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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 15, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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national weather service in seattle. for the first two weeks in may, they are warmer than los angeles. l.a. has more rain than seattle for the first two weeks of may. how about that? you don't see that all the time. a high pressure has part itself well to the north. these lows keep coming in. they are ramping up the fog bank. there is a lot to go around. it is very cool mid may. 50s, 60s and 70s, a good 10 degrees below average. i had to add an extra blanket last night. here comes the next low. i don't see any changes in the pattern for the rest of the month. i think that will be the theme. as these lows come in, they don't do much except ramp up the fog, which is enough, but they will fire up thunderstorms over the mountains. you have to watch those areas with the offshore wind. 50s for a lot of the temperatures.
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they will not budge because it is already overcast. antioch and black hawk are 52, as is danville. this low will probably give us some drizzle and chew up the load cloud deck by tonight and tomorrow. the damage is done in the 50s and 60s. >> if you call it damage. >> you know what i mean. >> it is a figure of speech. we like a nice, clean, fresh breeze in the morning. you just have to make lemons out of lemonade. this morning's commute is moving well in solano county. vacaville and fairfield look nice driving into richmond. the commute looks good on 37 as you drive away from vallejo and solano counties. in pittsburg county this morning, we are off to a nice start from santa rosa , petaluma
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, they both look good. traffic looks good on 80 as it turns into western contra costa county. the bay bridge toll plaza has a little bit about backup and some lanes, but it is small. let's go back to the desk. >> we are three weeks away from election day. the candidates for san francisco debated at a form yesterday at the commonwealth club. some of the candidates are teaming up. >> because of ranked choice voting, some candidates are publicly announcing who they are encouraging voters to choose for second or third. >> reporter: the forum featured seven candidates, including the front runner in a pool next month. -- last month. >> i am suggesting we build more housing faster on underutilized sites. >> the second and third candidates have similar policies . >> i would've had a different set of opinions on the twitter tax break. we should've had community
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benefits. >> i want to continue the work we have done to make city college free for all of our residents, to make child care affordable for every single family. >> former supervisor angela alioto said she would crackdown on crime. >> we have to staff are police officers. we have 1600 presently, we will have 300 less because of people retiring in june. full force staffing is 2400. >> we have a left government right now. we have for many years. my job will be to bring back centrist policies. >> i understand it would take a miracle for me to become mayor, but i am open to miracles.
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i went to make them happen for san francisco. >> i have been crying out loud for government change. now is the time. >> reporter: each candidate was asked to name their endorsement for number two choice. >> jane kim. >> weiss, kim and leno. >> mark leno as my number two. >> i am not endorsing number two. >> my second choice is richard greenberg and angela alioto pick >> i have no number two and number three. >> reporter: which he greenberg told me that the campaign had approached the republican community -- committee asking for their second choice endorsement and they declined. >> a candidate for the santa clara board of supervisors is speaking out about an apparent error in the voter guide. jason baker is one of seven candidates running for singleseat on the board. he says it could cost him
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precious votes. in his official candidate statement, he explained he is a former mayor, santa clara university graduate and former firefighter. he was shocked to learn that information made it into the voter guide. >> i felt really disappointed. this is a hard thing to get your information out to voters. i think a lot of voters rely on this voter information pamphlet more than any other document. >> the registrar's office blames it on an administrative error. overnight, there was more violence in gaza. israeli forces launched airstrikes retaliating for palestinian protests over the opening of the american embassy in drizzle in. more than 50 palestinians were killed by israeli fire as thousands protested moving the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. the white house blames palestinians for the violence. >> the responsibility for these
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tragic deaths rests squarely with hamas. israel has a right to defend itself. >> they are trying to bury it and replace it with two systems. that will not succeed. >> the trump administration says moving the u. s. embassy to jerusalem will help move the middle east peace process forward. the controversy continues to grow involving another candidate in the santa clara county supervisors raise. the number of sexual misconduct complaint against dominic caserta has more than doubled since last week. nine women have filed police reports against the santa clara city councilman, accusing him of unwanted advances. that includes a campaign worker, who says dominic caserta touched her legs and got -- gave her unwanted shoulder massages. he is not responded to the latest allegations but last
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week told us here at ktvu news he denied the initial charges. the mayor is calling for dominic caserta to resign. >> it will not be tolerated and it will not go away. the best thing you can do for our community is to resign and maybe the victims can start you know, healing in the community can start healing from this terrible shock. >> the mayor says dominic caserta will be given the opportunity to defend himself at tonight's city council meeting. california may soon require employers to keep records of sexual misconduct complaints under a bill moving through the legislature. yesterday the assembly passed a bill requiring a -- requiring employers with at least 50 workers to keep sexual misconduct complaints for at least 10 years. it can also be used as evidence in lawsuits or complaints relative to sexual misconduct. the chamber of commerce argues those requirements would be to -- too burdensome on employers.
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those aren't more new fissures on the big island of hawaii in the last few days. the gas and steam is escaping. there are volcanic vents all over the island. some of the lava is being propelled 500 feet in the air. scientists are worried that the kilauea eruption will intensify and send huge boulders into the air. 2000 people living in the area have been evacuated at this point. the lava flow has destroyed at least 36 buildings on the island, 26 of those are homes. an 11-year-old girl is still in the hospital after being shot sunday afternoon in oakland. the east bay times says the girl, along with a woman, were hurt during a drive-by shooting in west oakland. the woman was grazed by a bullet. police say there was an
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argument in that area. that may have resulted in that shooting. no arrests have been made. there is a $10,000 reward offered. search teams found the body of a man reported missing. the body of thomas mullarkey was found yesterday. he was skiing on march 14 but never return to his cabin. sheriff deputies located his body in a remote area of the ski resort with the help of specially trained dogs. blizzard-like conditions had slowed down efforts searching for him the first few days after he disappeared. a bad smell in santa rosa led to the discovery of a man's body in a storm drain. the press democrat reports public works employees responded to complaints about of a really bad smell. they saw the body yesterday afternoon after opening a manhole cover. police were called, along with
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the fire department to investigate. authorities say the death appeared to be a suicide, but the corner will determine the cause of death. there are more alerts for one of the biggest events in the bay area. we will explain how you can get updates coming up straight to your phone. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well on 101 approach in the 80 split. >> i know monday was cool, but tuesday will be cooler. we have low clouds that have made it out to travis and fairfield. that is impressive for this time of morning.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". adrian gonzalez, the teenager accused of the sexual assault and murder of eight-year-old mattie militant three years ago -- mattie militant is 10 --, assaulted and stabbed her. gonzalez was 15 at the time. an appeals court is still considering whether to appeal the court ruling that he be tried as an adult. three tone -- three young men are facing charges of shoplifting in sand karlos. >> deputies say a 20-year-old and a 23-year-old and a 24-year-
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old were caught sunday night. two with the suspects were allegedly in possession of more than $1000 worst -- worth of stolen merchandise. the third suspect was booked for conspiracy and marijuana possession while driving. san francisco city officials are doing something different for this year's "bay to breakers" race. they are asking runners to sign up for emergency text alerts to receive information about the event. participants can text be 2 be. the race is set for next sunday at 8 am. how does the commute look? >> it doesn't look bad. the first hour has been pretty good. we will start off in the
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east bay. everywhere this morning it looks pretty good. westbound 580, if you are driving up to the altamont pass, there is a little bit of slow traffic. there was a little bit of a problem on 580 just past 205 with a stalled vehicle. that seems to be moving along relatively well. you can see traffic is going to be a little bit slow. 588 grant line is where that stalled vehicle is. it could have turned into an accident. i am hearing some chatter on the scanners about that. for the most part, it is already slow this time of the morning. if you are driving to livermore, it looks okay all the way to castro valley. this is 880 in oakland. you can see traffic is moving well. on the bay bridge we have a little bit of a backup in those lanes. let's go to steve paulson. >> it is very early and some of you may not be watching but are listening.
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i want you to see this. this is a surface wind. it is strongly onshore going west to east. look off the sierra. it is coming off the mountains toward the sacramento and san joaquin valley. they converge around fresno in bakersfield. can you see that? they are all reporting a north- northwest breeze toward the sacramento valley. it is cool to see that spilling off the sierra. they converge out to the valley. seattle's average high temperature for the first two weeks of may is 71.8 degrees. the average high temperature for los angeles during that same timeframe is 68 .6 degrees. it is possible to actually be cool. it is very cool for mid may for us. there will be a few 70 degrees temperatures with most in the 50s and 60s. everyone mostly is cloudy. santa rosa is 64 red route --
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redwood city 68, antioch will flirt with 70s san jose 61 degrees. low clouds are already marching through. we had one low getting kicked out of nevada. this one is more likely coming in tomorrow because it will start to move in. this system will get kicked out but it has numerous thunderstorms and high elevation snow. the onshore wind is in place. the stage is being set for a cold day for us. 50s for the temps, even on the peninsula. maybe even a few 40s, but a lot of low 50s. woodside is 53, montero is 53, pacifica 51, 54 in san mateo. this low will keep the theme of
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very cool conditions going. 50s, 60s and a few near 70 degrees. the low clouds should max out today. i don't think there will be support for it tomorrow. the water temps continue to be very cold. a little warmer thursday and friday and then another low moves in sunday and monday. if you like this weather, you have more coming. >> it warms up in the afternoon. will it continue to do that? >> not today. >> i like the sun in the afternoon. >> just be patient. is there anything else you would like? >> i will let you know. how about those warriors? they beat the houston rockers 119-106. now they lead the western conference finals 1-0. >> golden state with a six point lead. >> they try to get it back. >> the andre was tied at halftime. the warriors pulled away. 28
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points including six three- pointers. kevin durant went crazy. he led the warriors with 37 points. >> you know how we play. we want to keep the ball moving. obviously, kevin is the ultimate luxury because a play can break down and you just throw him the ball. he can get you a bucket as well as anybody on earth. >> the warriors are off today. gang two is tonight against houston. joe fonzi will join us live from houston and tell us more about the warriors big win. the a's else loved boston 6- 5. >> he is turning around and he is gone. >> there were homers hit
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yesterday for an impressive road when. the first pitch is for 10 pm tonight. the giants beat the cincinnati reds 10-7. bumgardner through for the first time since he broke a finger on march 23. you may see him back in about two weeks. andrew mccutchen had his 1500th career hit. brandon belt tacked on some insurance. >> a high drive. right field and it is out of here. >> he belted his seventh homer of the season. the two teams play again tonight. the game starts at 7:15 pm. there were some special fans at last night giants game. it was rugby day at the giants
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game. that included bat barge in the cubby cope with people playing rugby. i am not kidding. it was helping to promote the first rugby world cup to be played in the u. s. in july at at&t park. it is an expensive proposition that could save wildlife and prevent car accidents. the plan to keep animals from being hit on highway 17. just naked chicken chalupa it's back with a vengeance. along with a spicy new wilder version. so when it comes to taco bell's mild or wild naked chicken chalupas, heed my advice, and say no to spice. brought to you by the council and not taco bell.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". a new report found the number of drunk driving arrests have gone down in many cities since uber and lyft began operations. studies by uc davis and a research firm looked at dui arrests in the two years before the ride-share services began, compared to the two years after. in san jose, arrests declined 28%. in the san francisco and oakland areas, they were down 14%. the group, mothers against drunk driver, says this particular report is misleading. >> drunk driving deaths have gone up nationwide for the last two years. >> duis will always be a problem when people think they are better than what they are.
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that is what alcohol does. >> according to the report, avoiding drinking and driving is the second-leading reason people use ridesharing services. the top reason is avoiding parking hassles. of all the studies, the one was the biggest in las vegas. caltrans is working on building an under crossing for animals so they can go from one of highway 17 to the other. >> the project has a $12 million price tag but a lot of people think it is worth it. >> reporter: on highway 17, in addition to speeding curves, there is a new culprit causing catastrophes, collisions with animals. in santa cruz county, more than 60 animals have been hit in the past 15 years. >> over 50% of the wildlife that are hit on 17 or hit in this curve. it is very dangerous while wildlife are trying to cross the area. >> reporter: it is a serpentine
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section of roadway as you head north toward san jose. mountain lions, dears, foxes and raccoons are usually too slow to beat oncoming traffic and are hit and killed. >> it is an area where there are a lot of -- not a lot of people around. they like to go where there are no people. they are following the water in the force. >> caltrans plans to build an under crossing under 50 feet of highway so animals can safely get from one of the highway to the other. experts say it would prevent collisions and the associated costs in dollars and sometimes lives. >> it is better than a tunnel for wildlife because it is wider and taller. they don't like to go into a dark alley. they want to go into a well lit street. >> reporter: 460 acres of land has been acquired so that caltrans can build it right about here. the cost will be about $12
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million. a second animal crossing is planned for highway 17 on the santa clara side near lexington reservoir. >> we feel like this is an important project to work towards solving this issue. >> reporter: $6 million is already been raised for the project, with another $3 million contributed from private donors. it would come from measure b, the transportation tax that passed last november. caltrans estimates two years for the under crossing in another six months to award bids. construction is aimed at making 17 safer and could be beginning in 2020. an immigration policy that affects thousands of young people will go before an appeals court today in san francisco. details of how the trump administration is going after the daca program. a suspect is in custody
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following a deadly stabbing at sonoma state university. details on the suspect and why investigators believe it was not an active -- random act of violence.
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later today, the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco will hear arguments over president trump's decision to end the daca program, which
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the protection for young people could be at risk. parents are accused of abusing their 10 children. the chargers says parents face in reaction from the mother. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2". it is tuesday, may 15. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson is here talking about how cool it is. >> it is already a massive fog bank that is already in place. it will slowly retreat for some, but very few 70s. even while inland will be close to 70 degrees and not much warmer than that. everyone else to the west will be in the 50s and


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