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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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eastbound in the commute direction on the san mateo bridge. keep that in mind in that area tonight. the two men accused in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire were back in court today trying to get the charges against them dismissed. and for the first time in months, the wife of one of the defendants also showed up to lend her support. our crime reporter henry lee has more in the newsroom. >> reporter: the two men tried and failed to get a judge to toss the case. now their attorneys say they will prove that key evidence in the case was lost. >> reporter: a judge denied a motion by derick almena and max harris to toss the 36 involuntary manslaughter charges they each face, one count for each victim who died in the ghost ship fire. >> the odds of winning that are always very low. >> reporter: so now the defense says they will try to prove that evidence from the fire was dumped and destroyed or went missing after the warehouse was released back to property owner chor ng. ng isn't facing any criminal charges. >> the owner, who is --
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everybody understands, the public understands, she has some culpability here. the owner is essentially like giving the murder weapon back to the murder suspect. >> reporter: ng has declined our requests for comment but someone who will talk at trial is almena himself. >> so mr. almena will be testifying. and he will be testifying on his own behalf. he is the one that knows the most about what has occurred. >> reporter: most defense attorneys don't want their clients on the stand. it's a legal strategy that carries risks because the d.a. will want to grill him on cross-examination. but serra disagrees. >> i think that his testimony alone will raise reasonable doubt. >> reporter: and the defense has been raising doubt from the very beginning about the d.a.'s case saying there's no evidence tying either defendant to the fire. and investigators still don't know what started the deadly fire. >> you don't have evidence, how do you prosecute somebody? you don't have a cause of a
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fire, how do you prosecute somebody? >> reporter: almena's wife made a rare appearance in court in support of her husband. >> i haven't seen my husband for a long time. good to see him again. i'm really disappointed that the motion to dismiss today has been tossed. i don't think that was right. i don't think it was -- i don't feel this whole thing is just. >> reporter: trial now set for july 16th. harris will be back in court this month to try to get his bail reduced from $750,000. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> what about almena? what is his bail set at? >> his bail is also at $750,000. but his attorneys say they will not fight further to reduce that bail. >> thank you. nfl players stopped by a bay area city today to discuss what they say is much-needed reform to the criminal justice system. the players included san francisco 49ers cornerback richard sherman and they invited the two women running
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for district attorney in alameda county to show up. ktvu's paul chambers was there and explains that only one of the candidates ended upcoming. >> reporter: many of us are used to seeing them on the field, malcolm jenkins and richard sherman, with a proven track record in the nfl. but these men say it's more to them than what you see on the gridiron. >> i think people that -- that say that we are getting too political are narrow minded and closed minded. >> reporter: that's why they came with fellow nfl stars to form the "players' coalition." the group uses their notoriety to effect positive change and to improve social justice and racial equality throughout the nation. their stop on this day, oakland's new parkway theater to discuss the alameda county district attorney's race. >> nothing that we're doing is endorsing the candidates. all we are doing is to encourage people to see what's going on in their communities.
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>> reporter: the players had specific questions and used others from the audience. some of the topics, bail reform, voter rights and police accountability. these players say these issues are important to them because they know firsthand about racial inequality. >> i'm from compton and watts, california. we do a lot of the same issues that people in the east side of oakland and things like that deal with. >> as athletes we feel like we have a platform and ability to put pressure, um, on those who answer the tough questions. >> reporter: the players say change needs to happen at the local level. however, to effect positive change, everyone has to be at the table. >> we wanted to make sure we engage the police as we do this because you can't talk about police accountability without also bringing in police with that. >> reporter: the players say they were happy with today's forum and it was successful although they were disappointed that nancy o'malley declined to show up. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. a 14-year-old boy is in custody tonight following a shooting at a high school in
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southern california. investigators say the teenaged suspect shot and wounded another teenaged boy this morning following an argument at highland high school in palmdale. the victim got a gunshot wound in the arm and is in stable condition. the first reports of a gunman on campus came in shortly after 7 a.m. immediately, it prompted a massive response from several law enforcement agencies. >> anytime there's a school- related incident, we all come together. quickly evolved and unfolded. in this case, the training, palmdale sheriff's station trains for these type of incidents so they were there quickly. they deployed quickly. and it looks like it worked as it should today. >> deputies arrested the teen near campus shortly after the shooting. investigators say he used a rifle which they have now recovered. district attorneys from four california counties are in santa barbara today. they are beginning face-to- face discussions about the case of the golden state killer. our reporter talked with d.a.s from santa barbara and
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sacramento counties about the mountain of work they have ahead of them. >> i would say several times a day we are talking. this is just the first face-to- face meeting we have had since april 24th and i'm confident in our process. >> reporter: santa barbara county district attorney joyce dudley walking into her downtown offices with sacramento d.a. anne marie schubert, the district attorney who tracked down joseph james deangelo and longed him to decades -- linked him to decades old rapes, murders and burglaries. >> it's an overwhelming case with a lot of victim and we'll bring justice for all the families. >> reporter: overwhelming is an understatement. deangelo is accused of crimes from orange county to ventura, santa barbara to sacramento. he faces murder charges in all four counties. and now the decision on where to try him and if he faces the death penalty for now are up in the air. >> do you charge him all at once with everything? how does that factor in? >> actually, it's not a difficult decision because, first, you look at what's in the best interests of the victims and their loved ones and then the people of the
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state of california and you also filter into that judicial economy. all four district attorneys who are going to be here today are very capable of handling this days. it's just what's in the best interests of the things i mentioned. >> right. and death penalty obviously on the table. will there be a decision on that shortly? >> well, every district attorney is going to have a process. we all have processes. so that decision hasn't been made yet. and we have to let the process work out the way it's going to work out, which is going through that and then having discussions and ultimately coming to a conclusion. obviously he is eligible for it. but those discussions are still in the process of being talked about. >> reporter: but these two district attorneys remain confident they will get their man. >> i have no doubt that we're all going to manage to collaborate together and this will be a team effort and, you know, we all do this for the same reason, which is to bring justice to individuals and families and that's why we're here. we all have the same mission. >> investigators believe the golden state killer committed his first homicide in santa barbara county back in 1979. he is now charged with two
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killings in sacramento county, two in ventura county and four in orange county. secretary of state mike pompeo speaking today about his historic trip to pyongyang and his conversations with north korean leader kim jong- un. pompeo says the united states will offer financial help to north korea with a catch. he said today that funding will only be given if north korea gives up its nuclear weapons program. >> if north korea takes bold action to quickly denuclearize the united states is prepared to work with north korea to achieve prosperity on the par with our south korean friends. >> during his visit, pompeo was able to secure the release of three americans who have been detained in north korea. yesterday, the president announced his meeting with kim jong-un will be in singapore next month. controversy is brewing in san francisco over one mayoral candidate's choice of words
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about sanctuary city policies. we'll tell how and what she said coming up. >> governor brown releases his final budget and announces a nearly $9 billion budget surplus. coming up, why even republicans are commending the governor's new plan. >> the weekend is here. the weather looks good. today, we got temperatures into the mid-80s, even upper 80s in the southland. what you can expect this weekend for saturday and sunday coming up. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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the debate over san francisco's sanctuary city status is an emotional hot button. christien kafton live tonight in the mission district. one mayoral candidate is looking to make sure convicted felons don't benefit from the city's sanctuary status. others want to expand
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protection. >> reporter: yeah. meanwhile, we can tell you that there's a protest that's just winding down here on the streets of san francisco in the mission district over what mayoral candidate angela alioto had to say. these are the last of the protestors here just getting ready to leave.  really, this is stirring the debate that's stretching from san francisco's city hall all the way to the halls of sacramento as the debate over sanctuary cities heats up in san francisco. reporter: san francisco's sanctuary status has put it on the forefront of the nation's debate on immigration. now one san francisco mayoral candidate is looking to take the idea to the voters. angela alioto says she wrote the city's original sanctuary rules. but she says over the years, the rules have changed and the way they stand now, she says convicted felons benefit from the city's policy. >> i have gone all over the city in the last five months and we talk about the sanctuary law and the fact that felons are included in the sanctuary law, the public is outraged! >> reporter: that's why she wants to take the issue to the voters. she wants to put an initiative on the november ballot to exclude felons from sanctuary
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protection. alioto's call has stirred debate in the city with mayor mark farrell saying on "mornings on 2" that the would- be mayor's initiative is off base and out of touch with san francisco values. >> i say don't attack our community and our immigrants here in san francisco. don't buy into the donald trump rhetoric. in san francisco, we support our immigrant community and we always have. and we always will. >> reporter: joining mayor farrell in his opinion, state senator scott weiner and san francisco district attorney george gascon. the senator and district attorney held a joint press conference to push for senate bill 785, which would prevent attorneys from asking witnesses or victims about their immigration status on the stand unless a judge said it was relevant. they say amending the city's sanctuary rules would make the city a more dangerous place, not safer. >> and so i call on angela alioto to cut it out, to stop, to back away, focus on the real issues in our city.
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>> i support the comments that senator weiner made concerning a candidate here in the city of trying to unwind sanctuary city. >> reporter: alioto says city leaders are at best mischaracterizing her position. >> it's dishonest. they can read. both of them are lawyers. i attached the ordinance, attached the 13 pages. and i attached the petition. >> reporter: now, i did speak with alioto by phone this afternoon. she is going to continue to push for that ballot initiative to make sure felons are not protected by san francisco's sanctuary city measures. she needs 9400 signatures by july. she is planning on doing it and hope she can get as many as 14,000 signatures. back to you guys. >> thank you. governor jerry brown unveiled his revised budget proposal in sacramento today saying he wants to put more money away for tough times ahead. the governor says the state
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now has a surplus of nearly $9 billion. he said that california enjoys the longest economic recovery in history and it's important to think about what happens when the next recession hits so he wants to increase the rainy day fund to more than $13 billion. >> up here, gray davis, he was really feeling great. but he ended up down here. art felt greater and he was down here. now we're up here. and that line up there doesn't exist. >> republican lawmakers are giving the governor good marks for his fiscal prudence. they also like his plan to spend more money on infrastructure. >> we should be doing one time expenditures on infrastructure and preparing for the future of california. and obviously we should take a look at giving some of that money back to the taxpayers. >> the nearly $138 billion budget increases spending on homelessness, cities and counties getting $359 million
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from surplus state revenue. the governor also proposed a $2 billion homeless bond for the november ballot to build affordable housing. in oakland, homeless people living in tent cities are slowly moving into "tuff sheds," the way oakland is trying to get people off the streets. ktvu's rob roth talked to one man who just moved into one of those sheds. >> reporter: dennis young spent his first night in a "tuff shed." he said it beats where he has been sleeping the past few months, his car. >> it's more comfortable. it's like your own place, having your own place and your own accommodation. >> reporter: young is one of four people to move into this 40-bed "tuff shed" camp the city just opened on northgate avenue near 27th street in oakland. he worked as an insurance claims adjustor, injured his hip, lost his apartment and ended up in his car parked amid the huge tent city that surrounds the "tuff sheds."
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>> there were future aspects of more formidable housing triggered me. >> reporter: the "tuff shed" community has services on site to help those here get more permanent housing. it is also an attempt to start shutting down the encampments here, the largest in the city, bringing a wide array of health and safety concerns. >> the entire idea is to help move people off the streets into safety and services but then get them on a path to self-sufficiency. >> reporter: the city plans to slowly fill the "tuff sheds" to capacity over the next few weeks. but this homeless man sleeping in a tent just 40 feet from the "tuff sheds" said they're not for him. >> one person might look at it as more secure. i look at it as more confined. like barbed wire like more rules, regulations. >> after a certain amount of time, we will make people move. that invitation area then becomes a no camping area. and we will continue to enforce that once we have thoroughly cleaned the area. >> reporter: dennis young says
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he likes the safety of living behind a security fence. he says he is ready to improve his life. are you going to be okay here? >> i think so. you know, i think there's a -- um, a wish and a prayer for me. >> reporter: mayor schaaf says she is considering creating even more "tuff shed" communities. she says the next likely location would be around lake merritt. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. there's a wind advisory for parts of the bay area tonight. those high winds will mostly be felt in the north and east bay hills but it was a beautiful day to wrap up the workweek. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> the wind advisory goes into effect tonight. you know how you get the downsloping winds? you'll feel it. >> it was beautiful all day. >> probably the warmest day this week. temperatures cool tomorrow a bit. but there is a wind advisory and a few months from now this wind advisory would most likely equate to a red flag warning but because temperatures and direction and time of year, we are just
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going to have that wind advisory that shows gusts perhaps up to 50 miles an hour up in places like mount diablo or up in mount tam area up on the hill. lower locations probably won't notice the wind. the wind advisory tonight through saturday morning for the hills to the north and east bay. highs this weekend are going to be up there especially on saturday. still upper 80s in the inland bay valleys and even close to the bay. but then cooler on sunday. temperatures will cool a couple of degrees tomorrow as well but very -- very small increments. there's some fog trying to re- form at the coast. you see it south of -- north in this case of upon the conception -- north of point conception, right in here. it will work up the coast. the fog actually responds well to high pressure especially if the winds aren't too strong so that fog having a strong inversion will allow it to form more readily. so the winds will chew it up a bit but there should be some
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patchy fog showing up about pidgeon point, maybe even montara. current temperatures 70s and 80s. now we have winds blowing -- we call -- a north wind is actually offshore the way california faces for our region. so with this north wind keying up, you can see the warm air coming out of the valley and being pushed into our region. that's kind of what happens again tomorrow albeit the coast will stay mostly in the mid-60s. it's warmer. san carlos 11 degrees warmer. 6 degrees warmer in fairfield than yesterday at this time. so it's good. the winds, um, yeah, there it is, 25 and -- see, that's a north wind, right? coming from the north. boy, north wind doesn't bloody towards the north. a north wind blows from the north to the south. south wind is this way. west wind is this way. it confuses people because people think west wind the direction it's coming from. but a west wind is a wind going this way left to right
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across your screen. north and that's essentially an offshore direction with compression, heating, warmth, temperatures inland warmest will be all week right now but still tomorrow, will with these overnight winds ramping up, i think tomorrow morning will be -- and tomorrow mid morning and afternoon will still be quite warm. when i come back we'll have the weekend forecast. california's national guard is now training before heading to the u.s. border with mexico. coming up next, the job they are being deployed to do. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes... winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence.
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served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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250 california national guard troops have started training to work as intelligence analysts, radio dispatchers and camera operators among other support roles at the border. governor brown agreed to send as many as 400 california guardsmen to help as long as they didn't engage in immigration enforcement. the president ordered the national guard to the u.s./mexico border to help federal authorities combat illegal immigration and drug trafficking. the u.s. border patrol academy is changing allow it trains new recruits. ray boggan shows it's intended to keep agents safe and to improve treatment of immigrants. >> reporter: the border patrol has made significant changes to how they prepare new recruits tow protect the border. a new six-month training program at the academy plan dates grueling physical tests and hands-on learning.
5:25 pm
>> we take real-life events that have happened to border patrol agents in the field protecting america and we train them in a safe training environment. >> reporter: the change comes after concern was raised for border patrol's use of force and assaults against agents. specifically, by rocking. >> when those who graduate here and go to the field, that they get it right. they protect themselves, protect the people that they are dealing with, and they resolve those situations appropriately. >> reporter: the new training can be broken down into four steps. teach, show, practice, evaluate. >> they reweld it. >> reporter: for instance, instead of long lectures about how to search a vehicle, they make the car the classroom. >> an explosive? wow. >> in a way, it was holy cow, what am i getting myself into? but i was mentally and physically prepared for it. >> reporter: recruits learn
5:26 pm
how to drive over tough terrain, conduct searches, and even making an arrest after being pepper sprayed. the hardest part is the language barrier. >> i don't speak spanish and now i'm doing full scenarios where i'm speaking nothing but spanish. >> reporter: trainees learn the basics, then get more advanced lessons for words they will use on duty. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: they will use the spanish language every day throughout their career because 90% of illegal immigrants agents arrest only speak spanish. ray boggan, fox news. coming up, what happens when the nation's largest homebuilders team up with amazon? >> we finally treated wi-fi as if it's plumbing or air- conditioning or anything else. >> coming up, we tour a bay area smart home that has alexa you might say on steroids. it does everything from close the shades, dim the lights, lock the doors, even orders toilet paper.
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>> also ahead, a man who is shot in the face stumbles into a convenience store on the peninsula looking for help. coming up next, the latest on what happened. >> plus, facebook may be getting ready to diversify. a new report says facebook may be launching its own cryptocurrency. it's time for sleep number's 'semi-annual sale'. the dual adjustability of the sleep number bed allows each of you to adjust tdeal level of firmness, comfort and support your sleep number setting... for your best... sleep... ever. in the morning, you'll discover the amazing effects the bed is having on your sleep quality... your sleepiq score. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during sleep number's semi-annual sale its' the lowest price ever on the queen c4 mattress, only $1099 - save $500. ends soon. visit for a store near you.
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in social media a man shot
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in the face stumbled into a convenience store looking for help in sunnyvale. moments later he collapsed. jesse gary reports. >> reporter: the owner of the 7-eleven says the victim came in about 10:45 last night bleeding from the mouth and in need of help. sunnyvale police investigators say the victim is in his 20s or 30s and was shot in the face near the intersection of spin nose 15 and west remington drive then walked a quarter mile down to the corner of remington and sunnyvale saratoga. he stood in the store for a minute or two and collapsed outside when a customer called 911 and sunnyvale police showed up within minutes. >> we have no details on motive. they weren't from the neighborhood and are not associated to that neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors say investigators were checking for clues in the park late
5:31 pm
friday morning but nothing pointed to a motive has surfaced. >> there is no nexus to the neighborhood so there's nothing to fair. >> reporter: the captain says there are reports from neighbors of a vehicle being involved in the shooting. but they weren't able to give detectives a make, model or license plate number. and there's no prescription of the suspects or the weapon that was used in what officials say is sunnyvale's first shooting of 2018. the victim is recovering from non-life-threatening wounds at a local hospital. police investigators are reviewing surveillance video from inside the 7-eleven for clues. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a high-speed crash and chase shut down the highway 24 ramp to highway 13 this morning. the audi suv with five teens inside crashed shortly after going through the caldecott tunnel at about 3:30 this morning.
5:32 pm
the chase began on westbound highway 4 in pittsburg where officers saw the audi racing a corvette at speeds up to 120 miles an hour. officers pursued both cars to southbound highway 242 and then to southbound interstate 680. chp officers say the suv took the exit too fast and crashed right into the median. no one was hurt. officers took all five teens into custody. the driver was a 17-year-old with no driver's license. facebook is interested in creating its own virtual money. they are reportedly taking the first steps toward offering its own bitcoin style crypto- currency. facebook's virtual money could be used to make payments online. it would also make it easier to sell items around the world using facebook's growing online classifieds section. elon musk's plan to beat l.a. traffic is starting to see light at the end of the tunnel if you will. the billionaire has announced that the giant tunnel he is building under the city of l.a. is nearly finished.
5:33 pm
and now he is posting this video of the groundbreaking project. the high speed tunnel system is designed to let people bypass l.a. traffic and get around the city faster by going underground. but "wall street journal" tech reporter tim higgins says musk still has some major hurdles to overcome. >> he wants to take the tunnel beyond, you know, the spacex headquarters there through many cities into los angeles. it's kind of a test -- event there that requires permitting from those municipalities and other government agencies and the state. >> elon musk says he plans to build underground tunnels in other big u.s. cities if his project in l.a. is a success. a redwood city man is cleaning up this evening after a car crashed into his living room. frank mallicoat spoke with the homeowner and the mother of the driver. >> reporter: not a good day for a redwood city homeowner who got a loud wake-up call around 5:30 this morning here
5:34 pm
on farmhill boulevard. you can see the aftermath behind me. here's the curve, jumped up and lands in the yard in the man's living room, crushes that side of the house, and with it, two support beams. now, the house was yellow- tagged by the redwood city building inspector this morning which means the homeowner must move out until he gets those beams fixed. >> i heard a big bang, crash, and then i heard the shattering of the glass. so immediately i kind of knew -- kind of what had happened, you know, came out to confirm what i -- what i thought. >> reporter: here's a photo of the car in the home. it was driven by 24-year-old malik griffin out of belmont. he was arrested on possible dui charges here at the scene. he was not injured. now, i spoke with his mother to dropped by to apologize for the crash and asked her about her son. was he drinking do you know? >> um, he had been earlier in the evening i believe? but nowhere near -- he is not going to -- they are not going to -- it's not going to
5:35 pm
qualify as a dui so -- >> what about his brakes? >> he just had them done a couple of weeks ago and apparently they went out again as he was coming down the hill. couldn't stop the car. >> reporter: as a mother when you get that phone call, you know, right? >> you absolutely -- >> reporter: as you can see, quite a mess inside the house, as well. the homeowner a big mess to clean up and very lucky it was his living room that got hit and not his bedroom. he also told me that he was going to begin some renovation projects and sadly that project just got a whole lot bigger. that's the latest here in redwood city. frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. we have been focusing on hawaii's volcanic eruption. experts say california's volcanos could be on the verge of erupting. coming up one expert says an eruption here is about the same probability over the next 30 years as a major earthquake along the san andreas fault.
5:36 pm
that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor.
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
in a memo to employees the at&t ceo is calling the hiring of president donald trump's personal attorney michael cohen a big mistake. it's embarrassing for the company as it waits for a u.s. judge's decision with its deal
5:39 pm
with time warner. we have more. >> reporter: the chief lobbyist at at&t is leaving the company after hiring president trump's attorney michael cohen as a political consultant. ceo randall stevenson saying bob quinn will retire but some say he is being forced out. while everything that was done legal he called the association with cohen a serious misjudgment. >> the best legal minds in the company agreed this transaction would be approved since our companies don't compete with each other. but here we are. the government has filed a lawsuit. and it stretches the very reach of antitrust law beyond the breaking point. >> reporter: quinn's office hired mr. cohen shortly after donald trump's inauguration and agreed to pay him $50,000 a month into insights into the new administration. in the memo, stephenson noticed the company's reputation had been damaged as the justice department seeks to block at&t's acquisition of time warner on the grounds it would stifle competition. a move that surprised many since the companies don't
5:40 pm
compete with each other drawing more accusations of bias at the department of justice from republican lawmakers. the department of justice has once again along with the fbi exceeded the authority including undeifies 15. >> each time we've looked at the records, we have find that the department of justice under republican and democratic administrations has failed to live up to the letter and the spirit of the law. >> reporter: u.s. district court judge richard leon is expected to issue a ruling on the at&t-time warner deal next month. in new york, i'm joy piazza, fox news. all eyes have been on hawaii's erupting volcano. there have been incredible images of lava flows taking over streets and backyards. but at the same time geologists are keeping a close eye on volcanos in california. >> the probability of an eruption in california, and it could be a small one at any one of our volcanos, is about the same probability in the
5:41 pm
next 30 years as a major san andreas fault earthquake. >> we got a lot of volcanos here. we'll talk about your weekend. the weather looks good. talk about your saturday and your sunday coming up. and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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5:43 pm
we have new video from hawaii's big island near the erupting kilauea volcano. lava now covers stretches of a forest the area and you can see smoke rising from the ground. experts say there's no end in sight to the activity at the
5:44 pm
volcano as another neighborhood now in the area has been forced to evacuate. most of hawaii's volcanos national park will be closed indefinitely due to concern over a dangerous explosion that could send huge rocks the size of refrigerators flying into the air. >> that's not because we're thinking it's going to be a life-threatening event. it's more of a nuisance with ash and small pebbles raining down here, not the place we want people to be. >> state lawmakers are considering holding a special session to help those affected. they got a firsthand look at the destruction and say their priority right now is finding more housing. >> as kilauea causes problems on the big island, it's a good reminder that california is filled with volcanos too. >> there's mount shasta, lassen peak and the volcanic field at clearlake among others. ktvu's ann rubin tells us that scientists with the u.s. geological survey are keeping a close eye on them. >> reporter: the eruption of
5:45 pm
kilauea is luring scientists to hawaii, many of them from california's volcano observatory. >> there's our primary job is to to monitor california's volcanos. >> reporter: that's right, california's volcanos, the closest at clearlake just 90 miles from san francisco. geologists say it last erupted 11,000 years ago. others like lassen have blown their top more recently erupting from 1914 through 1917. and experts say there's a 25% chance another could blow soon. >> the probability of an eruption happening in california, and it could be a small one at any one of our volcanos, is about the same probability in the next 30 years as a major san andreas fault earthquake. >> reporter: so scientists are keeping watch constantly, looking for any signs something explosive may be coming. >> so what we're really looking for is behavior that's out of the ordinary so we're
5:46 pm
monitoring for earthquake swarms, for ground deformation that might tell us if there is something moving under the ground. >> reporter: there are several types of volcanos in california but experts say an eruption here likely wouldn't look like kilauea. >> what we would expect here would be more like mount st. helens, more of an explosive eruption. so that puts a lot of rock and dust and gases in the air. >> reporter: scientists say there would be plenty of warning if and when a california volcano was set to erupt. but many of those fishing at clearlake say this volcano has been quiet so long, they didn't know it was there. scientists say don't worry, they will continue to monitor all of california's volcanos even if they provide backup in hawaii. in the san jose studio, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. let bring in our chief meteorologist. that's an interesting piece there. >> yes. >> you tend to forget that california has volcanos. >> there's a volcano five
5:47 pm
miles that way. sibley park. sibley is an ancient volcano. if you go to that park on skyland boulevard, that's an old caldera. because of the tectonics and -- and -- and the way the plates move, the cascades have most of the volcanos, lassen, shasta, northward. our volcanos are very different. they are explosive. the type of lava -- we get capped on the lava caps. it won't blow. it builds up pressure and then it explodes like mount st. helena. hawaii doesn't have a hard cap like that. they don't build up as much pressure. our volcanos are scary in the way that they explode as you know. so we will, um, you know, hopefully, um, not experience any of that too soon. but if we say mount lassen, i grew up where i could see it from my house. and mount lassen was a volcano that, um, was erupting into
5:48 pm
the early 1900s. plenty of pictures of that. no major, major eruptions, not in those early years. warm saturday, there's your day. it's going to be nice! upper 80s, yeah, upper 80s, a little cooler than today but quite nice. the fog will work back up the coast tomorrow. but it's going to take a while so that means temperatures are going to range early on. they will be pretty warm. 84 in concord right now. 79 early tomorrow. i mean, early saturday to about 2:00 before the marine layer kicks in and the winds kick in. i think tomorrow's going to be very, very warm. warmer than today at least for the first half. second half, the onshore winds will develop and the fog should kind of pull back to the coast by the evening which kind of puts a kibosh on your, um, barbecue plans and what have you especially out in pacifica. so here's the high pressure. it's built in. it does what it does. and it sets us up with saturday and sunday, very nice -- albeit sunday, slightly cooler because that fog is going to return. you will see the model say -- there's fog trying to come up
5:49 pm
the coast and there's saturday evening. this would be the beginning of the cooling. again, i suggest that the morning until about 2:00, i think it's going to be a pretty, pretty warm, um, day, um, and then about 2:00, 3:00, the sea breeze will kick up. so the temperatures will -- just when they get to 84, 85, they are going to get shut down inland by the sea breeze. so there's the five-day forecast. we have a lot of volcanos. sibley is just right here. it's a volcano, ancient. >> i think of earthquakes. when you think of california, at least for me, i think earthquakes. i don't think volcanos. >> mount shasta, have you ever been up there? >> no. >> it's stunning! mount shasta is huge! it's just -- it is an active volcano and so is mount lassen, not as big. those are literally 2.5, three- hour drive from here. right up the valley. >> bill, thank you. we have an update on the breaking news we told you about at the start of the show and we have been following since the "four on 2" today.
5:50 pm
all eastbound lanes on the san mateo bridge are now reopened more than two hours after a crash. the bridge was completely shut down in the eastbound direction around 3 p.m. from skyfox, you can see three cars involved in the crash. we are told there was a farry -- a ferrari, nissan and van. no major injuries despite heavy damage to the vehicles. this led to a huge backup for the friday evening commute. the backup stretched off the bridge and onto the peninsula. you can see a lot of red even though the lanes have reopened. the damage is done. the eastbound lanes are in red with extremely slow traffic. but the lanes have reopened. cars are getting through eastbound on the san mateo bridge. but it is slow. if you can avoid the area because it is goes to be tied up, messed up for some time. the social security administration, has released its list of the most popular
5:51 pm
names given to u.s. babies last year. the top five names for boys, liam, noah, william, james and logan. and for girls, emma, olivia, ava, isabela, and sophia. >> there you have it. >> mm-hm. fans of "star wars" have been waiting for this. the hollywood premiere of solo, a "star wars" story. the stars of the movie hit the red carpet last night and even more thrilling the millennium falcon was there on hollywood boulevard a life size version of the ship. it focuses on his back story. >> i'm a very big "star wars" fan. i don't say this lightly. i think it is satisfying because you get to see how a lot of things came to be. >> the way everything comes about is good. it's satisfying. as a fan you watch it when i
5:52 pm
read it that's how it should have happened. >> it will hit theaters nationwide on may 25th. the nation's largest homebuilder has partnered with amazon to create a smart home in a booming community in the east bay. it's one of a handful of homes on display nationwide. ktvu's tom vacar went to vallejo to look at what it can do. >> reporter: one home is an amazon experience center here. >> what we decided is we need to build homes for the way people live now, not the way they have always lived and amazon helps bring those to life. >> reporter: with wi-fi now a basic backbone of the home, labor-saving, convenience and just plain old fun gadgets that you want or need can be connected to the home's wi-fi brain as they become available now and in the future. >> we finally treated wi-fi as if it's plumbing or air- conditioning or anything else and the future is endless for that. >> reporter: he says there is
5:53 pm
no wi-fi blocked nook or cranny anywhere in a wi-fi certified home. >> it's an investment in the home of the future. this is the way people live today. >> alexa, are you ready? >> yes, i'm ready. >> reporter: alexa is ready to do a lot. for example, alexa? movie time. the shades come down, the lights dim. and the tv presents a movie menu. you are in command. you have push button access to basic needs to be quickly delivered by amazon. from tea to toilet paper, tell rumba to vacuum and it vacuumings. returning to its recharger, by your command, or when the battery runs low. >> change the thermostat to 68 degrees. >> reporter: cameras at your command when and where you want to see them. >> alexa, show me the backyard. >> okay. >> show me "next gen" door. alexa, show me the kids' room. >> okay. >> alexa, show me the backyard. >> okay. >> reporter: from the doorbell to the stairwell, you're in
5:54 pm
command. if you tell alexa it's party time, the shades lower a bit, a colored light show begins, as does music, whatever you choose. in the bedroom, after checking the kids' room, you can tell alexa good night as the shades lower, the lights dim, the exterior doors lock and alexa gives you a good night greeting. when you awake, a morning greeting. the lights go on, the shades lift, and you get a quick weather, news and track report tailored to your commute. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i don't know. maybe i'm old-fashioned but i'll pull the shades down myself. i'll set the thermostat myself. >> sometimes they go a little far. interesting. the wave of the future. coming up, president trump turns his focus to a top domestic priority. coming up next tonight, the new blueprint to lower prescription drugs prices.
5:55 pm
(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening)
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(car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) the president laid out his vision to lowering drug prices today. lauren blanchard reports from washington. >> reporter: last year the food and drug administration approved a record number of generic drugs saving people an estimated $9 billion. but today the president says that's not enough and americans are being ripped off. >> our plan takes steps to derail the gravy train for special interests. >> reporter: president trump rolling out his blueprint to make prescription drug prices more affordable calling his administration's initiative america's patients first.
5:58 pm
>> everyone involved in the broken system, the drugmakers, insurance companies, distributors, pharmacy benefit managers and many others, contribute to the problem. >> reporter: the plan, increasing competition, improving negotiation, and lowering list price incentives. >> smart, targeted, efficient. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in agreement that the cost of prescription medications are far too high for the average american costing the u.s. last year more than $300 billion. >> it's outrageous. it's venal. it hurts seniors. >> reporter: but democratic leader nancy pelosi says today the president pulled his punch and is breaking his promise to the american people to allow medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. still, the president calls his plan the most sweeping action in history to lower drug prices. >> the american people deserve a healthcare system that takes
5:59 pm
care of them. >> reporter: the president says part of the problem is what he calls foreign free loading. he says other countries use socialized healthcare to keep their costs low while driving up prescription prices in the united states. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. there are new developments in the ghost ship warehouse fire as two men charged with 36 counts of manslaughter are denied their request to toss the case. >> you don't have evidence. how do you prosecute somebody? you don't have a cause of the fire. how do you prosecute somebody? >> today's ruling from the judge in the east bay means the trial against derick almena and max harris will move forward. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. almena and harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each person who died in the ghost
6:00 pm
ship warehouse fire in 2016. we get new developments now from ktvu crime reporter henry lee. almena's wife was also in court today. >> reporter: yes. this was the first time we have seen her in court in recent months and both she and the defense say these two men have nothing to do with the tragic fire and shouldn't be facing charges. a judge denied a motion by derick almena and max harris to toss the 36 involuntary manslaughter charges they each face, one count for each victim who died in the ghost ship fire. >> the odds of winning that are always very low. >> reporter: so now the defense says they will try to prove that evidence from the fire was dumped and destroyed or went missing after the warehouse was released back to property owner chor ng. ng isn't facing any criminal charges. >> the owner, who is -- everybody understands, the public understands, she has some culpability here. the owner is essentially like giving the murder weapon back to the murder suspect. >> reporter: ng has declined our requests for comment but someone who will talk at trial is almena himself. >> so mr. almena will be testif


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