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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 30, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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emissions so on those days we are encouraged to carpool, take public transit and reduce energy consumption. it is not a stunt, the reason you will see people hanging off of the golden gate bridge today. a caravan of immigrants now at the us-mexico border testing the trump anti-immigration policies. drama over dinner, did the entertainment at the white house correspondents dinner go too far? >> anytime is a good time for johnny cash. under the train today here at jack london square i didn't need the ac or the heater but i did need my patients. i will share with you some video i took this morning as i was stuck behind a train. i did some maneuvering may be illegal. this is right by work literally
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if i could've walked across the train i would have been here. i waited for 12 minutes when the crossing gates were down and then finally i took a big detour all the way through west oakland and then circled back around. >> that is a mounted camera right? let me just mention. in elementary school we had late birds and early birds, i was a late bird. i had my morning time to down to the minute so not for the train i would've been here right on time. are you early or late?>> i just rolling when i get here. >> is there something like a middleburg? >> i have been a late bird most of my life.>> you could leave the house earlier but today was out of my hands. >> that was a shaky camera mount but anyway i am glad i made it. you guys have been on top of it.>> that is right, the train
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ended up moving after one hour so it was there for a long time. >> yes it was and the clouds have been lingering right? we better be early birds. >> we have been behind the train before, i have been sitting next to you behind the train waiting. it's like oh no my hit is coming up. >> so, the end of april and cooler today. we have low clouds with high clouds also, some sun breaks but 50s, 53 and 55, everyone is really close and there is not much change. lower clouds with a little bit of sunshine. possible showers in lake county, napa county and solano. after wednesday thursday and friday we are warming up. you can see that activity at 3:00 today in lake county possibly northern sonoma and napa out into solano. also fairfield and vacaville we
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are watching. for sure northeast california into the sierra and some of those will produce snow showers but the active pattern continues although the system is diving to the south tomorrow. after today we will be a little bit better but another system is coming through partly to mostly cloudy with some sun breaks but plenty of sons -- showers popping up. thursday friday and saturday however looks to be favorable for sunshine and warmer temperatures. san francisco 62 when the normally 64 so we are pretty close. some of the cloud coverage is moving through now with more coming this afternoon and then things will be popping up as one more system drops in southern california gets rain tomorrow with 50s on the temps with a few 30s this morning. we do have a blustery day but when the system goes by 60s today with widely scattered showers. by the end of the week we are looking for sunshine and warmer temperatures thursday and friday. albany police need help as
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they investigate the first homicide in the city in three years, it happened yesterday morning at a popular biking and walking path. >> allie rasmus joins us live from albany and you just spoke with police. >> reporter: yes, i briefly spoke with the lieutenant who says they're working the case but cannot release a lot of information. yesterday morning is when police responded to a report about a man who appeared to be injured slumped over on the bench. this walkway is part of the greenway a very popular walking trail, not far from the el cerrito and albany border. the nearest cross streets is portland and the san gabriel avenue. police discovered the victim suffering from a gunshot wound, the man later died from his injury. this morning we have spoken to several people who live in this area which is residential. obviously they are disturbed and upset. they also told us they have
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noticed for the past couple of weeks a man was sleeping on the bench every night and a lot of people are wondering if that is the man killed.>> he was sitting on the side with all of his stuff. he would sleep every night there. and his bag was there but i guess he had no place to go. >> reporter: we have contacted the alameda county coroner to see if they could release the victim's identity but they tell me there is a hold on the information and they cannot share the name publicly yet. one police lieutenant told me they will contact us when they are able to release that information but albany police are asking anyone who may have seen or heard anything in the area yesterday to contact them. they say your tips can remain anonymous. again the man was discovered yesterday morning but he may have been injured for maybe even hours before then. this is the first homicide in
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albany since 2015 and prior to that there had not been one since 2004. people say it is unusual to see this kind of crime. 49ers linebacker reuben foster has arrived for his court appearance. this video was taken a short time ago, foster could be seen arriving at the courthouse, he is facing three felony counts. the charges stem from a dispute in february with his former girlfriend. the former girlfriend originally accused foster of punching her rupturing her eardrum, she later recanted and now says she was injured during a fight with another woman. she says she made up the allegations because foster was breaking up with her but prosecutors are still moving forward with the case. more shaking in the east bay with another earthquake early this morning the 3.3 hit early this morning but there are no reports of damage. this comes after at least eight
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hit the diablo area yesterday. so far there have been at least 60 small earthquakes in the area this year, yesterday those eight earthquakes ranged between 2.7 and 3.0. this is the latest cluster, two earthquakes rattled danville earlier this month. straight to the question of the day which has been how concerned are you about a major earthquake hitting the bay area, 30% are very concerned, 45% a little concern, 25% are not concerned at all. >> a couple of comments on twitter, carl says i am concerned but it won't help. >> vernon says i am not too concerned but i should probably get some supplies ready just in case. >> another twitter user says i would rather be prepared than nervous but it is in the back of my mind. we live in a condo with a parking garage underneath. it is one of those soft story places.>> i'm not concerned at
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all. i don't think about it. i said on twitter maybe it's because i grew up here but it does not bother me.>> we could all go to your house you have a great fit. >> if you drive across the golden gate bridge day-to-day you might notice workers on ropes above you. alex savidge is live with the weeklong project which could be a distraction for some drivers. >> reporter: good morning, this could create a spectacle for drivers crossing the golden gate bridge all this week and obviously officials want to make sure people, you should not be concerned. they want to make sure you know that there are bridge inspections going on and you shouldn't be worried if you see those workers hovering above the span. this work is just getting started or they are about to get started as we push to the top of the tower, this is the north tower. you can probably see those
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engineers, a team of engineers doing this important inspection work this week and they are preparing to repel down from this tower that is 746 feet down to the span itself. as they repel they will be inspecting the tower looking for any signs of corrosion. the crew will be doing something called arm's-length inspection. of course the salty ocean air at the golden gate bridge can eat away at the steel overtime so the engineers want to figure out if any repairs are necessary. the workers will be using ropes and pulleys to repel from the top of both towers throughout the week and they will be making their way down to the scaffolding set up above the sidewalks down below. visitors we are talking to certainly are surprised to hear about the lengths that the crews go to. >> it is better for them to do it than me, that is for sure. >> what if they needed a
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volunteer? >> no volunteer, i am out of here. >> reporter: bridge officials say that the engineers who are repelling will never be directly above passing cars. still you have to imagine this inspection work will certainly be a distraction for drivers and again officials want everybody to keep in mind you should not be stopping on the bridge, slowing down and you should be aware you don't need to call 911 for help. these are trained professionals who know what they are doing and obviously don't have a fear of heights repelling down these towers, the work starts at 10:00 this morning and goes until 5:00 pm. >> alex savidge, live thank you. after traveling thousands of miles 200 migrants are at the us-mexico border seeking asylum in the united states
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waiting for the government which says the border crossing is at capacity. >> we take a closer look at the migrants. >> after a month long trip from central america a caravan with migrants hoping to gain asylum in the united states arriving at the border near san diego. >> they are fleeing for their lives and we are a country which has a long history and a mixed history but a long history of receiving people. >> the group planned to turn themselves in asking for asylum, they want to escape the violence and poverty in their home country to create a better life for themselves and children. >> we are not a country of white nationalists. there is a reason we have the statue of liberty. we are a country that protects the human rights of others. >> officials say they are at capacity for undocumented asylum-seekers and most of those arriving will have to wait until room opens. it is a highly political issue and border security is a top
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priority for president trump. >> we have to have borders and we have to have them fast. we need security and we need the wall. if we don't get border security we have no choice. will close down the country because we need security. >> mike pence is expected here later today to tour the border fence. from california, ktvu fox 2 news. california national guard troops will be headed to the border this week, the first deployment under the governor brown deal with the trumpet ministration to increase border security. 200 guard members are expected to arrive in central california on saturday for training before deploying to the san diego region in the middle of next week. the guard members will not enforce immigration laws but they will focus combating criminal gangs. human traffickers as well as illegal smugglers. coming up, assemblyman of
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oakland introducing a bill preventing a landlord from evicting a renter without good cause. he joins us live in studio coming up. plus, she is one of the "golden state killer" earliest victims. fettlfre all new big italian classics. for a limited time, only at olive garden. ifwhat would it say?ash tag 80% glowing 50% freckles no matter your skin type, all skin deserves gentleness. that's why dove is sulfate free. the #1 body wash recommended by dermatologists.
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it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. pacifica police will work to remove a sailboat that ran aground over the weekend, saturday night four people were on board when the engine failed. police say it is the responsibility of the owner to pay for the removal but officers are helping them with the process. we are learning more information about the suspected "golden state killer" and his life behind bars, officials say that joseph deangelo is being held by himself at the sacramento county jail since he was arrested one week ago. according to jail records so far no one has visited the 72- year-old and he has declined
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request for a jailhouse interview from a number of media outlets. according to reports he has been placed on suicide watch as a prevention and is also undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. he last appeared in court friday where we could see him here. he is not entering a plea yet and will return in two weeks. we are learning more about his former fianci, a woman who could play an important role in the investigation. the woman bonnie caldwell was engaged to joseph deangelo in the 70s but broke off the engagement. investigators say that may have led to the string of rapes and murders in the 70s and 80s, one of his alleged victims says he repeatedly yelled i hate you bonnie after she was raped in 1978. investigators say she is one of the killers youngest victims, we are learning from the woman who was attacked at knife point, bound with rope
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and raped. it all happened in 1979 when the woman, mary berwert was just 13. >> above all i am so happy. it is the best news. there was a time when i thought i would never know.>> this is a picture of mary berwert from 1979 when she celebrated her 13th birthday, two months after the picture was taken her life changed forever. >> a teenage girl raped in her home today. >> ktvu reported on the crime back then, this is old footage of investigators canvassing the neighborhood. a man in a ski mask woke her up tied her hands and feet and held her at knife point.>> she was bound, he raped her, he did not bother anyone else in the residence. the young girl's father and
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older sister were inside the residence at the time and were unaware. >> authorities later identify the suspect as the east area rapist and "golden state killer". link to a dozen murder and 40 rapes. three decades later authorities arrested joseph deangelo , a relative's dna from a genealogy website cracked the case. >> so many good things come from dna.>> mary berwert watched as he made his first court appearance rolled out in a wheelchair. >> i thought who are you fooling when i saw the video. >> joseph deangelo is being held on murder charges, mary berwert worries that he may not serve time for the grave -- rape. >> i know that it is not going to make a difference in the long run because he is going to jail, but he should have to answer for what he did.
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>> a vindication that her father would fight for, he died of a heart attack three years after the assault. it still haunts her the moment she told him what happened. >> it killed him, it ripped his heart out. i was his little daughter. >> mary berwert does not plan to go to court unless she is asked to testify, she says she does not want the death penalty but wants him to sit in jail. his next court appearance is may 14, from walnut creek, azenith smith ktvu fox 2 news. joseph deangelo may be tied to another double homicide . in 1979 24-year-old rhonda witt was beaten raped and strangled in her apartment near los angeles. down the hall her son was smothered and suffocated in his bed. the woman's ex-boyfriend was convicted in the killings and spend decades behind bars, he was released last fall after
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being cleared by dna. a wildfire in arizona continues to grow and has burned structures, the fire started friday 10 miles from a small town of clint north of phoenix. residents have been told to evacuate 10 nearby communities. organizations in the north bay are looking for volunteers to help with recovery efforts following the north bay wildfires. some of the workers needed include people to help build homes for habitat for humanity and other similar organizations. the community is looking toward rebuilding after hundreds of homes were lost. organizations are also looking for volunteers to help rebuild trails and repair hillsides. a recent study shows organizations in the north bay will need around 1000 volunteers in the next six months. the flight 93 memorial in pennsylvania is getting a makeover with the help of some college students on spring break. the plane was headed to san francisco but crashed in shanksville killing 44
9:21 am
passengers and crew members. many of those on board the plane were from the bay area or had ties here including one of the pilots who grew up in san jose, over the weekend college students helped to plant thousands of trees at the memorial site. coming up next, first facebook, now twitter. what we are learning about the data released from twitter to cambridge analytica. here is a look at tonight's primetime lineup, lucifer and 8:00 followed by the resident at 9:00 and don't forget to stay tuned for the 10:00 and 11:00 news.
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the markets kicked off their winning ways, as you can see we are right where we should be at flat, the s&p has dropped 1/3 % and the nasdaq down by .5%. twitter is up .5% and let's watch that because twitter says it sold random posts from users
9:24 am
to cambridge analytica, the company that obtained data from millions of facebook users without knowledge or permission and the data was passed on to political consultants. twitter says it has audited the information given and it says no personal information was given out. twitter gives some companies developers and some users access to public data, the information has been used to analyze events and customer service. isis has taken responsibility for suicide bombings in afghanistan that killed at least 25 people including nine journalists in kabul near the nato afghan headquarters and the us embassy. authorities say the first bomber was on a motorcycle and the second was among reporters who were gathered at the scene of the first explosion. a few hours later a suicide car bomber targeting a nato convoy in the southern province nearby killed 11 children at a religious school.
9:25 am
mike pompeo says peace between the israelis and palestinians is a priority for the trump administration. despite the fact that the us recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel and will soon move the embassy to the holy city. caroline shively has the latest. >> less than one week after being sworn in as the new secretary of state former cia director mike pompeo says the united states is open to a two state solution to the israeli palestinian conflict if both parties agree. >> we certainly believe israelis and palestinians need to have political engagement. we urge the palestinians to return. >> speaking on his first overseas trip as the top diplomat in america these comments come at the end of a visit to israel and jordan during what has been considered the worst crisis in relations between israelis and palestinians in years. >> there is a dead lock in peace efforts. >> on may 14 the us will open
9:26 am
its new embassy in jerusalem. a move averaging palestinians. still mike pompeo says the us is continuing efforts to a potential deal of the century. >> we are working together so the solution works for those countries and for the greater region including the important interest. >> pompeo was asked during the trip if the us has taken a position on the recent protesting along the gaza israel border in which 50 palestinians have been killed by israeli fire, he responded that the trump administration believes israelis have the right to defend themselves, caroline shively ktvu fox 2 news. president trump is tweeting about a possible location ahead of his meeting with kim jong-un. this morning the president tweeted numerous countries are being considered for the meeting but would peace house or freedom house on the border of north and south korea be a more representative important and lasting site?
9:27 am
over the weekend the president said the upcoming meeting could be happening within four weeks, all of this as we have seen progress in peace talks. kim jong-un is vowing to shut down a nuclear test site and open it up for foreign inspectors. he says there is no need for nuclear weapons if the us vows not to invade. some call it progress but others say they doubt there will be real change, so far there have been no official details released on the meeting with kim jong-un. coming up on "ktvu mornings on 2", when you search for a job online do you ever use indeed? we will tell you about one woman's experience that ended up being a scam and the advice she has. a uc berkeley student fights off a robbery suspect. how she was able to escape and the photo police are hoping will lead to an arrest.
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welcome back, we are following developing news concerning a member of the oakland raiders. according to tmz offensive lineman donald penn is being investigated for a domestic violence incident. accused of slapping his wife and pouring a drink on her. law enforcement say they were called to his los angeles home sunday night but when they arrived he had left the scene. for more on the other stories we are working on let's go to dave clark. >> here are some of the top stories we are following, the ground shaking in the east bay, early this morning at 4:55 magnitude 3.3 earthquake hit but no damage reported. this comes after at least eight earthquakes hit the diablo area yesterday near danville, the strongest ranging from 2.7 to 3.0. the weakest was reported at 1.5, so far there have been at least 60 small earthquakes to
9:31 am
hit the area this year. in albany the first homicide in three years is under investigation. it happen yesterday on the greenway biking and walking trail. police were called about an injured man slumped over a park bench who had been shot. he later died at the hospital, if you have any information please call albany police. chp says highway 101 in marin county near san antonio road is back opened after a big rig crashed earlier this morning at 1:30. it took three hours to clear the road. chp says nobody was injured and no other cars were involved. a possible pipe bomb found last night in north oakland, 11:00 pm the area near 62nd street and telegraph was blocked off, we checked and the street is now open but police gave no updates on a possible pipe bomb.
9:32 am
we will bring you more information as we get it. those are some of your morning headlines, mike, sal, gasia back to you. police at uc berkeley are searching for an armed robber who attacked a student on saturday, the student was able to escape. >> leigh martinez in berkeley with more on the attack.>> reporter: the suspect first approached the student on channing way and college avenue. after a struggle the student ran to a residence hall but the suspect followed him. the surveillance video from the hall captured a photo of the suspect. in the photo you can see the suspect in the doorway of the residence hall standing over the victim who fell on the ground. the attempted armed robbery happened on saturday at 430 in the morning. the suspect struggled with the victim who had a handgun. the victim was able to escape and the suspect is a man in his
9:33 am
20s, approximately 5' 8" 170 pounds. he was wearing a black hoodie with red writing on the front, acid washed jeans and a handgun in his left hand. students this morning say they had not heard of the attack over the weekend but are not surprised.>> i think you are generally safe if you're someone who was of my build or tall or big, but i think if you are smaller there is a degree of risk in living here and being out late at night. we are constantly getting emails on different robberies or different incidents happening. it is important for us to be knowledgeable of what is happening and stay responsible as much as we can. >> reporter: police say that if anyone has any idea who this suspect is they should contact police. they are also morning students that if they do go out they should go out either with a buddy or within a large group. also be mindful of the
9:34 am
electronic devices that they are caring because these are prime targets for robbers. back to you guys. daly city police have not released any information on a possible suspect or motive in the saturday night shooting at the classic bowling center. police are continuing to search for the gunman who fired three shots injuring one man. by the time investigators arrived the shooter had left the scene. one witness says the bowling alley was celebrating night bowling with glow-in-the-dark lights on but it all changed.>> suddenly the lights went off and the music went off. that is when i thought something is going on. i couldn't really see what happened. i was just like let me get this on camera but i had no idea gunshots were going off. >> the bowling alley operator refused to comment but customers say that security guards are posted at the bowling alley at night. sideshows in oakland over the weekend and several cars
9:35 am
are still impounded, this photo shows two cars being towed. tow trucks removed several vehicles involved in the sideshows. a woman who lives near 81st and bancroft told us she had heard screeching tires for at least 45 minutes. president trump is criticizing the white house correspondents association and the annual dinner, over the weekend comedian michelle wolf deliver jokes toward president trump's staff and media. the routine was met with laughter and uncountable silence. >> i actually really like her, i think she is resourceful. she burns fat and using the ash to create a perfect smoky eye. maybe she is born with it, maybe it is live. probably live. >> the white house correspondents association president is not apologizing
9:36 am
but says that the jokes were not within the group mission.>> my aim and the way i sought to put the program together was to build a spirit of unity in the room to rally around journalism. my only regret is that to some extent the 15 minutes are now defining four hours of a wonderful unifying night. >> sarah huckabee sanders attended the dinner in place of the president. for the second year in a row president trump declined the invitation and instead held a rally in michigan. president trump tweeted earlier this morning the white house correspondents dinner is dead as we know it, a total disaster and embarrassment to our country. fake news is alive and well and represented on saturday night. michelle wolf tweeted on sunday, why are you guys making this about sarah's looks, i said she burned facts and uses the ash to create a perfect
9:37 am
smoky eye. i complimented her eye makeup and ingenuity of materials. president trump will be speaking at the national rifle association convention in dallas on friday. the trip would be his fourth consecutive addressed to the nra's annual meeting but his first to the group since he publicly urged lawmakers not to fear the nra. the remark came shortly after the florida high school shooting earlier this year. mike pence is also scheduled to appear at the convention on friday, earlier the group announced guns will not be allowed, the nra says the secret service will coordinate security and will not permit weapons inside the hall during the speech, parkland survivors and other advocates say that schoolchildren should be given the same protection as the vice president. a warning about a sophisticated scam for people who use online websites to search for jobs. one woman thought she found the perfect job on indeed after
9:38 am
singer post for a project manager position at kraft hines, after applying she received an email inviting her to a phone interview and that she got a call from pittsburgh. days later she got the offer letter in the mail and a check for $8300 to cover training expenses. she says her first reaction was to tell her mom because she was so excited. then she became suspicious about the check and looked at the number for the hr department. >> he said wow i'm sorry to tell you, but it was a scam. i wish i never would have said anything about it to my mother because it was like a big letdown. yes, i was hurt. >> the cameras -- scammers sent the fake check and then they ask victims to pay back the cost, kraft hines has said the company is shocked and disappointed by the scam and immediately reported to the fbi. indeed reviews job postings and
9:39 am
the company encourages jobseekers to report any suspicious posting. a berkeley cafi once tied to a racist incident has closed its doors without notice. crowds have been joining outside of the elmwood cafi, many of the messages called for love and tolerance. three years ago the cafi was at the center of a controversial racial incident involving a well-known berkeley topic and host of the united shades of america. >> in 2015 on my birthday i was told to leave the elmwood cafi in berkeley because they thought i was harassing my wife and baby. >> the experience is similar to a recent incident at a starbucks in philadelphia where police arrested two african- american men who sat down for a business meeting. the owner of the berkeley cafi has not given any official reason for the closure but a post on their website is thanking the community for their support. tonight is game three of
9:40 am
the sharks playoff series with the las vegas golden knights. after losing the series opener the sharks bounced back beating las vegas in game two to even up the series. the game-winner came in double overtime for the sharks, tonight the game starts at 7:00 pm but the party starts three hours earlier at a free street rally outside of the arena at 4:00. the warriors will host the new orleans pelicans tomorrow for game two of the playoffs, the warriors won saturday and i would say it is not even close. some big names in attendance were beyonci and jay-z sitting courtside. meantime, steve kerr says he expects steph curry to return from his injury and play on tuesday. after one quarter of that game it was kind of even but after that the warriors took off and it was a laugher.
9:41 am
fun to watch if you're a warriors fan. coming up, one assemblyman in oakland is introducing a bill which would prevent landlords from terminating a tenant's contract without good reason.
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from the first moment you met, it was love at first touch. and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection. that's why only pampers swaddlers is the number one choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection. so that all they feel is love. pampers the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents
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the end of an era for a well-known bay area dance school, the conservatory of dance has helped train generations. >> monte francis tells us about the difficult decision to close its doors. >> the pleasure of challenge. the pleasure of seeing people grow. what it means to have imagination. i don't think
9:44 am
about what do i get out of it? i just want to do it.>> summer is the artistic director of the san francisco conservatory of dance. a school she and her husband founded in 2004, she recently announced the spacious studio space at eighth and fulsome would close its doors after the summer session. >> we are all very close the students and faculty. for us it is not a gig or job, it is a passion. >> with dance space limited and expensive, for the dancers the news does not come without disappointment. >> it is sad because it is your home. >> also tears. >> summer talks a lot about the greater philosophy that the conservatory promotes. i think that, sorry. that is more important than the space holding it.
9:45 am
>> a series of personal events has led to this decision including the loss of her home in glen ellen which was damaged by the north bay wildfires. she is a dual us and british citizen and the fire accelerated their plans to retire in europe. now the question is what would happen to the dance space here in the heart of san francisco? there is no guarantee the new renters will maintain the space as a dance studio, in fact it is likely it could go back to being offices but she says it was never about establishing a physical space. >> it is not a place building or studio, it is people. an environment. >> she has this parting wish. >> i want them to be influential and shaping change for the better. the world where they dance. it is an adventure to dance and
9:46 am
everybody should dance. >> in san francisco monte francis, ktvu fox 2 news. oneness and women in oakland has introduced a bill preventing the landlords from terminating tenants without good cause, under the law change of ownership or foreclosure would not be considered a good cause. the assemblyman is a strong proponent of a possible lawsuit between the city of oakland and the oakland raiders. the vote on whether to file the lawsuit is expected tomorrow, the assemblyman joins us live in studio but so when did this come about? >> we are in one of the worst housing crisis in the history of the state and we want to protect and defend californians, especially those who are renting. we have 17 million californians rent their homes and we want to make sure they're not displaced or pushed out into homelessness if we can help it. all that it asks is a simple
9:47 am
proposition that says you can only be evicted for a fair reason, not discriminatory or retaliatory or arbitrary. if you're following the rules, if you're paying rent on time following the conditions we think you should keep that secure and safe roof. >> so, to clarify say i own a 12 unit property and i just purchased this is that good cause? if i give a 30 day one? >> change of ownership is not good cause if you stay in the business. a lot of new owners evict everyone in the building they purchase and we think that is wrong. if those tenants are good, if they pay their rent and are following their terms. they should still have the ability to stay in the place they call home, currently if they get evicted they are on the streets. >> a couple of years ago there were 41,000 evictions in california so is this about
9:48 am
slowing down or stopping them? stuck -- >> we want to stop them but also just slow down, there will be tenants who violate and we understand under those circumstances they should be able to evict but not if the tenant asks for a repair they are entitled to, not simply because of a change of ownership or because of floor closure. we want to make sure we narrowed the evictions so they are fair and just not unfair. >> where is the bill now? >> first committee and first house, we look forward to getting it out. >> okay, oakland city council as a meeting tomorrow as they are expected to vote whether or not to proceed with a lawsuit against the oakland raiders and the national football league, what are your thoughts on this? do you think they should move forward? not to bring the team back to recoup money. >> correct. there is a set of possibilities, most likely recouping money, i think they should move forward.
9:49 am
it is a high value proposition. attorneys are willing to take on the entire risk. the entire financial risk so no cost to the city. these attorneys will do the discovery and explore the case and see if there are anticompetitive unfair actions being taken against the city and then assess the case. it might be we can get $83 million of bond debt restored or some of the future revenue that we will have if we continue to have a team. in the near future maybe we could have a team again so there is a world of possibilities. at no risk. >> so what is the claim? i read that they violated policy in moving the team along with the nfl. is that your understanding?>> yes, mostly around violating policies around moving teams. it is a high value act for owners to move teams because
9:50 am
they all get economic benefits but they need to comply with the policy. they need to treat the city and the teams fairly but they're moving teams for arbitrary reasons which could be collusion or anticompetitive steps and we want to see the internal correspondence and communicated around the move. i think it will be very interesting what the attorneys can find. >> so what else are you working on?>> terminal justice reform, bell reform, changing a broken money bell system. making sure the cannabis policy space is fully responsible and regulated in the marketplace where folks are treated fairly. there is opportunity for expungement and reductions in crimes that are no longer crimes. a lot of good stuff. >> i just wanted to make sure you are not just hanging out. we are checking on you. coming up next, the royal wedding is less than one month away and some people are even
9:51 am
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side, and on the other side ktvu plus. if you win take a picture with the mug and send it to us so we can put it here. there is a new surfing record and it could be a long time before this is broken, this is video of rodrigo koxa riding what is confirmed as the world's largest wave ever served. the 38-year-old brazilian caught the wave in portugal in november and experts say that it is an 80 foot wave. he won the quicksilver award for the largest wave served for the year, this breaks the previous record served by two feet. that is enormous. >> think about what if he didn't catch that. kind of dangerous. anyway the month of may is bike to work month, to celebrate a bike sharing company is sharing a one month free trial.
9:55 am
ford gobikes is offering the membership through a partnership with bart including unlimited 45 minute rides and 24 hour access to the bikes which can be unlocked with clipper cards. the offer will be ending may 31. the royal wedding is less than one month away and royal fever is spreading. >> caroline shively gives us a look at one dog's paradise. >> we just thought why not? why not have a kennel built like windsor castle so it can join in. >> susan and michael crossland are taking their royal wedding celebrations seriously. at the center of the celebration is there dog archie. the couple spent over $5000 to build him a new kennel modeled after winsor. >> we did not expected to go that big. >> it is built for luxury.
9:56 am
>> when harry and meghan say i do archie will watch from his special digs with a red carpet, hot tub and a throne fit for a k-9 kink. if that is not enough he has his own tuxedo and top hat. crossland confesses all of the pomp and circumstances may be going to his head. >> he is always like i said he goes and lays down inside. i think he is a bit of a king of the castle. >> crossland plans to donate the replica castle after the big day, she hopes to find a place where other dogs or children can enjoy it. caroline shively, fox news.>> a lot of people need coffee to get them moving in the morning but it turns out a cup of coffee could help get your mouth moving. a little coffee helps to kickstart conversation. it is not just the caffeine at work, apparently there is something in coffee that
9:57 am
creates positive feelings so you are more likely to agree with the person you're talking to and it might be easier to relate to them overall. i know people who say no. >> i totally agree with that. >> thank you so much for joining us on this very cool monday morning, we will be back at noon with mourners. have a great day jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto.
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