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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 6, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. we're now less than a month away from the june primary, and state gop delegates follow democrats and are divided over governor. >> we have to keep winning, keep moving forward, keep getting everyby to the polls. >> the split at the republican comes amid a tough political climate. in evening i'm holmes. >> and i'm alex savidge -- i'm heather holmes. >> now the lack of endorsement could spell trouble for the gop as it tries to stave off a predicted democratic wave here. >> are you ready for a republican governor in 2018? 2018? yeah! >> reporter: this weekend in san diego, it was the gop's turn to rally around a single candidate in the race for
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california governor. conservatives looked charged up for the future of the party and its candidate. >> the last years of jerry brown and his family running the state into the ground are at an end. >> reporter: but even after speeches filled with optimism, republicans did not endorse a candidate in the california governor's race. john cox received 55.3 percent of the vote. travis allen received 43. cox still called the outcome a win saying he energized by the percentage. 55 percent and feeling great. allen tweeted john cox fails to buy the california republican endorsement. democrats suffered a similar outcome at their convention in february, none of the four major candidates got the
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endorsement. republicans are facing the pressure statewide and nationally. >> it's an opportunity for california republicans to come out and give a real strong message of what we stand for. >> reporter: political experts suggests that the threat of losing to house to democrats in the midterms is real, but conservatives see it differently. >> the democrats will actually be playing defense in 2018. >> joining us now to talk about the division is david mecewen. republicans, without the endorsement, does either candidate have a chance of surviving the primary? >> when you look at what the republicans are trying to do, the top two vote getters advancing to november, republicans are head coaching one of their -- hoping one of their two candidates, really john cox has the best chance, and the question is who is the
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answer to gavin newsome. john cox has a shot here even though he didn't secure the gop nomination, and part of that is because the gop, their voters tend to hold closer to party, democrats tend to scatter, so that's something to watch. >> and let's just say there's no republican gubernatorial candidate on the ticket in november, what will then get gop voters here in california to the polls, and how will they be motivated? >> that's a very good questions. if republicans lack enthusiasm to show up in november it spills over to other areas. it spills over to the repeal of the gas tax and ballot measures, but also it could impact the house races, and democrats want to win the house, and they'll have to do it through california, and if republicans stay home or enthusiasm is down that could help democrats out perform
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their base, out perform the southern california districts, and pelosi could become house speaker again and fund mentally change the dynamic in washington dc. >> david, none of the gubernatorial democratic candidates garnered enough support for a nod, and they declined to support feinstein, so what does that tell you? >> if you okat both the democratic and republican party and what happens in each party, this is where the activists go, and if we see something like where senator feinstein wasn't able to secure the endorsement or newsome didn't walk away with the endorsement, it tells you they're going a lot of different directions. there's a fight within the democrats between the
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progressives and the other side, and same with the republicans. there's the moderates and the establishment, but the question is most california voters are moving to the middle. moving to middle party preference, and that no party preference, they have a smaller role in june, but a huge role in november up and down the ballot. >> all right, thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you very having me. also at the state republican convention in san diego, officials kicked out an admitted antisemite who's running against senator feinstein. he was reportedly seen dragging the israeli flag. stay with us on the primary on june 5th. we'll have complete coverage of the big races and analysis. and the upcoming meeting between president trump and kim jong un hit a possible snag
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today, north korea saying the u.s. misleading people saying the sanctions led to the end of the nuclear program. u.s. officials are warning them to be careful because they could go back to square one. president trump is expected to meet with the north korean leader in the next few weeks. iran's president warning of historic regret with the u.s. walks away from the nuclear deal. here's more now from washington. . >> reporter: french president macron and the germ man chancellor -- german chancellor visited the president to try and convince him to stay in the iran nuclear deal, and more of the system is expected from johnson. he'll meet with vice president pence, national security advisor john bolton and other
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senior administration officials to talk about the iran nuclear deal. president trump said he would pull out of the deal by may 12th unless there are substantial changes. the get line is less than a -- deadline is less than a week away and publicly the president is suggesting he hasn't seen the changes. in dallas friday he once again criticized the deal. >> they're saying death to america, and we have the former administration as represented by john kerry. not the best negotiator we've ever seen. he never walked away from the table except in that bike race where he broke his leg. >> reporter: the secretary of the state mike pompeo says if the u.s. doesn't see the
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changes, he said they would like it live it in may. on capitol hill some are suggesting the president extend the deadline. >> i thought the iran was a bad deal, i was opposed to it. iran got most of the benefit up front with relief of sanctions and a plane load of cash that president obama sent over there, so we lost a lot of leverage. maybe the best thing is for the president to delay a bit more his deadline and put the french and british up to the test about whether it's possible to get this other sort of agreement. >> reporter: as for the british foreign secretary's meeting, they say most of the meetings will focus on the iran deal and syria. johnson will likely meet with vice president pence monday afternoon. reporting at the white house, i'm allison barber, fox news. new at 10:00, thieves broke into the cars belonging to college park high school
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seniors who were attending their senior ball. students took charter buses to the dance last night, but when they returned to their vehicles parked in pleasant hill after midnight, at least three dozen cars were hit by thieves. money, shoes, backpacks, jewelry, wallets all taken. no word of arrests in the case, but police continue to investigate. also a go fund me page was set up to raise money to help the students fix their car windows. playoff hockey in the bay area, sadly came to an end tonight. there was a collective groan when the sharks lost game six to the golden knights. we've been with the fans following the team's playoff run, and they were so close to the western conference final. >> reporter: yes, heather, so close. in fact so many close calls tonight for the sharks to score but in the end they could not pull off a win, eliminating their chances for the stanley
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cup this year. it's not the outcome these sharks fans wanted. fans leaving the shark tank in disbelief. >> we were so sad, it was so close. it had potential. if we got a puck in for every time we tried, we would have won. >> reporter: heading into game six, round two of the stanley cup playoffs, more than 17,000 people, a sold out crowd poured into the tank with high hopes, but it was a must-win for the sharks. >> if they can play like they've been playing they've got it in the bag. >> nervous. cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: fans who didn't score a ticket watched at downtown bars. fans were glued to the tv, the first period started off slow. the sharks couldn't get the puck in. >> it's still 0-0, and they're fighting. >> they don't realize if we
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lose this game we're out, so i'm hoping the spark comes until the second period. >> reporter: the spark didn't come. after a scoreless first period the knights scored not once, but twice. the second goal came out of nowhere. >> for me it's a little frustrating because this is vegas' first year and they're just like out playing us, and we've been here since 91. >> reporter: in franchise history the sharks have never won the stanley cup, the closest they got was two years ago when the team made it to the finals. >> we're down 2-0, i've been waiting for this 13 years, to get a stanley cup for the team. >> reporter: back at the shark tank, fans will have to wait yet another year for a chance at the cup. >> it's a tough loss, but hey, better luck next time i guess, that's all you can say. >> i'm parade of the team even though -- proud of the team even though we lost. >> reporter: and sharks fans
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say they're not going to lose hope. as you heard it, they're looking forward to next year. ktvu fox 2 news. coming up at 10:30, a string of shootings overnight in the south bay, one of them now a homicide investigation. what we're learning about the three separate incidents just hours and miles apart. but first beautiful views ruined by vandals. the graffiti popping up in the north bay and the efforts underwade to fight it. and in -- underway to fight it. and i'm tracking warmer temperatures in the forecast and we'll look at the numbers coming up. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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>> wind around 20 to 25 miles, you notice the winds really picking up this time of year. that's the case for tomorrow. microclimates, lower 60s near the shoreline, and here's the temperature center if you're headed inland, warming back up into the upper 60s, eventually 70s and we could be on track to the low to mid-80s tomorrow afternoon, 82 to 84. patchy fog possible coast side around the bay, and partly the mostly sunny skies by the afternoon hours. tomorrow will be warmer than today. that will translate to lower 60s coast side, and temperatures inland upper 70s to 80s. eventually we could be tracking some 90s here in the bay area. more on that in the full forecast in a few minutes.
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>> all right, thank you mark. still to come, rosie o' donnell caught breaking the rules. the report out showing her campaign contributions to candidates over the legal limit. and the warriors take on the fell cons, joe fonzi -- pelicans, joe fonzi will have the highlights later in sports. but first more homes destroyed in hawaii after a volcano erupted.
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now to hawaii and the latest on the eruption of kilauea. the number of destroyed homes has spiked to 31, they're also dealing with earthquakes within the past 24 hours, and experts
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warn volcanic activity could go on for weeks or even longer than that. >> reporter: molten lava creeps up from the ground, spilling into a residential area of hawaii, destroying homes. the big island is stilling with the fallout from the kilauea volcano. not only lava, but toxic gases are a serious threat. there was a magnitude 6.9 quake that struck friday, hawaii's strongest in more than 40 years. >> i've never seen shelves sway back and forth like that. >> reporter: around 2,000 people evacuated, grabbing whatever necessities they could. >> it's just sad. >> reporter: some admit they knew this day would eventually come, the down side of living in paradise. >> that's the gamble that you
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take to have all this beauty, and, um, it's the volcanos, you just have to know you live on an active volcano. >> reporter: officials set up various shelters, and people are remembering they're all in this together, establishing a sense of community. the volcano had been erupting since the 80s, starting again ordinary reason thursday, and there's no -- again on thursday, and there's telling when it will end. that church in texas that was the scene of a mass shooting six months ago today broke ground on a new worship center. people gathered in sutherland springs for a special ceremony at the first baptist church where 26 people were killed last november. they honored the victims who ranged in age from 18 months to 77 years old. the new church are represent renewal, rebirth, and evidence that love never fails. new at 10:00, comedian
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rosie o' donnell is under fire tonight after reports she exceeded the legal limit with campaign donations to five democratic candidates. rules limit the total anyone can give to a candidate to $2,700 per election, but she said donating to anti-trump candidates eases her age sigh at the and she couldn't -- anxiety and she didn't track how much she gave. and google will release a library of political ads where anyone can search and see who bought them. applications under the new system will be open by the end of may, and approval could take up to five days. well, you heard the phrase before quality before quantity. tesla's ceo is taking it up a notch. why he's prepared to lock out
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some tesla facilities starting tomorrow. and a shooting at a bowling alley, we'll tell you about the arrests made in the case.
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tesla's ceo is reportedly set to lock out contractors who don't have the confidence of a tesla employee to vouch for their work. musk reportedly sent an e-mail
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warning that contractors may be denied entry into tesla facilities and networks starting tomorrow morning. he says the only way to keep workers around is if a tesla employee is willing to vouch for them and attest for their quality of work. it's not clear how many contractors could be impacted. tesla has been struggling to fix production problems and just last week reported a net loss of 784 million for the first quarter. there were three shootings in san jose overnight, all taking place within hours of each other. one turned deadly in a city that hasn't seen a murder in three months. lee martinez has more on the violent morning. >> reporter: the first shooting happened just after midnight. san jose police responded to a parking lot on story road near the jackson avenue intersection. officers found an adult male laying outside of a white car who was suffering from at least one gunshot wound. he was later pronounced dead at the scene marking san jose's
10:31 pm
first homicide in three months. a few hours later police were called to a second shooting not far from the first shooting on story road. officers detained several people and recovered one firearm. a victim who was physically assaulted was located and transported to the hospital in stable condition. >> at this time we're still trying to gather information about the suspect or suspects and so if there's anyone out there with information about this crime or that crime, we would certainly urge you to call the san jose police department homicide unit or just simply call 911. >> reporter: by daylight the third shooting occurred at an apartment complex near south 10th. >> 7:30, heard three shots, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: coming from that direction? >> right there. i live right there down, i went to the bathroom and heard the shots go off, and i was like wow. it was totally quiet except for the three shots. >> reporter: that neighbor went on to say he didn't hear the sounds of a fight or any
10:32 pm
screaming. police later confirmed afters an officer-involved shooting. no one was injured and a suspect was tarkenton custody. it's unmother -- taken into custody. it's unknown if the three shootings were connected. ktvu fox 2 news. police have arrested two suspects who shot and critically injure aid man inside a bowling -- injured a man inside a bowling alley last weekend. nelson and follow were arrested yesterday following an investigation. both were booked into jail in redwood city. police say that shooting occurred on the night of saturday april 28th at classic bowling alley following a physical alteration between two groups. the man shot hasn't been identified, but remains in the hospital. the bowling alley operators declined to comment on the shooting. we have more information now about the impact of that three-day strike that starts tomorrow across the uc system. as we told you yesterday ucsf
10:33 pm
recrueled hundreds of -- rescheduled hundreds of surgeries and appointments, and while the emergency department will remain open, patients are critical needs are being directed to other hospitals including st. mary's and the medical center in walnut creek. the strike involves 15,000 nurses and radiation techs along the cooks and security guards, but members of other uc unions are striking in solidarity meaning the total number of staff walking off the jobs could top 50,000. the police chief of gilory is speaking off after his vehicle was stolen with his police badge, gun, and more inside. the chief admits he should have known better. >> you never want to be the one on the news talking about a mistake you made that's drawing this kind of attention. >> reporter: scott is a 34-year
10:34 pm
police veteran under scrutiny following the theft of his police badge, gun, and lap to he was attending his sister's college graduation, and he walked back to his ford f-250 king ranch pick up and buried the gear in the console. >> there's been a movement in venn views like that late -- venues like that lately where they don't want weapons in the venues whether you're a police officer or not. >> reporter: when he returned the truck and everything inside was gone. four days later a man was arrested getting into the stolen truck, but at the time service weapon, badge, and police lap top haven't turned up. >> the initial thought when you realize it's gone is not a pleasant one. my weapon and badge are not things you want to lose. >> reporter: california penal code 35610 require anyone transporting a gun to make sure
10:35 pm
it's unloaded and do so in the vehicle's trunk or secure container like a lock box. failure to do so carried a $1,000 fine. officials with the santa clara county sheriff's office say they discourage deputies from transporting weapons in personal vehicles, but if they do so, they must comply with state law. >> somebody use use it to commit crimes. i'm very worried about that. i would much rather have gotten my firearm back and not retrieve my truck. >> reporter: the chief now fates fallout from city -- faces fallout from city officials. the stray administrator is set to -- city administrator is set to meet with an external lawyer to determine the punishment. >> you can't give special treatment for the chief. >> reporter: they're determining an appropriate punishment, and the chief says he has a much better understanding of how victims of
10:36 pm
crime feel. coming up, kanye west facing more fallout after controversial comments earlier this week on tmz. what the rapper has been invited to learn -- where the rapper has been invited to learn more about slavery. temperatures trending up. coming up we'll let you know when the 90s could make a comeback in the bay area forecast. because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
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only one candidate for governor when students were stuck in failing schools, led the fight to turn them around. as mayor of l.a., antonio villaraigosa invested in classrooms and security. graduation rates soared. antonio for governor.
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at least a dozen people are dead and several others injured after a bomb rocked afghanistan today. a holy site was being used as a voter registration center. the event is ahead of elections planned for october 2018, later on this year. the first in four years. neither isis nor the taliban have claimed respondent's responsibility for the a-- claimed responsibility for the attack. she's the president's top pick to lead the cia, but new at 10:00, she's offered to withdraw her nomination amid questions in her role in the agency's interrogation program. he was concerned that -- she was concerned that questions would tarnish her reputation and the entire agency. many democrats have said she should be disqualified because she was the chief of base at a detention site in thailand
10:40 pm
where two terrorism suspects were subjected to water boarding. the white house stands behind her. meantime rudy giuliani is weighing in an president trump possibly using his fifth amendment right to guard himself against self- incrimination in the robert mueller investigation. >> i've got a client who wants to testify, he said it yesterday, and you know, jay and i said to ourselves my goodness, i hope we get a chance to tell him the risk that he's taking. >> now, if president trump does take the fifth it will certainly come with backlash. during a 2016 campaign rally president trump dispaged staffers of hillary clinton for taking the fifth during an investigation into clinton's use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. at the time trump said if you're innocent why are you
10:41 pm
taking the fifth amendment? after making a controversial statement about slavery, kanye west agetting -- is getting an invitation to visit africa. this is after an interview where kanye said quote when you hear about slavery for 400 years, that sounds like a choice. they believe the visit will help him experience it. the avengers take over the weekend box office for a second weekend. >> there was an idea. >> real popular movie. infinity war was the second highest grossing weekend ever behind star wars the force awakens. two was the remake of overboard
10:42 pm
and a quiet place at three, and rounding out the top five i feel pretty and rampage. all right, still to come, a warriors star helping send some kids to college. details on the financial help coming to four students thanks to kevin durant. and we'll have your complete bay area forecast. we have a warm up. real warm. mark will tell us about it coming up. make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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new at 10:00, authorities recovered a body of a missing boater that weekend overboard in the river. contra costa sheriff's deputies recovered the body yesterday afternoon. this follows a report of a body on the levy. he was one of two men that fell into the water just east of the antioch bridge back on april 28th. the men were trying to anchor their fishing boat when a wake tossed them into the water. a passer by pulled one man from the water, he survived. neither man was wearing a life jacket. an autopsy will term the cause of death. a man is facing dui charges after hitting a patrol car that
10:46 pm
was at the scene of a fatal car accident in concord just before 10:30 last night after a 62- year-old pedestrian was hit and killed. investigators say the driver that hit the man stayed and cooperated, but while officers were there, police say another vehicle hit the patrol car at the scene. the 22-year-old allege there tried to run but was caught about a block away. the officer was treated for minor injuries. and an elderly woman has died after a car hit her while she was crossing the street about 8:30 last night. she was costing outside of the -- crossing outside of the crosswalk when another driver hit her. new tonight, warriors star kevin durant quickly becoming known as the guy that goes above and beyond both on and off the court. here's video of the car visiting with kinds at the lincoln reck center.
10:47 pm
his latest generosity is helping student achieve a -- students achieve a college education. as a child raised by his mother and grandmother durant grew up playing basketball at his local boys and girls club. it was once called a cow town, but sacramento now has a much different distinction. fastest growing big city in california. how about that? a report released last week shows the state capitol grew faster than the ten largest cities in california. the median memo price there is about -- median home price there is about four times less than cities like san diego and they have a growing food and
10:48 pm
culture scene to boot. how about the weather there mark? >> yeah, it gets hot there in sacramento. they'll be in the 90s later this week. the bay area could be approaching the 90-degree mark as well. here's the highs, not here but out towards palm springs, death valley, phoenix, topping 100 today. 106 to 107. 110 degree windshield heat building in -- degrees with heat building in across portions of the west. any bay area you were probably shivering all weekend long. scattered high clouds. fog yesterday and high clouds throughout the afternoon hours. still track partly cloudy skies for tonight. current numbers right now, we have a lot of 50s in san francisco, 53, san jose 58, and livermore mid-50s, 55, and fairfield winds from the southwest at 20, oakland around
10:49 pm
6 miles per hour, san jose 6 miles per hour, and sfo westerly at 16. here's the live camera toward the golden gate bridge with scattered high clouds for tonight. not much in the way of fog, but we could have patchy fog regroup first thing tomorrow morning coast side and around the bay. tomorrow will be warmer than today. 60s, 7 70s into the -- 70s, into the lower 80s. tracking multiple weather systems. a warmer one for tomorrow, cooler by mid-weekend. this will be the interesting one later in the week tracking a few spots approaching the 90- degree mark. tomorrow a little bump in the numbers. increasing the clouds on tuesday night and wednesday after strong gusty winds, and later in the week for friday and saturday, definitely a big bounce in the numbers. looks like wednesday will be one of the cooler days of the week, and temperatures rebound nicely. thursday, friday, saturday near 90 degrees, and not too much
10:50 pm
change into next weekend. here's the forecast model. we could have some patchy fog near the shoreline for your monday, but for the most part partly cloudy skies, and inland more sunshine. up 70s -- up we were 70s close to the low 80s tomorrow. a lot of lower 80s toward antioch and brentwood. here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast is a quiet one. we cool off a bit wednesday into thursday. minor temperature swings, but the next big one, you'll definitely notice by thursday and into the upcoming weekend. 90 saturday, around the bay lower 80s. could be beach weather as the fog could be cleared out, so for spring this could be the warmest pattern setting up headed our way. we have to wait a few days
10:51 pm
though. >> that's what i was going to say, i don't remember the last time we had a 90 in the forecast. >> it's been quite some time. a few spots close, but this will be one of the deals where typically we talk about the inland heat and cool coast, but everyone will enjoy the warmth later this week. >> but as humid as sacramento? >> probably not like that. sacramento, by the way sacramento heating up as well. >> all right, thank you. a group of law enforcement officer now headed back east for an annual bike ride for officers who have died in the line of duty. we received these photos from the officers who departed from sfo at 7:00 this morning. they're flying to new jersey to take part in a four-day 250- mile bike ride that will end up at national law enforcement officer's memorial in washington -- c. this is a -- in washington dc. at the time motto of the unity tour is we ride for those who died, and communities turn out to greet the officers who bike through their towns.
10:52 pm
>> it makes you very, very proud to be a law enforcement officer and serve communities throughout the nation. it's really neat to ride through a small town with an entire school lining up cheering you on and high fiving you. >> i bet that is cool. the police unity tour began back in may of 1997 with just 17 officers participating and now it's grown to 2400 members from across the nation. coming upping on the 11:00 news, residents in hawaii forced to flee amid earthquakes and flowing lava. at least 31 homes destroyed, and it's in the over yet. but up next in sports we hear from the sharks after their season ended tonight thanks to the golden knights. sport windshield joe fonzi is up next -- sports with joe fonzi is up next. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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joe fonzi is here to talk sports, let's start with the warriors. >> yes, how a team responds after a playoff loss is a good indicator of their personality, and after the loss friday night in new orleans t warriors came out today -- the warriors came out today and made a statement.
10:56 pm
curry, durant, green, and thompson and iguodala. curry with the early three. and then vintage warrior ball movement. they find curry, measures one from the corner. curry finished with 23. the pelicans within 7 at the half before the warriors turned it on in the third quarter. watch the warriors on the open floor, green to durant. durant, 3 of his 38 points here. the warriors win 118-92 taking a 3-1 lead in the series that they can wrap up at home on tuesday. the pelicans couldn't figure out how to stop durant. >> when the ball came my way i just tried my best to create something. a couple of times i had shots to start the game, but after
10:57 pm
that hit guys in the pocket, the back side as well. just trying to be aggressive and doing something whether it's shoot or mass, and i had -- or pass, and i had good opportunities tonight. if you're a fan of sharks hockey, tomorrow night is all too familiar. another playoff run ends short of ultimate reward. the sharks at home tonight in a win or your season is over game against the las vegas golden knights. the sharks had chances early and suffered bad breaks. shot hit the post, and the rebound, combined that with 28 saves, and the first period ended with a scoreless tie. the knights got on the board six and a half minutes into the second. san jose down 1-0 as the sense of desperation is setting in. worse later in the period, shot
10:58 pm
scorched past martin jones. rethey review it, the shot -- they review it, the shot was good. the sharks were unable to get anything past the knights goalie, and the sharks are eliminated in six games. a team that's been around 26 years and been to the playoffs 20 times, but still haven't made it all the way. >> there's one team at the end that's happy, i haven't done it in my career, it sucks. the giants headed to atlanta and swept what was one of the hottest teams in baseball. recognition of the great willie mays' 87th birthday today. giants added two more in the
10:59 pm
fourth, and this is a break. hanson sprints home on the ground ball to first by blanco. giants survive a rally by the braves for the 4-3 win. that's four in a row for san francisco and the first sweep of the braves in four years. this thing has the hydration thing figured out. the a's going for a three-game sweep against the orioles. oakland trailed 1-0 and got enough runs to win. that's the right jersey. the orioles kept in trick triggs striking out nine, and a's pitchers struck out 40 orioles in the three-game sweep. that's it for sports for now.
11:00 pm
jason and i will see you at 11:00 on sports wrap. >> thank you so much joe. up next at 11:00. >> that's the price you pay to have all this beauty. the volcano causing even more damage tonight. lava con fuming 31 -- consuming 31 homes, one house burning as the lava slowly consumes the structure. if the smoke, ash, and lava wasn't enough, the earth is still shaking, more earthquakes making the area very hazardous. >> so far over 1700 people have been evacuated due to the threats, and here's more from hawaii on this developing story. >> reporter: lava spill into a residential area of hawaii, destroying homes. the state is dealing with the fallout


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