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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is ktvu "mornings on 2". good morning. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2". it is a wednesday morning, the day after an election. it is june 6 . >> i am dave clark, we are also talking about your weather for a wednesday morning. steve paulson knows everything. >> it is cooler for us, it is nice. >> i agree. friday will not be a big jump, but it will be in the lower 80s for some. today it is 60s, 70s and you have to go far inland to find an 80. there is a lot of cloud cover here in the morning with a mix of sun, low clouds and high clouds. those will kick out of here. the onshore breeze has no problem , gusting to 32 in travis. 49 lakeport, santa rosa and san rafael. you don't see that all the time. and napa airport. that is rare. 50 in sunnyvale, a few 40s on the penicillin -- peninsula.
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union city and fremont, pacifica are 49. there is your system swinging in. it picks up the breeze and gives us an onshore wind. that translates into 60s and 70s for most temperatures today. i know you have been looking at construction. has a been picked up? >> a lot of it has been, which is good. you can see traffic is going to be a little better for it. let's start off with 580. we have some so traffic on the altamont pass. as you drive through, you can see traffic has been slower in the last few minutes. that is not unusual. it happens very quickly between 4 am and 4:45 am. we are full strength here. there is a crash at westbound altamont pass road.
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it is not on the freeway, but close enough. this is a look from livermore to pleasanton and dublin. it looks pretty good. 880 traffic is moving along nicely. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a bit of a crowd and some of the casualties. let's go back to the desk. there is a major development in the san francisco mayor's race. in the early returns, london breed had a sizable lead but did not reach 50%. the ranked-choice voting system kicked in, and now mark leno is leading that race. >> after nine rounds of the right choice voting, mark leno has 54% of the vote. london breed has 49.5%. jane kim, who was in third place, is now eliminated in that right choice system. there are still ballots to be counted, so the numbers could change again. john cox caught up with mark leno late last night in the castro district. we asked him about the ranked- choice voting system in his strategy with his teaming up
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with jane kim. >> you and all voters have the opportunity to vote for up to three candidates. i am a voter, too. i voted number 24 -- number two in favor of jane kim. she voted in favor of me for number two. it is being transparent and accountable about how i voted. that is what it was and that is how it is. >> they teamed up during the campaign asking their supporters to vote for each other as second choice, hoping to gain an advantage in the voting system. london breed gathered with her supporters. all night she was leading the race but she knew that could change after the ranked-choice system started. when ktvu talked to london breed late last night, she was focused on the future. >> at this time, the campaign is over, the votes have been
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counted. we are needing to come together. no matter who becomes mayor of san francisco, we have a lot of work to get done. i will be here doing the work in my leadership capacity. i am planning to continuing to work and work with whomever, whether it is me or anyone else, i want the board of supervisors and the mayor to work together to solve these challenges. >> london breed was considered the favorite in recent polls leading into the elections. it will be lieutenant governor gavin newsom against businessmen john cox in the battle to become california's next governor. >> this is only the first half of the election calendar. thanks to you, the halftime score is looking very promising and the home team is winning bake. >> we put a businessman in the white house, let's put a mansion. >> gavin newsom an one our
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first and second in the primary race for the governor of california. john cox faces an uphill battle. he is trying to win a blue state where only one in four voters is republican. gavin newsom finished with 33.4% of the vote, john cox with 26.2% and antonio villaraigosa 13.5%, a distant third, followed by republican travis allen and democrats delaine eastin and john chiang. >> gavin newsom held a victory party last night. the place erupted when it was announced he had finished first. his wife introduced him to the crowd. gavin newsom says their campaign is only halfway finished. he says california voters favored him because of his message of optimism and hope. >> the state of california has
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already -- always been america's coming attraction. millions of destinies connected by wondering, to be whomever you want to be. it is a state where we don't analyze diversity, we celebrate diversity. >> gavin newsom was all smiles after his speech. he shook hands and took photos with supporters. he will know how light -- he will now highlight the differences between him and john cox. >> john cox helped his party in sadiego. john cox has run for public office five times but calls himself a businessman, not a -- not a business -- not a politician. >> before you get enjoying your partisan registration advantage, you might want to ask yourself a few questions. how many hard-working california's can't afford a roof over their head?
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>> john cox was backed by president trump who posted tweets urging californians to vote for him. he will run on issues including ending california's sanctuary policy and ending the deck -- the gas tax. for lieutenant governor, the first candidate graduated from the school a businessman was the u. s. ambassador to hungary under president obama. coming in second, state senator ed hernandez. they will face each other in november. there were 11 candidates in the race for lieutenant governor. third was republican cole harris with 18%. it looks like regional measure 3 will pass. that would raise the bridge tolls in all seven of the state on bridges in the area by $3.00
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of over seven years in exchange -- $3.00 over seven years in exchange for transportation funding. voters in all nine bay area counties had a chance to decide. voters in contra costa county and solano county are voting no on the measure, with other counties supporting it. with the measure passes, the first increase would occur next year. in the race for san jose mayor, encumbered mayor sam liccardo has a commanding lead. he has 74% of the vote. the next closest candidate is steve brown. he has 15% of the vote. santa clara county sheriff, lori smith is seeking her sixth return. she is in a close race
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with the former undersheriff. smith has 46%, her opponent has 30%. smith needs to capture 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff in november. with almost 2/3 of the votes counted, santa clara county voters are supporting the recall of superior court judge aaron persky. 59% of voters approved recalling judge persky with 41% opposing it. those numbers have been holding steady since the first results came out. unless there is a big change as ballot counting continues, judge aaron persky will be the first california judge recalled since 1932. the recall effort was sparked by a decision he made in 2016. he sensed against -- he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail after being convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. judge persky said he followed legal guidelines in making his decision.
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stanford law professor michele dauber and others said the sentence was to lean yet. they said it reflected judge persky's biases. >> women are never going to achieve full equality as long as we are subject to the kinds of rape and sexual violence and sexual harassment we experience. that is why what is happening in society right now, of which this campaign is a part, is so important. it is part of a movement for full equality for women. >> voters were also asked to decide who should replace aaron persky of the recall were successful. cindy hendrickson is getting support from 70% of the voters. she will serve with the other santa clara superior court judges, who all stood with persky and against the recall. still ahead, disney world is getting some criticism. why some parents are petitioning against the themepark and why they are not happy with the bathrooms.
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another body was discovered at san francisco general hospital. we have details on that investigation coming up. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer
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and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. welcome back to "mornings on 2". another body was found thatsf general hospital, the second body discovered there in less than a week. police learned that the death
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of a hospital patient monday morning. according to the sf chronicle, the woman was on an involuntary 72 hour psychiatric hold. the cause of her death is still being investigated. the discovery of the body comes less than seven days after the discovery of a body of 76-year- old ruby anderson was found in the power plant building wednesday afternoon. she was reported missing may 20 from the hospital, even though she was not a patient there. the san francisco health department says her death did not involve foul play. california voters approved almost every proposition on the state ballot, except for one measure. >> that involved how money is allocated to combat climate change. here's a rundown of the state initiatives for you this morning. proposition 68 allows california to sell $4.1 billion in bonds for state and local parks. as well as environmental protection, flood protection projects, 56% said yes on that and 44% said no.
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>> proposition 69 won easily. it is the lockbox amendment. it ensures the gas tax last year can only be used for transportation projects. 80.4% yes, no 19.6%. proposition 70 is the only initiative that went down to defeat. 63.6% said no, 36.4% said yes. that called for a constitutional amendment or when the steak and spend revenues from the auctioning or sale of green hope gas emission allowances. if the measure had passed, the state could only access that money with two thirds approval from both legislative chambers. >> proposition 71 says new ballot measures could not take effect until five days after election results are certified. right now when a ballot measure
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passes, say on tuesday night, it takes effect wednesday. supporters say some ballot still haven't been counted while some mail-in ballots have not even arrived at the elections office. the yes vote 76.8%, no, 23.2%. >> proposition 72, 83.3% yes, 16.7% no. the yes vote allows the state legislation to exclude rainwater capture systems added after january 2019 from property tax assessments. it is a yes on this measure that make sure that installing rainwater capture systems will not trigger a property tax reassessment on your home. >> we will keep talking about this throughout the day. i am 100% certain sal castendo can get you where you need to go this morning. >> although precincts are in one that? >> i am 100% sure.
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let's do this. if you're driving from gilroy into san jose, northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose looks pretty good. we don't have any major problems along that stretch. we are looking closely at some of these freeways. people are on the roadway early and you will have a relatively good drive into the west valley and the silicon valley commute. we are looking at the commute from the east bay and they look good as well. here is a live picture north bay up to 80 getting up to highway 17. at the westbound bay bridge toll plaza, it looks like the metering lights may have switched on, but it is not too crowded. we are talking about a five minute delay before you make it up to the span. let's go to steve paulson for today's weather. >> you saw some patchy, low fog
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clouds showing up. we have a few high clouds and some will close this morning, mostly sunny but there is an onshore breeze or wind for some. that will keep temperatures on the cool side and it will be nice to mild, warm if you are well enough inland. we start off with partly sunny and partly sky -- partly cloudy skies. we have a breeze west-southwest , that is the direction the wind is coming from. at travis gusting to 29. 49 to 59 covers the spray. 51 livermore, 49 napa, santa rosa and san rafael. 54 in fairfield. upper 40s santa cruz and along the monterey peninsula from kabul to carmel 52 and 53. the water temperatures are cold, between 50 and 52. that keeps the coastal temperatures on the cold side around the city and along the bay. that makes a huge difference. this system will be with us the
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morning and then it will be out of here. we have a few upper 70s and a couple low 80s. we are looking for temperature slightly below-average for everybody, coast, bay and also inland. a quick warm-up friday, a warm up saturday and nice on sunday. the show is support for an east bay high school senior who was punished. what happened to the valedictorian because of what he wore to the prom. a dennis rodman help make a deal in singapore next week? i am doug luzader in washington. we will have the latest developments of the upcoming summit coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". hero some more election results
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for you right now. in the race for california attorney general, the incumbent has a 20 point lead over his nearest challenger retire republican judge. they will face each other in the november general election. in the race for superintendent of public instruction, former school executive and a businessman will face each other . tony thurman is supported by the teachers union well talk has the support of charter school and education reform proponents. could dennis rodman end up being a dealmaker between the united states and north korea? there is a report this morning that the flamboyant former nba
5:23 am
star is heading to singapore next week for the planned summit meeting between president trump and north korean leader, kim jong un. doug luzader is live with more. it is another unusual turn leading up to that summit. >> reporter: yes. this is reported in the new york post. it has not been independently confirmed at this point. dennis rodman is perhaps uniquely positioned as someone who notes both kim jong un and president trump. >> reporter: ambassador dennis rodman? could the former nba star and famous pal of north korean dictator kim jong un emerge as a dealmaker in singapore next week? >> thank you very much, everyone. >> reporter: president trump wouldn't touch the question about dennis rodman, but the new york post confirms he is going to singapore even though his representative would not confirm. dennis rodman stands about a foot taller than kim jong un.
5:24 am
kim jong un is apparently a big nba fan. it may be one more unpredictable factor for the white house, as the administration prepares for the summit. another is congress, where lawmakers may feel left out. the senate formed relation committee met about this yesterday. >> we have to ensure that the benefits to north korea are accompanied by verifiable denuclearization in their country. >> reporter: the capello hotel has been chosen as the venue in singapore. what will happen inside is the big question with plenty of other players potentially watching courtside. the two sides, the north koreans and u. s. teams are agreeing when it comes to the smaller things, like where exactly to have the summit at that hotel come of the schedule and so on. coming to an agreement on the big items, like what to do with north korea's nuclear program is tough. >> i have to ask, what is the
5:25 am
reaction in washington to reports that dennis rodman will be heading to singapore? >> reporter: first of all, they are not confirmed reports. it is just reported in the new york post. we haven't heard anything for the white house. you heard the president after being asked about this, he did not respond to the question. senator dianne feinstein has secured a spot on the november ballot. she is seeking her fifth term in the u.s. senate. so far, senator feinstein has 44% of the vote. the top two finishers will face each other in november. right now, senator feinstein is followed by democratic kevin de leon who is leading republican businessman james bradley by 2%. big changes in the race to be the next mayor of san francisco. coming up, the candidates in the lead so far. you can see the traffic is doing okay on the bay area
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bridges, including this one, the san mateo bridge as you head out to the high-rise. if you are a fan of 60s and 70s, you can punch your ticket for that forecast. that is exactly what we will have. it looks like another nice day.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is the middle of the week, wednesday, june 6. i am dave
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clark. >> i am pam cook. thank you for joining us. i think the nice weather will continue. that is correct. >> it is not too hot and not too cold. >> that is correct. it could change next week. today looks pretty nice. it is very similar to yesterday, 67 and some partly cloudy skies for a few in the morning. chris henry in morgan hill says i would guess the cold sea surface temperatures would make it more difficult for next week's heat wave to come back. i would not call it a heat wave but i agree with that. how hot and calling it major or crazy is too soon to go. 50 is the water temp in san francisco bowie, 52 at half moon bay. that is really cold. i would be shocked if any temperatures warm up that much near the coast next week. we have a long way to go.
5:30 am
in the meantime, it will be a nice day today if you like temperatures with a decent westerly breeze. many of you tell me you do. 50s for temps, upper 40s, not much of a change here. there are a lot of upper 40s from kelseyville and sevastopol. pitta lama -- a few clouds in the morning and then mostly sunny this afternoon as the system drags across. 60s and 70s for the temps. this man loves that kind of weather. >> i do love that kind of weather. thank you very much, steve. the weather the last few days has been right up my alley but i digress. let's start with the solano county commute on 80 westbound as you head out from vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. it looks pretty good. part of me, i had to cough. the traffic is moving along all right. there is a little bit of
5:31 am
slowing of 57 heading to sonoma and train 18 county. it looks good across the carquinez bridge. this is the maccarthur maze. it takes about 20 minutes to get there from the carquinez bridge. at the bay bridge we already have a little bit of a backup, maybe a five or 10 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. i want to mention there is a new motorcycle accident reported northbound 101 before tully road. it is an accident blocking a few lanes involving a motorcyclist down. we don't have any slow traffic just yet, but we will let you know what happens here with this crash as it starts to affect the morning commute. let's go back to the desk. it could be several days before we know for sure who will be the next mayor of san francisco. overnight, there was a surprise. >> former state senator mark leno pulled slightly ahead of supervisor london breed. it is still too close to call. ktvu's alex savidge is at san francisco city hall right now. tell us more about the election results.
5:32 am
>> reporter: there was a turnaround in the overnight hours. last night london breed took the early advantage as a returns began to come in. early this morning, mark leno closed the gap and eventually took a slightly, thanks to san francisco's ranked-choice voting system. here is a look at the latest results. leno has 52 .4% of the vote while london breed has 49.5%. leno is winning by less than one percentage point right now. there is still potentially thousands of ballots to be counted. the ranked-choice system plays a big role in this tight race as candidates were eliminated from contention last night. voters second placed votes or redistributed. during the campaign leno and jane kim joined forces, encouraging each other's supporters to list the others does not list the other as their second place choice.
5:33 am
mark leno earned 77% of jane kim's second-place votes. >> i announced a voted number 24 jane kim. and jane kim mentioned she voted number too for me. i don't know if that is tag teaming, it is using the dynamic of ranked-choice voting and being transparent and accountable about how i voted. >> no matter who becomes mayor of san francisco, we have a lot of work to get done. i will still be here doing the work in my leadership capacity. i am planning to continue to work and working with whomever, whether it is me or anyone else. >> reporter: again, london breed held a sizable lead early in the evening. things turned around in the early morning hours. no matter who whines out -- who ends up coming on top, the latest results show leno leading breed by less than one percentage point. the elections department is expected to give another update
5:34 am
on the election results here at some point later today. obviously, everybody is waiting for that. >> we will check in with you throughout the morning. we have more information about the 13-year-old boy in pleasant hill who was arrested, accused of threatening to shoot and kill students at his middle school. >> we have more on how a post on snapchat led to his arrest. >> reporter: it was an ominous post on snapchat. a 13-year-old boy telling a fellow student he wanted to shoot up and kill as many students as he could on this thursday, the last day of school. his snap included 30 gun emojis. >> when it came to law- enforcement's attention, snapchat notified the fbi per
5:35 am
their policies. the fbi dug into it. >> reporter: the fbi tracked the ip address and that led police to arrest a suspect at his home in martinez and sees three legally owned guns. he might have thought his snap would be gone for good. that was not the case. police say this and other cases prove there is always a digital trail to follow. >> to legal process, sometimes we are able to discover what was sent by past messages that were supposed to be deleted but still existed in the digital world. >> reporter: snapchat another online apps did not respond to my request for comment, but twitter confirmed to me they have guidelines outlining how long law-enforcement can get account information. in a statement, the fbi said this could've been the next school shooting, but because of the partnership we have with our partner sector and local law enforcement partners, it was prevented. police say parents also bear responsibility. >> as best you can, monitor the conversations and the people that your kids are talking to online. that is general safety.
5:36 am
>> reporter: those picking up students have mixed reactions about the dangers of social media. >> snapchat, twitter, all these different things, they look to that for guidance on what they should do. it is probably mostly misguided. >> honestly, if the kid had not put it on there, no one would have known. the fact that snapchat picked it up and took care of it right away, i am thrilled. i was scared, absolutely scared to send him to school the next day. he said mom, i am fine. >> reporter: police say they don't think that there two-year- old actually planned to carry out the threat but he faces legal complications. he also faces separate discipline by the school district. an east bay high school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of inappropriate behavior with children.
5:37 am
the 27-year-old was arrested at his home monday after accusers came forward. they told walnut creek police he had inappropriately touched them while he was working as a babysitter. police say he has worked as a babysitter for many families in alameda and contra costa counties. he also teaches in lafayette and is on administrative leave during that investigation. the man accused of killing an oakland artist who created murals is pleading no contest to charges of first-degree murder after reaching a plea deal. the 23-year-old is charged with the killing of antonio ramos almost 4 years ago. it happened while antonio ramos was painting a mural. holloway wanted to steal his camera. he could get 25 years to life in prison. in exchange for the no contest plea, the da dropped the robbery charge that could have put him on death row. three people have been killed after a wildfire burned a camping trailer east of salina. that fire is still burning in san benito county, about 75 miles south of san jose and east of hollister. there is a look at the map. two of the victims killed were
5:38 am
children. the sheriff's office and calfire crews found the bodies. the names of the victims are not being released until relatives are notified. officials say they are a woman, a toddler and a baby. they were found in a burned out camper just north of san benito. the fire is now 85% contained. fire crews are fighting three separate fires in san benito county which have earned a total of 1000 acres. it looks like santa clara county voters decided to recall judge aaron persky. coming up, we will take a look at the vote and tell you who may replace the judge. self-service is expanding at a major food change -- major food chain. than kiosks being added to mcdonald's. two, down, back up!
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". san francisco voters were asked to vote on whether to ban flavored tabasco -- tobacco products. the tobacco products are designed to entice children and teenagers to try them. critics include the tobacco industry, as well as small business owners, who say a bama take money away from them. with 99% of the vote counted, more than two thirds of san francisco voters approved the proposition to ban the sale of some flavored vaping and tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes. there is a show of support in the east bay for a high school senior from kentucky. he was banned from giving his valedictorian speech because he wore makeup and heels to his prom. >> he has been invited to help kick off pride celebrations. >> i think a lot of people seeing this are curious. >> reporter: it was an
5:42 am
incredible accomplishment. the senior in covington, kentucky had a 4.8 gpa. his sexuality and sense of fashion led this incredibly bright student to get in trouble after he wore makeup and heels to the prom. >> i got called to the principal's office. >> the week of graduation, his mother would get her first call lever from the school. >> as soon as she got the call from the principal, he is the one giving the message that she ought to make sure he wore a shirt and tie and no makeup, flat shoes, etc. >> reporter: 10 hours before he was set to deliver his valedictorian speech, that was
5:43 am
stripped, too. with a megaphone in hand, he made his voice heard outside the graduation ceremony. his story went viral and caught the attention of the mayor. >> i grew up in the midwest myself. i went to catholic high school my whole life. i had personal experiences as a youth with homophobia being out and gave. i felt like my position as mayor afforded me a unique opportunity to give somebody who has a voice that is being stifled by other people an opportunity to be heard. >> reporter: the mayor and other community leaders pulled
5:44 am
money from their own wallets to fly him to california so he could deliver his speech at a council meeting to kick off pride month. >> we have an audience who will not only appreciate his point of view but will open it with open minds and open hearts. >> reporter: this is just the beginning. he says he hopes to use this platform to push for progression in kentucky. >> we are all capable of having that voice and advocating for what we believe in. >> reporter: after the conclusion of his speech, the crowd will make their way outside of city hall to hang the pride flag. he is set to go home tomorrow but with the mindset and motivation to change the minds of many in kentucky. if you are a member of the class of 2018, bill gates has a graduation gift for you. anyone earning and associates, bachelors or postgraduate degree from an accredited college or university can download his favorite book for free. it is written by a late health expert. he has been recommending that book since the day it came out. he says the author gives a quote, breakthrough way of understanding basic truths about the world, how life is getting better and where the world still needs to improve. a little graduation gift from bill gates. let's get you out the door.
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sal castendo will take care that. >> the commute looks pretty good for the most part. we have a little bit of slow traffic here and there developing . we are going to start with the altamont pass and the tracy commute, where 580 is pretty slow this morning coming in on 205 and 580. it gets better once you reach the pass. by then, you have been waiting in traffic for a bit. traffic is pretty slow as you drive on 580 as it turns into 238. northbound 101 at tolley, they are clearing a motorcycle accident in san jose. otherwise, the san jose commute looks good. oakland 880 north and southbound, not a bad commute in front of oracle arena. at the bay bridge we have a 10 to 15 minute delay before you make it onto the span. let's go to steve paulson. >> we have a partly cloudy morning but a day of 60s and 70s.
5:46 am
nancy sends this in. nancy pants sent this in. not nancy skirt, nancy pants. >> not fancy pants, nancy pants. >> this is called cloud iridescence. it is made up of tiny ice crystals. they cause some like to spread out. it is refracted. there will be a quiz on this on friday. be ready for that. we have a little bit of fog out there with higher clouds coming in, as well. an onshore wind is in place. san francisco 63, 51. averages 66, 52. what is going on in travis?
5:47 am
gusts almost to 30. there's your onshore wind. upper 40s at lakeport, napa airport 49, sunnyvale is 50, 51 in the city, 51 livermore, 53 in castro valley. everybody is close. black hawk is 49, low 50s for many, including martinez and walnut creek. even el cerrito is 51 degrees. the sea surface temperatures are cold. 50 in san francisco bouy, bodega bay should be reporting next week, maybe 10 days. i put the request in and the answer i got is it should show up about june 16 or so. my guess is 49 degrees. 52 in monogram. there are 50 degree water temps all the way into you hit santa monica. that is a lot of cold water. as long as that is there, that will be a cool forecast. next week we might warm-up.
5:48 am
we will see. 60s, 70s, not really changing too much in the next few days. there will be a quick little warm-up, not a big deal. saturday and sunday look nice in warmer. -- and warmer. a new york times report says facebook shared user data with several chinese companies. one of them has been flagged as a national security threat by the u. s. government. the data includes work histories, relationship status and likes on device users and their friends. no word on how that data might have been used. disney world is slammed by
5:49 am
parents of disabled children. one british mother called disney world disgraceful for a lack of adequate public restrooms catering to people with disabilities. she decided to take action after recent trip with her nine- year-old son who has cerebral palsy. she's petitioning the park to make its restrooms more accessible. since her campaign, more families have come forward expressing their concerns. self-service kiosks are expanding at mcdonald's. mcdonald's is adding the kiosks to 1000 of its restaurants each quarter for the next two years. customers will have an option to order and pay through your mobile device, as well. the self-service option was first offered by mcdonald's about two years ago. there is a new few between president trump and the nfl. when we come back, the reason the white house canceled the visit for the super bowl champs at the very last minute and why whoever wins the nba championship. we will hear from but the warriors and the cavaliers.
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5:52 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". let's go back to our election coverage, starting with some of the district attorney racist. in alameda county, with less than a third of the votes counted, incumbent nancy o'malley is leading the race ahead of her challenger, pamela price by 28 percentage points. >> the race for contra costa county da all the precincts have reported. it will be november before we know who the new district attorney will be. here are the results so far. the current district attorney
5:53 am
has 49% of the vote. one of her current staff members, paul graves received 43% of the vote. he is a senior deputy da. he received 4000 fewer votes. lauren strauss received a%. there will be a runoff no -- runoff election in november. president trump is under fire taking fierce criticism from nfl players and others over canceling the white house video for the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles. >> only a few players planned to go to the white house ceremonies. the president is upset about players kneeling during the national anthem. >> reporter: president trump has ruffled feathers, this time picking a fight with the nfl's philadelphia eagles, rescinding the traditional white house visit for the super bowl champs. it turned into a celebration of america instead. >> we stand together for freedom. we stand together for patriotism. we proudly stand for our glorious nation under god.
5:54 am
>> reporter: the eagles players were scheduled to visit the white house tuesday, but only a handful of players agree to show. trump canceled and blamed the nfl for sending a smaller delegation a tweet was nt out saying, the philadelphia eagles were invited to the white house. amount of players decided to come in we canceled the event. staying in the locker room for the playing of our national anthem is as disrespectful to our country is kneeling. sorry! the trend of sports teams visiting the white house is about as much as who shows up as who doesn't. >> it is black players and the white players who are amazing these important issues need to be raised. they are standing on the moral weight -- moral ground.
5:55 am
>> the president doesn't think it is an issue of free speech. he think it is about respecting the men and women in our military. it is about respecting our national anthem. it is about standing out of pride for that. >> reporter: stefan curry and lebron james have weighed in on the controversy. they have been down this road before. >> no matter who wins that series, they won't be going. >> i agree. i am pretty sure the way we handle things last year stayed consistent with that. >> reporter: the nfl has agreed to donate nearly $100 million to social justice causes in response to player activism. even the white house will be able to clip the eagles wings. tonight, the nba finals between the warriors and cavaliers continues with game 3 in cleveland. the warriors have a 2-0 in a best-of-seven series.
5:56 am
andre iguodala is a big question. the coach hopes he can play tonight. he missed the last six games with that leg injury. now he is listed as questionable. look at him walking out to the plane. he looks pretty good. we may see his sub again if he can play. tonight's game starts at 6 pm. >> he has been coaching him from the sidelines. coming up, ranked-choice voting had a big impact on the race to become the next mayor of san francisco. we will break down the close call, which has mark leno just ahead of london breed. the competition to become governor is down to two canada's. we will tell you more about the november election to fill the governor's seat.
5:57 am
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>> reporter: good morning. the race for san francisco mayor is still too close to call this morning. coming up, we will tell you how the ranked-choice voting system has left former state senator mark leno and supervisor london
5:59 am
breed in a tight race. a car slammed into the back of a fire truck in san jose. look at the pictures. we will have the latest from the scene. good morning and thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, june 6. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about your wednesday weather. steve paulson is in his office right here. >> we have our first named eastern pacific tropical storm. the first one. it usually shows up about the 10th, so it is a little early. >> we had alberto. >> this one is in the pacific. aletta, 45 miles per hour is moving away, west . it is expected to return to the area and then we can considerably. some of that moisture might make a move toward arizona and new mexico. the monsoon season for phoenix, if i follow them on twitter, i
6:00 am
believe they said june 15. this would not be monsoon, it would be more tropical. our good friend donny downer, marty batista, happy almost over the hump day. 50 degrees, ice 49 and low 50s. 51 in the city with two other observations showing 49 and 50. it is very cool because a water temperature is cold. san francisco bouy is 50, half moon bay 52 and monterey bay 52. we have a few high clouds and some low clouds giving us a partly cloudy morning with an onshore breeze for some. 40s and 50s on the thames. these clouds will be with us in the morning and then mostly sunny this afternoon. 60s and 70s on a very comfortable day. sal castendo tells us the traffic is -- >> moderate. it is beginning


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