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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 21, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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lawmakers from san francisco and the peninsula want that to end given recent massacres in school shootings. >> are company is -- our company is awash in guns including guns who has a soul purpose of killing as many people as possible. >> reporter: phil ting and scott weiner have offered a bill to ban gun shows at the cow palace. >> we need to reduce the number of guns in this country. >> reporter: it is owned and operated by the state, the cow palace is. crossroads co-owner said that lawmakers are running afoul of the first and second amendments. >> there are a lot of law- abiding mary gun owners and denying them the opportunity to get together and share their hobby and views. >> reporter: this is the fifth attempt to ban guns there but
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earlier they was vetoed. >> if you listen to the community, the communities around the cow palace have asked for the gun chose to end. >> reporter: legislators hope the current political climate will result in change. >> it will not stop the next santa fe, but it will stop is california profiting and glamorizing the retail sale of guns in our community. >> reporter: mark leno said he was horrified to read of an online description of guns in california as being cool and easy. >> there is nothing cool and easy about burying your child after some violent act of guns. >> reporter: local students say the time to reduce gun violence is now. >> the thing that we hear from students over and over again regarding gun issues is that they are afraid. they are afraid their campuses have become unsafe. they have
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shifted from learning environments to places they are not even sure they are going to survive the date. >> this will not only be a public safety measure, but it would improve morale. >> reporter: the only gun sale should be in the form of gun buybacks. the county had an event about two weeks ago and they were able to take over 420 guns off of the street. across texas today, people took part in a statewide moment of silence to remember the 10 people shot to death at santa fe high school last week. at the campus, crosses with the name of the victims were set up on the lawn. the suspected government is a 17-year-old junior at the high school, and he is now being held on murder charges. the governor of texas will head up the first of three roundtable discussions on how to prevent future gun violence. meanwhile, our reporter showed us high grieving students pay
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tribute to their friends and students. >> reporter: the high school students praised their following classmates. >> he would supersweet and do anything for anybody. >> reporter: autumn says that christian garcia was her best friend. the 15-year-old was one of eight students and two teachers guns down on friday. we are learning the -- gun -- gunned down on friday. we are learning that the event lasted quite a few minutes. people gathered on the school's football field for the tree beat. they gathered nearly 10 small white crosses that had the victims names on it. students and loved ones didn't try to hold back tears. santa fe had well-wishers from other people who are all too
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familiar with gun violence like the parents of this aurora school victim who came to santa fe to show that support. >> when we heard the news, we went to our knees like we always do because it brings us back to the time that we was in this position. >> reporter: the texas governor has called for a roundtable discussion this week on gun violence scheduled for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday at the state capital. that is the latest outside of santa fe high school in santa fe, texas. authorities have identified a man who died after falling from a mezzanine at san francisco international airport. he was dale robert finn of san francisco. he plunges to the baggage claim area at terminal three where he died. it happened at 8:45 am this morning, and the sheriff's office said his death appears to be a suicide. to the upcoming election,
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on the june ballot, the area voters will have to decide on a toll hike on state bridges. each hike would be one dollar and phased in over three years. >> reporter: the bay area three big-city mayors said that anyone who uses bridges, roads, or trains should vote for regional measure three to relieve congestion in the ever- growing commute times. >> we are proud to lead the nation in the development of supercomputers, but in the bay area, we also lead the nation in super commuters. our infrastructure and transportation system is struggling in our city. our trains are more crowded than ever before. our buses a more crowded than ever before. >> a very smart approach using a very graduated toll increase to immediately invest in
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projects. >> reporter: if the measure passes, the current five dollars charged on all of the state bridges will go to six dollars in 2019, seven dollars in 2022, and eight dollars in 2025. the golden gate bridge will go to eight dollars this july 1. but, with inflation, it would now cost $17.45. the bridge and tunnel system of new york is now at $15, and the bridge in new york city is at $17. >> when the bay bridge was opened, the toll was about $25 in today's money. >> reporter: the tolls have funded many things including widening the san mateo bridge and expanding the richmond bridge to three lanes during the rush hour and much more. >> our cars ought extensions and we need many cars and buses
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to get across the bridge, and we need lots of highway improvements as well. >> reporter: if the measure passes, road improvements including the reworking of the 680 highway 4 and the highway 102 interchange what happened. substantial improvements to the 580 what also happened. measured three funds would go to forward-looking projects, things we will get in the future. this has nothing to do with the $.12 a gallon gasoline tax which will go to do maintenance that has been deferred for decades. >> this was our question of the day here on ktvu. do you support measured three? 87% of those who voted said no and they will not support the measure.
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you are a couple of the responses. one person said live within your means local politicians. the tax is regressive. why should i benefit from an oakland commuter crossing debate? a second person wrote this would be a larger burden on us with the lowest incomes, a patently unfair way to fund infrastructure projects. no! state transportation officials celebrate the start of construction products on i- 880 today using the gas tax bill money. the project sets out to repave about 60 miles of i-880 from oakland to fremont. this is just one of thousands of projects aimed at relieving congestion and rebuilding the states aging infrastructure. >> that is 16 potholes, repaving roads, and making safety improvements. >> the bill was signed into law
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last year, and it initially raised gasoline and diesel fuel taxes as well as the california registration fee. there are efforts to roll back the measure as opponents say they have a -- enough signatures to put a repeal on the ballot. a republican member of congress who want state and local officials who enforce state sanctuary policies to face prosecution. he is taking direct aim at oakland mayor libby schaaf. he is promising that if politicians obstruct immigration raids or enforcement, they will end up in jail. the mayor faced criticism for alerting immigrant communities of an immigration raid. she said she was not obstructing justice, but standing up for her constituents. this isn't a story about a student changing school district, it is about an entire school that wants to move into
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a new district on the peninsula. the reasons why coming up tonight at 5:30 pm. they cleared out a troubled hallway inside of a bart station after video showed rapid -- rapid -- drug use. once apparent, always apparent. wife steph curry's mom was not too happy with her son's behavior during last night's game. we are tracking the forecast and it will not get that warm. we will have the details on what you can expect for your tuesday and beyond.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. it is a hallway that has received a lot of attention in the past couple of weeks because of this video showing people using drugs out in the
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open in this hallway at the civic center bart station. the agency is considering a new idea after meeting with the san francisco mayor. our report is live at the civic center station with more on the idea of just to block off that part of the station. >> reporter: that is the plan, and this is the hallway that has all eyes on it for the past several days now. i took a bart hear from oakland earlier this afternoon and when i came up to the platform, i saw two officers on patrol and the hallway look like this completely empty, and bart officials hope it stays that way with the new idea. an empty hallway backdrop at the bart station is not the usual site. >> how do you put it, pleasantly surprised? >> it is not normal, and it is normal for them to be there. >> reporter: this video showed drug use inside of this hallway
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last week and has since led to the area been cleared and joint patrols by the san francisco police department and bart police. they are now considering the idea of closing the hallway completely. >> it looked like a wall and would have a door in it so that our station agents and custodians could go back and forth. >> reporter: if the idea is approved, it is unclear if the closure will be temporary or permanent. >> how much more are they going to take away? are they going to take out the total bart stop because people are in this area doing stuff? >> significantly enough time to wear all of the escalators and elevators have close down at once at the civic center, and they have not once resolved the maintenance issue. once they can guarantee at least one assessable way, then it could be something considered. >> reporter: a bart spokesman said another idea to keep the area clear is to install needle
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disposal areas at the street level. >> this hallway only connects one end of the station to another. >> reporter: ultimately, the agencies -- agency wants to keep his rider say. >> it is still -- safe. >> ultimately, we need a social service solution, but in the short term, i think this is reasonable. >> reporter: there is no specific timeline when the bart officials plan to meet with the state fire marshal to possibly get this approval. we do know it is in the works and we will keep you updated. in the meantime, the board of directors supervisor said he will come back here within the next hour and stay for the evening hours to patrol on his own to make sure that this area stays clear for the next several days. >> like that woman said in your piece, it is a big station and
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if you just block off that hallway, what is to stop them from going somewhere else and did the officials addressed that concern? >> reporter: they did say they are looking at the root of the problem, and they want to offer services to people. they offered services to people that were down there last week and some of them took them up on the offer, and some did not. but if you do go up the as givers, you will see a lot of people up there and you can see the drug use. so yes, the problem has moved from one location to another. that is why bart said this is a temporary solution and they are looking at long-term as well of working with the city to get these people involved with social services and get the help they need. >> let's hope and people can get more of a long-term solution coming soon. a construction worker had to be rescued after falling 30 feet down into a pie. it happened around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon near rio vista.
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several agencies responded to the scene to help with the rescue. it is not clear what caused the man to fall into the concrete pipe. firefighters say he was semi- conscience and was unable to remove himself. he was treated on the scene before being taken to the hospital for mother in valuation -- for evaluation. the president demanded that the justice department investigate whether the president's campaign was infiltrated or surveyed for political purposes. the inspector general is now looking into that accusation. the white house confirmed the presence meeting with the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and the meeting lasted about one hour. speaking and washing today, he did not address the controversy directly, but warned of dangers that come from a lack of
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oversight. >> you can see vulnerabilities, and it always strike the prosecutor. for example, people think we saw the problem and we eliminate the bad guy and we have held them accountable. but offer the case will reflect some systemic failure, and often it is a failure of oversight. >> just as officials are pushing back following comments from the presidents attorney really giuliani over the weekend that the mola probe would wrap up by september 1. one person called the deadline made up. the trump administration is going to impose the strongest sanctions in history on i ran -- iran if they do not agree to a new deal. pompeo propose a new treaty that would require them to stop all uranium enrichment.
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they also called for them to renounce their involvement in syria, lebanon, and afghanistan among other places. >> the regime has been fighting all over the middle east for years. after our sanctions come in force, they will be battling to keep their economy a lie. >> the secretary of state did not put a timeline on when the strategy would be put into place. the presidents of iran said the terms were unacceptable. the weekend was fairly cool around here, especially on sunday. but that marine inversion is deep, and it still is. it got really high over the weekend, and it is going to get high again and think again as we head into the rest of the week. temperatures are going to stay on the mild side, and it is not going to feel like late may, but it will feel more like early spring and mid spring. we are about one month behind
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the season right now. the reason for that is this guy right here. you can see this pressure system and will -- when they sit out here, this time of the year, all that should be here is big high pressure right there. for the last so many weeks, we have actually had three of these low pressure system sitting there. those are areas of lift and instability, and that is why the inversion gets lifted. that is why the temperatures are not in the 80s and 90s, but just in the 70s, and that is where we will go again tomorrow. if you see around northern california, we have thunderstorms again, and they have been triggering off really for the last week and week and a half. that is happening up near reno and in reaction to that low pressure that i showed you. with that said, there is plenty of fog at the coast and this
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deep marine layer is pushing in the with fog tomorrow morning and the next couple of mornings. we will be looking at temperatures in the 60s and 70s. today was a little bit warmer and 9 degrees warmer in fairfield. you can see where the seabreeze is, that is all of the green. santa rosa was a little bit cooler. it is 75 degrees in fairfield and 65 degrees in fremont. there is a big deep marine layer coming in that will be in here tonight, and it will definitely keep temperatures on the mild side overnight tonight. we will be in the mid-50s to upper 40s, that kind of thing. daytime high temperatures will be stuck. they will be stuck in the 60s to mid 70s in most spots. this go into the inland a valleys over the hill and you are in the 70s. conquered will be at 74 degrees -- conquered will be at seven --
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if you go to concord, it will be 74 degrees. what a game last night for the warriors as they got their biggest blowout in their playoff history, but after the game, steph curry's mom was not that happy with him and why she officially told him he needs to wash his mouth out with soap. a worker is severely burned in an accident at the tesla fremont factory and suing the carmaker. >> i don't want anybody to have to go through what i have to go through every day. (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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stomach what a night for steph curry, the warriors, and their fans. a record-breaking playoff win with the team of 2-1 in the series against houston. the mood kind of changed when steph curry checked his phone after the game. said his mom was not that happy with the curse word that steph used on the court during the game. joe is here now with more on what is becoming to talk. >> prior to the game when people were saying what happened to steph shot, it is what did steph say? he is a guy who is not only one of the best basketball players on the planet, but place with a sense of joy that he wears on his face in just about every game. but don't for a second think that he is not one of the most intense competitors to ever step foot on the court. after a many shooting slump, he broke it up with a 7-7 3rd quarter.
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after finishing a drive to the hoop in the middle of that warrior run, he let loose with a verbal explosion that was not difficult to lift read. something about whose house it is. that is not something you often see from curry and it got the attention of his teammates. >> of course i like him, and that is an important word when you are playing basketball. i just like his excitement for the game, and his intensity. >> that was funny. that is a rare occurrence. >> i have never really seen steph use that language, but that is what the playoffs bring out of you. don't do that at home kids, it is just once in a while. >> let people know this is our building. >> i was talking to myself and you have to be your biggest fan sometimes. you just have to do whatever you need to do to get it going
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and what makes a great player in general is being able to deal with failures and frustrations and whatever it is and not living up to your own expectations and not letting yourself get defeated. >> if you want further evidence of his competitive nature, that was today at practice and a little more than 12 hours after the beginning, he was practicing the shots that abandoned him on the road for a short period of time. one of the major reasons that he is as good as he is is that he works as hard as he does. steph curry's mom sent him a couple of video clips before he left the arena with the message something about washing out his mouth with soap. >> certainly not the first explicit -- cuss word and it will probably not be the last. >> the camera caught that one and there is a lot of trash talk that happens in the game, and with the camera is not there to read everything you
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say. >> i play hockey at a club level and i am amazed at i will look at myself and say did i say that to that guy? >> the thing that people forget about him is because he looks the way he does on the court, he has the big face, but he is competitive. >> we like them to be competitive. a bold plan to leave their school district behind and join in the wealthy school district on the palencia. coming up next, why a stage development -- peninsula. coming up next, why a development is playing a big role in this. >> hopefully we can find a common ground. >> the latest shop -- stop in our barber stop and shop series is in richmond tonight. nearly 100% success rate for graduating seniors.
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a proud class of seniors in oakland is now ready for the next challenge.
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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stomach a neighborhood group lost a petition to move belhaven elementary school out of one underperforming school district and into a different highly regarded district. our reporter explains that it makes sense to be part of that school district. >> reporter: in the belhaven neighborhood, residents say their school is failing them. they say test scores are low and teachers don't stay and students are suffering. that is what the neighborhoods us -- why the neighborhood association is getting a petition to transfer them into another district. >> it is time to do something to help the kids in this community. our intent is not to decimate the school district, but we are looking at this one school. we wanted to be unified with
5:33 pm
the rest of the park. >> reporter: other neighborhoods have succeeded in the past. city officials say it is a long and difficult process. but now is the time to act. >> we are adding hundreds of apartment units and we are looking at facebook village that will add more people and students to the area. the area is going to change and we need to be proactive about getting a really great education system in place for everybody. >> reporter: the petitioners have a backup plan. if they cannot join them apart, they would like to make their own district. the school district calls this a mistake and says the community needs to work together as one unified district. 2 with more housing, there is more dollars coming into the district, and we are not surprised there is a quick desire to try and segregate the district to reap the rewards of the new housing.
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>> reporter: some parents say they have concerns about what would happen to those students left behind. >> it is not fair to single out one school. do all of the schools. >> reporter: the group had the -- has been gathering signatures on line and have about half of the signatures they need. a rally was held in oakland today to inspire people to get out and vote in the primary election next month. today is the last day to register to vote for the primary election, and a rally at the plaza in front of oakland city hall encourage people to make sure they register and get out and vote. organizers are trying to boost the number of people that turn out at the polls because typically, only about 25% of the people actually boat. >> we are going to get people out here and speak truth about
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what is impacting their lives. >> in addition to voter registration, organ is either provided information about job opportunities and resources. state bills impacting criminal justice reform and housing and community needs are also on the ballot. the highway patrol is investigating the crash that took the life of a danville engineer. the body was found inside of a tesla model s that he was driving. a homeowner on the roads spotted a broken fence and debris last night, which led that chp to investigate. the car likely went airborne and crashed to a wooden fence and landed in the pod. >> -- pond. >> to get the tow cable to the vehicle, we needed divers, and they bend located the vehicle
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and the recovery of the vehicle took a little bit longer than planned. >> the chp said it is too early to determine if speed are driver impairment played a role in the crash. a man and a woman who were found dead in the east san jose foothills were identified today. the medical examiner's office say 21-year-old emilio salazar and jennifer martinez were found shot to death on sierra road last wednesday night. both of them are from san jose. the san jose police found them after someone reported unrelated gunshots in the area. it is not clear what the victims were doing in the rural area the night they were killed. no suspects have been arrested and police do not have a motive. bringing a community together, that is the idea around the barbershop forearms that began in november 2016. paul chambers have brought you
5:37 pm
these talks between law enforcement and community members, and paul joins us live from richmond kennedy high school on worldwide the forum tonight is different. >> reporter: things are getting underway about one half of an hour from now, and this is the first time a barbershop form has been held at a high school campus. the reasoning is that both the law enforcement and the school say the people that need to be talked to the most is the next generation. for nearly 5 months, the city of richmond had zero homicides. but after we reported that figure, more people were killed in richmond. >> there is some things that we need to talk about it there is been some violence in the community recently. >> reporter: the principal said that often times, violent crimes have a trickle-down effect making its way into the high school and impacting students. >> i come in here and because
5:38 pm
of the emotional need because what took place the night before and the concerns in the community is always violence in our city. we want to hear from them. >> reporter: so did the barbershop for him. >> this is the time for the community to step up and bring their concerns so we can be heard. >> reporter: they decided to step up the meeting by a few months because of the increase in homicides. laster, the meeting was held inside of a barbershop. this time, it will be held on the kennedy high school campus so that more people, especially the youth, can be engaged. >> i think catching those that are still grounded and sharing information with him and letting them know the community cares about them. >> they need a chance to talk to some people who possibly have a solution for them and people are working on trying to get things turned around. >> reporter: richmond police officer say the community involvement is a key to their sick elf, -- their self that's
5:39 pm
back themselves -- themselves. >> without the tips from the community, we are kind of dead in the water. >> reporter: things will get underway here at 6:00 p.m. the richmond police chief is here and they -- a district attorney is expected to show up and they say the only way things will get better is due here directly from the community. a history making day at the cia. what the new head of the agency plans to do first. it is the end of the line for a southbay location. still to come tonight, what one of the founders is blaming for what is happening.
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stomach history was made today as gina haspel became the first woman -- history was made today as gina haspel became the first woman to lead the cia. the president said that nobody in the country was better qualified for the job. the senate confirmed her last week in spite of concerns about her role in the agency's use of harsh interrogation techniques after the september 11 attacks. and the only way to confront these threats is to forge ahead with determination and with the same spirit that has defined our agency since its founding
5:43 pm
more than 70 years ago. i am profoundly honored to lead you in that fight. >> has bull said she wants to send more often -- gina has bull said she wants to send more officers in the field and succeeds mike pompeo. >> the new york police department is investigating the chef for alleged sexual assault. news comes after a bombshell interview on 60 minutes last night who is a former waitress at one of his restaurants. she claims that he drugged and assaulted her. >> i woke up by myself on the floor. the first thing that i think is i have been drugged. that is the first thing that i thought is that i had been assaulted. >> in a statement, the chef said that he denies any allegations of sexual assault. my past behavior has been
5:44 pm
deeply inappropriate and i am remorseful for my actions. a judge ruled today there would not be any bail for a man who set off an explosion that killed his ex-girlfriend. federal agents say they found two improvised explosive devices and 100 and -- 130 pounds of explosive material in his home. this woman died when an explosion ripped through her baseball. -- day spa. coming up next, what one of the founders blame on this doors closing for good. it is a special time of the year for high school seniors and particularly these graduates in oakland. coming up, the remarkable story from one school were 97% of the graduates are off to college this fall. temperatures this week will
5:45 pm
not get that warm out there for this time of the year. i will let you know what the forecast is and how it sets up for the rest of the week. on the primetime lineup, starting at 8:00 p.m., you can see the miss usa contest. did stay tuned for the 10:00 pm and 11:00 p.m. that's me then stay tuned for the 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. news.
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you know at the heart of what mayor villaraigosa is doing today, he's fighting to make this country more equal and more just. president obama called him one of america's finest mayors. he's more prepared to get things done. antonio for governor. stomach two weeks from today -- two weeks from today, a longtime restaurant in the san francisco restaurant scene will close the doors for good. we have more about the closing.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: for nearly 20 years, this downtown san jose building and the patio lured food and beverage people to the brand and their award-winning bruce. >> i have come here for many years, and i just don't believe it. >> reporter: the parent company announced they are closing the last day area restaurant that has this name. the marketing vice president says the last day of operation will be june 3 of 2018. the san jose location will always hold a special place in our hearts. >> it is a sad day. we will reminisce of the good days. >> reporter: dan gordon was one half of the local team that founded the beer back in 1988. this pair pioneered the restaurant. >> it was the most beautiful spot and a glimpse of the future.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: the future turned out to be a parting of the ways with the chain being sold in 1989. gordon went full-time into his love, brewing and bottling beer. but it doesn't take a degree for him to see a landmark that was his life was run into the ground. >> if you have a high volume of sales, that would be great. but they are not able to achieve it with their level of creativity and sustain the infrastructure. >> reporter: rising labor cost is another issue. minimum wage is higher than what the state mandates, and that makes it harder for out-of- state management to meet profit goals. what is going to come in its place is possibly another restaurant. >> maybe other operators can come back in and make it successful. >> reporter: no word on who
5:50 pm
will take the space. >> i am going to keep coming here regardless of who owns it. >> reporter: no matter who the new owner is, it will not be part of the brick-and-mortar historical landscape. we are getting some stunning new pictures on the big island of hawaii where the power of nature is on display. a fountain of lava is spewing molten rock 300 feet into the air. the lava flow is pouring down the hillside into the ocean. crews went to survey the area today, and the hawaii national guard said there is concern that the fast-moving lava will cut off roads that people depend on. >> it tells you that this particular flow is very fast compared to the earlier lava flows that people may have seen on videos where it is just kind of crawling along and inching along. this is as far as lava goes, it
5:51 pm
is pretty fast. >> people are being warned to stay indoors to avoid breathing the toxic gases when the lava hits the water. the plume is also packed with tiny particles of glass. >> the pictures of that is just incredible! >> it has been going on for weeks. >> and it doesn't look like there is any end in sight. >> it started off with a rumble and it got big, and it could pulse down and impulse backup. what is fascinating to me is that it is 300 foot. the golden gate bridge is just 200 feet. so you are talking about this plume of magma blowing up. >> i cannot imagine how powerful that is! >> you don't see things like this too often, in anybody's lifetime. the golden gate bridge is about
5:52 pm
220 feet and we are talking about 300 feet that magma was flying up. so, here is the system that we are tracking and here is one of the system that will create, and there it is, it will explode when it gets out here. this low pressure center and this one will remain close to us, and that is the trigger for a mild pattern. a low fire danger pattern and a good air-quality pattern, but not a hot pattern. it will also deliver thunder and lightning up in lake tahoe, which is what it is doing right now. they have had thunder and lightning all day, but around here, it is fog. it will have a big push in london and be everywhere tomorrow morning when you get going. tomorrow's temperatures will not be in the 80s, but it will be significantly lower. it was cool yesterday, and
5:53 pm
there is the fog and low clouds if you will. the inversion is very deep and the overnight low temperatures are in the 40s and in the mid- 50s around the bay. this is your sky cover tomorrow in san francisco. that makes sense and it looks like today. oakland will have a little bit more sunshine and san jose will see a lot of sunshine but 10:00 a.m.. your forecast high temperatures and what you are seeing around here, you are going to be cool, and mild. livermore i expect to be about 82 degrees this time of the year, but they will be at 72 degrees. there is the five-day forecast, and any time you see something spinning counterclockwise only west coast map this time of the year, you will have temperatures like this.
5:54 pm
it is unusual to have that many low pressure system's as there was three last week and there is two now. this pattern is as great air- quality and a lesser fire danger. the list of colleges that will take seniors from the bay area to hawaii. >> we really stressed that this is your ticket out at a college education, if you work with us, we can get you there. >> coming up next, the story about one east bay high school that has nearly a perfect record this year in sending their graduating class to college. after he was severely burned in an accident at the tesla fremont factory, this former worker is taking the carmaker to court. >> i thought my body was on fire and all of my clothes was gone.
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graduation day is a little more than two weeks away, and the school reports that an astounding 97% of the students in the graduating class are going to college. our reporter spoke with some of the seniors and the staff about that remarkable achievement. >> reporter: in west oakland, this senior class is about to be moving on words and upward. of the 62 members of the 2018 graduating class, 60 are going on to college. that is a staggering 97%, well above the average of the oakland unified school district. the students have all been accepted to colleges. albert mitchell is still deciding.
5:58 pm
either way, he will be the first member of his family to go to college. he played linebacker on the back-to-back football championship teams, but he seems more pleased with what he accomplished in the classroom. >> i worked hard to high school to get where i am, and i am proud. it is showing that i actually accomplish something. >> reporter: the staff said they focus on preparing students for college and they take them on field trips to visit college campuses, sat preparation, and meet regularly to discuss higher education. this doctor has been teaching here for 44 years. >> when the students are getting ready to go to college, that is really exciting. >> reporter: the students say growing up here in west oakland is anything but easy. >> a lot of growth at my age and this community and people actually younger than me. that is something that i make sure
5:59 pm
did not happen to me. >> reporter: she will soon be off to fresno university. >> we stressed that this is your ticket out and a college education, if you work with us, we can get you there. >> for me to actually be going to college, i am really proud of myself. a potential solution for a barrier bart station used as a -- bay area bart station used as a drug dn. cut -- den. >> are they going to take out the entire bart stop because people are in this area doing stuff? >> barth is looking for
6:00 pm
approval to close an underground corridor door -- corridor door -- corridor. >> reporter: there is still a lot of questions as to when bart could close this hallway all. an empty hallway drop off -- hallway center is not the usual side. >> we are pleasantly surprised. >> it is almost like normal for them to be there. >> reporter: this video showings drug use inside of the same hallway last week has led to the area being cleared and joint patrols by san francisco and bart police, barth is now considering an idea to close the hallway completely.


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