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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 12, 2018 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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terror and terrace, knife wielding man went on a rampage, stabbing five people and killing one of them. it happened at a neighborhood not far from paris opera house. police say the suspect went up to random groups of people with the knife and just began stabbing. isis claim responsibility, they heard the attacker shout. victims describe what it is like. >> reporter: police in paris rushing to the scene after an attacker began stabbing people at random. cell phone videos showing people sprinting away from the danger. the attack taking place in an area full of bars, restaurants and theaters.>> i was having a dream with a friend and heard a boom.
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i went out and saw a guy laying on the ground. after that we rushed back into the bar. >> reporter: moments later gunfire rings out, police shooting and killing the armed man.>> i went to see what it was. people were taking care of each other. >> reporter: on twitter the president praising police where he says they neutralized the terrorist. >> i walked toward them, then a man came with a bulletproof vest. we thought it's the police so we couldn't be harmed anymore.>> reporter: friends on high alert after 245 people
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being killed in the last few years.>> the department says our thoughts are with the family and friends of those affected, we stand ready to provide all possible consular assistance should we become aware of any affected u.s. citizens. new details on a fast- moving fire that affected several homes in vallejo. one house was destroyed leaving those who live there without a place to live and also several others affected. we hear from those who say they're not surprised something like this happened. robert malcolm live at the scene.>> reporter: they do know where it started, i want you to take a look at this. just how close these homes are together. a little less than two feet here between these homes, one of the damaged homes has been boarded up and this home beside me is a total loss. many neighbors telling us this afternoon at -- this fire was
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just waiting to happen.>> it was so bad.>> reporter: the flames moved quickly because of the trees that line the backyard and cause the materials, plenty of fuel to neighboring houses and explosions were heard.>> there were small explosions, and small barbecues.>> reporter: the cause is unknown but the house is a total loss and three others damaged.>> there were several people living there, they had a house back here and in the front. as you can see in the fronts they had another little tent where people live.>> reporter: fire officials say the fire started between the two properties. paul austin burn as he pulled into his driveway.>> my brothers and kids had to run to the house, i did not even put the car in park. i got there, got the kids out and got the neighbors out. i grabbed a couple propane
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tanks that were sitting back there. that was it. it was so hot out there when i came out i was soaking wet and dry again.>> i told my dad this is a straight fire hazard. you don't want to be the person to call the building inspector, there are families living there. maybe we should have reported it.>> there was so much stuff in our yard, that's a fire waiting to happen. the guy was standing out there, you need to clean it up around here. and now look. >> reporter: everyone estate -- escaped, the fire was knocked down in over an hour. thanks to firefighters.>> they had to use a little letter that was inside the house to break
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the window so that the smoke and fire would not dig through. >> those folks living in the three homes that did not suffer severe damage were allowed to return home tonight, folks here in this house behind me are home tonight picking up their belongings and moving onto stay with relatives or friends. fire crews dispatched here had to move to another fire across the street which was started by a water heater. at one point fire crews were fighting two separate fires on cassidy street. live in vallejo, rob malcolm ktvu fox2 news. another house that caught fire, this one in san francisco. it broke out just before two this afternoon on san bruno afternoon. you can see it there, smoke coming from the home. firefighters were able to put it out and stop it from
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spreading to nearby houses. luckily nobody was hurt. authorities still investigating the cause. police searching for a man who robbed the bank while in disguise. authorities say this man robbed a u.s. bank inside a safeway located on san ramon valley park -- boulevard. the suspect is described as a white male. glasses and as you see in this picture fake dark-colored goatee. if you recognize him call san ramon police. for voters rescued after their fishing boat ran aground this morning. they had a passenger on board, this happened near the slew, when rescuers weren't able to tow the boat stay airlifted to the boaters to a hospital in napa. the owner says they plan on re- floating the vessel at high tide. authorities say fire at will call does not cause the
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backyard deck to collapse in oakland yesterday. this was in the afternoon, the wooden deck fell from the second story. two people hurt and oakland fire reported taking two victims to the tacoma center. they were hospitalized with moderate injuries, one victim banged her head while the other hurt her back and hip as well. the county coroner working to identify a body found in the marshlands. this is northeast of the dumbarton bridge in fremont. a hiker spotted the body in the mud flats up marshland road yesterday afternoon. the body was recovered by a water rescue team from the part fire protection district. there's a picture of the department, the specialist propeller driven boat being used in this recovery. authorities say the male body was closed and badly decomposed, indicating it had been there for some time.
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-- have a response here from different departments, the coroner will also try to figure out the cause of death here. investigators in the body is not linked to any unsolved cases. a man is behind bars after allegedly stealing a flight from a building at a popular gay resort town. sullivan is accused of swiping the flight outside the chamber of commerce. after the step happens the flag was replaced butchers investigators say the 55-year- old suspect stole it again. san francisco chronicle reports sullivan was also the man behind the threats to blow up a some -- sonoma county sheriff substation and safeway rather as well. he intended to hurt members of the lgbt community. new details about a crash that caused other problems on fridays early morning commute in the east bay.
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five teenage boys were taken into custody, including the 17- year-old driver. authorities tell the bay area news group he did not even have a license. investigators say the teens were driving in an alley suv and racing a corvette. speeds reached 120 miles per hour on westbound highway for near railroad avenue. officers tried to stop the carls, the corvette got away and the suv crashed. san francisco maryland candidates gather to hear from people of black, latino and pacific islander communities. the members asked the candidates how they plan to close the achievement gap for low income students. parents say there is a 69% in proficiency in some school subjects between on low income white students and low income african-american students. candidates gave different
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solutions including a pledge to meet with parents once a month, candidates attended. several people are calling for -- i white house staff are to be fired after she made a crude joke about john kane. kelly sadler a white house aide in the communications department mocked senator mccain's brain cancer diagnosis during a meeting while discussing his announcement that he would not support president from's nominee for cia director. tyler joked it does not matter, he's dying anyway. despite personally calling mccain's daughter megan, he says he should be fired. -- she should be fired. >> the remarks are awful but in context, that was set in a private meeting. inside the white house. you might say something nasty about me off the air and it really doesn't have that much
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impact. you come on here and say it officially, that's a problem. this is a private meeting inside the white house, it was a joke, badly considered joke.>> some are calling for her firing you think that's right question mark >> i don't.>> he has been battling brain cancer, and a press briefing yesterday press secretary sarah to be sanders said she would not discuss the matter publicly. fears are mounting of another war in the middle east after the states withdraws from the deal. he ran for -- fired rockets, prompting israel to quickly retaliate. u.s. allies say this instability is a sign of what's to come if the nuclear deal falls apart. now the uk, germany and france are trying to prevent that from happening with some leaders calling on the countries to stand up to the trumpet ministration. the for ministers of the country will meet with iran,
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this country -- tuesday to discuss the future of the team.>> when you the only countries that can -- this agreement. the words are giving me reassurances on their intentions. on the nuclear agreement.>> iranian leaders are facing protests, some iranians say that the u.s. withdrawal is proof that the west cannot be trusted. an inside look into amazon's newest business venture. state-of-the-art smart home. warriors gear up for their finals, we hear from both teams. first an attempted kidnapping in the south bay. the search police say a man tried to abduct a teenage boy.
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: today, continue to cool things off their mother's day. will take a look at the forecast coming up. ♪ whatever it is that floats your boat... ...or tickles your tastebuds... ...or brightens your day... ...even if you've never tried it before... ♪ ...just know that... you can, in portland.
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♪ whatever it is that floats your boat... ...or tickles your tastebuds... ...or brightens your day... ...even if you've never tried it before... ♪ ...just know that... you can, in portland. police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a teenage boy. this 15-year-old says when he was walking home from high school in morgan hill thursday, a man grabbed, attacked him. that team was able to fight him off. the men you see here in the
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sketch, the teen ran to a relatives house not far from the scene. the man may be connected to a black, mid-2004 sedan with -- which was parked on the street nearby. if you recognize him you are asked to call police. new app has been launched to file complaints about the oakland police department online. the city wants the to make it easier for community members to issue complaints of police misconduct and track the progress of the investigations into those complaints. leaders say the new app is part of a campaign to provide more accountability, following recent scandals in the city. the nation's largest homebuilder partnering with amazon to create a smart home in a booming bestand community. a handful of prototypes on display nationwide, k tvs tom baker went to take a look what it can do.>> reporter: one home is an amazon experience center.>> what we decided is we
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need to build homes for the way people live now, not the way they have always lived. amazon helps bring those to life. >> reporter: with wi-fi now the basic backbone of a home, laborsaving, convenience and fun gadgets that you want or need can be connected to the homes wi-fi brain, as they become available now and in the future. >> we finally treated wi-fi as if it's plumbing or air conditioning. the future is endless to that. >> reporter: no wi-fi blocked anywhere in a wi-fi certified home.>> is an investment home of the future. it's the way people live today.>> alex are you ready? >> yes i'm ready.>> alexa is ready to do a bunch of things. for example alexa, movie time.>> reporter: the shades come down, the lights dim and the tv presents a movie menu. you are in command. you have pushbutton access to needs to be quickly delivered by amazon. from tea, to toilet paper.
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returning to its recharger by your command or when the battery runs low.>> change the thermostat to 60 degrees.>> reporter: commands when and where you want to see them.>> show me the backyard. some of the kids room.>> okay.>> show me the backyard.>> okay. >> reporter: from the doorway to the stairwell, you are in command. if you tell alexa's party time, the shades lower of it, a colored light show begins as does music, whatever you choose. in the bedroom after checking the kids room you can tell alexa good night as the shades lower, the lights them. the exterior doors locked and alexa gives you a good night greeting. when you awake, a morning greeting. the lights go on, shades lift, you get a quick news and traffic report tailored to your
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commute. tracking stronger winds over the past 24 hours, tough went out toward mount diablo, 62 miles per hour. san francisco 40 miles per hour, sfo about 28 miles per hour. that's also brought in cooler air throughout the afternoon, highs today ranging from the 60s, 70s and 80s and 69 in san francisco. that's the warmest part of today, during the three a clock hour. not this afternoon but this morning, 3 am this morning, san francisco checked in with the temperature in the upper 60s. up toward nevada this generated some cloud cover, even rain and snow showers in the higher terrain portions of the sierra. for us we have scattered low clouds and fog offshore, gradually being pushed back
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into the bay. it's going to be a factor as we head into the forecast for tomorrow. current wind, strong outdoor feel field, that southwest ghost to 31 miles per hour, out toward sfo, linz, and mountain about 10 miles per hour. scattered hayes out there, self- pay camera but for the most part we have partly cloudy skies right now. here's the deal for tomorrow morning, low clouds near the coast, possibly a few inland as well. temperatures in the 40s to the 50s, that will be the case in san francisco. 7:00 clausen fog, but 12:00 mostly cloudy skies. here's the cloud forecast first thing tomorrow morning, 7:00 lots of overcast out there. clouds gradually clearing back to near the shoreline into the
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afternoon hours. temperatures for the beaches up to 60 degrees and inland neighborhoods not much in the way of 80s. were thinking low to mid 70s by sunday afternoon. five day forecast, will take a look at that in just a few minutes. american actress megan markel said to when prince harry one week from today and now we are learning the church will speak at that ceremony. michael bruce curie of chicago will deliver the sermon, terry is outspoken in his support of social justice issues. he is spoken out about immigration policy and his support for same-sex marriage. harry and megan are changed -- exchanging vows may 19 at the st. george chapel at windsor castle. in -- here's a life-sized cake of megan and harry.
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everything you see here is actually edible. 300 eggs, 33 pounds each of flour, butter, sugar and top with 10 pounds of buttercream. it took 110 pounds of icing to create megan and harry's personal features. it's a lot of cigarette there. still to come sheriff deputy wounded and i suspect dead after a shootout in ohio. what police say led to the deadly gun firing update on the deputies condition. people in hawaii, the latest on the volcano as it continues to erupt. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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an ohio sheriff's deputy in critical condition right now after a suspect shot him. authorities say the driver tried to make a traffic stop, or the deputy did near columbus around 7:00 tonight, the driver
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just took off after a taste the suspect crashed into a pole, that is when he shot the deputy. the deputy shot and killed that suspect. at this time it's not clear why the deputy initially tried to pull the driver over, the deputy is currently at surgery and is we are told expected to be okay. on the big island of hawaii a new lava fisher has opened up. the u.s. geological survey said is better erupted from its this morning and it could force thousands more to evaporate -- evacuate. don't cancel your vacation plans just yet, members of the hawaii tourism board is a most of the big island is free from the looming threat of the volcano because the island is so large. the volcano spewing lava last week and has already destroyed several dozen homes and closed the national park as well. geologists warning the volcano could soon erupt, sending boulders to sides of refrigerators into the sky.
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an outbreak links to contaminated eggs going out, the center for disease control says there have been 12 more cases of salmonella since last month. at least 35 people in nine states have gotten six, 11 of them were hospitalized but no deaths have been reported. so far no cases reported in california, most of them out east. the outbreak linked to eggs sold by rose aker farms. uses needed to restaurants and grocery stores also sent -- sold under different brand names. recalled more than 200 million eggs because of this. emotional goodbye four u.s. army soldier killed in combat in afghanistan. friends and family of 22-year- old army specialist gabrielle conti gathering for his funeral at life ridge christian church in longmont colorado today. he died after getting hit by enemy fire on april 30. at today's service the mother said the community is thanked
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for their support and shared last conversations she had with her son before he left for deployment.>> i hope tempted by almost a year ago at the airport. i cried, come home alive gabe. he said i will mom. >> specialist conti will be buried in denver at a private ceremony, that's happening on monday. coming up we're learning more about how the u.s. hoped to denuclearize north korea, the incentive the u.s. is offering. preparations well underway for mother's day, what various florissant restaurants are doing to get ready for the rush of customers and how many are expected to spend on mom on year -- this year.
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another positive sign that north korea might be serious about denuclearization. the regime announced today they will begin dismantling its nuclear test site in the next two weeks. jillian turner has the latest.>> reporter: earlier today a new press release from north korea's ministry claims the country plans to hold a ceremony to dismantle its nuclear test grounds between may 23 and may 25. they claim all the test ground tunnels will be blown up and journals from china, russia, the u.s., uk and south korea are being invited. just yesterday secretary of state spoke out after his return from north korea for what turned out to be arguably the most consequential foreign policy trip of the trump administration to date. optimism about the summits to be held june 12 in singapore.>> if north korea takes action to
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denuclearize, the united states is prepared to work with north korea to achieve prosperity with our south korean friends.>> reporter: also proclaimed is the u.s. and the north have a shared vision for the future of the peninsula and are in complete agreement about what they seek to achieve at the summit. after more than a year of rhetoric and traded jabs back and forth between trump administration officials and the north, this is a remarkable turnaround. some experts even suggesting the current mood may be too good to be true. it out kim intends to really give up his prize nuclear program. president trump's initial claim was that kim would relinquish all nuclear weapons, fuel and ballistic missiles before the u.s. made any can -- concessions. with the anticipated summit now just a few weeks away, the
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window for kim to comply is closing quickly. jillian turner, fox news. vice president tends traveled to graduate at the college today.>> the administration has been advancing the very principles that you learn here in the halls at hillsdale college. the principles that have always been the source of america's greatness and strength.>> pants also said the graduates are launching careers at times when the economy is improving and the country is in good standing in the world. businesses are getting ready for a busy mother's day weekend. flowers shops, restaurants, some of the business -- busiest time of the year. >> reporter: the flower bowl in walnut creek is family owned, orders started coming in for mother's day two weeks ago. the owner says this holiday is
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his busiest.>> i like to say that everybody has a mother but not everybody has a lover.>> reporter: as of noon friday jr cruz says he stopped taking custom arrangement orders.>> they are fragrant and beautiful, they last a long time.>> reporter: and they are expensive. four times the price of roses, because they are hard to grow. yet he is sold out. 85 flower deliveries were made friday and 100+ will go out saturday. about one mile away at 54 meant, the owner tells me he is all booked up for saturday and sunday. he also said mother's day is his busiest of the year, even surpassing valentine's day.>> in general it's always busy, not so much for lunch because it's a dinnertime celebration, but mother's day we are happy that we celebrate all day long.>> reporter: the ladies at this table are celebrating now,
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--.>> we came out with my sisters tonight.>> reporter: mom is emotional saying she has the greatest gift of all, her three daughters.>> it's a privilege and an honor to be a mom. i had to think how well they turned out and how beautiful they are and what they've given back to me.>> reporter: daughter raina had her first child three -- 3 1/2 months ago, mother's day now has new meanings.>> i've always celebrated with my mom now i feel like i have something to celebrate myself.>> reporter: the veneration permits that this year consuming -- this year will be strong, on average every person spending $180 on gifts, flowers always popular. the florist we spent -- spoke with can attest to that. >> has been solid all this week, i spent the entire week with the phone attached to my ear.>> the 17th annual car show
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held today in honor of the men killed in a hit and run. food trucks, raffle prizes and music, not to mention the classic cars made their way to the heiskell. 100% of the events proceeds benefit the royal high school afforded programs.>> we are not giving any district funds to buy new uniforms and important equipment the teams need, our teams are self funded in that way. the organization does a great job of providing money to teams when they needed and it's this event that really gives them the ability to do that.>> in 19 9837-year-old victor becky was killed in a hit and run, outside of his family truck is and is on second street. they believe he was hit intentionally and driver was never caught. there is still a $50,000 reward in that case. everyone seems
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to be obsessed with taking sophie's these days and now the trend even includes goats. will explain what's behind this photo. -- dogs. were talking about a forecast near mother's day continuing into next week as well. will get the five day forecast after the break. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes... winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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four-time oscar nominee signed on to play in marvel's upcoming film captain marvel. the film is about a female air force pilot whose dna fuses with that of an alien, sending her into an intergalactic adventure. the characters actually being kept secret right now, but word is it me that -- be that of a scientist. others will be starring in this
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star-studded film. captain marvel is expected in theaters in march. in ohio dog daycare photo has gone viral for what looks like four-legged friends taking is healthy. a black labrador mix appears front and center in the photo with several dogs howling in the background, look at that. the photo was shared by a facebook user who commented that it looks like rose was taking is healthy. the photo has received more than 1800 facebook reactions and hundreds of comments including one from a user saying this is exactly how i imagine the entrance to heaven. the forecast, as we head
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toward sunday for all the moms out there was talk about some thoughts of his before this forecast. -- breezy conditions chemical temperatures as well. tomorrow cooling-off across portions of the bay area and with cloudy skies for a good portion of next week, temperatures primarily in the 60s. for mother's day definitely low clouds and fog, to start out the day with skies becoming cloudy. low clouds for the morning hours, temperatures in the 40s to the lower 50s. then for the afternoon hours partly sunny skies, agrees to camp again and eventual temperature ends, -- range, upper 60s. will show you this come alive, looking toward oakland, some patches of low clouds already working their way back into the bay. more overcast first thing tomorrow morning, checking out the satellite right now you can
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see a system generating some clouds and rain and snow showers out toward portions of the sierra, primarily the highest peaks of the sierra earlier today. and the clouds backing offshore, that helps transport the clouds overnight. not a dense fog layer, but a deeper layer. here's the overall weather pattern, this system we've been watching over the past days, moving toward nevada. this area of high pressure warmness is up over the past days, especially friday and still nice temperatures out there inland for today. fog increasing overnight, low 70s for tomorrow. partly sunny skies inland and low clouds with temperatures in the upper 50s, new 60.
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overcast tomorrow, gradually clearing back to the shoreline. left over patches for the beaches were tomorrow, partly cloudy skies around the bay and more sunshine inland. warmest locations will approach the low to mid 70s toward concorde and brentwood. san francisco 61, pacifico 67 and san jose 71. a look ahead your five day forecast, temperatures not changing much but they will cool off a bit tuesday and wednesday. lots of clouds and some drizzle possible by thursday morning. coming up next, trying to turn the road trip around and is known as the fifth major, how one golfer is showing domination never before seen at the players championship. next in sports.
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welcome to this saturnine position of sports representative. praises of san francisco diet -- giants, they have not won the game since. jeff firing up teammates to, in pittsburgh after one hour and 33 minute rain delay. teammates got them even in the second. one batter later, alan hansen took one the other way, that's random crawford there. tori hansen has for homeruns since joining the team. both scored in the third and still even as they head into
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the six. going opposite field with a runner, one more better and the giants starter was gone. giants down by-4 in the eighth. austin jackson went down the left field, former giants george condos, all the way around from first. the game tied, 5-5. pirates at first and third, the shot to third, long goria makes a nice play. josh bell hung off the back. can't make a play. that blows the bases, still one out. watson it's the next batter, jody mercer, bell, holmes -- comes home before what would be the winning run. watson, hansen, andrews. the 65 pittsburgh when., the sixth straight loss for


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