >> bell says his experience is similar to the recent incident at a starbucks in philadelphia where police arrested two african-american men who had been sitting down for a business meeting. the owner of the cafe in berkeley has not given any official reason for the closure but a post on elmwood cafe website thanks the community for its support over the years. 6:25. yesterday afternoon fire crews in alameda county fire station 34 thought they saw a plane that had gone down in the water. but it turned out to be this, a homemade submarine. two rescue boats went out to check it out. one of them towed it back to the emeryville marina. no one was on that submarine. emeryville police still looking for the owner. there's a new push to stop human trafficking. coming up in just minutes, how san francisco's district attorney is targeting the people responsible for the
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crime. also if you're taking the golden gate bridge today, you might see something unusual. we will tell you the work that's happening later today. y. and the arm just went up here at jack london square just now. the train moved there and goodness, cars have been there for about an hour. they are now getting through. we will tell you more about this and the rest of the commute when we come back. another system moving in, keeping the cool going, at least one or two more days as we will see if there's any rain associated with that. so mostly cloudy skies out this morning.
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> well, good morning to you. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, monday morning, april 30th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. steve says may looks about like april. >> well, it's the projections, two monthly forecast models. >> okay. >> kind of have near normal to slightly below for the projection. >> what about some rain for may? >> probably not much. we are getting long on the season. >> bringing out the patio furniture then. >> bring it out. why not. although today there could be a little bit but mendocino county, lake county, maybe northern napa, eastern solano. upper 40s, low 50s, the system starting to move in, pushing in low clouds and high and
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midlevel clouds coming in, wildly scattered shower activity in the sierra, sacramento valley and around here over the weekend, very similar today. there goes the main core, that low pushing off but coming in off the western edge of the pacific northwest. that's what has to zoom through today. give us partly to mostly cloudy skies, 40s and 50s, had a few 30s for a brief period of time up into lake county. 46 by the concord pavilion, low 50s out towards antioch, brentwood, alamo 46. pinault at 45. west at 20, gusts about 30 at half moon bay so there is a decent little breeze. you combine that cloud cover and it's kind of a cool end to april and there could be an isolated shower or two, just watch right there, this is later this afternoon, so lake county, northern napa county, maybe into parts of sonoma, i think it's mainly lake, napa and solano, so that would be later. after that, it will fall apart, lose its heat, energy source and we will confine those to the sierra. after wednesday, temperatures start to bump up a little bit.
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mid-60s. we have good news, i hear that train coming. it is coming around the bend. >> finally. >> and it's moving. >> and i like the johnny cash reference there, steve. thank you very much. good way to start a monday. let's take a look at the commute now on 80 westbound, if you are driving, let's say from the carquinez bridge to the mcarthur maze -- before you make it onto the span. we are looking at interstate 880 in oakland, that has not filled insofar. you can drive up to downtown oakland with little or no delay. southbound traffic a little bit slow in hayward, we have had a couple of minor things from hayward to union city, dumb b.a.r.t. bridge is okay, san mateo bridge is getting more crowded and the south bay commute is beginning to get more crowded as well. 6:31. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. also happening today, if
6:32 am
you keep an eye on the golden gate bridge you might see some people rappelling down the bridge. engineers will use what's called arm's length inspection to examine the bridge's metal tower. while attached to ropes and pulleys they will other pole from the -- they will rappel from the sidewalks down to the towers. they will never be directly over the cars but the salty marine environment around the bridge can certainly cause erosion on the steel. the inspection will determine if repairs are needed. our time now 6:32. investigators say that mary berwert was one of the youngest victims of the golden state killer. back in 1979 she was attacked at knife point, tied up with a rope, was raped at her family's home in wall new creek -- walnut creek. she was only 13 years old. she has waited almost 40 years for the arrest in the golden state killer case and it came as a result of a genealogy website and dna evidence. >> above all, i am so happy.
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it is the best news, there was a time when i was like, i'll never know, i never thought i would really ever know. so many good things can come from dna and i wouldn't have imagined this. >> on friday berwert watched very closely the live tv coverage of the suspect joseph deangelo's first court appearance. she says she has no plans to see him in court unless she is called to testify. police at uc berkeley are searching for an armed robbery suspect who attacked a cal student on saturday. that student fought back and was able to escape but ktvu's leigh martinez is in berkeley now this morning to talk about the attack and, lee, you have -- leigh, you have the surveillance photo of the suspect? >> reporter: yes, that's right. and berkeley campus police released it to us. so what happened was the suspect original approached the victim on college avenue and channing way and then after a struggle the suspect then followed the victim who ran
6:34 am
into a residence hall here. this is unit 1. now, the surveillance video from the hall captured a photo of the suspect. here you see the suspect in the doorway of the residence hall standing over the victim who fell on the ground. the attempted armed robbery happened around 4:30 a.m. saturday. the student victim struggled with the suspect who was holding a handgun. student managed to break free from the suspect and escape into one of the student resident halls. the suspect is described as a man in his 20s, approximately 5'8", 175 pounds with short, dark hair. he was wearing a black hoodie with red writing on the front, acid wash jeans and a handgun was in his left hand. now, anyone who might know this suspect or has any information is encouraged to call berkeley campus police and campus police are also warning students, they want their students to be reminded if you go out at night or go out anywhere to always have a buddy with you or to walk in large groups and also
6:35 am
to be conscious of the electronic devices that you might be holding out in front of you. they are prime targets for robberies. >> yeah, always good advice. thank you, leigh. time now is 6:35. and a san francisco district attorney -- the san francisco district attorney george gascon wants to create a new unit to fight human trafficking. according to the san francisco examiner, he is requesting $1.4 million to fund 10 new positions to help convict human traffickers. the report says the positions would include prosecutors, investigators and a head attorney. right now the examiner says the general crimes unit handles those cases. 6:35. this morning in the east bay there was another earthquake after a cluster of quakes over the weekend. about 455 this morning a magnitude 3.3 quake shook alamo in the diablo foothills regional park. that's the strongest so far in this latest swarm of quakes.
6:36 am
yesterday at least eight other quakes hit the diablo area near danville. the strongest ranging from a magnitude 2.7 to a 3.0. the weakest quake was recorded at 1.5. this is the latest cluster of quakes to hit that area. two quakes rattled danville earlier this month. there were at least 60 others this year. time 6:36. there were side shows in oakland over the weekend and several cars are still impounded by the police. take a look at this photo, tweeted by oakland police showing two cars being towed. tow trucks removed several cars involved in side shows throughout oakland. a woman who lives near 81st and bancroft told ktvu she heard screeching tires for at least 45 minutes. police haven't said if any arrests were made. president trump says his historic meeting with north korea's kim jong-un could be happening in the next three to four weeks. this as we are seeing more progress in peace talks with
6:37 am
the country. kim jong-un is vowing to shut down a nuclear test site next month and opened it up for foreign inspectors and journalists. says there's no need for nuclear weapons if the u.s. vows not to invade. and while some are touting this as progress, others doubt we will see a change. >> president trump has put economic pressure on the north koreans and it appears to have given us this opening, this real opportunity for something that would be transformative for the world if we can achieve it. >> they agreed to it in 1992 with south korea and they have pledged similar things since then. now, it's also the case that they have lied about it and broken their commitments. >> so far no official details have been released on the president's meeting with the north korean leader. in the meantime south korea announced today that it will dismantle the loud speakers that broadcast propaganda across the border into north korea for decades. it is one of the first steps toward carrying out the agreement reached between the
6:38 am
two koreas during last week's historic summit meeting. south korea vowed to tear down the pop grande loud speakers -- prop grande loud speakers along the border ending one of the most cold weapons of cold war era psychological warfare. amazon and netflix are joining other hollywood studios aimed at stopping a low cost streaming service it may be using unauthorized content. the two companies along with disney and paramount are suing set tv, which offers 500 channels of content for $20 a month. the lawsuit could make set tv liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in copyright infringement. 6:38. the summer concert season is here, but the price to see your favorite act could mean you're staying home until now. is it ante huckabee sanders, but for white women who disappoint other white
6:39 am
women. >> was that funny or did it cross the line? the white house responds to that comedian's jokes about the white house. white house. and what would you do if you found $100? how a boy's good deed helped a man in need. we have slow traffic in the east bay. this is a look at westbound 24, looks like it's pretty slow here in lafayette. a lot of cloud cover coming in, one more system to keep us cool here, any warmer weather in the extended outlook, well, yeah, we will get to that coming up. crystal geyser alpine springpasses through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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taking a look at wall street this morning, nice start to the day. nice start to the week. live look at the dow, up almost three quarters of a percent, 170 points. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 up as well and this is coming from good earnings, mcdonald's to name one, which is part of the dow. we will have more business coming up in a little bit. a comedian has sparked conversation about how far people can go at the annual white house correspondents differ. michelle wolf delivered harsh marks saturday night about republicans, democrats, the white house and president trump's family. kelly wright reports from washington. >> reporter: a comedian under fire for her jokes at saturday's white house correspondents dinner and now some journalists are demanding an apology. >> like she burns fat and then
6:43 am
she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. like maybe she is born with it, maybe it's lies. probably lies. >> the daily show comedian michelle wolf used her time at the podium aiming her roast at the trump administration and at one point she launched into a personal attack against white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders who was sitting on stage to the left of wolf. wolf criticized her job performance and appearance. many attendees sat in silence as the barrage of jokes continued. sarah's scowl took the criticism and remained in her seat. >> it was incredibly disrespectful. it was shameful, it was disgusting. >> reporter: now several journalists are coming to sanders' defense and calling for the white house correspondent association and wolf to apologize. the president, who did not attend the annual dinner
6:44 am
tweeted about it sunday saying in part, quote, everyone is talking about the fact that the white house correspondents dinner was a big boring bust. the so-called comedian really bombed. >> that was kelly wright reporting. in a tweet yesterday wolf says she was complimenting sanders on her eye makeup and her ingenuity of material. the department of justice overhauled its internal manual on how to deal with the media. the news website buzzfeed reports the department's latest manual tells prosecutors not to share what it calls classified information with the news media. it tells them to report any content with members -- contact with members of the media. president trump and attorney general jeff sessions have been cracking down on the media. deputy attorney general rob rosenstein ordered a thorough review of that manual which hadn't been fully updated since
6:45 am
1997. well, tomorrow it's the deadline to create a new nafta agreement before canada and mexico face new tariffs on steel and aluminum. in march president trump signed the order for the new import tariffs and says the u.s. must protect and build america's steel and aluminum industries while being flexible with countries that treat the u.s. fairly. the tariffs are expected to be 25% on imported steel and 10% on aluminum. time 6:45. an oak tree on the lawn of the white house, it was planted just last week by president trump and french president macron is now gone. it was a gift from president macron. it was taken from the site of a world war i battle in france to honor american soldiers who died there. but now all that's left is a yellow patch of grass. a french official says the tree has been quarantined because it's a nonnative plant brought in from overseas. by the way, that tree will be
6:46 am
replanted. 6:45. and a louisiana man is grateful for a third grader's honesty. >> the little boy found a $100 bill and made sure it was returned to the rightful owner. we are talking about jeron johnson who found the money at a walmart and gave the money to his mother. she gave the money to a store manager. the money had fallen out of the wallet of an 86-year-old man who was shopping in the store. he lives on a fixed income and says he couldn't buy his groceries because he didn't have the money when it was time to check out. >> when i walked outside, i said, lord, let somebody that really needs that money find it. if i've turned something over to the lord, well, i don't never fool with it no more. >> we talked about it on the way home friday, you know, people work hard for their money. i was immediately proud of him. he's a great kid. he has amazing character, he does the right thing even when
6:47 am
nobody else is looking. >> as a reward he was given $20 and says it made him feel happy to know he had helped that man. >> nice. >> yeah. it is 6:47 and we want to check in with sal. if you're getting ready to head out the door, we know the train is moving. what else do we know? >> well, that's good. glad the train was moving because some people -- a lot of people just stuck in their cars but that's been taken care of. let's talk about the east bay commute, though, and the bay bridge because you can see traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up as it normally is for about a 20 minute delay. just in case you're wondering what it's like. now, northbound 880 getting up to downtown oakland still looks pretty good and if you look at the nimitz freeway most traffic heading south. northbound traffic looks good. westbound 580 still looking good but southbound 880 and also southbound 680 getting out
6:48 am
of pleasanton has been slow. they just cleared the accident they had southbound 680 of concord avenue in concord so watch for traffic to be improving there. in the south bay northbound 101 is slow near the capital expressway and 85 and 280 are just moderate. so we are having kind of a moderate commute. could be a lot slower and i have seen other mondays where it starts a lot stronger, right now we still have a decent opportunity for you to drive in the south bay. 6:48, let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. another system is moving in, we will keep the theme of cool going here. last day of april, tomorrow begins may. good morning, brisk but beautiful near los gatos. another cool day on tap. happy monday. >> it will be another cool day today. temperatures near los gatos 40, campbells 42, chilly, 45 cupertino, 40s to 50s santa
6:49 am
cruz mountains and a brisk 43 in so. cal. with morgan hill and san martine in the 40s. a lot of cloud cover. it's one of those patterns where if you're in the cloud cover it's cool, you get in the sun it's warm because we are almost to may so doesn't take much to warm up. another day today keep it on the cool side. wildly scattered showers sacramento valley around here in the weekend and up in the sierra, that theme will continue. coming in on the western edge, coming down from the pacific northwest offshore, a couple new systems so they are fast movers but they keep the cool going. 40s to 50s and also not only low clouds but high and midlevel clouds. 43 in menlo park, stanford in there, low 50s monterra, half moon bay, pretty good northwest wind over there. i don't want to say breeze but a good wind on parts of the san mateo coast northwest 23, gusts 30, sfo due west at 20 miles per hour.
6:50 am
49 ukiah, 30 in truckee. part of that system coming in but it's going to destabilize the atmosphere a little bit this afternoon so we will get pretty good buildups and a possibility mendocino county, lake county, sonoma and napa, maybe solano later today, you can see some of the shower activity popping up. certainly over the sierra, northeast california. that will take us to this afternoon, you can see the lines stretching, though, about lake county over to eastern solano county so that -- by the time we get to 7:00, 8:00, it will start to collapse and after that we will be good, get breezy conditions for the first couple of days of may but then after that, after wednesday, we will start to bump the temps up, not hot but warmer and above average by the time we get to thursday, friday. 60s to near 70, slightly below average for this time of year, it's been kind of a cool april so we are ending on another cool note. more the same into wednesday as warmer temps, more sunshine thursday into friday. >> thank you, steve. well, you can get some free ice cream today. it is a promotion prompted by a
6:51 am
recent deal between ghirardelli and united airlines. the airlines will carry deer deli ice cream topping -- gary ghirardelli ice cream toppings. live nation offering summer concerts for $20. it is selling the lower price tickets to more than 2000 showers across the country. it's part of its national concert week which runs from today through may 8th. shows include kesha, maroon 5, shania twain and rod stewart. 6:00 fun the time. you may want to change your summer plans if recent trends continue. coming up at 7:00, the reason many people may have to reconsider their long road trip for the summer. and an artist can finally see his work in action in san francisco. more on what's happening on the top of the sales fors tower --
6:52 am
the we use our phones and computers the same way these days. so why do we pay to have a phone connected when we're already paying for internet? shouldn't it all just be one thing? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you can get up to 5 lines of talk and text included at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited. and see how you could save $400 or more a year. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today.
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welcome back to "ktvu mornings on 2", today the plan to develop the clipper cove in san francisco will be hurt by a committee of the board of supervisors, clipper cove is just south of the bay bridge between treasure island and urban boyne island. developers want to build a luxury marina for more than 300
6:55 am
very expensive yachts, critics say that the cove distracts -- attracts thousands of families in the sailing center is based there. the hearing today will be at 1:30 this afternoon at the city hall. the santa clara county water district will make an important decision regarding the water tunnel project, championed by governor brown. the governor wants to build two huge tunnels that would send water from the delta to southern california. earlier this month officials in southern california approved $11 billion in funding for the $17 billion project, now according to the mercury news santa clara county is considering committing up to $650 million. the district will be voting on wednesday. tonight is game three of the san jose sharks series with the las vegas golden knights and after losing in the series opener the sharks bounced back beating las vegas to even up
6:56 am
the series, it took two overtimes but logan could tour scored the game winner. tonight the game starts at 7:00 pm but the party will start three hours earlier as there will be a street rally outside of the arena at 4:00 pm. the light installations are being tested at the san francisco salesforce tower. sometime next month the salesforce tower will display the work of artist jim campbell full-time. some of the work was tested on thursday with blue and purple swirls seen on the tower, other colorful designs were tested on wednesday, the work will be displayed on the top six floors of the tower. there will be 11,000 led lights for the display and you will be able to see it from 20 miles away. a central valley man is giving thanks to the people --
6:57 am
person who literally saved his life. >> i'm sorry for your loss because he was a great man. >> firefighter perry choi died last august less than one week before his 47th birthday, his family members friends and coworkers were stunned to find out he had a stroke and died, his partner says he was always planning including signing up to be an organ donor, she donated his heart. it was given to jim donovan who has heart disease, his wife met donovan for the first time yesterday, he told her and let her listen to his new heart. >> i felt so connected with him. after hearing his heart, it is like he is family to me now. we are going to be a family. >> she also had many san francisco firefighters who worked with choi go with her. they say that he is now part of
6:58 am
their lives the same way the donor was, they also want to make sure she and the son of the donor who is now two years old know what a generous man his father was. the organization that coordinates organ donations around the country says there are 120,000 people on the waiting list for organs and more than 30 people per day who are on the list die without getting a transplant. the month of may is bike to work month and a bike sharing company is offering a free one month trial to help commuters bike to work. the ford go bike company is offering a partnership with bart which includes unlimited 45 minute rides and 24-hour access to the ford gobikes service which you can unlock with a clipper card but the offer will end may 31. the ex-girlfriend of 49ers
6:59 am
linebacker reuben foster recants domestic violence accusations against him but that does not mean the football star is out of trouble, we will tell you what is happening later today.>> this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> here we are monday the last day of april 1 day of the workweek thank you for joining us i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning i'm dave clark, let's talk about your monday weather. it is kind of bad out there. >> it is a little bit cool, how was the train? >> it is amazing what 20 minutes does, the difference. i was stuck behind a train in jack london square i took that strange route to get here but it was amazing it was stuck for one hour. >> yes, now it is finally moving but we are glad you are here. a lot of cloud coverage today,
7:00 am
one more cool system is coming moving through today so we are ending april on another cool note. our good friend says happy monday it is a frisky start in larkspur at 49. it is a zest full and perky start so what is a little cool. 40s with upper 40s to lower 50s another observation in tiburon is 48, 51 in the city. all temperatures are pretty close, 49 and 50 in oakland, 49 el cerrito. one more system is rotating through, the main system went by but this is coming from the western edge. this is producing scattered showers over the weekend and it will be similar today with the system coming in looks to favor north and east, 40s and 50s with a few 30s but the cloud coverage is coming bringing up some temperatures. 43 rohnert park, 44 in mill valley and a decent breeze with 24 degrees at


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