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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 21, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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pam cook has the morning off. steve paulson, this is the best sleeping weather we could hope for. >> i had to grab a blanket. it is 5 am, not 7 am. it is quite cold for many this morning. today looks a little warmer, unseasonably cool yesterday. palo alto was 68 but will be 71 today. san jose was only 67 yesterday, up 3 degrees. the bigger drop was more toward the north and east. that will make a rebound. napa 72--- napa around 72. we have parts of the viewing area seen this upper low. a little system is dropping down right there on the backside of that. that will help.
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you can see coming in from nevada and wrapping up back off the mountains. san francisco bouy is now 51, half moon bay is 53. bodega bay has the temperature missing. that is the bar in my saddle. that is critical for the summer months, please fix that. we have a ridge of high pressure building in that will give us a warm-up. 60s and 70s for the temps, upper 70s for a few. things are slower, as you might imagine. the altamont pass approach on 205 and 580 is interesting.
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on the actual altamont pass by the time you get there, traffic is slow. it is much slower before you actually get there on 205 and 580. we had an earlier accident on the shoulder at grant line road. that seems to be a trouble spot in the last few weeks. we have had an accident every other day for the commute. on 680 from san ramon to pleasanton, there have been no problems getting into the inner part of the east bay. traffic is moving along nicely at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a little bit of a crowd and the cash lanes. in castro valley, part of crow canyon road in the east bay his clothes. >> rescue teams are searching for the driver of a car that went off the road and crashed into a pond. >> reporter: it started last night in continues this morning. it appears that the tow truck has the car. this is about a mile west from the san ramon city line. the sheriff's office received
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the report before 9 pm last night. the pond is on private property in unincorporated alameda county. the homeowner saw damage to his fence and the tire tracks leading to the pond. he called 911. i dive team responded and rescue personnel has been out here all morning. there are no confirmations of how many people were in the car or if the driver got out. we are told this time of year the pond can be about eight feet deep. we do see a tow truck moving out there. we were told by chp officers on the scene that within 20 minutes they would have this car out of here. it looks like the tow truck may have the car on the bed from what we can see. crow canyon road is closed at this portion. crow canyon road is very popular for a lot of commuters this time of morning trying to avoid 580 or 680. it is closed at this portion leading into contra costa county from unincorporated
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alameda county. memorial services in texas have begun for the victims of last week's high school shootings. the first funeral was for 17- year-old sabika sheikh, a foreign exchange student from pakistan who came from the u. s. seeking a career in foreign affairs and learning more about the world. she was due to fly home to pakistan early next month to celebrate the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan with her family. instead, her body will be flown to pakistan as her family plans her funeral. texas governor greg abbott is calling for a moment of silence to honor the shooting victims. this morning at 10 am houston time, which is 8 am our time,
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he wants people to stop what they are doing and think about the eight students in two teachers killed, as well as the 13 people hurt. all the schools in the santa fe school district will be closed today and tomorrow. also tomorrow, the governor will be holding a roundtable meeting about finding a solution to gun violence. a 17-year-old student that has confessed to the shooting made his first court appearance in the case. dimitrios pagourtzis is being held without bail. his attorneys say he is cooperating with police, but so far investigators say they do not have a motive. court documents show he purposely did not shoot students he liked so they could tell his story. dimitrios pagourtzis's attorneys say they have not decided if they will ask for a mental competency examination. >> these are trying circumstances. to say he is doing well would not be accurate. you can't do this and not have something going on. we have a lot of work to do before we are ready to speak intelligently about that. >> his family has said quote,
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the shooting is incompatible with the boy we love. they are as confused as anyone else by what happened and have offered their condolences to the victims and their families. president trump says he will order the justice department to investigate whether the fbi spied on his presidential campaign. >> doug luzader has more from the justice department. >> reporter: the justice department is under a lot of pressure to have the inspector general investigate these allegations that had the president so fired up. the president didn't venture from the white house this weekend, but he set off a chain of events on twitter with this. i hereby demand and will do so officially tomorrow that the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi, department of justice infiltrated or surveilled the trump campaign for political
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purposes. if any such demands or requests were made by people within the obama administration. the president is responding to reports that the fbi used a spy or confidential informant to uncover ties between the trump campaign in russia. >> it plays into, certainly into president trump's long nails documented skepticism about the fbi in general. >> reporter: the justice department seemed to respond to the tweet, saying the inspector general will be asked to widen his ongoing investigation into the fbi. some democrats say it amounts to a big distraction from the russia probe led by special counsel robert mueller.
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the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, says trump could sit for an interview with robert mueller, perhaps in july. the entire investigation could wrap up by september 1. >> i think it is good to have a proposed end date. i would imagine dealing with any prosecutor, there is no way that the end date is as firm as rudy ducked -- rudy giuliana makes it sound. >> reporter: the administration likes the sound of that end date because that means everything would be wrapped up before the midterm elections. >> is there any idea what a report by the inspector general could mean and when it might be released? >> reporter: it depends on what it includes. at they go off on this new tangent to look into whether there were political motivations and that the fbi put an informant in the trump campaign, that could take months. we just don't know at this point. another big gathering at lake merritt after a controversial incident there. the message behind yesterday's big turnout at the lake coming up. the warriors won big a game three of the western conference finals. we will recap their historic victory. >> we are looking at the early- morning bridge traffic into san francisco. it looks pretty good here. we will tell you more about this coming up. it is mostly clear skies
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and cool.
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the warriors blew out the houston rockets 126-85 last night. it was a big win for the warriors in game three of the western conference finals.
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>> a nice pass. that is good for three. and he scores. >> it was a big night all around for golden state. six players scored in double digits. steph curry had 35 points and kevin durant had 25. >> he started slow but when steph curry finally got hot, it was incredible to watch. >> that included 18 points in the third quarter alone.'s
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-- ktvu's scott reese has more on the warriors domination. >> reporter: game three began as game two ended with steph curry missing shots. >> we have seen this so many times. i was never concerned. this guy is a two-time mvp. he bounces back from bag games as well as anyone i have ever seen. >> it was frustrating more so that i had the right intentions and kept searching for the right ways to find openings and things would work out. >> reporter: they worked out all right. steph curry caught fire midway through the third quarter, scoring 12 points and a three- minute stretch and single- handedly turning the game into a blowout. >> you can feel the building shaking with the momentum. you can feel the energy. >> his three is similar to some people's don't. it is absurd. that is how his three ball is. >> you have to find whatever it is to get you going. you want to use that energy to show your teammates that you are here. >> reporter: the signature moments after his seventh straight make, steph curry reminded the clout -- the crowd
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and the rockets, this is his house, even throwing in an expletive pick up >> i was talking to myself, you have to be your biggest fan sometimes. >> i thought that was funny. >> that is a rare occurrence. i have never seen him use that kind of language. that is what the playoff spring out of you. don't do that at home, kids. it is just once in a while. >> reporter: steph curry also set a personal milestone, passing rick perry for most field goals in postseason history. the team set a record of 16 straight home playoff wins, a new playoff record. >> warriors fans are energized, knowing the warriors are a step closer to another championship. >> it was awesome. i knew they would blow them out. i was going to but the house and i didn't. i am so upset. >> a lot of people came from far away for last night's game. ktvu spoke with one man who said he came from china just to watch the warriors play. >> this is the first game i watched, the first time.
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it is unbelievable. >> it is a family affair. this young fan came from his dad. they got some player autographs at his first playoff game. game four is tomorrow at oracle arena. it is a monday morning, so who knows what traffic is like? >> you have to remind people, gasia, it is not 7:15 am, it is 5:15 am. as far as the traffic goes, it is beginning to wind up between gilroy and san jose. it is not a bad commute, but it is getting more crowded. we don't see any stop and go traffic. unusual is what hurts people in the morning. we don't have anything unusual today. right now there is nothing to make you get out of the house earlier if you are driving in the south bay. there was still plenty of room
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out here. at the bay bridge the metering lights are not on just yet. they should be on by 5:30 am. we have a decent commute in the san francisco area. happy monday. what a cool down on sunday. the west wind kicked in and a low dropped in. it is here but mainly south and east of us. san jose should be about 75 degrees. they were a cool 67 yesterday. napa is 72 and palo alto from a cool 68 to 71 degrees today. clearing is taking place in the north. there is a lot of cloud cover in the south. there is your low. we get a little spin in the atmosphere that is coming down.
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that will help take care of a lot of low clouds giving us mostly sunny skies. the cloud cover will come off the sierra, i think tomorrow is the best opportunity for us to see some isolated thunderstorm activity west-southwest at 14, not screaming up to 30 or anything like that. 46 in santa rosa, 48 at the napa airport. they are not reporting dew point or humidity, they are reporting sky conditions and wind. we have 50s here because of cloud cover. scotts valley, 55 in santa clara, saratoga is 53, as is santa cruz. 51 in sacramento. the delta breeze was screaming yesterday.
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a high pressure will build in for a day and then we get back into fog and low clouds. today we have a northerly breeze which will help if you, mainly to the north, bump up the temperatures after a cooler sunday. it will be warmer for most today. the thunderstorm activity comes back of the sierra. napa county, solano, eastern contra costa, watch the skies tomorrow. mendocino county is close. the fog is back on tuesday. we have not chewed that up completely. the water temperatures come to you -- continue to be cold. i went 80 in brentwood, 79 in any out because of the north wind, but 60s and 70s with more cloud cover near the peninsula and the south santa cruz mountain. another low drops in at the end of the week and temperatures are on the unseasonably cool
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side. monday is a holiday, a week from today. it looks warmer. we will be closer to the 80s. the search goes on around the bay area for a serial tagger. details of what was vandalized and what we know so far about the suspect. new announcements from tesla and the new version of the model 3 sedan and amped up price tag.
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three, two, one. >> a fresh load of supplies is on its way to the international space station. the rocket blasted off from wallace island, virginia. the rocket will carry supplies for the six crewmembers aboard the space station. there is equipment for a spacewalk next month. the capsule is expected to reach the space station on thursday. over the weekend, tesla's ceo, elon musk, announced two new versions of the model 3
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sedan. both will have dual motors. the performance version will go from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 155 miles per hour and a 310 mile range. it will sell for about $70,000, more than double the price of the basic model 3, which starts at $35,000. a standard model will add all- wheel-drive for about $5000 more. the trump administration says it is putting the trade war on hold with china for the moment. he says the trade talks are going so well, they have not imposed tariffs on chinese products while they continue. the trade deficit was roughly $375 billion. in the first round of negotiations, both sides agreed to cut that by more than half. the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin says there is framework set up for the future. >> we have a very good framework agreement that is not just about buying goods, it is about structural changes, it is about lowering tariffs. >> in the meantime, commerce secretary, wilbur ross, is preparing for a trip to beijing to discuss trade in areas of energy and agriculture. this morning, the president tweeted, china has agreed to buy massive amounts of agricultural products. that is the best thing to happen to our farmers and many
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years. a new you in report says crowding and cities will get worse by 2050. the yuan department of economic and social affairs says urban areas around the world could see about 2.5 billion more people. some of the expected challenges include housing, transportation and energy systems. the un's says india, china and nigeria will probably see the most increases and the number of megacities, those with a population of over 10 million people will also go up from 31 to 43. a new real estate study shows how a low credit score hurts homebuyers. zillow, the reefs -- real estate research site found borrowers with the fair credit score between 640 and 679 pay about $720 more per year for their mortgage than a borrower with an excellent score of 760
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or higher. that means buyers with low credit scores could pay 21,000 more dollars -- $21,000 more for the typical house, mainly because of high interest rates. a buyer with fair credit could pay $129,000 more. sears has announced dozens of its stores will be closing. three of the stores are here in northern california. the sears at solano towncenter on travis boulevard in fairfield and two others in the sacramento area will close in july and august. sears has closed about half its stores in the past five years. there are now about 1000 steers -- sears stores left. trends are swinging in favor of using mobile apps for
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everyday banking tests. pac i, an internal information tech company is forecasting in the united kingdom that more consumers will use apps on their smart phones or other mobile apps to do banking instead of their computers. the company looked at information in the uk and said 20 million people managed their bank accounts on their phones and projects 35 million will bank with a phone app by the year 2023. in the wake of a deadly shooting in a high school in texas, lawmakers in the bay area are pushing for stricter gun laws. what they want to do about gun shows. if you're driving a coos bay area bridges anytime soon, we are off to a nice start on most bridges, including this one as you head over the peninsula. we have some clouds and a big difference in temperatures. santa rosa is 56 and san jose is 57.
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gun laws. what they off to a ♪ we are keeping an eye on the san mateo bridge and everything else around the area
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just for you. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is monday, may 21. i am dave clark. >> i am gasia mikaelian. pam cook has the day off. >> for us, no doubt about us. it is unseasonably cool. >> it was different. there is your difference under a mostly's clear -- mostly clear skies to the north. this is the main upper low. there will be some thunderstorm activity around las vegas and the sierra. you can see in
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carino there is a spin in the atmosphere. on the backside of that, we should get a north wind which will help some locations to the north. some of this moisture bears watching out towards lake county and near eastern napa. you will probably see the clouds developing, but it probably won't reach here today. 46, 47 and 48. brentwood is 51, fairfield is 50. san rafael is near there. occidental is 45. partly sunny, mostly sunny, this ridge of high pressure building in for one day will bump a temperatures up a bit. this is when things get crazy busy with the traffic. >> they are getting busier. for those of you who drive from solano county, perhaps heading to oakland or the bay bridge look good so far with a little bit of slowing of vallejo -- in vallejo and on highway 37 heading to train 18 and sonoma
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counties. i don't see anything causing that but there are a lot of people on the roadway early. maybe it is that can do attitude of people. when you get out to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic is filling in. it looks like the metering lights have been switched on. two bay area state lawmakers are taking action after last week's school shooting in texas. san francisco assemblyman phil ting and senator scott weiner have pushed a motion to ban gun shows at the cow palace. they host five gun shows every year. the most recent shows have also drawn protesters. more of the protesters our students as the number of school shootings keep growing. the latest school shooting in texas renewed the national gun control debate.
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some lawmakers argue the makers need tougher requirements for adults where there are children as well as more laws that give the government more control over who could buy a gun, that could mean background checks. some also want additional mental health counseling for young people in need. senator mark warner of virginia says the actual solution may be a combination of several ideas. >> my hope and appeal to everyone is to do an all of the above. please, for those folks i work with in congress, take a moment and let your position evolve.
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there are ways we can put reasonable restraints without dramatically interfering with people's second amendment rights. >> senator warner says the nra supported him when he was governor of virginia, but he now says the nation cannot deal with these continued school shootings. we are learning more information on the texas high school shooting. the gunman opened fire in an art classroom and killed 10 people. santa fe high school had conducted active shooter drills on campus but in the aftermath of the deadliest public school shooting in texas history, early accounts from dispatch describe a 30 minute nightmare on friday. among the biggest unknowns is when the confrontation began at the high school outside houston between police and the 17-year- old government. the texas town a 13 p -- 13,000 people is showing its support for victims and their families. there was a candlelight vigil in santa fe, texas saturday night. afterward, people lined up and began asking to make blood donations. >> that was the only way i could help. if i can't give them money, i will give them something i can. >> some people waited as long
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as two hours to donate blood. people at other blood centers are asking to have their donations sent to the texas school shooting victims. oliver north, the incoming president of the national rifle association, says you cannot solve gun violence by taking away gun rights. he believes a culture where violence is common in young boys are given drugs like ritalin to deal with mental problems. he pledged his commitment to the nra's school shield security program. it aims to help schools increase campus security at entrances and includes using metal detectors. hawaii's kilauea volcano continues to about. lava flattered on a man and shattered his leg. at this point, people are being warned to stay away from what locals called laze, the haze created when lava hits the ocean. the laze is actually hcl that can cause lung damage. in the hot lava hits the cola water, small shards of glass can form and shoot up or. scientists say the lava flow is starting to pick up speed.
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they are telling people near the flow they need to evacuate now. the mayors of the bay area's three biggest cities will campaign for a ballot measure that would increase bridge tolls to pay for transportation improvements. san francisco's mark farrell, oaklands libby schaaf and the mayor of san jose will hold a news conference supporting regional measure three. it is a june 5 ballot initiative that would raise the tolls on the regions seven state owned bridges by $3.00 over six years. supporters say it will generate $4.5 billion to improve transportation projects by reducing traffic chance. critics say paying up to $9.00
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to drive across a bridge is too much money. gina haspel will be sworn in this morning is the director of the cia. she will be the first woman to head the agency. she has worked for the cia for over 33 years and was confirmed last thursday after debate about her role in the controversial interrogation program which included waterboarding following the september 11 attacks. this week north korea is inviting journalists to witness the closing of north korea's nuclear test site. the closure is a milestone and marks an end to the world's last underground testing site that is active and also important insights into north korea leaders kim jong un's might set as he gets ready to meet with president trump. the test site will be shut down by collapsing all of its tunnels in a controlled explosion and sealing the entrances. the media is expected to spend most of their time at an
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unrelated tourism zone. north korea hopes it will be the next big boost for its economy. secretary of state, mike pompeo, is expected to unveil a plan to deal with iran after the u. s. pulled out of the deal. the european union is assuring a ride that it is committed to the deal without the united states. leaders say they will try to keep the oil trade in investments blowing. president trump announced an exit from the agreement more than a week ago. the deal was made under president obama in 2015 and signed by several nations. it lifton sanctions against and ray, in exchange for the country agreeing to curb its nuclear program. iran's top officials says that shows the u. s. is not a trustworthy partner for international deals. there was a big gathering at lake merritt the -- in oakland. there have been several rallies ever since a white female they called police to report an african-american family at lake merritt was using a charcoal grill where only propane girls were allowed. people turned out for a huge barbecue at lake merritt called barbecuing while black. >> i thought it was important to come and support barbecuing
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while black. in america, the whole thing just being black in america is getting a little ridiculous. >> the incident at lake merritt received nationwide attention, along with other incidents in recent months, including what happened at a starbucks in philadelphia where a store manager called police to remove two african-american men who said they were there for a business meeting. one person is killed and another in the hospital after being attacked by a cougar. the two friends were bicycling in the woods in north bend when a cougar suddenly appeared and started chasing them. the men made loud noises and one of them swung a bicycle at the animal and scared at all. as they were getting ready to leave, the cook overturned and pounced on one of the men. >> at one point, the victim reported his whole head was inside the jaws of the cougar and has the injuries to go along with that report.
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>> the cougar eventually let go with the man. during the attack, his friend ran into the woods and was later found dead after being mauled by the animal. this is the second deadly cougar attack in washington state in the past 100 years. still ahead, new information is expected today about an officer-involved shooting in san francisco. we will have details about the planned town hall meeting after a police car was rammed earlier this month. it has been more than seven months since the terrible north bay wildfires. today we are getting a look at the rescue efforts once the flames started tearing through neighborhoods. on the way to the tunnel right now if you are getting out of the house, it should be a decent drive for you from lafayette and walnut creek all the way in to oakland. we have low clouds around that have been disrupted a little bit to the north. today will be warmer for some after a coal sunday. we have some low clouds around.
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at an unrelated tourism zone. north korea hopes it will be the next big boost for its economy. secretary of state, mike pompeo, is expected to unveil a plan to deal with iran after the u. s. pulled out of the deal. the european union is assuring a ride that it is committed to the deal without the united states. leaders say they will try to keep the oil trade in investments blowing. president trump announced an exit from the agreement more than a week ago. the deal was made under president obama in 2015 and signed by several nations. it lifton sanctions against iran, in exchange for the country agreeing to curb its nuclear program. iran's top officials says that shows the u. s. is not a trustworthy partner for international deals. a man drove his suv into the building and killed a girl. two other people were killed. a 13-year-old boy, her father and another person was also hurt. police in union city want your help to find a serial
5:44 am
tagger who vandalized several buildings in the past week. police say this tagger has been spray painting buildings on the east side of union city. take a look at's work. if you have any information, call union city police. >> everybody get out now. this is the santa rosa police department. get in my car, man. >> we have obtained this police video that shows officers risking their lives that they faced the fast-moving flames in order to rescue people in danger. they banged on doors and carried out early people to their patrol cars and force people to go with them even when people did not want to go. they say some of their frustration from that i come from people who refuse -- refused to leave their homes. >> when the caps are running away, it is time to turn around. >> no. just getting,. we don't have time for shoes. why didn't you leave earlier? did you know?
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>> you cannot go over there. everything is on fire right now. you have to go southbound and get out of here. >> i am scared. >> i know, this is absolutely terrifying. >> the whole hill is gone. >> one officer told reporters that he could smell the smoke again and this video brought him back. 44 people died in the north bay wildfires and there are tips for you this morning as we head into yet another fire season. first, officials say evacuate when the authorities tell you to evacuate. next, learn how to manually open your garage door in case the power goes out. have an evacuation plan. if you are a loved one is in a nursing home, -- if you or a
5:46 am
loved one is in a nursing home, make sure they have one, as well. hundreds of people who lost homes have decided they are selling their lots instead of rebuilding. in january, there were 112 burn lots available on the market. today, there are almost 250 lots for sale. we are sort of merging from the super commute to the general commute at this time. >> we have traffic that is full force on the tracy super commute. that is where we start right now with a lot of slow traffic. you can see that traffic is very slow on 205 well before mountain house parkway, which is where it begins. we are talking 4 miles per hour. we had that earlier accident at grant line road that was there. even though it was not in lanes, it was on the shoulder causing slow traffic. then it started getting slower and slower as a morning commute war on. if you happen to be getting on the road after the 205-580
5:47 am
interchange, that will help you little bit. getting on the road at livermore, you can bypass all that. it used to be, livermore to dublin used to be the commute. so many people are hung up on the tracy triangle, it acts as a filter for this commute in the morning. you can see traffic on interstate 8080 north and southbound, this is moving along nicely passing oracle arena. oracle arena, home of the golden state warriors. you can see traffic at the bay bridge. the metering lights came on at about 5:30 am. we have about a 15 minute delay. even the ramp from 880 is beginning to fill in, as well. let's go to steve paulson for our forecast. >> happy monday. we have a little disruption on the low clouds that to the north. there is still some around, that is much as yesterday. temperatures today will rebound for a few.
5:48 am
it was very cool on sunday. temperatures will still probably be a little below average for just about everybody. we have morning clouds, mostly sunny. there are some clouds associated with a vigorous upper low east and south of us. san jose was 67 yesterday, 70 today. that is still below average. long creek from 70 to 76. palo alto 68, 71, slightly below. napa 71 to 77. that is getting closer to average. 62-51 for san francisco after yesterday's 59. the average is 69, 51. you are right there. what is the san francisco bowie water temp? 51. if you were here in 2000, all the record highs were set on the state in 2000. santa rosa, mountain view, san jose and san francisco was 90 degrees. you have to go back to 1889 to find the record low of 45. it will be another booming day
5:49 am
there. there will be some sierra nevada thunderstorms, as well as las vegas. pretty windy down in the desert. it is a little too far away, but some of that will sneak back in. some of that could spell off. lake county, napa, solano, you could see that building on the sierra. i think today they stay far enough east. south women -- south wind in oakland, north in other places. upper and mid 50s with a lot of upper 40s. lafayette, walnut creek and alamo are 45. 45 by the congo pavilion. mostly sunny today with slope -- with low clouds. a high pressure will build in today but tomorrow we could get some buildups. there may be some thunderstorm activity. today is mostly sunny and a little bit warm. most locations are still running slightly below-average to near average. santa rosa should be 75, 78. i might be on the high side on
5:50 am
that. for some, it is staying cool most of this week. met -- most of this week looks like that. it is a bay area tradition. thousands of runners took part. we will tell you crossed the finish line 1st at the bay to breakers race.
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oakland. we have low clouds around that have been disrupted a little bit to
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". today is the last day to register to vote in the gym for statewide primary election. if you have moved or changed her name, you have to reregister to vote. to be eligible to vote in california, you had to be at least 18 years old by election day and not be in prison or on parole for a felony conviction. to register or to get more information, go to and click on web links. thousands of runners turned out yesterday in san francisco for the 107th annual "bay to breakers" race. they dealt with a windy course. it ended at ocean beach. >> organizer of the event organized an event at the end with an extra medal.
5:54 am
the runners rose early and were ready to rollout for the 107th "bay to breakers" race in san francisco, a race that drew nearly 40,000 registered runners this year often seemed more like a parade of colorful costumes and characters. rainbow squid circled at the starting line, along with scores of superheroes. >> it is the first time with the kids. we love it because it is so much fun and we get to wear costumes. >> there was a blue man group representing arrested development and the chickens that crossed the road. >> off and on since 97.
5:55 am
we were just figuring that out just now. we just love the excitement and all the people dressing up. >> reporter: the question raging on social media, who would win, yanny or laurel? >> i am team yanny. >> i am team laurel. >> reporter: as the start time approach, tortillas started flying, another race tradition. this year's race to ocean beach had a new feature. >> we are giving our runners the option to extend the run by an extra three kilometers to make it a full 15 k race. you can get an extra medal at the finish line. >> reporter: volunteers in yellow shirts help to keep things running smoothly. >> it is a san francisco tradition. every time i come i look forward to it. i have been volunteering since 1981. >> i have been running since 1972. with the royal wedding, i figured this would be perfect. >> reporter: winds made it a little chilly for runners who followed the tradition wearing just their shoes and race number. the racecourse ran through the city and golden gate park,
5:56 am
clausing road closures along the way. at the finish line there was a festival at ocean beach with the fastest runners crossing before other racers even began. the elite men's winner was philemon cheboi of kenya, who finished in 35 minutes 41 seconds. for the women's division, jane kibii, also of kenya finished in 40:37. there was a very strong wind , which could have contributed to the slower paces from previous years. for a lot of these people, it was all about the fun of the run. a big hike for bay area toll bridges is possible. we will tell you which three bay area mayor's are supporting a plan to raise the total fees by $3.00. we have the latest from friday's deadly school shooting in texas. more on the shooter's first appearance in court and memorial services for the
5:57 am
victims. the drive so far with the golden gate bridge traffic heading south into san francisco looks good. one year ago today it was hot. livermore was 95. san jose was 89. today we are 75 and 70. things can change. ♪
5:58 am
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crow county road is back open after a car went off the road and submerged in a pond. registering to vote. the key information you need to know to make sure that you are registered. this is ktvu mornings on 2. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and i am dave clark. one year ago it was really hot around here. we won't even be close to that today. you can see things are changing. we had hot temperatures in april. but that is not the case this time around.
6:00 am
today we will warm up. but things are below average. walnut creek should be closer to 78, san jose closer to 67, napa 72 degrees. that's right about where it should be. low clouds, a strong low has formed. it's now in nevada. that low will bring showers till las vegas. and windy and cool conditions for them. we have a little bit of us spend in the atmosphere chewing up some of those clouds coming off the sea area -- sierra. tomorrow looks like a better opportunity. brentwood cool 49, santa rosa at 56.


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