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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 5, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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and threatening to kill an dog. we have details on the investigation. and help this case of animal abuse may be connected to others. this is ktvu mornings on 2 dij. good morning i am clar let's check the commute. sal castaneda is up and ready. >> i am doing well. let's take a look at 580 ultima pass -- altamonte pass. you probably wonder why it is easy -- busy. they have picked up roadwork and it leaves residual backup. then, it makes in with people coming in early. that is what happens.
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it is not as bad as it has been, but there is slow traffic right before the altamonte pass. we are looking at livermore to dublin. there is roadwork all over the place. be careful when you run into it.. is a look at interstate 880 northbound and southbound. traffic is moving nicely. the bay bridge, it is light. a little wind from the south. nothing to be too concerned about. traffic looks good. this is election day in california and seven other states. polls open at 7 am.>> statewide , five ballot propositions. governor, lieutenant governor,
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attorney general and members of congress will be decided. local races as well. we talked to five of the eight candidates for mayor. they main final pitches on why they should serve -- they made final pitches why they should serve. >> reporter: angela alioto made her pitch from a trolley. the native said she knows how to address the city problems. she served a supervisor from 1988-1997 and was board president for three years. >> all of the homelessness, drug abuse in the streets and people shooting up and slipping over, this is not san francisco. we are and iconic city. it is ln up. >> mark leno's supporters are
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focal. he could be the first openly gay mayor. he is a former state assemblyman and state senator. he knows how to get things done.>> i am a small is this owner -- business owner. i would bring that experience to the mayor's office a time when we need change. >> i am london read. -- read. >> reporter: london breed is a native and nose from life experience with the city needs.>> i want to live here for the rest of my life i do not want to get pushed out. part of what drives me is thinng about howe can make san francisco better for the next generation, if we make the
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right generation decisions now. >> reporter: jane kim was on facebook live campaign headquarters. she is not on numerous doors across the city and attended house paie to meet more voters than any her candidate. >> i have served the longest in the city in local office. i've served my time on the board of education and know our public schools.>> reporter: richie greenberg is the only republican in the race. he wants to bring accountability, respectability and law and order to uplift the quality of life in the city. for the t time, you can go to city hall and go to the elections department on tuesday and register to vote due to a recent state law. amber lee, ktvu . some of the candidates in the government race came to the
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bay area for last-minute campaigning. former los angeles mayor, antonio de la rosa -- legros -- antonio villaraigosa was in town along with his campaign meets. the top two finishers face off in november. stay with us at ktvu and ktvu plus provides election coverage today anughout the evening. on ktvu plus coverage starts at 7 pm. on ktvu fox 2 we have complete coverage of election results on the 10 pm and 11 pm news. extra security and counselors will be at valley middle school in pleasantville and possibly for the rest of the week. after a 13-year-old valleyview student was arrested and accused of threatg students at the school. the fbi alerted police of a
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message on social media that was being shared between 2 students. the message was about plans for a mass shooting for this thursday. >> the search warrant was served at a home in martinez. police seized several guns. the 13-year-old boy is being held at juvenile hall on charges of making terrorist threats. firefighters are battling to wildfires burning in san benito county. the largest buyer is the airline fire on the map as of last night, more than 700 acres earned near kalinga road and airline highway as of last night, the fire was 20 percent contained. the other fire is called the eastern fire. 161 acres have burned near kalinga road. cal fire shared these images yesterday afternoon. no reports of significant damage or evacuation. it is open countryside. we expect an upda later this morning.
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a man was arrested in oakland, accused of trying to strangle a pit bull puppy and threatened to kill an adult pit bull. police were called about the abuse on grand avenue, just after 2 pm saturday. when police arrived, the man had a in hand. they convinced him to put down the knife and surrender the dogs were not seriously hurt. the police are investigating weather that same man may be connected to the abuse of three puppies found hurt in a trash pile over the memorial day weekend in east those puppies are recovering from injuries. $50,000 reward for information is offered in those cases. el cerrito police say there is a color telling people to get -- there is a caller using technology showing police on
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caller id technology. telling people to get bail money. if you receive a call like this, hang up immediately. the city manager is back on the job four months after being accused of sexual . the city council voted to reinstate krista potter an individual investigation lacks credible evidence. he has been on paid ministry to leave since january after the ceo of a local nonprofit accused him of inappropriate behavior. it included allegations of romantic invitations and comments about her appearance. san mateo county supervisors are set to vote this morning on a resolution supporting estate banning gun shows in cow palace.
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it currently hosts five that shows a year. supervisor supporting this will say this vote will be a public support show of gun violence. a state c county supervisors cannot directly ban gun shows at the daly city facility. it is one of the saddest stories to talk about legendary francisco 49ers dwight clark lost his battle against a less. -- als. more people have been tion in guatemala. cano the latest from the devastation and what is being done to locate victims. good morning, we have traffic that is light in most areas. including the bay bridge. we will have another update.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 peer -- york -- here -- the
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search for more victims will continue when the sun comes up bodies are thickly coated with ash, making it hard to identify victims peer harvey weinstein is to make a pleathis ing. a grand jury indicted him last week on charges involving 2 women and many more women have accused him of sexual misconduct , ranging from harassment to assault he has insisted that the sex was consensual president trump will not be hosting the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles today due to the national anthem dispute peer he tweeted last night the philadelphia eagles team was invited to the white house peer -- peer . tensions are still
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high around nfl test peer -- .: protest was an toraise awareness about racism . tori smith played for the eagles and tweeted so many lives and here are some facts . not many people were going to go because trump insisted folks stand for the anthem and president trump continues to spread false narrative that folks are in tight military . peer
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the issue is over how advertisers can be displayed on the chief center peer -- peer the commission on community investment and infrastructure is expected to approve changes to the currenro 10 to it is expected to be corrected
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you can see traffic will be okay at the tollplaza. just a couple of lanes that are slightly congested. let's bring steve in with the weather. a howling cooler pattern for many. the wind has kicked up. not much ithe way of clouds. patchy, low clouds. the trend is more of an onshore wind for some. a few high clouds zipping by. the breeze is a big deal. 18 miles per hour. parts of the delta has been
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screaming at 30 miles per hour. vacaville is calm. 50s and we cool off and a few 40s in santa rosa. 40s or 50s. kelsey willã kelsey bill. lena valley, 47. low clouds and patchy. temperatures today, 60s and 70s, unless well inland. the pattern looks really cool this week after the warm-up on the weekend. temperatures will cool down. warmer as we head toward saturday. not as warm as last saturday. i complayesterday. a suspected serial killer found dead. his connection to for deadly shootings in arizona. and what
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led to his death. it looks like the united states north korea summit is on. we have new details. we will have more in washington d.c.. we all know guys like gavin...
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boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted off.. to hawaii." gavin's not gonna work... as governor
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the white house has more details about the scheduled summit.mocrats in congress.
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we are joined live from d.c..>> reporter: teams are trying to hash out the details. they are negotiating locations in the demilitarized zone. in a singapore bar diplomac was a drink away. and enterprising bartender called it the trump and the kim. preparing for a summit that is looking more likely that the day. the white house is talking about the schedule.>> we can tell you the schedule tentatively for the first meeting will be on june 12 at 9 am singapore time. and take place june 11 at 9 pm east coast time. >> reporter: as for the oversized letter that the north elegation dropped off last week to the white house will not disclose the contents. they will only say it was interesting. there are positive signs.
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kim jong-un has recently ousted three top generals and insult loyalists to consolidate power and usher in a new era. in congress, there is skepticism. democrats are concerned the president may be desperate to make a deal a number have signed off on a list of requirements. the dome is permanently eliminate north korea's nuical and suspend missile test and allowed robust inspections.>> the president must be willing to take time to construct a deal. if he finds one is not achievable, the president must be willing to walk away from the table.>> reporter: just like the bar in singapore, the ingredients may be coming together the drinks cost 1260 each, the date of the summit. the 12th day of the six -- sixth mont we assume that may not change.
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>> what is the overall feeling in washington, leading up to the historic summit? >> reporter: it depends on your point of view. there is a lots of excitement that they may hash out a deal. on the other hand, there is trepidation from democrats, afraid the president may give everything away, to get a deal. we will see. there has been a lots of doubt it would happen. it looks like it will a week from today. >> we will keep watching. 4:23 am and president trump's former campaign imager is accused of trying to tamper with witnesses in his ongoing criminal case. and a new court filing, prosecutors working for special counsel for the department of justice - robert mueller say paul manafort and one of es, repeatedly contacted 2 unnamed witnesses, and an attempt to -- in an attempt to
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influence testimony they are asking a federal judge to consider jailing paul manafort while he awaits trial. he faces several felony charges. he has pled not guilty. sheriff deputies arrested 2 men in connection with the violent cannot be a sexual assault. freddy lopez florez of novato, and should come taro of sonoma are accused of taking a woman from san francisco to sonoma where they allegedly choked and sexually assaulted her. police say the woman thought she wagetting into a right your car, after leaving a bar in san francisco on april 14. she eventually escape. she was held by an employee at a nearby safeway store. one man has a one million- dollar veil. the other man has no bail, because he faces charges of attempted murder in connection
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with the assault police have released a sketch of a man who tried to kidnap a teenage girl. the attempted kidnapping was reported last month. the man started to chase her and tried to grab her, but she got away. he is described as in his 40s or 50s. here is the sketch. splotchy skin and bushy eyebrows as how he is described. if you can help emma cole warner parkãcall winter park police work a teacher who acidly fired a gun in his classroom will not be charged. dennis alexander, a reserve police officer was teaching about gun safety during his administrative justice class at seaside high school when his gun went off and hit the ceiling. three students suffered minor injuries from falling debris. prosecutors reviewed several charges and decided he did not intentionally shoot the gun. he will however, receive an infection for leaving his gun
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in his unattended vehicle. he has submitted his resignation. ffee stores into an international brand. the man who is behind starbucks is retiring. we will tell you what he plans to next. the legal battle between president trump and a former apprentice contestant rages on. the accusations and when trumps lawyer head back to court. on the road in oakland, 880 traffic is doing well. passing the oracle arena. we will tell you more about the morning commute. the cooling continues. some inland locations are down up to 9 degrees. compared to yesterday.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2 . i am dave clark. >> a nice cool breeze came into our neighborhoods. for me it was nice. the breeze kicked in for many. it is still there for some. if you are when -- in one of the wind belts, it is howling. the cool weather will be here for a few days. san francisco west at 16. west oakland and a decent wind.
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also, out toward travis. 40s and 50s. brentwood, 58. 55, san francisco. san ramon, low 50s. also, 51, el cerrito a little cooler and we have another hour or two before temperatures rise. the combination of the winds has opened the door to a cooler pattern. 60s and 70s for most. 4:30 am on tuesday. >> by the way, i had a big smile when you texted me a picture of your weekend barbecue. that is an open invitation. men send rbecue pictures and women give flowers. good morning a month look at 880 westbound from vacaville


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