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like eventually it was going to happen here. >> this time in texas, police say student armed with two guns opened fire in his school on the campus, killing 10 people and wounding 10 more. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts right now. investigators say he hit those guns under a trenchcoat and most of the victims were fellow students. i am andre senior in for frank somerville. just three months after the massacre at a school in parkland florida, it has happened again. today's shooting took place in santa fe texas, a city in galveston county about 30 miles outside of houston. the 17-year-old shooting suspect is in jail after surrendering to authorities. he is a junior at that school. these pictures are from social media. classmates describe him as very quiet. ktvu's janet casiano joins us with moron the suspect interesting as well as the investigation. >> reporter: police are
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analyzing those social media accounts, including the photos that he posted of himself with a t-shirt that read, born to kill. investigators say he planned to kill himself after the shooting. tonight he is in jail, denied board dish bond. it started as any other school day at santa fe high school, but at 730 the sound of gunshots. >> reporter: there is an active shooting in our room. we have shots fired right now. >> students say teachers told them to run. one person pulled a fire alarm. >> i heard that my friend got shot in the art room. and as soon as the alarms went off everybody started running outside. >> reporter: a school officer fired at the shooter as police arrived at the scene, lining up students outside and checking them. >> i seen this kid in a trenchcoat and i thought it was normal, because he always wears a trenchcoat. he had a shirt that said born to kill on it. >> all units this is victor rob. pipe bomb and pressure cooker bomb.
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>> suspect is detained in custody and possible ids on the property. >> there have been explosive devices found in the high school. and in the surrounding areas. >> the shooting suspect was arrested and identified as a 17- year-old dimitrios pagourtzis. he appeared before a judge by video link to face capital murder charges. court documents say he let some people live to explain what happened, and he had intended to kill himself. a fellow student says he was a football player. >> he mostly kept to himself. i know he was picked on by coaches and other students. >> investigators say the weapons were a 38 caliber revolver, and a shortened shotgun that belonged to his father. >> it has been happening everywhere. i felt like eventually it would happen here. >> we need to do more than just pray for the victims and families. it is time in texas that we take action. >> reporter: those words have been said before after other
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shootings such as the one in parkland florida that left 17 students dead. robin thomas, director of the gilberts law center, says it is time for action. >> we have had 22 school shootings on k-12 schools already this year. that is more than one a week. it is fairly shocking anymore. it is so sad and disappointing. we are not taking steps to prevent these kinds of tragedies. >> as with so many of the other shootings tonight, there was a vigil for this one. not far from the school, hundreds of students and community members came to pray and support each other. officials have not named the victims officially, but a substitute teacher in a foreign exchange student from pakistan are among the dead. according to washington post analysis, more students have died at school shootings this year and then in military deaths, comments, and noncombat combined. >> with the tragedy in this people still feel unhelpful, but hopefully something will
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change. thank you so much. president donald j. trump ordered flags to fly at half staff and respect of those affected by the shooting. >> this is been going on too long in our country. too many decades now. we grieve for the terrible loss of life and sent our support and love to everyone affected. this was absolutely horrific and it attack. >> the white house says the president has activated his gun safety commission, formed after the parkland florida school shooting. at the time he said he would stand up to the nra and support raising the age to buy an assault rifle to 21. the president later backed down from those positions. survivors of february's school shooting in florida, expressed heartbreak and anger. jacqueline cornyn wrote on twitter, my heart is so heavy for the students of santa fe high school. it's an all too familiar feeling no one should have our
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have to experience. -- ever have to experience. i'm so sorry this epidemic touched your town. >> there was a student led rally tonight in frank somerville to honor the victims in texas and demand more from leaders. a small student group gathered at civic center plaza. students from different schools were there tonight for different reasons, but they do share a common concern. >> we cannot stop until we see some real action. but we may be small but we are mighty. >> rally organizers say peers may not be able to vote for a year or two and they want people to elect lawmakers who support a ban on assault weapons, and an expansion on background checks for gun purchases. >> in the wake of today's shooting in texas, netflix canceled its red carpet premiere for 13 reasons why. it includes a storyline about a students plans to open fire at a school dance.
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the cancellation notice came just hours before the event, where the show stars and producer monthly nick gomez were inspected -- expected to attend. >> mother -- another shooting in georgia and the clayton county schools performing arts center in atlanta. the ceremony was wrapping up when an argument broke out in the parking lot. two people were shot and a third victim was trampled by people running from the scene. a female shooting victim later died at the hospital. authorities are said to be pursuing a suspect, but released no further information. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage as we learn more about that, and the texas school shooting. we will bring you the latest on air and online. president donald j. trump has announced his support for republican john cox in the upcoming race for california governor. the president made the endorsement in a tweet lee today sang the san diego
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businessman supports his stand on immigration, crime, and texas. the cox campaign is looking to consolidate republican support ahead of the june 5 primary to secure one of two slots in the november general election. the los angeles times reports that cox did not vote for president drop in the 2016 election, saying he did not believe he was a true conservative. he passed his ballot for a libertarian, gary johnson. unemployment in california hit a record low last month, driving the unemployment rate down to 2.4 percent. construction had the largest game with -- gain with 2000 new jobs. of the trump administration is moving forward with plans to curb abortion counseling. the administration plans to revive and there -- a reagan era rule with -- that would private clinics from talking about abortion with female clients. the ywca of silicon valley
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among the critics. >> we are very concerned. our mission is to ensure that particularly women of color have access to choice and opportunity. this is exactly what we should not be doing in our country. we should be improving health access for women. we should be improving choices and options for women. this does the opposite. the plot -- vast majority of planned parenthood funding comes pejoratively from the comfort any reduction however makes it difficult to provide healthcare. much of what they do is family planning for uninsured clients. men accused in the deadly for cash in fremont was released in custody -- from custody in the last few hours. investigators say he was under the influence of marijuana when
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he crashed his toyota camera on interstate 880 tuesday night killing three people. alameda county prosecutors say they are unable to file charges against him with the evidence they have gathered. they say the chp is still investigating, and charges could be filed at a later date. a 39-year-old woman and two young girls all from antigo, were killed in the crash. not one but two dead whales washed up today in the bay area. one whale was found in oakland at brooklyn basin. another washed ashore in marin county at tennessee valley beach. as ktvu's rob malcolm reports, marine mammal experts plan to determine how they died in the coming days. >> reporter: it was a site for spectators that no one really wanted to see. valerie ed saw was out for her morning walk. >> very sad. i hate to see it. we need to do more to protect these animals. >> it is sad when you think about it, but at the same time
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it is part of life. >> reporter: tom horton saw the carcass first thing friday morning. submerged in the waters of the oakland estuary near jack london aquatic center. >> we are down here almost every morning at 5:30 am to go out on the channel. we launch our coaching lunches down this ram. and that is when we discovered the well. all we can assume is that he swam in on the high tide and got caught in the channel and was confused. >> reporter: they did receive reports of a wheel that was draped on the bow of a ship entering san francisco bay. reached via skype, the memo center confirmed this report. >> the animal fell off of the bow when the ship did a turnaround in the turnaround basin outside of oakland, and almost immediately sink, which will oftentimes happen with a fresh carcass. this may be that same animal. if it is, we have no way of knowing where it came from or
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how long it was on the bow of that boat. is could have happened a considerable distance from the bay. >> reporter: sky fox was over the scene in marin county, where a second dead whale washed ashore in the marin headlands south of mere beach. late this afternoon in oakland, the memo center contracted with parker diving service with a toe barge, the -- to ship the will where scientists will perform a necropsy. >> the hope is that we will gain information that will become available to make decisions that will hopefully reduce the number of these interactions in the future. it is a sad thing, but we are thankful that we have the opportunity to get some use out of the situation. >> reporter: according to the memo center, the leading cause of death for whales is trauma from schick strikes, malnutrition, or even entanglement. it is not clear if the whales found here was struck by a ship. we are waiting for details from
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the necropsy. they say they will release information once that necropsy is completed. in oakland, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. it is the event of the year in england. right now the final countdown is underway until prince harry marries megan markel. it is just after 7 am in windsor england, meaning the wedding festivities should begin in about five hours. tens of thousands of well- wishers are expected to line the streets outside of windsor castle to catch a glimpse of the couple. many of them camped out overnight. prince charles is going to walk megan markel down the aisle, since her father cannot attend due to medical reasons. she is expected to arrive at the church just before 4 am our time. you can watch the royal wedding live right here on ktvu, our live coverage begins at 3:30 am. a deputy injured at a patrol car damaged. how deputies took action when a woman in custody tried to drive into them. a santa rosa couple finds
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itself reeling from another theft just last night. it was something they wanted to remember for the rest of their lives. i have the weekend forecast for you when we return. we will talk about the cooler temperatures and the breezy conditions out there. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes... winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless.
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defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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is 30,000 column of ash exploded on the kilauea volcano in hawaii. no end is in sight. fishers continued to spew lava and people say they are hearing what sounds like explosions in the distance. officials have handed out thousands of masks to protect people from air-quality issues. a santa rosa couple who lost their home in last october's fires is heartbroken tonight. they say thieves trespassed onto their burnout property and still something they made from the ashes of the fire. ktvu's tom baker tells us they
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were saving this special item for the new home they were hoping to bill. -- build. >> we are taking a lot longer than we thought on this process. >> the crown jewel of this home was a 250-year-old oak tree. until the firestorm took it, the scaly's say they loved and nurtured that old oak for almost 3 decades. >> we sent so much time back here. we had lights strong and in the summer we would sit out for hours. we would entertain. it was a huge part of our lives. >> reporter: the tree was dead, but the scaly's asked the arborist to put aside a large piece of the chunks unburned interior corporate that turned out to be a large 300 pound oak and you. the heart of the tree shown here. they were going to put glass on top to make it a large table so the memory of that tree could live on in their hearts once their new home was rebuilt. >> we bought this lot because
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of the tree. we chose it because of the tree. >> reporter: has continued bad luck would have it, last night in the dark of the night, in the still poorly lit neighborhood, someone trespassed onto their lot, and stole that cube. >> they could not have lift it up. somebody had to have some type of power equipment to scoop it up. we have had everything else taken away from us, and this is just another gut punch. >> reporter: here in sonoma strong coffee park, hope springs eternal that it will be returned. >> it would be fabulous if we did. i would be overjoyed and as i said before, we lost our for 21 days and he was returned to us. so i never say never. but i would love to think that someone would return it. >> reporter: the prosecutor decides this is an act of declared disaster or emergency tone, this theft could actually be elevated to looting, a much more serious crime with much more serious penalties. tom a car, ktvu fox 2 news.
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a santa cruz sheriffs department says one of its deputies was injured when a woman stole a patrol car and tried to run down the deputy. at around 330 this morning. two deputy say they spotted a man and a woman in his own car near paradise park. while the interview the man, the woman was able to slip out of her handcuffs and get into the driver's seat of the patrol car. authorities say she drove back and forth, ramming a deputy in another patrol car. that is when his partner opened fire. >> the deputy who had not been struck by the vehicle fired multiple rounds at the woman to stop the assault. the woman was struck by three bullets in the chest and abdomen. >> the woman is in intensive care tonight and will face attempted murder charges if she makes a recovery. the deputy is expected to be okay. authorities say they plan to replace body footage next week. it is beta breakers we can with an estimated 40,000 people expected to take part in the
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annual race. many of those runners were at pier 35 today for the race expo, baking tatian baking -- picking up their gear. they are in the 170 here, and this year's race will feature a special race course. runners will break from the pack, and head south on the great highway to noriega street, adding a 3k loop to the 12 k course. we have the weekend planned out, or you have it planned out. i have the weather planned out for you. tomorrow will be a lot like today. maybe a little warmer in some inland spots. but it stays cool along the coast. these are the highs from today, they were cooler than yesterday. right along the coast the fog will be a constant player all day tomorrow. all these coastal numbers will be 50s. around the bay and in this region you will find the 60s and low 70s in the inland valleys. will find 70s and low 80s. tomorrow about like today, maybe a little warmer inland.
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sunday will be cooler still. sunday will be the least warm day of the week. however, on sunday, i think by the afternoon the fog should clear out. the conversion will get blown up. it will be cool and breezy, but the fog should get lifted. right now there is a lot of fog out there, it is pretty deep. is pushing inland and it will be there when you wake up in the morning. then it will burn off. it was a slow burn off today. especially in oakland and berkeley. it will burn off quicker tomorrow. highs tomorrow, mid-70s, upper 70s in the warmer spots. you can see the fog right now. this pattern is nothing extreme either way. forecast for san francisco, oakland, redwood city, this is how it looks in the morning. in san francisco, sausalito, you look like this. and late in the day on saturday, partly sunny, mostly sunny. you notice the clouds are right off the coast to go towards concorde. or out towards livermore valley. you will find a lot of sunshine
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. watch what happens to the temperature when you get over the east bay hills. it starts to run into the 70s. mid-70s even upper 70s in some of those warmer spots tomorrow. saturday will be the warmest day on the weekend. sunday will be a little bit cooler. except at the coast where i suspect you will see some out there. in the beta breakers it looks like this. the forecast for the morning, 855 degrees. at the end of the race it is 59 degrees. five day forecast, there it is. 75, 7778 degrees on saturday. in the warmer spots. but it is the weekend. >> the gray will continue tomorrow, and then on sunday it will be around in the morning but it should lift out. it might be breezy sunday night. but it will be a nice weekend, just not a lot of barbecue weather around the bay area.
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the a's continue their road streak of home runs and the familiar giants show his defensive prowess again at atc park. sports director mark ibanez up next. life pictures from windsor castle ahead of the wedding. our live coverage begins at 3:30 am. ♪ he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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marcus beckwith sports talking giants and a bummer of a night. >> i feel like this is what we are going to get a few winds and a few losses right in a row. that was the deal this evening. it was star wars night out there. cute kids. that is baby r2-d2 with the beanie and princess leia. sitting next to another star wars dude. it started so well. gorky hernandez at exactly 0 homeruns last year has got three. starts the giants off 1 to 0. you have to see the play of the night right here. a third-place for the rockies from his backside sensational
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play. he just rifles a thrill over there to first to get kelby tomlinson able to keep the giants from threatening. here is the big blowup.: in the fourth, 214 in desmond. mcfly, wig on, three run homer. he knocked in a run with a double. and the -- giants fossae. 6 to 1. here is how they get it rolling on a friday night in toronto. pull me a cold one. a little foam at the top and that is it here come the a's. dustin feller a newcomer to this game as he hits his first big-league homerun in the third. get the a's on the board, 1 to 0. eight straight games, oakland has got a homer on this road trip here is feller again. he saw his first big-league homer. here is his first big-league double. the a's wind up on the long end, 3 to 1. absolutely love this story. in vegas, the oddsmakers made it 500 to one that the expansion vegas golden knights
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would win the stanley cup. they are one game away from going to the stanley cup final. who better than get it rolling tonight, then wayne newton. [ cheering ] >> they got the siren going. you have got to love wayne. i met him once. he is a super nice guy. really nice. it is amazing how he keeps his hair black.[ laughter ]here is the game deciding goal. riley smith, top shelf, 3 to 2, vegas up in the series over winnipeg, 3 to 1. i mean think about that. they would become the first expansion team in professional sports history to win a championship in their first year. >> while. >> what a start. rolling rolling. >> thanks for joining us. good night. have a good weekend.
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new year's day at jay's. my dad was driving in. things were looking up after a bad morning. (passengers scream) oh! yeah! oh, man! (gasps) look how high it goes! i'm gonna try and spit on a bird. (whining) did he just get off the ride? you know, honey, um, i'm getting cold feet. maybe we should just -- well, if you're scared, we should just go. (whining continues) i'm disappointed, 'cause to me, it seemed like a blast. (passengers scream) oh! my resolution to live more dangerously was off to a rocky start. help yourself to my christmas present. nothing like a frozen margarita in a hot tub. lets nature know we can do anything she can. well, i'll take one to go. alex and i are just here to raid your guys' closet for some vintage clothing. yeah, we're going to a '90s music festival called fo-shizzle-fest. okay, get ready to pig out!


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