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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 28, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the 10 pm news on ktvu, fox 2, starts now. the warriors congratulate each other after the win of game seven. there headed back to the nba finals for the fourth year in a row. fans are celebrating.
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serious exuberance on display. the warriors fans know they are witnessing something special with the team.? for the fourth year in a row it will be -- for the fourth year in a row it will be golden state going up against lebron. ? here's a look at the fireworks being set off to celebrate the victory. the warriors trailed by 11 at halftime and needed a second- half rally to come from behind for the win.? -- >> we have lived team coverage tonight. the warriors stumbled in the first half. 4 -- >> reporter: we have seen it before. you are so right to say, do not take it for granted. these are special times that we
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are experiencing as the warriors are headed to the nba championship for a fourth consecutive year. folks in houston had everything to be excited about tonight. it was the seventh game, western conference finals. home-court, why would they not be excited? they were fired up for their team, hoping they could get it done and head to the finals. and said it was the warriors. they were optimistic coming in. they had every reason to be. the warriors trailed by 11 points at halftime. it was one of those patented warriors third quarters. just two of 6% curry. ended up going seven for 15. at one point in the third quarter, he scored 11 straight points as the warriors caught and passed the rockets. there was a dead ball in the game. you to see the rockets fans filing out of the arena. they knew what was about to face them as far as reality was concerned. then it was all up to the warriors as the final seconds ticked off. it was a strange dynamic celebrating on a home -- visiting team's court.
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it is just your teammates, coaches and family members to embrace. probably nothing more pleasurable than to win the way the warriors did. the expectations for the warriors were high from the beginning. it was championship or bust. >> this was not an easy task at all matter what the predictions were going into the season. we knew how great of a team houston was. we had to fight till the and -- until the last quarter of game seven. every year is different. came seven was hard. >> reporter: frank, you used
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the word dynasty. three championships in four years, you can use the dword. they are already making nba history. now four straight years, the warriors and cavaliers. the good news for them is they will be opening up at home and not on the road. we have more coming up in sports. live in houston. >> now live at oracle arena. >> reporter: he mentioned it was quite in houston. it was anything but here at oracle arena. there is a huge crowd about 13,000 people. afterward, a line around the building to get one of these. the official locker room t- shirt. it sure does look good to see western champions. they were really happy for this . many of them are hoping for four more.
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as the clock wound down on game seven, warrior fans were winding up and celebrating another win in the western division championship. the decibel level is deafening. it was the perfect end to a stressful season that added some uncertainty to game seven against the rockets. >> it has been going great some games and others not. >> reporter: from the opening seconds, but we believe crowd kept their faith in the team. also the hope of another championship title. >> we did great this season. we always come through in the end. i think we will do just fine and when it.
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>> it is so inspiring. you never lose faith. >> reporter: big screens and big screams. even in the last row. many said it was a good way to spend the holiday with family. >> just having fun with the family on memorial day. >> reporter: with cheerleaders and cheering fans and shirts flying. >> the fan base is amazing and the team is amazing. >> reporter: warrior fans watched the team over cake the rocket -- overtake the rockets. warrior fans showed why oracle arena is sometimes dubbed what oracle -- dubbed waricle.
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>> reporter: people can start getting tickets for game one tomorrow at xpm. live at oracle arena on an amazing night, in oakland, ktvu, fox 2 news. stay with us for more on the game seven win. we will have more highlight then go back to houston for more coverage. that is coming up later in sports. new details of a heroic rescue during a fire in lake county that left a firefighter injured. the fire broke out at the market this afternoon. it is a landmark general store in grocery on highway 29 in the heart of middletown. we are told that a chp officer happened to be at the market getting lunch when the fire alarm went off at about 2:20 pm.
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the officer called for fire response. after crews arrived, the officer started doing traffic control. then he saw a firefighter, partially engulfed in flames. the chp officer and another firefighter pulled the injured man to safety. the firefighter was then taken to uc davis for treatment. he suffered smoke inhalation and first degree burns to his right hand. the cause of the fire is under investigation. we are learning more about the two people killed in a small plane crash in petaluma. they have been identified as richard and susan bristow from carmichael. their plane went down late yesterday afternoon shortly after taking off from the petaluma municipal air. -- airport. >> is terrible. >> witnesses say the airplane started having engine trouble, it stalled, turned sideways then headed straight down. investigators hate appears that the pilot tried to turn around but did not make it back to the airport.
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is similar to the plane seen here. is a home built plane, often used for aerobatics. the faa and national transportation safety board are now investigating the crash. a puppy was left for dead in an abandoned dumpster in east oakland. this time it was a husky with a broken jaw. this comes after the discovery of two severely injured german shepherd puppies in the same spot last friday. rob malcolm tells us, there is a $5000 reward in the case. >> reporter: it happened again. another torture dog dumped in the trash and in east oakland neighborhood. >> i stopped and brought water. >> reporter: he saw the blood he paused and broken jaw and brought water before calling volunteers from the rescue. one look at the animal and you could tell it was in bad shape. >> is about a five month old
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husky puppy with a broken jaw just like the dogs found the other day. >> reporter: last week to german shepherd puppies were found in the same place. one dog had part of his back pocket off and was taken to pet express in alameda. the other taken to the vet with a broken jaw both sides, malnourished and infected and in danger of being euthanized. >> this is a serious police matter. >> reporter: animal control filled up the area then rushed the puppies to the bca hospital. the city of oakland is citing an investigation. and administrator told us off- camera, the dog will survive but needed specialist to repair the broken jaw. we asked if this dog could have been used as bait? >> why would they need to break the jugs -- dogs job? >> usually a dogfighting dog is
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just chewed up. it is not what we are used to. >> reporter: in just over 48 hours, three dogs were dumped in the trash. they got lucky with this puppy. >> we flagged down the animal control officer. he just happened to be passing by. 4 -- >> reporter: the city of oakland is investigating. pet food express has offered a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whomever is responsible. in san leandro, rob malcolm, ktvu, fox 2 news. gratitude and appreciation on this memorial day. the special bay area events that honor those who died in the military. an invasion of jellyfish in pacifica on one of the warmest days of the year. hundreds of them washing up on shore. we are tracking a warm-up.
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temperatures got up there. we had 98 in fairfield. what is that mean for tuesday? i will let you know.
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president trump spent part of memorial day thanking those that have served in the military. especially those that gave their lives for the country.
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president trump continued the tradition of laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery in virginia. he said the servicemen and women buried at the cemetery came from different backgrounds and faith. they are now united. the city of venetia is honoring servicemembers on this memorial day. crews conducted a flyover. also the historical society held a flag raising ceremony at the beginning of the annual ceremony. people who spent this memorial day at a beach in pacifica got more than they were bargained for. a huge number of jellyfish washed up near the coast side talk about. one jellyfish is believed -- is believed to have stung a surfer. it was the warmest day of
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the year in many parts of the bay area today. we have a stunning view of the sunset from our traffic camera looking at the eastern span of the bay bridge. for more on the unofficial start to summer, we go to azenith smith. >> reporter: the calendar said it is the end of may but it felt like july whether. and delap -- it felt like the weather in july. in downtown san jose is 72 degrees. it was a good day to fire up the grill. at the peak of today's hot temperatures, the zamora family is seeking refuge in the shade. >> we all come together and remember all of the troops. my family has served in the army. we get together and tell stories. >> reporter: a memorial day tradition pert -- tradition.
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they were not alone. the castro family is remembering not only those who have served but loved ones who are currently serving. >> if they are working right now they are on duty. that is why they are not here. >> it is nice weather to spend time with the family. >> reporter: the weather is picture-perfect for outdoor games. the families beating the heat by taking a swim and hang hydrated. >> a little bit of beer, water, happy juice and wine. >> reporter: this family is soaking up the sun at santaquin s santa teresa county park. nearby, firefighters were cutting down a large tree still smoldering after a vegetation fire burned 16 acres on sunday. it's began on this hillside coming dangerously close to homes. the causes under investigation.
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>> as the temperature goes up, the fire burns faster. if the humidity drops, the fire burns faster. if the wind moves faster, it pushes the fire faster. >> reporter: up staffing for vegetation fire season does not start until june 1. they have already dealt with several brushfires. >> the city is ready to burn. the grass is dry and most of the hills around san jose are as well. >> reporter: fire season is fast approaching. most embrace the hot weather and hope the heat tics around. >> -- sticks around. >> i am ready for the summer. >> reporter: given it is a holiday, the fire department is reminding everyone, fireworks are illegal and dangerous in the city. with more on the weather, let's turn it over to bill martin. it is cooling off. we had 98 degrees in fairfield
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today. that is the warmest we have seen all season. 95 in antioch these were the highs. the warmest day of the week was today. as we head into tomorrow, -- as we head into tomorrow, we will see more of a seabreeze. it will drop from the 95 in antioch down to 89 or 90. fog is trying to make itself known or have a presence. it is slow. the fog is just at the southern tip of monterey bay. it will try to work its way up the coast tomorrow. a little southerly search. that will not have a big impact on us in terms of fog up the coast. not until tomorrow night or wednesday morning. this little warm spell it's breaking. today's the warmest day and tomorrow will be slightly cooler. look at fairfield. it is 70 degrees. concord is 80 degrees. it is still warm. the temperatures are wanting --
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running about 6 degrees warmer. let's check the wind. that is how you know when things are switching. the wind is pretty light and still northwest. there is a lot of north in the wind. tomorrow night it will be more westerly. you will see san francisco with a gust of 25-30 miles per hour. that will be the big cooling that will impact us on wednesday. outside it is a beautiful night. tuesday is back to work for many. it will be beautiful but not as warm as today. after that, temperatures will trend down and back out of the nighties into the 70s and low 80s. i will have the specifics when i see you next. a disappointing opening for the latest star wars movie, solo
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, it earned $84.8 million over the memorial day weekend. that is the lowest opening yet for a star wars movie. the film cost more than 250 million to make. -- $250 million to make. starbucks is making a major step toward change. most stores are closing early tomorrow for nationwide training. head tonight, more on the warriors big win. catastrophic flooding hits a city in maryland for the second time in two years, prompting a state of emergent. the terrifying video is coming up. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein to negotiate the price of drugs. marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%.
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marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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several inches of rain triggered a flash flood in maryland over the weekend. water rushed through homes, soaking cars and threatening lives. the flooding to nathan ellicott city which was hammered by another storm almost 2 years ago. rich edson has our report. >> reporter: for the second time in less than two years, this is ellicott city maryland. -- ellicott city, maryland. >> every time it rains hard, use a hail mary and hope it is not the time. here we are. it was the time. >> reporter: rescue crews are searching for edison herman. much of the street is now covered in mud or washed away. from beneath the small bridge, crews pulled a dumpster, a tree with roots and three cars. they cleared this field of about a dozen flooded cars.
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about eight inches of rain fell over just a few hours on sunday afternoon. residents and business owners they flash flood was more destructive than the flood in july 2016. that killed two people and caused millions in damage. >> we will be stronger in the future. this is not a place that gives him. we did not give in in 2016 we will not give in and 2018. >> reporter: maryland's governor, larry hogan declared a state of emergency. he just announced federal funding of more than $1 million to help restore the downtown from the 2016 flood. >> here we are again. i said to my husband, is this the new normal? is this what is normal now? for us every couple of years to have to dig this place out. >> reporter: timothy said a few weeks ago, his brewery had just finished repairs. he said he will rip you -- rebuild again. >> rebuilding his brick, stone
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and metal. that can be replaced. people cannot. that is the real resource. >> reporter: local authorities say they performed about 300 rescues as a result of last nights flooding. the task of restoring power and cleaning this up continues. in ellicott city maryland, rich edson, fox news. emergency officials in hawaii say the fast moving lava from the kilauea volcano has destroyed 10 more homes in just the past 24 hours. she sent us this video. her brother lives in hawaii. she took these pictures of the lava and smoke coming from kilauea. the lava is just 100 yards from her brother's home. her father also lives in hawaii. he had to go to the hospital because his eyes are so bloodied from the air quality. she said her dad is -- has also asked her to send air purifiers because they are completely sold out on the island. the situation for people living there is terrifying.
10:26 pm
more than 50 homes have now been destroyed since the emergency began three weeks ago. new evacuation orders are expected to go out soon to those living in the path of the volcano. >> all of a sudden they crack forms in the road. they need to be aware. do not forget what is going on. that whole subdivision is vulnerable. >> reporter: -- >> more than 2000 people have been evacuated from the area and have no idea when they can return. fears of russian malware have prompted the aft ei -- the fbi to encourage us to reboot our internet routers. rebooting it allows a complete disconnect from the internet and any malicious activity that was going on or about to go on will not be transmitted. you should unplug the router and leave it off for 3-5 minutes. starbucks plans to close
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more than 8000 stores tomorrow afternoon to conduct diversity training. the exercise comes two months after two black men were arrested at a store in philadelphia. they were waiting for a business associate without warning -- ordering and the manager called police. many sought as racial bias. starbucks has apologized and changed several policies in response. they scheduled tomorrow standdown to provide antivirus training. our memorial day coverage continues next with a personal story of a veteran at the golden gate national cemetery. a family is incredibly lucky to be alive after another car slammed into them and took off. the impact sent their van off the road and into a canal.
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a family of eight is incredibly lucky to be alive after the minivan they were in was hit by a hit-and-run driver then careened off of i-680 in pleasanton, down an embankment and into a canal. firefighters say it is amazing that injuries were not more serious. >> i was walking by looking at the fence thinking a wonderful bad accident happened? >> reporter: this is the spot
10:31 pm
where a family of eight was catapulted off of interstate at -- interstate-680. >> it collided with a minivan. >> reporter: the minivan did not end up on the freeway or the shoulder. e after death might >> after getting struck, it went through the chain link fence and went down to the san ramon creek. >> reporter: it fell 150 feet, flipped upside down and left pieces of tail light in its wake. it landed right side up in the creek in less than one foot of water. the seven adults and three-year- old child all survived. they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> they all had pain injuries only. nothing life-threatening. >> reporter: firefighters tell me, had this been wintertime, every inch of rainfall would've added four feet of water in the canal. if it had landed upside down they could've been trapped. >> they were all able to get
10:32 pm
outside of the vehicle. they are alive today primarily because of safety belts. >> reporter: both vehicles were traveling north on the 680. the driver that caused the problem headed east on 580 in a blue car, possibly a mitsubishi lancer. >> people are crazy. that is why i stay off the road and on trails. people want to get home and some people drink. >> reporter: anyone that saw the crash or saw the blue car, these call the chp. for people are in custody following a stabbing at san francisco's, dolores park. officers were called to break up a fight shortly after 7 pm last night. the man that was stabbed was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. lease have not released the identity of those in custody. for the first time, volunteers placed roses at each
10:33 pm
of the 30,000 headstones at the national heads -- set -- cemetery. one of the volunteers was army veteran, carlos vargas . he paused to say a prayer at each headstone that he decorated. >> your lies my brothers and sisters. it does not matter what year or where they are from. these are my brothers and sisters. i say a prayer so they can rest in peace. >> the events wrapped up with a community picnic on the grounds of the presidio. today ceremony is the 150th year that the presidio has hosted a memorial day event. >> ceremonies were also held at the golden gate cemetery in san bruno. leigh martinez spoke to one man about what it means to make the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: --
10:34 pm
>> they were calling me to let me know that it was him who passed away and was killed in vietnam. >> reporter: mike was serving in the marine corps when he was told his cousin renaldo ortiz had died. he was more like a brother. every year since his death, he visits him. >> you come home and want to see your family. your spirit does. >> reporter: he was also sent to vietnam in 1965. he said serving in the funeral detail had always been the hardest part of the service. >> i escorted the gentleman to new york, a 20-year-old, where the family adopted me as their son. it was the hardest eight days i spent in the entire marine corps.
10:35 pm
is hard to see one side of the war and then see the other side and try to live with it for the rest of your life. >> reporter: while we were in the golden gate national cemetery, he began speaking with a family that traveled from los angeles to remember a fallen family member. >> sometimes he forgets. that is not the thing to do. you cannot forget. you can't forget. >> reporter: memorial day is reserved for renaldo. >> he was trying to save some kids in a village. that is how he got wounded. >> reporter: renaldo's parents died shortly after. he said he does not have any photos of his beloved cousin anymore. >> when i got home they said, six months and you will forget it. it has been 52 years and it has never gone away. >> reporter: in san bruno,
10:36 pm
leigh martinez, ktvu, fox 2 news. a man in france climes for stories on the outside of the building in 30 seconds to save a child, dangling from a balcony. the president of france has the perfect way to reward him. more of this video is coming up. 98 degrees in fairfield today. we will be warm again tomorrow. i will have the details coming up. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope.
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i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them.
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jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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there is word that president trump has agreed to meet with the leader of japan ahead of the possible summit with north korean leader, kim jong un. the washington post reports the agreement for the meeting was made late today during a phone call between president trump and the japanese prime minister. this means the june 12 summit in singapore may be back on. diplomatic teams from the u.s. and north korea are meeting behind the scenes in an attempt to resurrect what could be a historic meeting. >> the u.s. is trying to gauge north korea's interest in denuclearization and what that might mean, how far they are willing to go etc. >> the renewed momentum for the summit follows a surprise meeting of the leaders of the two koreas. they met for more than two
10:40 pm
hours on the north korean side on saturday. the commission hopes the band will reduce speech and litter in european countries. the proposal should cut marine litter by half. it will be assessed by parliament. the commission hopes to see results before may of next year. >> the 10 most commonly found single-use plastic items that have a great chance to end up as litter and are difficult to recycle. we also target plastic fishing gear. >> the commission said without the banded estimates the environmental damage from plastic at $250 billion over the next 12 years. some incredible video from paris. and immigrant is being caused a real-life spiderman. he scaled a building to rescue a four-year-old, dangling from
10:41 pm
a balcony. he climbed 4 floors in less than 40 seconds without a harness before pulling the child to safety. what he did is not going unnoticed. the french president has now made it possible for this man to become a french citizen. he has also been offered a job with the paris fire brigade. >> this is a remarkable and amazing story. >> it took them about 30 seconds to jump up then he pulled the little boy to safety. >> there is a person on the other side of the divide. i think they are far enough away that that person could not reach the child. >> you run out of superlatives to say for this guy. >> now he is being rewarded. >> he deserves everything he is getting. we have a major closure to tell you about in san francisco. see why thousands of muni
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riders should be prepared for delays. plus the complete bay area forecast. we will have details of a cooldown on the way. the children of california. tony is a leader , slips through the cracks. sure california's schools are the best in the country. every child in california has a fair shot. i'm tony thurmond, and i'll lead california's fight against donald trump and betsy devos's anti-education agenda. please vote for tony thurmond for state superintendent.
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celebrating 60 years of serving the bay area. ktvu , fox 2.
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muni riders need to prepare for a two month closure of the twin peaks tunnel. >> we have a look at the work that is already underway and how the project will affect riders this summer. >> reporter: this is a site muni riders will need to get used to for the summer. the stations are both shut down for the memorial day weekend as preliminary work is underway. the stations will reopen on tuesday, only to be closed again this summer from june 25 through august 24. >> this is about preparing the point vestment twin peaks tunnel which is a two mile part of the system and 100 years old. it is about preparing it for the next 100 years. >> reporter: the letter tour of one of the areas that will be under construction for two months. there will be a long-term payoff for the short-term inconvenience. >> the trains will go faster. that should reduce travel time in the tunnel. additionally, tremendous
10:46 pm
improvements in reliability.? all of the major work has not yet darted. you can see there is a great deal of preparation work already underway. >> this whole section is 100 years old. what they are doing is preparing the structure to be supported. >> reporter: the work underway mente memorial day weekend shutdown. the used a series of buses to get passengers between stations. transit leaders are looking at this weekend as a dry run and are tweaking the system to make sure everyone gets to where they need to. writers who have heard of the upcoming two month interruption say this weekend has gone fairly smoothly and they are adding a little bit more time for their commute. >> it will take longer. i'm budgeting an extra half an hour, if not longer. >> reporter: writers up the
10:47 pm
work set for the summer will mean quicker and more reliable service down the road. in san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 news. it is friday, i hope you had a nice memorial day -- is monday, i hope you had a nice memorial day. it was a toasty one. one of the warmest days we've had the season. temperatures tomorrow will come down a bit as we get into a cooler pattern. it will not be as cool as the last three weeks. we do have a bit of fog trying to reform down by monterey. that is 24-36 hours away. that is in terms of really going things off. there will be going tomorrow and further cooling as we head into wednesday and thursday. instead of 94 in livermore than the high will be 89.
10:48 pm
these are the current temperatures. the warm. the number and concord doesn't look quite right. the 80s looks warm. what you do when you look at temperatures is triangulate. it could be. the current temperatures outside san francisco are in the 60s. those will drop to the upper 50s tonight. we have a nice-looking day tomorrow. this is san jose and that is mission peak. mild in the morning at 54 degrees. sunny in san jose. 72 degrees at lunchtime in san jose. then at the end of the day, san jose will be about 82 to 84 degrees. then we look at the microclimate. low 60s at the coast. the fog is still a few hours or a day away. then you see the temperatures. this is that toward diablo. instead of 98 and will be more like 88 or 89.
10:49 pm
we will see some low 90s tomorrow. a nice day just not as aggressively warm as today was. today was aggressively warm. we have had it really cool this spring. the last three weeks have been below average. this is more what you expect. we have not seen many days like this. the five day forecast is there. you see it will cool off. the high-end number still say upper 70s and low 80s. a nice-looking week ahead. the tree pollen is way down. heavy rain from subtropical storm alberto hit parts of north carolina today. a tree toppled onto a television news vehicle, killing the two journalists inside. wy ff anchor, mike mccormick and photojournalist erin smeltzer were on assignment this afternoon when they died along the highway. the storm made landfall in the florida panhandle bringing
10:50 pm
strong winds and heavy rain. tonight a state of emergency is in place for parts of florida, alabama and mrs. b. -- alabama and mississippi. coming up, a third puppy is found clinging to life in an abandoned dumpster. a reward is now being offered in the case. up next in sports, more on the warriors big win tonight. plus we will go back live to hear from joe fonzi, he is in houston and was at the game. the nba finals start on thursday with the warriors at home in oakland against the cleveland cavaliers.
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the warriors food again. >> i almost felt sorry for the houston rockets. almost. they played so hard. they maybe even wanted it more and were hungrier. they did not have the firepower and they went cold. it was not always pretty for the warriors. for part of it it was downright ugly. the warriors are headed back to the finals for the fourth straight season. chris paul wanted desperately to play but his injured hamstring would not allow it. in the first quarter, the warriors inexplicably were out of sync. james harden draws the foul. the warriors trailed after one.
10:54 pm
>> that is one of the worst quarters of basketball we have ever played. we are down five points. >> it did not get much better in the second. rockets outhustled and outworked the warriors. tucker picked it up. easy slam. the warriors had none in the first half. then more rockets. tremont cream -- he did not even recognize the warriors in the first half. over to jordan bell, between the legs. showtime for the warriors. curry scored at one point, 11 straight points in less than two minutes. the warriors to their third- quarter thing. it is must see tv. chris paul is frustrated on the
10:55 pm
bench. curry 27 points and nine rebounds. that is just half the story. the rockets went ice cold for three. at one point they missed an nba record, 27 straight three- pointers. after outscoring the rockets in the third, no let up for the warriors in the fourth. rent at the game-high 34. he set a record, most points in a western conference final series. green had 10 points and 13 rebounds. 101-92, warriors. now they have their fourth straight trip to the finals. is all quiet now. joe, did you get the sense that this trip was a little sweeter considering how tough the road was? >> reporter: jason, you are
10:56 pm
right. folks here had every reason to be fired up. the anticipated a game seven. you are also right about the fact that this was such a strange series. the warriors had so many stretches where they looked like they were completely inept. than they looked like the best team in the history of basketball. it was a strange series in that way. that is why probably there was so much emotion when it was all said and done. when he went on the opposing floor it is just you and your guys. the coaches, players and a few family members. you can see the emotion bursting by the warriors. the other thing that was in dynamic was there has been pressure on the team since day one. when your expectation at the beginning of the season is 82 games are academic and it is about winning the whole thing, it is the kind of pressure that you do not experience or very few teams experience. we stock -- spoke with seth curry after the game.
10:57 pm
>> you do not want to be in that situation. it is tough to claw your way back. that is a good feeling coming into halftime knowing that you are down 11 and played a terrible 24 minutes but still had a chance to claw your way back and came out in the third quarter on fire and took advantage of the moment. >> we got down big early just like last game. going through that in game six allowed us to calm down a bit when we went through it tonight , knowing we knew exactly what we needed to do to get out of it. it was one of those nights that we fought through everything.
10:58 pm
>> reporter: history was already made last year when the warriors and cavaliers met for a third straight time in the finals. they will meet for a fourth time. they open at home on thursday night in oakland. reporting live from houston, i am joe fonzi, jason back to you. >> what you think about the finals? everyone said this was the real finals. what you think? >> reporter: i do not think there is such a thing as a cakewalk. we saw that tonight. if you look at the series between boston and cleveland when people were hurt, many s the minute you start taking things for granted you're in trouble. when you win three and four years you can use the dword -- d word. to be able to witness this in the bay area for the past four years at a special. >> all right joe, rest up. we will see you in the bay area tomorrow. >> the giants opened up a three- game set in colorado. the rockies, came in after
10:59 pm
about an hour rain delay. sandoval played second base yesterday. he was a hitter today. he came through in the clutch here. the giants took a 5-4 lead. proffered coming into score. went to extra innings just like the a's. chris i and etta, right back up the middle with bases-loaded. than the winning run. that is your ballgame. the giants lose 6-5. bumgarner could be back on friday. about 80 degrees at the coliseum today. the a's platy for our game. just one run scored. bases-loaded in the sixth. matt chapman grounds out weekly. that ends the threat. the a's got great pitching from trevor cahill. the race finally break through in the 13th. that is it, the race when 1-0.
11:00 pm
the game lasted about three hours and 55 minutes. >> that will do it for me right now. back with more warriors at 11 pm. coming up next at 11 pm. >> a five-month-old husky puppy with a broken jaw just like the docs that were found the other day. >> a third puppy in four days, discovered severely injured and left for dead in an east bay dumpster. the reward, now i'm being offered in this case. a $5000 reward is being offered after an injured husky puppy with a broken jaw was found in a dumpster in oakland. >> this is the second sickening discovery of animal abuse this weekend. on friday two german shepherd puppies were found in the same dumpster. one had a broken jaw and the other missing half of its


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