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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 28, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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i'm mike mibach. memorial day, it is a day americans remember those who have sacrificed their lives for the lives of other. the presidio in san francisco is hosting a ceremony described as the largest tribute in the bay area to u.s. service members. allie rasmus joining us live with more on that ceremony. allie? >> reporter: the ceremony is still going on about 100 feet behind where we are steny. you can see some speakers at the podium and hundreds of people listening to that ceremony take place. it started around 11:00 and is the going on. behind us, you can see that national cemetery near the san francisco presidio. there are 30,000 gravesites for fallen servicemembers. each gravestone you see has a flag and a flower placed in front of it. that's one of several gestures of appreciation as part of a day of events here at the presidio.
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today's events only begin with a flag raising sermon it near the presidio's main post. veterans helped raise the flag. then military veterans let a procession from the main posts to the san francisco national cemetery. the final resting place. each headstone was decorated with an american flag and a single rose. the boy scouts placed the flags on saturday. volunteers with an organization spent the morning carefully laying down the roses. for carlos vargas, it was a somber and emotional experience as he was to reflect and say a prayer. >> i appreciate this great day. it's not a day of sales in stores. it's a day of remembrance. >> reporter: ceremony is that 150th year the presidio is hosting a memorial day event. >> 1868, it was called
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decoration day, when people marched and laid flowers on the graves of soldiers who died in the civil war. this is the 115th anniversary. -- 150th anniversary. it's one that indoors. >> reporter: the ceremony here at the presidio will wrap up with a 21 gun salute. then the public is invited to attend a community barbecue happening over by the main post. back to you guys. >> allie rasmus live in san francisco. president trump was at arlington national ceremony -- cemetery. he took heart in a wreathlaying ceremony followed by a moment of silence. the president said the servicemembers hurried at arlington national cemetery are united in their love for the country. >> there is was a love more
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deep and more pure as most will ever know. it was a love that will pass the mountains, deserts, across oceans and into enemy camps and unknown dangers. >> president trump also think the families of the fallen servicemembers buried at arlington, saying their sacrifice will never be forgotten. the first burial at arlington national serum -- cemetery took place 150th -- 150 years ago today. 27-30 funeral service a day. it's adding 7000 new burials a year. the cemetery is considering changes to the eligibility requirements for burial and at the current pace, he could run out of room by the year 2041. you might noticed a little bit less traffic out there on
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the road. it's starting to pick up because a lot of people are starting to head home from the long holiday weekend. this is a live look out there at the lowest easier. aaa says this is the busiest memorial day in 12 years. 41 1/2 million americans are traveling with most people getting to their debit -- destination by car. gas prices higher this memorial day weekend. prices are up 31% compared to the time letter but the national average for a gallon, $2.97. the highest memorial day weekend average since 2014. bay area prices even higher. the average price for a gallon of regular in san francisco, $3.85 percent of the in oakland, it's $3.76. two people were killed in a small lane freshly yesterday afternoon. a half-mile from the petaluma airport. ktvu's alissa harrington has the latest on the investigation into what happened. >> anything like that happens, it's said. it's not a good thing.
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it's just -- yeah, it's just terrible. >> reporter: lee brandt has been flying more than 40 years. he was getting ready to take off when a small plane crashed just have a my way. he saw the smoke. other witnesses saw that plane stall, head sideways, and head straight down. the pilot had just taken off when the plane began having engine problems. investigators say it appears the pilot tried to come back but didn't make it. the two people onboard died. the plane was said to be a van's rv-6. it's a homebuilt plane often used for aerobatics. >> people have these in their own hangers. and do whatever. i don't like to really dabble in those sort of things. i kind of stick with the -- >> reporter: the ntsb is taking
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over the investigation to the crash site. the plane is registered out of carmichael which is near sacramento. officials have not released the names of those who were killed. the search is on for the driver of a car, maybe responsible for a car in pleasanton. dropping 150 feet into a canal. is happened around 6:00 this morning on north 680 right there at the 580 interchange near the stoneridge mall. a blue call -- car hit the van from behind. the van has been pulled out of that canal and authorities are searching for the driver of that blue vehicle. they are treating this as a hit and run investigation. if you witnessed anything, you're asked to call highway patrol. stabbing at a popular park
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in san francisco. officers were called to dolores park to rake up a fight. they found a man who had been stabbed. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police have not released that identity of those in custody. sideshows in oakland, getting busy over the weekend. oakland police tweeted out these photos showing several cars being towed and officers questioning the drivers. oakland police have not yet said if any arrests were made. the number of teenagers committing crime is going up. according to a new report. it shows that crime involving teenagers went up across the board last year. that includes home burglaries, car theft, and violent crimes. report says last year, the second year in a row that overall crime went up in the county, which was partly attributed to the writing crimes committed by juveniles. honoring a science teacher
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who saved several students in the middle of that indiana school shooting. for the first time, he talks public about why he did -- publicly about why he did what he did. >> reporter: a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures.'s steve paulson will have your holiday forecast. pouring rain, flash floods. turning street into russian rivers. the latest on the damage and the people who evacuated to higher grounds.
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lava from the kilauea volcano reached eight geothermal power plant. wells have been capped to protect against the release of toxic gas mixed with lava. it's been four weeks since the kilauea volcano has been erupting. geologist estimate that there are fountains of lava shooting as high as 200 feet into the sky. emergency responders say they are concerned with the people who have not evacuated and are in a path of the volcano and its fissures. >> you could get cut off or whatever. those guys, need to be aware not just in their. -- there. >> helicopters from both the hawaii national guard and marine corps are on standby waiting to rescue anyone who
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might become trapped. more roads are now covered with lava and have great of you are waves for people to escape in northern california family is keeping a very close eye on the lava because they own a house on the big island. vicki gonzalez has more on the couple's concerns. >> you call it ohana and it's like home, like family. this is just a tiny little home. spread throughout their ascalon house -- >> this is hawai'i volcanoes national park. >> reporter: -- is there true home. >> i live and breathe hawaii. >> reporter: the next chapter of their lives. it's a one acre plot at leilani estates. >> it's going to put you to the test >> reporter: their retirement now in limbo.
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>> one of the most affordable areas of all hawaii. >> reporter: watching lava creep closer to their big island home. >> we haven't very lost our house yet. it's very, very close to our house. it's right there. >> reporter: morgans consumed by mother nature. but also over the tremendous loss of others. >> it breaks my heart. because we know so many of the people. they are our friends, our neighbors. >> reporter: so after three nervous weeks on the mainland -- >> we already bought our gas masks. >> reporter: this thursday, kathy and jean are traveling to the volcano threatening their dream home. >> this is not a vacation. this is to come together with our neighbors, our friends, and our ohana over there. >> reporter: the hawaii spirit they carry in their heart.
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>> we are hopeful. >> that was vicki gonzalez reporting. a state of emergency has been declared by the governor of maryland after pouring rain and flash floods. r were washed away in one maryland town. that same town was also devastated by floods two years ago. >> reporter: intense flash flooding strikes ellicott city. raging brown waters surging through city streets. people have been urged to evacuate or get to higher ground. >> my heart is broken. thinking about what the people are going through here. >> reporter: by sunday afternoon, floods were already above the first floor of many buildings. cell phone videos of cars getting swept away give you an idea of the water's incredible strength. >> jesus christ. >> reporter: officials have not been able to survey the damage yet. you can see mangled cars and
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debris floating in the water. maryland's governor believes it on course to be even worse than the devastating flood that hit ellicott city in the summer of 2016. >> they say this is a once every thousand year flood and we have two of them in two years. >> reporter: video shows bystanders forming a human chain to reach a woman trapped in her sinking car. those floods left two people dead. the damage was more than anyone was expecting. officials know ellicott city will come back even stronger again. >> ellicott city has been a strong, resilient community. we demonstrated that the last two years. i'm confident that we will be stronger again. >> reporter: the 2016 flooding left main street closed for two months and cost more than $40 million. alicia acuna was -- fox news. tropical storm roberta. it's expected to bring strong wind and rain.
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rip current and tornadoes. the governors of florida, alabama, and mississippi have all declared state of emergency. officials are warning people to stay off the teachers and out of the water. >> i know the right now, the state is ready. the shares are ready. -- sheriffs are ready. i hope it's not bad at all. >> the 2018 hurricane season officially starts on friday. happy monday. on this memorial day. we have sunshine. plenty of temps. zoom. didn't take long. they are already 4-10 degrees warmer. sunday was a warm-up. we started the holiday with a lot of cloud cover. cold temps. four days later, we are seeing a few 60s. and 90s. it's been a very cold month. as you know. inland. temperatures today will probably may be reached their warmest of the not only the
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week but also the month. going 86 today. palo alto, 87. walnut creek, 85. rare 90 this month. maybe tomorrow as well. but i don't think so. to date, it will be the 90s. 80 san jose. it's eight warmer forecast. but it's not going to last very long. all the heat is really out of the middle of the country from texas all the way up to the minneapolis area. minneapolis is going to be warmer than houston today. we get our fair share of a very warm to hot. a little bit of fog this morning. still time to head over to the a's game. taking on the raise. -- rays. 74, 55. the average is 65. look at the record 97. way back in 1887.
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temperatures on the loci. also above this morning as well. can't find anything. not in the way of any clouds, any fog. 3-9 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. they are moving out fast already. they will settle into the upper 80s and low to mid 90s for some. the fog got wiped out. even the sierra is looking pretty good as that thunderstorm activity is pushed off. this is by far the warmest day. a few locations will still be warm. the majority will start a cooled down. i mean, we will see a dramatic went by the time we get wednesday. also thursday. this looks like the warm day. hot day as temperatures have been tough to get into the 90s. they will be rocketing up there and staying there. there is a westerly breeze getting ready to kick in. that will start tomorrow. big cool down wednesday into thursday. it does look like a little bump on friday. temperatures near seasonal average all the weight into the
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weekend. a brush fire burned 16 acres. it started after 5:00. the cause of the fire is not yet determined. no injuries have been reported. a former east bay psychologist has been sentenced to 78 months in risen on child pornography charges. once worked in orinda. he has been ordered to federal prison. pleaded guilty to the charges on friday. he admitted to being in possession of more than 600 images and videos of child pornography at his lafayette home. and former psycho -- child psychology office. he has been ordered to pay $85,000 in restitution. alabama teenager natalee holloway disappeared while on a high school graduation trip to aruba. the question of what happened to her has never been answered. reporter jonathan tells us where the investigation into the case stands right now. >> something you'll never get
12:20 pm
out of your mind. >> reporter: 13 years after the disappearance of his daughter, holloway is still searching for answers. in 2005, the 18-year-old from him, alabama, vanished from a high school graduation trip to aruba. aruba became the center of this international mystery. >> reporter: she was last seen leaving a popular bar with a 17- year-old. >> he was not arrested until 10 days after natalie went missing. i think the news media, their involvement forced this. >> reporter: international news crews descended on the 20 allen nation is the mystery around natalie's disappearance became a major story. >> the enormous american media pressure is one that drove the aruban government to understand that this case was not the
12:21 pm
ordinary criminal case. >> reporter: vendor sloat was never charged. >> such a sleaze, it was clear that he was not telling the truth. >> reporter: t.j. ward was an investigator hired by the family in 2005. he continues to work on the case today. >> do i believe he is directly involved with the disappearance of natalee holloway absolutely. >> reporter: currently serving time in a peruvian prison for the murder of stephanie flores ramirez, who was strangled in a hotel room on the fifth anniversary of natalie's disappearance. >> i think aruba has taken position now. he is going to be in prison and he will have to face charges in the united states for extortion. >> reporter: that's because before leaving for peru, he allegedly demanded payment from
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natalie's mother for information on the whereabouts of her daughter's remains. >> i know what it's like to have a child go missing. >> reporter: in 2010, at hallway launched the natalee holloway resource center. >> as a parent, you want to know exactly what happened. right now, we don't have natalie. and we don't know anymore than what we know really from the first day. >> reporter: in meridian, mississippi, jonathan, fox news. coming up, you may want to hit reset on your internet router. major warning from the fbi this noon time.
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the stock market is closed on this memorial day. there are still plenty of headlines from the world of business. tesla has started to update the brakes on its model 3 cars ever consumer reports refused to give the car a recommended buy rating. consumer reports had the model 3 needing 152 feet to fully stop. 7 feet longer than a ford f150 truck needed in the same test. tesla's ceo elon musk said an over the air software update could improve the performance. the updates started going up -- out friday. even improving the stopping distance might not earn that recommended buy rating. the car had other problems including what he called model 3 confusing controls stirfried, and wind noise. federal health officials and
12:26 pm
hornell foods are recalling spam. they say they believe some medal got inside those cans. recall covers 12 ounce cans with this by date of february 2021. there have already been reports of some minor injuries. anyone can return cans of spam. starbucks is closing all of its stores for part of the day. starbucks plans to close its doors so employees can undergo racial bias training. it follows the arrest of two african-american men in a philadelphia starbucks who were waiting for a friend who did not order anything. starbucks has since changed its policy to let anyone sit in its cafes and use the bathrooms even if they do not buy anything. analysts estimate starbucks will miss out on $12 million in revenue. efu -- fbi is wanting you to reboot your internet router. that's because russians placed malware and it could still your
12:27 pm
information. they recommend using a stronger password on devices. just ahead, he risked his life for the lives of the students in his classroom. we will hear from the indian a teacher who took on an armed dude and during a school shooting. young immigrants in paris also risked his life to save a child from certain death. how france is reporting that man after he climbed several balconies to save that child. my name is tony thurmond. education isn't the goal, - it's the gateway. hold the key... to every child's opportunity. we reject trump's attacks on our public schools. and invest in the teachers dreamers. modernize our curriculum and empower educators to teach beyond the test because creativity and critical thinking are as important as facts and figures. i'm tony thurmond the work starts now. state superintendent.
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a few hours ago, the indiana teacher who protected his students when he gunman walked into his classroom made his first public comments. jason seaman was released from the hospital. he says he is still processing much of what happened and that he is not someone who looks for attention and he is not comfortable with the situation he is in. he said he did what he -- needed to be done. >> my actions in my mind were the only acceptable actions i could do. i deeply care for my students and their well-being. that's why i did what i did that day. >> reporter: seaman is a science teacher and football coach. he threw a basketball to the
12:31 pm
gunman then ran towards him. 22-year-old malian immigrant is being honored by the president of france after he climbed up a four-story paris apartment building to save a child who was dangling from a balcony. the young man climbed up the front of the building when he saw the four-year-old boy hanging from that balcony. video shows him pulling himself up from balcony to balcony as a man tried to hold onto the child bite leaning across from a neighboring balcony. president macron said he would be allowed to become a french citizen. the boy's father has been taken into custody. the june 5 primary is next week. all the candidates in the race for san francisco mayor are stepping up their efforts to win votes. polls show it is a very tight
12:32 pm
race with no clear frontrunner. the most recent poll shows london breed with a slight edge over former state senator mark leno followed by dane kim and former supervisor angela alioto . the winner will serve out of the will -- remaining year and a half of the late mayor ed lee's term. gavin newsom has surged to the front of the pack. as andre senior reports, spending from another candidate has hit a new record. >> it takes courage to make real change. that's gavin newsom. >> reporter: you will see a lot more at like this to support lieutenant governor gavin newsom or this one to support antonio villaraigosa. >> president obama called him one of america's finest mirrors. >> reporter: both are front runners with newsom ahead by 21%. close behind is john cox, who 10% of voters say they will likely choose on election day according to a poll.
12:33 pm
>> john cox stands with donald trump and the nra. >> reporter: john cox has raised $5.9 million. that is far behind lieutenant governor's $34.2 million. at the same time, villaraigosa continues to hit a large infusion of -- get a large infusion of cash. >> yes, i do support charter schools. that what i've always supported our great schools. >> because of that support, an independent committee has -- that supports charter schools has spent 17 and half million dollars to back him. the watchdog group reports that source has spent more money than any other independent committee supporting a gubernatorial candidate in the past two decades. six of the leading cabinet -- candidates participated in a debate. >> the first thing i will do is reverse gavin newsom's
12:34 pm
sanctuary state law. >> i think it's incumbent upon the next governor to stand up and stand tall. >> the governor that unites this great state. this is the most diverse state of anywhere in the world. >> reporter: only newsom, villaraigosa, and cox have a chance of winning the campaign. with villaraigosa seeing an increase of donations, it's likely the newsom campaign would prefer eight face-off with cox. -- a face-off with cox. andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. the top two vote getters will face each other in the general election in november. 90-year-old former president george hw bush is being treated for low blood pressure and fatigue at a hospital in maine. a spokesman for the former president says he's probably going to stay in the hospital for a few days. he is awake, alert, and not in pain. he became ill in the family
12:35 pm
home where he is spending the summer. his wife, barbara, passed late last month, and a day after her funeral, he was hospitalized because of an infection. the summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un is apparently on again. an advanced team is in singapore working out the logistics of holding the summit on june 12. >> reporter: more surprises maybe a breakthrough in the works regarding a possible summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. one day after the north korea leader kim met with south korean president moon jae-in, along the dmz, the north side of the border, the state department is no confirmed that u.s. and north korean officials are meeting basically at the same location to thrash out issues ahead of the proposed summit. among those reportedly involved, the u.s. ambassador to the philippines, some kim, the korean american and the
12:36 pm
former u.s. ambassador to south korea, a former u.s. nuclear negotiator with the north and on the north korean side, the powerful vice foreign minister. she is best known recently for the statement dubbing the vice president as a political dummy, which for a moment had president trump calling off the talks. they could be back on. comments coming on sunday from south korean president moon. he said in his meeting, kim said that he is determined to hold the summit with president trump on june 12, committed to complete the nuclearization -- denuclearization. with some reservations, kim reportedly said he still has concerns about security assurances regarding his resume and the south korean president admitted there are still differences in opinion into what denuclearization really means. those differences could be worked out. reportedly there will be two
12:37 pm
more days of talks. busy times in the region. in seoul, south korea, greg, fox news. the uss arizona memorial is now closed and definitely. the memorial over the sunken battleship had been closed for repairs. this past weekend, military officials say the there are cracks in the structure and the cracks show the structure is not being properly supported. they are trying to figure out how to repair the damage and make that memorial safe again. finisher is honoring servicemembers on this memorial day. aircraft from the air force base conducted a flyover. the cemetery not only has gravesites of u.s. vets but also the remains of german and battalion prisoners from world war ii.
12:38 pm
the historical society held a flag raising ceremony at the beginning of this annual more -- memorial day ceremony. anniversary of the end of the verse two. the tomb of the unknown soldier is a place dedicated to servicemembers who have never been identified. bob renard has more on how that memorial came to be and the effort to bring an unidentified american soldier back to the united states. for burial at arlington. >> reporter: the tomb is hallowed ground, our most sacred ground. >> reporter: the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. one of the most treasured attractions here at our nation's capital. members of the third u.s. infantry regiment, the old guards, stand watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the changing of the guards, solemn ritual played out before tens of thousands of visitors
12:39 pm
every year. >> this represents who we are as americans. it rep from that represents all the sacrifices that were made by all who have fallen in battle for america. >> reporter: patrick o'donnell has written a new book about our government's efforts at the end of world war i to honor all americans killed in battle with a tomb for one of the unidentified war dead. >> at first, they were resistant to the idea of an unknown surgery. -- soldier. there were about 2500 in world war i. that didn't happen. and in there was a movement after france and england both selected an unknown soldier to have an american unknown soldier. >> documented with photographs, the effort began in 1921. the unknown soldier chosen after unidentified caskets were unearthed from four american cemeteries in france. >> they were about to give a general officer the right to select the unknown for america.
12:40 pm
the america's unknown soldier. the french said, no. you should use an enlisted men. >> that man was edward younger. he was wounded twice, given a bouquet of flowers to help make the selection. >> walked into the chapel and laid the bouquet on one of the caskets. he felt that the man that was in that casket had died next to him in battle. and it was one of his friends. he didn't know for sure, but he thought so. he was powerfully drawn to that individual. >> reporter: and to that day, we don't know who that person is? >> we don't know who that person is. >> reporter: the other three caskets were buried again in france. >> part of this book, though, is about the body errors, the man -- men. >> reporter: commander of u.s. forces on the western front. >> they are the most decorative enlisted men in the work to
12:41 pm
bring back the remains. there stories tell us the story of america's involvement in world war i. >> reporter: inscribed on the back of the tomb is this, here is an american soldier known but to god. at arlington national they are very -- cemetery, fox news. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope.
12:42 pm
i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them.
12:43 pm
jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
12:44 pm
tonight, the golden state warriors take on the rockets in a winner take all game. it is the seventh and deciding game of their playoff series. the warriors trailed by 17 points. stormed back and wound up bowing out of the market by 21 point. andre, who missed the last two games with a bruised left leg, is not expected to be tonight. chris paul is a gametime decision because of an injury to his hamstring. the warriors are hosting an
12:45 pm
official watch party. it opens at 4:30 this afternoon. the a's have a game there. the doors will open up at 5. tickets are $20 each with part of the proceeds going to local charities. if you want to buy tickets, you will find a link on our website at game seven tips off at 6:00 after the game, we will have complete postgame reaction on the 10 and 11:00 news. if the warriors win tonight, they will face the cleveland cavaliers in the finals for the fourth consecutive year. they beat the boston celtics in game seven of the eastern conference finals last night. 87-79. >> blocked by james! he did it again! >> lebron james making plays on both ends of the floor. nine assists and two blocks.
12:46 pm
game one of those nba finals scheduled for thursday night. well, very warm afternoon rick already kicking him. this is one of the warmest days, afternoons we've had all month. this has been a very, very cold month. today, it's about the warm to hot conditions. fog pouring over the golden gate this morning. but then it started to retreat. too much high pressure. this will be the warmest day of the weekend. as we said, maybe for the month. temperatures have been below for a long time. this is one of the few days where we will warm it up. and one of the few times were some in the locations will be in the 90s. last year, we had about 78 days where the temperatures hit 90. today will be a day where we do see some low to mid 90s. taking care of everything. 80s around the bay. 80s 90s to some mid to upper 90s. up towards ukiah.
12:47 pm
74 the city today. it's not even close to the record. 47, 1893, the record low. severe and clear as we like to say. 49 degrees warmer than they were on sunday at this time. temperatures have no problem warming up above seasonal average. raring to go, but it needs a little help. by then, we will see a west wind. by wednesday, we will drop off the table with a lot of these terms. enjoy the sunshine. it will still be on the warm side. and then a big cooled down wednesday, thursday. to be honest, it's kind of looking like june maybe looking towards the cool side. today will be one of those days. 80s and 90s for the interior. 70s, 80s for most throughout the day. it comes roaring back wednesday into thursday. and then a nice temps as we go into the weekend.
12:48 pm
with today expected to be the hottest day of this long holiday weekend, any people headed off to the water. the coast guard has some tips. everyone should always wear a life jacket while on a boat. just like driving, it is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. a bay area pet rescue worker is caring for two puppies deborah bandit in east oakland and left for dead. paley boucher has worked for rocket dog rescue for 20 years. but says she rarely sees puppies in such bad shape. one puppy is missing part of her back part. but will recover. the other puppy named frida was severely malnourished. and has a broken jaw. she may not survive. >> i don't know if it was an act of intentional abuse or just really horribly neglectful
12:49 pm
situation. i don't know. >> the dogs were found in an alley off of 89th avenue in oakland among broken furniture, oil cans, and trash. boucher says if you have any information on where the dogs may have come from, you should call rocket dog rescue. what did you think? what you know? >> what we know is there was a battle at the box office over the weekend. we will tell you how the blocks but -- blockbusters did. so, aunt katy, did you do anything for your birthday? i stopped paying too much at verizon and switched to sprint's unlimited 55+ nice! anything else? birthday...ever!!
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not much. just happy i'm saving more. so you get a great price and a great network. (vo) the new unlimited 55+ from sprint. two lines for only $35 per month per line. for people with hearing loss, switch to sprint. visit
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three blockbusters battle it out for the top spot in the block office -- box office. han solo at number one. "solo: a star wars story" debuted at number one. it tells the early story of han solo. it appears there might be a disturbance in that force. $83 million. something that is well below expectations. went tomorrow's numbers come
12:52 pm
in, the total is expected to be more than $100 million. "deadpool 2" and then avengers affinity word -- "avengers: infinity war". season two of each of -- beaches them -- beat shazam is becoming a family affair. inspired by the app, beat shazam has players racing against the clock to identify hit songs. we recently spoke with jamie fox about his daughter being added to the team. >> i cannot be happier to have my daughter, season two, beat shazam. she is my cohost. that's what it's about. we have families and contestants that come up. to see my daughter, tears in the eyeballs, man.
12:53 pm
>> one of the best parts of the show are the people and all the different personalities that they've come across. >> it's the contestants and their amazing stories. these are people who really deserve to be on the show and are playing for things that are bigger than that. that connection that you'll have. but also it's really awesome because we have an app. it's like playing shazam. you can download the app and play along with the show and you can win $10,000 a night. >> season two of beat shazam ears to know -- tomorrow night. we have the story of a 94- year-old world war ii vet who just received his high school diploma. reporter jeff told us why it took the man more than 70 years to finally walk across that
12:54 pm
stage. >> reporter: on the edge of the city of circleville it's a modest cemetery decked out in flight -- fresh flags to honor the best among us. and across town sunday on a stage in circleville high school, seth robert walker, a veteran of this town and this high school. his class actuation was 1944. except he did not graduate. he had one too many bad run-ins with one particular teacher. >> he said, i don't see why you don't just quit. you're costing the board of education money. i said, that's exactly what i think i'll do. i walked out that door. >> reporter: robert left circleville for hocking hills and then -- >> las vegas, nevada.
12:55 pm
i was a pastry chef for six months. >> reporter: which is why he went into the army as a chef. a month later, he's our bloody combat in europe. too much of it. >> i saw too much dead. i don't want to talk about that. >> reporter: -- >> we are honored and privileged to have an exemplary individual. >> reporter: those memories stayed locked away. but the emotions were on full display. >> celebrate him for his dedication, result, and commitment. >> reporter: 74 years after dropping out, robert lockard came full circle in circleville. >> it means everything to me. all these years, man. [ crying ]
12:56 pm
>> reporter: on a weekend when we honor the best who have left us, good to know some of the best are still here. >> robert lockard, thank you for your service. online debate over a t- shirt that a crew is selling. a little boy wearing a t-shirt that says, i am a feminist, too. it was posted on friday. not everyone is thrilled about it. some people criticized the store for injecting itself into politics. some didn't like the brand making a political statement. 50-year-old frenchman hopes to be the first person to swim across the pacific ocean from japan all the way to the city by the bay. the city of san francisco. been got into the water and started swimming for san francisco. the journey will take about six months and he plans to swim
12:57 pm
eight hours each day and then sleep at night on a boat. he has partnered with several research organizations. that is it for us. the next newscast is 4 on 2. john chiang's father came it'here with little money,on. but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare
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and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future.
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dr. oz: supermarket buffettings. always tempting but before you hit the hot wings, watch our hidden camera investigation. d how these two women fought off carjackers. the split-second decision that saved her life. her self-defense move that shocked all of us. >> coming up next. dr. oz: are you ready to save some lives today? audience: yes! >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause] dr.


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