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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 15, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the protection for young people could be at risk. parents are accused of abusing their 10 children. the chargers says parents face in reaction from the mother. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2". it is tuesday, may 15. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson is here talking about how cool it is. >> it is already a massive fog bank that is already in place. it will slowly retreat for some, but very few 70s. even while inland will be close to 70 degrees and not much warmer than that. everyone else to the west will be in the 50s and 60s.
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temperatures even cooler than monday, coming down a few degrees for everybody. we will probably level off today and then we will have a gradual warm-up. it is still average until friday or saturday. as this comes in, it will push the fog in line and bump this one low out of nevada out of the picture but not before another round of big time thunderstorms over the mountains yesterday. the next low will probably do the same thing, if not today, likely tomorrow. gusts up to 30 miles per hour, 50 on many of the temps around the bay. around noon this low will begin to make its journey toward us. it will keep 50s and 60s on the high side. let's go to sal castendo. >> we have slowed traffic an earlier accident happened on the altamont pass. we will start right before the altamont pass near 580 in grant line road. it is gone but it is still
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slow. 205 is getting into the act was slowed traffic well before mountain house parkway. as you drive to livermore and dublin, it is slower but not too bad. i have noticed all the slow traffic on 880 south right after 238. there is stop and go traffic already heading into hayward. we look at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges, they look good. here on 880 in oakland, traffic is moving along nicely. there are no problems at the bay bridge. no reports of any injuries or serious damage, but an earthquake rolled through the bay area last night. >> it was a magnitude 3.5
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earthquake centered in the oakland hills. it was felt from santa cruz to santa rosa. it is classified as a minor quake, but it certainly caught the attention of many people. ktvu was talking to people at an oakland restaurant after the quake hit. most said they felt it but it took them a second or two to figure out what was happening and figure out if they were in danger or not. it was like a wave. it was like a little wave that came through but then i realized there was a brick wall behind me. >> it was a rough shake and then it stopped. it felt like someone was running past us, like a group of people ran past. >> the local transit agencies stopped their service to make sure it was safe to continue operating. bart and others say they found
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no damage. everything was up and running again in about 10 minutes. in fairfield, the parents of 10 children are facing serious charges after police say the family was living in squalor and the children suffered from burns another injuries. >> 29-year-old johnathan allen is being held on seven charges of torture and nine counts of felony child abuse. the children's mother, 39-year- old ina rogers is facing charges of child neglect. she says she strongly denies the charges. >> reporter: fairfield police say 10 children, ranging in age from four months to 12 years old were living in horrible living conditions in this four bedroom home. the case began when a 12-year- old boy went missing. officers found him and returned him home. they decided to search the residence and found nine more children inside. >> while inside, officers located unsafe and unsanitary living conditions, including garbage and spoiled food on the floor.
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there was animal and human feces and a large amount of debris. >> reporter: this was video from inside the home after the mother allowed to reporters inside. the mother, 39-year-old ina rogers, was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment in march. the kids were taken into protective custody and are with relatives. ina rogers told me her son left the home because he was upset about having to do a new tour. she says investigators have it all wrong. >> these allegations are absolutely incorrect. it is unfair. their whole idea of us is wrong. me and my husband are doing what we have to do. i have 11 kids. i work in the medical field. i don't accept any type of help for them. it is just me and my husband. we have a beautiful family. >> reporter: the police, the da's office and child welfare officials launched an investigation and determined the children had suffered severe emotional and physical abuse. >> the children describe intentional abuse worst -- describing puncture wounds, bruising and injuries
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consistent being shot with a pellet gun or an air soft gun. >> officers returned and arrested the father, 29-year- old johnathan allen on suspicion of felony torture and child abuse. he was in court monday but did not enter a plea. >> my husband is an amazing person. i am an amazing mother. i will not allow us to be broken. >> they were always nice to us. there was nothing that we saw that was suspicious that would make us think that. >> reporter: this man is johnathan allen's younger brother. >> it is crazy all these false accusations, that they went so far. we want to get justice for jonathan, of course and get him out. >> reporter: the fathers bail was increased to more than $5 million. he did not want to talk to reporters. the mother could face additional charges. later today, the trump administration will make its case in san francisco, trying to end the policy that protects hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from being deported. the 9th circuit court of appeals will be the first
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federal appeals court to hear arguments about the president's decision to phase out daca. that program protects about 700,000 people who were brought to the u.s. illegally as children, or they came with families that overstayed their visas. today's hearing is set for 1 pm . many expect this will eventually be decided by the u. s. supreme court. later this morning, san francisco's marion police chief will address staffing shortages at the police department. mayor mark farrell and the chief are expected to announce an investment of more than $34 million. they want to add to 150 officers over the next four years. there are approximately 1900 full duty employees working for the police department. the investigation goes on into the botched billion-dollar cleanup of the former hunters point naval shipyard. there were some tense moments yesterday. the san francisco board of supervisors held its first hearing on this. the environmental engineering firm, tetra tech, is accused of faking soil samples. it is some to the city's largest redevelopment program. a lawyer was there from tetra
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tech at the hearing, but the board pointed out they asked for an environmental engineer from the company, not a corporate lawyer. >> i want to be allowed to make a presentation. >> no. am not going to waste our time with this. >> tetra tech lanes the environmental scandal on what he calls rogue individuals. the company also says they stand behind the work they have done to clean up radioactive material at hunters point. san francisco police have arrested a suspect in relation to the attempted kidnapping of a baby. diamond harris is accused of taking a baby from a stroller when a young mother was pushing her two-month-old daughter in a stroller downtown. police tell us witnesses saw a woman matching the description of diamond harris walking in the opposite direction after trying to take the little girl out of the stroller.
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the witnesses stepped in an the suspect ran off. police located harris and she now faces felony kidnapping charges. oakland police say a stray bullet critically injured a man driving in east oakland yesterday afternoon. he was driving a black suv near bancroft when he was hit by that bullet. police do not believe he was the intended target. they think the stray shop may have been fired by someone involved in a dispute with someone else. no other injuries were reported. the investigation continues. police say the two young men involved in a deadly stabbing at sonoma state university knew each other but were not students. 19-year-old tyler bratton of santa rosa is being held without bail on one charge of murder. police were called to the dormitory, the freshman housing on campus early sunday night. investigators say the victim is a 26-year-old man from sonoma county but they are not releasing his name until his family is notified. petaluma police have taken over the case.
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investigators say the two men were visiting a woman who lives in the dorm. witnesses who saw tyler bratton leaving the dorm caring a knife told us he said he had been attacked. >> he dropped the knife on the ground. they said don't touch it. he said, this is my knife. they asked for it they can have it. i was defending myself. he kept saying, i did what i had to do. i was defending myself. >> the university president says counselors will be available to help students cope with the incident all week. this is finals week at sonoma state. the first lady has a health scare. the first condition -- the first lady's condition after she had surgery. the palestinian death toll continues to rise after the united states moves the u. s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem.
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i am doug luzader in washington and will have more coming up. here is a look at the traffic for you if you are driving to oakland from walnut creek. it looks pretty good so far all the way to lafayette. the weather looks pretty good if you like fog and low clouds. there is plenty to go around. everybody is cloudy this morning and we have an onshore wind. we will look at temperature's coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2" . first lady melania
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trump is still in the hospital recovering from surgery to treat a kidney condition. the white house says her kidney problem is benign but needed medical attention. she is expected to stay at medical center walter reed for the remainder of the week. president trump visited her and tweeted she is in good students. -- good spirits. there is more violence in gaza following the u. s. embassy moving to jerusalem. >> doug luzader is joining us live from washington to sort it out. >> reporter: it clearly was a provocative moves and raises questions about the role the united states will play in the overall middle east peace process and whether the prospects for peace are now better or worse. >> reporter: the violence in gaza continues as israeli forces have responded with airstrikes. the anger is driven at least in
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part by yesterday's ceremony to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, a city palestinians claim as their own. >> it has been a long time coming. >> reporter: president trump sent a video message hailing the decision. >> they are trying to bury the two state resolution and replace it with a one state student -- a one state system. it will not succeed. >> reporter: after this, can the united states now turn around and laid out peace process? >> the peace process was already dead, frankly. even before trump arrived in washington. it is very difficult now to see any real hope for trying to revive an american-led peace process. >> reporter: from the white house perspective, the midi at least's letter -- the middle east is littered with one failed attempt after another. >> i think we will see trump
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engage seriously on a palestinian peace process. >> reporter: the question is when. the only thing the white house would say is that a peace plan would come out at the appropriate time. >> we hear the comments and see the pictures, do we know at the trump administration has any plans for de-escalating the violence? >> reporter: well, it is a question of what you would do, i suppose, to de-escalate the violence. we are seeing the standoffs happening between the israeli defense forces and these individuals in gaza, for instance, as well as the west bank. it is not clear what it will take for this violence to eventually level off. this may continue for several days. let's check in with sal castendo. hopefully we don't have any big problems for the commute. >> we are looking at the gilroy
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commute. we have traffic that is getting busier. it is not stop and go as you drive from gilroy into san jose through the morgan hill area. it looks good. we have been looking around and we don't see a lot going on, which is nice. on the peninsula, it looks good. this is 280 in san jose right now. you can see there is plenty of room for your. we are checking in with the bay bridge toll plaza. we don't have a big crowd just yet. sometimes at this point the metering lights are already on. it looks like it might be later before that happens. there is some wind on the flags, but it is hard to tell which way it is coming from. >> it is west-southwest. it is fresh. if you're heading out to the reds and the giants tonight, i would expect candlestick kind of weather. i would bundle up. 56, cloudy and cool with a
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possible drizzle. a west wind at 20 miles per hour. we have a lot of low clouds in place. that is a big fog bank that has decided to park itself. it is very cool for us for mid- may. 50s and 60s on many the temps. 50 to 55, 58 to 70 today with low clouds, fog or sun. there will be a westerly component. this system is marching towards us. big time thunderstorms from that low in nevada over the sierra yesterday. the main focus is over the central sierra. this next system will do the same thing, probably not today. they might fire up later this afternoon, but more likely tomorrow. it is west-southwest all the way from the coast out to the delta. we have gusts to around 30 out of travis. 50s for the temps. they will not move at all.
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50s for the low, santa cruz mountains, 53 in santa cruz, 54 in campbell, 30s in the mountains, 52 in ukiah and sacramento. i would think it would disrupt the fog bank, there is not much left to support it after he gets here tonight and tomorrow. cloudy and:the upper 60s for some. inland could see very low 70s. antioch in brentwood should be closer to 80. they are 10 below. 60s for almost everybody on the temps. it looks about the same on wednesday. it is slightly warmer as we get to friday and saturday but another low comes in from a cool down. it is 5:19 am. the alleged golden state killer is back in court. how his appearance was different . with the family and friends of crime victim said about that hearing. a bay area police force is trying to be more transparent. the number of body cameras approved for some local officers.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". 72-year-old joseph deangelo, the man accused of being the golden state killer was in court yesterday. the courtroom was packed with reporters but no cameras were allowed. unlike earlier court appearances, joseph deangelo was not in a wheelchair. he walked into court on his
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own. he is accused of killing at least 12 people in committing more than 40 rapes throughout california in the 1970s and 80s. several family members and friends of victims were at the hearing. >> after 40 years, i never thought this would be solved. it has always been something we didn't think would happen. the pictures are the ones that have been in my house since i was a little girl. it has been unreal. >> the lawyer for joseph deangelo has asked for more time to respond to a motion by the news media to unseal search warrants in the case. he is due back in court on may 29. facebook says it is suspending about 200 apps that may have misused data. facebook did not identify them,
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but they say whenever it finds evidence of ms. used data, apps will be banned from facebook. this comes after the cambridge analytica privacy scandal. that company allegedly obtained data from 87 million users without their consent through a third-party facebook app. >> protests continue over the deadly shooting of a man by a bar police officer outside the west oakland bart station. family members and activists say the bart officer involved should not be considered a four -- for promotion with bar police after he killed a man on january 3. they are also demanding that alameda prosecutors file criminal charges. the police officer says he reported to reports of shots fired and found two men arguing over again. >> the family shows -- says deadly force was not justified. >> we are asking for the officer to be charged for the murder of my son. we are asking that it be done in a speedy time. >> oakland police are leading the investigation. they say the suspect was armed and he ignored the bart police officers commands before he was
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shot. the palo alto city council approved purchasing 50 body cameras for their police officers. the city council approved spending $110,000 to purchase 50 cameras after a six-month trial period after trying out 10 body cameras. they will be used with the five cameras already installed in palo alto police cars to give a 360 degree view. a san jose city councilman was to put homeless people to work cleaning up a cluttered and dirty roadway. the proposal by councilman sergio gimenez calls for hiring the homeless to remove the debris piling up on a part of monterey road in san jose. he hopes to get $60,000 in city funding and dispatch the workers to clean up that street two or three times a week. he says urban blight is a big problem in san jose. >> i wish we could say we
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tackled it, but it has been going on for several years. they used to go down monterey road and clean up a certain area but i think that contract went away. we are reaching out to figure out if we can get downtown streets teams to clean up several times a week along certain parts of monterey road. >> the councilman says he hopes to have the homeless people hired in cleaning up by the middle of summer. the controversial candidate for santa clara county supervisor is being scrutinized by his peers. we will tell you more about accusations against councilman dominic caserta for inappropriate behavior. another new volcanic vents has opened up on the big island of hawaii. still ahead, the eruption's coming out of that vent captured on camera. the traffic at the maccarthur maze doesn't look bad if you're driving around the corner to the bay bridge.
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we will tell you more about the morning commute when we come back. we have low clouds making it out to the delta. it will be a cold day for me 15. we will show you those temperatures coming up.
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♪ >> angel in a centerfold. the j guiles band. i will just let him sing for a
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minute. that is your beauty shot looking across oakland in the bay area. you can see the sky and enjoy the view. it is a great way to wake up with a little music. there is the bay bridge. welcome back and thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2". it is tuesday, may 15. i am dave clark. pam cook will be here in a moment. steve paulson is already here to tell you how you should get dressed to get ready. >> i would look wear layers. -- i would wear layers. if you were at the game last night or watched it on tv, you saw a lot of low clouds. i don't see any change in that. 50s and 60s and maybe a little drizzle falling later. there is a lot of low clouds already in place. we are cooler in santa rosa. downtown was 63, the airport was 68. down two for redwood city.
5:31 am
this is on its way and coming right over us. as it does, it will kick this low out which will fire off big time thunderstorms. the next low will take its place and it is giving us a fresh, robust delta wind. 50s for temps and it will not change much because we are already overcast. we will be in the 50s and 60s for temperatures. we are looking at solano county. we will see traffic getting busier. we don't have a lot of slow traffic but we do have a minor
5:32 am
accident reported westbound 80 at the 680 interchange. we have more slowing on 37 as you leave vallejo heading over to pittsburg county. on the maccarthur maze -- the carquinez bridge, it is getting crowded. the bay bridge got crowded quickly and it looks like the metering lights are on. traffic is backed up all the way to the 880 over crossing. let's go back to the desk. we are three weeks away from election day. the candidates for mayor of san francisco debated at the commonwealth club. some of the candidates are teaming up. >> because of ranked choice voting, some candidates are publicly announcing who they are encouraging voters to choose for second or third. >> reporter: the commonwealth club featured seven candidates, london breed is the front runner in a poll last month. he answered questions about housing. >> i am proposing we build more housing faster at underutilized sites all over the city.
5:33 am
>> reporter: jane kim and mark leno are running a close second and third with similar policies. >> i would've had a difference of opinion on the twitter text break -- twitter tax break. we should have had better benefits. >> reporter: jane kim says she has more local experience at city hall. >> i want to continue the work we have done to make city college free for all of our residents and child care affordable for every single family. >> we have to get full force staffing of our police officers. we have 1600 police officers presently. we will have 600 less because of people retiring in june and full for staffing is 2200. >> reporter: three under candidates, conservative, a progressive and a housing advocate say they are ready for voters to have more options. >> we have a left government right now. we have for many years. my job will bring back centrist
5:34 am
policies. >> it would take a miracle for me to become mayor. i believe in miracles and i want to make them happen for san francisco. >> i have been crying out loud for government change. now is the time. >> reporter: each candidate was asked to name their endorsement for second choice. >> my number two choice is supervisor jane kim. >> my number two choice is london breed and my third. >> weiss, kim and leno. >> i am not endorsing number two. my second choice is richard greenberg and angela alioto. >> i have no number one -- number two and number three. >> reporter: richie greenberg told me that london breed campaign had approached the republican central committee asking them for their second choice endorsement. they declined.
5:35 am
a candidate for the santa clara board of supervisors is speaking out about an apparent arrow in the voter guide. jason baker is one of seven candidates running for singleseat on the board. he says it could cost him precious votes. in his official candidate statement, baker explained he has been a former mayor, santa clara university graduate and former firefighter. he was recently shocked to learn that none of that information made it into the voter guide. >> i felt really disappointed. this is a hard thing to get your information out to voters. i think a lot of voters rely on this voter information pamphlet more than any other document. >> the registrar's office blames the omission on an administration era. overnight there was more violence in gaza as israeli forces launched airstrikes retaliating for palestinian protests over the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. more than 50 palestinians were killed by israeli fire. the white house is blaming
5:36 am
palestinians for the violence. >> the responsibility for these tragic deaths rest squarely with hamas. israel has the right to defend itself. >> they are trying to berry the two state system and replace it with the one state system, which will not succeed. >> the trump administration says moving the american embassy to jerusalem will help move the middle east peace process forward. the controversy continues to grow involving a candidate in the santa clara supervisors race. the number of sexual misconduct complaints against dominic caserta has more than doubled since last week.
5:37 am
nine women have filed police reports against the santa clara city councilman accusing him of unwanted in advances, including a campaign worker who said dominic caserta touched her legs and gave her unwanted shoulder massages. he is not responded to the latest allegations but told us last week here at ktvu news he denied the initial charges. the mayor of santa clara is calling for dominic caserta to resign. >> it will not be tolerated and it will not go away. the best thing he can do for our community is to resign and maybe the victims can start, you know, healing and the community can start healing from this terrible shock. >> the mayor says dominic caserta will be given the opportunity to defend himself at tonight's city council meeting. california may require employers to keep records of sexual misconduct complaints. the assembly passed a bill that requires employees -- employers with at least 50 employees to keep records of sexual misconduct complaints for at least 10 years. those records could also be used as evidence in lawsuits or complaints related to sexual misconduct.
5:38 am
the state chamber of commerce argues those requirements would be a burden on employers. they want that bill to be amended. this is new video of eruptions from new fissures continuing to erupt on the big island of hawaii. the gas and steam is escaping from the vents. some the lava is being propelled 500 feet into the air. scientists are concerned that the kilauea eruptions could intensify and sent huge boulders in the air. 2000 people have been evacuated. the lava has destroyed 26 homes. an 11-year-old girl is in the hospital in oakland after being shot sunday afternoon. the east bay times says the girl come along with a woman,
5:39 am
was hurt during a drive-by shooting in west oakland. the woman was grazed by a bullet. police say there was an argument in that area that may have resulted in that shooting. no arrests have been made yet. there is a $10,000 reward offered for information related to the shooting. search teams in the sierra found the body of a man from richmond reported missing two months of -- two months ago. you been skiing on march 14 but never return to his cabin. yesterday morning sheriff deputies located his body in a remote area of the ski resort with the help of specially trained dogs. blizzard-like conditions had slowed down search efforts for the first few days after he disappeared. we have breaking news in san jose. police are investigating a double shooting that left one man dead and another in the hospital. it happened in the oak grove neighborhood on blossom hill road near snell avenue around 1:10 am. the second victim suffered non- life threatening injuries. the police are still looking for information about a suspect or a possible motive in the
5:40 am
shooting. a horrific case of alleged child abuse. we hear from the mother of 10 children found living inside a filthy home. new alerts for one of the biggest events in the bay area. we will tell you how you can get updates on "bay to breakers" straight to your cell phone. we can see that traffic on bay area bridges is moving well heading out to the high-rise. we will tell you more about the morning commute when we come back.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". san francisco city officials are doing something different for this year's "bay to breakers" race. they are asking runners and spectators to sign up for emergency text alerts, so they can receive information about the event. participants can text the phrase "b2b" to 88877. about
5:43 am
40,000 people are expected to take part of the 12 k foot race set for sunday at 8 am. did you see the warriors? they beat the houston rockets 119-106. now they leave their western conference finals 1-0. >> they have a six point lead for golden state. >> he dunks. >> the game was tied at halftime but the warriors pulled away in the third. klay thompson did that. he had 28 points, including six three-pointers. kevin durrant led all the warriors with 37 points. >> you know how we play. we went to the ball moving. obviously, kevin is the ultimate luxury because a plate can break down and you just throw him the ball. he can get you a bucket as well as anybody on earth.
5:44 am
>> even steph curry was watching. the warriors are off today. came to is tomorrow night. later this morning, ktvu's joe fonzi, who is in houston, will join us live. we will talk more about the warriors big win. there were special fans at last night's giants game. it was rugby day at the giants game. that included that barge off mccovey cove with people playing on the barge. it was to promote the first rugby sevens world cup being played in july at at&t park. that is a growing sport.  more kids are playing rugby. >> it is a contact sport. >> i think you, pam, steve, we should all go out and play some rugby. >> golf is more my speed. >> yes, i agree. maybe if you are younger,
5:45 am
you can do that rugby stuff. let's look at the tracy commute, 580. we have a lot of slow traffic. also want to apply. it is crowded and it has been slow. we have earlier problems that i am not sure if they affected the commute so much, it is a lot of people coming through. we have slowed traffic in the castro valley area, as well, including 238 and 880. we are looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. that commute looks okay. southbound 101 in redwood city they are clearing an accident. we can go to 880 in oakland and traffic is overall okay in oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a 10 to 15 minute delay. let's go to steve paulson. >> we have a lot of low clouds. it will be a very cold tuesday
5:46 am
if you're heading out to the giants game tonight. it will be similar to what you had last night. it was cool and 56 degrees with drizzle. it is a candlestick kind of forecast. there are a lot of low clouds in place. they make it all the way out to travis, which tells us that is a big push. it is a cool mid day forecast. 50s, 60s to near 70 degrees. i feel better now. that was smooth. we have the morning overcast and mostly cloudy. there is an onshore wind and fog for some with a westerly component. i just tweeted this out. if one believes a 16 day forecast from your friend of mine, the gfs forecast model, from truckee to south lake tahoe, keep an eye on tahoe. watch that. 3 inches plus of rain from thunderstorms. 3 to did you four -- 3 to 4 inches. they were just booming over the
5:47 am
mountains yesterday. they had some high elevation snow. when system goes out and then we get a low kicker. that is the next low coming in. mendocino county could be in the window, probably on the edge of it as we head toward tomorrow. we have a westerly wind all the way out to the delta. i saw one forecast high for stockton of 72. they will probably come in around 75. that is amazingly cool for them. 50s for a lot of temps. there goes the low in nevada on its way to salt lake city. this system will swing in. that continues to give us a lot of low clouds. water temperatures are very cool. inland temperatures are dropping. the support for the inversion
5:48 am
is getting wiped out. that leads one to believe that the clouds will max out today with 60s to near 70 for many. 50s on the coast but not average, maybe sporadic but another cool down on sunday into monday. >> i have been to yosemite in may. you could have snow. >> it looks like for the mountains, a lot of thunderstorm activity for the next week or two. we are also following breaking news in san jose, where a home is on fire. >> it is a two alarm fire near east st. james. >> reporter: we just talked to a fire captain who said it started at 4:45 am. it has been knocked down. they are in salvage mode right now. they said the great news is that it did not too bad, it was mostly in the back of this two- story victorian style home.
5:49 am
they do not have a cause yet, but their main concern when they arrived was the visible flames. they were concerned because these victorian homes are very old. they thought that the fire could spread very quickly if it got inside and go right through the attic. they were focusing on trying to get it out as quickly as possible. they wanted to prevent it from spreading to the other houses. they are pretty close to other properties. there were three people, one single-family in this home. they all managed to get out before firefighters arrived. luckily, there were no injuries. three people are displaced tonight. the red cross was called in this morning. they will be helping with temporary housing. luckily, there were no injuries. they are in salvage mode, making sure there are no hotspots. the back deck has been compromised. there is a danger of more that structure collapsing. as soon as it becomes daylight, they will start the investigation to find the
5:50 am
cause. the new tax on big business. more on how one city is planning to use the revenue to fight homelessness.
5:51 am
5:52 am
seattle approved a controversial tax on big businesses, like amazon and
5:53 am
starbucks to help fight homelessness. the seattle city council unanimously back to plan that will cost big businesses $275 per year for each full-time employee. that tax will begin next year. it will raise about $45 million a year. they want to pay for affordable housing and homeless services. critics say the tax could threaten seattle's booming economy and driveaway jobs. a surprising new report from australia is suggesting that the 2014 malaysia airlines flight 370 crash was a pilot suicide. 60 minutes australia brought together an internal -- international team of aviation experts. they called the crash a criminal act and said the suicidal pilot cut all communication systems while dipping in in out of malaysian anti-airspace. the panel also says all 239
5:54 am
people on board the jet were probably unconscious before the plane slammed into the indian ocean because of the sudden depressurization. a new report from a number of drunk driving arrests have gone down in many cities since uber and lyft began their operations. the studies were conducted by uc davis and the research firm, third digital world. they looked at dui arrests in the two years before the ride- share services began. they compare that to the two years after. in san jose, arrests went down 28%. in the san francisco and oakland areas, they were down 14%. the group, mothers against drunk driving, says this particular report is misleading. >> drunk driving deaths have actually gone up nationwide for
5:55 am
the last two years. >> duis are still a problem. it will always be a problem when people think they are better than what they are. that is what alcohol does. >> according to the report, avoiding drinking and driving is the second-leading reason people use ride-share services. the main reason? avoiding parking hazardous areas. las vegas had the biggest drop in dui arrests, almost 40%. the ceo of tesla, elon musk, is firing back after a crash involving a model s. the driver admitted she was looking at her phone and had her car on autopilot when she had a stopped firetruck at an intersection. one person we spoke to said drivers are misusing the autopilot mode. elon musk says he is frustrated tens of thousands of crashes happen every year but they get little coverage. a tesla crashes and they make headlines.
5:56 am
less than a week until the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. now we are hearing the bride's father will not be at the wedding. thomas markel says he decided against going. he says he doesn't want to cause his daughter anymore embarrassment. this comes days after thomas markel was reportedly paid by the paparazzi to pose in stage photos of himself preparing for the wedding. he also said he had a heart attack just six days ago. the new poll is out on america's favorite coffee brand. it may just surprise you that a doughnut shop sold -- stole the top spot. according to the harris poll, krispy kreme tops the list for the best coffee chain in the u. s., beating out starbucks and dunkin' donuts. 77,000 people took part in the poll, which was based on familiarity, quality and purchase consideration. i wonder if having a little doughnut with the coffee influenced their decision on how good it tastes. go do some research. still ahead, increasing the
5:57 am
size of san francisco's police force. we have details of the new investment from city hall that will help get hundreds of new officers trained. >> more on last night's east bay earthquake. it was felt throughout the bay area. things are getting busy out there as you are driving on the bridges or out to the peninsula. we will let you know what it is like to get there this morning. an extensive fog bank is in place. we will have cold temperatures for this tuesday. the low clouds are making a big surge east. the temperatures will be below average. i will show you those coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
fire crews quickly knocked down a fire before it spread to an old home, we have the latest details coming up. see the garbage and spoiled food on the floor, animal and human feces and a large amount of debris. >> reporter: a father accused of torture and spoiled abuse, height of child abuse we have the latest on children rescued from a bay area home. this is ktvu mornings on fox2. let's get you moving this morning, we knew about your weather.
6:00 am
>> i'll do my best. if you're going to the giants game tonight i would very much suggest you bundle up, it's going to be quite cool. as a low approach as it might help take away some of the clouds but it is in place now. unseasonably cool pattern for mid-may, the highest 50s and 60s for many with very low 70s, the source of the cooldown is that low coming and replacing that low which will get kicked out. we had thunderstorms over the sierra yesterday, mainly just south of south-central sierra but it's possible on the eastside today. and more will be in the forecaster about the mix next week or so. the delta breeze is alive and well. 50s on a lot of these temperatures, even a few 40s. 43 up and


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