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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 30, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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welcome back to "mornings on 2". nancy pelosi, the house democratic leader, slammed by president trump. what the president said last night at a rally that raised a lot of eyebrows. roseanne barr has a new explanation for her racially charged comments that led to the cancellation of her hit tv show. thank you for joining us. it is the middle of the week. it is wednesday, may 30. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. with steve paulson, everything is cool. he is cool. >> i don't know about that.
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it will be cooler for everyone. some people like the warm weather met. it will be back by the weekend. the next few days will be cooler. we have more of an onshore wind versus low clouds. there are low clouds making a good push, but not widespread or sold-out or anything. it is setting the stage for a cooler day today. santa rosa is down 15, oakland is down 10, livermore from 93 to 72 in san jose 84 down to 70. as we go into june, the water temperature is cold. sfo is gusting 20+ now. travis out to fairfield, the delta winds are up to 30+. 33 last hour. 50s for most, a few upper 40s in the mix. a mix of high clouds and a low cloud deck and onshore wind equals 50s, 60s and 70s. it is must -- it is much cooler inland today. >> that coffing was not me.
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someone is battling a bad cold. so far things are looking pretty good for drivers this morning, even though we have been following the southbound 680 crash that happened earlier this morning around 2 am.  it closed off the three right- hand lane's because the big rig involved in that crash spilled its fuel and it spilled out onto the roadway. traffic is moving around it just fine right now. there are not a lot of cars on the road at this hour. at last check, there is a caltrans crew that arrived at the scene. they are in the process of cleaning things up. they have to mop up all the fuel that spilled before they can reopen the area. it does not look like too much of a backup just yet. let's go to the maps. let's check on the super commute from 101 through gilroy up through morgan hill into the
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south bay area, you should have no problems at all. it is a nice thing to say for drivers out there this morning. the only minor issue that was earlier this morning, it looks like it is in the process of getting cleaned up. that is south bound 85 where there was a car fire reported. you can see the icon right there. that should be opening up soon. 280 in san jose looks good in both directions. no traffic troubles there. the san mateo bridge is getting more crowded, but no specific problems. you will have an easy drive at the toll plaza. getting onto the spanish taking no time at all. we are probably about 15 to 20 minutes away from the metering lights turning on. things could change then. we will keep an eye on it.
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we are waiting to see how house democratic leader, nancy pelosi, will respond to what president trump said last night, that pelosi love the international gang, ms 13. >> he is a tool. of chuck schumer and of course, the ms 13 lover, nancy pelosi. >> president trump held a rally in nashville, tennessee last night and endorsed republican senate it candidate, marsha blackburn. during his speech, you heard him blast blackburn's democratic opinion. he called him a tool of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer of new york. roseanne barr is defending herself after she first apologized yesterday for a racist tweet that led to her hit new tv show being abruptly canceled. late last night, roseanne tweeted she was sorry for her tweet, but she also said quote,
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i am tired of being attacked and belittled more than other comedians who have said worse. ktvu's rob malcolm shows us how this all started and how a former top adviser to president obama, who was a target of her tweet, responded. >> this is our 45th anniversary. >> reporter: two months ago roseanne barr was riding high with the return of her hit to come, "roseanne". this tweet from the show's star and cocreator ended at all. muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby equals b.j. that racist tweet aimed at former top obama aide valerie jarrett ignited backlash on social media. roseanne barr quickly apologized tweeting, i apologize to valerie jarrett into all-americans. i am sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. i should've known better. forgive me. my joke was in bad taste. the damage was done. the president of abc entertainment said her twitter
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statement was the warrant, repugnant and inconsistent with their values. we have decided to cancel her show. the disney ceo said on his twitter page, there was only one thing to do here and that was the right thing. abc network brass took a gamble on roseanne after president trump's election win. roseanne barr, a local -- vocal trump supporter, received a call from the president congratulating her on her suggest. political scientist james taylor ways in. >> they knew what they were getting. they made a risk assessment and thought they could get away with her past not being a big issue. as she continued in these conspiracy theories, she combined them with an insult
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that was directed toward an african-american women. >> reporter: after 20 year absence, the show returned in march and became a big hit for abc with an audience of over 80 million viewers in the first show. it was set to return in september with a 13 episode run. sarah gilbert, who spearheaded the relaunch, tweeted in part, i am disappointed by her actions, to say the least. valerie jarrett set a lesson could be learned here. >> i think we have to turn it into a teaching moment. i am fine. i am worried about all the people out there who don't have a circle of friends and family lawyers -- and followers who don't come to their defense. all starbucks will be back open today. that will start in about a half hour. starbucks shut down all company- owned coffee shops yesterday for diversity training. 175,000 starbucks employees around the country watched videos featuring the ceo of starbucks and the rapper known as common. they were talking about racial bias and what it means. the reaction of starbucks customers we talked to was
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mixed. >> i don't see how this training is going to end discrimination. are they going to do this training every single time someone gets hired? one training doesn't do it. not even a little bit. >> it is something. you have to look at that. in these times, there is not a whole lot being done. >> starbucks says it will keep investing in seminars for its employees, but the company is not saying how much money they may have lost by shutting down those 8000 stores for a half day. there is speculation it was about $17 million. today they will be dueling rallies in the south bay in connection to the effort to remove judge aaron persky for the bench. aaron persky was heavily criticized for handing down a six month sentence to former swimmer brock turner, who was found guilty of sexual assault. this morning at 9:30 am, supporters of the recall
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petition will rally outside the san jose law offices of aaron persky's attorney. his attorney has been trying to blame the victim for what happened, saying she had been drinking and was not actually attacked. at 12:15 pm today, supporters of judge aaron persky will hold a no recall rally in santa clara. supporters include judges and attorneys who say using public pressure to remove a sitting judge threatens the independence of the judiciary. seven men were arrested, accused of inappropriately touching young girls and a waterpark in the sacramento area during the memorial day weekend. it happened at the sun splash waterpark. the suspects ranged in age from 18 to 38. police say the suspects worked together to intentionally target young girls enjoying the holiday at the waterpark. >> it appears that the individuals worked in a coordinated fashion to get a young victim near them or around them and then they proceeded to inappropriately touch the victim. >> these guys, i think they were acting out.
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i don't know if they could swim. they act like they couldn't swim. >> police say security guards of the waterpark were first alerted of the men after several girls reported being touched at the wave pool. more young girls came forward with similar claims when police arrived. police are still searching for suspects and emotive after three teenagers were brutally beaten with a hammer. it happened over the weekend. according to a gofundme page, one of those victims is in a medically induced coma after having brain surgery. the sheriff's office says at least three people wearing masks broke into the garage of a home on monte vista job -- monte vista drive around 1:30 am on memorial day.
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that is when the two 16-year- olds and the 17-year-old were attacked. >> two of them were sleeping. it was a media. once they came in the garage, the attack happened. it was very quick and very violent. the suspects stole a few items and left the garage. >> just the brutality of it was a surprise to me. the fact that it happened, and then when you hear the details, as far as what really did happen, that is scary stuff. >> authorities say drugs were recovered at the scene, but they say the motive is still not clear. the police are hoping neighbors will have surveillance video that can be checked. so far, the suspects are only described as being between the ages of 18 and 20. the city of oakland will appeal a federal court ruling that would allow cold to be shipped from the port of oakland. the oakland city council unanimously approved the plan to continue the legal action against coal exports. it was banned going through the port but the developer of the terminal says the coal would
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pass through filing a lawsuit saying the band violated his agreement with the city. a federal judge sided with the developer but the city says it has a responsibility to act when the health and safety of its residents are in danger. the city says though shipman's pose a threat to the city of oakland. 40 animal-rights protesters were arrested. we will tell you about a demonstration that happened at a sonoma county chicken farm. progress with north korea, or so it seems. i am doug luzader in washington. i have the latest on the summit between president trump and kim jong un and the efforts to get it back on track ahead. we have some delays because of a closure. it could be reopening sue. in the meantime, you are looking at a picture the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are not on just yet. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered
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to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". north korean and american diplomats are meeting here in the u. s. and in asia to work out the details for president trump's summit with north korean leader kim jong un in singapore on june 12. >> secretary of state mike
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pompeo goes to new york today. he will meet with the highest- ranking north korean official to visit the u. s. in almost 20 years. doug luzader is live with details. >> reporter: we have gone from the summit not taking place at all last week to all -- full steam ahead. >> reporter: president trump and a campaign rally last night in tennessee with north korea clearly on his mind, singling out national security adviser john bolton, who was in the audience. >> they think he is so nasty and so tough that i have to hold him back, okay? that is pretty great. he is doing a great job. you better get some rest. we have some good negotiations coming up. >> reporter: a lot of negotiation ahead with a lot of a daunting timeline. >> they will have to get things in order rather quickly. there is not a lot of time here. i think they rushed it. >> reporter: later today we expect a top north korean official to arrive in new york in an extraordinary move in and
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of itself. he's expected to meet with u. s. secretary of state, mike pompeo. they are separate talks on the dmz between u. s. and north korean teens -- teams. in singapore, advanced teams for both countries are meeting at the site of the proposed summit, where it is still possible that president trump and kim jong un will sit down at the same table. >> it is pretty impressive thinking about where we were one year ago or six months ago. now we have three simultaneous meetings taking place about this matter. >> reporter: the other two big players to talk about here are china and russia. we have learned that the russian foreign minister will be in north korea tomorrow for talks there. allie rasmus is watching traffic for us. we have been following his situation since 4 am.
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>> we have an updated on that. according to the chp, they should be reopening the three right lanes of southbound 680 sometime in the next 45 minutes to an hour. this is a big rig that crashed around 2 am this morning. when it crashed, there was debris in the road and the fuel tank on the truck ruptured. that spilled about 70 gallons of fuel onto the roadway. they were waiting for caltrans crews to coming clean up the spilled diesel fuel. they are in the process of doing that. in the meantime, the three right-hand lanes on 680 are closed. sometime in the next 45 minutes to an hour, those three right- hand lanes should be open again. let's look at the maps. here is the commute from fairfield on 80. if you are coming from american canyon down 29 and 80, you should have no problem at all. the drive looks pretty good. the same with the eastshore freeway.
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the carquinez bridge and the inland team will only take you about 15 minutes. around highway 4 and bay point, it is getting more crowded. you can see all the headlights. it looks like the metering lights may have just switched on. you are looking at a 10 to 15 minute delay to get onto the span. we had some people call of yesterday, some did not. they will today. livermore from 93 to 72 today. san jose down 14, oakland down 10. they started to cooldown yesterday. santa rosa 87 to 72. we have a big fog bank, cooler for all, breezy to windy. 60s, 70s for the most part.
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this system is opening the door for some low clouds. the onshore wind is in place. that goes out to vacaville. 49 in santa rosa, 61 in brentwood. there are a lot of 50s and a few 60s. we will see low clouds and higher clouds, as well. that equals a cooler day today into tomorrow. 50s, 60s, 70s with a few upper 70s, but a big drop for a lot of the temps. this will continue into tomorrow and then the low kicks out. friday will be nice and then it will be warmer by the we can for inland areas. the magician, david copperfield, found out his fate. a jury told him whether he was liable for a man being hurt at one of his shows. coming up, details of the lawsuit that stem from a magic show in las vegas.
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new details about a deadly attack in belgium. the link the suspect had to another card that happened the day before that deadly rampage.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". a retired judge plans to send about 1 million items taken from michael cohen, president trump's personal lawyer, to federal prosecutors. that retired judge was
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appointed last month to review documents seized from the fbi by michael -- from michael cohen. the judge is screening them so a federal court can decide which documents could be protected by attorney-client privilege. they have already turned over 300,000 pages to the government and she has submitted her first bill for doing that work. it is more than $47,000. half will be paid by the government, and the trump organization and michael cohen will pay the other half. magician david copperfield has been cleared of causing a man's injuries during one of his magic shows in las vegas. that decision means that kevin cox and his wife will not get money from david copperfield or for the mgm grand hotel, or several other businesses named in that lawsuit. the man said he suffered a brain injury and other injuries after falling backstage after stagehands told him to run during a magic trick. the jury found david copperfield was negligent but not responsible for the
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injuries. the governor of missouri is stepping down following allegations of sexual assault, blackmailing campaign-finance violations. >> i came to office to fight for the people of missouri. i came to fight for the forgotten. >> governor eric greitens was facing possible impeachment over an inch extramarital affair and allegations he misused campaign donations. he will resign effective friday. he says the ordeal his caused incredible strain on his family and cost him millions of dollars in legal bills. the u.s. attorney who serves in california says he will talk -- he will focus is efforts on illegal growers. he says he will direct his staff and financial resources that illegal growers who were turning national forests and parks into danger zones.
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he says the problem is worse since california legalized marijuana and he says mexican drug cartels have moved in and are using outlawed pesticides to kill plants and animals and putting in booby-traps to people away from the marijuana crops. a tourism official says he found a previously unknown connection to an infamous crime duo. there is a tunnel that may have been used by bonnie parker and clyde barrow. you know them better as bonnie and clyde. it is reported this tunnel was used during the crime wave during the depression era. it was discovered behind a boarded-up wall in an old hotel where bonnie and clyde were known to have lived when they were hiding. the hotel had a history of bootlegging and rough poker games. there is no evidence directly linking bonnie and clyde to the tunnel, but the official says he will keep looking. southwest airlines is apologizing to the head coach
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of a woman's basketball team. we will tell you about the confrontation after the airline asked the coach for proof her biracial son was really hers. a student's tip led to the arrest of a student who brought a gun on campus. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. things are getting slow there. on the san mateo bridge, things are moving along without any problem. we will have a look at that and we are continuing to keep an eye on that situation on southbound 680 in san ramon. >> it will be significantly cooler for everybody today, even the most inland locations. 49 in santa rosa, 59 in san jose.
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when the worst oil spill hit san francisco, first responders went to work.
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and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii. the same gavin who said his job as lieutenant governor was so dull, he only showed up for work at the state capitol one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor.
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this is ktvu "mornings on 2". good morning. >> ♪ >> that is reo speedwagon. >> you don't even let me try to catch up. >> that is from my childhood, older than childhood, i should say. >> reo speedwagon, we have a live pictures out of the airport as we begin this brand- new day for you. welcome back to "mornings on 2". what is the lead singer's name? >> kevin carmen. >> no. kevin perry.
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>> kevin cronin. >> that is it. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is wednesday, may 30. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook . i would've won that "shazam!". if you are getting ready to head out the door, there is a problem for the morning commute in dublin. allie rasmus is in the traffic center for sal castendo this morning and has an update on the closure of interstate 680. >> it is not the entire 680, just the three right lanes just before the 580 interchange. those three right-hand lanes are still closed down. they are supposed to open sometime in the next half hour. this is video from earlier this morning. you can see traffic moving around it earlier this morning just fine because there were not a lot of cars on the roadway. now we have a report of a three vehicle collision also in that area.
5:32 am
here is the map so you can see where it is. this is southbound 680 just before the 580 interchange where you see the flashing crash icon on the right-hand side. that report came in just about 10 minutes ago. three vehicles near the center divider involved in a collision there. on the left-hand side of your screen, westbound 580 at 238, officials are investigating a hit-and-run collision in that area. here is a closer look. as a morning goes on and more cars at the roadway in this area, it could make the commute a bit more of a headache. we are still looking at the altamont pass. westbound 580 from 205 in tracy is still looking slow this morning. looking at 880 in oakland. the northbound direction things look good. things are slower and more congested in the southbound lane. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. you can see the backups because
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of it. you are looking at a 20 minute delay to get onto the span. you can see that fog bank in the distance, as well. the golden gate bridge does not have a lot of fog or a lot of cars. there are no headlights or tell lights in the frame. as steve paulson has been mentioning, the fog is in full affect this morning. it is noticeably cooler out there. i will send it to him. we have a pretty good system coming in for this time of year. it will not do much as far as our weather but for a few clouds. it will usher in cooler air and a good fog bank. 50s for the temps, a few 40s. santa rosa a lot of low 50s, livermore is 50, gilroy is 51, 40s in the santa cruz mountains. this means a cooler pattern today and tomorrow. it looks like a rebound on the temperatures but not until the end of the weekend. 40 animal-rights protesters were arrested at a chicken farm
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outside of petaluma. >> they were among hundreds of protesters that gathered along liberty road. they demanded better conditions for the chickens at sunrise egg farm. deputies say some of the protesters broke into the chicken coop's removed several chickens, saying they were sick and injured. the arrests followed the collapse of a deal with the farm's owner to allow inspections of the farm. >> they wanted to let about 20 people in with video cameras. that was not part of the bargain with the owner. they said they would rather be arrested in an act of civil disobedience. >> though -- the protesters were accused of trespassing. the protest was organized by direct action everywhere, an animal activist group. the farm denies accusations of animal abuse. southwest airlines is
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apologizing after a desk agent stopped the women's basketball coach from boarding because the agent didn't believe her one- year-old biracial son was hers. it happened at the denver airport on sunday. she says the employee told her she had to prove he was her son, even though she had his passport and the father was there, as well. she was allowed to board with her son. southwest apologized and said it would use the situation as a coaching opportunity for employees. she says the encounter was hurtful but she appreciates the airline apologizing. the families of two men killed in separate police shootings in san francisco and their supporters are slamming district attorney george gascon. he decided not to charge the two officers involved. >> civil rights groups supporting the families of mario woods and luis gongora pat say they will use george
5:36 am
gascon's decision as a campaign issue when he runs for reelection next year. mario woods was shot and killed by police in 2015. police say he was a suspect in a stabbing. he did not drop the knife when police officers told him to. four months later, police shot and killed luis gongora pat, who they say was threatening them with a knife. their families are saying they want answers. >> this is what he said through a translator. >> put on your big boy pants and find the courage to do your job. >> i love that kid. he was worth fighting for. >> george gascon says the police officers were not charged because they used force because they were in fear for their safety. a civil rights attorney says the district attorney should have pursued manslaughter charges, if he didn't think he could prove murder. the da's office says it welcomes any review from the california attorney general. police in union city are searching for suspects behind an armed robbery where teenager was shot. it happened last night around
5:37 am
9:30 pm at san andreas park and the add overpass. police say three men wearing red bandanna's approached three teenagers and stole their cell phones and cash. well committing the robbery, one of the suspects fired three shots. one of the teenagers was hit in the leg. is expected to be okay. as for the suspects, they were last seen running towards creek trail. if you have any information, call union city police. students return to send lorenzo high school after a student was arrested for breaking a loaded gun on campus. we have more and how the student was caught. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is crediting another student here. they say that student neither saw the gunner knew that the teenager had the gun and told
5:38 am
faculty members. this is what that 16-year-old student was carrying in his backpack. it is a glock nine millimeters handgun with a 12 round magazine. a fellow student told school staff members about the weapon. they contacted the alameda county sheriff department and a deputy, who was also the school's resource officer. that school resource officer arrested the boy inside a classroom. this is the second time in two months that deputies have responded to schools about a gun on campus here. >> anytime you have a gun on school campus, it is a recipe for disaster. anytime you have a stolen gun in the hands of young people, the likelihood it would be involved in a crime later is high. this is a victory today. one of the most important things about today, is that students came forward. >> reporter: it turns out that the gun was stolen. investigators say they have no information to suggest that student has a plan to hurt anyone at the school. that student is facing weapons
5:39 am
charges. the school has not said if they plan to suspend or expel him. the state senate has approved a measure to raise the age for buying rifles and shotguns in california. it will go from 18 to 21. that bill was written following the deadly shooting at the parkland, florida high school in february. the measure would keep people from purchasing one -- more than one long gun each month. opponents say california should target criminal gangs and people with mental disabilities rather than legal gun buyers. in texas, student at santa fe high school are going back for a second day of class this morning following that may 18 school shooting. yesterday was the first day back for the student since the attack were 10 people were killed and 13 were hurt. community members gathered outside the school campus and held up signs of encouragement for the students. one mother said she appreciated
5:40 am
the way the community came together in this time of tragedy. >> it has been awesome an overwhelming. all the support from everywhere is just amazing. i share it as much as i can and pass on the word so we can get as much participation as we can. we want to let everyone know we are one. >> extra officers will be on campus as students are ramping up the school -- wrapping up the school year this way. students cannot bring in backpacks and have to show the school id. officials plan to remove another homeless camp in the roseland neighborhood of santa rosa. there been other camps moved from that area near an abandoned shopping center. many of the homeless have moved a short distance away and onto a popular walking and bike path. the officials say they need to shut down the camp and cleanup
5:41 am
the human and pet waste, syringes and food that create health hazards for anyone exposed to them. sonoma county authorities also say they have been two violent attacks in that area recently. they say the cleanup could take two days or longer. they are asking the public to stay off the trail in that area until it is safe. ktvu alex savidge is on his way there now and we will have a live report from him in the next half hour. game one of the nba finals is tomorrow night at oracle arena. today the warriors and the cavaliers will sit down with the media to talk about the nba finals. the bay area and the nba are in the spotlight again. it is the warriors fourth straight trip to the nba finals. this is another chance to show off oakland for the fans to the world. >> i love this team. they are so oakland. it puts oakland in such a positive spotlight. the whole world gets to see just how beautiful our city
5:42 am
is.'s people, it's sites, it's nature. >> we have something to be proud of besides everything else. i am proud to be in oakland. i cheer for them. go warriors. >> game one is tomorrow night at oracle arena. here at ktvu we will have previews leading up to the big game, along with all the postgame interviews. the stream is the only source of water for san francisco. the appeal happening today in a fresno courtroom that could decide the future of the reservoir in yosemite national park. >> the commute is looking good for most of the bay area but there are some issues in the east. here is a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving nicely through there this morning. the children of california. tony is a leader , slips through the cracks. sure california's schools are the best in the country. every child in california has a fair shot. i'm tony thurmond, and i'll lead california's fight against donald trump and betsy devos's anti-education agenda. please vote for tony thurmond
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for state superintendent. ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". today marks 13 years since the disappearance of natalee holloway. the 18-year-old from alabama vanished during a high school graduation trip to aruba. her disappearance on may 30, 2005 made international headlines. she was last seen leaving a bar with a man that is currently serving a 28 year prison sentence in peru for strangling a woman in a hotel room. that incident happened in 2010 on the fifth anniversary of her disappearance. a superior court judge in sacramento may unseal some documents in the golden state killer case that could show how the police identified the man accused in the case. news organizations are pushing for information from search and arrest warrants to be made public. an attorney for the suspect, 72-
5:46 am
year-old joseph deangelo, argues that sharing those details could affect his client's right to a fair trial. joseph deangelo and his lawyers were in court yesterday. the judge seemed reluctant to release that extra information. the lawyer representing the media argued the public has a right to know. >> i think the press, the public and the victims deserve an open proceeding and to have a better understanding of how this case came to be charged. >> the judge did not make a decision yesterday. joseph deangelo is, -- is charged with eight murders but he is suspected in 45 rapes and other homicides that occurred in the late 1970s and early 1980s. >> the man who killed three people in belgium is accused of killing a man the day before. he is identified as 31-year-old benjamin herman. the belgium interior minister said herman killed a man before
5:47 am
he was released on jail monday. he stabbed two female police officers, shot and killed them with their own guns. he shot and killed a 22-year- old man sitting in a nearby car. he was killed in a shootout with police. witnesses say he shouted the arabic phrase for god is great several times. authorities are treating it as a terrorist attack. as a's hamas rulers says they have agreed to a cease- fire with israel. this is video out of rockets being launched from gaza before the cease-fire. israel responded with a wave of air strikes bombing palestinian targets within gaza. egypt intervened to mediate. let's get you out the door. sal is off but allie rasmus is watching traffic. >> san ramon southbound 680 toured the 680-580 interchange, at last check all the lanes on south bound 680 were closed. crews are doing a traffic break
5:48 am
so they can clean up this mess from earlier. this is video from earlier this morning. this crash happened just after 2 am. the fuel tank on this big rig ruptured and spilled diesel fuel on the road. they had to wait for a caltrans crew to come and clean everything up. it looks like they are in the process of still doing that. at last check, all lanes of southbound 680 were closed while they were cleaning that up. according to chp, they were supposed to potentially open up all these lanes that are closed on southbound 680 just before the 580 interchange around now, 5:45 am to 6 am. we will keep you updated. you can see where the crash is. it is in the center of your screen. just in the last half hour, there is another crash that happened in that same area southbound 680 at the 680-580 interchange. that may be some of the lane closures we say there.
5:49 am
taking a look at the south bay, if your commute takes you on the 101 through gilroy and morgan hill, you will experience slowing there. gnosis pacific -- no specific issues to tell you there. taking a look at 280 in san jose, both directions traffic is moving nicely. the san mateo bridge is socked in with fog. you can see the traffic slowing as you make your way west toward the peninsula. let's go to steve paulson. we have a lot of fog out there. we have a cooler pattern today. our system has arrived and it is opened the door to the sea breeze . we have low clouds down below. the combination means temps go way down from the 90s for some yesterday into the 70s today. 87 in santa rosa yesterday, 72 today. down temper oakland. livermore 93 to 72. 84 in san jose to 70. the breeze kicked in late but not early enough are some. temperatures hit the 90s for
5:50 am
some inland. not today. breezy to windy with 50s, 60s and 70s. we have thunderstorms popping up, mainly south of tahoe. mainly bear valley down to mammoth. for us, low clouds and higher clouds and a robust, fresh breeze in place. that was not there yesterday. 40s and 50s right now. 51 in redwood city, 54 lakeport. around the bay upper 40s. the city is officially 51. low 50s even around tran 10. low temps will be around today and tomorrow and then we transition on friday. than we have a quick warm-up. you can see big swings in the temperatures this time of year. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s and 70s. it will be this way again tomorrow. a little warmer friday and then warmer inland. >> not as hot? >> no. it doesn't take long this time of year. as the warriors prepare for
5:51 am
the nba finals, construction crews are busy working on the team's future home. we have a progress report.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". a televangelist with viewers around the world said god told him he needs a new jet.
5:54 am
jesse duplantis recently posted a tweet of the importance of using aviation as an amazing tool for evangelizing to the world. his ministry currently owns three plants, but he says god specifically told him he needs a private jet capable of carrying 16 passengers. he is asking for donations to plate -- to pay for that. the warriors have one more season at oracle season before they move across the bay. >> one of our favorite people, christian captain, went on the latest tour the new chase center in san francisco.
5:55 am
>> reporter: the chase center is a hive of construction activity. contractors broke ground in january 2017. it is hard to get a sense of where the project stands from outside. we get a tour the construction site from the warriors president, rick wells. >> all the interior walls are in place. you can see the different levels of the arena taking shape. when you get inside you will see the seating areas taking shape. >> reporter: this is one of two main entrance is on third street. this area will be an open plaza arranged with shops and open areas. the pauses and walkways are taking shape. >> it is five years in the making. to be at the point where we are now and now counting the months instead of the years is good. >> reporter: you can get a sense of what the seating will be like when it is finished. you can see where center court will be. next-door to all the construction, the front office takes ticketholders on a video tour the chase center, including virtual views from their seats. this season ticket holder since
5:56 am
1975 started attending games regularly before that. he locked in his tickets. >> we didn't come here convinced we would do all of this. we heard rumors about the prices. they are just rumors. it is not even close. it turned out to be affordable. still expensive, but affordable. >> the warriors say this site is adoptable and will be active beyond the basketball season. >> 65 warriors games, which hopefully we can do every season, we hope to have events here. >> reporter: they got to build it exactly the way they wanted to. they built in a lot of adaptability. it can handle anything from 18,000 screaming basketball fans to a morris -- to a more intimate group to seal live performance. >> that is so exciting but bittersweet. >> it is bittersweet.
5:57 am
we are coming up on our six :00 hour. a controversial treat -- controversial tweet gets the "roseanne" reboot shut down. we will tell you what "roseanne" is blaming on her offensive words that she continues to tweet overnight. still part of problems -- still big problems on southbound 680 because of an earlier crash that happened. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backing up. the metering lights have been on for the last 45 minutes or so. a quick warm-up monday and tuesday in a big cool down today. temperatures will drop as much is 15 degrees for many. i will have your wednesday four is coming up. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again.
5:58 am
it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
5:59 am
clearing artists santa clara -- santa rosa homeless camp. we have traffic problems in the east bay. a fuel spill on 680 in dublin hours ago is causing a major traffic headache right now. we will tell you how commuters are affected. thank you for joining us.
6:00 am
if you're just waking up and tuning in, it is wednesday, may 30. i am pam cook. >> i am dave klug. let's talk about traffic. allie rasmus has her hands full this morning. >> we will start with southbound 680 near the dublin area. right now the three lanes before the 580 interchange are still shut down. that is because of an earlier incident involving a big rig. this is the view from the caltrans traffic camera. this is southbound 680 near pine valley road. you can see a lot of headlights in that direction. that camera is loading, maybe we can get it going. traffic is moving at a crawl. let's show you video what happened earlier. around 2 am there was a big rig


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