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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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approval to close an underground corridor door -- corridor door -- corridor. >> reporter: there is still a lot of questions as to when bart could close this hallway all. an empty hallway drop off -- hallway center is not the usual side. >> we are pleasantly surprised. >> it is almost like normal for them to be there. >> reporter: this video showings drug use inside of the same hallway last week has led to the area being cleared and joint patrols by san francisco and bart police, barth is now considering an idea to close the hallway completely.
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>> it would look like a wall and it would have a door in it so that our station agents and custodians and others could go back and forth. >> reporter: if the idea was approved, it is unclear the closure would be temporary or permanent. writers have concerns. >> are they going to take out the entire bart stop because people are in this area doing stuff? >> it is not common, but significantly enough time that all of the escalators and elevators have closed down at once at the civic center, and they have not resolved the maintenance issue. once they can guarantee at least one assessable way, then it could be something consider. >> reporter: this bart spokesman said another idea to keep the area clear is to install needle disposal stations at the street level. >> this hallway serves no purpose but to connect one area to another. >> reporter: ultimately, the
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agency was to keep their writers safe and not subject them to drug use. >> they will probably just move somewhere else. >> ultimately, we need a social service solution, but in the short term, i think it is reasonable to do this. >> reporter: there is not a scheduled date for the bart officials to meet with the are marshals. we will stay on top of that developments. >> it is a sad fact that people have become so used to people shooting up in person. did you say you went down there today and you saw someone just on the outside of the station using drugs on the street? >> reporter: that is exactly right. i wrote all the way to the civic center, but once i got to the street level, there was a ton of people lining the streets there and i saw someone shooting up right in front of me. it has become commonplace to see things like that. bart officials note this is just a temporary solution and they are looking at addressing
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the root cause and getting social services for all of these people. authorities say a man who died after falling from a mezzanine at san francisco international airport took his own life. he is identified as 53-year-old dale robert finn. the man plunged to the baggage claim area at terminal three when he died just before 9:00 a.m. this morning. classes at santa fe high school were canceled today as a school and a community continues to mourn the 10 lives lost in the campus shooting last week. we had the names of the victim and the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police are now releasing new details about that shooting rampage, and we now know the names of all 10 of those victims. glenda perkins was a teacher and cynthia tisdale was a substitute teacher. shayna fisher was 16 years old,
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and jared black and christopher jake stone were both 17. the exchange student from pakistan was 17 years old. today students and that community came together to remember the victims. santa fe high school students praised their falling classmates. >> he was supersweet and would do anything for anybody. >> reporter: autumn harrison said christian garcia was her best friend. we are learning the attack lasted for more than 30 minutes, and that included a shootout between the accused gunman and police. ,17 dimitrios pagourtzis was eventually taken into custody , and the 10 victims and the others were remembered this morning. people gathered on the football field for the tribute here. 10 small right crosses had -- white crosses had the victims name. they received support
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from other people who are all too familiar with victims of gun violence. >> we heard the news and we went to our knees like we always do because it brings us right back to the time that we were in this position. texas has some of the nations loses gun laws, but the governor loose -- lose gun laws but the governor is calling a roundtable. lawmaker took steps today to temporarily take away gun rights from potentially dangerous people. the state assembly passed a bill that would allow school employees request gun violence restraining orders against people who show a warning sign of violence. california is one of a few states that allow immediate family members and police to request the such restraining
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orders. tonight at 6:30 pm, a new push to ban gun shows at the cow palace. details on why the lawmakers think this one will pass. a republican member of congress once local people who are against -- who are in favor of sanctuary policies to be held in contempt. this lawmaker is promising that if politicians obstruct immigration raids or enforcement, they will end up in jail. libby schaaf face widespread criticism for alerting immigrant communities earlier this year. this friday though, she defended her position and said she was not obstructing justice. a rally was held in oakland today to inspire people to get
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out and vote. today was the last day to register to vote for the june 5 election. the rally at the plaza in front of city hall encouraged current voters to make sure they vote and to register new voters. organizers are trying to boost the number of people that turn out at the polls because typically only about 25% of voters vote during the primary. >> we are going to get people out here and speak truth to power about what is impacting their life. >> in addition to voter registration, organizers provided information about job opportunities and community resources. one of the issues on the june ballot is being voted on in all counties. they are being asked to vote on a toll hike. >> it is a three-tiered hike and the three increases will be phased in over the next seven years. our reporter shows us how three bay area mayors teamed up to
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urge you to vote yes. >> reporter: they say that anybody who uses bridges, buses, or roads should vote for regional measure three. >> in silicon valley, we are proud to lead the nation in the development of supercomputers. but here in the bay area, we also lead the nation in super computers. -- commuters. a very smart approach using a very graduated toll increase to immediately invest in shovel ready projects. >> reporter: if the measure passes, the current five dollars charge on the state bridges will go to six dollars in 2019, seven dollars in 2022, and eight dollars in 2025. >> -- >> reporter: the golden gate
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bridge will go to eight dollars july 1. with inflation, the original one dollar toll what now cost over $17. the bridges and tunnels of new york are $15, and the mta bridge in new york city is $17. >> when that a bridge was opened, the toll was $1.25. it is now worth $25 in today's money. >> reporter: many things have been funded including expanding bridges during the rush hour and much more. >> bart cars and bart extensions, we need cars and buses to get across the bridge, and we need lots of highway improvements. >> reporter: if the measure passes, road improvements including the reworking of the 680 and highway four and interchanges what happened.
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substantial improvements to the 580 would also happen. measure 3 funds are going to go to forward looking projects, things we will get in the future. this has nothing to do with the $.12 a gallon tax that will go to war doing maintenance that has been deferred for decades. coming up, lyft is looking to rollout their own electric scooters in san francisco. after the break, details on the new twist. and another mild week is setting up this week as we have a few clouds at the coast and the lot of wind would show up over the next few days. 2 investigates lists accusations that tesla is running an unsafe factory and a lawsuit filed by a worker that said he was nearly electrocuted. >> i don't want anyone to have to go through what i have to go
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through every day. a live look at the monday commute. this is the san mateo bridge and the commute heading into the east bay is heavy. this is the golden gate bridge and it is not that bad in either direction.
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stomach an electrical explosion -- an electrical explosion at the tesla fremont facility is now causing a lawsuit.
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>> 2 investigates investigator is here now and why he says it is more than just an accident. >> reporter: just today, that victim filed a lawsuit against tesla. he says that tesla refused to deenergize the equipment under the pressure to get the work done fast. >> that morning, i was working at the tesla plant and doing electrical, and there was an explosion and i woke up 20 feet away and i was on fire. it was scary. >> reporter: 11 months later, son nguyen is still covered from head to toe. flames and electricity search to his body leaving him with burns. >> i thought my body was on fire. >> reporter: over his whole body.
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>> all of my clothes was gone. >> reporter: he was a contractor and was installing a plug when the electrical explosion happened. since he was the employee of the contractor, osha investigated the contractor and not tesla. >> a request was made to tesla to deenergize the equipment that he was working by, and tesla refuse. >> reporter: according to osha, nguyen was not qualified to work unsupervised and did not have proper safety gear and there was not a sufficient barrier to protect him. over the past year, tesla has been known to wrap up reduction, especially with the model three release. you think that tesla prioritizes production over safety? >> it doesn't look like tesla had a good reason not to
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deenergize the best way. it doesn't load -- look like there is a good reason. >> reporter: 2 investigates looked up records, and osha inspectors recorded 33 safety violations at the fremont factory. can what happened to you happen to somebody else? >> of course. >> reporter: in a statement, tesla told 2 investigates that they conducted an investigation and found out that the worker had not found and followed important safety verifications including safety locks, which would have prevented this accident from happening. we removed mark three from the factory. >> i was really happy to see my family. >> reporter: although life has changed for him, he would like
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to see one more change. >> i won't tesla to have ace -- i won't tesla to have -- want tesla do have -- tesla to have a safer work factory. tesla said they reduced their injury rate last year by more than 20%. >> how is he doing? >> he had to have multiple skin grafts on his whole body. what you are seeing is compression clause to keep the skin in. everyday is painful and he has to just move to keep mobility. for him, life will never be the same. >> so right now, everything is just tied up in legal and lawsuits. both of them are pointing the finger at each other. >> reporter: that is going to
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be worked out in court about who was responsible for the safety of mister nguyen . this victim set it was tesla because it was tesla equipment, but again, we will find out as this lawsuit moves forward. >> if you have a tip for our 2 investigates team, contact us by calling the phone number on the screen. the highway patrol was investigating a crash that took the life of an engineer from danville. a dive team found the body of 34-year-old keith leung inside of his tesla model s. he was reported missing by his family on friday and a homeowner spotted a broken fence and debris last night, and that led the chp to investigate. the car likely went airborne after veering off of the road and landing in the pond.
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>> the vehicle was submerged, and to get the tow cable to the vehicle, we needed divers. they located the vehicle and the recovery of the vehicle took a little longer than planned. >> the dive team had to make sure it was safe to touch the car. the chp said it is too early to determine a cause of the crash. we are getting the weather ready for this week. we had this weather system right here and that is bringing us some clouds and thunderstorm to lake tahoe right now. this is like the last few weeks were these low pressure centers have set themselves up. this means that we are going to have another cool up to a mild week. a couple of spots got close to
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80 degrees, but that is about it. as of tomorrow, the temperatures will stay mostly in the mid-70s, and it trends that way to the bay area work week. you see some thunderstorms up in the mountains, and that is because of that low. this shows up in late august and early september when you get the storms around lake tahoe. again, that low pressure center is not supposed to be there. as long as it is there, we can look for to good air quality and mild temperatures and a low fire danger. at this time of the year, the fire danger could be way up. looking at the current image, you can seat the fog is coming in and it is going to be everywhere tomorrow morning. we are running a little bit warmer today, and you can see it is stretched out and the high pressure is here. this pattern, the people at the
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coast like it because they get a little bit of fog in a little bit of sunshine. we will see you back here later with the details. lyft is looking to roll out their own electric scooter system in san francisco. the website said that lyft consultants have contacted city transportation officials about permits. the move comes as electric write your scooters available to rent with an app have caught on around the city. at least three firms currently offer scooter services, but san francisco lacks rules, and officials say that has been concerned about writers not wearing helmets and zooming down sidewalks and putting pedestrians at risk. a controversial plan to move a bay area school into a new district. why some or against the proposal, but others say it makes sense. the warriors are back on the court today getting ready for their key fourth game matchup at the oracle tomorrow night. mark has a -- an update.
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the rescue effort to save a construction worker from 30 feet down a pipe.
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a construction worker had to be rescued after falling 30 feet down into a pipe. it happened around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon near rio vista
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in solano county. several agencies responded to help with the rescue and it is not clear how he managed to fall into the concrete pipe. firefighters say he was semi- conscience and unable to remove himself. to the peninsula were eight neighborhood group has launched a petition to move will haven elementary school out of the raven would school district and into the highly regarded menlo park school district. while the neighborhood group said it makes sense, others are split. >> reporter: in the belhaven neighborhood, residents say their school is failing them. test scores are low and the teachers don't stay and students are suffering. the neighborhood association is circulating a petition to transfer them into the wealthy district. >> it is time to do something to help the kids in this community. we are only looking at one
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school that is right here in the neighborhood, and we wanted to be unified with the rest of the part. >> reporter: other neighborhoods have see seated -- seceded in the past. but they say now is the time to act. >> reporter: we are adding hundreds of apartment units and we are looking at areas that will add more people and students to the area. the area is going to change and we need to be proactive about getting a really great education system in place for everybody. >> reporter: the petitioners have a backup plan. if they cannot join the new part, they would like to form their own district. but, the school district says they need to work together as a unified district. >> with more housing, there is more dollars coming into the district, and we are not surprised there is a quick desire to try and segregate the district to reap the awards of
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the financial windfall in that district. >> it is not fair to just single out one school. do all of the schools. >> reporter: the group has been gathering signatures on line as well as going door to door. they said they have about half of the more than 600 signatures they need. a renewed push into bay area to ban gun shows at the cow palace. >> it will not stop the next santa fe, but it will stop is california from profiting and glamorizing the retail sale of guns. >> up next tonight, the new legislation introduced today and why lawmakers say after several failed attempts, this one will pass. the secretary of state warns
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iran to change her face some of the toughest sanctions in history. like pictures here of our latest barbershop forum that is being held in the east bay. stay with us as ktvu news at 6:30 pm is up next.
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to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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bart is considering closing an underground corridor door at the san francisco station to keep people from using the passageway to shoot drugs. bart would need approval from the state fire marshal and passengers would lose the convenience provided by the hallway. in the meantime, barth police and san francisco police have pledged to conduct added patrols. and authorities at sfo said a man who -- >> authorities say iman at episode -- a man at sfo who
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fell to his death committed suicide. he is identified as dale robert finn. authorities have released new details on the mass shooting at santa fe high school. they say the shooting went on for more than one half of an hour including a shoot out between the police and an accused gunman before he surrendered. people gathered at the school today for a memorial of the 10 victims. two of them were teachers and eight of them were students. state lawmakers announced new legislation today that would and gun shows at the cow palace. >> our reporter henry lee said that supporters are optimistic that this legislation will pass even though previous attempts have failed. >> reporter: the cow palace is home to five gun shows eight year. the entire delegation of state lawmakers now want that to in.
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that is -- end. that is due to the recent shootings like the one in santa fe. >> our country is awash in guns including guns who has a soul purpose of killing as many people as possible. >> reporter: state senator scott weiner and phil ting have offered a bill to ban gun shows at the cow palace. the cow palace is owned and operated by the state. the organizers of the crossroad have a contract with the cow palace through 2019. >> this bill as it is proposed will deny a lot of law-abiding bay area gun owners the opportunity to get together and exercise their hobby and shared their views. >> reporter: this is the fifth attempt by the legislature to
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ban gun shows there an earlier these efforts have been vetoed by governor jerry brown and former governor arnold schwarzenegger. legislators hope the current political climate will result in change. and it will not stop the next santa fe, but what it will stop is california profiting and glamorizing the retail sales of guns in our community. >> reporter: mark leno said he was horrified to read an online description of gun shows in california as being cool and easy. >> there is nothing cool and easy about burying your child after some violent act of guns. >> reporter: local students say the time to reduce gun violence is now. >> the thing that we hear from students over and over again is that they are afraid. they are afraid their campuses have become unsafe and have
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shifted from learning environments to places they are not sure they are going to survive the date. >> we believe that doing this would not only be a public safety measure, but improving morale. >> reporter: the only gun sales should be only in the form of gun buybacks is what this one person says. president donald trump met at the white house today with the deputy attorney general and the director of the fbi. the meeting comes just a day after the president demanded that the justice department investigates whether or not the president's campaign was infiltrated for political purposes. the inspector general is now looking into that accusation. the white house confirmed the meeting with the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and christopher ray lasted about one hour.
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the fbi and the justice department have agreed to meet with congressional leaders to review highly classified information that the lawmakers have been seeking on the handling of the russian probe. the trump administration today promised to impose the strongest sanctions in history on iran . our reporter is in washington where the administration is facing tensions with china and north korea. >> reporter: today, the secretary of state outlined 12 basic requirements to reach a new iran nuclear deal and he told iran to get ready for more sanctions. >> these will end up being the strongest sanctions in history when we are complete. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo unveiled the trump administration's policy toward iran. >> strategically, the obama administration made a pact that it would spur iran to stop their rogue state actions.
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that was a loser though with massive repercussions. >> reporter: this comes just weeks after the president announced they were pulling out. >> he is taking that maximum pressure campaign that he put on north korea and putting it on iran. that would destabilize that country tremendously. >> reporter: his remarks followed a barrage of morning tweets by the president suggested there has been a trade breakthrough with china. but chuck schumer was at the president's team has to stick with it and not sell out. the president emphasizes hard- line stance during the swearing in of gina haspel. >> our enemies will take note that gina is tough and strong and when it comes to defending america, gina will never ever back down. >> reporter: tomorrow, president donald trump meets with the south korean president
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in the white house about the june summit. coming up, a police officer was killed in baltimore during a confrontation with the suspect. what we are learning from witnesses and investigators. fast-moving lava is making its way into the ocean and the latest from the big island of hawaii. >> this is pretty fast as far as lava goes. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t.
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california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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nature's power is on
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display on the big island of hawaii where the ongoing volcanic eruption is causing concerns tonight. a fountain of lava is sending molten rock 300 feet into the air. the massive lava flow is pouring down a hillside in into the ocean. crews went to survey the area today, and the hawaii national guard said there is concern that the fast-moving lava will cut off roads that residents depend on. >> it tells you that this particular flow is very fast compared to the earlier lava flows that people might have seen on videos where it is just kind of crawling along. this as far as lava goes, this is pretty fast. >> people are also being worn to stay indoors to avoid reading the toxic gases that are formed when the lava hits the water. the plume is also packed with
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tiny particles of glass. police in baltimore are searching for a bank robbery suspect after an officer was killed in a confrontation there this afternoon. the female officer was responding to reports of an armed robbery. the department would not say how the officer died, but a witness said he saw the officer get run over by the suspect's vehicle. a volunteer firefighter a quickly arrived on the scene to perform cpr until an evidence arrived, but the officer was later pronounced dead. >> that is terrible! we are seeing something in this country today that we have never seen before. a number of officers have died in the line of beauty -- duty and is up this year. >> the officer has not been identified in his been with the department for four years. ringing the community and law enforcement closer together. >> this is the time for the community to step up and bring their concerns to be heard.
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>> more on the latest barbershop form going on right now in the east bay. we are tracking the weather and it is a little bit cooler out there and a little bit cooler than what you might expect this week. all of the details coming up.
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stomach tonight, -- tonight, the barbershop for him is going on once again. >> paul chambers will show us right now how these talks with law enforcement and community members is helping to bridge a divide. >> reporter: for nearly 5 months, the city of richmond had zero homicides. after we reported that, six people were killed in richmond. >> there is some things that we really have to talk about.
6:46 pm
there is been some violence in the community recently, and it is affecting our students. >> reporter: the principal says that often times violent crimes have a trickle-down effect. >> they come in here and they are emotionally hurt at times because of what took place either the night before or the day before and sometimes the day of. >> the concern within the community is violence in our community, and we want to hear from them. >> this is the time for the community to step up and bring her concerns so it can be heard. >> reporter: they decided to move up the schedule by a few months after the increase in the homicides. laster, the meeting was held inside of a barbershop. this time, it will be held on the kennedy high school campus so that more people, especially the youth, have a chance to be engaged. >> i think coming to the school and catch those that are still grounded and share information with them and let them know
6:47 pm
that the community cares about them. >> they need to talk to people that possibly have a solution for them and people are trying to get this situation changed around. >> reporter: community involvement is the key to the success, and opportunities like the barbershop form is a way to bridge the gap between communities and police. >> we have members of the community that are willing to call us now and tell us what they saw and give us some tips. we will take a look at some of the high temperatures for today. it warmed up a little bit and antioch got up to 79 degrees. so today, some of the warmest temperatures we will see all week and temperatures as we go through the week this week will be on the mild to cool side based on the low pressure centers. everything that you see spinning counterclockwise, and anytime you see those, it is
6:48 pm
just going to really mess up the weather pattern in terms of what is typical for us. that high pressure system that sits between these two is weakened. it is allowing this cool moist air to push inland and does a great service and favor to the firefighters and men and women in that we have a much lower fire danger because of this pattern. we are seeing some lightning strikes up in the mountains. i will put this into motion over the last three hours and i will show you the motion of it. that is from that low-pressure system. it did it last week and it did it the week before with the same pattern. all that it means for us is a really neat thick marine layer which means below average temperatures and good air quality. the fire danger will
6:49 pm
take a bit of a break. out on the bay, you can see there it is. typically, we would show it down here, the inversion, but look at where the top of it is. with those two low pressures in place, it is steady as it goes for us. fog and low clouds tomorrow at lunchtime, and then it burns back. the oranges are the 80s. most of us will be in the 60s and 70s with consistent temperatures in the 50s right along the coast. it will be 76 degrees in fairfield. mountain view will be at 69 degrees. your forecast high temperatures tomorrow will be cooler than they were today. again, i know that cal fire has a really good pattern here. air quality is good also because you get a lot of mixing in the
6:50 pm
boundary layer where we breathe, but it is unusual. kensington palace released the first wedding photos today. prince harry and meghan markle were all smiles in the portrait shot by a fashion photographer. photos were taken in the green drawing room shortly after their two mile carriage procession around the town on saturday. it includes a group portrait with the queen and a lichen white portrait of the couple reclining on the castle steps. the warriors were back at work today preparing for the fourth game against the rockets tomorrow night at oracle. market is up next with sports -- mark is up next with sports. and --
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stomach somewhere i -- , i lost a bet and i thought the sharks would beat the golden nights and obviously i lost. this is the last time i met with melissa and i feel like i needed to do that. >> let's get over to mark and the warriors are getting ready for a big game. >> i like it. at least it fits
6:54 pm
you. [ laughter ] >> in the meantime, as far as the warriors go, they are just six wins away from another championship, but there is so many ups and downs and peaks and valleys. andre is now listed as doubtful as he hit me on the -- knee on knee with james harden. he had x-rays taken and they were negative, but he is probably not going to play tomorrow. in the meantime, let's talk about the story, which was steph curry all the way around. even though you are seeing kevin durant there, steph had 35 points and was 7-7 in the third period.
6:55 pm
it was the largest playoff margin of victory ever for the warriors. it was the largest playoff loss ever for the houston rockets in the same game. of course steph returns in a big way and the shimmy is back and the touch is back from the outside. nobody on the warriors was ever worried. >> it doesn't matter because even on the biggest stage, he can have a difficult stretch, and he genuinely believed that the next one is going in. you can see that last night and i think he was one out of six in the first half from three- point range, but you knew it was just a matter of time and he finally got it going. we have seen that from him to out his career. it is a special kind of conference that very few players have. >> i made so many timely shots here, and he would just go up to shoot, especially when he is open, and you can hear the crowd roaring. that energy right there is good
6:56 pm
for us as well. just to get the shot up, so many people are excited. >> tomorrow night is game for. kind of the -- 4. kind of a weird thing is that every game is pretty much a blowout. back east, it looks like the cavaliers are laying it on thick again against boston. in the early stage of the game, the cavaliers lee, and a big slam dunk and no, he missed it. the cavaliers come the other way and lebron drives and he is filed and accounts and that is a five-point swing and the cavaliers took off after that. you have to see this outlet pass from kevin love as lebron is like a wide receiver. look at love who is the best in the business and look at the body control from lebron. at halftime, it is 68-53 and it
6:57 pm
looks like the series is going back to boston tied it 2-2. it is the phillies, one of the young and upper coming teams, and one of the youngsters that makes it happen is the shortstop with a beautiful play tonight against atlanta. here is your ballboy play of the day as you look at the ballboy in face first up against the tarp, and watch the replay. a beautiful back and to catch any holds onto the ball and he says yes, that is why they have be out here. enjoy it melissa. >> the last time i lost a bet to her was on an ufc fight, and she got to drive my car. i am going to win a bet. >> see you later everyone. good night.
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