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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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hours and 55 minutes. >> that will do it for me right now. back with more warriors at 11 pm. coming up next at 11 pm. >> a five-month-old husky puppy with a broken jaw just like the docs that were found the other day. >> a third puppy in four days, discovered severely injured and left for dead in an east bay dumpster. the reward, now i'm being offered in this case. a $5000 reward is being offered after an injured husky puppy with a broken jaw was found in a dumpster in oakland. >> this is the second sickening discovery of animal abuse this weekend. on friday two german shepherd puppies were found in the same dumpster. one had a broken jaw and the other missing half of its ball.
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>> this is a heartbreaking case of animal abuse. the fact that three puppies have been found in 48 hours is leading rescue volunteers to suspect something sinister was taking place. they want investigators to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: it is happened just like it has happened again. another torture dog dumped in a dumpster. >> i stopped and brought water. >> reporter: he saw the blood deposit and broken jaw. he brought water for the puppy before calling volunteers from rocket dog rescue. one look at the animal and you could tell it was in bad shape. >> a possibly five-month-old husky puppy with a broken jaw just like the dogs that were found the other day. >> reporter: on friday these other two puppies were found in the trashy. one dog had part of its back pocket off and was taken to
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petfood express in alameda. the other was taken to the vet with a broken jaw on both sides. it was malnourished and infected and in danger of being euthanized. >> i think it is a dog torture in oakland. it is a serious police matter. >> reporter: animal control sealed up the area then rushed the puppy to the vca hospital for treatment. the city of oakland is citing an investigation did not speak with the cameras. administrators told us off cameras, the dog will survive but needed specialist to repair the job. we asked if this dog could have been used as bait. >> why would they need to break the dogs job. i do not see that injury and dogfighting. i have found that dogs that were from dogfighting. usually they are just chewed up . this is different. it is not what we are used to. >> reporter: in just over 48 hours, three dogs were dumped in the trash. they got lucky with this husky puppy.
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>> we flagged down the animal control officer. he just happened to be passing by. >> those pictures are difficult to look at. petfood express in alameda has offered a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whomever is responsible for dumping these animals. >> it is such a heartbreaking and sad story that someone would do that to these little dogs. i heard that you adopted one of them. >> i adopted the german shepherd puppy with the missing back pah. it will be going home with me on thursday. i am excited about that. animal control will be holding the husky that we saw for five days as a stray. for adoptions, a lot of people are asking. they can go to rocket dog rescue. we will have that information on our website.
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>> hopefully people will give those dogs are going home. the golden state warriors are going back to the nba finals for a fourth consecutive year. that is incredible. after beating the houston rockets tonight in game seven of the western conference finals. the final was 101-92. the warriors are now looking for back-to-back championship wins with their third nba championship in four seasons. warrior fans were out in force tonight, rooting for the warriors to pull through. jana katsuyama is that oracle arena. >> reporter: it was a force of 13,000 people inside oracle arena. they got one of these when they came out. you may see them flying around town. very proudly.
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even after all of the previous championship wins, this was one that did not take for granted. as the clock wound down on game seven, warrior fans were winding up and celebrating another when of the western division championship. the decibel level was deafening. it was the perfect and to a stressful season of stunning winds and heartbreaking losses that added uncertainty to game seven against the houston rockets. >> it has gone great some games and other games it has been down. >> reporter: from the opening second, be we believe crowd kept their faith in the team in the hope of another championship title. e we did great this season. we always come through in the end.
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>> we are going to win this game regardless. >> reporter: big screens and big screams, even in the last row. many said it was a great way to spend the holiday with family. >> memorial day just having fun with the family. having a great time with my daughter. >> reporter: with cheerleaders and cheering fans and shirts flying, warrior fans watched the team overtake the rocket. worry was turning to a big win. fans showed why oracle arena is sometimes dubbed, waricle. afterward people lined up outside of the store to get one
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of the team jerseys. you can see, this is the official locker room t-shirt. there will be a lot of people wearing that four-game one and two. there both here in oakland at oracle arena. game one is thursday and came to is on sunday. tickets go on sale at 6 pm tomorrow. >> i cannot believe how packed it was. with all those people on the upper deck. with the whole upperdeck field? -- was the whole upperdeck full as well? >> reporter: the sides were but not the end. tickets were just $20 apiece. everyone really had a great time. you can find more on ticket sales by checking out the warriors story on the front page of our website,
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we are learning that a chp officer helped to rescue a firefighter during a fire in lake county this afternoon. it broke out at a market this afternoon. it is on highway 29 in the heart of middletown. the chp officer was at the market getting lunch when the fire alarm went off at about 2:20 pm. the officer called for a fire response. after crews arrived, the officer started doing traffic control. that is when he saw a firefighter from cal fire, partially engulfed in flames. chp officer helped to pull the injured firefighter to safety. the firefighter was taken to uc davis for treatment for burns. the officer suffered minor injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. we are learning about the two people killed in a small plane crash in petaluma. they are identified as richard and susan bristow from carmichael. it crashed moments after takeoff late yesterday afternoon. richard bristow was a well-
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known realtor in sacramento county. witnesses reported seeing his airplane stall, turned sideways and head straight down. he and his wife had just taken off when the plane started having engine problems. investigator state appears that he was trying to turn around but did not make it back to the airport. the plane was said to be similar to the one you see here. it is a home built plane often used for aerobatics. those close to richard bristow say hissed -- his two great loves were his wife and his plane. >> that is all he spoke of.'s office was decorated in flight maps and airplanes. >> they are investigating the crash. they were just weeks from celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. new 11 pm, an official warning has been issued to a fremont school with a high number of foreign students receiving u.s. work permits. the accrediting agency that oversees northwestern polytech university has reportedly told
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administrators at the fremont school to produce more detailed information about it students and the employers that hire them. the university could lose its accreditation if it fails to comply. critics claim northwestern polytechnic is a visa mail that provides an improper path to u.s. employment. they deny that charge. track the city of berkeley is cracking down on people living in rvs along the waterfront. officials gave them until today to pack up and leave. they followed through on the morning. >> reporter: the people who call their cars, vans and rvs home, parked on a dirt lot near the marina across the street from the hotel had to move today. earlier the city of berkeley had posted signs and issued verbal warnings ordering them to move their vehicles out by 5 am this morning or face telling , impoundments and fines. >> everyone is supposed to have a permit on their car from the harbor.
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the harbor is not consulting with the city. the city has been passing policy to stop mistreating the homeless. >> the police are doing the bidding of the city council and manager. also the manager of the doubletree. they are moving an entire community of otherwise homeless residents who sheltered themselves in vehicles to nowhere as far as the police are concerned. >> reporter: many of the vehicles look fairly roadworthy. some that for up to a year. most for many months. the eyesore has caught too much attention of too many marina visitors. local businesses have prompted the eviction. >> they are making people's life , what they are doing to stay alive a criminal act. we do not think that is right. it violates constitution. >> i cannot do anything.
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i can sit here and pray that everyone understands that we are human beings. there's nothing i can do. if they think berkeley offered services, they did not. >> reporter: one of the rvs hauling a boat and trailer ended up less than a mile away sitting for an unknown future. across the wrote a smaller unrelated encampment has taken route alongside of a freeway exit. in another part of town, a more permanent looking encampment has been there for months. it exists only due to the continued tolerance of the private corporate landowner. where do they go? they do not just disappear in the breeze. the fact is, they go anywhere and everywhere they can for as long as they can. this to is america, something to remember on memorial day. of next, more homes destroyed in hawaii with no
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signs of the kilauea eruptions coming to an end. we will have the latest from the big island. track major destruction in maryland -- major destruction in maryland. we are getting video. we hope you had a nice memorial day holiday. the back to work week forecast is coming up after the break.
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a family of eight is recovering tonight after the minivan they were in was hit from behind by a hit-and-run driver. it happened on interstate 680 in pleasanton. it careened 150 feet down an embankment and into the canal. both vehicles were traveling north on 680 between stoneridge drive and the 580 interchange. the driver that caused the wreck, took off from the scene heading east on the 580 in a blue car that may be a mitsubishi lancer. four people are in custody following a stabbing at dolores park in san francisco. officers were called to break
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up a fight just after 7 pm last night. they found a man that had been stabbed. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police have not released any identities. tesla is taking action to improve braking on its model three after consumer reports failed to give it a recommended vibrating. it needed 152 feet to fully stop after hitting 60 miles per hour. that is seven feet longer than a ford f1 50 pickup truck. elon musk that a software update to improve the performance started going out last friday. consumer reports that it will retest the model three. even if the stopping distance improves, it may not earn the recommended rating magazine for the car had other problems as well. emergency officials in hawaii say lava from the kilauea volcano has now destroyed 10 more homes in just the past 24 hours.
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a drone captured this aerial view of the powerful volcano. the latest homes to be lost are in the milani estates subdivision that was evacuated earlier this month. more than 50 homes have been destroyed. new evacuation orders are expected to go out soon. >> all of a sudden they cracked forms in the road and you can get cut off. both guys need to be aware. don't just be there and forget what is going on. the whole subdivision is vulnerable at this point. >> more than 2000 people have already evacuated the area and have no idea when they may be able to return home. a national guard member is missing in maryland, one day after he was swept away by these raging floodwaters. edison herman was trying to help a woman rescue her cat when he went underwater.
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the governor of maryland has declared a state of emergency after heavy rain set off the flooding. this is the second horrible flood and ellicott city maryland in less than two years. in virginia, president trump honored americans fallen -- americas on -- america's fallen heroes in arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he said all of the men and women who are buried there were united in a love for their country. he also thanked families of the fallen troops. he said their sacrifice will not be forgotten. hundreds of people gathered to honor servicemembers and their family -- families in san bruno this morning. patriotic music filled the air at the golden gate national cemetery. hundred 37,000 servicemen and women are laid to rest there. among the speakers today was
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one of the original, rosie the riveter's. at the war memorial in lafayette, it is facing an uncertain future. a hillside near highway 24 is dotted with 4000 crosses dedicated to the men and women well that's my pet died while serving in iraq and afghanistan. they are on private property. the owners now planning to sell the land. the owner told us by telephone, it will be up to whomever buys the property to decide whether to keep the crosses or remove them. we hope you had a nice day today. it was beautiful weather and lots of sentiment and retrospective thought. i hope you think anyone you know that has served or serves. is one of those days. we get a little bit of fun that we also have some remembrance. 93 degrees today in san
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rafael. that is warm. 98 in fairfield. 95 in antioch. it was pretty darn warm. it is the warmest day of the season for many cities. it is also the warmest day of the coming week. from here temperatures will go down. just a few degrees tomorrow maybe five or 6 degrees down. then they will trickle down a little more a state. today the highs were in the upper 90s and low 80s. by the time we get to the middle of next week, the highs will be in the 70s to low 80s. still nice but not as warm. the current temperature is still pretty warm. they were recording 80 earlier. 71 degrees in concord right now. it is a beautiful night. it is dog free up the coast. that is a beautiful night. fog will try to return. it really does not get here until maybe wednesday. tomorrow will be another stunning day. these are the forecast ties.
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still warm but not 98. 89 in livermore. than the five-day forecast looks like this. temperature start to go down. not a bad temperature forecast. just not as balmy as we have seen. >> it was hot today. a huge night for the golden state warriors. to beat the rockets in game seven and move on to the nba finals for the fourth straight year, taking on the cleveland cavaliers once again. we will have all of the details coming up next in sports. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope.
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i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives.
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today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor. the warriors got it done in houston. it was not easy in the first half. >> they like to make it interesting. for more and we will have another title in the bay area. lebron is waiting. the warriors got all he wanted for the rockets in game seven tonight. just like in game six, the warriors turned it on in the second half to earn a fourth straight trip to the nba finals.
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his injured hamstring kept amount. james harden had 32 points. everybody hates way he draws us files. the warriors trailed 24-19 after one. the rockets were up 11 at halftime. steve kerr later said he did not recognize his team. than the third quarter happened. stefan curry, behind the back, this is must-see tv for warriors fans in the third. jordan bell, the rookie your thinking shoot the ball. he said no i am going through the leg so steph can hit a three. crew finished with 27 points and nine rebounds. in the fourth quarter, over-the- top. this one iced it.
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he did to dray mind green for the lamp. the rockets went seven and 44. they missed an nba record, 27 three-pointers. the warriors were the winners, 101-92. there headed back to the nba finals. >> our back was to the wall not having home-court advantage. we needed to win the two games to stay alive. when you walk off the court with the win, it is a good feeling. >> the giants could get bumgardner back as early as friday. tonight they took on the colorado rockies. this was after a one hour rain delay, the tarps came off. five runs in the first inning. than in the sixth inning we were tied it for. pablo sandoval pinchhitting and delivered. he brought home brandon crawford
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as they take a 5-4 lead. then in the 10th, bases-loaded, it was chris i and at a back up the middle. erin oto trotted in with the winning run for the rockies. the giants lose 6-5. they dropped to 25 in 29. >> this kid has the right idea. it is a hot day. >> the best scoring chance came in the sixth. bases-loaded. that ended it for the a's. then in the 13th, someone finally scored. a solid single. the a's lose 1-0. thank you for joining us. good night everybody.
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i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years.
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dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. only marshall tuck will change that. year after year, policians fail to improve public schools. tuck turned around failing schools, raising graduation rates 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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