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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 21, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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the united states than prince william and kate middleton. 23 million people tuned in to watch the royal wedding. today at 9:00, lawmakers will hold an event calling for an end to gun shows at the cow palace. we will speak live with the longest tenured photographer in the nba about the moments that his camera captured. president trump speaking out on twitter, the range of topics which includes an investigation into the fbi. monday morning blues, not even close after that weekend. the oakland a's and the giants are rolling. we had the royal wedding and then we had a big win at oracle arena for the warriors. they pulled off the welcome mat for the houston rockets. now they have the day off.
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maybe the rockets will be out. welcome to "mornings on 2 the 9". would use a 29 billion people watched? my mom said she got up at 2:00 in the morning but i was not one of those.>> can i tell you, i had this much interest in zero cell phone or tv reception. i was in a camp in the middle of nowhere so i had to wait until last night. >> my wife turned it on when she got up, they replayed the whole thing. you can see the whole thing they played it over and over again. >> 29 million people in the united states. so let's start with some politics, bay area lawmakers want to take steps to ban gun shows at the cow palace in daly city. allie rasmus is live this morning to explain the new bill lawmakers plan to introduce. >> reporter: state senator scott wiener plans to hold an
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event right behind this community center nearby the cow palace. the bill there formally introducing today if passed would ban gun shows at the cow palace starting in 2020, organizers of the crossroads of the west gun show that happens five times a year at the cow palace, they have a contract to continue the event through 2019. the most recent gun show was last month and back and a small group of students and gun- control advocates held a two day demonstration to express concerns over there gun violence. community members and local leaders have also voiced their opposition to gun shows at the cow palace for years but it is not within local control. the cow palace is over -- operated by the state. previous bills to ban gun shows were introduced and failed years ago when arnold's fortune eger was governor, he vetoed a bill to ban gun shows and more
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recently governor jerry brown vetoed a similar bill as well. >> time is of the essence and we should try this now. you know, if the governor vetoes it, we will work hard to convince him but if he does veto it will introduce the bill again next year. >> state senator scott wiener and other supporters believe this time around the outcome could be different. they are optimistic the bill could pass because of a shift in public opinion on gun violence and gun restrictions. the next gun show scheduled to happen at the cow palace is next month and again the contract runs through 2019 so if the bill introduced becomes a law, it would not go into effect until 2020. again, we are minutes away from a formal announcement and introduction of the bill that state senator scott wiener and the assembled men plan to introduce to ban gun shows in the future. back to you guys.
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in the past hour texas governor greg abbott held a moment of silence to honor the victims from friday shooting at santa fe high school. eight students were killed and two teachers. reporter doug mckelway brings us more on some of the theories which may have led up to the shooting. >> were there warning signs? that is the question many people are asking after dimitrios pagourtzis was arrested for allegedly killing 10 people at a santa fe texas high school. tmc obtaining video of n judah before the shooting. in the video he can be seen participating in dancing for his greek orthodox church, many who knew the shooter including his parents say that they never saw warning signs of this heinous act. >> the family is as mystified as anybody else. they did not expect this. >> the mother of 16-year-old shana fisher, one of the 10 killed says the shooter
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targeted her daughter for rejecting his romantic advances. sadie rodriguez says her daughter stood up to the suspect, lawyers for dimitrios pagourtzis deny the claim. >> nobody seems to be able to identify any ex-girlfriend he has had recently. as far as that goes with reported motivation i would say no. >> investigators found journals and computer documents at the home of the gunman detailing plans for the shooting. from santa fe doug mckelway, ktvu fox 2 news. emotional words from kelly clarkson at last night's billboard music awards.>> i am a texas girl and my home state has had so much heartbreak and once again we are grieving for more kids that have died for an absolute no reason. >> she spoke out about the shooting and urged us all to participate not in a moment of silence but instead a moment of change.
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>> i am so sick of moment of silence. is not working obviously. i'm sorry, so why don't we not do a moment of silence. let's do a moment of action and change. let's change what is happening.>> clarkson says mothers and fathers should be able to send their children to school and she cannot imagine getting the phone call or a knock on the door about a violent incident involving her own children. the song youth from sean mendez says it is about not allowing pain and tragedy to steal youth. they were joined by members of the marjory stoneman douglas high school were 17 people were killed in february. one of san francisco's busiest muni lines is back on schedule after major delays. alex savidge is live with details on the police activity that led up to the problems.>> reporter: we are still learning more details about what happened this morning.
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we know that police were able to bring this entire situation to a peaceful conclusion just a short time ago. the n judah line back up and running after the trains were stopped for some time because of the roads being blocked off. we understand one man was taken into custody after being barricaded inside of an apartment building on carl street near stanyan street for several hours. i have learned from police this all stems from some sort of a domestic dispute inside of the building. crime scene tape blocked off streets in every direction, there were swat trucks brought to the scene and crisis negotiators were here for several hours talking with a man in the apartment who refused to come out. at 8:00 this morning the situation was resolved and the man was taken into custody. we are working to learn more details about exactly what unfolded but again we are told this was some sort of a
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domestic dispute here at this apartment building. again, carl street was shut down for several hours which means the n judah line was also shut down. the trains had to be turned around which was a big headache for a lot of commuters. as you can see things are back up and running after this barricade situation was resolved by police. back to you guys. >> alex savidge, thank you. i want to add the other train lines were not affected and were able to get to the area. new video of last year's north bay wildfires showing the chaos as the flames were tearing through neighborhoods. it is police body cam a video obtained from the bay area news group. >> everybody get out now, this is santa rosa police.>> [ sirens ] >> get in my car ma'am. >> the video shows officers risking their lives facing the
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fast-moving flames in order to rescue people in danger. the officers banged on doors, carried elderly folks to the patrol vehicles and forced people to go with them even though they did not want to go. some of their frustration from the night came from people refusing to leave their homes behind.>> come on people, when the cops are running away it is time to turn around. just getting. we don't have time for shoes. why didn't you leave earlier? did you know? >> you cannot go over there everything is on fire. you have to go southbound you have to get out. >> sir, i am scared. >> i know this is absolutely terrifying. >> it is the whole hill. >> one officer told the bay area news group seeing the footage brought him back to that night and he said he could smell the smoke again. officials have some tips as
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we get ready for another fire season, first evacuate when authorities tell you to. next learn how to manually open your garage door in case the power goes out. have your evacuation plan and if you or a loved one are using a nursing home make sure it has one. the rebuilding continues in the north bay though hundreds who lost their homes have decided to sell their lots rather than rebuild, in january there were 112 burned lots available, now there are more than twice that many with 250 for sale. coming up next on "mornings on 2 the 9", one man is dead after crashing his tesla into a pond near san ramon. coming up the new information we have learned. president trump making announcements on twitter, coming up comments on china, the cia and his call for an investigation into the fbi. this country more equal 's fe and more just. president obama called him one of america's finest mayors.
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stocks are doing very well after the trump administration says it is putting the trade were on china for hold for the moment. deciding to not impose tariffs as negotiations continue the dow jones is up around 300 points well over 1%, the s&p gaining .75% and the nasdaq up as well. president trump sent over half a dozen tweets this morning, griff jenkins in washington dc with a look at what the president is tweeting about. >> the president kicking off the workweek with tweets suggesting a trade breakthrough with china posting china will purchase agricultural products from american farmers as a result of trade talks and the barrier to trade is coming down. >> right now we have agreed to put the tariffs on hold while
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we execute the framework. >> the president using twitter to attack john brennan accusing the former cia director of being at the center of a conspiracy to use this deal dossier. >> brennan who has been critical of mr. trump tweeted sunday the president's actions are self-serving responding to the calls for the justice department to investigate whether the fbi infiltrated his presidential campaign. there is a legitimate reason for us to be concerned and the president has raised that. democrats are calling for the mueller continue -- investigation to continue. one whitehouse leader says trump can spew on twitter but the law will run its course. >> there is a possibility what the president is calling for was already being investigated. >> tweets about the former cia leader came just hours before mr. trump swearing in of the new director gina haspel. now the first female to leave
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the agency, in washington griff jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. here is video of gina haspel being sworn in as the new director of the cia . earlier this morning president trump was there as she took the oath of office. that is mike pompeo holding the bible, he stepped down to become secretary of state, gina haspel is the first female director in the history of the agency. she has worked for the cia for 30 years. president trump's attorney says robert mueller has set a date to end the russian investigation. rudy giuliani says he expects to finish the investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election by september 1. giuliani says mueller revealed the timeline as they talked about a principal -- possible interview. mike pompeo issued demands that he says should be included in a new nuclear treaty with
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iran, he says following the decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal the us would ensure that iran has no possible path to a nuclear weapon ever. pompeo outlined the list of requirements including allowing access to all sites throughout the country and ceasing activity in the middle east including withdrawing all forces from syria. pompeo says if a deal could be reached the us would be willing to lift all economic sanctions on iran. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has agreed to allow live streaming of his meeting tomorrow with leaders of the european parliament. the parliament want zuckerberg to explain facebook's role in the misuse of customer data and the effect of social media on european elections. a new data protection law takes effect in europe on friday allowing users to control what facebook and other social media companies can do with personal data. coming up next, new video
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coming from the volcanic eruption on the big island of hawaii, coming up the new threat now imposed on residents. a new ballot that has three big city mayors joining forces in the bay area. why they want to convince people to make -- pay more to get around. our 3 contestants are all at the big ikea table. contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. make room for the judge! what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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our 3 contestants are all at the big ikea table. contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. make room for the judge! what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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the first serious injury from the kilauea volcano has been reported, some of the lava coming down the side of the mountain spattered up and the heavy liquid rock hit a man standing on a third-floor balcony and his leg was broken. reporter lauren green says that is not the only hazard facing people. >> officials warning about lava haze or "laze", white plumes of hcl fumes steam and glass formed by a chemical reaction with hot lava coming into contact with the ocean water.>> sometimes you can actually get
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glass shards that are emitted and they fly causing some damage. again you do not want to be near the water when that is happening.>> when the lava hit the water the "laze" extended 15 miles west along the coast of the island but authorities worn it could change direction without warning. >> the wind shifts and we see the plume headed back this direction and you have to move back. >> the hazardous plume can irritate the skin and eyes causing breathing problems, the amount of toxic sulfur dioxide around the volcano has tripled and for those reasons they are urging people to limit exposure by staying inside or wearing masks if they must go outside.>> the last time we were here it was carried down by the lava. >> the molten flow blocking major roads destroying structures and is responsible for a constantly changing
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landscape on the island. this will be a long-term process, we don't know when it is going to stop. >> over the past few days more lava has poured from the 20 open fissures and has begun to flow faster, scientists are not sure when the activity will slow down. from new york lauren green, fox news. bart wants to shut down an entrance and parkway to the civic center station in san francisco which has become a gathering place for drug users, they are looking to seek permission from the fire marshal to shut down the corridor. the proposal comes after video of people openly using drugs there went viral, one board member called attention to the problem by spending hours at that part of the station in the early morning to discourage drug users from gathering. the mayor mark farrell has called for increased police patrols. napa high school is accepting ideas for placing its
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controversial mascot, the indian mascot is being replaced. according to the napa valley register the school formed an advisory committee but says anyone in the community wishing to join the conversation may submit a form. today is the last day to register to vote in a statewide primary june 5. if you have moved or changed your name you have to reregister to vote and to be able to vote you must be 18 years old by election day and cannot be in prison or on pearl for a felony conviction. to register or to get more information on your status just go to and click on web links. the mayors of the largest cities in the bay area will be campaigning for a ballot measure to increase bridge tolls. mark farrell, libby schaaf and sam liccardo will be holding a
9:23 am
news conference to support regional measure 3. the june 5 ballot initiative raising the tolls on the seven state owned bridges by three dollars. it would generate $4.5 billion to pay for projects to reduce traffic jams but critics say paying nine dollars to drive across the bridge is too much. >> question of the day, do you support the measure? 13% say yes but 87% say no. this is lopsided, a lot of tweets, jim says i do support it, three dollars over seven years but i do hope that it goes to transportation. >> another viewer says the bridges have paid for themselves, if politicians cannot manage money it is time to get new people in office. >> frank says california has the highest taxes and the worst roads. more people are moving because of the high cost of living and we are expecting more tax increases. i have another one which is a
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summary of what i have been getting. one viewer says live within your means local politicians the tax is regressive because people pay regardless of income so a lot of people say it is not fair.>> pete alvarez sent me a tweet that said didn't the governor mention a budget surplus? the bullet train to la is a huge waste of money. give that up. >> another response if someone tweeted i would support a $30 toll if they would stop with the incremental increases. >> thank you for the responses, to reach us on twitter use the hashtag ktvu. coming up another large gathering at lake merritt after a controversial incident. what the message was behind the events. celebrities around the world have a new pitch against the war on poverty. the letter they are signing onto.
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a mix of sun and clouds as we bring in monday and steve paulson i have to say it was nice having lunch with you in the beautiful town of danville, it was nice and the weather was not bad. >> we were there for the employee could buy lunch and i know you had to update your passport to come through. >> it has been a couple of years. >> it was nice to have you out there. also plenty of sunshine and cloud coverage with wind yesterday and sunshine today but warmer. we have fog hanging on. jake mckenzie says it could not be more clear in rohnert park looking at taylor mountain which is very true. 61 in rohnert park. a lot of 60s, a little northerly breeze could help
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some and you can see clear with the wind looking north clearing fast but there is the fog, half moon bay, san mateo coast, santa cruz and monterey with a drizzle. today mostly sunny but it is warming compared to the unseasonably cool sunday when we had 60s. warmer today, san jose maybe a little warmer but walnut creek and napa warming up more. more thunderstorm activity over the sierra and it is still going with more rain than thunderstorms but i will tell you it has been active and that is only continuing today and tomorrow and again into the week. 65 brentwood, so we are beginning to warm up, 1 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. livermore plus five, concord plus four so except for the fog we are looking good with some clouds sneaking in to solano and contra costa but for today warmer and another low coming thursday and friday. so, for the holiday weekend as sal mentioned people will be
9:29 am
getting away thursday and friday with rain friday into saturday but then sunday and monday will be warmer so it is cool then it is warm. this morning the alameda county sheriff's office has identified the man found inside of a tesla that went into a pond. >> 34-year-old keith tran 20 crashed the tesla model s which was found in a pond on crow canyon road. >> leigh martinez is live from castro valley at the highway patrol office with the latest.>> reporter: the driver, 34-year-old keith tran 20 went missing on saturday according to his family and then sunday night a property owner found the broken fence and debris from the accident so as of now investigators are trying to determine when the tesla was crashed. the tesla model s was driving northbound when it went off crow canyon road.
9:30 am
it likely went airborne after crashing through a wooden fence and hit the old billboard before landing 65 feet into a pond. >> the vehicle traveled a significant way of farm -- the roadway so it is believed the vehicle could have went airborne due to some of the damage on a sign in the area. the way that it traveled and how far it got into the pond.>> reporter: the property owner reported signs of an accident sunday night with a broken fence and tire tracks, the dive team responded and it took some time to remove the car. at this time of year the pond can be eight feet deep and the dive team had to consult with the fire department on removing the car. >> we have never dealt with a submerged electric car like that before, but we did take some precautions. obviously we made the proper phone calls to make sure we were okay when we touched the car so divers were safe.
9:31 am
>> reporter: they removed the car this morning around 5:30 and that is when leung was found dead in the driver seat. chp says it is too early to determine if speed played a factor or if leung was impaired. back to you guys. >> do we know if the car was in autopilot mode? there have been some cases of tesla in autopilot crashing recently.>> reporter: we asked the question and chp says it is too early in the investigation. they will be looking at everything to try to determine exactly when the crash happened and how it happened.>> leigh martinez thank you. for more on some of the other headlines we have been working on let's go to dave clark. >> here are some of your top stories, a town hall meeting by police tonight at 6:00 pm focusing on an officer involved shooting from earlier this month in the fillmore district
9:32 am
on may 11. police were investigating a car burglary when one suspect was detained and another ran away stole a parked car and drove away. police say that car crashed into two police cars and that is when the shooting occurred. the suspect and a police officer were hurt but there has been no word on how they were hurt. tonight the town hall meeting is at 6:00 pm at the hamilton recreation center. starting today union city police are kicking off the click it or ticket campaign looking for unfastened seatbelts as part of the effort to remind people to buckle up. extra officers will be on the road through june 3 to stop and to get drivers. they will also ticket drivers whose children's are not in child restraint seats. police in union city need help finding a tagger who vandalized several buildings. this is one example. the tagger has spray-painted
9:33 am
buildings on the east side of union city. if you have any information call union city police. those are some of your morning headlines. mike, sal, gasia back to you. celebrities across the world are calling on world leaders to take action against global gender inequality, oprah winfrey, meryl streep and reese witherspoon are among the stars who signed an open letter telling the world they have been put on notice to take action to put in end to inequality, the gender gap is wider for women living in the poorest countries in the world and they describe poverty as sexist. inequality leaves 130 million girls without education and 1 billion women without access to a bank account. another large gathering in lake merritt yesterday in response to a controversial incident that happened last month when a white woman called the police to report an african- american family was using a charcoal grill in an area where
9:34 am
they are not allowed. >> rob malcolm with more on the message behind the big turnout. >> pork links, fish, chicken ribs. >> it is not routine crowds packing lake merritt with everything on the grill. >> originally i said i will get together some of my friends and we will have a barbecue to eat in peace and then it ballooned into this. >> a message people wanted the world to hear. >> i thought it was important to come and support "barbecuing while black" because right now in america the whole thing just being black in america is getting ridiculous. >> the grills have ignited over this incident which took place in april. a white woman called police on a black family barbecuing with charcoal in an area where it was prohibited.>> we want to show that one complaint cannot stop us. we will enjoy the day and
9:35 am
barbecuing while black. >> one of the men at the center of the ferments viral video enjoyed widespread support on sunday. >> when i look around i love it. it is heartwarming. just to see everyone come together and be able to celebrate just being in oakland. >> in the past few months a handful of incidents have exploded on social media gaining national attention. at yale university a white student called campus police on a fellow black student who fell asleep in the dorms common area. a philadelphia starbucks left reeling after a manager called police to remove two black men who sat down for a business meeting. these incidents have resonated.>> there is no call for calling the police on something where there is no danger and african-americans are being targeted. whether it is here or anywhere else. >> this student came down with his history teacher and learned
9:36 am
a life lesson. >> the fact that we are here united to show that what is going on is very wrong it just continues to happen.>> addressing the issue of racial profiling starbucks on saturday announced a new policy where customers can sit in the restaurant all day even use a bathroom regardless of if they buy something or not. in oakland rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. this comes as starbucks is closing doors for half a day next week to give all workers implicit bias training after an incident in philadelphia. many people point to implicit unconscious or racial bias as the reason one employee called police on two black men. implicit bias is an unspoken prejudice that is not recognized by the person who holds and acts on it. i spoke with the head of a
9:37 am
strategy for to see what the training might look like, she said teaching workers to recognize unconscious bias and work against it is a good start.>> in an ideal world it would be amazing to involve social scientists to help influence and measure the impact of training but i think what would be really important is if it coupled awareness raising with strategy. if it feels tactical. >> anyone can use a starbucks restroom or even sit in a starbucks. coming up tomorrow on "mornings on 2 the 9" we will explore the changes that have happened and look where else bias has been documented. coming up next, capturing some of the biggest moments in nba history. coming up next we are live with the longest tenured photographer in the nba. here is a look at tonight's primetime lineup, coming up the
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. the warriors blew out the houston rockets last night in a big win in game three of the western conference finals.>> a nice pass draymond green. backdoor to thompson and he scores. >> this did not feel close at all. maybe in the first half a little bit but for the warriors a big night, six warriors in double digits with steph curry leading the way with 35 points, kevin durant with 25 points as the warriors won by 41 points.
9:41 am
>> how about draymond green on the boards with 17 rebounds. >> or your friends are energized knowing the warriors are one step closer to another finals appearance. >> i knew that they were going to blow them out and i was going to bet.>> people came from far away for the game, ktvu talked with one man who came from china. >> this is the first game i went to for the nba. it is unbelievable so i think i would do it again. >> for many it is a family affair, this young fan came with his father and was able to get some autographs. game four is set for tomorrow night at oracle arena. andrew bernstein is the longest tenured photographer in the nba, he was at the game last night shooting the playoffs for the 36 year in a row. >> from vintage pictures to nba legends his camera has captured
9:42 am
a lot of moments and we are lucky enough to have andrew with us in studio. welcome. what did you think? >> it was definitely a blowout, really tough to watch for houston. >> from your perspective during a blowout does that make it more difficult or is it easier? >> well, in your arena a blowout is just as good as a one point wind -- win because the crowd gets into it. the crescendo grew as the game progressed and i love to see the reaction of players and fans but it is a little less stressful than a last-second shot. >> you have been doing this for a while it. you have been to a lot of arenas. i want to put up a picture from a little while ago where chris mullins is being guarded by dell curry. on the left you can see that. you have been doing this for a
9:43 am
while. what can you tell me about how the game has changed since you started until now. >> if you look at the picture you can see the game has changed because the shorts are longer. that was the short short days. i love that picture because it brings me back full circle. you can see steph curry out there with his dad. >> chris was in the house last night sitting in the stands as fans so that is why i brought that up. so you use nice equipment but what about the average person who wants to take good pictures they can show people? do you have any tips for someone who might want to start?>> sure, the introductory kits the beginner who wants to take a step up from a basic camera phone, they are really good. they will do video, they will do still shots and they come with lenses and flash. now is
9:44 am
box turn it on put it on automatic and you're ready to go which is a little different from when i started but it is great.>> you know, i grew up a warriors fan but my first game was the great western forum to see magic johnson and showtime. i know that you covered a lot of those teams. is that the best team you have covered? that laker team? >> it is interesting because i was talking about this last night and i lived through showtime and documented that. magic and i were rookies together but to see this warriors team and their firepower and the fact that one guy could have an off night and there's another and then another it is pretty mind blowing. showtime was similar. >> do you have a relationship with a lot of the players that you shoot? >> absolutely. that is what i live for, i love
9:45 am
what i do but i love the fact that i have been able to forge relationships. i was with kobe bryant for 20 years, i took his first and last laker picture. magic as well and now it extends to kevin durant and steph curry and those guys. >> do the players appreciate to see images of them especially as they get older the pictures get valuable. so maybe as kobe bryant or these other players capture them in the prime do they ever say anything about that? >> absolutely they love to get pictures especially in the early days. as kobe was about to retire i would get emails do you have this conference final picture or that all-star game? also the referees they love to get pictures. >> so you know all these guys. i have a basketball question, people say the warriors are ruining the nba and my counterbalance is that there have always been super teams.
9:46 am
the bulls, the lakers, the celtics, is it more of the same? >> i don't think they are ruining it, i think everybody is jealous of them especially because they are so good but we saw a great finals the last three or four years so is lebron james ruining the game? no he is just good and the warriors are good, the lakers showtime teams were great, the great spurs teams, the rockets, the pistons, the bulls with michael jordan. so i think it is another era of a great team. i don't like the term superteam because every team that aspires to be great you know steve kerr and all of those guys have put together an amazing team. >> is there a perfect picture?>> well, it has to be in focus. i have taken a lot of great pictures that won't see the light of day but the perfect
9:47 am
picture will elicit a response from the viewer. when you look at the picture you will say it was a great moment but i like to get the emotions on the court as well. the warriors are great at that, steph curry had some last night and draymond green too. so if you as the viewer are looking at the photo and you get a response that i have done my job.>> is there one moment that you missed? >> how much time do you got? >> i was expecting one or two.>> you know, i am unfortunately subject to getting blocked by referees or missing guys because of arms or you are out of focus. it is what it is, it happens quickly and i get one shot every four seconds unlike photographers with a motor drive
9:48 am
i get one every four mexicans because i use a big flash system. so it is very challenging. >> andrew congratulations on your career for decades and continuing on. do you have a warriors shirt underneath?>> no i am not like magic johnson when he went to larry bird's retirement. but no i have a lot of fence for all teams. >> thank you for the conversation, we will be right back. ba at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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it is a mug monday, now is your chance to win a ktvu fox 2 news mug. to enter go to facebook click on the contest link and fill out the entry form, entries will be accepted until 1:00 this afternoon so do not miss your chance to win. ktvu on one side and ktvu plus on the other side. we would love to get a picture of you with your mug and send it over to us. >> take a picture of your mug. strike tens of thousands of runners turned out in san francisco for the 107th bay to breakers race facing a windy course that ended at the ocean beach. >> organizers introduced a new optional bonus loop for those at the end who wanted an extra medal. we were there to see the costumes characters and winners.
9:52 am
>> the runners rose early and were ready to roll out for the 107th bay to breakers race in san francisco, the race drawing 40,000 registered runners often seems more like a parade of colorful costumes and characters. rainbow squid at the starting line along with scores of superheroes.>> this is the first time with the kids and we love it because it is fun. >> there was a blue man group representing arrested development, lady liberty, and the chickens that crossed the road. >> off and on since 1997. we were just figuring that out and we love the excitement. >> the question on social media, who would win? >> i am team team yanny. >> tortillas started flying another beta breaker race tradition before the beginning of the race.
9:53 am
and then this year the race to ocean beach had a new feature. >> we have the option to extend the run by three kilometers making it a full 15 so you will get the extra medal. >> 2000 volunteers helped keep things running smoothly.>> it is a san francisco meeting and every time i come i look forward. i have been volunteering since 1981. >> i have been running since 1972 and i figured this would be perfect weather. >> the wind made it a little chilly for the tradition of just shoes and race number. the race course went to the city and golden gate park causing road closures along the way and at the finish line a festival at ocean beach with the fastest runners crossing before others began. by the end of the race at ocean beach delete men's winner came from kenya. for the women's
9:54 am
division jane from kenya also finished in 40 minutes and 37 seconds. certainly there was a very strong wind which could have contributed to the slower pace from previous years but for a lot of these people it is all about the fun of the run. reporting from san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. strike every week we are thrilled to highlight some of the athletic abilities of bay area children. this week meet billy, he is not from the bay area but this video has gone viral and we would love to share it with you. billy has down syndrome and is in his second season playing in the new york league which provides a safe setting for children and young adults to play in a noncompetitive league. it is a noncompetitive league and everyone is a winner. i love the joy and the celebration. the executive director says billy felt like he won the
9:55 am
championship and yes his fellow players encouraged him to show off his moves. i love the spirit. we love to see those videos from you and your little ones so send them to us with a brief description. send it to us through facebook or tweet us using our hashtag. this morning we are getting a peek at the royal families photo album following the wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. now known as the duke and duchess of sussex. they have just released some of their official wedding photos, they were first posted on the kensington palace twitter page. the images of prince harry and meghan markle were taken at windsor castle right after the carriage procession. the royal honeymoon will have to wait. the newlyweds are staying in the uk a little while longer to take part in the 70th birthday of prince charles, the royal couple is planning to tour
9:56 am
several locations for their honeymoon including zombie and the caribbean. >> we are also learning more on how the duke and duchess hundred princess diana on their special day. prince harry hand poked -- picked some of the flowers which included his mother's favorite flowers, now the bouquet will lie at westminster abbey at the grave of the unknown warrior. at the new couple's evening reception meghan markle wore one of princess diana's favorite pieces of jewelry. the wedding and reception dresses have gotten a lot of attention from fans and fashion experts. both gowns were simple and understated with no embellishments, the wedding dress is described as elegant. >> it was perfection. >> the dress featured a train and was paired with a 16 foot veil. the reception down was a high neck flowing halter with open
9:57 am
back design by stella mccartney. >> you were so uncomfortable reading those words.>> no, i worked in retail. defenses seem to love both looks. >> she is a rose you do not need adornment. i thought it was spot on. >> we did not get up at 2:00 in the morning though. thank you for watching everyone, we will see you back here at noon.
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>> live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. now here's wendy. [cheering] ♪ [applause] >> wendy: thank you for watching. [cheering] how you doin'? let's get


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