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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 9, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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north america are now on their way home. in hawaii spewing lava has subsided but there are new concerns about hazardous fall can you smog. east bay neighborhood grappling with thousands of gallons of sewage spilled. ktvu fox2 news at noon starts now . good afternoon, everyone. a danville high school is dealing with the sudden loss of one of its students. a 15-year-old boy was found unresponsive yesterday afternoon and he later died at the hospital. we are joined live with more on what police and students are saying about what happened. >> reporter: first to show you the scene here at the high school, there are dozens of posters and notes of support
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with balloons and flowers lining the front gates outside of the swimming pool at san ramon high. classes are in progress but there are counselors to help students. >> reporter: dozens of students of stop by this memorial to read the messages of support for ben curry. he was described as an outgoing athletic team. his teammates on the basketball team laid out their shoes and one of the memorial in front of the tribute. >> there were comments like rest in peace, bend. >> reporter: around 1:00 in the afternoon, he was found in the bottom of the school. a teacher perform cpr but he later died at the hospital. police are investigating his death but do not believe a crime was committed. >> my cousin knew him pretty well. he was pretty sad.
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he was a happy guy. we were super surprise. >> it brings us all together. >> reporter: it menaced raiders would not comment on what they know about what happened or how the it -- or how it happened. they have activated a crisis intervention team. >> we will have resources to help parents talk to their children. we encourage them to have the children come into the counseling center and talk to someone. >> reporter: we have seen students continue to add notes, pictures, and flowers to this memorial. several students told us they plan on coming back this evening at 8:00 for a vigil to remember the young man who died. back to you. thank you. one man is in custody after
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he fired a gun during a dispute with a tow truck driver. it happened west of the tunnel on highway 24. the man pulled over to the center median because of a flat tire. the caltrans driver told him he needed to move to the shoulder. the suspect pulled out a gun and fired it into the air. officers say the man's friend arrived and the two drove off. the chp shut all lanes. all lanes reopened by 3:45 this morning, 90 minutes after the incident started. workers at san francisco general hospital are working with uc workers. this is the third day of the uc strike happening at uc campuses around the state. this is outside the qc parnassus cams -- campus.
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the university of california says the union is demanding 20% raise over three years and the university cannot justify such arrays. uc has hired replacement workers. a rally to call attention to their stalled contract talk. in march several schools in the district held rallies in support of their teachers. teachers are calling for more paid planning time, higher salaries and smaller class sizes. teachers say they're not making their contract a top priority. they will march to the school board meeting to demand a fair contract. a new report shows charter schools are costing millions of dollars every year. the report shows $57.3 million in funding is put into charter schools annually. many say that money should be put to better use.
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it has led to cuts like counseling, music and arts. the number of charter schools has increased more than 900% to 1200 schools here in california. operations are back to normal after a hazardous materials scare. we have more on the patient that triggered a response from firefighters. >> reporter: that patient was having trouble breathing after inhaling a chemical at the facility where they work. they arrived at the hospital just before midnight. hospital staff members grew concerned about others potentially being exposed to that chemical. they isolated the patient and decontaminated them. they call for help from the san jose fire department hazardous incident team which responded during the early morning hours.
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firefighters decontaminated 10 members of the medical staff including the flight medics. this process disrupted emergency room operations for some time. fire crews figured out what type of chemical they were dealing with and they say they only needed soap and water to to -- decontaminated everyone. >> it sounds like there was a respiratory issue. procedures were followed. these things happen sometimes. proper mitigations were put in kate -- in place. the hazardous materials team decontaminated the medical helicopter used the air left the patients here. firefighters have not said what chemical the patient was exposed to for where they work. we have no update on their condition. no other patients at valley medical center were exposed to that chemical. despite some of the disruption we saw at the er, everything is
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back up and running as normal now. in san jose, ktvu fox2 news . developing news in north korea. three american hostages have been release. they are on their way home right now. we are joined live from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the secretary of state is flying back from north korea. the three american detainees are on his plane. all three were released today. this comes one day after the president and kim jong-un announced they are making plans for a summit meeting sometime in the next month. details will be released in the next few days. singapore could be the site for that summit. the dmc has been rolled out. >> when the location is picked on the time and date and everything is fixed. we look forward to have a great success. relationships are building with north korea.
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>> the release of three -- of these three men will help. two men have been held captive since 2017. the oldest is in his mid-60s and has been doing hard labor since october 2015. all three will touch down at andrews air force base tomorrow morning. >> nobody thought this was going to happen, and if it did it would be years or decades. >> the president will be flying in air force run to andrews air force base to greet all three of the men and welcome back is secretary of state. they are expected to arrive at 2:00 a.m. early tomorrow morning. all three men are in good health. the ohio man who came home from north korea in june of last year died shortly after his return. in the newsroom, ktvu fox2 news . president trump's nominee
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gina haskel has been question. democrats on the committee are asking about her involvement in controversial interrogation methods. those methods include enhanced interrogation tactics including waterboarding. >> do you believe the program was consistent with american values? >> we have decided to hold ourselves to a stricter moral standard >> i am going for a basis. if this president was to ask you to do something that you find morally objectionable, even if there is an olc opinion, what would you do? will you carry out that option or not? >> no. i believe the cia must undertake activity or consistent with american values
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. >> the senate intelligent -- intelligence committee is not expected to vote until tomorrow. after the break we will show you the latest from hawaii now that the spewing lava has subsided. another day of cold weather around the bay area. we will bring you information on when things will warm up. highlights from the latest gubernatorial debate as candidates work for your votes.
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bill scott is reportedly one of the three finalists to become police chief in los angeles. he was interviewed for the job last week and is up for the job along with two commanders all ready employed by lapd. the san francisco pd would not report. chief scott was a deputy police chief in los angeles before moving to los angeles -- san francisco last year. police have been going door- to-door to evacuate in hawaii living there two new fence spewing toxic gas into the air. the national guard is monitoring the sulfur dioxide levels and there are concerns about acid rain and hazardous
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volcanic smog. new fissures opened up yesterday destroying another home. authorities initially ordered nearly 2000 people to evacuate from two communities in the mostly rural district when the volcano started erupting on thursday. take a look at this video. this is the volcano's lava lake in the crater of the volcano. rock falls from the expose crater balls were agitating the surface of the lava. the main community affected is leilani estates. the evacuees in the area have been allowed to check on their property between 7:00 in the morning and 6:00 at night. >> my houses find and so far it is standing. >> it was devastating. every road you go on, everything is brown, dry, desolate.
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>> my houses find, fingers crossed. >> to have your animals right now at least. >> that's all that matters. the people we love and the animals we love. the rest is replaceable. >> i got my ukuleles my computers and my medicine. i had 20 minutes. >> lava flows have destroyed three dozen structures so far. no serious injuries or fatalities have been reported. an unusual shot right here. we will give you a good look at a dead whale on shore on angel island. it's closer to alcatraz island. you can clearly see the whale right there on the shore. several people have gathered
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around. i don't know if these are loosely loose or if there from the marine mammal center up in sausalito. it wasn't too long ago that a gray whale washed up and they came to investigate and see what may have caused the wheel to die there. i cannot tell how long this will has been there >> you can see obviously, some signs that that will may have been injured. as we bring in our meteorologist, you can see when wells are starting to migrate. we are presuming it could be individuals on the beach right there are taking inspection. i'm sure they are getting a heads up that this whale is out there. we have seen a lot more whale sightings, especially the humpback whales. they were near the golden gate bridge. once again, this is on the alcatraz side of angel island. that is the scene of a deceased well.
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in or weather today, more sunshine but a cooldown out there. we still have some fog. high clouds are moving into northern california. we still have patchy fog hanging out in side around the bay. we have a cooler weather pattern of here. cloud cover that will gradually roll into northern california. it will be changing quite a bit by friday and into the weekend. san francisco, 58. 70s out toward santa rosa and 60s for livermore and san jose. take a look at the wind speeds. it has been a gusty weather pattern out there. feather feel, 31. sfo, 23. half moon bay, 20 miles per hour. here is a live camera looking
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out toward the golden gate bridge. a few high clouds and patchy fog near the coastal hills. that wind is ramping up a we saw white caps looking out toward the west but chop on the coastal waters. here is the weather system up here. an area of low pressure dropping into northern california. yesterday and sun cloud mix. over the next few days, a bit of a warming trend on thursday, friday and saturday. friday and saturday will be the warmest days of the week and there will be an increase in the wind. we have a wind advisory for the northbay hills and the east bay hills late friday and into early saturday. we could have wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. today, we will continue with partly sunny skies. thursday, morning cloud cover
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but it clears up quickly. this will set the stage for our warm up especially by friday and into the weekend. forecast ties for this afternoon, 60s and 70s. close to 80 degrees in some areas. san mateo, 67. here's a look at your five day forecast. more sunshine on your thursday and we will warm things up on friday and saturday. by sunday, nice but a bit cooler in the bay area. the weekend is warming up. the top six candidates running for governor of california came together for an important televised debate. they discussed education, climate change, immigration. when the topic of sexual misconduct came up, several candidates address their own personal indiscretions. >> reporter: on stage at the california theater the four
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democrats in two republicans fired off with just one months ago gavin newsom has emerged as a front runner. >> the trump administration has declared war on california. it's incumbent to the next governor to stand up and stand strong. >> reporter: gavin newsom three who stirs to second set he supports the border wall. a repeal of the gas tax and the high-speed rail. >> we have wasted billions. >> reporter: travis allen a trump supporter is competing for republican votes and says he would support the crackdown. >> the worst in the nation. it's about time the california takes care of california first. >> reporter: clashing with gavin newsom. >> one kate steinle is one too many. on the only person standing on the stage that's advocated for support on our borders. >> the other democrats said
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they support california sanctuary state status. john chiung criticizing gavin newsom . >> i stood up to president trump. i will challenge him on climate change. >> reporter: he took a long stand against -- a strong stand against sexual harassment. >> when that happens it ought to be given a shot out. >> reporter: allen denied sexual misconduct allegations. they will fight for women's rights. >> if you can trust gavin newsom , how can you trust him with your state? >> i was honest and open and i apologize. i am a much better person as a consequence. >> i stand with the #metoo
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movement and acknowledge that i made a mistake. i lost my marriage. i lost my family for a time. i took responsibility for it. >> reporter: antonio villaraigosa once thought of possible front runner, now third. >> i want to be a governor that unites this great state. this is the most diverse state anywhere in the world. the engine is the diversity and i'm proud of that. >> reporter: all candidates except gavin newsom came to the media room to answer questions. many said they wish i had more than 30 seconds to get their points across. and san jose, ktvu fox2 news. the legalization of recreational marijuana is not paying off in california as expected. when we come back, how much the state has all ready lost in taxes since the first of the year.
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tech companies are helping drive stocks higher in the afternoon trading. the dow jones is up 172 points. is gaining strength. energy strokes -- energy stocks got a boost. the barrel has gone over $70. new numbers show california is not seeing the anticipated windfall from the legal sale of
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recreational marijuana. the state has projected $175 million from taxes from january to the end of june. our state only receive $34 million in marijuana taxes between january and march. california will get less than what was protect -- predicted. marijuana clubs experienced in obtaining licenses. a study finds california leads the nation when it comes to poverty and homelessness. leaders say they are funding several programs to tackle the program -- problem. most programs designed to help the poor and homeless are not working. >> last year we spent $18 billion on so-called poverty problems. that makes those in poverty more comfortable but it's not doing anything for them to enter middle class. >> about 20% of california's population now lives in poverty.
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the national average is just below 15%. good news for bart riders. we will tell you when you could see new trains during your commute. raw sewage in parts of oakland. what's being done to fix the problem. make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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the second batch of brand- new bart cars is rolling onto the track next week. they got regulatory approval just yesterday. we have more on additional testing being done on those new cars. >> reporter: 10 brand-new bart cars will be put into service starting next week. the first round of new cars hit the track back in january, but because of technical issues, state regulators ordered bart to put them through additional testing. the california public utilities commission sent an approval letter to bart officials after it passed the systemwide test. stopping at every station and automatically opening and closing doors. >> these are our first 10 production cars and they are performing very well. that is a promising sign. it will take time for each, every one of them to go through
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their testing and get signed up for service. >> after getting state approval, bart will have 20 new cars. they will be running along the richmond fremont line and the warm springs daly city line. next week will be the first time new bart cars will carry passengers into san francisco. bart is hoping to have 80 brand- new cars in service by the end of this year. in oakland, ktvu fox2 news . pg&e has a new safety operations center at at san francisco headquarters. the center will be looking for potential fires before they begin. it will be staffed 24/7 with meteorologist, engineers, and experts in safety operation. they will also have their own fire department. >> we will have boots on the ground and professionals including our cruise as well as
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fire professionals to understand conditions on the ground and feed that information back into this wildfire safety operations center. >> they are deploying robotic weather stations and the most weather prone areas to measure dryness, humidity and wind speeds. hundreds of thousands of gallons of sewage flowing into lakes, waterways and even the bay. residents affected by the problem are frustrated by the lack of work being done to fix it. >> we have an update on what's being done to hold the city of oakland accountable. >> isn't that filthy? it smells like spoiled eggs. it's unbearable. >> reporter: unable to find the words. >> look at all that. >> reporter: this pastor says the sewage sludge is the devil.
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>> this should not happen. >> reporter: 1200 gallons overflowing and coming through the floor. for years, every time there is a heavy rain the street fills up in the sewer backs up. >> reporter: how many times have you called the city complaining? >> some days we may have called 10 times. >> reporter: many times the church pays for the cleanup. they put in a reverse dream to try and keep the dirty water out. sometimes it's not enough. >> reporter: how much money in damage here? >> $250,000. >> reporter: it spews from old oakland pipes. two investigates sounds -- found that just last fiscal year the city reported is 700% jump in waste flowing into
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lakes, waterways, and the bay. >> reporter: this truck holds 900,000 gallons. last year, 230,000 gallons of sewage spell which could fill up 26 of these trucks. >> reporter: neighbors in the glenview neighborhood saw toilet paper floating in a creek . on harmon avenue, records show blocked drains and sewers cost 30,000 gallons to back up. and at the market, a clogged line force 94,000 gallons to cover the streets. >> oakland and many other cities were sued by the epa for not maintaining the sewage system. the city agreed to play catch-up replacing 13 miles of pipe every year and spending millions to do it. terry toby fought to get one of the badly broken pipes replaced near her oakland horse farm.
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>> all that sewage comes from 16 houses above me. >> reporter: cracks and rude -- root intrusion are seen. the city contractor tried to clean the line using a highly toxic phone. the phone flowed out to her property causing allergic reactions to her and burns to her horses. >> reporter: the former supervisor of the sanitary sewer department says repair should have been done less than one year after it discovered. he says that never happen and residents are charged service fees to maintain those sewer lines. >> over $50 million per year. i would not think that there is an excuse for the city of oakland not to be able to do what needs to be done to properly and effectively run the sewer division the way they should. >> reporter: the epa find the city more than $225,000 for not
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fixing broken pipes within one year and failing to let neighbors know of defective lines. there were 34 spells reaching waterways. >> but that wasn't initially mentioned at this open city council meeting. on the day the city found out about the violations, managers of the sewer division had a report on the state of the sewers until council members brought up the fine. >> the overall tone is were doing great. >> reporter: we found 16 spills were not reported on time like an overflow at the salvation army. four major spills happen there. lake merritt takes on wastewater two. more than 2200 gallons flowing when a pipe bursts. >> people are walking through this. it is disgusting. >> reporter: finger-pointing has this woman upset. her street is falling apart.
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the city and east bay mud blame one another all while the stinky stuff sets. two investigates went back week after week. one day this bill appeared bright green. no workers were seen. that brings us back to the council meeting. speaking up during public comment. >> we have asked the director to address these concerns on ktvu. so i ask you now, what is it going to take to keep our city clean? >> reporter: many councilmembers agree that things need to change. >> we have to take responsibility and learn from those problems and do better. >> reporter: public works did provide written responses. in this case saying storm water runoff from private property causing the road to deteriorate. even after we saw construction crews, it's not repaired. there is an ongoing debate over who will fix it.
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it's a similar story back at miracles of faith church where the pastor is praying for a miracle. >> put some new sewers and sidewalks in. the time is now. >> reporter: ktvu fox2 news >> 2 invesitgates has put together an interactive map that shows locations and how many thousands of gallons of sewage has leaked. head over to if you have a tip, we want to hear from you . the santa clara valley water district agreed to spend $650 million to pay for brown's plan to build two massive tunnels and share it. they get about 40% of his water from the delta. supporters say this would
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guarantee a stable supply of water. they say the demand for water will grow as the population expands. opponents called the twin tunnels a 20th century answer to a 21st-century problem. >> it doesn't make sense from a practical perspective on how to spend our money. >> in an age where were dealing with climate change, long-range drought forecasts are predicting the region will be even more strapped for water in the future years. >> the twin tunnel project is facing 30 lawsuits. california has a new solar requirement for new homes. the state approved rules making solar panels mandatory on new home construction. they would be required on homes, condominiums, and low rise apartment buildings. this could add more than $10,000 to the construction cost.
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that the cost should be made up in energy savings. it goes into effect in the year 2020. the senior and disability action group announced a citywide increase in crossing times. people will have more time to cross the street. hundreds of pedestrians are injured by vehicles each year. the majority are seniors and those with disabilities. >> is not just seniors, it's disabled people too. it's families and bicycles and everybody using our intersections. we want to make sure that people have enough time to cross safely. >> the increase crossing times will help in the city's effort for zero crossing deaths. >> the city of madera could make an exception to its ban on drive-through restaurants. this is why amy's kitchen should be able to open a new
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restaurant. it is not for its organic and vegetarian food. the company opened its first restaurant three years ago. it has been very successful. they want to open a second one the plans call for a drive- through and the owner say that's essential to their concept. >> four kids in the car and their dog and they don't want to get out. they can quickly go through when they're coming home from work. >> some people were worried about parking and backups off highway 101. a large part of the crowd said they bring something different to the community. they hope to open the doors by summer of next year. the golden state warriors of familiar territory as they prepare for the western conference finals yet again. when we come back, we will previewed a series of what the warriors can expect from those houston rockets
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temperatures are picking up. we will have your bay area forecast. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich.
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after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... will -- the warriors headed back to the western conference finals. we have a look ahead. they are halfway there. eight down and eight to go. the one -- won your record- tying 15. we cannot overlook that. the energy at oracle was unbelievable.
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25-4 run over the pelicans to put it on ice. look at this. he pokes his head in. there is the former assistant coach. what is going on in here? the only warrior to average a triple-double in the playoffs and he is having some fun with the pelicans. and nobody cared. he was asked about it last night. >> someone tapped me on my back and i took off running. they said hey, get out of the huddle. and i said, this is not huddle. i'm just standing over here like they're standing over here. it was fun. it was pretty good. >> passion for the game and passion for winning and competing and it shines bright, even to things like going to someone else's huddle.
12:46 pm
it's pretty cool and pretty fun to see. >> he keeps it light. a relaxed mood. he closed it out for them. normally is not the scoring you think of, but when that game was on the line, he came up with a big, big baskets. >> they are in a different position this time around. they are starting gave 1 on the road. >> they are a slight favorite to beat the rockets even though they are under dogs for game 1. they lost at home in the season opener and then they split in houston. and while the rockets have made a pretty big deal about playing the warriors and gearing their team up to face the warriors, not so much for the warriors >> with the rockets having all that narrative than what they're saying about you guys, did you guys it all want them as much as they wanted you?
12:47 pm
>> >> we don't have to say nothing. were not about to run off top -- talking about how bad we want to play somebody. we want to win the championship. if you're in the way of that, you just happen to be in the way. it don't matter to us who we play. however, were going to get to it now. >> that's what you want to hear if you are a warriors in. for the rockets, it is all about beating the warriors. for the warriors, it's who was up next. and underdog in game 1. >> they need to win at least one there. >> yes, they do. your bay area weather warming up ever so slightly. >> the weekend looks just great.
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we will have to deal with some gusty winds, especially for the hills. there's lots of blue skies there. temperatures are warming up nicely into the comfortable range. san rafael looking out toward san francisco, patchy clouds hanging out coast side. and right around the bay for your wednesday afternoon. out here in pacific, looking to the north with our next weather system. this area of low pressure is all ready cooling us off. we will hold onto the same weather pattern tomorrow. partly cloudy skies near portions of the bay. current numbers right now are in the upper 50s in san francisco. 70s in concord. showing you the wind speeds, a gust at 31 miles per hour in fairfield. winds is definitely a factor .
12:49 pm
here is ffo westerly around 18 miles per hour. the weather pattern -- a dip in the jet stream. that will set up over the next couple of days. and then by friday and into the weekend, this area of high pressure will return and warm us up and boost the wind speeds. this could be a wind advisory and a high winds watch. we could have wind up to 50 to 55 miles per hour. this will be late friday and early into saturday morning. the strongest winds will be moving through the bay hills . if you like class this afternoon. we are talking about areas of fog tomorrow morning. things quickly clear out the thursday and into friday.
12:50 pm
clear skies and warming temperatures as we head toward the weekend. forecast high showing santa rosa in mid-to upper 70s. san jose, lower 70s. gilroy, 80. here's a look at your five day forecast. temperatures warm for thursday and then warm up nicely friday and into the weekend. 70s and 80s out there. that northeasterly wind we typically see in the fall but we have a lot of moisture so it's scary to start seeing these offshore winds develop. that will eventually produce some fire danger. >> i've seen the fire departments out there doing the drills and getting ready. >> it just takes one or two of these events to dry us out and set the stage. uber is working on a new
12:51 pm
project to have people in flying taxis on their way to work. >> we might see uber air service in the cities of la, dallas, and dubai as early as 2020. uber is hoping to take the idea worldwide after that. >> reporter: they area commuters have a wide range of choices. now, they might be able to take to the sky as well. uber is saying they plan on launching uber air. they are able to carry four passengers at a time a distance of 60 miles. the idea discussed in this uber video. >> for us, the natural next step is flight. >> reporter: the top executive was at an investor forum and here's how it would work.
12:52 pm
the writer would use the out to request service, be picked up by irregular uber and taken to a sky port. they would use rooftops to take off and land. a trip between san francisco and san jose would only take 15 minutes. the service will eventually be comparable to a regular ride. a little more than $1.30 per mile. regular uber writers say they are ready. >> it wouldn't surprise me. it sounds great. >> some writers want to see it in action first. >> kind of like a roller coaster. less than 1% have anything wrong with it then i would feel comfortable. >> reporter: uber is working with nasa to deal -- develop a new program to keep track of all of those flying vehicles. ktvu fox2 news . a frightening psychotic
12:53 pm
camera. just how close the kayaker got to a great white shark off the coast of santa cruz. take a look at our lineup. empire at 8:00 followed by star at 9:00. stay with us for the 10:00 and 11:00 news.
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because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
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stocks are pushing higher in the final minutes of today's session. the dow jones more than 100 points. police are investigating the disappearance of an ironman suit from a los angeles movie prop storage facility. it was used in the 2008 ironman field starring robert downey junior. a police report was filed yesterday. the estimated value is $325,000. it went missing between february and late last month. a terrifying encounter for a kayaker. take a look at these pictures taken by the specialized helicopter. the kayaker ended up in the water and was dangerously close to some great white sharks. they were estimated to be between 10 feet and 14 feet
12:57 pm
long. the person was able to scramble back into the kayak without disturbing the sharks. in recent years there have been warnings about shocks along the coastline. can you imagine? >> maybe paddle a little faster. >> me and you. thank you so much for joining us. we will be right back here with news at 4:00.
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>> the craziest stories you have ever heard. zoo?w about a you were charged with battery on an officer. on her divorce, arrest, bad behavior, and if she is done with drinking. coming up next. are you ready to save some lives today? >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause] dr. oz:


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