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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the numbers were 6475. venus loses in the opening round, a consecutive major tournaments for the first time in her career. that will do it for now. jason appelbaum. i will see you at 1134 sports representative. heather and andre back with the news at 11. next at 11. susie went sideways and lost lip. his wings were not parallel to the ground. he went straight down. it was not going to be good. two people are dead after a small plane crashes in petaluma. the latest on the investigation to determine what caused -- cause this plane to go down. initial reports suggest that that pilot was trying to land the aircraft at the petaluma airport. he came up short of the runway. >> i am heather holmes. and i am en route -- and i am andre senior. >> reporter: it was about a half a mile from petaluma airport where the plane came down. live coverage now. >> reporter: yeah, right now,
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we are trying to get information from the ntsb. we have not gotten updated information. i can tell you what we know right now. i am standing on the ground for the petaluma airport. this plane of course coasted about 1000 yards just east of the airport and short of a nearby golf course. investigators are trying to determine how it went down. the petaluma fire department, local police and the sheriff's department investigated the scene. they will now try to find answers as to how the small plane went down. a witness reports hearing the planes butter and crashed to the road a half a mile before the petaluma airport on east washington street. >> we are out practicing hitting balls at the golf course, and you heard the plane take off. as soon as they got over the golf course you can hear them sputtering. it did not sound right. his engine called on for two or three seconds and started
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sputtering again. he made a right turn going back towards the airport and the plane went sideways. it went straight down and you can hear it fed into the concrete. >> authorities confirmed that the two people on board the plane were killed. no one on the ground was injured. charles womack was a former pilot and was curious about the crash. it looked like it was a stall. we were speculating that that is what it might have been when we saw the wreckage, because it looks like high impact. >> as soon as he went sideways and lost the live, he just went straight down. you knew it was not going to be good. >> it is similar to this one pictured here, except plane, and very popular. >> it is reliable and very popular. >> the ntsb and the saa continue to investigate. >> reporter: the victims have not been identified. as we talked to local experts
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and hobby pilots, they are telling us all indications point to a stall. we will have to get confirmations determine how this clash took place. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. we've moved to breaking news out of san francisco where police have detained several people call -- following a stabbing in dolores park. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening, even though people are detained. no arrest have been made. police are looking at the scene , searching for anyone who witnessed the stabbing. we will bring you the latest information when it becomes available. a former east bay child psychologist has been sentenced to prison on child pornography charges. he ran a child's point of view in orlando and has been ordered to serve 78 months in federal prison. the 69-year-old pleaded guilty to the charges on friday.
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he admitted to being in possession of more than 600 images and videos of child pornography, at his home in lafayette. crosland has also been ordered to pay 13 victims $85,000 in restitution. kept place busy in oakland this memorial day weekend. police treated these photos in -- we are about to show you. sideshows have been come common in many parts of the bay area, where there can be as many as 500 vehicles involved. the car is a spin in circles with people hanging out the windows and open doors. large crowds gathered to watch. police have not said if any arrests were made this weekend. >> the four-month old german shepherd puppy fighting for her life today after she and her sister were severely injured and dumped in a pile of garbage. haley butcher has worked for the dog rescue for 20 years, and has rarely seen puppies in such bad shape, she says. the most severely injured puppy
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was malnourished and suffered from a broken jaw. the vet says she may not make it. her sister will recover. >> i don't know if it was an active intentional abuse, or just a horribly neglectful situation. i do not know. >> they were found in an alley off 89th avenue and g street in east oakland, among broken furniture, mattresses, oil cans, and trash. no one knows how they got there or what happened to them. if the bulldogs both make it they will need love and attention to recover. anyone interested in helping can go to the rocket dog rescue website. lava from the kilauea volcano has reached a geothermal power plant on the big island. wells have been capped to protect against the release of toxic gas, should they mix with lava. it has been four weeks since the kilauea volcano began
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erupting. a video shows how active those lava flows are in one of the hardest hit subdivisions. geologists estimate that there are fountains of lava shooting as high as 200 feet in the. respond or say their concern is for the people who have not evacuated, and are in the path of the volcano and its fissures. -- >> those guys need to be aware, not just be in there and forgetting what's going on. that whole subdivision is honorable. >> both the national guard and marine corps are on standby ready to rescue anyone who might become trapped. roads are covered with lava, and that has created fewer ways for people to escape. lava has destroyed at least 82 structures there, and as vicki gonzales tells us, in northern california couple who owns a house in the path of the lava, is worried that it's home might be next. they call it ohana. it is home and family.
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>> the morgans may live in san joaquin county. >> this is a tiny favorite of the 17,000 photos i have taken. >> but throughout their house? >> i love hawaii so much. this is hawaii volcano national park. i can be underwater, what is your superpower? you can tell i live and breathe hawaii. >> the next chapter of jean and kathy's life. >> our house had 25 palm trees in the front yard. >> it is a one acre plot at lalani estates. >> you have to prove to the island that you want to live there. >> their retirement is now in limbo. >> in that area it has been known to be one of the most affordable areas of all hawaii. we know why now. >> reporter: watching lava creep closer to their big island home. >> we have not lost our house. it is very close. our house is right about there. >> the morgans are consumed by
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mother nature's fierce uncertainty. >> we do not have love insurance. we will lose everything. >> over the tremendous loss also, of others. >> it breaks my heart. we know so many of those people. they are our friends and neighbors. >> after three nervous weeks on the mainland they are going to hawaii. >> this thursday we are going to the volcano area threatening our dream home. >> this is not a vacation. this is to come together with our neighbors and friends, and our ohana over there. >> fulfilling the aloha spirit they carry in their hearts. >> reporter: i will not say we are optimistic about a house. we are hopeful. >> with a little -- with a little over a week to go for the primary, many will use their final days of the campaign to try and
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convince voters. no clear frontrunner is in the crowded field of eight candidates. the most recent poll so board of supervisors president with a slight edge over former state senator mark leno, followed by supervisor jane kamm, and former supervisor liotta. richie greenberg: republican, will serve out the remaining year and a half of the late term, until january 2020. san francisco could use help, election day. they're looking for poll workers. they are in a stipend of $195. election officials are short on poll workers this year because many students who work the polls are attending graduations and taking finals. workers must be at least 16 years old to man the polls. to sign up, visit the elections office at san francisco city hall. gavin newsom has surged to the front of the pack in the race for governor. a new report shows that tending to support a close contender is a new record. >> it takes courage to make real change. that is gavin newsom.
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>> you will see more ads like this to support lieutenant governor gavin newsom. or this one to support former la mayor antonio b rugosa. >> president obama called him one of america's finest mayors. >> both are members on the democratic side and our front runners. close behind his republican contender john cox, who 10 percent of voters say they will choose on election day, according to a los angeles times poll. >> john cox stands with president donald j. trump in the nra. >> he has been endorsed by president donald j. trump and has raised $5.9 million. that is far behind the lieutenant governor's $34.2 million. at the same time he continues to get a large infusion of caste which has rocketed him to $29.2 million. >> i do support charter schools. but what i have always supported our great schools.
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>> because of that support, an independent committee that supports charter schools has already spent 17 1/2 million dollars to back him. the watchdog group reports that source has spent more money than any other independent committee supporting a gubernatorial candidate in the past two decades. >> six of the leading candidates participated in a debate earlier this month. >> the first thing i'll do is reverse gavin newsom's sanctuary state law. >> but president donald j. trump has -- the trump administration has declared war on california. >> this is the most diverse state anywhere in the world. >> only newsom, b rugosa, and cox have a clear path to winning the campaign in terms of widespread support, funding, and spending. with via rugosa seeing an increase in donations, it is likely the newsom campaign would prefer a face-off with cox. when you consider a survey by the public policy institute of california, that shows 40 percent of likely voters are democrats, for 29 are republicans.
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>> the candidates who placed first and second on june 5 will face-off in the general election. major security alert. a warning from the fbi after heckert's put malware on more than 500,000 internet routers in the us. former president hw bush back in the hospital. we will have the latest on his condition. temperatures have been trending up all weekend, and tomorrow will be the warmest day of the weekend for memorial day. we will talk about the neighborhood that could hit the low 90s. i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple.
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i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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track the fbi is sending out a warning to reboot your router. russian hackers placed malware on more than 500,000 internet routers in the us. the malware could put your information at risk. the agency recommends using a stronger password on your devices. if you are a fan of eating span listen up. federal health officials are recalling close to 230 pounds of spam because they believe that metal got inside the cans. the recall covers 12 ounce can with a best buy date of february 2021. an establishment number of esp 199 and on the bottom of the can. there have already been reports of minor oral injuries. >> the on-again off-again summit between president trump
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and north korean leader kim jong and is apparently on- again. the state department is confirming that an advance team was in the dmz separating north and south korea today. the us team is led by the american envoy to the philippines, and on the north korean side, the powerful vice for a miniature choice -- choice. >> a lot of people are working on it. it is moving along very nicely. we are looking at june 12 in singapore and that has not changed. >> the optimism comes in spite of the fact that just two weeks ago, the white house was stood up by their north korean counterparts by -- after traveling overseas. former president george hw bush was hospitalized in maine today after experiencing low blood pressure. a spokesperson for the 93-year- old is the form president will
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likely remain in the hospital for a few days. the spokesperson said mister bush is awake, alert, and is not in any discount -- cause discomfort. they should discomfort. it is the second time in less than a month that the former president has been hospitalized his wife died last month, the day after her funeral, mister bush was hospitalized in houston for 13 days because of an infection. the memorial day holiday is coming up tomorrow. in bay area -- san francisco organizers are getting ready for the 150th memorial day commemoration. the procession features that's, their families, and military dignitaries. the formal ceremony begins at 11:00. speakers include lieutenant governor and gubernatorial governor candidate gavin newsom. also decorated bets will be speaking. a 21 gun salute as well at noon tomorrow. 10 nine cities are hosting ceremonies as well to margaret marin county united veterans
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council will present a service at 10 tomorrow morning, at the veterans memorial. golden gate national cemetery will present its 77th memorial day observance. it includes a military color guard and a re-present -- wreath presentation. 5000 people are expected at san jose's oak hill memorial park. japanese-american servicemembers will be honored starting at 10 am. it is followed by a ceremony and later tributes to those who fought in the civil war, spanish-american war, and vietnam war. people in the nation's capital are celebrating the holiday uniquely. is a massive demonstration staged by motorcyclists who have an important message for the american people. bikers who participate in the world link funder event say they are calling attention to all of the american soldiers who are still officially classified as missing in action. >> reporter: you may be hard- pressed to find a more patriotic crowd of folks on memorial day weekend and then here at rolling thunder.
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they are veterans, goldstar families, and a whole lot of proud americans. this is no purvey. organizers are quick to say this is a demonstration, and their mission is the same it was 31 years ago. raise awareness of our soldiers who never came home, and are still missing in action. >> is men and women give up rights for all of us so we could live free the way they do. they leave our men and women of -- behind after a war. >> the movement started when there was no going viral, but their goal was to hold a demonstration so loud that lawmakers could not ignore them. motorcycles were certainly do that. president donald j. trump took know this this morning and treated, fantastic to have 400,000 men and women of rolling thunder in dc, showing their patriotism. they love our country, and our leg. they stand for our national anthem. more than 1 million riders and spectators took part in today's ride for freedom, the world's largest single day motorcycle
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event. next year, like every year before, they were expecting it will be bigger. in washington, i am garrett tenney, fox news here in the bay area, it has finally warmed up , making for a stunning sunset. take a look at this beautiful view of the golden gate bridge from one of our cameras. this was around nine this evening. this is like a postcard. you can sort of see the fog, in the foreground, with the sunset. happy 81st birthday golden gate bridge. take a look at the light show at the salesforce tower in downtown san francisco. this started when the salesforce building opened this week. guess how many life they have their works is impressive. 11,000 lights on top. they will have some sort of display that you will see moving around. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with a look at how hot it will get your memorial day
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forecast. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the weekend, and a few more 90s out there. i remember when they celebrated the 50th birthday, and i was in seventh grade and made the bike read over the bridge in 1987. always a unique and wonderful memory. on my bike. highs ranging from the lower 60s coast side, 70s around the bay. in the 80s towards santa rosa, concorde and livermore. 86 there. we noticed that warm up before today, right? we will warm things up even more tomorrow, especially inland. we are thinking around 90 to 93, approaching the mid-90s as we go toward monday. the beaches mainly upper 62 close to 70 degrees. we are tracking fog out there. the organizing of that fog is
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to the south. we still have a few patches trying to redevelop coast side. we could have some patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning. current numbers right now, we have 50s and some 60s. look at that, 71 in concorde for your sunday night. very mild out there. san jose 65 degrees. live kema toward the golden gate right now. not much in the way of fog right now, but we could have patches redevelop in this area first thing tomorrow morning, especially from the golden gate south. most areas in the 50s tonight, but 60 degrees in concorde. tomorrow will be warmer. this is a sinking air, this is warming air. you will notice that change tomorrow. lower 19 inland, around the bay, low 80s. in beaches, upper 60s, near 70 degrees. there is the forecast model showing you this. i think we will have patchy morning fog near the coast but lots of sunshine. the warmest locations in the reds in the 90s out toward fairfield. along the creek 92. oakland, 80 degrees.
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san jose forecast high, 87. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. 76 in san francisco. a little bit drop of the numbers by tuesday and will cool things off by mid wednesday. sports rap is just a few minutes away. the wires try to get back to the final for the fourth straight year. the nfl's new national anthem policy, now become political. one congressman referencing the nazis in his criticism of this new report. >> reporter: --
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the nfl has new rules about what players can do on the field during the national anthem. while some applaud the leak, others say this is a setback for free speech. reaction from players and fans. nfl conditioner roger bedell announced the new anthem policy four days ago. players who want to protest can choose to stay in the locker room during the anthem. but if you are on the field, you must stand for the national anthem, or the players team will be fined. president donald j. trump says he does not think players should be in the locker room, but he approves the policy. reaction from the players was mixed. >> reporter: i think it is good. you have to stand proudly for the national anthem. or you should not be playing were there. maybe you should not be in the country. >> i go out there and i stand
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for the anthem. and i want to play football. >> for me it is disgusting. i see disgusting, because of our member rights you know our first amendment rights. >> our military has fought for those freedoms to allow those guys to have that decision. >> reporter: 52 percent of white fans support the new anthem policy. 49 percent of hispanics do. but only 29 percent of luck and nfl pans -- black fans supported. at least one owner is standing against the policy. new york jets owner would pay fines for any players who want to kneel during the anthem. congressman pete king of new york is not the fan. king tweeted, disgraceful that new york jets owner will pay fines for players who kneel for national anthem. it encourages a movement premised on lies versus police. would he find -- pay fines of players giving [null] salutes are spewing racism?
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the controversy continues and the start of the nfl season is 15 weeks away. brian yunus, fox news. that wraps it up for us tonight. >> this memorial day weekend a lot of people not working tomorrow. they do not have to commute. that wraps up and sports rap is next. >> thanks again for joining us everyone. tune in tomorrow for mornings and we will see you tomorrow on four. good night.
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the waiters turn it on just in time to force a game seven. the big question, which team will show up tomorrow night in houston with a fourth straight up to the finals on the line? [ cheering ] forget for straight trips, lebron is back with the eighth straight season after turning in what some are calling his greatest accomplishment yet. a first-time -- a first-time starter with the a's outdueled one of the games best. and look who is close to returning to action? it is the 102nd running of the indy 500 produces a first-time winner. danica patrick's career comes to an end. not in the way she


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