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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 4, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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finals. we have the recap of jim 2. it was a party. thank you for joining us. we have some news to tell you about this morning. they say it was a fatal accident involving a wrong way driver on highway 680 in walnut creek at about 1:30 am just north of the exit. investigators say the driver was heading northbound on 680 when the car slammed into the center divider the driver died at the scene. the crush shut down traffic in both directions hours. we are goinve updates on this situation and a live report from the scene at 5 am.
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right now we want to head straight to our reporter in the newsroom. >> lanes open right now. and looks like they have taken the car away. this is where the accident was. all of the legs are now open. traffic has recovered right away. as you can see, the traffic is okay. we have a little bit of slowdown right there at the interchange. traffic is going to be slow. here is also a minor accident
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it is off to a good start here as you drive through. there was no problems getting down to the bay bridge. we are going to pull down on this monday. temperatures are within a few degrees from where we started yesterday. eventually the low clouds and will be with us as well. we have a little bit of cloud coverage as you can see of the northern california coastline. for us, mostly clear start to the day. winds about 40 miles per hour. i do expect the seabreeze to turn on. we're looking at cooler weather for the afternoon. 56 degrees in napa to start your morning. mid-60s. some of us really never cold off. here is a comparison from yesterday into today. we're looking at temperatures dropping about 10 degrees from
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santa rosa. our hottest spot was in the upper 90s yesterday and noted that they will be in the mid- 80s. i have a look at justin forecas the cleveland cavaliers last night. >> the shot clock is wanting down. -- winding down. >> steph curry had nine three- pointers. he had 33 points. kevin durant had 26 points. klay thompson played wellthe ga talk was about steph curry's three-pointers.
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probably the one that stands out was with about seven seconds on the clock. he just threw it up. they give us all of the momentum. >> in that situation, i was trying to get some space. i thought i had a layup. i was trying to see where the defense was. i actually lost the dribble for a hot second. the only way to get a shot was to keep going backwards. thankfully it went in. >> lebron james had 29 points with 13 assists. ter the game, he was asked about trying to stop the golden state warriors. >> that is what he does. we should not be surprised or
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deflated. take the ball out and move forward. >> it is not over yet. cleveland has bounced back twice in the past three seasons. that is how they beat boston last mon. game three is on wednesday but it is in cleveland. game 4 is on friday. both games start at 6 pm. the golden state warriors fans are feeling pretty good about the team's chances. >> they had the fans rocking before, during, and after the game. >> the warriors fans had high a in five. the warriors were alw
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control. the shop 57% from the floor. >> nobody believed as an 2016. when you have er like lebron james, you cannot put it aside. >> as they have, to go to state warriors they have a little bit more than anybody else. lebron james had another game for the ages. his greatness cannot be denied. >> >> what do you think about the series? >> it is over. >> one player cannot beat a team.
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>> fans were singing with a chance that has been heard before. >> they have another chance to feel the arena for game three. the team is hosting a official watch party. tickets go on sale today. season-ticket holders get priority. tickets are available to the general public starting at noon today. they are on$20. some of the money goes to the warriors community foundation. well as plans for the future. starting at 10 am, will attrac from all over the world. the apple ceo will deliver the
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keynote address. >> wehave been waiting all year for this. we are going to hear all of the new things they have and hear what isin store. >> they are expected to unveil new tools. reportedly, there will be digital help features including a way to track and sit time limits for certain applications. millions of people have had their personal information exposed after another cybertek. last week, they received a they refused to pay the ransom. information from 26 million customers were posted online. the company has been down since
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wednesday. they said they are working to restore service. there was a new report thatn with a wide variety of other companies. the new york times reports that facebook reached deals with those companies during the past 10 years. facebook said it aloud device makers to offer customers popular features on facebook like messaging and address book. the report that some were able to get information about just from users but from the french who never agreed to datasharing. facebook said the sharon fell under the approved privacy policy as well as the we have news. at least 25 people were killed when a volcano erupted sending lava into nearby villages. the volcano erupted yesterday afternoon. it set off loud explosions.
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itcoated cars and homes in class. it is not clear how many people are unaccounted for at this po rescuers are not ableto reach some of the areas because the roads have been completely cut off by the lava flow. israel said it has delivered some supplies. is in santa rosa said the driver of a dump truck that crashed last fe is responsible for the incident that injured seven people. the truck was carrying debris out of the neighborhood when its brakes failed and it truck slammed into several other cars. the driver did not perform a routine inspection of the truck before starting work that day. the investigation ended and there was no criminal negligence.acing bonds but noja
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a woman is not ralyzed and the other people who were hurt could file civil lawsuits. fbi ent is under investigation. the trouble he got into on a dance floor. the trade with china is heating up. the first step of a possible u.s. sanctions. we see traffic off to a pretty good start. this is a live look at interstate 80. it looks pretty good heading out. after coming off a very warm weekend, i am trackin we will have what to expect coming up.
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ithe race for governort. has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect who was endors by tran and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have.
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welcome back. student activists who survived the school shooting in parkland florida are going to hold a news conference. they're going to announce the next phase of their campaigns. student leaders of the movement will make the announcement at 7 am this morning from the amphitheater in florida. the students organized the marches around the country on march 24. they lobbied members of congress on the agenda designed
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to reduce violence. china is warning the united states the 80 trade agreem will not take effect. that statement came done yesterday as the commerce secretary was in china for meetings with the top chinese economic officials. last month, china agreed to increase the import of united states product. now this is that what happens if the united states imposes 25% tariff. the united states had a record $300 billion trade deficit with china last year. it is good to see you. get back to a lot to talk about. >> all of the lanes are open. that is good news for the commuters. if you drive through 680, traffic is light. let's talk about the commute on northbound one-on-one going
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towards san jose. to see traffic is moving along very well here. there was no major problems. did you see traffic continues to move along very well with no major issues. we are also talking about the 580 interchange getting a little better now this is open up after the roadwork. the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic is light and i went to the pay gates. happy monday. as we get out the door this morning, temperatures are in the low 50s. as we get into the afternoon, would definitely be more comfortable as we will drop off perhapsup to 15 degrees from where we were yesterday afternoon. here is a look into the city of san francisco. upper 50s to 60 degrees for the
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downtown area. 54 degrees in oakland. we do have a oldown coming our way. even into thursday, 're looking at a very pleasant weather. we will warm back up in time for the weekend. it does not look anywhere near as hot as we have experienced this past weekend. 82 degrees for the high temperature today in santa rosa. 87 for the east bay. we have 70 degrees in oakland. we are still with mostly clear skies. the clouds will eventually make it back in. eeze is going to kick come down. perhaps the winds will kick up in the afternoon.
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something to be aware of especially closer to the coast. 70 degrees in san jose. an evening game out at at&t park is going to be cold and easy. 61 degrees at canton. 20 mile-per-hour winds out of the west. there is a look at your extended forecast. then, we are holding steady as we get into wednesday, thursday , and back up on friday. near 90 degrees onfriday, saturday, and sunday. a bit of relief for those folks that were just a little bit too hot. >> i know what you mean as well. packing up and moving out of the bay area. coming up, did the report that
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shows just how many people are deciding to leave and where they're going. will president trump testify before the special counsel. does he have the ability to pardon himself. we willavmore on those questions coming up.
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president trump is not
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going to do that. is not going to give up any of his pardon powers. >> that was his personal attorney who raised a lot of eyebrows saying the president has the right to pardon himself. >> our reporter has more on this ongoing legal battle. good morning. >> these are theoretical arguments but they could in theory come in play here. ultimately the supreme court may have to wait in. these legal questions are as old as the republic. just how much powerdoes this president or back in january, argued that the president cannot be forced to testify by the special counsel. beyond that, the trump attorney argues that the present pardon power could extend to himself
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but at a price. >> it is almost impractical. the president of the united states pardoning himself would just be unthile. it would probably lead to a near impeachment. >> the president did nothing wrong. it seems less likely that he will agree to testify on collision with russia. that would almost certainly raise the stakes with the special counsel. >> it would be a really difficult time for this legal team. if the president is facing the subpoena, of us that want to avoid that at all cost. >> they would like to wrap this up soon. on the other hand, that may not happen. he says they will not even consider the question about whether the president will testify until sometime after this summit with north korea which is scheduled to take place on the 12th of this month.
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>> thank you. rnia primary election is tomorrow. millions of voters have already voted by mail. today, workers will still accept mail in ballots right outside of city hall. the city hall building center will be open until 5 pm and then tomorrow, they will be open from 7 am until 8 pm. the race for governor is on the ballot tomorrow along with other stfices. the united states house seat in congress. the mayor's race in san francisco and san jose. regional high increase to pay for transit projects. letter this morning, one of the candidates for governor what tickets are of the bay area. they planned to make stops at
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the station. yesterday, he was in san jose at the market. the democratic candidate is facing 26 r . he had this to say when asked about competing with newsom who has a lot of name recognition. >> that is the million-dollar question. that is why i think it is important to get off the primary. i am going to have an opportunity to talk to a broader section of people. there will only be 2 of us. i think then, we will get to have a debates. >> the top 2 finishers will a bit to the november general election. another candidate will also campaign in the bay area this morning. he will meet voters at the watch station in synthesis go. afterwards, he will speak with
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us this owners in chinatown. y the state senator will hold a rally today in san jose. he will meet with members of the labor council.. later today, he will meet with supporters and union members at sam cisco. a poll shows the senator with a 6% support. blast off from cape canaveral overnight. the big unveiling today at oakland international airport. you can learn how you can learn cpr while you wait for your flight. good morning. you can see traffic is moving
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along pretty well. i will tell you a little more about this when we come back. a cool breezy pattern sitting in for. i will have a look at what is going on and what you can expect for the afternoon coming up.
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good morning, welcome back . is june 4. i'm dave clark. good morning i'm pam cook, thank you for joining us is almost 430 in the morning. it's going to cool down for some of us. it is going to be a cooler day, we do have an onshore breeze that is expected to return and when it does is not only going to cool us down but it's going to be very breezy in some areas as we transition to
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that cooler pattern. here's a look, still waking up with clear skies the bay. we do have some cloud cover on the north corner of northern california by eureka. the fog and clouds will return, tuesday morning a little bit of patchy drizzle returning. the onshore breeze in fairfield about 14 miles per hour. it needs to be closer to 30 miles per hour before we feel the cold pacific air pumping through the delta. for the time being the temperatures are fairfairfield, closer to the bay, 54 in san francisco and oakland. here's a look at the forecast for santa rosa, we will be off to a mild


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