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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 Weekend  FOX  May 12, 2018 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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alameda county coroner trying to identify the body in fremont. >> we will tell you more about how was found when investigators told us overnight. may cause martic revenue more or less from the sam cisco international airport. >> they tap on a three dollar surcharge why they will raise that freedom when it may happen.>> reporter: is not the speaker everyone had expected. >> he was at acted to speak this morning, why she canceled
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and who's taking her place. >> first let's had overheard talking about a forecast. is a summer yet? it is going to feel like summer. due to the winds that we had a kick through the overnight hours. not breezy for everybody but we hadn't wind advisory in our hills and that has it expired but take a look at that wind clearing out the air we have crystal blue skies. >> today's going to be the warmest day, a beautiful day and temperatures in the 80s. there's another view of san francisco. 63 degrees oakland reporting 64 some of the cooler temps with 53 degrees in santa rosa. i do expect a rapid warm-up. >> 61 degrees in novato and
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half moon bay with partly cloudy to have men skies. >> the flow is still coming from the north with san jose rope wording in the east breeze. >> in any event we have the swarm of coming our way with the being of the warmest day of the week. we will continue with the weather being a little bit cooler as we get into the best part -- back part of the weekend. low 60s expected by 8:00 or so with a hugely. 70 nine a clock and look as we get into the second part of the day, upper 70s to 80s. i think will be warmer than that. 82 degrees in napa, into the south bay is san jose. 83 degrees in livermore. if this is to work for you we
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have a cooldown coming our way in time for mother's day i will have a look at the extended forecast coming up. >> trying to identify a body found in the marshland. hiker spotted the body and it was recovered by the fire district who got this overnight showing us the propeller driven boat that was they used to get the body. authorities say that the mellow body was clothed and had been there for some time and badly decomposed when it washed ashore.'s>> reporter: this drew a have a response. including the fire department. corners now going to try to figure out the cause of death as well as identity they do not believe this is linked to any unsolved case. >> trial is set to be in july. yesterday good judge denied a motion to dismiss the case. >> new to strategy that defense
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attorneys are doing. >> to toss the manslaughter charges. one account for each one that died. >> the odds of winning that are always very low. >> the divan says they will try to prove the evidence from the fire was dumped had destroyed or when missing after the warehouse was released back to the property orner and he is not facing any charges. >> the public understands that she has some culpability here. the owners essentially giving the murder weapon back to the murder suspect. >> she has declined them for, but someone who will talk is automatic himself. >> mr. almena will be testifying and testifying on his own behalf, he is the one
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that knows the most about what has occurred. >> most defense attorneys don't their clients on the stand it's a legal strategy that carries risks because the da will want to grill them on examination but he agrees. >> i think his testimony alone will raise reasonable doubt. >> they have been raising at about the beginning. no evidence tying either of them to the fire investigators still do not know what started the deadly fire. >> you don't have evidence how do you prosecute somebody you know because of fire how do you prosecute somebody. >> rare appearance in court to support her husband. >> i really disappointed that the motion did not go through today, i don't think that was right, this whole thing, i don't feel that it is just. >> harris will be back in court later this month to try to get
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is bell reduced from $750,000. dry rot likely caused a deck to go down. the wooden deck fell from the second story on oakland fired took two victims to the trauma center and they were hospitalized is what is described as moderate industries, one banged her head and one her back and had. >> nudity tells of a crash causing traffic problems during friday's early morning commutes, five teenage boys were taken into custody including the 17- year-old driver, authorities telling the group he did not have a license and investigator say that the teens were writing in an audi suv in racing at corvette speeds reducing 120 miles an hour. near railroad avenue. officers tried to stop them and while the corvette got away that suv crashed on the highway
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24. gun buyback event in their hosting want today. 10 this morning to one this afternoon it will be had at city hall and it's going to give you $100 if you bring a hand shock on her right a weapon that meets the definition of an assault rifle, they want to remind you though that this is 100% anonymous my >> uc berkeley holding this spring commencement memorial stadium nearly 6000 undergrads and graduate students expected to attend this but the senator will not be there, she dropped on his their commitment speakers due to the uc system and some 25,000 union employees. they include technical staff and respiratory therapist, which include custodian and
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guards. they walked off their job for three days this past weekend were join other picket line by another 25,000 workers holding a sympathy strike. >> this will be the chancellor. >> is is expected to give them a huge financial news. >> how to avoid getting caught up in traffic. >> meter disaster on hawaii. future volcanic eruptions from scientists is straightahead. every fire department every police department is part of a bigger picture. that bigger picture is statewide mutual aid. california years ago realized the need to work together. teamwork is important to protect the community,
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but we have to do it the right way. we have a working knowledge and we can reduce the impacts of a small disaster, but we need the help of experts. pg&e is an integral part of our emergency response team. they are the industry expert with utilities. whether it is a gas leak or a wire down, just having someone there that deals with this every day is pretty comforting. we each bring something to the table that is unique and that is a specialty. with all of us working together we can keep all these emergencies small. and the fact that we can bring it together and effectively work together is pretty special. they bring their knowledge, their tools and equipment and the proficiency to get the job done. and the whole time i have been in the fire service, pg&e's been there, too. whatever we need whenever we need it. i do count on pg&e to keep our firefighters safe. that's why we ask for their help.
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i do count on pg&e to keep our firefighters safe. he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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good morning to you waking up with mostly clear skies around this area and temperatures climbing as we get into the second part of your morning early afternoon and i will have a look at your neighborhood coming up. >> trump has declared disaster in hawaii because of the eruptions and earthquakes so that means the big island will be eligible for aid to repair the damage. hawaii's volcano is spewing lava more than a week after first erupting and scientists are warning that another big eruption on the big island could happen within weeks in the next phase could be the largest since 1924 when boulders the size of cars were launched into the air. >> it's a extraordinary time here, when i came here many years ago i never thought, i knew was capable but i never thought i would see the day. here we are. >> near many people have been evacuated, and the park has
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been closed indefinitely. >> despite a surplus of $1 million he wants to put more money into the rainy day fund. >> katie has a way of how they want to do this.>> reporter: i want to start off and introduce the newest member of our team. >> jerry brown appeared with their first new dog named callie before presenting his final budget in his career for terms spanning more than four decades. >> that people won't be getting what they want to. >> budget surplus of over $8 billion a far cry from the $25 billion deficit they had in 2011. friday's proposal would limit new spending in about $4 billion will go to one-time expenditures including 2 billion for infrastructure and levees.
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359 million would go here to help the homeless and 312 million for mental health. >> i think that governor brown is bending it on the night right things and i don't ever want these people to become invisible. >> they say their churches in a huge increase in demand for on- site homeless shelter food program. >> that would be huge for this place and for those that come here. >> about half of the surplus would go into the states rainy day fund. >> goes up must come down. this is time to save for future, not to make pricey promises that we cannot keep, i will say before and again let us not blow it now. >> he really believes in fiscal austerity and doesn't like to be in a situation where we have budgetary set deficits. >> henny brady says that his
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physical austerity is needed. >> we have a volatile tax system, in good times we really bring in a lot of money and embattled money we really go down very quickly and in the budget is really strapped. >> brown often negotiate with democrats uy moore's bending and republicans who see the surplus as a sign that taxpayers are paying too much for a budget battle which some say is part of his legacy. >> you gotta give him credit no matter what you say about him he's been fiscally prudent and responsible. >> fox 2 news . he would also like to put a $2 million bond on the upcoming ballot to build affordable housing and shelters for the homeless. >> they have a june 15 deadline to pass the buzz it. >> we are getting a look at these tax numbers for marijuana
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in california. the state again a lot of money. they projected 170 by the first six months. the number suggest that we are running 20 to 30% lower than the governor's projection and to some say needs to be lower to encourage hesitant business owners to get their permits. >> athletic interment will help them in this one. >> christian captain joins us live in santa rosa with the competition and how it is expected to generate millions of dollars in an economy that could use a shot in the arm, christian, good morning.>> reporter: keep in mind, still beautiful despite those wildfires. we are just about a block away from old courthouse square.
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we are expecting those athletes to show up later on today after finishing a grueling 140 miles swim bike ride and run. let's look at a video that is somewhat they are facing. about 2000 competitors expected to hit the water this morning for the 2.4 miles swim portion. then a 100 bike right into top it off, this marathon. all this serves as a reminder, this is open for business after this fire. desired man and the half one in the summer bring an estimated $30 million to the region. to that end organizers are working hard to make sure that the athlete spectators all have a good experience and last year there was complaints the role closers led to this. altering the route to make sure everything is open.
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later this morning we are hoping to take you through expo village here featuring some of the latest equipment for athletes and hoping to hear some local businesses way in. that it's going to be open later on this morning and throughout the day. again we are expecting that the first runners are expected to cross the finish line at around three this afternoon. we will be long since done because we start about four or five this morning. think they will be watching it rather than still working at. it's pretty amazing we're going to show you one more thing out here. this is something that they can see is the come down the road here a reminder that the north
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is open for business and i want to make sure that they can come here to wine company -- country in santa rosa and enjoy the site. that goes double for you claudine, i know that you love to visit but you have a little bit of a lady athlete and you. >> no, i have done a triathlon but not come anywhere close to what the people do when they accomplish ironman. >> guys, i'm not even going to try a triathlon. one of the people was in my ears and i going to get out there run and i was like, no, i'm not even going to start to run i would look really bad. >> you could jump in the coffee shop. >> no way my god. >> yes these athletes are pretty amazing. >> yeah, they are liking a
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cool. >> maybe in santa rosa. >> i think by nine or 10 a clock we will are to be approaching 70 degrees. >> swim bike and run. >> the second marathon after that with 80 degree weather, god bless them. voip we are looking at some warm weather getting into this saturday but by the end of the day we will begin to see a transition and i will! and i here in a moment. let's take a look at what's going on and outside our doors. lotta blues guys to go around. san francisco their starting out in the 50s and even 60s as we get through they denied a clock hour. is a look at storm tracker to with the north flow in place. the wind advisory has been expiring. then what as we get into the
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second part of the day we have the southern leaser is going to come our way. it's artie in and around monterey. look at that fog thereover monterey. as you get into the second part of the afternoon take a peek at what is going on at the coastline, is going to work its way north, and by the second part of the day we may have some just thereby the golden gate bridge, also over the sierra with that low off to the east, we have that opportunity. be prepared for scattered showers in the forecast, for us this is going to be a warmer day and as we get into the evening hours that fog again continues to move in. so today's going to be the warmest day with the transition this afternoon. here's a look at the temperatures right now.
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64 in oakland and 53 degrees in santa rosa and the low 60s in livermore and as we get into the second part of the afternoon a nice warm one. 81 four novato, 72 being the afternoon high and as we get into the east bay, 72 for oakland. 86 for brentwood. san jose is 80 degrees. notice the coast, upper 60s in santa cruz partly cloudy turning mostly cloudy by the second half and for daly city, also upper 60s expected there. san francisco is a beautiful 71. everybody's going to call down as we get into your sunday.
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if you like the warm weather again and enjoy it today. >> you got it. >> the wires winning according to one book. >> these are paying out right now even though they don't tip off until monday night. >> celebration for mother's day ramping up, what some restaurants are doing for the russia customers and just to show you how much they are willing to spend on mom, this year. >> you are accusing him of cold- blooded murder. >> the truth is going to come out. >> monday at nine, on fox 10 you don't believe it's possible that something
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getting ready for a busy mother's day weekend, have our shop say that this is what other busy is times of the year. showing how some families are celebrating mom. >> the flower bowl is family- owned and order started coming in for mother's day two weeks ago and this holiday is his a big is. >> everybody has a mother but not everybody has a lover. >> he stopped taking custom arrangement orders in pne is our popular. >> they are fragrant beautiful and last a long time. >> expensive, four times the type of roses because they are hard to grow getting sold-out.
7:26 am
85 flower deliveries were made friday and 100+ will go out saturday. about on mile away, the owner tells me he's hooked up for saturday and sunday. even surpassing valentine's day. >> we came out tonight. >> mom became emotional as she told me that she is the greatest gift of all, the three dollars. >> it's a privilege to be a mom. i just think how well they turned out and how beautiful they are. you know, what they have given back to me.
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>> mother's day has a new meaning. i have something to celebrate myself. >> this year consumer spending on mother's day will be strong, on average each person will spend $100 on gifts. force we talked to can attest to that.
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we will talk about her stance grilling up some controversy. >> why her initiative is met with opposition and her plan to put a on the upcoming november ballot. we will be right back. what is going to take to keep our city clean. people should not be getting evicted because of failure of a landlord. >> the battery starts to catch on fire. >> every single sober day i'm thankful i chose them to help. >> new life free of alcohol or drugs in treatment is provided by a team of dedicated people
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have the right training and right experience. e bed is havig on your sleep quality... your sleepiq score. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during sleep number's semi-annual sale its' the lowest price ever on the queen c4 mattress, only $1099 - save $500. ends soon. visit for a store near you.
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this time of year it takes the entire day for our bayside communities, to fill in. today's going to be the warmest day for you but i have a feeling that the fog starting to develop yesterday may have been the warmest day for the coast giving you a live look inland where you can see that they are generally white. moving very fast. we have the wind yesterday. 63 degrees in downtown san francisco. a lot warmer this morning if you're stepping out you should notice this.
7:33 am
if i show you this at the surface notice the southern lady win. this is going worked its way into monterey i think it'll work its way up. you will begin to see that breeze a little bit stronger in the clouds will be wake us that's what to expect there the warmer locations in santa rosa 85 and sent antioch and 82 expected for morgan hill, data compromised in a department of
7:34 am
public health and yesterday is says an employee, access to personal information and the company provides medical transcription services. justice department says it does not appear that any of the information was taken, use, hours old and that data has been recovered. 895 people have been notified. ss -- sfo is negotiating higher fees at the airport. three dollar surcharge. looking to do that.
7:35 am
15-year-old boy was walking home when a man grabbed him from behind in the teen said he broke free and ran to a relatives house nearby and the suspect is described as a light- skinned man standing about six feet four inches tall he had wavy hair and a thin build. >> fighters with in two nuclear bombers off the coast of alaska. it happen friday morning and marked the very first time in a little more than a year that they flew very close. the bombers were within 55 miles of alaska's west coast but did no time they enter the americans stays. >> we monitor them until they left the area along the aleutian island.>> 14-year-old boy he is a facing murder charges -- attempted murder charges after shooting a boy in the arm.
7:36 am
15-year-old boy is expected to make a study. >> there was a dispute between the two boys in efforts there were reports of this was another mass shooting and also false reports of a shooting at a elementary school that all prompted a big police response.>> anytime there's a school shooting there is a big police presence. >> family called a family friend who detained that teen at that store. >> investigating a shooting that left him badly wounded and he came stumbling into a convenience store around 1045 thursday night and moments later
7:37 am
he collapsed at the doorway and investigator say that the victims and is 20 or 30's and shot in the face. it happen near the intersection of west remained 10 drive around that 711. now recovering at a hospital. at one point a suspect rammed a salute police car. district attorney is met to discuss of the prosecution of the keller case with the task force put together by sacramento da credited with tracking down joseph d'angelo
7:38 am
and linking them to murders, sexual assaults and burglaries for back in the 70s and 80s. she met yesterday with district attorney joyce dudley and to others to discuss of the mountain of work ahead of them. >> it's an overwhelming case with a lot of victims that we will do everything that we can to collaborate together and bring justice for all of these families. >> do charge them all at once with everything how does a factor in. >> it's not a difficult decision because first you look at what is best for the victims and loved ones and what's in the best interest of the state of california also filtered to that judicial economy. >> so far d'angelo has been charged with a 12 murders and four counties and among the issues the das are considering including where to try am in the possibility of the death penalty. >> they advisory with of these next summer. the wind advisory was seven last night and the wind gusts
7:39 am
had fire crews and residents in the north bay ready, just in case.>> makes me a little bit nervous and brings back some memories because of what we went three you can to get that scare you get a little bit nervous. >> becoming a new normal of not really having a fires sees in and they are happening all year long.>> reporter: staffing up earlier this year and it will also keep crews longer. also asking homeowners to make sure the properties are prepared and you do that by maintaining defensible space over home and getting rid of dry visitation. 2000 people are testing their spirit and endurance. >> they will be tired tomorrow but iron man means much more the mental and physical state -- strength. how this event can boost an area still trying to recover from those october fires.>> reporter: good morning, not to
7:40 am
infringe on rosemary but we can give you click a weather idea of how things are doing here. it's pretty still right here in downtown santa rosa and we are getting a slight breeze so hopefully that bodes well for any kind of fire danger. let's give you a look now at the shoot. this is the end of that triathlon this is the last thing that the athletes will see as they are heading down towards courthouse square about about -- block away from hereafter finishing that 140 mile bike rides when and run. we have some video of last year's triathlon to give you a sense of what those athletes are facing and 2000 competitors have hit the water here at about 640 this morning for the two point five miles when portion finally, a full 26 mile marathon.
7:41 am
to visitors. runs this in the county and after the tragedy, they remind everyone that sonoma county has so much to offer. >> the electricity in the air, contagious you can almost feel the positive vibes. jimmy i have an answer every day of the week, living the dream and then salmon i can't imagine living anywhere else in the world but here.>> well said. this iron man in the have one bringing an estimated $13 million in economic activity and organizers working to make sure that the athlete spectators and residents all have a great experience last year there were some complaints that road closers led to major backups on third street
7:42 am
organizers have altered the route to keep more roads open and make sure that everybody has access to highways 12 and 101. coming back to life shot you guys can notice there's not a whole lot of athletes running the shoe right now because we are expecting our first athlete to arrive here somewhere around three this afternoon. keep in mind that is a long route. we showed it to before we will show one more time to this is about the last thing that those athletes will see right before they cross that line. you can see the big sign that says sonoma county strong in my telling you about this. there is a strength in the people here and they are putting that on display that the north is open for business and ready for visitors. support teams of these athletes have all day to wait and watch the progress and hopefully they are in the cafis and shopping
7:43 am
in the stores. >> absolutely, so much to offer here, after the guys. >> we will check it with you in just a bit, and let's talk basketball. the finals don't tip off until monday for the doves. >> vegas is already very busy, artie paying our beds on the wires how that is all supposed to work out coming up. hospital making the extra effort to present skin cancer where pre-screenings are being offered. where we come back. will probably you morgan when he
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will be
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good morning to you and happy saturday giving you a live look there across the the this morning were we can see the fog and low clouds slowly making a comeback. this could lead to a bit of a cool down for coastline today and the rest of us just as warm even warmer than yesterday. have a look at what you can expect coming up. >> we have breaking news from north korea ahead of next month's summit there. north korea just announces going to dismantle its nuclear test site on may 23 to the 25th. dramatic event would said of the upcoming meeting with president donald trump held in singapore. he had revealed plans to shut down the eastern testing during the summer with the south korean president. panelist say that the closure of the site is more symbolic and does not represent a
7:47 am
material step towards d nuclear denuclearization. >> angelo wants to put in an initiative on the public ballot to exclude felons from sanctuary protection. it would allow police to put in undocumented ones on suspicion of a felony or who have had a previous felony conviction. she helped to write them, but over the years things have changed. >> i have gone all over in the last five months, we talk about the sanctuary line that felonies are included. the public is outraged. >> state senator scott weiner, and george gastonia have all his best opposition. need to collect more than 9400
7:48 am
signatures to get that measure on the november ballot. ucsf is offering skin cancer screenings, 2 million americans are diagnosed each year and love them have more than one legion on their body it is also the most common form of cancer. there are more new cases each year of the cancers combined. no appointment necessary it's on the third floor at the department of dermatology. near sutter in the free screenings are from eight this morning till 4 pm this afternoon in many cases kenny easily be treated if detected early. >> now carriers are asking them to stamp out hunger. largest one-day food drive in the country. being asked to put nonperishable food items like canned goods in a bag by your mailbox and they will come by and do that whenever they deliver the mail. match food was delivered last
7:49 am
year in 1993, all donations will go to local food banks. >> saturday the weekend is here and i bet a lot of folks have plans on rosemary is delivering in a big way, what a great day.. we are beginning to see that fog return, for most of is not going to impact bayside communities are inland today's going to be the warmest day for some of our inland locations but it is that microclimate pattern we get to see this time of year. the rest of us will see this a day later. inland area over mount diablo starting out with blues guys and beautiful weather and sore. if you like it warm this is going to be the place to be with mid-80s in the forecast for some of our communities by the second part of the afternoon, here is storm director to. at system that dropped in yesterday and kicked up our wins have shifted a little bit in our wins have had -- have
7:50 am
relax. i was allowed to expire early this morning and we may have some wraparound moisture that will include areas overlaid the tahoe. if you're thinking of going there is area, be prepared because you may have scattered shower activity because of that low that you see there off to the ease. it's a southerly search here at home were beginning to see with a little bit of fog developing along the coastline and this is only going to grow as we get into your saturday afternoon. the futurecast model points it out for you. into the afternoon again will be partly to mostly clear for the start but it word to its way out by the second part of the afternoon and then as we get into the evening hours it's going to continue. you may have noticed the blue and green over areas, scattered shower activity a possibility. tahoe will be a little cool this time of year.
7:51 am
upper 50s to near 60 degrees for the second part of the day. here at home we are off to a mild start of 64 degrees already reported in oakland and 51 and san francisco, take a look at hayward for today, by about 10 a clock or so 70 degrees in the mid to upper 70s and the forecast for the day. in the north bay, four nevada. for the east bay will go a 85 in antioch. south bay locations, for the peninsula, 79 in redmond city. low 70s and san francisco. 60s at the coast. has a look at the extended forecast. we are in a mild pattern as you get back to work on monday. >> thank you rosemary. robots are slowly taking over. >> robotic dog that could soon be doing the work of security
7:52 am
guard, more on that coming up. our 3 contestants are all at the big ikea table. contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. make room for the judge! what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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our 3 contestants are all at the big ikea table. contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. make room for the judge! what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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(car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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by 11 in nevada and 11 in hayward. that through yesterday here's look at the transition we are saying taking place weakens it
8:03 am
is slow coming in from the south as opposed to the north. that southerly surges working through monterey, santa cruz, where parley cloudy skies there. as we get into the second part of the day is going to climb up towards pacifica. are inland communities not going to villa today. 80 degrees san jose beautiful around the bay a lot of 70s here 74 in oakland but again you get closer to the coast and this is the area where we made the a bit of cooling starting today. everybody goes out by tomorrow. mother's day we can forecast as well coming up. >> know him for mason,
8:04 am
dismantles nuclear test site which will happen may 23 to may 25. is is considered a dramatic event which may set up this meeting we've been anticipating between president donald trump and kim jong on. he had plans to shut down their testing with his summit with the south president. panelist are saying that the closure of the site is more symbolic. they spotted the body of marshland road, yesterday afternoon and it was discovered by the fire district here's a picture they sent to us overnight showing us that propeller driven bow. authorities say that it was close and had been there for
8:05 am
some time it was is badly decomposed when it washed ashore. discovery of the body did draw heavy response from agencies including the sheriff's office. corner is trying to determine the cause of death in investigators say that it does not appear that this body is not linked to any unsolved case. >> denied a case at this. one count for each of those back in december 2016 they will now try to prove that the evidence was destroyed or went missing after a was returned to the property order. mr. all may know will be testifying and he will be testified on his own behalf. is the one that knows the most
8:06 am
about what has occurred. >> they both face up to 39 years in jail if they are convicted on all of the accounts the trial for the two men scheduled to begin on july 16. >> dry rot lockley calls to back deck to collapse. guy fox threw over the home near mills hot college. it fell from the second story. took two victims to the hospital center and hospitalize with what has been described as moderate injuries, one being there had the other their back and hip. >> new details about a crash that caused quite a lot of traffic albums during righties very early morning commute. they say that five teenage boys were taken into custody including the driver who was 17, authorities telling the newsgroup he did not have a license and they say that the teens were riding in and out of the suv and raising a horvat.
8:07 am
they reach 120 miles an hour on the highway for near railroad avenue and officers did try to drop the cars. the corvette got away and suv crashed on highway 24 in the southbound connector on the open line after going through a tunnel. >> governor jerry brown has released his government proposal. and have a surplus of more than $1 billion. this would limit new spending about two manual -- about 2 million would go towards new spending. 359 will go towards cities and counties to help the homeless and 312 would be used for mental health education and detection program. about half would go into the rainy day fund. >> what goes up must come down. this is a time to save for our future, not to make pricey promises we cannot keep. i said it before and i will say it again, let us not blow it now. >> also wanting to put a 2
8:08 am
million bond to make affordable housing. they have a june 15 deadline to pass a budget. we are getting a look at the tax cuts. they have fallen short. the state took almost $61 million in taxes during the first three months of legal cells and the government projected $175 million over the first six months and so it comes as a combination of cultivation tax. about 20% lower than what was projected and some lawmakers say that they need to be lowered to encourage them to get there credits. assault rifles are near $200 in
8:09 am
the event is anonymous. >> berkeley's holding spring commencement later this morning and starts at 10. nearly 6000 graduates are expected to attend that ceremony. u.s. senator will not be there. she dropped out as commencement speaker because of the ongoing dispute we've been following for you in the system which affects 25,000 employees. custodians and security guards walked off their jobs for three days this week and were joined on the ticket line by another 25,000 uc workers holding a sympathy strike. we agreed to speak at the
8:10 am
ceremony in march but canceled early this week he was looking forward to addressing the student but a confident they have all of the tools to be excellent attorneys. northbay officials have a popular infant of the endurance from last october's wildfires. >> this got underway a short time ago and we are reported how it is supposed to bring a financial boost to the northbay economy. >> reporter: we are about a block away from old courthouse square and this is where athletes will be grinding it out this win, by crile, now we do have some video from the lives years one. we want to give you a sense of what they are facing here this morning. about 2000 competitors hit the water this morning for the 2.4 mile swim portion and then a 112 mile bike ride and finally a full marathon to top it all
8:11 am
off, all serving as a reminder the north is open for business welcoming visitors after those fires. this morning we talked with the local songwriter my conway. saying that after the trident -- tragedy, they are reminded of all that they have to offer. >> the electricity is almost contagious you can almost feel the positive vibes. to me i have an answer every day of the week, living the dream and then, i can't imagine going anywhere else. >> bringing an estimated $13 million in economic activity into that and organizers are working hard to make sure that the athletes on the greatest periods of last year there were some complaints that rogue closers led to major bass -- backups on third street they have altered the route to keep more open we are expecting some
8:12 am
of our first ones to cross that finish line around three this afternoon. fox to news. >> oakland building tiny homes for the homeless. >> not everybody is happy about this. what some homeless individuals are passing up on their housing alternatives. >> resident trump declared a major disaster for hawaii. straightahead some from future options. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
8:13 am
i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
8:14 am
to negotiate the price of drugs. only one candidate for governor when students were stuck in failing schools, led the fight to turn them around. as mayor of l.a., antonio villaraigosa invested in classrooms and security. graduation rates soared. antonio for governor.
8:15 am
complete coverage, ktvu, fox 2 at 6:00. ♪ good morning to you giving you a live look, as they set a moment ago, there comes. fog moving its way back in as we week. that will mean a bit of a cool down for most of this inland areas. are far inland areas perhaps even warmer. in place for your saturday details coming up. >> president trump has declared a major disaster in hawaii, because of the volcanic eruptions and are quakes means that the island will be ready for federal disaster relief to repair damage being calls, the volcano still spilling -- spewing it after interrupted.
8:16 am
scientist warning that another big eruption could happen within weeks. they say that the next -- next phase could be the largest since 1924 when boulders the size of cars were launched into the air.>> it's a extraordinary time. when i came here 20 seven, 28 years ago, i knew it was capable but i never thought i would see the day. here we are. >> nearly 2000 people have been forced to evacuate. at least 26 homes have been destroyed so far. hawaii's, national park has been closed indefinitely. gay-rights groups are angry at the governor mary fallon. legal protections to state based agencies that will not place children into lgbt q homes because of religious or moral convictions.
8:17 am
a group that represents the family says that the oklahoma law targets the gay community and encourages these. at least 35 people in the states, 11 of them had to be hospitalized. so far no cases here in california and the outbreaks has been linked. yes, it's going to be fun and the weather could not be better. you're going to golf, take a walk, write a bike, whatever
8:18 am
the case may be. >> yes is going to be billed the fallout. at the coast we are beginning to see the changes already occurring and that is a cool down that all of us will get in on as we get into your mother's day sunday. here's a look at oakland were restart i would mostly clear skies with air-quality good to moderate across this area. yesterday we had the winds kick in which helped clear out the air and moved any cloud cover away from the coastline but we are already beginning to see a transition back. here's look at the system. triggered a wind advisory for our hills last night and early this morning. that wind has subsided and we are without the wind advisory it has expired. here's look at the southerly surgeon i'll been showing this lot this morning. low cloud cover working its way back through areas of monterey, santa cruz, only a matter time before it's into have invasion pacifica. we already seeing it there at the golden gate peerage. for today temperatures along the coastline, cooling out a bit.
8:19 am
51 of the west edge in san francisco where we have that low cloud cover, 65 degrees in oakland. at 71 degrees in concord right now. 67 degrees in livermore. let's take a tour. 66 degrees in belmont. temperatures here will be into the 70s. right now pittsburgh will be 66 in dansville, and nice case coming, and 83 degrees the afternoon high. we have 72 hare. going to be a mild one as well. we go to 73 in alameda. partly to mostly cloudy, with 60s expected there. 74 for san bruno, here's a look
8:20 am
for the extended forecast. we will wake up with these in place. 60 degrees along the coast, mid sextant ellis and miss 70 inland. the warmer this going to be today. >> mother's day is perfect too. >> yes it's going to be great. >> thank you rosemary. volunteers will be enjoying nice weather today on patrick avenue, after the cleanup will be food music games and activities for all ages. will talk about the dedication life loss and hit and run and how it heads home is personally.>> reporter: preparations underway because it is mother's day tomorrow
8:21 am
what some places are doing. how they -- how much they expect to spend on their old mom, this year. >> don't even have cancer.
8:22 am
8:23 am
nation's largest homebuilders partnering with amazon. is a handful of prototypes on display nationwide, tom baker erwin to vallejo yesterday today to look at what it can
8:24 am
do. voip allen our homes, with development one home is in amazon experience enter.>> reporter: what we decided as we need to build homes for the way the people live now not the way that they have always lived. laborsaving, convenience and plano fun gadgets that you want underneath can be connected to the home's wi-fi brain as they become available now and in the future. >> we finally treated wi-fi, as if it was plumbing or conditioning or anything else. the future is endless for that. >> there is no wi-fi block in a wi-fi certified home. >> this is a way that they live today. >> alexa, are you ready? she is ready to do a whole bunch of things, for example, alexa, movie time. >> the shades come down, the lights dim and the tv presents a movie menu, you are in
8:25 am
command, you have pushbutton access for basic needs to be quickly delivered, from for the paper. tell roomba to vacuum in a vacuum >> returning to recharger by your commander when the thing. >> cameras a command when and where you want to see >> alexa, show me the backyard. >> okay. >> alexa, show me the kids room.>> okay. >> alexa show me backyard. >> from the doorbell to the sure will you are in command. if you tell alex that his party time the shades lower a bit. they colored light show begins as does music, whatever you choose. in the bedroom after checking the kids room you can tell alexa good night as the shades lower the lights dim. the exterior doors lot and she gives you a good night greeting. when you awake a morning greeting the lights go on and
8:26 am
shades a lift and you get a quick weather, news, and traffic report tailored to your commute. tom, fox 2 it's a brave new world. >> i was just going to say the same thing. >> unit was interesting though? nobody really knows street names are where things are anymore. just like phone numbers. so one day in your house, alexa's going to go on strike and you're not going to know how to open your blinds. >> i do not open my curtains permit >> if everything is going to shut down. very business is getting ready for a busy week. >> on average americans are going to spend $180 on gifts for mom. flowers are always popular. mother's day's are busiest day of the year and a restaurant owner agreed saying that the holiday surpasses valentine's day. >> in general it's always busy for dinner not so much for
8:27 am
lunch, because it's a dinnertime celebration. the mother's day we are happy to celebrate all day long. >> according to the national federation, they ask projected to bring it in, these. they are expected to earn $2.6 million. >> the card companies do well to. buyback program that could make it gun owners hundreds of dollars. >> we will tell you where you can sell a handgun shock on a rifle and you will get about 100 bucks for firearms. a din -- and then the 10:00 news was 30 minutes and now we produce over 10 hours. newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross.
8:29 am
if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. this is mornings on fox 2, weekend. >> there we go, san francisco and all of its splendor.
8:30 am
the tower sticking out like a sore thumb there. monstrous but looking good. the perfect saturday. >> i'm slowly getting used to it. >> you can see it from vallejo for crying aloud. >> it is a very big building. good morning to you i am frank mallicoat. >> good morning to you i am claudine wong. it is really looking nice outside. you do notice this shift to where the children the years gone in the morning. has people upset with me what i will say cooldown has begun so livermore and antioch was thinking, what do you think? it's still hot. yes, we are saying fogged up at the coastline which could bring temperatures down a little bit there. is a look out towards the west there is a view of the tower. you can see a wall there are some haze and fog.
8:31 am
low clouds working through areas of santa cruz and monterey. continuing northward as we get into the afternoon, even seeing some near the golden gate bridge is morning. here's another one inland, temperatures will be warm once again. frank also noticed that hillside looks a little green still. we have a little bit going -- we have a bet going on to win that they will turn green from brown. livermore 67 degrees in san jose a 59 degrees. temperatures away above yesterday. 13 degrees in livermore. 16 degrees in have to obey. transition beginning to take place over coastline. strong tracker to picking up on the little bit to the you can see there outside of the golden gate bridge through santa cruz. it looks like it will be
8:32 am
approaching happened beas we get into the afternoon. has to do what we are getting right in here. for the coastline if you're thinking about heading out. today may be a bit cloudier than what we had yesterday. here's a look into saturday night by tomorrow. the cloud cover begins to do further inland and we begin to cooldown tomorrow. for today the afternoon highs look like this. 69 degrees for pacifica, 70s around the bay, 80 degrees, and expected for you. the cooldown for your mother's day sunday as well as into the days ahead and we will have a look of that coming up for you in just a bit. hundreds of patients had their information compromised with the department of health. an employee with nuance communications and media massachusetts assess the personal information. they provide medical transcription services and they have not revealed emotive
8:33 am
justice department says it does not appear that any of the information taken was user sold and all of that has since been recovered. 895 people were affected in san francisco and all been notified. >> airport negotiating higher feeds for uber and lift rides a starter and at the airport. that taxon an extra $3.80 surcharge. they're looking to raise that with the traffic at the airport. they are not said how much it will go up, but they hope to implement that new fee structure in july. >> -- happen thursday, near the high school. officer say a 15-year-old boy was walking home when amand grabbed him from behind. he was able to break free and run to a relatives house nearby. suspect is described as white or light skin.
8:34 am
he was about 60 to 4 inches tall, had wavy hair and a thin build. >> intercepted to russia your new cool your capable bombers. off of alaska. happened friday morning and marked the first time in a little over year the russian bombers flew that close to american territory. the bombers were within 55 miles of the west coast of alaska but at no time did they enter the airspace. america stealth fighter just monitored the plans until they eventually left the area along lucia islands. 14-year-old boy is facing attempted murder chargers after shooting out employees arm. this was a highland high school located in palmdale. that 15 year old boy is expected to make a full recovery in the 14-year-old shooter used to attend that school but transferred.
8:35 am
there was some kind of dispute between the two boys. at first there were reports of this was another mass shooting and also false report of a shooting at a nearby elementary will. this all printed a big police response. >> anytime there's school related incident we all come together quickly evolves and unfolds. in this case the training, we train for the so they were there quickly, they deployed quickly as it looks like, it worked as it should today. >> 14-year-old boy called his father shortly after the shooting telling him he had fired his gun into the air was heading to a nearby grocery store. the father called a family friend who is an off-duty police officer, who detained the teen at that store. >> they are investigating a shooting left a man badly wounded and he became into a convenience store looking for help around 1045 on wednesday night. he collapsed in the doorway. the victim is in his 20s and 30s, shot in the face. happened in the intersection of spinoza west remington drive about half a mile from the 7-
8:36 am
eleven. victim now recovering at the hospital and so far, no description of the suspects. >> to suspects involved in a police shooting her behind bars this afternoon, police and officer fired shots at the to suspects during an auto burglary investigation near gary and stier. fillmore district. no one was head but police say at one point a suspect rammed a police car. >> wind advisory has been lifted for parts of the bay area on the advisory is causing some new fares in the counties after the wildfires last october. high winds and low humidity helped a few of those fires. the wind advisory was in place for the higher ones from 7:00 last night in 5:00 yesterday morning and expected when gus after 50 miles an hour. had fire crews ready just in case. >> makes me nervous and brings back some memories because of
8:37 am
what we went through. you get that scared a little bit nervous. >> this is becoming a new normal of not relieve and having a fire season. fires are happening all year long. >> they are stepping up this year and keeping crews longer and also asking that homeowners make sure that their properties are prepared by maintaining a defensible space around the home and getting rid of dry in dead of vegetation. >> north bay 2000 people testing their spirit in some pretty significant endurance and athletic abilities from a >> they will be hurting on sunday, 2.4 miles per and, how about a marathon for funds attack on the in. christine join ellis as christian joins us, where this race means so much more, than just a race.>> reporter: frank,
8:38 am
when you lay it all out like that, it doesn't sound like my cup of tea. i'm super happy there are other people who want to do it but it doesn't sound like the right choice for me. we moved. before we were near the finish line and moved to want to transition points here. inspecting athletes to arrive here around 11 a clock this morning and we can see all the red and white back. this is one of the areas where the athletes will be transitioning from their 112 mile bike ride. to their running gear. in and prepping for the marathon. and the two blue areas here we are going to start through the shoot on their marathon. but show you some video from last year so you can get a sense of what this all looks when it's all in motion. you can see from the last two years triathlon, a lot of people take part in it is a grueling race. as you said there are about 2000 competitors who hit the water around 640 this morning. the bike right, and finally that run. 26.2 miles. that is a full marathon, after you've already's lamb, and
8:39 am
written your bike for 112 miles. incredible. there is a big reminder that the north is open for business welcoming visitors. this will bring an estimated $13 million in economic activity to the region mac working hard to make sure that the residents all have a great experience. last year there were some complaints that row closers led to backups on west third and organizers is your have tweaked the course a little bit to make sure they can keep more roads open and make sure that everybody has access to highways 12 and 101. now i will to something that we are going to do the next half an hour so. you can it is a white 10 behind me. right on the other side, that is the race expo. they have created an area where the athletes, their supporters and families can come on in and look at the latest gear and how to run, cycle, were swim.
8:40 am
they can enjoy some nutritional supplements and all that kind of stuff. that going to be open to the public a little later on this morning. we will give you a sneak peek so you can see what that's going to look like. it's pretty incredible, technology that these athletes used to do this incredibly grueling feed is incredible. >> yeah, i can't even imagine. 148 miles combined of all three, god bless him. mx snatches today. all the time been crate ellipse is not an easy thing to because it takes up all day. >> i did 14 today and i am like, are you kidding me? >> is incredible, i can tell you that we talked to some folks up here in santa rosa, and talking with the people here this morning, they are really showing their appreciation for the that leads in families and supporters. because really they want to get that message out that santa rosa is open for business after
8:41 am
those northbay fires in these are the exact kind of events they want to make sure that they remain synonymous with the rose bay and this is what they want to be known for, not the fire. >> they have come a long way in a short amount of time. hopefully this will bring a lot of people a lot of money to that economy, they needed. thanks. 841 is your time. national competition combining sciences with the performing arts. >> still ahead we are going to have some of these, right here in our studio to talk about destination imagination. big car show today being held for worthy cause. of next we will tell you about how it benefits a cause and dedicating life to the hit-and- run. that is right steve, the roads are stiff. >> when you are up, we are on. mornings on fox 2 or tilton i am.
8:42 am
celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. will. good morning to you. these are all working back towards the coast and as we get into the afternoon another warm one inland, perhaps slightly cooler for our coastal communities, i can have what you will expect coming up.
8:45 am
we will be said to to san lorenzo today for the car show. >> custom rides not to mention food, music and the works. show organized by the photographer randy oda becky. whose brother was killed back in 1998. the shows in his honor. >> they will benefit the athletic program and we got there, athletic director joining us now with more. good morning andy.>> reporter: jess, good morning. >> good. so tell us about this car show you what folks can expect today. >> as you said this is the 17th annual car show and we are hoping to have in the neighborhood of 100 250 cars hopefully. to celebrate and commemorate
8:46 am
him as well as the opportunity to see and show off their cars and things like that. is a great honor to be a part of a and is a great event that supports all of our programs here. >> i was going to ask you how big of a deal is this? i know the money is tight and athletics is kind of low on the totem pole so this is a big boost for you guys, right? >> it is a huge boost, we are not giving any district funds to buy new uniforms and equipment that the teams need. our teams are self-funded in those ways. great job of providing money to teens if they needed. is of and gives them the ability to do that and we raise the money towards a single day with the support of the community. it is things like this that allow her sports teams to continue to exist. >> a great event. we referenced it, telling folks a home the 20 years ago, you can see a picture of them there heading killed with a driver and i his family's business. they still have not found the person responsible.
8:47 am
their religious have a small description of a catalog with a license plate similar to see u.s. or something like that. i know this is because of his brother here it's been very difficult for the family, we have a description there really of the person involved. 511, 185 pounds. what does this mean andy. on a said you're new to this event but there is a lot of emotion behind an event like this for the folks who knew rick in the family. >> absolutely. you know, they are still big in our community and we operate with a lot of alumni in support of our events and everyone i talk to about this event shares the story of their family whether it's rick or one of the other family members. it seems to carry a lot of weight and be a big deal. as you mentioned this is the 20th anniversary of the tragedy. holds a special place with the community.
8:48 am
coming out here to support. >> it also keeps it in the public my because they have a caught that guy. quickly what kind of cars do have out there, rolled, 6070s give us. >> everything. it's a mix of super old classic cars to some modern hot rods. it's a lot of fun and there's a lot of great things to see how here. >> a great event. >> sounds good andy, kicks off a 9:00 and there is information that you need to know until 3 pm. over 100 cars on hand with aurora high school. andy, thank you so much, all of the best today. >> thank you so much, for your support. >> always a great event, randy has been a longtime photographer here, and we hope that case does get salt. great day a weather for this event. folks wanted to head out there,
8:49 am
and check out this department there. needing the somebody filling good. temperatures from affair 60s to mid 80s inland. beautiful day out there depending how you like your weather. for some of will be the warmest day of the week and for others the cool denali the beginning. i will explain that. temperatures upper 50s after 60s as we take a look with mostly blue skies in livermore right now at 67 degrees. oakland checking in at 65 degrees as well san francisco in the downtown area. we are beginning to see fog devout. santa rosa at 60. temperatures are well up over yesterday by 13 in livermore. by 11 degrees in hayward. northeast breeze has calmed down quite a bit, sent to alyssa center ray you are up further. as we get close to the coast we are about halfway there.
8:50 am
a lot of clear sky inside of the bay. we do have fog off of the coast line and southerly surge through monterey, santa cruz. it will continue to work its way up. by the early evening hours i do expect that surge to bring that fog all the way into areas across the coastline. here's a look at the futurecast model, and here's a look at what we can expect, getting into the afternoon right in there. all the way to areas near the golden gate bridge and second part of the day it fills in more. also noticed that over the sierra we have wraparound moisture from a system. if you're going to talk over the weekend there is a chance for scattered showers and cool temperatures there. in and around the bay area if you know numbers to start your day. 71 degrees in concord and 67 degrees in hayward. 69 degrees in redwood city. where some of our load warmer locations will be for today.
8:51 am
70 degrees in danville. if you're stepping out for a run our breakfast, it's already feeling quite nice and quiet warm. 80 degrees with santa rosa going into the low 80s. a lot of 70s for the afternoon. san lorenzo a similar. 84 degrees for danville, and 80 degrees for saratoga. one last stop, 71 in the downtown area we continue the cooling chamber who wants to work about that now. >> i bring that up a lot don't i. >> you do, every single week
8:52 am
and by that is okay. robotic dog doing the work of security guards. ♪ espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ because antonio villaraigosa millions got it
8:54 am
he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor. a robotic dog could soon be doing the work of security cars. there goes the robotics company says it is preparing to start selling these robots nice the year and they will likely be used for security. gets around using cameras on its friend's side and rear and can even open a door, look at that. they have made 10 of them so far and the plan is to start mass reducing them in a year. no word on the price for your robotic security dog. societal shift underway in oakland were some of the homeless people living in 10
8:55 am
cities are slowly moving to the seats in a newly erected tuff shed his shelters. this has a dual purpose of helping people in need while trying to keep the streets clean.>> reporter: dennis young spent his first night in a tuff shed and while it may last unless the lack of mastery it beats where he has been sleeping, his car. >> that is more comfortable, it is like having your own place. your own accommodations. >> one of four people to move into this camp the city just opened on northgate avenue near 27 history and he worked as a insurance claims adjuster injured his hip lost his apartment and ended up and is car intensity around the tuff sheds. >> there were future prospects of more formidable housing, that's what triggered me. >> they have service on site to
8:56 am
help them get more permanent housing and also an attempt to shed down the encampments here, largeness in the city. bring health and safety concerns. >> the entire ideas to move people off of the streets, but give them a on the path to efficiency. >> they plan to fill them to capacity over the next few weeks but this homeless man sleeping in a tent just to 40 feet says that they are not for him. >> one people may look at is more secure and i look at is more confined. you know. and barb wire, more rules and regulation and stuff. >> after a certain amount of time we will make people move. that invitation area that becomes a no camping area. we will continue to enforce that. want to thoroughly clean the area. >> dennis young says he likes
8:57 am
the safety of living behind a security fence and is ready to improve his life. >> i think so. a wish and a prayer for me. >> mary says she's considering creating more tuff shed communities and the less likely -- the next likely location would be around here. fox 2 news . in an hour from now some 6000 students will receive their degrees. >> we will talk about the 2018 commencement and the fallout from the on going ones. >> coming up annexes are cute connolly kittens being in our studios. we'll have more of how you can adopt a volunteer and care for them. stay with us. for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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>> at least two people were hurt, which is near mills college and you can see that deck there, after the fall. actually fell from the second
9:06 am
for he -- second story of the building. to victims were hospitalized. one victim banged her head and the other heard the back and hip. >> there are new details that a crash, five teenage boys were into custody they were riding in an suv in racing a corvette. you see the suv there, speeds reaching highway for no road avenue. stated tried to stop this. highway 24 in the 13 southbound connector on the oakland berkeley line after going through the tunnel. governor gary brown has a
9:07 am
surplus of more than $1 billion. his proposal would limit new spending about $2 billion to go towards infrastructure, court and levees. $359 to go toward cities and counties to help the homeless, and $312 would be used for mental health digit occasion and detection programs. about half of the budget would go into the rainy day fund. >> what goes up must come down. >> this is a time to save for our futures. not to make pricey promises that we cannot keep. i said it before will say it again. let us not blow it now. >> at $2 million bond to affordable housing. the state assembly senate have a june 15 deadline to pass the budget for mac >> they will host a gun buyback of internet starts at 10:00 this morning. this will go to one pm at city hall. anyone who brings in a handgun shotgun or rifle will get $100. is already hopefuls are near $200 the in the event is 100%
9:08 am
anonymous. >> berkeley's holding spring commencement this morning. 10 am inside of the stadium. nearly 6000 students are expected. but the commencement speaker dropped out because of the labor dispute between a uc system and some 25,000 union employees. they include technical staff. the speaker at today's commencement, will be carol chris. >> for months we have been reporting on the resilience of the north bay following the wildfires that devastated that community. there is a competition to test physical and mental strength. it is ironman santa rosa meaning much more this year.
9:09 am
downtown santa rosa person, for a lot of us it's hard to wrap her mind around what is being accomplished today. as you said emirs the strength that we see in our community there. >> it's a very fitting symbol for just how tough santa rosa is following the last year they've had with those incredible fires. really a sense of the community rising up from the ashes and there is so much to offer up here. we are in santa rosa and it has been transformed into the expo center for today's triathlon. if you look around you can see there's a stage over there and stations here were folks can get information of lost and found. story is where they can get food, water, coffee all kinds of stuff. if you look over in the big ten there that is the official merck and that elicits merchandise. they have all kinds of biking gear and running gear anything that anybody would need to compete in a triathlon. show you some video of what it
9:10 am
looked like a last year for the ironman triathlon to give you a sense. right about now. many of those athletes are in the middle of that 112 mile bike ride. final a.l. full marathon to top it off. all this serving as a reminder for the people here that the north bay is open for business welcoming visitors after those fires. we talked with the coffee. here in. they focused on locally sourcing is much as they can from their menu. are welcome. >> we were expecting a lot of people today and at school were able to have this location where things happening. >> we are lucky to be located right next to the square as well. i think it's important to keep a lot of cool activities going on in santa rosa. and has a lot of to offer.
9:11 am
>> is a beautiful place and has so much to offer. is ironman and the half ironman bringing in an estimated $13 million in economic activity to the region. to that in organizers working hard to make sure that the people all have a great parents. last year there was complaint that road closures made backups. they have slightly altered the route to keep open more roads and make sure everyone has access to highways 12 and 101. taking a live look here. expo area a here open to the public. you can see folk starting to filter in and run around. we are expecting our first athletes to finish right around 3:00 this afternoon. this should be a great time to come on out and cheer them on. if you want to get on earlier about 11:00 or so on the other side of the tent that's were we expecting to see the cycle is come into the downtown area. transitioning from their bicycles to their running gear to start that 26 point two mile marathon.
9:12 am
to make a couple of laps in the area. you may catch a couple views of those athletes coming around and so really a great area here. you would not catch me out with them competing. >> that's why you our reporter, telling us all about it we feel their pain, my god. >> i talk a lot about it but i don't participate. the closest negative issues. joseph my photographer teases me for having old manchus, but if you take a look, you and i have talked about a friend. they are comfortable, they are great, so this is close as i can get to writing that. >> i'm right there with you. >> second run issues. >> if you are ready running shoes you have to run a little bit christian. >> just a teeny bit. >> you know what i'm not going to be peer pressured into it.>> you do you christian. we will check in with him at a little bit. >> coming up next one of the candidates for mayor in san francisco wants to make changes to sanctuary city policy.
9:13 am
this is stirring up a controversy. >> why her initiatives being met with opposition and on her plan to put it on the november ballot. >> are you ready for some really sweet furry critters. we have about five of them there and we will explain how you can adopt and care for these little kittens for the peninsula. stay with me.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
good morning to you, giving you a live look there over the bay area where we have blue skies and him portions on a little bit of low cloud coverage you can see from the top of that hill there. the fog is making a comeback and it will be warm inland and slightly cooler at the coast and i break it all down for you, coming up. >> spring has sprung and so has kitten season, humane societies are overwhelmed with these little guys they are underage kittens that could use a little help. so how are you bottlefeeding, let's find out. humane society, along with volunteer lisa don't know, how are you ladies? >> three thank you so much for having us here in our little brood. >> i have maus here who is adorable and mellow. tell us. >> this is blancs, tulip, princess, that one is lillian
9:17 am
this one's tulip.>> hard to tell i'm not sure they know their names just yet. telus are you a little bit overwhelmed right now with a lot of kittens.>> reporter: at this point in our kitten nursery which is something we have for underage and motherless kittens, ones that are not available for adoption yet. they come in motherless. they often times have been abandoned. at this point we have about 30 in our nursery but we will start policing up to 200 300 more as well. >> in a couple months these guys will find a home. >> what happens as we have people like her amazing volunteer here lee so come in and take care of the kittens and do everything from feeding them to socializing them. and when they reach about two months of age are two pounds luis bay and neuter them and offer them for adoption. >> apparently they like milk. these guys are just going, open that frank open that.
9:18 am
the other big thing coming up next week which is the kitten nursery shower where you are inviting the public to come in and get introduced to some of these guys and learn how to bottlefeed them among other things? >> exactly you have opportunities to meet these little ones appropriate -- in person. to these are actually on saturday, may 19 from noon to 3 pm and that is at the peninsula humane society. 1450 rollins road in california and we also request, it's the best thing whenever you come to bring gas. you have to bring gifts. please visit our website, and you can learn all about the types of gifts. >> types of foods and toys. >> foods, toys, baby wipes things like that. >> and you are the super volunteer. what is a mean for you to take care these little guys. >> i does love being able to
9:19 am
give these guys a good start in life, they were out in the wild, then in that case they would not survive another shelter they are safe and they get all of the love anyone could possibly need. learn how to be kittens and eat on their own and how to groom and all that stuff. >> this is frank should not, he has blue eyes it's adorable. so, how can people volunteer if they want to be like you ladies. >> the best thing to do is go to our website and you can see all the different opportunities available for the kitten nursery. we really need people to cover the morning shift from 7 am to 10 am. that is for the early birds. you actually get a start your day off. >> let's fee them i know we are going to learn how to bottlefeed i guess? >> we use syringes, do and have some food? these cats are just learning to read on their own. >> they are four weeks, so. >> so use syringes instead of bottles and then you just kind of. >> it looks harsh but it really
9:20 am
is and you grab them by the scruff of the neck. >> and then playing obtuse one of those cameras. you open up. >> you put that in and there you go. >> and they just love it. >> they do and they get extra messy and you get extra msa and it's a great bonding experience. >> if you come to kitten shower you will do that. >> everybody will know how to feed kittens. >> especially those that don't have there mama. >> thank you so much and we wish you the best next week. throughout the graphic so they know where to go. it the kitten nursery shower on may 19. that katie has gotten a hold of that microphone there. from noon to 3:00 this is in burlingame. thank you ladies and all the best to these guys in a couple months these guys will have homes. >> rosemary i'm bringing four over. >> they are so adorable, thank you very much. >> mostly clear skies and no flight delays due to the weather at least.
9:21 am
we are looking at temperatures with the 60s and low 70s, 68, san francisco 64, 64 enhances -- 64 in san jose. we have the low cover and the fog already returning. what that means is that we will be partly cloudy and perhaps a little bit cooler. and lynn not going to fill it just yet. this might be the warmest day of the entire waste -- of the entire week. afternoon highs were today we have 60s at the co-71 for san francisco a lot of 70s. a little bit of cooling at the coastline and everyone else gets involved by mother's day sunday. music superstar getting ready to help raise money for worthy kids out oakland
9:22 am
children's hospital. when you can catch his efforts to raise millions of dollars, coming up next.. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes... winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control.
9:23 am
democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
9:24 am
welcome back. coming up at 10:00 this morning mills college will open its 130 of commencement beginning at 9:45 am. is expected to run until noontime and being held that the school's art museum, and they are also holding their graduation today as well. featured a performer big fundraiser for oakland's children hospital. the big foo fighters song. >> one of these days the ground will drop out from. >> we want to give you a peek at that. the leader is appearing.
9:25 am
it's actually going to be a vip reception there starting at 630 and i will begin tonight at the theater on over the years these have raised over 8 1/2 million dollars. >> oprah winfrey is urging journalist to strike down to see. >> it gives me pleasure and pride to present to you oprah winfrey. >> television hose spoke to graduates at the university of southern california school for communication and journalism last night. she told the students that they are in position to keep those who bash journalism and check. she said the journals must push back and answer the criticisms with real information. >> you will become the new editorial gatekeepers, and ambitious army of true seekers who will arm yourselves with the intelligence, insight, and facts necessary.
9:26 am
do strike down to see. >> she also urge them to pick an issue and covered with great passion and concern and issues can range from gun violence, climate change, racism, social inequality or media bias. she also asked them to use that they learn and challenge the right left-center and that the truth will always be a journalists the best shield. the proposal to increase the surcharge on huber and left. why the airport may raise this besides the extra. triathletes are on the road here in santa rosa we will show you what it takes to get ready for a big event, like that. ♪
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
novak you may want to do something because it looks like a wonderful day. happy saturday. good to have you back i am frank mallicoat. >> good morning to you i am claudine wong. rosemary watching warm temperatures rest. you saw the sign of change, right? a little bit of fog will continue to work its way into the bay area for today.
9:30 am
our communities and in line won't fill so much along the coast we should. and linda may be the warmest day. is about him were so used to with blue skies. can see a little bit of fog their developing. ranging from 60s at the coast to 80s inland let's take a look at those graphics. 56 at half moon bay, and then you go in london you're already at 75. napa, 64 enhances a process in san jose. warm inland mild around the bay. here's look at our temperature change starting out warmer than yesterday up by 13 degrees in novato. up by 14 degrees in san carlos. chances are you're feeling the difference at this hour.
9:31 am
tears were beginning to see this here. this will continue to work upwards as we get into the afternoon in the second part moving outside the bay. for today it will come on mother's day sunday. 71 degrees in san francisco, a lot of 70s around the bay. to look for the cooling trend coming up. for hundreds of patients had their data compromise with public health. yesterday the department said an employee with nuance communications access personal information of patients, they provide medical transcription services officials did not reveal motive. does not appear that any information taken was user sold. hundred and 95 people were effective in san francisco and
9:32 am
have all been notified. sfo has negotiated higher rates for huber. and the left, -- for huber and left. officials are looking to raise the price to have a number of traffic at the airport. they hope to implement those in july. >> happened on thursday after 3:00. 15-year-old boy was walking home on burnett avenue when a man grabbed him from behind. the teen says he broke free i was able to run to a relatives house. described as white or light skin 64 inches tall, wavy hair and a thin build. starfighters intercepted to russian nuclear capable bombers off the coast of alaska. happened friday morning,
9:33 am
bombers were within 55 miles of alaska's west coast, at no time today enter the airspace. jets monitored those planes till they left the area along the aleutian islands. >> 14-year-old boys facing attempted murder charges accused of shooting a boy in the arm at the county. is happened at highland high school. the boys expected to make a full recovery m the 14-year-old used to attend that school but usually -- eventually transfer. there was a dispute. there was also a false report of shootings that elementary school on this prompted a large police presence. >> we train for these kinds of
9:34 am
incident so they were there quickly deployed quickly and it looks like it worked as it should today. >> investigator say that the boy called his father shortly after the shootings they had fired his gun into the air was headed to the nearby grocery store and the father called a family friend who was an off- duty police officer who detained the teen at that store. >> from them badly wounded stumbling into convenient store for help. simplify thursday night. moments later he collapsed at the door from. investors say the victim in his 20s and 30s was shot in the face. happened near the intersection of here. victim now recovering at the hospital and police say that so far no description of the suspects. to suspects behind bars now, and 20-year-old-year-old herschel hale and this man yesterday.
9:35 am
near gary and steiner. no one was hit by police do say at one point a suspect ran with -- rammed a police car. alioto wants to put an initiative on the november ballot to exclude felons from sanctuary protection. her plan would allow police to report undocumented immigrants on suspicion of a felony or who had a previous felony conviction. she says over the years things have changed. >> i have gone all over them whenever we talk about the sanctuary law and the fact that felony dailies are included the public is outraged. >> they have all express
9:36 am
opposition and alioto needs to collect for the 9400 signatures to get that measure on the november ballot. the white house did not apologize for arizona senator john mccain. carrie sadler criticized him for saying that he will vote against president trump's nominee for cia director and added, it doesn't matter because he is dying anyway. white house official said that sadler meant it as a joke. mccain announced last year he had brain cancer. his daughter megan mccain said yesterday she doesn't understand how sadler still has a job. present trumps is trying to smooth over the debate. epa announced that they want to lower fuel standards established during the obama administration. california followed held a lawsuit challenging that. yesterday they met, to discuss the concerns that.
9:37 am
they could leave with two different mileage standards. the president reportedly agreed to have transportation secretary elaine chao and scott pruett handle talks with california officials. >> 9:37. it will receive a huge donation that will save lives. this afternoon news conference scheduled to announce a donation to the city. money will go to smoke alarms throughout san jose and billionaire philanthropist is making the donation. you will recall he donated $5 million to victims last year. for more than a year we've been reporting on resiliency following the wildfires that devastated the community. we have them lie for us in santa rosa. is moved inside there's ironman going -- ongoing right now. where have you found yourself now?
9:38 am
>> surprisingly we are still in and outside. we are inside the expo center set up right in the middle of old courtyard square here in santa rosa. this is all the athletic year you would need to take part in a triathlon. if you guys are thinking of getting care for next year that i have all of the gear you would need. i have some video to give you a sense of what those athletes are out there facing right now. about 2000 competitors have the water this morning at around 6:44 the swim portion. many of them on the back right and a full marathon to top it all off. serving as a reminder that they are open for business. welcoming business here's. we talked with a coffee nearby. they focus on locally sourcing is much as they can further menu.
9:39 am
events like this are welcome. we feel lucky to be located near the square as well. it's important to keep a lot of cool activities going on in santa rosa. it's a beautiful place that has a lot to offer.>> the ironman and half ironman in the summer bringing in an estimated $13 million to the region. again we have this pop-up store for people. of course all of the shops and businesses and restaurants, all the area here in the area near the courtyard square benefit from having all these folks here. we expecting this first athletes across the finish line around 3:00 afternoon. if you want to get a sneak peak you can come down here and the expected to roll through and about an hour and 20 minutes. that's when you'll start seeing
9:40 am
the athletes transition from the breaker to the marathon. they will be finishing up a 112 mile bike ride. stripping off their bike year and getting into the running gear right then and there. incredible sight. folks are excited about a. >> by the way this swam 2.4 out. >> yes they did swim two miles before that. >> is 9:40 and a hospital is helping people to prevent skin cancer. >> where free screenings are being buffered today, coming up. love who you are, everyone's a shining star. >> middle school students getting ready for a competition, there live in studio right now and we will talk to them, coming up.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
good morning and happy saturday thank you for joining us here on ktvu, fox 2. we have another beautiful day with signs of a cooldown for our coastline. i have what you can expect there coming up. were music is here. >> a group of eighth-graders are getting ready for global competition in tennessee hundred and 50 thousand
9:44 am
students are competing. nonprofit program that provides damn science technology engineering and math with the performing arts. they are called high notes and we have the whole team here with us in studio. if you can only see the parents over there with all their cameras going as well. these other designated spokespeople, hello guys. >> hello. >> i was introduced the team. >> i'm bethany, this is jd emily kaelin, and destiny. >> tell me what we are standing in front of because this is pretty awesome. will move out of the way a little bit and explain to me what we are looking like. >> you guys build the sets. >> this is attached doored where we use conductive paint and programmed our adrenal to play music. >> actually does play whenever
9:45 am
you hit the notes. if it will work maybe. >> we will figure out how to make that work. >> tell me about this competition, what is this all about? >> it's an international competition on teams pick one of seven challenges and we chose fine arts and wrote a eight minute musical. reincorporated engineering, art, we made her own costumes.>> amazing, let's talk about the work on into it, you guys  coming here what you guys going away, tell me about the were going into it what's going to be doing in tennessee. >> we put a lot of time into this and just got through to competitions on now going to tennessee for global competition. there are 34 countries there it's a lot of fun and we are excited. >> now tell me about this one right here. jd is going to plug it in? >> tell me what went into
9:46 am
making this one. >> this is the village seen at the beginning of our play, this is all made out of recyclable trash. we have bottles, milk card's, and and on the side of the castle we have this recyclable trash. >> tell me about the members. i know you do theater, does everybody do theater? it's kind of amazing you're supposed to pick one thing. >> half the team does the deer and the other half are just friends. we all just enjoy working together and having fun. >> right now you're raising money because this is a big trip. >> yes we are trying to transfer all of our props because it's going to cost a lot of money. >> can get parents driving across the country white guys get to sit on a plane. >> yes.
9:47 am
>> so, tell me about this musical what is it about? >> it is mostly about what is on the inside matters more than what you're wearing on the outside. our ugly monterey here, learns that she really wanted a fancy dress to try to go to the castle but then she learns that not about what you where it's on the inside. >> is there anything you can show me that you guys all do, or saying for just a second. >> the directors are like, they're going to do what? what you think you could show me. >> we could do our son. >> that's just here are a few notes of the song, and go ahead. >> it doesn't matter what you where no one should judge you or care. what is on the inside matters most, spread this message from coast-to-coast. be yourself and love who you
9:48 am
are. everyone is a shining star. be yourself and wear what you like, not every person has to be alike. >> [ applause ] i love it. a good let you guys will put some links up for you to have people donate. good luck in tennessee, my money is on you guys. >> thank you. >> alright let us send it to rosemary. you guys are amazing good luck to you. outside at this hour, mostly sunny skies around the bay. if you look away off to san francisco and beyond you can see the fog and low clouds returning to the bay area. we are definitely in play with a cooldown on the way in here is another snapshot of the view from up above where we are partly to mostly bodies guys already over the coastline for today. the cooldown will begin for parts of the coast and then as we get into your mother's day sunday we will have everyone else follow suit.
9:49 am
several areas of monterey started early this morning and we do it back they will work its way up the coastline to get into your afternoon and by tomorrow perhaps even going over the bay. and len going to be another warm day. and really not going to have our base i communities until sunday. bar that in the extended forecast. let's have 75, a nevada. at 75. then you get closer to the coast. 55 at half moon bay, in the south bay partly to mostly sunny and 64. afternoon highs we will go 70s at the coast and perhaps 60s. maybe not topping out about 70 with that in place. 81 degrees were nevada and some of our warmer locations. if we go to the east bay 70s.
9:50 am
84 degrees for danville. siding into the cell feel. right here we have one more stuff along the peninsula. 71 degrees expected in the city of san francisco. here's your extended forecast going into sunday and beyond. focusing on mother's day. very mild and not as warm as today but still nice. >> thank you rosemary. >> 950, happening right now they are offering free skin cancer screenings, 2 million americans are diagnosed each year and some of them have more than one lesion on the body. it's also the most common form of cancer. there are more new cases each year that breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer combined.
9:51 am
no appointment necessary it will be held on the third floor of the department of dermatology, it's on the street in the city near sutter. their free screenings began and will run 4:00 this afternoon. doctors say that many cases can be easily treated if they are detected early. there asking the public to stamp out hunger, nationwide of them. it's the largest one-day food drive in the country. you are asked to put nonperishable food items i can goods in of baguette by your mailbox and postal carriers will come to pick up the food whenever they deliver your mail. more than 75 million pounds of food was collected last year and is the third largest amount since the food drive began back in 1993. although donations will go to local food banks. >> it is 9:51 on the clock. these do not tip off until monday. >> one sport -- one sports is
9:52 am
doing bets on the way. how that is supposed to work, we will explain when we come back. best on the street, that's disgusting. >> what's it going to take to keep our city claim. >> people should not be getting evicted because of the failure of their landlord. >> the battery start to catch on fire. >> only on ktvu fox 2 news. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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chase. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) stall two days away from the start of the highly anticipated playoff battle between the holy waiters and houston rockets, but one las vegas hotel is artie started paying up bets for the way errors, that is because he owns the rockets. brought her last september.
9:55 am
so under standard gaming procedures the casino had to stop taking future bets on the rockets and that would avoid conflict of interest. which meant that no one could wager on the rock is to window restaurant rockets finals. at the golden nuggets. so anyone who chose the warriors, will they win, no matter what. they can cash in their tickets. they also own landry's restaurants. >> they were the favorites. they have a long line of people saying, thank -- payment. old friend sonny gray on the hill, got torched by his own team and they did it with a long one. chris david here in the second see you later. that's a solo shot. three in the second. arun judge he goes bombs away, this one her. two men aboard. they had a bit of a power show
9:56 am
there room. including jed lowery who continues to be here. the 500 mark after beating the yankees. giants paying their first visit to pittsburgh this weekend. meaning their newcomer got to go back home last night. the fans gave him quite an ovation. >> number 22. [ applause ] >> tipped his helmet a number of times and the ablation lasted well over a minute and then they paid a little bit of baseball. while the pirates did. josi valdes with the home run, pittsburgh 15 hits, and the giants 11 to 2. giants having a tough time in on this.
9:57 am
they need to come home immediately. >> ouch.>> one last look at the weather and changes. warm weather in line with very beautiful weather around the bay. perhaps not as nice as yesterday. is look at san jose's 60 degrees right now with livermore being 74 degrees back 75 degrees in santa rosa. rapid warm-up going on around the bay area. san francisco checking in at 64. we have some cloud cover in the 50s on the west edge of san francisco. here's a look at the afternoon highs. low to mid 80s and len. a little taste of summer going on. the coastal start to fill today the rest of us will get it tomorrow. it will be mid-70s and len. >> it looks like an spf 50 day
9:58 am
for me. >> definitely.'s ellis is definitely, going to be out golfing. >> summer is on the way. it feels good out there. >> no complaining hare. alright, thank you for joining us here, we appreciate you spending your morning with as. we have the latest developments on and we have pictures of this kit --
9:59 am
- [voiceover] today on xploration outer space.
10:00 am
citizen science is helping to find alien life. - it's the most sensitive, most powerful search for extra terrestrials that's ever been done. - [voiceover] because every day people have something to offer. - human brains are fabulously good at looking at something and making a classification. - [voiceover] from searching planet mars to observing our atmosphere. - people can use social media to report when they have seen the northern lights. - [voiceover] all types of people are now getting involved with space exploration. is there intelligent life beyond planet earth? in the milky way galaxy there are over 200 billion stars. and even more planets.


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