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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 14, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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earthquake hit this evening on the hayward fault, along highway 13 in the east bay hills, and measured 3.5. >> it was like real quick, and i was walking in one of the businesses and when i went up the stairs, the lady was like something, something, and we were talking through the glass, we both felt it. >> a small quake but it got a big react. good evening. no reports of any injuries or damage tonight, but it's a great reminder that we live in earthquake country. it's been classified as a minor quake, but the shaking was felt in a large part of the area. the quake was centered along the hayward fault in the oakland hills, and hit at exactly 7:18 tonight. >> this is expected along the fault. when we have small earthquakes
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like this, they serve at reminders that it's into the too late to be prepared -- not too late to be prepared. >> brian says the quake was too small to generate aftershocks. >> amber, bart trains came to a stop after the quake? >> reporter: that's right, we're at the west oakland bart station, they are inspecting the tracks. there were 10 minute delays that lasted about a half hour, but everything is back to normal. we were in an area known at old oakland when the quake struck. the wine, whiskey lounge was filled with patrons when the quake hit. >> just sitting at our table, drinking and eating. >> and then? >> we felt shaking. at first we were curious what
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it was, and then we realized quickly it mutt be an earthquake -- must be an earthquake. >> it was a rough shake, and stop. it felt like somebody was running past us. >> anything fall off the table? >> no, everything stayed in its place. >> it was like a wave. just a little wave that came through, but then it's like over-the-counter my god, there's this -- oh, my god, and there's a brick wall behind me. >> i was scared at first, and then went back to work. >> reporter: folks were barbecuing for a warriors watch party. >> it was just a rumble, and me links fell off! >> reporter: i was walking into a business, when i went up the stairs, the lady was like something, something, and we were talking through the glass,
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we both felt it. >> were you scared? >> no, i'm a big girl. >> reporter: rosemary felt the quake in the middle of her forecast. >> that was a pretty serious one, rosemary feeling that shaking. >> reporter: over in san francisco, sfmta stopped all trains to do a safety inspection. they say they walked the subways to make sure there were no cracks, no damage was found. when they re summed service -- resumed service, they put it on manual mode. they're back on to automatic mode for those trains. all clear was given at 8:38 for muni, and again, no damage to bart or muni. >> amber, thank you. the earthquake hit white a lot of people were watching the
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warriors beat the rockets in game one of the western conference final. the game was in houston, but there were watch parties across the bay area. those parties included a free street party and outdoor barbecue in downtown oakland. fans enjoyed food, music and a number of fun activities as they the warriors on the big -- watched the warriors on the big screen. >> i'm here with friends and watching the game. >> when they're here, they're sold out. so we wanted to get the app on 9th street. >> they -- get the atmosphere on 9th street. >> lot of people think they're the two best teams in the nba. mark will have plenty of highlight, and joe will have post game from houston coming up later in sports. san francisco voters go to the polls three weeks from tomorrow to choose a new mayor. 7 candidates faced off at a forum hosted by the commonwealth club. the winner of the race will
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fill out the remaining year and a half for the late ed lee's term. some candidates are trying to make alliances ahead of the election. jana? >> reporter: this was a 90 minute forum, the last with all 7 candidates. but the first time some of them publicly announced their second choice if their own candidacy fails. commonwealth club's mayoral forum had 7 candidates, london breed, the frontrunner answered questions about housing and homelessness. >> i'm proposing we build more housing and faster on under utilized skies all over the city, like we're planning to do at the mcdonald's site we performed in my -- purchased in my district. i propose we add more two police officers. >> reporter: mark leno and jane kim are running a close second and third in that same poll. >> i would have had a
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difference of opinion on the twitter tax break, that we should have had community benefits. >> reporter: kim said after the debate, she feels she has more local experience in city hall. >> i want to continue the work we've done to make city college free for all residents, to make child care affordable for every family. >> i'm the only candidate endorsed by the san francisco police officers . >> we have to get full staffing of police officers, we are 1600 police officers presently, we'll have 300 less because of people retiring in june, and full force staffing is 2200. >> reporter: three other candidates, a conservative, republican, and progressive housing advocate says they are running so voters can have more
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options. >> we have a left and leftnd er government. we job will be to bring back -- >> i want to make sure whoever becomes mayor avoids tech bloom displace many. it would take a miracle for me to become mayor, i know that, but i'm open to miracles. >> i have been crying out loud for government change. now is the time. >> reporter: every candidate does hold some power in san francisco's rank choice election, which gives voters an option to list their second and third opposites. each candidate was asked to name their endorsement for second choice. >> my number two choice is supervisor jane kim. >> my number two choice london breed. and number three choice. >> rice, kim, and leno. >> i'm not endorsing number two, my second choice is richard greenberg and angela. >> i have no number two or
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number three. >> reporter: speaking of alliances, greenberg said london breed's campaign did approach the republican central committee asking for them to endorse her as second choice, but they declined. new at 10:00, police say a stray bullet injured a man driving in east oakland this afternoon. investigators say it happened about 2:30 as the victim was driving a black suv. listed in critical but stable condition. police do not think the man was the intended target. instead, they think he was hit by a stray bullet, possibly fired by someone involved a dispute with another person. no other injuries were reported, and there have been no arrests. ten children have been taken into protective custody after police say they were found living in squalor in a home in fairfield. authorities say some of the kids had burns, bruises, and injuries consistent with being
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shot with a bb or pellet gun. now their father, jonathan allen is facing charges of torture and felony child abuse. their mother, ian rogers is facing charges of child neglect. the mother says this is all just a misunderstanding. >> reporter: police say 10 children from 4 months to 12 were living in horrible living conditions in this four bedroom home. the case began when a 12-year- old boy went missing. officers found him and returned him home, and decided to search the rest death. they found -- residence, and found nine more children. >> they located unsafe and unsanitary living conditions, including garbage and spoiled food on the floor, animal and human feces. >> reporter: this is video from inside the home. ina was arrested on suspicion
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of child endangerment in march. rogers said her son left the home because he was upset about having to do a new chore. she said investigators have it wrong. >> the allegations are incorrect, and yeah, it's unfair. their whole idea of us is wrong. me and my husband are doing what we have to do with 11 kids. i work in the medical feel. i don't accept any help for them, just me and my husband. >> reporter: but police, the da's office, and child welfare launched an investigation and determined the children had suffered severe physical and emotional abuse. >> the children described incidents of intentional abuse resulting in puncture wounds, burns, bruising, and injuries consistent with being shot with a pellet gun or air soft gun. >> reporter: officers returned to the home on friday and arrested the father, john allen on suspicion of felony torture and child abuse. he was in court monday but did not enter a plea.
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>> he is an amazing person, i'm an amazing mother. >> they were very nice to us, so there's, there was nothing that we saw that was suspicious that would make us think that. >> reporter: this man is allen's younger brother. >> it's crazy all these false accusations have gone so far. it's just did, we want to get justice for jonathan. >> reporter: the father's bail was increased to more than $5 million. he did not want to talk to reporters. as far as the mother, she could face additional charges. melania trump is expected to remain in the hospital for the rest of the week after undergoing a procedure for a benign kidney condition. president trump traveled to see her this afternoon. he tweeted she is in good spirits. her taff has released few details -- staff has released few details, but to say doctors
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did a procedure that is usually to treat a benign tumor. >> it's all routine, and the first lady should do quite well. >> the 48-year-old first lady has taken on a greater role at the white house in recent weeks. she hosted a state dinner for the french president and his wife, and announced her be best campaign against online bullies last week. the office says she looks forward to a cull recovery so shoe -- full recovery so she can kin her work on behalfful -- continue her work on behalf of children. at 1030 -- lot of wind out there and a cool breeze blowing off the bay. business deep marine layer has dropped the temperatures. you'll notice it again tomorrow. safety concerns in the bay bridge tunnels. we hear from a driver whose car was hit by falling debris.
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i could have died. my wife could have died.
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it's none the first time people have complain -- it's not the first time people have complained about rocks falling on their cars. >> we look into the safety of thousands to travel across the bridge and through the tunnels every day. brook? >> reporter: 280,000 cars and truck, that's how many travel the bridge and tunnels every day to cross the bay. 2 investigates got hold of the most recent inspection report, it shows vertical cracking on its lower deck tunnel wall is common. every three to 10 feet, still caltrans maintains the structure is sound. a saturday afternoon. >> i was very startled. >> reporter: on the bay bridge. >> my wife said it sounded like somebody shot us. >> reporter: police sergeant marcy and his wife were heading home toward the east bay when -- >> i see an object coming from
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the ceiling, dropping, and it just like boom! it was just that quick. >> reporter: inside the tunnel, he said a brick sized piece of concrete came crashing down. >> i grabbed my shirt, put it over my head to make sure i wasn't going to get more glass in my eyes. >> reporter: he pulled over his truck. a worker said he was the fourth person in recent months to report the same thing hang in the same place and the same lane. >> we just looked back and forth, just saying what? again? >> reporter: they found a dozen spots in the tunnel where concrete is in danger of breaking away from the wall. caltrans performed tests in early 2016 after falling debris damaged several cars and even injured some people. >> all of a sudden, a big piece of concrete fell down in front of my car. >> reporter: this report obtained by 2 investigates shows engineers used radar,
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light and hammer testing that resulted in nearly 200 repairs of loose concrete spots on the tunnel walls. coming at a cost close to $1.5 million. >> is it safe right now? >> oh, yeah, it's safe. it's very safe. >> reporter: jeff weis represents caltrans. we asked him about the recent claims of crumb welling -- crumble. >> we had a police officer tell us he saw a piece of concrete falling from the ceiling and crashed into his window. what do you say to him? >> i'm surprised i vent heard -- haven't heard of it. >> reporter: caltrans had four claims of things falling from the bridge, but he said there's no proof it came from the ceiling. >> we have looked at all of pictures, and they look like rocks. and other debris that might have been on the freeway.
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>> reporter: the tunnel was built in 1936, and had major renovations in the 1960s. it's now more than 80 years old. the most recent inspection report from last september proves its showing its age. it says vertical canaling is common -- cracking is common, every 3 to 10 feet. 125 square feet of tiles are missing or broken. some wall areas were patched as water was causing concrete to break away, and six areas need attention within two years. >> you doesn't believe it's possible something could have fallen from the ceiling? >> what we believe, we believe it's possible, but we would have evidence of that. we would be able to see a place where there's a hole on the ceiling, or broken tile or something like that. we can't find anything. >> what do you tell the drivers who have issued these claims? >> we tell them we're investigating it. >> reporter: caltrans expects it's pieces of construction
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debris or broken guardrail. the drivers' claims have all been denied. >> we're not going to take the blame for something that we don't feel is ours. for two reasoning one, it's not hours, and we -- ours, and we don't worry about tiles falling when it hasn't happened. >> reporter: marcy insists nobody was in front of him, and with his decades of police work says there's no way something flipped up to cause this. >> it shattered the window. i'd like my chances in court then because since it cost me over a thousand bucks, i'm not paying for it. >> reporter: now he made it his mission to take on the state in the name of safety. >> i could have died, my wife could have died. >> reporter: marcy pointed out that what saved him from getting hurt was the $400 piece of uv protective film he had professionally put on the windshield. he said without it, that concrete or rock, whatever it was, could have smashed through
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the glass and hit him in the head. >> so what are his options now? >> reporter: he is considering going to small claims court and filing something. he is adamant this came from the tunnel or something inside that tunnel. >> whatever it was, it was large enough to causes that damage. -- cause that damage. thank you. if you have a tip for 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. call us: or e-mail. s: or e-mail. temperatures tomorrow will be about the same as today. it was down, look at the number, 63 in concord, 65 in fremont, highs down as much as 20 degrees from last week. temperatures tomorrow will be similar to these. and they start to warm up a little britt toward the end -- bit towards the end of the week. the story is the pressure has stretched out the marine layer.
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you can feel the wind, doesn't matter where you are, davis, concord, it's breezy and cool because of these two low pressure systems. the high just can't do what it does typically this time of year. so we have a cooler pattern, but also have air quality that is on the upscale. it's good when you get this pattern because it milk out the lower layer -- mixes out the lower layer. tomorrow will be the same way, so cool forecast takes us into the bay area tuesday. and then you get into wed, thursday and friday, and temperatures climb out of it. so one more day like today. tomorrow, and we see you back here with the long range forecast in a little bit. protesting turn deadly in the middle east. the division that has left dozens of people dead as the u.s. opens their embassy in jerusalem. case of the golden state killer. suspect's court appearance today without a wheelchair. for the first time in the
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steve kerr era, they over came the rockets and hostile crowd. we'll hear from the players about how they did it tonight in sports. just naked chicken chalupa it's back with a vengeance. along with a spicy new wilder version. so when it comes to taco bell's mild or wild naked chicken chalupas, heed my advice, and say no to spice. brought to you by the council and not taco bell.
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cameras were not allowed in the courtroom. unlike previous appearances, deangelo was not in a wheelchair today, but walked into court on his own. he is accused of killing at least 12 people and committing
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more than 40 rapes throughout california. number of friend and family of the crime victims attended the hearing. >> after 40 years, i never thought this would be solved. it's always been something we've dealt with and pictures on the news that they keep putting out there are ones that have been my house since a little girl. it's all been unreal. >> the suspect's attorney asked for more time to respond to a motion by the news media to unseal the search warrant affidavits. he is to return to court may 29. angry moments in san francisco as the board of supervisors held the first hearing looking into the botched billion dollar clean up up the hunter point shipyard. the firm is accused of faking soil samples at the super fund site. attorney from at the time -- at
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the time tremendous tetra. >> will i be allowed to make a presentation? no. >> they blame the environmental scandal on what it calls rogue individuals. the company says they stand behind the work they've done to clean up radioactive materials at hunter's point. lava bombs on the big island. new video from kilauea after new fissures opened up. why one candidate says it could cost him votes in a competitive race here in the south bay. to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate
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another twist in the competitive race for santa clara supervisor. 7 candidates are vying for one seat, and one of the candidates now says a printing mistake in the voter information guide could cost hill some votes. -- him some votes. aza is here to explain. >> reporter: frank, this isn't the first time the register's office had trouble with election materials. this time, human error with a
10:30 pm
vendor is to blame. soon, 174,000 voters will receive the correct information. instead of knocking on doors -- limited to 200 word, baker's first three lines stated he was a previous mayor, santa clara university grad, and former firefighter. you can imagine his shock when he opened the guide and the info wasn't there. >> i was disappointed. this is a hard thing to get your information out to voters, and i think a lot of voters rely on the voter information pamphlet. >> reporter: the register's office blames a printing error with the develop tore, so the file wasn't used -- developer, so the file wasn't used. the district covers santa clara, kimball and west san jose. >> this is another in a long line of failures by them or their vendors, and it's not good for democracy, and not fair to the voters.
10:31 pm
>> we immediately began our process of how we would rectify the issue. >> reporter: the register's office plans to send a letter and all complete statements to voters, cost of printing postage and staff time will be billed to the vendor. this isn't the first time the office has come under fire. a state audit last year found wrong or missing information in voter pamphlets. >> there are thousands and thousands of things that could cause an error in an election, and human error sometimes one issue will slip through as it did this time, but we continue to work diligently for transparency and accuracy to the best of our abilities. >> reporter: 7 candidates are running, two face accusations of past sexual mission conduct, which they deny. -- misconduct, which they deny. so far, they have received 1000
10:32 pm
mail-in ballots from district 4, beside mail, they plan to notify voters on its websites, and at a voting center. baker is the only candidate with missing information. the controversy grows involving another candidate in the supervisor area race. the number of complaints against dominic caserta has more now than doubled since last week. nine women have filed police reports against the city councilman accusing him of unwanted advances. that includes a campaign worker who said he touched her legs and gave her unwanted shoulder massages. he hasn't responded to the latest allegations, but last week told ktvu he denied the initial charges. the mayor of santa clara is now calling on dominic caserta to resign. >> it's not going to be tolerated and not go away. the best thing he can do for
10:33 pm
the community is resign, and make victims can start heal and the community can start healing from this terrible shock. >> the mayor says he will be given the opportunity to defend himself at tomorrow's city council meeting. council members will consider officially censuring him, but don't have the authority to remove him out right. employers would have to keep record of sexual misconduct complaints for ten years under a bill that the state assembly today. the author says that would help employers to identify problem employees. the records could also be used as evidence in lawsuits. the requirement would apply to companies with 50 workers or more. the bill goes to the state senate. u.n. security council is to meet tomorrow to customer the deadly -- discuss the deadly violence along the gaza border. the bloodshed came as the u.s. was celebrating the
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controversial move of the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. >> reporter: today was supposed to be a day of celebration for the trump administration. the president finally fulfilling a promise he made on the campaign trail, but as the u.s. officially open its new embassy, protesting erupted along the border, becoming the deadliest day of violence since the gaza war. tens of thousand of pakistanis turned out in pro -- palestinians turned out in protest. the latest fall out as the u.s. opened the new embassy in jerusalem relocating from tell peeve. >> the responsibility for the deaths rests with hamas. israel has the right to defend itself. >> you can only build peace on truth, and the truth is that jerusalem has been and will always be the capital of the jewish people, the capital of the jewish state. >> reporter: the president declaring may 14 a great day
10:35 pm
for israel on twitter, followed by a video of russian dignitaries attending the opening ceremony. >> the united states remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement and we continue to support the statistics quo at the hole -- status quo at the holy sites. >> the united states has made it clear, we recognize the rightful capital of the jewish state is jerusalem. so that's off the table. we don't have to argue that anymore. it's no longer a bargaining chip. >> reporter: tomorrow, border protests are expected to be even bigger, given may 15 marks 70 years since the creation of the state of israel. when palestinians in the hundreds of thousands were forced to leave their homes. fewer duis on the road. still ahead, researchers say a decrease in the number of drunk driving arrests is linked to an increase in ride sharing, but
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critics aren't convinced. we talk about a warmup as we get to the end of this week. not tomorrow, but down the road. new video from hawaii as the volcano there lobs lava hundreds of feet into the air. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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new video out of hawaii shows eruptions from new fisuers. there are 18 in all. some of the lava is being pro pepped 500 feet into the -- propelled into 500 feet into the air. they are worried -- 2000 people have been evacuated. lava flow has destroyed 36 structures on the island, 26 of those were homes. the supreme court today handed down a ruling that allows states to decide for themselves whether or not to legalize sports gambling. sports betting has been banned in most states since 1992, but the high court ruled 6-3 the federal ban is unconstitutional because it violates state' rights to make their own decisions. gaming expert say they think 32
10:40 pm
states will offer legal sports betting in the next five years, and it could affect other laws. >> this could impact anything from marijuana, gun laws,. >> california's constitution prohibits sports betting, but after today's ruling, democratic assemblyman adam gray proposed a constitutional amendment that would allow sports betting if approved by voters. the deadline to put this on the november ballot is lateness month, and -- late next month, and would require a two thirds majority to pass. deputies say michael karmona, jose missouri moline -- two were in possession of more than a thousand dollars worth of stolen merchandise. the third suspect was booked for conspiracy and marijuana possession while driving.
10:41 pm
the teenage accused in a rain and murder of 8 yearly maddie middleton three years ago pleaded not guilty today. prosecutors say gonzales, now 18 years old, lured the little girl to his mother's apartment with ice cream, and rained and stabbed her. -- raped and stabbed her. an appeal court is considering whether to overturn a ruling that he be tried as an adult. stocks were slightly higher on wall street on signs of cooling trade tensions. dow has been up for 8 consecutive sessions. nasdaq was up 8 points, s & p 500 up 2 points. tesla ceo musk is criticizing coverage of a crash in utah involving a model s. the driver in the crash admitted she was looking at the phone and had the auto pilot feature engaged when her car hit a stopped fire
10:42 pm
truck at an intersection. musk says he's frustrated that tens of thousands of crashes happen every year involving other car makers with what he says is little coverage. he pointed out the driver in the utah crash only suffered a broken foot, even though her car slammed into the fire truck going 60 miles an hour. it's the second leading reason people call uber or lyft, avoiding jail, and a crash. what the research says about dui and ride sharing. bill martin is fine tuning the forecast. the week ahead in his complete bay area forecast.
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10:45 pm
new research suggesting drunk traffic has fallen as people use ride services. -- drunk driving has fought lend as people use ride service. >> on the weekends, if i'm going out for a fun night, i would rather have an uber or
10:46 pm
lyft. >> reporter: matt settles in for the game, and his ride is on his phone. >> it's not worth t i'd rather pay $20 than $10,000. >> reporter: average cost of a dui. and he is not alone. researchers found as ride share wentz up, dui arrests went down. in 10 major cities. down by about a third in san diego, san jose, and sacramento. somewhat less, 14% drop in los angeles and san francisco. >> it's probably not really high quality research with control groups and everything, but i think the evidence is strong. >> reporter: ride sharing makes streets safer from dui, especially among young drivers, and at peak times, friday and saturday night. >> if you're drunk for instance, you press that button, you don't have to worry about paying. that's taken care of.
10:47 pm
it's very seamless, very easy, and so i think that's the reason why it's caught on. >> drunk driving deaths have gone up nationwide for the mass two years -- past two years. >> reporter: madd says dui fatalities are not down. madd partners with ride share companies, but is no substitute for law enforcement. >> that's the front shrine, the number of -- line, the number of arrests is concerning to us, and something we're going to keep a close eye on at madd. >> dui will always be a problem with people think they're better -- when people think they're better than they are. >> reporter: awareness campaigns and sobriety check points my have an impact. >> you see the sign on a car, you see the driver with his gps, you know there's people in the back, and they've had a
10:48 pm
good time, and still are, but getting home safe. >> reporter: avoiding drinking and driving is the second leading reason people call a car. the top reason, avoiding parking hassles. of all the cities studied, the one with the biggest change was las vegas, almost 40% drop. the weather looks a lot like it did today for tuesday, so temperatures on the cool or mild side. we'll see fog when we get up. these are the highs from today, so we can revisit what tomorrow will look like. might be a little warmer tomorrow in some of the inland spot, but generally mid-60s to upper 60s, except along the coast where you're in the 50s. can you see two areas that -- you can see two areas of concern. see that spinner? that's a high up in here, but these two spinners, these two
10:49 pm
lows are creating enough of a break on the inversion that the fog has lifted and it's unusual pattern for this kind of year. normally that high pressure, the pacific high just is planted down off the coast, and we are inundated with dense coastal fog, but warmer inland from normally you'd see 70s and low 80s. today, we awe 60s. -- we saw 60s. -- we saw 60s. it's a trend, the trent is going to be the same as what we had today, basically, seeing temperatures like they were last night this time, conditions like they were last night, this time, temperatures tomorrow will be like today. call that persistence in weather forecasting. the city as you see it there, looking towards the north or northeast, if you will, and you can't see the fog. we see the fuzz up here, that is the marine layer or low clouds, if you will, because at
10:50 pm
this point it's almost not fall because it's off the ground. there's just coast, bay and inland, and they are much cooler, this yellow should be all the way, almost to where the blue is. those are 70s. tomorrow's going to be another cool day. for tomorrow, you can see mostly to partly cloudy in the morning in san francisco, and late in the day, you're topping out at 60 in san francisco. these were the forecast highs for tomorrow. 71 in antioch, 70 in fairfield, so here's the five-day forecast. the story is, after tomorrow, those low relinquish their grip and warm up. but there's nothing severe, you know, nothing big, just subtle changes with a trend to warmer into the bay area weekend. so not bad. >> thank you. coming up, more on the earthquake that shook up the
10:51 pm
east bay tonight. the fault line and where to expect aftershocks. warriors and rockets in the first game of the western finals. rn
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warriors fans -- they might like chart barkley. he said anybody who thinks houston is going to win this series, is an idiot. might be hard to argue with that. i would call it a surgical precise win by the warriors. they just took care of their, as they say in texas, business. here comes james harden, and he would have his moments as the centerpiece, as usual. the bearded one goes for 41 early on in the game to the bucket, and watch what happens here after the exchange. draymond shoves him. this is the first couple minutes of the game. it's like oh, know, technical for draymond -- no, technical for draymond. 12-4 lead early, but harden on a miss early, and watch kd
10:55 pm
assert himself as he picks it up, and goes hard to the bucket. that's the way it was the early lead dissipates. warriors are tied at the half, and the third quarter, they take care of it. watch this. kd on the loose, and off to the long ball, clay, the catch and release from steph curry. clay had 28. steph gets his hands on it, won't give up, find andre ugodala. 37 points by the way for kd as he will knock it down from 3, 14 out of 27, and warriors trying to pull away late. curry says i'll take care of business in close. he wasn't on his -- he drives there, 18 points, put the warriors up 12, they cruise in
10:56 pm
119-106, and there's goes the home court advantage for the rockets. >> reporter: the first time in the kerr era they opened up the series on the road. they had the best record for the regular season. rockets came out before the home crowd at ran to a 9 point lead. the war jurors have been here before -- warriors are been here before, settled down and started to play like the warriors. >> i think we were down 12-4, and then another 8-0 run, so it's, you go through all that and i think we came out the first quarter down 1. that was big for us. >> the first couple minutes, they got out, made some shots. we always got to be engaged in
10:57 pm
what's going on. and keep communicating. and just try to force our will on the game. >> if the goal is to achieve a split on the road, the warriors have done that, but they know they haven't won anything yet. you can can't on the rockets with an increased sense -- you can count on the rockets with an increased sense of urgency, and the personality of game 2 to be different than game one. he will be there. giants after a rough road trip, fly in late last night. the red after a four game sweep. you figure they're hot. no, it was good news but nothing but for the giants, including in the afternoon when bumgarner throws off the mound, saying maybe early june returning for him. 3 run first for the giants. crawford starting to hit. he had two doubles tonight.
10:58 pm
this is a two-out, two-run double. giants had 7 doubles tonight, and here's another one of them in the 6th inning. buster posey bounces is to center -- bounces it to center. that brought in slater. brandon belt, no doubt about it. belt had three hits, three rbis, 10-7 final, and remember that show green acres? he looks like a character that might have been on that show in hooterville. i tell you what, yankee stadium and fenway park, the best places to go arrest a fan. if you're the opposition, it's rough. a's lost two out of three. there's papi enjoying his retirement. matt joyce breaks up the 0-0 game with a two-out homer.
10:59 pm
and there's a shot down the line in left by jonathan lucroy. later, another of the matt sole on, as had a 6-4 lead when the red sox slugger combs up. mark cannot make the great catch. he thought he should have had it. it's a home run that cut the deficit 6-5, and that was all they were going to get. by the way, vegas evened up their series in the nhl with winnipeg evening it up. time for more news with frank and julie. next at 11:00, an earthquake in the east bay. >> it was like oh, my god,
11:00 pm
there's a brick wall behind us. >> it wasn't big enough to cause damage, but a 3.5 earthquake did rattle some nerves. me nerves. >> it is classified as a minor quake, and hit at 7:18. the it was along the hayward fault in the oakland hills. although it was felt across a wide area, brian kill gore says the quake was too small to generate aftershocks. >> this kind of earthquake is to be expected along the hayward fault when we have small earthquakes like this, there is little to no damage. they are reminders that it's not too late to be prepared. >> a much larger quake could


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