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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 22, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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thank you for joining us. if you're just waking up, it is tuesday, may 22. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about our weather. steve paulson has more. >> i want to start off with rain. this will be friday and saturday, but it will be calmer on sunday and monday. cloudy to mostly cloudy, cool, often dawned rain showers and snow and the passes. this is a strong low coming in friday into saturday. if you're going to tahoe, truckee, shasta, you can see the thunderstorm activity coming back in from the east from the low pushing into utah. it is a big fog bank out there for us. there is drizzle out there. be advised you will probably need the windchill wipers. there is an even stronger low coming in. the breeze, or wind, has already picked up. your sing gusts to 30 out to travis. 50s on the thames, one upper 40
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at lakeport. it is cold when you are socked in on the inland areas. the next system looks like it will give us rain friday morning right here. 50s, 60s and 70s for your attempts. >> i will turn the sprinklers off on friday. >> you can probably control that on your phone. >> as a matter of fact, yes, i can. >> are you a nest guy? >> yes. >> well played, my friend. >> back at you. let's talk about the
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livermore commute. traffic is moving along relatively well. if you're driving on five a.d. into livermore but if you are coming in from tracy you will have to go through the slow traffic at 205 and 580. i didn't stay on that long enough. i want to get closer. you can see traffic busy right here on 205 and 580 at 11 miles an hour. it is pretty typical >> as you drive into livermore looks good all the way to castro valley. north and southbound a.d. traffic is moving along relatively well. there have been no major problems. when you get to the bay bridge, only some lanes have a slight delay. it is a nice drive into san francisco so far. we are following up developing story out of the east bay involving an officer- involved shooting shooting. seas about -- >> reporter: this happened
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hours ago, but we still have an active police scene out here right now. it is extremely dark out, so i don't think you will be able to see much. an officer tells me that they are mapping the scene right now. we don't know much. they have not revealed what led up to the shooting or how the officer got injured. the shooting happened around 7 pm last night on stewart place. police wrote on facebook that an officer shot and injured a suspect. the officer also had a non-life- threatening injury, but it is unclear if it is the same officer who shot at the suspect. the officer was taken to a local hospital for treatment. police have not revealed exactly why they were looking for the suspect or what he is wanted for and the nature of his injuries. the same with the police officer. we do not know how he was injured or the nature of his injuries. i was talking to an officer on scene and he said the police hope to have this wrapped up by about 6 am.
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the oakland mayor, libby schaaf, is a direct target of a new bill sponsored by a republican congressman from iowa. it is called the "mayor libby schaaf act" of 2018. it would make it illegal for government officials to warn people about federal immigration rates -- rays. iowa congressman steve king says politicians who obstruct federal raids would receive up to five years in prison. libby schaaf warned immigrants in oakland about an upcoming ice raids. >> i am not going to be bullied by the trump administration. i can tell you i know a lot more about keeping my community safe then some congress member from iowa. >> in a statement, congressman king said in part, i want lawless, sanctuary city politicians to hear this message clearly. if you obstruct i.c.e., you will end up in the cooler.
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if that bill passes, a court challenge is expected on the grounds it violates the free speech of government officials. highway 4 in antioch is open again after all the westbound lanes were shut down by a crash last night. it happened at about 10:30 pm. it involved a big rig and five of the cars east of the hillcrest avenue offering. ambulances and a medical helicopter were called in to help people were hurt. three people were taken to the hospital and one person has major injuries. the chp is trying to figure out what led to that crash. we are learning more about a san francisco man who died saturday night in a three car crash near yountville. he was with his wife celebrating their first whether -- their first wedding anniversary. jerry dok and his wife arranged for an uber's car to take them from the hotel to a restaurant in napa. the uber driver was going south on highway 29 when a driver
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going north lost control on a  curve, first sideswiped a pickup truck and then hit the uber car head on, killing jerry.. the driver of the other two cars and his wife suffered major injuries. it is not clear what caused the crash. president trump is hoping to salvage his upcoming summit with north korean leader, kim jong un. >> today he is meeting with south korea's president at the white house to come up with some strategies. doug luzader is live with more details on that from washington. >> reporter: these are the three big players right now, kim jong un the leader of north korea, who may balk at this summer. we will see how that all plays out. today at the white house, there will be meetings between moon jae-in, the president of south korea and president trump to see if they can collectively get this thing back on track. >> reporter: trying to get inside kim jong un's head is never easy, but that is one of
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the reasons why south korea's moon jae-in arrived in the united states yesterday, to strategize with president trump, was made it clear he wants this summit to happen. >> it is very important that president moon, president trump and their teams come together like a huddle and they need to come up with a new game plan moving forward. >> reporter: there are real sticking points in the current game plan. north korea may not be willing to give up its nuclear program, which from the u. s. perspective is the reason for the summative the first place. >> these sorts of things take twists and turns, that is not uncommon with north korea. all we can do is be in a state of readiness. >> reporter: estate in readiness in north korea, too. international journalists have begun to arrive to perhaps witness the country's nuclear test site destruction later this week. it is an important move for kim jong un to show he is serious.
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>> i think it would be a great mistake to think kim jong un to think he could play donald trump. >> reporter: history is replete with examples of north korea saying one thing and doing another. >> what is the mood surrounding today's meeting and do we have any idea what the south korean president may even suggest to president trump? >> reporter: we know what south korea has just been through, a thwarted effort to have a summit of sorts with north korea last week. i guess they bring a perspective on what it was like to go through these kinds of negotiations with the north. the hope is they get this thing back on track again ahead of the summit next month. it is always possible the summit itself could be pushed back.
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back here in the bay area after that video showing how the bart civic center station has become a magnet for drug users and the homeless, bart and san francisco police have increased patrols. they are patrolling inside the station, especially along the walkway on the south side of the station. that has cleared the passage, but bart is considering a plan to close down the walkway altogether if the idea is approved by the state fire marshal. bart passengers say they are already noticing a difference, but not everyone thinks it is a great solution. >> how much more are they going to take away? are they going to take out the hobart stop because people are in this area doing stuff? ultimately, we need a social service solution, but in the short term, i think it is reasonable to do this. >> so far, bart says no meetings about closing the passage have been scheduled with the state fire marshal. even if it is approved, it is not clear if the shutdown would be temporary or permanent. they are working on it.
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we have new updates and new details about last week's school shooting in texas. what we know now about the 10 shooting victims. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is facing more scrutiny, this time at the international level. more in his meeting today with the european parliament to answer questions about the protection of user's data. we do have traffic that is getting a little busier here and there. right now, you still have a pretty good window of opportunity on interstate 880. on your windshield you might get some drizzle. it will be cooler today. we have a lot of 50s, 60s and low 70s.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg allowed today's meeting between him and members of the european parliament to be live strength. the european parliament wants mark zuckerberg to explain facebook's role in the misuse of customer data and how social media affects european elections.
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the european union has been cracking down on american tech companies for not paying their taxes and for using the personal data of people without their consent. state lawmakers are considering legislation that would make it possible to temporarily take away gun rights from potentially dangerous people. the state assembly passed the bill yesterday that would allow school employees to request gun violence restraining orders against people who show warning signs of violence. california is one of a handful of states that already allows immediate family members and police to request such restraining orders. another lawmaker supporting a bill to ban gun shows at the cow palace. yesterday state senator scott weiner and assemblyman phil ting offered a bill that would have that band take offense -- take effect in 2020. there are 510 shows a year by the -- at the cow palace, which is owned and operated by the state. senator jerry hill of san mateo says public opinion is changing because of all the school shootings. >> it will not stop the next santa fe. what it will stop is california profiting and glamorizing the retail sales of guns in our community. >> the organizer of the crossroads of the west gun shows says it would deny law- abiding citizens to gather and
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share similar views. let's go to sal castendo. how is the commute? >> it is pretty good. we have a calm start, which is what we like. what we don't like is something you are not expecting. we do have some slow traffic expected on the altamont pass. that is there. the gilmore -- the gilroy commute driving to san jose are all the way to san francisco, i always think of people who drop -- to drive that long distance, traffic is moving well at the very least. getting up to san jose looks pretty good and no problems into the west valley. this is 280 in san jose northbound on the right. traffic is moving along pretty well. here's a look at the bay bridge. westbound traffic is moving along nicely getting into san francisco. let's bring in code steve
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paulson. i see the flags moving with a southwest wind. will it affect driving? >> i don't think so. unless you're out on the delta where it is up to 30. travis has 30. you might want to hang on a little bit there, maybe cordelia. a lot of you are taking off for the long holiday weekend. the latter half looks okay, sunday and monday, but if you're going up thursday, friday and saturday, it is mostly cloudy with another round of big time thunderstorms and maybe some snow at the passes. we have a strong wind for this time of year coming in on friday. it will linger easily into saturday and start to decrease on sunday. temperatures will be in the 50s, some lows in the 30s. that is friday and saturday heading up to tahoe. probably northeast california and shasta, as well. truckee had another round of yesterday. there have been some big boomers for most of the month. low clouds for us and local drizzle all over the place .
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every reporting station says cloudy. it came charging back, that is one low right there, another one is on its way to replace it. this is a pattern. i have seen this a few times where you have these series of lows coming in. they have the onshore breeze going. san francisco buoy is 51. you get anything around a.d. inland you get an onshore breeze and you get fog. a few upper 40s to the north, but a few upper 50s. i don't think these will change. gilroy 52, santa cruz 53, 51 scotts valley and boulder creek is 56. san jose has a roof station thermometer, which is always good. temperatures are almost uniform. we will see an onshore wind today. temperatures will be in the 50s, 60s by the water, 60s and
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70s inland. temperatures are on the cool side in the delta. it is 70s and a few low 80s yesterday, not today. there is too much fog. more that will work its way here thursday and we could see some light rain friday. the transition date is saturday. sunday will be warm. we have breaking news in southern california's. this is south of los angeles. here's a live picture of a fire burning right now in a strip mall and komar vista california -- mar vista, california. it looks like those lanes are close to power lines. fire crews were on the scene. we are not sure how far the flames have spread and that strip mall. we haven't heard of any injuries. there is at least a liquor store there on fire.
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this is just south of los angeles. these are live pictures. we wanted to bring you and tell you we will keep an eye on it. if we hear any more information we will bring it to you. remembering the life of a man who was killed in a deadly crash. >> all of us who know him never knew him to miss a show without telling anybody. >> we will hear more from the friends of keithley on when they found out he died when his car crashed into a pond. a man is accused of being a peeping tom in the south bay. more details about the investigation of the willow glen prowler.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". a former uber software engineer is suing uber for alleged sexual harassment, discrimination and pay inequality. the engineer worked at uber between 2014 and last year. her lawsuit claims some of her male coworkers made unwanted advances at her. she also says the human resources department did nothing after she reported it. last week, uber changed its
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policy to let employees with sexual harassment claims to pursue their claims in open court, instead of being forced into arbitration. investigators in the south bay are asking for anyone who has video of the so-called willow glen prowler to come forward. the suspect was arrested friday. authorities connected him to two peeping encounters this month. we could be connected to other crimes in the south bay. on may 1, the homeowner's surveillance camera collected the surveillance video showing a man peering into a bedroom window. investigators are asking residents to check your surveillance camera and let them know if you have video of the suspect. we have new details of the driver killed when he crashed his car into a pond into -- in castro valley during the night. he was an engineer during the day and a professional musician at night, according to his friends. ktvu talked to some of those friends who saw him hours before the crash.
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>> reporter: this is video of keith de leon rehearsing with the bassoon, one of many instruments he played. music was his passion. friends say they last saw the 34-year-old after they performed together at hill barnes theater around 11 pm saturday night. the next afternoon, sunday, his bandmates said he did not show up for a scheduled performance. >> all of a sudden, he missed it. i have never known him to miss a show without telling anybody. once we saw the empty chair, we all started to get really worried. >> his friend, david kelly, said he filed a missing persons report with police after confirming with keith de leon's father keith de leon never made it home that night. friends say their hearts sunk when they learned keith de leon was in his mangled tesla model s when it was pulled from a pond. >> i want more details on what happened.
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>> i am scared and shocked. >> reporter: the pond was alone keith de leon's home from his performance. the chp says a property owner reported that his fans have been damaged by a vehicle and investigators were able to determine that the tesla had plunged into a pond. a dive team from the alameda county sheriff's department was deployed to extricate it. >> we have never dealt with a submerged electric car like that before. we did take some precautions. we made the proper phone calls to make sure we were okay and that when we touched the car that our divers were safe. >> reporter: friends say they have known keith de leon since they were members of the uc berkeley band. they have no idea how this could've happened, describing him as responsible and safety minded. >> on saturday i took a ride in his car. he did great. he was careful. >> reporter: friends say keith de leon worked as a chemical engineer to finance his passion, performing at musical theater.
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a music director who hired keith de leon and has worked with him for a decade said he was talented and had a big heart. >> he cared about people and he was a terrific musician. it was a terrible loss. i think everyone in the music community will be feeling it. >> reporter: friends describe keith de leon as a man who lived life to the fullest. no word yet on whether the car was on autopilot. a spokeswoman for tesla says the company is fully cooperating with authorities, but that tesla has not received data from the car and does not know the facts of what occurred. a bay area police dog on the attack. his handler says he didn't mean to unleash the dog. we will tell you more about the incident that led to injuries coming up. you can see traffic is getting busier in some areas, like highway 24 on the way to the tunnel and into oakland. it is getting busy and a fog bank is making a big push. it will be cooler for all on this tuesday.
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is a pam cook tuesday morning. >> thank you. >> we are looking out around the bay area just because pam cook is back. that is a beauty shop for your. i wanted to give you that.
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>> that is nice. thank you. >> welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is tuesday, may 22 . i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. mr. drizzle is out. snow on the passes. >> i didn't know that happened this time of year. >> it does happen once in a while. that is friday and saturday if you are going to tahoe. there will be around a pretty good thunderstorm activity and maybe some high elevation snow. today chris henry says windshield wiper drizzle in morgan hill. i believe it. underneath that, you are finding pretty cool temps. 51 in scotts valley, mid 50s around santa clara. saratoga is warmer at 57. a much bigger fog bank with the drizzle is here and temperatures have a robust, fresh delta wind in place. it cranked up yesterday after
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needing -- yesterday afternoon and evening. everybody says cloudy. there are a few 40s. hills park is 49, bodega bay is 49, cloverdale is 48. look for the sun to retreat but 50s, 60s and 70s for the temps. things are picking up a little bit. we do see traffic on 80 getting a little busier as we start in solano county. you can see traffic from vacaville, fairfield and vallejo looks pretty good. as we get in deeper, traffic is moving well on highway 29 and on jamison canyon road
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right through american canyon and down to vallejo, and looks good. if you are driving on 80 westbound vallejo down to crockett, it is a little bit slow near the 780 interchange for about a mile as you approached the carquinez bridge. other than that, it looks pretty good. if you're driving down to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a backup is the metering lights have been switched on. it is nothing major. we could be windy, but not enough to affect your drive so far. we now know the name of a man who died yesterday morning after he fell from a mezzanine at the san francisco international airport down to the baggage claim area. airport officials say 53-year- old dale robert finn of south san francisco fell in terminal three about 8:45 am yesterday morning. the san mateo county sheriff's office says his death is considered a suicide. a san francisco police officer who fired shots at a car burglary suspect may have violated police department policy. this happened more than a week ago. the video was shown last night during a police town hall meeting. one car burglary suspect was detained during a chase. police say another suspect ran away, got into a parked car and
5:33 am
drove toward a police car and an officer. that is when another officer fired two shots at the car but no one was hurt. supervisor london breed says it violates police policy because officers are not allowed to fire into moving vehicles. the officer who fired the shots also did not have his body camera activated at the time. the body camera video comes from two officers at that scene. >> this is outside the policy of what occurred. >> we have not gotten a perfect. there are times they should have been on and they were not. there have been disciplinary actions taken on some of the officers. we just have to continue to try to get better at it. >> the san francisco police commissioner says when it comes
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to the use of force, every situation is different. the officer who fired the shot is on paid leave during the investigation. police say that officer has been on the force for less than a year. the suspect, 21-year-old hershell hale of antioch, was arrested and is facing several charges including assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly hitting a patrol car with his own car during the chase. we are learning new details about the 10 people who died in the texas high school shooting. sabika sheikh in the upper left- hand corner came to the u. s. just last august as a foreign exchange student, who wanted to join pakistan's foreign office. next to her is angelique ramirez, a senior, who brought -- who belong to the youth ministry at her church and who was known for changing her hairstyles quite a bit. aaron mcleod was a freshman. friends describe him as someone who always looked on the bright side of things. kimberly vaughan was a girl known for her striking appearance and her bright red hair. friends remember christopher stone is one of the students who blocked the door with his
5:35 am
body to keep the government from entering the art classroom. >> on the bottom row, cynthia tisdale was a substitute teacher with three children and eight grandchildren. student called her very loving. jared black loved video games, sci-fi, waltz and art. shana fisher was an artist to loved video games. christian garcia called himself a history junkie who wanted to join the army. students say glenda perkins was a substitute teacher who took time to learn everybody's names and never got mad at anyone for doing something stupid. >> all 10 of them were remembered yesterday on their school's football field yesterday. there was a moment of silence and attribute with 10 small, white crosses bearing the names of the victims. other students who were injured by the gunfire are coming forward now to share their stories and describe what happened. >> it went into the back of my head. kind of in the middle of the back of my head and came out right here. >> the first of the memorial services for sabika sheikh happened sunday afternoon.
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others are scheduled throughout the week. classes at all the schools in that district are canceled again today. students are scheduled to return to school tomorrow. new explosive eruptions at the summit of hawaii's kilauea volcano still sending smoke and ash into the air. right now, only one lava flow is reaching the ocean. lava is also pouring onto the property of a power plant that has been closed since the eruptions started. tourism is still taking a hard hit on hawaii's big island. summer bookings have dropped about 50% since the volcano started erupting more than two weeks ago. >> we have noticed less traffic, especially downtown. i think there is a misconception. the volcano is not affecting the whole island. it is really just a concentrated area. >> everything is status quo here on the big island. only 5%
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of the island has been affected. there is nothing to worry about. >> it is estimated that closing volcano national park will cost the island more than $150 million in lost revenue. back here at home, the mayors of oakland, san francisco and san jose are coming together to support a measure to pay for rich -- to pay for road improvement projects by raising bridge tolls. the seven state owned bridges would go up to $6.00 in 2019, $7.00 in 2022 and $8.00 in 2025. that money would fix roadways and pay for projects to improve bart and city buses. critics are against raising the bridge tolls, however the mayors of oakland, san jose and
5:38 am
san francisco say the money is needed. >> in silicon valley we are proud to lead the nation in the development of supercomputers. here in the bay area, we also lead the nation in super commuters. >> that measure is on the june 5 ballot. it needs a simple majority to pass. work to improve along stretch of interstate 880 continues today. the two year, $70 million project sets up to repave about 16 miles. most of the money for the project is coming from the state's new gas tax. officials say repaving 880 is one of thousands of projects funded by that tax. the money from the dax cass aims to relieve congestion and replace aging infrastructure. >> fixing potholes, repaving roadways and making safety improvements at interchanges. >> the initiative increased gas and diesel field taxes. california's vehicle registration fees increased, as
5:39 am
well. there are efforts to roll back the measure. opponents have gathered enough signatures to put a repeal of it on the november ballot. a man and woman whose bodies were found in the e san jose foothills last week have been identified. yesterday the santa claire medical examiner's office said emilio salazar and jennifer martinez were found shot to death on sierra road in a desolate foothill area last wednesday night. both were from san jose. san jose police found them after someone reported gunshots in the area. it is still not clear why they were in that area the night they were killed. no suspects have been arrested yet. the police still do not have a
5:40 am
motive for the killings. the alameda county sheriff department is confirming that a police dog attacked a handcuffed suspect during a traffic stop in hayward. sheriff officials say the deputy have pulled over a car with an expired registration at about 2:30 am yesterday morning. that is when the officer mistakenly pushed a button on his waist band that opened up the car door. the dog did as he was trained and attacked the suspect, who was already in handcuffs. the suspect, 30-year-old joshua phillips, suffered bite wounds to one of his lakes. he was taken to the hospital and arrested on suspicion of dui. a 22 year law enforcement veteran will become the first woman to head the fremont police department. the city of fremont named
5:41 am
kimberly peterson as the new police chief yesterday. she started working in the department in 1996 and moved up through the ranks. she has been serving as captain for the last five years. she attended stanford as an undergrad and earned her masters in security studies from the naval postgraduate school. she will officially be appointed as police chief july 26, replacing ritualist sarah, who announced his retirement earlier this year. parents of students at a san jose elementary school about the city's plans to build an overpass they say will put their children's safety at rest. parents turned out to a meeting to voice their concerns. they are against the proposed overpass that will cross over interstate 880 and widen it to four lanes behind the school. >> it is disappointing to think that a city would say they need to put a road through a school. it jeopardizes 900 students passing through the school. it is not okay. >> let's hear what comes back for -- from the study. we have concerns but that is not alone enough to end the project unless those concerns cannot be addressed.
5:42 am
>> reporter: parents say the project was proposed before the school was built. now that the school is here, they hope the city will make adjustments. the city will take feedback from the community until may 31. more political attacks on oakland mayor, libby schaaf. >> i am not going to be bullied by the trump administration. >> the member of congress who wants criminal charges against people who obstruct federal immigration officials. the backlash against a popular netflix series.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". the state attorney general is taking action to protect california's right to die law, which is being appealed. last week, a judge in riverside county overturned the state's end of life law, calling it unconstitutional because it was passed during a special session during the legislature and took effect in june 2016. yesterday the attorney general argue the terminally ill people could die painful deaths if that law is suspended during the appeals process. there will be no bail for a man accused of setting off an explosion that killed his ex- girlfriend and orange county. a judge handed down the ruling yesterday. stephenville faces felony charges of possessing an unregistered destructive device. federal agents say they found two went revised explosive devices and 130 pounds of explosive materials in his long beach home. his 48-year-old former girlfriend died when an explosion ripped through the day spa she owned last tuesday. three others were injured. so far he has not entered a plea to the charges. six women are suing the university of southern
5:46 am
california, claiming a campus gynecologist victimized them. dr. george tendal is accused of giving inappropriate pelvic exams. the only times reports usc administrators knew about his misconduct dating back to at least the early 2000's. he has been accused by hundreds of victims. the six women of the first to file a lawsuit. usc reached a secret deal with tendal last summer that allowed him to resign with the financial payout. the doctor does not right now face criminal charges. the new controversy surrounds the netflix show, "13 reasons why". the focus is a graphic scene involving a male student beaten by a bully and sexually assaulted.
5:47 am
there is a warning before the episode where netflix alerts about the graphic violence, but critics say the scene goes too far. days ago, netflix canceled the red carpet premiere of the show because the new season includes a storyline about a student planning to shoot people at a school dance. the new york police department has opened a criminal investigation into sexual assault claims against subletting -- celebrity chef mario batali. it was after a bombshell interview with the former waitress on 60 minutes sunday night where she claimed she was drugged and sexually assaulted by him. >> i woke up by myself on the floor. the first thing i thought was, i have been drugged. that was the first thing i thought. i have been assaulted. >> in a statement, the celebrity chef says quote, i vehemently deny any allegations of sexual assault. my past behaviors have been deeply inappropriate and i am sincerely remorseful for my actions. let's get you out the door. is everybody behaving on the roadways? is sal behaving? >> you were supposed to get your coffee earlier. >> i am just right over here. i am right over here, one day i'm going to do a behind-the- scenes tour as to what is going on over here.
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>> you are consulting with our coworkers. right now we are looking at a commute that is doing okay. we will start with the tracy commute. traffic is not too bad on 80 and 580 westbound if you are driving. it will be slow as you drive through. one of the things, at the very least, it is not unusually slow. that is the killer, as you know. something unusual will set you back. if you are used to it, you know what you will be dealing with as you drive into the livermore area. there have been no major issues driving through. traffic continues to move along relatively well and there have been a major issues. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a backup stretching out to the maze. the metering lights are on and traffic is normal coming into san francisco.
5:49 am
steve and i have been talking about the fog, but that is not something that will set you back. i am trying to look at the san francisco camera, for example. all i see is a big sheet of weight. i will not even bother putting it up. >> there is drizzle. >> yes. i had to use my windshield wipers on the way to work. it will be a cooler tuesday today. there is a bigger fog bank. almost every reporting station, at least -- at this point, there is pretty -- plenty of file to around. redwood city from 71 to 68, concord made it to 79 yesterday. there is too much fog today to see that. a big low is turning into salt lake city but the moisture continues on the western edge of it back into the sierra. it comes back over parts of eastern nevada and gives us
5:50 am
some shower activity. this is a heads up for those of you heading for the mountains for the long holiday weekend. friday and saturday we are cloudy to mostly cloudy, cool with off and on rain and maybe some snow in the passes. that is friday into saturday. we have a big fog bank making a major push here. the wind has tailed off a little bit in fairfield. there is still an onshore breeze in most locations out of the west-southwest. the water temperatures are very cold, 51. that allows the temps on the coast to really drop. 65, 51 for the city, 59, 52 today. we can even get to average today. 50s for everyone else. it is just stuck. 51 in black hawk and danville. 52 by the concord pavilion and 51 in el cerrito. 39 in truckee, 52 your cryo-
5:51 am
to monterey. almost the entire coast has some sort of fog except for a teeny bit. it is building in there. we are dealing with a major fog bank and another low is dropping in. as it does, it will get closer to friday for a possible chance of rain on friday. 60s, 70s, down for the fog today. it is pretty cool in san jose around 60 degrees. if you are in the fog on the coast, you will probably not get above 60. cloudy to mostly cloudy by thursday. friday there will be some rain around. there will be mountain snow and thunderstorms but it will be warmer sunday into monday. >> just in time for the memo --
5:52 am
for the memorial day weekend. teslas model 3s back in the spotlight but not for production delays. news about its braking systems and the flaws consumer report says it found. starbucks is clearing things up about its new policy. apparently, not all customers will be allowed to remain in the stores that they do not make a purchase. the people who could get kicked out. is doing today, sa he's fighting to make this country more equal and more just. president obama called him one of america's finest mayors. he's more prepared to get things done. antonio for governor.
5:53 am
5:54 am
brought business and labor together to expand career training and apprenticeships, invested in transportation and helped create over 200,000 living wage jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor.
5:55 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". the popular review company, consumer reports, will not be recommending the test three. the magazine said it was a good first attempt and applauded their record-setting range and great handling but pointed out several flaws. consumer reports says long stopping distances and it's emergency braking tests and difficult to use controls kept the tesla three from earning its recommendation. starbucks is clarifying its new policy for nonpaying guests. on saturday, starbucks said it would let guests in u. s. stores use its cafis and bathrooms. on monday, the c executive -- the executive chairman says starbucks will not become public bathrooms and people will not be able to sleep, drink alcohol or use drugs in the stores. he asked guests to behave in a way that maintains a warm and welcoming environment by being
5:56 am
considerate of others. tonight the like -- the light installation makes its debut on the tower. the artist installed 11,000 lights on the top nine floors and installed cameras around san francisco that will project images every night. people will be able to see the light show from 20 miles away. the warriors will play the houston rockets tonight. they will try to take a lead in the western conference finals. the warriors lead the series 2- 1. game four is tonight at 6 pm. the warriors are coming off a big win when they beat houston by 41 points on sunday. a dollar probably will not play. he has a knee injury and missed practice yesterday. an x-ray reveals no major damage to his knee. a bay area bart station is being overrun by drug users who have been using drugs in the pathway. we have been showing you that's. facebook's ceo mark
5:57 am
zuckerberg is due to testify, this time in europe. the reason he is speaking today at the european union. traffic is getting busier by the moment. interstate 880 is getting more crowded for the trip down to the maccarthur maze. we are stuck with low clouds and 50s , low to mid. santa rosa is 52, sfo is 51.
5:58 am
5:59 am
body cameras are now rolling after a police officer was fired. also these police officers are now unpaid leave. how has the city of california, them out an exception. find out how [ inaudible ] is criminalizing immigration sweep. morning and thank you
6:00 am
for joining us on tuesday morning made 22nd -- may 22. >> good morning. steve paulson is here with us to give us a weather update. >> i think this goes into june. believe it or not there are 46 days outlook for the european model. it actually has week low pressure along the coast. i think this is the trend. it doesn't mean we when i get warm belong -- along the trend but we will be much cooler. san jose at 74 and a majority of the other cities are in the 70s. it is really cool and code out there. san francisco is at 51 degrees. here is the low


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