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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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carry passengers but there is a catch. the company's testing autonomous vehicles cannot charge those passengers. today at 9:00 copycat school shooters. we talked to a denver based reporter about how many incidents can be traced back to columbine. the warriors take game one of the nba finals. jason appelbaum breaks down the action from the thrilling victory. plans to redevelop meyer island. more businesses moving in to the property. the warm up is underway in the beautiful bay area. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. june is in the air and so is faith in the golden state warriors and getting three more wins. my faith is in steph curry. forget that charging blocking
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controversy. forget j.r. smith running out the clock at the end of the game. let's focus in on -- >> count them in case you didn't realize it that was a three. >> a message to the cavs. steph curry in the final seconds of the half they may get the victory in game one. >> that was a big lapse. you know he can hit the shots. >> the first shot he made was a three-pointer. >> heck of a start to the finals. glued to the television i'm sure. >> definitely. >> heart pounding game. tough go to sleep after that. >> that's the other problem. warriors lead the nba finals 1- zip after beating the cavs in the overtime game. the score was 124-114. warriors had the lead in the fourth but lebron james, give
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them credit, they fought back. lebron had 51 points. the cavs could not get the ball to him when the game was tied in the final seconds of regulation. >> rebound to the cavs he brings it out. shot blocked. >> that is the ball game. these the play everyone is talking about since last night. j.r. smith of the cavs got the rebound but tried to run out the clock. he ran way from the basket instead of making a play. it's as if he was unaware that the game was tied. he believed he had the lead. that was all the warriors needed. 124-114. after the game j.r. smith trying to explain what happened there at the end of regulation and lebron james asked about the whole situation
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and he got tired of those questions. >> you knew you were tied. >> i knew we were tied. i thought they were going to call time out because i got the rebound. >> in the replay it looked like you said take lebron i thought we were ahead. >> i thought we were ahead. clearly that wasn't the case. >> i knew it was a tie game. we were down one. george hill went up, made the first one. we got the offensive rebound and i thought we were all the way. that's my view. i don't know what j.r. was thinking. i don't know the question you are trying to ask. >> do you know if he knew the score? >> thank you. >> with that lebron james left. he was done with the interview. both teams get a couple of days off then game 2 of the nba finals will be played sunday
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night at oracle. >> he was done but fans were excited. ee is at oracle arena with more on what fans are saying about the game. >> reporter: i tried to talk to a fan this morning who lost his voice because he said he was screaming so much during the last seconds of regulation. warrior fans are feeling confident. there is a huge shift in momentum. a missed opportunity for the cavs became the golden opportunity for the warriors. some don't think that the cavs can come back from such a heart- breaking loss. the cavs coach said they were robbed. >> oh, man. i had a smile from here to here and woke up feeling like we got three more wins to go. >> it was a thrilling game. i think the referees was able to take the replay and come to
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the right decision. i feel bad because it appears as though the cleveland fans had their hearts snatched out of them. i don't think we will be able to resuscitate them and there is no hope for their future. >> i thought it was a good game. lebron had 50 something points. smith had a bone head move at the end of the game. he didn't know what was going on. >> you got to know the score. you have to know your time. if he put it back up, durant would have fouled him, two more chances. sunday it's over. it will be like redemption. the warriors and the cavs face off again on warriors ground sunday at oracle arena. live in oakland, ee, elisa
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harrington. warriors got punched in the face and took it but they punched back and one. >> you need a little luck to win the finals. everybody would agree that they got a little luck at oracle. not only with the reverse call, the charge -- >> let's talk about that. 36 left in the game. >> yeah, 37 and -- >> lebron has the ball -- >> katie has the ball. >> he says he is planted. here is the thing about that call and here is the beef that the cavs had. the refs aren't supposed to review it unless it's close to the restricted area. >> that is the debate. >> that was the debate. if he is clearly outside of the circle they aren't supposed to review it. >> i don't know what the refs can see. >> that's what tyrone was upset about. you see lebron did move, leaned in. after they reviewed the call it
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was the right call. >> what he -- >> he was not set. the gripe is why are you reviewing the call when it was clearly outside that circle area. but, listen, once they made the call and it got reversed, katie hit two free throws. warriors get a ten point win. >> the thing that i noticed off the bat was the refs were going to let them play. they are not calling a lot. then toward the end it started. but it changes the game, right? >> at the very end of the game -- sometimes when you let teams play and you don't call -- not tiki tack but closer calls, you start -- tempers heat up. after the game you saw the flare-up at the end as well with tristan thompson. that was because they took a shot late in the game and didn't like it. there is an unwritten rule when you are up by 10 with 20 ticks left you don't shoot the ball.
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i think the chippiness comes with four straight finals with these two teams. clay said in the locker room there is a lot of animosity here. we meet them every june. >> with a lot on the line. >> especially the way that game ended. >> and the way they made the mistakes. the cavs knew they had the game. what is your take on jr smith getting the rebound, great play. could have easily put it up for two points after he got it but dribbles away. >> he claims and i'm not sure i believe j.r. but he claims he dribbled out because he saw kevin durant, he thought he would block the shot. but when you get a rebound and the game is tied and you are right under the basic. >> you have to get a shot -- under the basket. >> you have to get a shot. >> i think he is trying to save face -- is he trying to save
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face arguing that he knew the score. >> not only that, if you want to call time out, why are you waiting for lebron. maybe at the very least if he goes back up with the shot he gets fouled. george hill by the way missed the second free throw, another semi lucky break for the warriors. he is a 90% shooter. >> you don't think he missed it on purpose. >> no. unless he had money on the game. >> how deflating, that game and the way they let it slip away. how deflating for the cavs moving forward. >> it's a blow. they will rally around that block charged call. they will look at this, we got jobbed. that shouldn't have happened. if that call isn't reversed, we probably walk away with the win. >> what about clay. i love that he is smiling.
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that is rare. but his injury. >> it sucked the life out of oracle. the whole arena went quiet. it was one of those moments where you think how quick these things can change. warriors are a huge favorite. everybody things they will role in four, five games and one of your best players goes down. it looked bad. clay is one tough guy. >> the crowd loved it when he came out. >> you were there. >> it was a big burst of emotion. he came in in the 4th quarter and hit the big three-pointer. he said after the game once he got an extra and found out it was negative, it became a pain tolerance thing. there was no way that would keep him out. >> nba finals, jason, thank you. sunday, 5:00 oracle. game 3 and 4 wednesday and friday in cleveland. 5, 6 and 7 would be played into
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the second week of june alternating between oakland and cleveland. game 7 will be in oakland if that happens. up next, school shooting officials are comparing columbine to one that may have been prevented in the city of san ramon. the tip that ended with police arresting a student. >> we are days away from the election. a closer look at the local measures that people are talking about. will change that. mahall tuck tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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mark farrell unveiled the his budget plan that including new supportive housing units to deal with the homeless crisis in the city. i spoke to mayor farrell about his proposal in the last hour on morning on 2. >> as we make sure that people are offered housing, shelter,
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navigation centers living intents on our street or homeless not intents we want to continue to invest so they get off the streets on to their feet. >> we asked about the transition plan for the next mayor of san francisco. san franciscoans will elect a new mayor on tuesday. he said it will probably take until about july 11th before the next mayor is sworn in. a lot of other issues on the ballot. there are dozens of local measures you will be deciding. monty francis takes about some of the initiatives. >> few local ballot measures are getting national attention. that is the case with the recall effort in santa clara county against judge persky.
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his for the jail sentence for brock turner sparked worldwide outrage. persky said he was following the rule of law. if the recall is successful, persky would be only the fourth judge in state history to be voted out before hits term expires. and it includes a choice between two candidates, would of whom would replace persky if he is recalled. in san francisco, goes voters are being asked to affirm or reject a ban on flavored tobacco products. passed by the board of supervisors last year. proposition e would outlaw the sale of flavored tobacco products including menthol cigarettes, candy flavored chewing tobacco and vaping liquid. opponents point out that california has raised the age to buy any kind of tobacco product to 21. >> when you impose a ban on adults you create more problems
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than you solve. >> reporter: r.j. reynolds is fighting hard to defeat proposition e pouring $12 million into the no on e campaign. tenants facing eviction could end up with free legal help if voters approve proposition f. it would provide free legal representation to the hundreds of tenants that receive eviction notices each year at a cost to taxpayers of $5 million a year. in marin county, voters are weighing in on measure g. the measure is expected to generate $1 million in funding for police and fire and other city services. in alameda county, voters in emeryville are being asked to approve $50 million in bonds to provide affordable housing and prevent homelessness. measure c aims to prevent the
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displacement of people in low income households and provide support services to people currently living on the streets. the threat of floods from climate change is behind measure p in foster city. voters are being asked to approve $90 million in bonds to vastly approve a levy system. they want to avoid being declared a special hazard by the federal government that would require homeowners to carry flood insurance. monte francis, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. in the race for governor, one poll says two candidates have a clear lead. the poll by uc berkeley says gavin newsom is the front- runner but support for san diego republican john cox has grown to 20% for second place among likely voters. support for former la mayor antonio villaraigosa's backing grew to 13 peters.
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the percent of undecided voters dropped from 13% in april to now 7%. join us on election night on ktvu plus for live election results then on ktvu for the 10 and 11:00 news. >> we will have all the coverage on tuesday night. up next on "mornings on 2", the changes underway for vallejo's mare island. 50% freckles no matter your skin type, all skin deserves gentleness. that's why dove is sulfate free. the #1 body wash recommended by dermatologists. discover magnum double caramel... expertly crafted with silky vanilla bean ice cream and rich belgian chocolate. ♪ take pleasure seriously. ♪
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when the worst oil spill hit san francisco, first responders went to work. and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii. the same gavin who said his job as lieutenant governor was so dull, he only showed up for work at the state capitol one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor.
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with lunch duos, starting at $6.99.den choose your favorite pasta, sandwich, or our new meatball pizza bowl and pair it with all the soup or salad and breadsticks you want. get never ending value for lunch at olive garden. welcome back to "mornings on 2". a live look over the bay. a mixed bag in terms of weather. chilly, windy and now we are in for a serious warm up for the weekend. >> say good-bye to may and hello to june. >> no june gloom, at least not yet. >> it will be coming.
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>> give it time. i'm sure the fog will make a come back. today we had a few patches near the shoreline. lots of sunshine through the afternoon hours. this is the patch i am tracking all morning long. it's clearing out a bit. we have mostly sunny skies already across the bay area. temperatures are steadily warming back up. 50s and 60s already. more sunshine. temperatures warming up. more 80s on the maps later on today by 3:00, 4:00. so, take a look at the forecast highs. san francisco 72. concord 85. napa 84 and we will continue to boost those numbers as we head into the weekend. saturday we are borderline hot. inland mid-90s. 94, 95 degrees. bayside more pleasant. lower 80s. the coast upper 60s to lower 70s. we will cool things off a bit near the shoreline for the second half of the weekend. if the heat gets too much you
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might like the forecast for monday and tuesday of next week. it has been a roller coaster all week long. we will go up on the ride as we head to the weekend. >> thank you, mark. well, redevelopment at mare island is picking up steam adding new homes and businesses. >> the news that gets out is the negative things happening. one thing happening here is revitalizaiton. the town is having its own flair. >> it covers 5,000 acres. 25% of it is redeveloped. hundreds of new houses are going up and new businesses are coming in creating about 2500 jobs. the navy has awarded a may are island dry dock a contract for maintenance. this is the first navy ship to dock there since the military left in 199 a 5 -- 1995.
9:23 am
>> they haven't been here in 25 years. >> i want to see the ship come in with the crew standing at the parade on the deck. >> i did it a long time ago. i wanted to see it again. >> they hope is the -- this is the first of many navy ships to pass through. >> thanks for coming in. what would you say is the driving force bringing this interest right now to mare island. >> it's part of the boom. we are super close to san francisco on the sacramento corridor, gateway, if you will, to napa valley. location is one of the biggest things targeting the movement. then the cost of living is amazing. so, we are half, quarter of what you would pay in san francisco and oakland. we are a ferry ride away. door to door on the ferry to
9:24 am
downtown san francisco and just the opportunity for growth is amazing. we have lots of new opportunities for new growth potential. that is different from some of the other neighboring cities. >> what are you doing to convince businesses that maryland is the -- mare island is the place to set up shop. how do you convince a business that they want to set up shop there, that there will be customers. >> to lease a building out there is cheaper than other places in the bay area. we are finding that we don't have to convince them. >> your phone is ringing. >> our phone is ringing. the master developer has a lease office and is doing a lot of work and investment. they are 25% filled. there is a huge opportunity and lots of in fill opportunities as well. >> one of the points you hear people -- we heard people mention there are hurdles to
9:25 am
get over, vallejo, school districts and history to convince families to come. >> sure. the one big thing about vallejo, our home prices are increasing. we have been the number one top markets in the bay area over the last year. so, i think with the opportunity of home prices increasing, we will see gains in those areas. the other thing is we have a huge talent initiative. we have two million people within our larger economic area that offers talents of all sorts and kinds. so, everything from industry to more white collar professional. we have three higher institutions of education in vallejo. there is opportunity regardless of who you are to come in and invest and be a part of this awesome community. >> hollywood is knocking on
9:26 am
your door, too. >> yeah. netflix, 13 reasons why was released a couple weeks ago. that was filmed primarily in vallejo. paramount did a large feature film that will be released next year. we are coming up with exclusive negotiating drive time and they will be a user there. lots of excitement. >> 45 minute ride on that ferry. >> gorgeous waterfront. >> not a bad way to get to work either. >> joanna, good times. thank you very much. have a great weekend. up next on morning on 2, the culture of copycat school shootings. we are live with a "new york times" correspondent about columbiners and how many of today's incidents lead back to that shooting in 1999. comedian samantha bee is
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apologizing about her comments on ivanka trump. who president trump is responding to what the comedian said. the said. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. take the money and go, joe. joe johnson, j.j. is retiring today. joe, show us your shirt. show off his shirt. free bird. toyota jones up more than 200 points. it did so after the opening bell. better than expected jobs report this morning. we are giving joe a hard time. he has been here 36 years at
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ktvu. we will miss him. >> absolutely. we will check in with dave clark standing by with more of the other headlines. >> alex, thank you. here are the top stories we are following. new information may be released about the arrest of joseph deangelo the man accused of being the golden state killer. they are asking for the release of search and arrest warrants to make them public. prosecutors and defense lawyers debated how much information should be released. a final decision could be made this afternoon. deangelo is suspected of several murder, rapes and burglaries in the 1970s and early 1980s. facebook says it's shutting down the trending news section after four years. the company says the feature is outdated and no longer popular. the company told the associated press facebook is testing new features including a breaking news label that publishers can add to stories and ways to make
9:31 am
local news more prominent. about 44% of u.s. adults get their news from facebook. dozens of dmv offices will be open on saturday to cut down on customer wait times. this month 40 dmv offices around the state will open on saturday, june 16th and saturday the 23rd. then beginning in july the dmv offices will be open on the first and third saturday of every month. in the bay area, 10 offices will be open on saturday including san francisco, oakland dmv on clermont and san jose driver's license center on center road. you can see the list of offices by going to click on weblinks. those are some of your morning headlines. hey, mike, back to you. >> dave, thank you. today's graduation day for seniors at the high school in
9:32 am
santa fe, texas, where the shooting happened last month. security will be tight at the high school graduation ceremony. many of the grads say it's hard to celebrate. a flower shop is donating flowers for the graduation ceremony. ten white bouquets will northern the victims. president trump met in houston with the families of those shooting victims. we are learning details about a school shooting plot stopped at cal high. a freshman was planning a shooting at his school on the 22nd anniversary of the deadly columbine massacre. he allegedly called the plan columbine 2.0 and tried to recruit other students to help carry out the attack. he was arrested in april after a student told a school resource officer about the plot. police say there will be extra security at the school's graduation ceremony as a precaution. april 20, 1999 two students
9:33 am
opened fire at columbine in colorado killing 12 students and one teacher. since that day there were a number of school shootings across the country. now the "new york times" is reporting that much of what is happening can be traced back to columbine with followers known as columbiners. i am joined via skype by a "new york times" correspondent based in denver. good morning. >> hi, mike, thanks for having me. >> in your piece you talk about the teenage gunman in santa fe, texas, how there was similar clothing, weapons used to those responsible for columbine. is columbine the model for what we are seeing today. >> so, i actually -- i live in denver and i spent quite a bit of time getting to know some of the people who were involved with the initial attack in
9:34 am
1999. i think in talking to them it is astounding because many of them never quite realized that we would be speaking about this 20 years later. i spoke to the principal in 1999 at the school when the attack happened and went on to work there for another 15 years or so. and even he had said that he believes this has become the model for the other schools. he travels the country trying to help schools dealing with this very thinghe as well as other people were astounded by the fact that it has become the model. >> it's not -- are we talking about an ideology here? >> i think in ways, yes. i think that the young men, because the vast majority of cases, it's young men that plan
9:35 am
and carry out these attacks are not only attracted to the idea of destruction but are specifically interested in the thoughts and feelings of the two young men that carried out the attack in 1999 and study what it is. i think they feel that these two young men in some ways represent the same frustrations that they have with their current environment. >> when we look at the shootings taking place today compared to columbine in 1999 -- i remember columbine very well. i was in colorado on that particular day, social media wasn't around, you know. i'm trying to think why are we seeing more and more of these in recent years. maybe social media is one reason. what are the other reasons that you think we are seeing these more frequently.
9:36 am
>> the 19899 -- 1999 took place when the competitive 24-7 news was taking route. those images were rooted in people's mind. i remember where i was and seeing the images. then immediately this take off on social media. so all of these imagery and journals of these gunman have been able to sort of proliferate throughout society. i spoke at length with klebold, the mother of one of the gunmen, she sees this contagion. she attributed social media as one of the reasons that her son's terrible legacy has lived on.
9:37 am
>> you talk about the news cycle. when it comes to the parkland school shooting, the alleged gunman had a video released of him talking. in it he says it's going to be a big event. when you see me on the news, you will all know who i am. so, my question is, regard willing us in the news media, how much of a role are we playing in this and do we need to change things when it comes to coverage of school shootings? >> sure. i think that a lot of people that i spoke with for this piece and a lot of people that i spoke with for many of these stories -- i was in parkland after that attack, many people have pointed to the role of the media. i think that all of us in society are asking how do we inspect the story line with the rigor that it deserves. these are terrible things
9:38 am
happening while not participating in the glory identification. i think that the "new york times" has taken the position where a lot of it is about tone. we will name the gunmen. we have taken that stance. but it's important to explore their identities and what was going on with them so we as a society can identify gaps that are allowing these things to happen. in this particular piece, we didn't name any of the gunmen because we felt that the focus, the tone of this story should be on the phenomenon as opposed to the individual roles that these -- the individual identities of these young men. i think that all of us as a society are asking the questions and worthy of inspection and all of us have the responsibility to take the right town and be responsible. >> very interesting. julie, thank you for your time.
9:39 am
have a great weekend. >> thanks so much. you too. a top aide to kim jong-un is expected to arrive at the white house to present a letter to president trump from the north korean leader. it's unclear what it will say, it comes after the north korean official met with secretary of state mike pompeo in new york. the trump administration is in the final planning stages of the possible summit between president trump and kim jong-un in singapore. >> reporter: officials are scrambling to keep the north korea summit on track. high level talks are taking place in the demilitarized zone. they are reviving hopes for a merger of north and south. >> public opinion will decide whether a mode of reconciliation or confrontation is created. >> i believe there is no problem we cannot solve together.
9:40 am
>> reporter: the meetings come as mike pompeo continues meeting with a high ranking north korean official. today they head to the white house to hand deliver a letter from kim jong-un to president trump. on the ground in asia, american diplomats are making final preparations for what could be a historic summit. members are looking forward to a productive round of talks. >> we believe we are moving in the right direction including secretary of state pompeo's engagement. >> reporter: james mattis is in singapore where the talks are likely to be held in an effort to reassure weary allies in the region that the u.s. won't change its position until the threat from north korea has been eliminated. >> we remain fully committed to building our practical defense operation to increase regional security. >> the summit is tentatively
9:41 am
scheduled for june the 12th. president trump hasn't made a final decision whether or not it will go ahead. late night comedy host samantha bee is apologizing for using a vulgar term to describe ivanka trump. she wrote on twitter that her earlier comment was inappropriate and inexcusable. she crossed a line and deeply regrets it. bee was criticizing ivanka trump during a segment about president trump's immigration policy. advertisers of her show, state farm and auto traitor are suspending their ties with the program. there is no indication that her show will be canceled by the tv network tbs. president trump took to twitter, why aren't they firing no talent samantha bee for the horrible language used on her
9:42 am
low rated show. a total double standard but that's okay. we are winning and will do so for a long time to come. in light of what happened to race san barr do you think samantha bee's she should be canceled. >> a lot of talk on social media about this. trent harvey said there is a difference between a racially charged derogatory comment and criticism laced with vulgarity. bee's was a criticism on ivanka's lack of character. >> jennifer says it's a double standard. nothing will happen unfortunately. >> and here is steve roach who weighs in i don't think roseanne's show should have been canceled over what she said either. comedians have been talking about others forever. it's nothing new. >> thank you for your responses. >> quite a debate.
9:43 am
i have a lot of people getting emotionally charged with the debate on both sides. we will continue to check 0 in on that. we know more about the death of a woman whose body was found in a stairwell at zuckerberg general hospital. the sheriff's office said she was andersen. an autopsy will determine how and when she died. the hospital ceo says miss andersen was not a patient. she lived on the campus in a residential care facility for seniors. her body was found ten days after she left the senior center for the day. administrators say she signed herself out the morning of may 20th and said she would be back that afternoon. she did not come back. the next day a missing person's report was filed. the sheriff's office started a search. on wednesday afternoon her body was found by a hospital worker in a stairwell inside a power plant near the hospital. that building where her body was found is right across the
9:44 am
street from the main hospital building and the sheriff says deputies never searched that building. >> we are looking to see who was responsible. >> security badge access to the power plant building was disabled at that time to make it easier for vendors and others to get in but that security has been restored. this morning we are hearing from the chief of the san jose police department, eddie garcia. he is talking about the success that the city had with getting guns off the streets. he credits every day patrol officers going the extra mile. >> they are going above and beyond making investigative stops on individuals that turned out to have firearms. a lot of them stolen out of this city or other cities. frankly each one of those firearms that we take off the b responsible for a shooting,
9:45 am
homicide, assault with a deadly weapon. >> that is part of the conversation that we had live during "mornings on 2". the chief said his officer's dedication to being proactive helps get the guns off the street. up next on "mornings on 2", 9,000 fossils found at an excavation site.
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ithe race for governort. has turned into a scam.
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gavin newsom's trying to elect a republican who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics.amilies. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have. i feel like i get clean, but is beth's soap as clean rinsing as dove? my soap's still leaving plenty of things behind but dove is cleaner rinsing my soap, ... ...dove. dove cleans beautifully cruise retrofit a dam. researchers believe they have discovered a new whale species.
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>> it's incredible. the team found so many fossils they the university of california museum of pal lee even tolling. >> with every vibration of a micro jack and chisel of stone, skilled hands are chipping off layers of the past. >> you have a microscope and dental tool and scraping away layers of sediment. >> reporter: they have been working in this lab for a year carving out one of the biggest fossil finds in the bay area. >> these the inside of a scallop. we can't remove this from the rock. >> roughly 2,000 fossils and counting have been discovered at the site of the dam replacement project. the sfp is size sickly 
9:49 am
retrofitting the dam. since 2011, 10 million cubic yards of earth have been moved. in the process, quail skulls, mussels, clams, nails and shark teeth were exhumed. >> we partnered to get the fossils. this is special. we have a complete paleo environmental picture. we have the plants, animals and that tells us about the area. >> plants and animals have been found, everything from a palm tree to a whale jaw and gives us a better idea of what the bay area looked like 15 to 25 million years ago. >> that's why we have so much whales in here. it was all underwater. i worked with shark teeth i picture a bunch of sharks
9:50 am
running around and shark's teeth in the whales. cut throat society. >> this is a new type of whale. >> reporter: it show cases the tetonics of the bay area. >> this was found off a few feet. we could manage it back up, follow the fault line. but we are missing part of it. >> reporter: they believe they discovered a new species. with 20 whale skulls left to repair they hope to find more. each relics is being prepared and cataloged. >> this is some stuff that is already cataloged. >> reporter: it will take time before the online database is available to the public. these fossils are already staying put but the history hidden in stone is worth the fight digging them out. >> i'm living the dream.
9:51 am
the suc does not expect to find more fossils because the excavation work is done. they expect full completion next summer. >> neat. an update on the three abused dogs found in east oakland recently. they are making progress. on saturday, two four-month-old german shepherd puppies were found in garbage. one was missing part of the back paw and another with a broken jaw. another with a shattered jaw was found monday. yesterday one of the german shepherds had the broken jaw reconstructed. the surgeon said the prognosis is good. the pet food express store in almeda teamed up with peta to offer a $10,000 reward for finding the person responsible. up next on mornings on 2, goes we know what the first state will be to legalize
9:52 am
sports betting. the action people in delaware can put their money on. their money on.
9:53 am
i'll take that. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay. boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," the same gavin who, as mayor, "jetted hawaii." gavin's... not gonna work... as governor.
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enter for a chance to win a fun pack total med day county fair. family fun pack includes two adult passes, four children's passes and six unlimited ride wrist bands. go to ktvu facebook pan and fill out the entry form. they are accepted until 11:59
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tonight. each prize has an approximate retail price. you can see the rules at under contest. delaware is the first state to legalize sports betting after a recent u.s. supreme court ruling. the supreme court overturned a federal law that had banned sports gambling in all states except nevada. betting in delaware will begin next tuesday at the state's three casinos. people can bet on pro baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, golf and auto racing. the supreme court decision let's states decide whether to allow the betting. six other states are preparing legislation of their own. >> phillies take on the giants. i have a couple of giveaways. bringing back the fannie pack. >> they are back. >> tomorrow night. first 20,000 fans get that one.
9:56 am
and this is the next one, a bobblehead. that is to the first 35,000 fans. phillies and giants. >> this is small enough to get you into a concert. >> go giants. >> there he is. give these to joe. joe is leaving us. we are saying good buy to a member of our ktvu family. joe started june 4, 1982. we were babies >> i was 29 when i first started here. >> do you remember that first day. >> yeah like it was yesterday. >> you were our audio genius. you would pick out songs that went with the guests. it was perfect. started with "mornings on 2" when it launched. i will put you on the spot. any kind of favorite funny memory. >> the first time i put music on this show was we did a story on elvis and, so, i asked the
9:57 am
producer, rosemarie and the director, do you mind if i play some elvis. they said sure, why not. then everybody said that was cool and it grew from there. >> let's do it. >> free bird. >> yeah. >> congratulations. >> he is going to san diego with his family. i got to give you a hug.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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>> live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. ♪ [applause] now here's wendy! [applause] [cheering] ♪ >> wendy: yeah! [cheering] >> wendy: thank you for watching us. say hello to my studio audience. [cheering]


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