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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 31, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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access into the power plant building. >> a woman was out of patient, what is next. the golden state killer back in court. a judge ruling on whether warrant documents could be released. why the defense is trying to block it. lawyers -- warriors and cats tonight at the finals. >> we are playing still but we want to finish the job. >> trying to make it back to back titles, we are live. for the second time in five years the death investigation of a woman found in a stairwell at the hospital this time the woman is not a patient but stayed on campus. so many unanswered questions about how the victim ended up in the area where she died. officials have said there is not a homicide investigation underway. >> the woman was found in a
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stairwell at the power plant at the general hospital. kristin cason has been following the developments in christian the hospital is already making some changes. >> reporter: they start -- they sure are in the 75-year-old victim was discovered here in this power plant building behind me. some stairs she was found. now those stairs are locked. meanwhile the medical examiner was scheduled to perform an autopsy on her trying to determine when and how she died. >> the general hospital and sheriff's office confirmed the identity of the woman found dead in a stairway powerplant building. >> on behalf of the family we are very saddened by this event. we look forward to pursuing our investigation to find out
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exactly what happened. >> the ceo says that anderson was not a patient at the hospital but that she lived at a residential care facility for the elderly on the campus. administrators said she's checked herself out of the facility the morning of may 20 and never returned. workers filed a missing persons report. the sheriff's office made -- launched an investigation. >> at that time the deputies made a be on the lookout for missing persons flyer and it circulated around the campus. >> she was eventually discovered in the power plant by a worker. 10 days later you may recall in december 2013 a body was discovered at another stairwell after she disappeared. the hospital and sheriff's office say following the case they have been laser focused on keeping track of patients. they stress that anderson wasn't a patient when she disappeared. >> it wasn't a mistake in the protocol.
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something went wrong here. >> the sheriffs said deputies never searched this powerplant despite the ten-day missing person investigation. when asked if the sheriff's office would have searched the powerplant of anderson happened designated as the patient had gone missing, the sheriff responded yes. >> you think the protocol needs to be changed? >> we are looking at that. >> -- >> reporter: the hospital in the sheriff's office say they are now reevaluating how they go about searching for patients and they say that those patients or people who are simply associated with the hospital meanwhile they also say that they are conducting a thorough search today of every nook and cranny in this hospital to see if there is anybody any place they shouldn't be. the hospital saying they will
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have another update on this investigation tomorrow morning. henry lee is looking into a state investigation into the facility. we will a much more coming up. learning more about the woman who opened fire at youtube last month and the timeline. san bernardino police say the 39-year-old suspect was reported missing by her family. the next day she briefly visited youtube and asked people at the front desk about a job. the morning of april 3 nasim najafi aghdam visited a shooting range and allow her later she arrived at youtube headquarters for three people were redid before she shot and killed herself. she was apparently upset about company policy affecting her youtube channel. >> san jose fire investigators are back at the scene of a fire that adopted at a teacher's associate office building. this marks the second fire in the fifth incident.
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-- in the fifth incident. >> it's happened again and this time it is worse. >> we have a working fire. >> early thursday morning flame shot from the roofs of the california teachers association building in east 10 -- east san jose. it took 30 minutes until the two alarm fire was revealed. and arson investigator worked to determine the cause. >> the california teachers association will not be able to occupy the building. they sure me the cta is working on other arrangements. >> this is the second fire at this site and the fifth incident since january. back in march cta staffers told us someone put a molotov cocktail on the roof which started a fire. additionally three acts of vandalism with someone shattering windows and office
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doors glass. >> the incidents are anywhere you go put this is an unusual one because it seems like it is happening frequently. >> in march the cta said it was increasing overnight patrols. apparently that action hasn't halted the acts of violence. >> it's always concerning when we have more than one fire in the building in short time. >> in the march incident witnesses reported seeing a man running from the scene. overnight no witnesses however there are surveillance cameras investigators are hopeful they will provide clues. crews are mopping up after a string of wildfires in eastern county. several fires totaling 500 acres burned yesterday. officials say the fires destroyed a mobile home and outbuilding a trailer and three
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vehicles. fortunately nobody was hurt. winds blowing 30 miles per hour fan the flames and because of the fires remain under investigation. >> thousands of commuters have been taking advantage of the new extension into antioch with figure showing it succeeded ridership expectations. it will have 600 entries and exits at the new station. even higher yesterday with ridership hitting more than 7000. bart hadn't expected about 5600 a day. there been complaints there isn't enough parking. a spokeswoman acknowledged the parking spaces are filling up quickly. >> not everyone will be able to park. it is not possible. we don't have enough money to build that many parking spots. it will smooth out. some people will stop to go to
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a point if they can't get there early enough. >> the new station was designed to make it easy accessible for those who want to bus carpool or get dropped off. homeless advocates took to the streets and efforts go to voice their frustration with google. protesters blocked in the intersection and piled up scooter so google buses couldn't pass. this is video from the examiner. the protesters say they feel google and other tech companies are exploiting cities.'s expansion plans are causing a -- eviction leaving too many people fighting for human rights. new storms could spell bad news for flood ravaged communities on the east coast. chris continue to search for missing people. it started back in the fall
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now it's down to two teams trying to win. the warriors a cavaliers in game one of the nba championship series. when the worst oil spill hit san francisco, first responders went to work. and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii.
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pstop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy. we are less than two hours away from game one of the nba finals. many warrior fans started getting game ready early on
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even before the sun came up today. hundreds of people lined up outside lakeshore restaurant hoping to represent their team. it was a festive atmosphere as you can see with friendly ribbing between sands. -- fans. >> they don't seem to stand a chance. >> go back to the east. >> he is one of the greatest players. >> we are talking about 18 game and he is not the greatest team player. >> he likes to dominate the ball. >> there you go, among those who attended was wrap superstar ice cube himself. he is a laker fan at heart but he is on the team. tipoff is tonight at 6 pm.
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>> get ready for what should be a wild ride between these two teams. >> reporter: no kidding, you have the scenario with more and more people interested as i look at the teams the more people are involved. i haven't seen this many camera crews since last year at this time. the nba world is not thrilled that the warriors and kaz but i think those of us in the bay area who have started to take this warrior team for granted you really need to relish what a special time this is. the boston celtics have done it twice. the miami heat have done it, the lakers have done it, there is great chicago bulls team that won six world championships never appeared for consecutive times so this is a special time. it is something that is not lost on the players.
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>> it's a weird kind of dynamic thinking about this is the fourth time in a row we have played cleveland in the finals so lebron is still there and he's mr. everything for them. >> we have a rivalry. they made a documentary about it recently. the best team scoring against each other. >> it feels like ages ago i saw them in my first championship. >> is a good for the nba to have the same teams in the final? >> i think it is great. >> there is no question about the fact that when they talk nba history in the future they will talk about what a great rivalry this has been. is in two great teams who were
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two and two against each other are you going to use the dynasty award which would be the warriors winning three of the four. that is yet to be determined. i want to bring in my partner jason and i know that you like stats. i know that you must have something special prepared. >> first let me say that there is no place i would rather be. it is very exciting and i will give you some stats. the warriors are the favorite to win but i will say that we are the players talk about four in a row and think about that the trilogy we had good trilogies and movies but for in a row we haven't talked about so in some senses it is truly impressive. i was looking up the word for it and there is a word for it. tetralogy is for in a row. that is what we are happening
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right now. they are favorites in the series and you have to go back to the lakers of 2001 to find a favorite like this to beat another team. at media day yesterday i tried to find somebody from the united states and media member among the thousands that could pick the cabs and couldn't do we have to look elsewhere. went to go internationally. >> the warriors even without andre and i think this is probably the worst they have done in the worst decade >> the cast they are sweeping. >> do they have a chance? >> no. >> -- >> reporter: nobody is for a meteor, but that wise, again the warriors favorites to win the game. i think today in game one the warriors will come out and try and make a little bit of a
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statement like they did against houston. the warriors have to decide how much time they will take off? >> we saw that in the series when they take care of the basketball, value their possession and play the defense they are capable of playing there's no question they are the best team in the league. the only way they loses when they lose to beat themselves. tetralogy? >> tetralogy. call me if i am pronouncing it wrong. >> reporter: back to you. >> i will have to look that up. the u.s. says one of the events in the a volcano is winding. a survey drone flew over the volcano on saturday and according to the usgs it's due
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to the collapse of the walls. lava has destroyed at least 71 homes on the big island and continues to move swiftly. last night it flowed about 800 yards. ash smoke and toxic gas are causing significant health concerns. many parents keeping their kids home from school. >> it is like cement. >> it's really hard to believe especially when you see how little is left of the big house. really it is just ashes. >> they have canceled it stop. police in virginia searching for several people swept away by flash flooding. emergency responders save more rain could spell bad news for a community in maryland. leaves the path of destruction
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in the mid-atlantic. we have more now from washington. >> we are possibly preparing for a repeat of last night. i hope not. >> first responders in central virginia preparing for more torrential rain with the threat coming after alberto dumps more than eight inches on the state. >> we were hit with multiple bands of heavy rain. >> at least three people are missing in virginia after the floods. two of those swept away after their car was caught in a rush of water. >> it was tossed and turned and overturned. we are talking an area that had overflowed. >> in north carolina two people were killed after mudslide destroyed their home and in maryland officials are keeping an eye on the forecast with another storm system threatening ellicott city. >> we are starting at the base
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of the channels which is where the receiving water goes and they were filled up with an incredible amount of debris. >> crews have removed over 100 truckloads of debris with plans to allow homes and business owners to survey damage being canceled. >> we don't want to have anybody get hurt. of course the most important thing is safety. >> so far sub tropical storm alberto is responsible for at least eight deaths. the next round of wet weather is expected to last through the weekend. let's bring in our chief meteorologist and talk about our weather. locally, definitely not getting what they are seeing. >> by the way anna welcome back. congratulations. >> i am missing my baby girl. >> it seemed like you were gone for a long time.
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as you go across the country we are talking about more storms on the eastern seaboard which has brought plenty of rain. they continue to get the red box near tulsa which represents tornado watch. if you look in this area again through virginia and the carolinas you have all of this moisture coming up from the tropics. it is very productive for rainfall. continued inclement weather on the east coast could impact your travel tomorrow but for us we have a pattern that set up like this. you see it arcing this way which is low-pressure and that's a system that is still producing showers and thundershowers up in the pacific northwest. been an unusual year. we haven't had that dominant high pressure set up that it is going to set up tomorrow, it will begin a warming trend that
4:22 pm
takes us through the bay area weekend. highs will be back into the 90s. not before it delivered what it delivered to us the much cooler day yesterday and today. tomorrow will start to warm up but temperatures outside is pretty chilly. 70 degrees right now. take a look at your screen for the current temperatures. a little cooler in santa rosa in about the same everywhere else. tomorrow it is going to be a little warmer and it will warm up through the weekend. second-tier state compares that the negotiators have made serious progress toward getting the june 12 meeting between the president and kim jong un on schedule. sometimes,
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president trump met privately today with some of the families of those killed in the santa fe shooting. texas governor and senator ted cruz greeted the president. he also attended a pair of fundraising events. eight students into substitute teachers were killed in santa fe texas nearly 2 weeks ago. a student faces capital murder charges. the white house said the president was moved by the tragedy. >> he's the president of the united states and he is also a father and husband. i think he is approaching the situations as a human being.
4:26 pm
>> reporters were not permitted to witness the meeting that the white house says about two dozen people affected by the shooting attended the hour-long private meeting. resident trump says negotiations are in good hands as his secretary of state tries to keep a proposed summit with north korea live. caroline shively has the very latest developments. >> more meetings today trying to get the north korea summit back on track. from singapore to new york to the dmv. >> i want it to be meaningful doesn't mean it doesn't get all done at one meeting. maybe you have a second or third and 80 we will have none. >> resident trump says he's hopeful the u.s. and north korea to meet in singapore in june 12 for nuclear summit. this morning in new york secretary of state mark pompeo came together with negotiators.
4:27 pm
>> many conversations have been had about how we might proceed in the path might move forward so we can choose -- achieve the security assurances. >> president trump tells readers he thinks kim jong un will come to the white house tomorrow. >> i believe they will be coming down to washington on friday. a letter is going to be delivered to me from kim jong un's i look forward to seeing what is in the letter. >> today on fox democrat john mayor kennedy laid out the challenges. >> the one path is the negotiations which are now underway. the second path is a war. the third path is to simply accept the fact that north korea has nuclear weapons. >> today's meeting between the leaders ended two hours earlier than planned but the secretary says there is progress was made. lawyers for the suspected
4:28 pm
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lawyer for the man accused of being the golden state keller were back in a sacramento court this morning.
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cameras were not allowed inside. this is video from tuesday. the last time joseph deangelo was in court on tuesday. the judge is deciding whether to make search and arrest warrant documents in the case, public . the documents could include a list of items on files seized by the authorities at joseph deangelo's home. the judge has indicated he may unseal some of the documents by tomorrow. we are legal analyst michael cordova. we're just discussing this off- camera. how common is it to seal all of the documents? what you think is going to happen? >> is certainly happens. what the judge has to do in this situation, is balance the public's right to know. that's why the press had their attorney there. saying judge we want you to release everything. the press is the check and
4:32 pm
balances on the court, both present -- print, tv and radio. on the other side in the balance, the judge has to say yes, but the defendant is entitled to a fair trial. so if we release everything, people, potential jurors, will make up their mind and we will never get a jury. >> we still don't know where the case will be tried. lawyers are arguing, it could take the case >> the jury panel, that's what they are saying. when we say we don't know where is being tried, i know the prosecutors have met in the four counties, sacramento, santa barbara, ventura, and orange county . they get together but nothing came of the last meeting. what they do is a sit down and talk and say who's going to be the lead case . my guess is it's going to be tried in sacramento . they have him there, they have the body there. so they really have the.
4:33 pm
what they want to do is pick the very best case. so even though it's in sacramento, they may say this is the better case . let's get them convicted of that one and that we can worry about the other cases after . >> journalist to have the right to request information, that is something we are able to do . i think the interest in these documents is the dna test and genealogy . there wanting to know the technology that may have been used to nab him . >> people have all sorts of questions and then you have relatives of the victims, saying wait a minute, do you have some evidence of what happened in my son or daughter's case or my parents case? where they were murdered or raped? so there is another interest involved here. but i always thought in that case they can always go to the da and talk to them. the da very privately could deal with them. >> how much, both attorneys, prosecution and defense, have in the judge's decision? how many documents are how much of it might be judge unseal?
4:34 pm
>> the judge will be a mediator, saying here's what i'm thinking about releasing. defense attorneys, what do you think? prosecutors, what do you think? then he will make a decision. i guarantee you he's not going to give it all up. he is going to give a little bit of it up, with the thought in mind i don't want to poison a jury panel. this case is so widespread i mean certainly throughout california. it could affect people and you don't want people coming in, having already heard about the case. now the fact if a juror has heard about a case does not disqualify a juror. the question the judge will then ask is, have you made up your mind about the case? you already think he's guilty or not guilty? and then people answer that and somehow they always go to, i've really made up my mind but i can put that aside. as a defense attorney i always giggle at that and say sure you
4:35 pm
can . your knuckle to put it aside. but those are the things that the -- the judge has to be mindful of. i looked in england, where they absolutely say, you cannot, as a press reveal anything before a person is tried in england. after it's over, it's open -- open season for you guys. but california, the rest of the states, we say our public has a right to know certain things, but not everything. what the press wants to know, we all want to know, is what do they write in the search warrant to get the judge to issue it? what do they write in the arrest warrant, they will give the meat of the case and that's what we are all interested in. it's going to be interesting. they will cut it in half i would imagine. >> michael cordova, thank you so much. election day is less than one week away at voters in all nine bay area counties are being asked to in -- approve an increase in tolls on state owned bridges. the aim of the regional measure three is to bring big
4:36 pm
improvements to the big bay area commute. >> reporter: bumper-to-bumper traffic, crowded trains and buses, and frustration getting where you need to go. the bay area has among the worst commutes in the country. regional measure three aims to alleviate that problem by generating 4 1/2 billion dollars over the next 25 years. the money would help fund money for two dozen transportation projects. it includes a part in stench and -- extension to the south bay. new train cars, and a extension to downtown san francisco. it would also increase ferry service between san francisco and oakland and help expound -- expand services to mission bay, berkeley and redwood city. it would also improve access to cycle and pedestrians to train stations and ferry terminals. 70% of the funding for regional measure three would go to
4:37 pm
public transit. but it also includes funding for making wider freeways and more express lanes. all those improvements will come cheap. drivers would have to pay more in tolls on all seven of the state owned bridges in the bay area. tolls would gradually increase by three dollars over the next seven years. on the bay bridge, the toll during peak hours would increase from six dollars to seven dollars, next year. eight dollars in 2000 22 and up to nine dollars by the year 2025. currently it's five dollars to cross the richmond, san rafael bridge, perkiness bridge dunbarton bridge, several other bridges. those tolls would go up to six dollars next year. seven dollars in 2022 and eight dollars in 2025. tolls on the golden gate bridge are not affected by regional measure three. monte francis, ktvu ktuv fox2 news.
4:38 pm
don't forget to join us on election night. we will have the live coverage of results. one bay area lawmaker is working to prevent concussions on high school students. more after the break. we are looking into the weather as we head toward the bay area for the weekend. it is warming up. i will let you know how warm it will get in your neighborhood.
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back now with breaking ruse out of santa rosa. officers have responded to a crash involving a smart train and pick up truck. again the area is closed, for an unknown unknown -- unknown period of time. you can see remnants of the truck there on the tracks and of course the smart train. there are no injuries on the train but the driver of the truck is being transported with unknown injuries. we are working to learn more about this crash and we will give you the very latest as soon as we get more, likely tonight at five. 3.8 million sports and recreational related concussions occur in the united states every year. many go unprotected and become a severe health issues later on. a bay area congressman hosted a concussion prevention forum at
4:42 pm
a local high school in concord. he talked about a local bill to protect student athletes from concussion. the congressman joins us now, life with more than that. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. mark, tell us what your bill will do? >> first off we will work with the nfl, ncaa and high school athletic association and with the medical profession to develop this bill that would have the national institutes of health do more research than they are doing now. and then we would have high schools adopt the best practices so they make sure they are doing everything to prevent concussions, if they can. >> how is a turn out at ygnacio valley today i imagine a lot of concerned parents there, right? >> we had a great turnout. about 150 kids, students and parents. then we had to former ballplayers, a neuroscientist, surgeon i should say.
4:43 pm
and, we had a trainer. so it really went well. the kids asked great questions. >> what is your personal experience with concussion, what motivated you to work on this bill? >> actually, john madden worked with my predecessor george miller, he was unable to get the bill through so i picked it up. personally, i was a high school athlete and played football and lacrosse and played those at college as well and have been knocked out a few times . in those days, you get knocked out you get up and go back in the game. so we have learned a lot and can do a lot to protect young people from getting serious injuries. >>, i know it's a lot of sports, sadly a lot of those injuries go die and diagnose. tell me about the long-term effects of concussion? >> obviously it can affect your neural system and cognitive ability to problem solve, to be
4:44 pm
able to function and have a job. we know to what happened to mike webster the all-pro hall of fame center for the pittsburgh steelers, very successful but he ended up homeless and committed suicide. very dire effect for him, obviously. but for others as well, we know a lot of former nfl players have had very serious problems. we are learning so much about neuroscience and the effect of trauma on the brain and we just need to apply that knowledge to make sure that young people are properly protected. >> what is next for the bill? >> the bill is introduced, we interested twice, we will introduce it again . unfortunately in congress we are not doing a lot between now and the election. but we are hopeful, particularly in the next term that we can get all of our supporters behind it and make this effective as possible we did get a portion of the bill into another billing get it amended which started the
4:45 pm
process and created the money. the next step is to get that research out to all these schools so they can apply the best evidence best -- based research to protect their kids. >> i bet a lot of kids are behind it 100%. thank you so much for talking with us. good luck. let's check in with chief meteorologist bill martin . >> is a little cooler in some places today or about the same as yesterday. but the real story is the cool down since memorial day when temperatures on memorial day, we had upper 90s, 98 degrees on monday. but you see the curve here, what happened was yesterday was warm but it cold. but then it dropped all the way down thursday and today ends up being the coolest day and then we work our way out of the hole as we had to tomorrow. there is some weather out there on the west coast with high- pressure building in.
4:46 pm
this low pressure system is the one that went through yesterday and brought us all the wind back. it kept us cool. air pressure dropped 20 degrees before -- from the day before. it's been a pretty similar weather in terms of the spring time. that's why we are seeing these temperatures like yesterday. today is still kind of cool, a bit below average. but as we head into tomorrow we will get more typical late may, early june pattern. air quality is not bad. but tomorrow, and the next day it will be hazy and i bet you will be tough to see it tomorrow. air quality will take a little hit because the air is shrinking and compressing because of the high pressure .
4:47 pm
only thing about high pressure is when you are a kid you swim at the bottom of the swimming pool and you go down to the bottom and your ears hurt it's because the water is weighing on you when you get to the bottom. atmosphere has weight so when we sit here on the earth we have pressure of the atmosphere. so the atmosphere changes its weight based on its pressure system. so high pressure is pressing down, creating a higher density of molecules amass why we get poor air quality when we have high pressure. forecast high is awesome 80s in there. 86 in antioch, 87 in brentwood, 80 in san jose, 68 in redwood city.
4:48 pm
>> leonard skittered is kind of our area -- era. today is officially tower of power day in the city of oakland with a ceremony outside the city hall. speaking of great music there, celebrate the band, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new album out tomorrow. vance got to run elbows and get autographs from band members. is the 25th record of their career. they say their distinctive horns and sound is a reflection of the city. >> we used to live here and
4:49 pm
party here and we wrote all our songs here. our sound is in oakland sound. people say what is the oakland sound? oakland is blue-collar, down to earth people. they dig soul music. back in the days when sly stone was a disc jockey on ks ol. we were all living and dying for soul music. that has been our passion ever since. >> you can catch tower of power this weekend saturday show is sold out and available tomorrow night. by the way to band members were badly hurt when they were hit by a train in jack london square last year. they are back performing with the group. coming up next, facebook chose a desolate site to build a new data storage facility.
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with great gifts from bass pro shops and cabela's. like bass pro flag chairs for under $13. men's wellington waterproof boots for under $90. and save $150 on this masterbuilt 30 inch electric smoker. bass pro shops and cabela's. social media giant facebook is moving into utah with a massive new data center, saying to bring hundreds of jobs in that area. >> reporter: facebook, welcome to eagle mountain. eagle mountain's mayor tom westmoreland got emotional. as he described the impact of facebook's new data center in utah county. the 970,000 square-foot facility is being built here at the sweetwater industrial park. it's on land adjacent to eagle
4:53 pm
mountain sewer plant. >> almost 500 acres that currently brings in a whopping total of tax revenue of $66 a year. so it's virtually doing nothing out there. >> reporter: aside from the tax revenue, building the facility will create 100 -- hundreds of infrastructure jobs. and facebook is making a commitment to be served by 100% renewable energy. the project will contribute to multiple ways to help the air quality as well as community jobs. >> facebook's blazing trails on behalf of others who will, want to locate here in eagle mountain. >> reporter: the governor and utah leaders will say this will lead to eagle mountain development but across the state.
4:54 pm
>> they don't come by themselves that's a ripple effect, the silicon valley growth is a growing center of our economy. >> reporter: rachel peterson says they look for for primary call these qualities when they look at location. access to renewable energy, infrastructure, workforce and partners. >> facebook is in it for the long game. we look forward to having a long successful partnership with utah. it's been a big day for presidential pardons at the white house. i'm in washington with who gets the get out of jail free card. coming up. the onset of the dro, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying.
4:55 pm
what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted hawaii." gavin's... not gonna work... as governor. we know the great outdoors. we love the great outdoors. bass pro shops and cabela's. with fair prices, expert service
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it's been a big day for pardons as president trump exercises his executive authority on a number of fronts. we have more from washington. >> reporter: president trump has not been shy when it comes to using his presidential pardoning powers and today, he is at it again making surprise announcements that he decided to pardon dinesh d'souza a conservative filmmaker and who campaign finance fraud. >> these are infractions and crimes that are rarely prosecuted and many believe that he was the subject of some selective prosecution from the previous administration. >> reporter: that's not all. president trump says is he considering more pardons
4:58 pm
including martha stewart and former illinois governor rod blagojevich who is behind bars on multiple corruption charges. he gave a pardon to jack johnson posthumously. >> i am taking this very righteous step, i believe to correct a wrong that occurred in our history. >> reporter: the president is showing a growing willingness to pardon conservatives he believes were unfairly targeted like sheriff joe arpaio and scooter libby and while some criticized the focus on partisan politics, others say he is righting wrongs that have been overlooked for two longs. now he is acting when he personally feels there's been a great and manifest injustice. he is not taking the time and following the lengthy elaborate procedures that normally are applied. the news also comes just a day after the president had a meeting at the white house with kim kardashian to talk about sentencing and prison reform n. what, leland
4:59 pm
vittert, fox news. changes are being made at zuckerberg sf general hospital . this comes just one day after a woman's body was found in a stairwell in the power plant of the hospital campus. good evening. that plant where the body of ruby anderson was found is across the street from the main hospital building. the woman was not a patient at the hospital, but she did live on the campus. we have live team coverage. ktvu's henry lee has details about the care facility where anderson lived. but we start with christien kafton. he has the details of those hospital changes that are already taking effect. reporter: yeah. first off, lets you know in just the last hour we contacted the medical examiner's office. they were supposed to perform an autopsy on 75-year-old ruby lee anderson to determine when and how she died. so far the office has nothing to report. meanwhile, anderson was found here in this power plant
5:00 pm
building just across the street behind me in a stairwell there. the hospital is saying that those stairs had been accessible from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. until yesterday. now those stairs are locked. >> reporter: officials today confirmed the identity of the woman found dead in a stairway in a hospital power plant building as 75-year-old ruby lee anderson. >> on behalf of the entire city family, we are very saddened by this event and look forward to pursuing our investigation to find out what happened. >> reporter: san francisco general's ceo says that anderson was not a patient at the hospital but that she lived at a residential care facility for the elderly on the san francisco general hospital campus. administrators say anderson checked out of the facility the morning of may 20th and never returned. workers filed a missing persons report and the sheriff's office launched a missing person investigation. >> at that time, the deputies made a be on the


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