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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i am pam cook three in washington. i will have more ahead. a deadly crash on interstate 880. the investigation continues this morning. we had the latest on what happened and how your morning commute may be affected. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, may 16. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. we have lots to talk about. northbound lanes of interstate 880 are still closed. a crash killed three people, including a small child. investigators are looking into how the crash started. we were just hearing from chp. alex savidge is on the scene. >> reporter: it was a horrific crash in fremont last night. we just got an update from the chp. we know the man who likely triggered last night's crash was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana.
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investigators are still at the scene continuing to piece together this crash and gather evidence in the northbound lanes of 880 right at the stevenson boulevard exit. as you can clearly see, all the northbound lanes remain closed at this point. this crash happened around 9:30 pm last night. a total of five cars were involved in this crash. there were three people pronounced dead at the scene. those three people were thrown from an suv. authorities say those who were killed were a woman, a teenager and a child, all of whom were riding in a cadillac escalade. other people who were in the vehicle were injured in the crash and taken to hospitals. four remain hospitalized this morning and they are children, as well. chp officers arrested the driver of a white toyota camry on suspicion of dui. according to the chp, witnesses reported seeing that white
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toyota camry speeding and driving recklessly just before the crash. this crash happened in the northbound lanes of interstate 880 at about 9:30 pm last night. a total of five cars were involved. three people were killed. all three of them were thrown from the cadillac escalade that is being removed right now. if we come back live, you can see the cadillac being removed from the scene. the chp is hoping to get at least the fast lane, the far left lane, of northbound 880 open to traffic sometime within the next half hour or so. they are beginning the process here of cleaning up some of the
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debris in the roadway as you can see from our live picture this morning. we are getting the sense that they may try to reopen more lanes coming up within the next hour or so. we will have to keep an eye on things. on the northbound lanes of interstate 880 remain shut down at the stevenson boulevard exit for the investigation into this deadly crash that left three people dead. >> we can see behind you extensive cleanup going on. thank you for that update. for more on the closure and the ways to get around this, let's check in with sal castendo. unfortunately, the southbound lanes, even though they are not closed, people may be slowing down past the scene to look at the activity. we do have a lot of activity in lanes. southbound traffic is opening you can get through. that has not been a significant slowdown. the lanes may reopen soon northbound. they have been closed since
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about 9:30 pm last night. we will keep an eye on that for you. some alternates include mission boulevard to 680. northbound, if you want to get on the freeway after stevenson, you should have no issues there. there has not been a big backed up at the closure. let's talk about some of the commutes. westbound 580 we have slowing, as well as 205 coming over to the altamont pass. once you make it through the pass, it looks good into livermore. eventually onto the freeway it looks good. this is 880 in oakland north and southbound. it is not a bad commute in front of oracle arena. let's go to steve paulson . >> we have a little bit of disruption over that fog bank because there is a low right over us. we have seen lightning strikes from the northern sierra to the sacramento valley yesterday. this is a new one coming right over us. chris says this is a good picture. i agree. this is the best may met --
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whether we have had. i don't see us hitting 80 or higher this month. i think we will go the rest of may with any warm weather. there could be few showers popping up later today north and east, close enough where i have to mention it. some locations will stay clear. that is not been the case the last two mornings. there will be a breeze out of the west-southwest. temperatures will stay below average but as the low moves in, it keeps us in a cool pattern. the activity erupts later this afternoon. some of that could be close to us as the low resides over the bay area today. 60s for a lot of temperatures, or low 70s. a suspected dui crash knocked out power to more than 2000 homes and businesses in nevada overnight. that happened about 9:30 pm in the area of redwood boulevard and the lawn avenue. police say the suspected drunk driver
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crashed into a power pole and knocked down live electrical wires. oakland is working to -- pg&e is working to restore power in the area. 240 customers were still without power recently. they expect power to be fully restored by 7 am. later today at the white house, president trump will host a one roundtable discussion about california and the centuries they policy. the white house invited about 15 california elected leaders in law enforcement officials from communities that are against sanctuary laws. the enclosed fresno county, stanislaus, orange and san diego counties. some of those areas have filed legal briefs supporting the trump administration's lawsuit to strike down california's
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sanctuary laws. the white house meeting is set for 12:15 pm our time. the trump administration and california are at odds over the daca program. the 9th circuit court of appeals, which is based in san francisco, heard the case yesterday. a justice department attorney explained why the trump administration wants to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. it protects 700,000. -- undocumented immigrants brought into the country illegally as children. a judge blocked the administration's decision to phase out daca. the ninth circuit court will issue a written decision at a later date. they expect daca will eventually be decided by the supreme court, which told the appellate court to proceed expeditiously with the case. the planned summit leader with -- summit meeting with north korea may be falling apart. north korea threatens to walk away from that summit with president trump in singapore. >> doug luzader has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: it may be that this thing was going along to smoothly. kim jong un seems to be having second thoughts about this summit. the summit itself is less than
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four weeks away. officially, at least, this is the reason north korea may be balking, continued military exercises between the u. s. and south koreans. will that actually disrupt talks between president trump and treated -- and kim jong un? it seemed to rock the state department on its heels. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. this news just came out. we need to verify it and get additional information. we are going forward and planning our meetings next month. >> we are seeing a little bit of saber rattling coming from pyongyang. >> reporter: some analysts say the north is trying to reassert itself and making it clear they will not unilaterally be denuclearize. if there is not a deal, the
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north's economy will continue to suffer. >> they are shooting themselves in the foot with this latest approach. they have far more to lose than the united states. >> reporter: on the other hand, with all the accolades for president trump over arranging the summit, this may be kim jong un recognizing that trump has something to lose. >> president trump has not directly said he hopes to win the nobel peace prize, but he has hinted he deserves recognition for this. that gives the north koreans some leverage. >> reporter: is this just an effort to get more leverage? maybe. north korea did cancel a high- level summit with south korea that was supposed to take place this week. >> was the state department caught off guard? where they surprised by this news collects >> reporter: i think they were. i think everyone has gone into this with a certain degree of skepticism because of everything that has happened in the past with north korea. it was surprising because everything seemed to be moving at pace here. >> we will seem.
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thank you. today, senate democrats are expected to make a last ditch effort to repeal changes to net neutrality rules. the rules prevent internet service providers from blocking or slowing traffic or charging for faster delivery of some content. the regulations are due to be replaced june 11 with rules democrats say give too much pride -- too much power to internet providers. a new measure backed by all 49 democrats and one republican is expected to pass in the senate, but it is not likely to be passed in the republican-led house. there is a new privacy controversy involving facebook. there is word the private information from more than 3 billion people who took a facebook personality quiz was published on a poorly protected website. the report in new scientist says the exposed data contained people's age, gender and relationship status. researchers found a username and password that granted access to the private information that can be found in less than a minute with a simple online search. can you go with me?
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the astronauts on the international space station are taking a spacewalk. these are live pictures way above the earth. the astronauts drew -- are expected to be outside the space station for just over six hours. they are doing some maintenance work on the space station. they are talking to each other right now. >> grab the angle from the handrail at 90 degrees. yes. >> you want to hand them a screwdriver or something? nasa says they will be conducting several improvements and upgrades to hardware and technology. these are live pictures on "mornings on 2" of a spacewalk from the international space station. >> that is incredible. it reminds me of working on something with my dad. he asked me for a toll and ,
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well that didn't go well. it looks like the san francisco race for mayor will be decided by the ranked-choice voting system. we will show you how that system works. right now, we have traffic coming around the macarthur maze heading out to the bay bridge toll plaza. we will keep an eye on the closure in fremont straight ahead. yesterday afternoon you had to grab a blanket. it was cool when i took my nap. 50s, 60s and 70s with another cool pattern but a different twist. i will have more in your wednesday forecast coming up.
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pictures on
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president trump's nominee to head the cia is facing a crucial vote today. the senate intelligence committee is expected to advance the of -- the nomination of gina hospital after five democrats said they would confirm her. it comes after she promised centers during a confirmation hearing she will not try to revive torture techniques that were banned if she was
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confirmed. the outcome of the full senate vote is less certain. republicans have a slim 51-49 majority. her participation in that torture program prompted republican senators rand paul and john mccain to say they won't vote for her. the sbi is investigating an explosion in orange county that killed a woman and injured three other people at a medical building. officially, the sheriff's office said it was too early to tell if it was delivered. sources say the explosion was intentional and it may have come from some type of package. the explosion blew out some of the walls and windows of that two story building. investigators have designated the building a crime scene. orange county bomb technicians and the fbi are among the agencies looking through the debris for more information. let's go right to sal castendo. we have lots to talk about, including northbound 880. >> it looks like they are making progress on the overnight closure of add northbound between automall and stevenson, the site of a deadly crash. it looks as if they are getting ready to open up the lanes. you can see southbound, which is the far part of the picture is open. northbound is still closed. southbound traffic is getting by.
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there are no cars coming through. chp could be ready to do the opening, it looks like they might be ready to do one last- minute check to make sure everything is out of the lanes and then they will bring traffic in. as you know, this was a deadly crash that happened around 9:30 pm last evening. three people were killed and several others injured in a multivehicle crash. it looks like they have a little bit of work to do before they open up the lanes. let me put it on the map for you. it is northbound 880 between automall and stevenson. that is closed. southbound is open. let's talk about the gilroy to san jose super commute. it looks good into san jose. if you are driving in from gilroy to morgan hill, looks good all the way into the valley and into the west valley, as
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well. it is a nice looking dry. this is 280. it looks like they are holding traffic on 280 southbound for some reason. southbound 280, it looks like the traffic is being held up. i do not know exactly what is going on. they could be holding it up to clear something from the lanes. this is southbound to 80. i am reading it and it looks like they have some roadway flooding, which probably doesn't have anything to do with, i am just reading it. it says roadway flooding. it is peculiar to me. we will see what happens. we will watch it for you. let's bring in steve paulson. obviously, it doesn't have anything to do with weather. >> i don't see anything yet. >> we will figure it out. we have an upper low moving right over us. this thunderstorm activity was from the low that dropped in over the weekend. watch the lightning strikes. in the last frame, there is one near reno. things are firing up very early this morning. the fog has been chewed up a little bit and disruptive. clouds, sun and breezy with a few showers possible today.
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temperatures will be very cold for us. the last few mornings it has been overcast for just about everyone and then a slow burn off. the breezes not going anywhere. we have blustery conditions and higher gusts. the low that is coming in, it is moisture starved, but some of that moisture from the north is wrapping back into it. the days are much longer and you can have instability in may. i think the north and east bear watching. it will already develop rapidly in the sierra. 50s on the temps. there are some 40s in gilroy and the santa clara valley. boulder creek is 42. 54 in ukiah, 57 in truckee. there will be some big boomers
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and the mountains, just like yesterday. they will be hit and miss. a lot of that activity has moved northward from writing up to the oregon border. this will go on all day today and into tomorrow. we could have isolated showers, likely near mendocino county northward. napa and contra costa need to keep an eye on things. the sierra and the shasta will possibly see impressive totals over the next seven days. 50s, 60s with a break in the clouds. we should go up a few degrees but it is still below average for everybody. clouds on thursday, warmer friday into saturday and then another low comes in sunday into monday. temperatures will drop again and we could see rain monday and tuesday. tonight, the warriors play the houston rockets again in texas. how the warriors are getting ready for game two of the western conference finals. straight ahead, we have an updated on the mother and father from fairfield accused of abusing their 10 children. what the father told us coming
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up. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein to negotiate the price of drugs.
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we can now simulate the exact anatomyh care, of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". a medical center is investigating the cause of a systemwide computer outage at all 24 of its facilities. patients were affected for a second straight day. the problem is affecting internal communications and electronic health records. many surgeries and other procedures had to be canceled.
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california's attorney general will appeal the ruling that overturned california's right to die law. a judge in riverside county throughout the law yesterday, saying it violated the state constitution because of the way it was passed by the state legislature. it allows terminally ill patients to ask for lethal medications from their doctors. that law from 2016 was enacted in part because of brittany minard, a bay area woman who had a terminal illness. she moved to oregon so she could legally end her life there. her husband, dan diaz, told ktvu he is not giving up the fight to that law on the books. our question of the day is this. do you support assisted suicide laws for terminally ill patients? yes or no? let us know what you think. vote on the ktvu twitter page. you can also comment on our ktvu facebook page. an oakland woman said this
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mother's day was the worst day of her life. her 11-year-old daughter was shot. j-law henry was in the family car with her mother and five-year-old brother. they were going to spend mother's day with the children's grandmother and give her a mother's day card. police suspect the shooting was prompted by an earlier altercation between several women outside of a nearby liquor store. a short time later, a black suv pulled up next to the car that the family was in and someone started shooting at them. she says her first thoughts were to protect her brother. >> i grabbed him and put him under me. i got on the floor. they shot me. at first, i was scared. i wish thinking i was going to die. >> she is crying and waking up. she is having a hard time sleeping. it affected me all the way through.
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>> she is on pain medication and will need surgery to remove the bullet still in her leg. she says she doesn't know when the surgery will take place, but she is looking forward to having it over with so she can go back to school and see her friends and her teacher. the mother and their fairfield child abuse case is due in court later today. ina rogers is right now free on bail. prosecutors went to add felony charges against her and raise her bail to almost $500,000. her husband, johnathan allen, gave a tearful jailhouse interview yesterday. he says he does not belong in jail and that neither he or his wife abused their 10 children. johnathan allen is accusing the police of manipulative the children. >> except for being homeschooled, they have normal lives. i gave my everything to these children. by everything.
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let the police demonize me, they demonized me all the way down to the names i picked for my children. >> ktvu obtained court records where investigators accused the couple of punishing their children by burning them was called in water, shooting them with crossbows and bb guns, and even waterboarding them. a viral video in oakland has sparked outrage and members of the community. we will tell you about a rally that took place at lake merritt. a vacancy on the santa clara city council. the reason councilman dominic caserta stepped down.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is the middle the week, wednesday may 60. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. we are learning more about the horrific crash in fremont that killed three people. is still has all the lanes of interstate 880 northbound shutdown. >> it happened near stevenson boulevard and automall parkway. the chp hopes to reopen some of theirs northbound lanes assume. authorities are investigating what caused the crash, but witnesses say they saw a y toyota -- a white toyota camry speeding. we killed three people, a woman, a teenager and a small child. five other people, including four children were also hurt. investigators arrested the driver of the camera for being
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-- the camry for being under the influence of marijuana. >> the decisions that people make, the decision this person made to drive under the influence changed these people's lives forever. driving under the influence of marijuana is just as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol. >> the three people who were killed were all ejected from the car. they died at the scene. one of the children that was hurt is in critical condition this morning. let's go to sal castendo for the very latest on what is happening on interstate 880 and what is happening next. >> i want to update that northbound 880 is still closed. they hope to have it open by 5:30 am. they said they hope to have it open by 5:30 am. here it is 5:31 am and it is not opened yet. there is a lot of debris that
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has to be swept up. i think they're waiting for sweeper to come out and pick it up. that is the delay. other vehicles are gone. you can see in this live picture, on top it is southbound 880. that traffic is getting through. that is the commute direction where the large volume of traffic is driving from hayward through fremont and into the silicon valley. no cars are getting through northbound. everyone is taken off the freeway at automall parkway. there is a detour set up through fremont city streets. let's go to 280 in san jose. we have a peculiar situation where there was flooding in one of the outside lanes. they set up a flare pattern. it looks like there is not too much of a delay. at one point, they had the entire freeway shut down to that area. there is a little bit of a backup, but for the most part, it is a light commute in the south bay. let's talk about the vacaville- fairfield super commute.
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traffic is moving, between vacaville and fairfield. a little bit of traffic approaching the carquinez bridge, nothing major. heading toward pittsburg county, traffic on the carquinez bridge looks good. the metering lights have been switched on. let's go to steve paulson for today's weather. >> things are already popping in the sierra. we are partly cloudy skies here between truckee and virginia city. there are lightning strikes already developing. it will be an active day and the mountains or maybe here, as well. there is an upper low coming in. it is drawing in moisture from the yolo in nevada. that is what hit here last friday and saturday. it gave us a warm-up and went south and then we had filed. we have thunderstorm activity toward the sierra. a few showers are possible today. mainly northern sonoma county and eastern contra costa later.
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partly cloudy skies out there in the fog is getting wiped out because of the low coming in. there is nothing left to support it. we have partly cloudy skies but there will be rapid development on some of this cloud cover later today. 50s in a few 40s, redwood city you are close to that. if you are traveling east, keep an eye on this guy. this low is playing in for cooler pattern, 50s, 60s and low 70s. on tuesday, the santa clara city council will discuss filling a vacancy, following the resignation of dominic caserta. >> it was a no-show at last night's council meeting. his nameplate and picture were also removed. dominic caserta stepped down and suspended his campaign for county board of supervisors after allegations he assaulted or harassed nine women. his accusers include former students and a campaign
5:35 am
volunteer. >> sexual harassment is not a joke. it is not a misunderstanding. it is a crime. it needs to be taken seriously. >> he screamed at me and call me disgusting and despicable. he said i was one of his favorites but now was the lowest of the low in his eyes. >> dominic caserta is still a civics teacher at a high school. he says the allegations against me are false in every sense of the word, yet i have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion without due process. public safety unions and santa clara county members are calling for another candidate to withdraw because of sexual misconduct allegations against him. he responded with quote, these men wearing badges in these union boss lawyers know perfectly well there is no similarity to the former councilman from santa clara and
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does not warrant my resignation other than for the union's political gain. he went on to say he never touched anyone or made any sexual advances. public opinion polls show none of the eight candidates in the san francisco mayor's race has a majority. that means it may be decided by the right choice voting system. that system is confusing for many voters. the city's elections department has created a video showing you how to fill out your first, second and third choices. if no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, the ranked- choice voting system kicks in, which eliminates the candidate with the least votes. >> f-5 voter has eliminated a candidate on their voter card, they look to the second choice.
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>> those votes are added in and re-tabulated. the process continues until one of the candidates reaches a majority and wins. some critics say it is not fair because candidates can form alliances, as seen is the current race for mayor. supporters say it gives voters a chance to support several candidates and eliminates the cost of a runoff election. the mayor and police chief of san francisco want to budget $34 million more to boost public safety. they said that in front of cadets from two police academy classes. the money would be used to hire 250 more police officers and more money for new police cars and tasers. >> this will be more than just a deterrent to property crimes. they will be reassuring presences in our neighborhoods of san francisco. they will ensure people feel safe and secure in the community they live in here in san francisco. >> the money would also allow the police to promote more officers and create 20 new sergeants and new lieutenant jobs. the mayor plans to vet that budget plan to the board of supervisors on june 1. the san francisco board of supervisors is refusing to approve the mayor's nomination of two members of the city's police commission. they voted 6-4. sandra lee
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fewer voted no and said it was only three weeks before the election and it would be premature. the decision leaves the police commission with three sitting members which is not enough to hold meetings. a psychiatrist who treated sexual assault victims at travis air force base pleaded not guilty to rape charges. dr. heath summer worked at travis as a contract employee. he was immediately suspended when the allegations first came out in 2015. some of the alleged victims are active military personnel who suffer from ptsd as a result of previous sexual assaults. prosecutors claim dr. sommer persuaded the patients to have
5:39 am
sex with him and called it exposure therapy. the alleged abuses happened between 2010 and 2016. the da's office called dr. sommer's actions calculated abuse of power. a confrontation between two women at lake merritt over where a barbecue was set up led to a rally yesterday at oakland city hall. one of the women showed cell phone video after the other woman called 911. she was upset by two african- american men who set up a charcoal grill in an area of the park where the girls are not allowed. >> there is a charcoal grill in the park year. >> are you sure it is because you don't want black people being out here? >> millions of people have now seen the video on youtube. the rally was called grill your government. protesters say the big question is why emergency dispatchers are increasingly being called when people of color are involved in situations where no one's life is in danger. >> it is like weapon icing the police. when is it appropriate to call the police? how do we handle this in a
5:40 am
different way? maybe there are different services that could handle it. he met michelle schneider shot the video. she is married to one of the men confronted by the other woman. rebecca kaplan says the city needs to clarify and simplify its rules to reduce potential tensions. she is also asking people to reduce and not escalate tension. a popular beach in monterey county is off-limits because of possible contamination. county health department found high levels of bacteria contamination at levers point beach at pacific grove. officials say if you get in the water, you could become sick. they say the water could have been contaminated by animals, human activity or water in storm drains after recent rains . it was discovered in routine tests at the beach. the san francisco board of education may use a panel of experts to help change the names of some of the schools in
5:41 am
the city named after controversial, historical figures. the board may create a blue- ribbon panel of experts in fields like history, the arts or ethnic studies to investigate the appropriateness of school names. they will be holding public meetings before they make a name change to names that are recommended to the board. of the last three decades, more than 50 san francisco schools have been renamed to honor historical figures. the oakland city council has delayed a vote on a proposal that would give city funding to several job-training organizations.
5:42 am
according to the chronicle, the decision comes after the city attorney says the legislation could violate state and federal laws. the idea is to provide vocational training to oakland residents. under the proposal, organizations would receive from capital improvement projects, 5%. 5% from development service. the council is expected to discuss the issue again on june 5. making sure a music artist gets paid when you listen to their songs. the pending legislation in washington that could eliminate free streaming services. the warriors are looking to beat the rockets again. their outlook going into game two of the western conference finals. we have traffic issues out there. we have a commute in san jose downtown that might be affected by a broken water main. one of the ramps is closed in downtown san jose. we will tell you what is happening here coming up. an upper low is moving over the bay area that will give us partly cloudy skies. it is a good day for baseball. the reds and the giants, 62 degrees with a west wind.
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welcome back to "mornings
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on 2". the denver broncos general manager, john elway, is a latest executive to be questioned in the colin kaepernick collision case. according to kusa in denver, he was deposed at the broncos headquarters yesterday. kaepernick is trying to prove that the nfl discussed the plan to keep them off the nfl roster after his decision to protest social issues. other big names already questions include the cowboys owner, jerry jones, houston texans owner bob mcnair and pete carroll. and we talk about the warriors? >> please. >> they are in houston and will play the rockets in game two of the western conference finals. >> home-court advantage helped with a big win and now they are looking to return home with another big win. ktvu's joe fonzi has a look at help the team is preparing for tonight's game. >> there is no such thing as a
5:46 am
true off day when it comes to playoff basketball. less than 12 hours after an emotional win, the warriors were back on the practice court working on things to get better. they are looking at the fact they are happy they won game one of the series but there is still heavy lifting to do. >> i don't want to downplay it, but we are not satisfy. >> every game is a different opportunity. the score is 0-0. we have to do what we did in game one even better and be even sharper. we have to make some adjustments. >> i am sure they will come out with a lot of fight. it is the playoffs. it is the western conference finals. we had a great win and set a great tone for ourselves. now we have the opportunity to take advantage. >> reporter: even though the warriors headed their way in
5:47 am
game one, remember this. the houston rockets have the best record in the entire nba during the regular season. expect them to come out with a sense of desperation and tonight's game to. at the toyota center in houston, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. >> the warriors will try to take a commanding lead in the western conference finals tonight. came to against the rockets is at 6 pm. joe fonzi will be reporting life from houston -- live from houston all day from houston right here on fox 2. >> it starts earlier for us. we get to watch it. >> sal can stay up, too. >> that game was over about 8:20 pm. >> just in time to go to bed. >> which is about midnight for us. we still have some problems out there. i want to mention that traffic is going to be affected by a water main break in san jose. southbound 280 as you approach highway 87 is where it is. they have closed part of the ramp. it is not causing major traffic on the freeway anymore, but you cannot use that rate -- that
5:48 am
ramp. you have to go another way around. so far, it is not causing a huge traffic jam, but they do not know when it will reopen. the flare pattern is out there. we are looking at the commute on 880 north am. the lanes are still closed on northbound 880. let me double check that. northbound 880 as you come up on fremont, traffic looks -- let me see this -- it looks like the lanes are still closed. there picking up some of the debris and they should be opening the lanes pretty soon. it looks like they are still out there picking up debris. that looks like a caltrans worker there. we will let you know about it when they opened them up. i will put it up on the map. northbound ross mirkarimi -- 880 traffic is slow. from union city to fremont, it looks pretty good. let's talk about the altamont pass. we have had a crash at 205 at mountain house parkway. 205 coming from tracy is slow. slow traffic approaching the altar mark -- altamont pass. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic is backed up for a 10
5:49 am
minute delay. let's go to steve paulson for our weather. >> we had a little disruption of the low cloud deck but we have partly to mostly cloudy skies. the upper low is moving right over us. already, it is starting, it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with, but you will see some buildups. this is mainly for the mountains. there is already lightning strikes on north shore at 5:20 am. this looks pretty good for the mountain areas. i would think today northern sonoma, napa county into contra costa we have to keep an eye on things. most of it will be over shasta in this year. there are three different lows playing into the weather. they all came in from different directions. the last one will be here sunday and monday. that one gets into this one which is coming over us. that is helping to destabilize the atmosphere. lightning strikes already popping up on the north shore. things will be quite busy and
5:50 am
the mountains today. for us, a few showers are possible with a mix of clouds, sun, breezy and cold with a mix of 50s 60s and 70s. temperatures inland are so cool it cannot be supported. the forecast high for stockton was 72. ask anybody out there, that is really cool for them this time of year. the low meandering toward the valley over the next 24 hours and eventually into nevada. today it is setting the table. buildups. 40s and a few 50s for many. around the bay we have low 50s. oakland is 51, 52 and 53. mendocino county in lake county could fire up late morning and early afternoon from the slow coming in. that is keeping us on the cool side.
5:51 am
50s, 60s and low 70s on the temperatures. tomorrow we have another low moving east far enough that it will not be our problem. there is a lot of activity in the sierra. we have a warm-up friday and saturday and another low moves in sunday and monday of next week. >> we have possible rain. >> maybe even today, too. >> it is possible today? take an umbrella. target is pressuring companies like walmart and amazon. the new plans by target for making deliveries that is giving their competitive's -- competitors a run for their money. another big bear for another bay area city. the move to get rid of someone -- something almost every restaurant customer uses every day.
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5:54 am
welcome back. , 2018 and make it only for the bay area. stage for morgan hill. it be a 21 mile scenic route into the hills of san jose. that is back to morgan hill. this is the first time morgan hill has hosted any part of this race. is the 13th time san jose is been part of the race. today's stage begins at downtown morgan hill. it is at 12:45. amazon prime members will send get 10% off sale items at some food markets. the program began in florida today. it will extent to whole foods stores across the entire country this summer. amazon prime members can download the whole foods app to
5:55 am
get the deal. they went into the supermarket business last year when they acquired whole foods. target keeping the beat that make the heat on. target will cut is next day delivery fee in half for household items. it ranges from paper towels to peanut butter. they rolling out the service to shoppers all over the country. starting this week, customers buying those goods through targets restock service will pay a $2.99 delivery fee. instead of $4.99. san francisco is one step closer to converting his entire bus fleet to electric vehicles. the muni board has approved the deadline of 2035 to have only electric buses running. it could take that long for manufacturers to be able to produce enough electric buses and spare parts to make the plate practical. they would
5:56 am
take down the wires because they would not be needed. the time is 5:56. some places are considering a ban on straws. the band would allow will s allow restaurants to use recyclable plastic. most plastic straws end up in landfills or in the ocean through storm drains. coming up in our 6 am our, we continue to follow a deadly late-night crash in fremont still causing problems for the commute this morning. we will take you to the same for an update. we understand a man was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. also president trump versus california's sanctuary state
5:57 am
policy. the showdown today at the white house. many mayors and law-enforcement officials who were against such where he loss. an f for the rest of the commute, we have a couple of issues out there. traffic is getting a lot busier on some of the major roads. cooler than average temperatures are given. the last couple of days it has been low clouds. we have multiple layers building and today. it will be an active wednesday.
5:58 am
-- --
5:59 am
good morning. all northbound lanes of 880 still shut down in fremont at the thp continues to investigate a terrible crash. three people were killed, including a teenager and a child. coming up, we will tell you what we are learning about the man who was arrested in connection with this crash. this is ktvu mornings. good morning. thank you for joining us. i am pam cook. i'm dave clark. you heard alex. we are starting in fremont with the developing news. northbound lanes are still
6:00 am
closed. it is a deadly crash that killed three people, including a little child. >> investigators say one of the drivers in that crash was under the influence of marijuana. alex is there at the crash scene getting more information on what happened. alex? >> reporter: good morning. the chp says the man who likely triggered this deadly crash last night has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana. i want to show you the scene because there is still in and the -- still an active investigation. there is cleanup activity in the northbound lanes of interstate 880 at the stevenson boulevard exit. this is where the crash happened last night. all the northbound lanes the main close this morning. this is beginning to impact the morning commute. this crash involving five different cards happened at about 9:30 pm. the three people who were killed were all writing and white cadillac


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