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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 18, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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tomorrow's royal wedding. the announcement just a short time ago as to who will walk meghan markle down the aisle. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here on this friday morning. may 18. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. happy friday. steve paulson is your, too. he's right over here. >> okay here ? thank you, thank you, good morning to you too. -- two. upper low responsible for disrupting it. and low clouds have come back. so thunderstorms up in the sierra. that hasn't changed. everything is kind of stuck in a pattern. there goes that low in salt lake city. another system is approaching. it's on its way. that is widespread. another date of thunderstorms up and -- a day of thunderstorms up in the mountains. yesterday was about 12, 14 miles per hour. gusts of 30. rule of thumb, that's usually
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something cooler. 40s, 50s on the temps. almost all locations are getting some form of that low cloud deck. low 50s for others. not a huge difference on those temps. i don't think they'll change all that much. pretty quiet for us here. things will change. another system starting to move into the picture. it will influence this morning's sunday into monday. highs today, 50s, 60s by the water. mainly 70s in and. 4:01 on a friday morning. we made it to friday, as dave clark likes to say. >> beats the alternative. >> sure does. westbound 580, as you drive across the altamont pass, it is a little bit slow getting into the path. once you get onto the altamont pass, it looks good. from tracy, 205 is actually doing very well. if you want to get on the road early and beat that commute right now. it's a good time to do that.
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there have been no major problems as we look at the east bay. there is -- looks like westbound 580 approaching hwy. 13, there could be a little bit of road work that could slow you down. we will watch that for you. this is a look at interstate 880. you can see traffic your is moving along very nicely with no major issues. traffic continues to look pretty good. also, the morning commute is fine at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. you see traffic your. very -- here. very few cars. let's go back to the desk. we're following breaking news from florida this morning. a man was shot and wounded by police early this morning in the lobby of the trump national golf club. after exchanging gunfire with officers and shouting about president trump. >> the police are saying that shooter, draped in an american flag in the lobby of the golf club, was actively shooting. the police confronted that man.
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they fired several shots and then arrested him. that man is in the hospital now. he's being treated for gunshot wounds. >> confronted the subject immediately. upon arrival. and exchanged fire with him. subject was neutralized and taken into custody without further incident. >> one police officer was injured during the incident but not by gunfire. the motive of the shooter was not kill -- clear. they are not sure what he was shouting about the president. it's been the trump administration is expected to announce a proposal to ban family planning clinics that get federal funding from talking about an abortion with women or sharing another space with abortion providers. department of health and human services wants to bring back a role from the reagan era. critics call the policy a gag rule. it's expected to trigger lawsuits aimed at blocking it from taking effect. under president reagan, the
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rules never went into effect although the supreme court ruled it was an appropriate use of executive power. president clinton later rescinded that policy. 4:04. six women and -- in fremont have been robbed of their gold necklaces in just the past two weeks. >> one of those robberies was caught on surveillance video. ktvu's debora villalon reports police are hoping it will lead to an arrest. >> reporter: home surveillance captured this, a woman walking along when an oncoming man throws her to the ground and tears off her gold necklace. >> she was startled. she didn't know what to do. she got on the phone right away. she was trying to call her husband or something. >> disc couple wasn't home when it happened by police came later to scan through the video and found the images of the man with his phone to his ear as he approaches then attacks and runs away. >> just frightening that
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somebody would even do that. it's a shame that you can't even wear your gold jewelry in bod -- broad daylight.. another brutal incident. a woman pumping gas, trying to hold on to her necklace until she was dragged. the next day, a woman opened her door to someone who said they were answering an ad on facebook marketplace. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: it's not the first time the south asian community has been targeted for the gold they favor. >> it's expensive. so like indian people, it's very expensive. >> reporter: many are leaving their gold pieces at home >> earrings, no, it's not safe. >> reporter: you don't wear anything and more? >> no more. going to a party with my husband, family, but otherwise i'm not wearing the gold
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anymore. >> reporter: in this busy plaza, two people, a man and woman, teamed up to a woman's necklace as she left a grocery store. and two robberies targeted moms near their children public schools. here, the woman was pushed and held on as a crossing guard ran to help her. the couple providing a surveillance video hope it brings the callous robberies to and -- an end. >> you just don't want it to happen in your neighborhood. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco police have identified a suspect who they believe burglarized six businesses within eight weeks. investigators state when-year- old javon neil is already in custody. he was arrested after the most recent burglary. back on march 26 after he allegedly stole a laptop from a business on market street. police then linked him to five other burglaries across the city that took place from late
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january through march. time is now 4:06. san jose fire to premises yesterday's grass fire near the los gatos golf course was caused by illegal fireworks that 71 acre fire started just after 4 pm at tours road and s wesley. firefighters put it out just after 7 pm and no one was hurt. the fire department also sent out a tweet reminding people fireworks are dangerous and they are illegal. two firefighters in stockton were hurt. they were battling a fire that damaged at least 40 combs. it started just after 9 last night. outside of a mattress warehouse in downtown stockton. strong winds pushed the fire, causing the flames to spread in two directions. two firefighters were treated for minor injuries but no one else was hurt. they were able to get it under control in about two hours. the cause of the fire is under investigation. brothers in france say that -- were arrested. investigators say they were
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planning an attack using ricin or explosives. friends interior ministry says the brothers came to the attention of investigators who were trekking to extremist activity on social network the young men are of egyptian origin . he did not indicate their nationality or other details about where or when they were arrested. he did say the men had the tutorials on how to make poison using ricin. palo alto mother is waiting for the safe return of person who is being -- son who is being held in a jail in nepal. she says he was doing humanitarian work but was arrested in an misunderstanding. -- a misunderstanding. -- mary clings close to her phone after reading the last text from her only son that simply said, i love you. wolff price, a palo alto high
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school graduate, has devoted the past 12 years doing philanthropic work in nepal, helping oppressed women and children. this video from a documentary highlighted his work. >> heart is broken into 1 million people thinking about what he's going through. >> reporter: his son was breaking up a fight. the teen then started pounding his head on the ground. this is video right before his arrest, where you hear him call for police. >> he's beating a girl and hitting his head on the ground. >> reporter: janowski says the sister even told authorities her brother was lying. without a translator, police arrested him. 46 days later, he's still sitting in jail. >> i've learned since then that there are innocent people that are held for quite some time without any evidence.
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>> reporter: her sun is still awaiting charges, not tortured but living in horrible conditions and in a room with 100 men with no ventilation. >> it's not how to treat people like an animal. >> reporter: the u.s. department of state says mr. prices arrest, consular officers have visited him. we will continue to provide appropriate consular services. with no trial date set, his mother is concerned for his health hoping they'll be reunited soon. >> i'm desperate to get out, but i don't know when it will be. >> reporter: the mother tells me she's working with senator dianne feinstein's office. they tell me they cannot discuss this case due to privacy concerns. in palo alto, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. at this time tomorrow, it will be the start of the royal wedding of prince harry and american actress meghan markle we want to take you live there for a little peek here at
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windsor in england. >> i love it. >> yeah, it looks nice. decked out the castleberry nice. >> a little place. >> quite a few people out there. more than 100,000 people are expected to line the streets of windsor to catch a glance of the couple. it will be the carriage strolling through before the ceremony. >> in the meantime, there was another big announcement. kensington palace said that prince charles, prince harry's father, will walk meghan markle down the aisle. her father, just had last- minute heart surgery. he had a heart attack. he could not fly to the uk. a royal superfan counting down the hours until the royal wedding. >> i want them to come through those gates and then i want them to look at me and wave and smile. that will make it all worthwhile. >> later today, meghan markle and her mother are going to
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have tea with the queen. tonight, the couple will be saying -- staying in separate hotels just a couple miles away from each other. then they will come together, we -- reuniting inside st. george's chapel to say their ideas. -- i do's. >> amazing, everything. >> i'm sure. very exciting. i didn't realize there were royal superfan >> 4:12 is the time right now. we've been reporting about a disabled man in the east bay who had a specially equipped van stolen. the family has recovered the vehicle. we're going to have an update on that story when we come back. new revelations about the couple in fairfield accused of abusing their child -- 10 children. what we found out about this case and what that mother is telling reporters.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. oakland mayor libby schaaf and mayors from around the country are in washington, dc, today to announce a large private investment in affordable housing. more than a dozen mayors , ceo's, and officials from kaiser permanente are teaming up to fund affordable housing and homeless services. the group will also provide an update on its work to develop legislation that would increase federal investment in future
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projects. today's event is scheduled for 6 am pacific time. b.a.r.t. board member devon dusty says he will return to a problem bart station in san francisco this morning to try to prevent the sort of open drug use in the station that was caught on video. that footage was taken by a b.a.r.t. writer, shannon gafford it's gone viral. it shows people ingesting drugs are passed out in a quarter at the civic center station. the images disturbed and outraged dusty. he went to the station early yesterday morning to serve as a deterrent to people using the hallway to take drugs. the salvation army also sent outreach workers. >> that corridor can go from mary -- mayberry to chaos in about 10-15 minutes. it's something that we have to focus on. >> white right here? i know they have no other place to go. but not right here in the front of everybody. families walk by. children. >> reporter: -- >> they met with the mayor to discuss ways to keep the city's b.a.r.t. station clean and safe. golden gate bridge
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officials considering raising the cost of parking near the bridge. this morning at the clock, the bridge highway and transportation district will meet. drivers right now parking in the employee parking lot pay five dollars a day on weekends. the parking lot on the san francisco side of the bridge costs $.25 for every 15 minutes. the proposal would raise the price of both lots to five dollars an hour. 4:17. we have some good news about a specially equipped van for a disabled man that was stolen from the hilltop mall in richmond last weekend. that van belongs to brandon thomas. and his family. it was recovered wednesday night. the family member spotted the van on the street and called the police. thomas is 33 years old. he was paralyzed 90 years -- nine years ago. the van is a lifeline for both him and his family -- parents. the van is slightly damaged but
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his mom is happy to have it back. let's check in with sal. it's early. how's the commute. >> it's early as you said. and we don't have a lot going on . northbound 11, for example, we are going to start in gilroy. it does look pretty good from gilroy to san jose. and all the freeways that lead to gilroy are also off to a good start. we're hoping it's going to stay this way all friday morning long. getting into the valley. symptoms on fridays, we do have better than usual conditions. you can see traffic here is looking good on 280 getting up to highway 17. so we do have better than usual conditions. someone was in the carpool lane hauling a trailer when they shouldn't have been. there you go. you catch people who are like that you know what i'm just going to -- oh. 4:19. let's bring steve in. >> maybe it's their first time driving over the bay bridge. you see everything. well, happy friday. warm-up yesterday.
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temps were still below average. even though we did get some mid 70s. pronounced delta wind versus breezy yesterday at this time. so 50s, 60s. pushing the upper 70s. let's take a little bit cooler. there's still some fog around. it's more hit and miss. today, it's starting to fill in rapidly. it got chewed up by that low. it does not look like it's going to end anytime soon. it picks up. it will pick up probably sunday into monday. could be some big boomers up there. he advised if you're heading that action. southwest, 18. 12 at this time. vacaville is in there. napa airport. 40s, 50s on your temps. livermore, 53 degrees. san rafael is in there. also for santa rosa. east bay
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times, 51 by the concord pavilion. walnut creek is in there. mid 50s for just about everybody including el sobrante. it's friday. thunderstorm activity will not be on the move here until probably monday. it will still be in the sierra. another low is approaching. we've had three. last week at this time, that low came down from the north. we warmed up. and then it went down to southern cal, and then it picked out. gave us that morning thunderstorm activity. this one is coming from the north, northwest. high pressure is week. morning fog, son fog, sun. breezy, 60s, 70s, and a few 50s. it will be a cooler forecast sunday into monday. an opportunity again for another round of thunderstorms on monday into the. probably favors the mountains. mendocino, lake county, and this year as well. i mean, it's painting a pretty big picture there for some in
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the higher elevations going into next week. for us, it will be a continuation of the cool and breezy. 50s, 60s, to 70s. below average. san francisco has been hard- pressed to get over 64. they were only 62 yesterday. cooler into sunday. maybe some shower activity around monday. still pretty quiet into early next week. >> okay. thank you. >> you're welcome. 4:20 one. we do have an update of the story of a new york city attorney who was recorded in a racially charged rant against workers because they were speaking spanish. >> your staff is speaking spanish. every person i'm listening to is speaking it. >> he also threatened to call in immigration authorities. new york congressman is now filing a complaint against him. state courts system, take away his law license.
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he's also lost his lease to his office building. >> wow. 4:20. a mail carrier who saw something suspicious spoke up. still ahead, you're going to meet this bay area mailmen who helped catch three burglary suspects. bay to breakers. important information for those who want to sign up at the last minute.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 4:25 . san francisco is
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getting ready for big crowds to the annual bay to breakers race on sunday. more than 40,000 runners are expected to take part in the event. online registration is closed. but you can still register during an expo today and tomorrow. at pier 35. you should know if you're new to the area, streets will be closed along that route it starts early sunday morning until the afternoon except along the market arrow and crossover drive through golden gate park. that's where the line right there. it starts at maine and howard. it goes right through the city, for -- finally ending at the great highway. the giants lost to the rockets. rockies 5-3. rockies took an early lead. brandon is right there. tied the game. home run, right field. the ump said, no. they took a closer look. the replay show it's clear.
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brandon has been hot. he has it four homeruns. rockies loaded the bases. carlos gonzalez knocking the goal hit runs. okay. the two teams will play again tonight. the game starts at 7:15. oakland a's beat the blue jays in toronto. 10-5. chris davis, i love that. he matched a career-high with four hits including a home run that -- matt olson hit a three run homer. matt chapman added a two-run homer. the a's have won nine of 13 games against their american league east opponents. they will play the blue jays again. that game starts at fort eckel seven. switching gears, california's birth rate has fallen to its lowest level in a century. the cdc says 471,000 babies were born in the states last year. down 3% from that year before. the current birth rate is even
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lower now than it was during the great depression. california's drop is consistent with the degrees across the country. but it does come at a time when the general population is aging. >> the rate of people over 65 is increasing dramatically. we have to have more babies or have people having more children. >> experts suggest that many women are waiting longer to have babies until they are more financially stable. or not at all. a lot of women waiting longer to get the career going. one of the big questions, issues this week about the big royal wedding. when we come back, what kensington palace announced this morning about who's going to walk meghan markle down the aisle. plus, now that kilauea has erupted again. what to expect in the next few days. good morning. we do have traffic that is moving along pretty well in san francisco on that northbound
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101. approaching the express. at it's the friday. if you're heading out maybe tonight to see the rockies and the giants game, i would bundle up. there's going to be a lot of low clouds. only 58 degrees.
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>> announcer: mornings on 2 -- this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> it's a pam cook day. it's a friday. it's made teens. i'm dave clark. >> thank you for my day. >> it's your day. >> thank you for waking up with us. steve is here with the forecast. >> one date, warm up. next day, cooled down. not a big extreme. more thunderstorms. if you're traveling, tahoe, truckee, doesn't matter. keep an eye on this afternoon skies because they have been bubbling up. little bit locally inland. much stronger than yesterday. a little cool down for some.


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