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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  June 6, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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invision in history involving desession, decoys that threw off germany's ability to know what and when the allied attack was coming. next year marks the 75th anniversary of d-day. good morning. no clear winner in the race for san francisco mayor. coming up here, we'll explain how the rank choice voting system allowed former state senator mark leno to a big erredy lead by on the day after the election, we are very busy. glad that you are with us. i'm cia director nominee gina haspel. >> i'm -- i'm gasia
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mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. >> i was loving the time outside: you know, i will will clear out. a few clouds, mostly southerny today. breezy, nice, 60s, 70s to near 80s but that's pretty far inland and that's the system that you see moving through. it's-- it's widespread. it's widespread. west-- what is that, 28 at sfo. a decent onshore breeze. 50s. we had a few 40s now, starting to bounce off the morning lows except for a few high clouds. we had temperatures a little bit below normal. 60s and 70s. we had an issue in san jose. that is better? >> it's not, unfortunately. we are keeping track of our friends all over the place. we'll get to san jose and taking care of you in east bay
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as well, starting off with 80 westbound if you are driving, let's say, out to the macarthur maze, that's going to take 40 minutes to drive. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll see 20 minutes to tack on to that, which is normal. the traffic is okay on 880 northbound, still an opportunity there and on the san mateo bridge, also doing all right. we talked about the east bay commute. 880 south. we also have a look at contra costa county where we slow traffic on 680 and highway 4. again, all within the realm of these normal commutes. no major problems here. the south bay, as steve mentioned at the top, a mess because of a motorcycle accident on 101. the latest one clearing 101 at 880, people are diverting on 285 and 880. if you get on 101, if you happen to get on 101 after 880 -- let's see that you get on here in the santa clara on
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sunnyvale area, you are doing well here. 7:02. back to the desk. at this hour, r winner in the raceto become san francisco new mayor. >> former state senator mark leno pulled just slight aahead of supervisor london breed. this is because of the san francisco's rank choice system. alex savidge is live to explain where that is. >> reporter: there are still thousands of ballots left to be counted and it could be days before we know for sure who the next mayor of san francisco will be. supervisor london breed jumped to an earlier lead as the returns came out. and then things shifted in the
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early morning hours. mark leno was able to close that gap and move into the lead thanks to the rank choice voting system. latest results show leno with 52.4 of the votes and breed by 49.5. the rank choice system turned things around for leno as candidates were eliminated from contention. the second place votes were then redistributed to leno and breed, respectively. remember, during this campaign, leno had joined forces to candidate jane kim who came in third place, encouraging each other's supporter to list each other as the second place choice. leno wound up with 77% of jane kim's votes. the strategy paying off. >> what i did was announce that i voted number 2 for jane kim. jane kim made mention that she voted number 2 for me. i don't know that that's tag teaming. it is using the dynamic of rank choice voting and being transparent and accountable about how i voted. >> no matter who becomes mayor of san francisco, we have a
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lot of work to get done. i'm still going to be here doing the work in my leadership capacity. so i'm planning to continue to work and working with whom after, whether it's me or anyone else. >> reporter: this was a dramatic race from the start, prompted by the sudden death of mayor ed lee back in december of last year. no matter who winds up coming on top, it will make history. leno will be the first openly gay mayor of san francisco, and breed, the first african american woman. there are no planned updates on election results until 4:00 this afternoon. >> alex, you may not have the answer burr i would assume both mark leno and london
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breed, even though they didn't sleep much last night, may be making an appearance somewhere where you are, just to be on the news this morning and let their supporters know that they are doing? >> reporter: well, you know, i reached out to both of those candidates to their representatives this morning. we are still waiting to find out when, where each of them may be speaking publicly. but a lot has changed since last night when we last talked with each of them. of course, we'll try to reach out with them, see how they are feeling about the latest results here and the fact that this could be a mayor's race that goes on for the next couple of days before a clear winner has been decided. >> alex savidge, yes, and we welcome them here on mornings on 2. 7:06. california voters approved almost every proposition on the ballot e accepted for one, and that is money allocated to
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combat climate change. proposition 68 allows california to sell $4.1 billion in bonds for state parks and flood water protection project. passed with 56% of the vote. >> proposition 69, this one won e eye l 80% to 19 called the lock box amendment. it ensures that a 12-cent tax on gas last year can only be used for transportation projects. proposition 70 is the only initiative that was defeated. they called for a constitutional amendment for when our state can spend revenue from auctioning or sale of green house emission gasses on the cap and trade program. the measure did not pass with 63% with a no vote. if it had, of the state cop only access the money with 2/3 votes from both chambers. currently, when a measure ballot passes on a tuesday night, it takes effects on wednesday. supporters of the measure who did win was 76% said that
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while some bats have yet to be counted, some mail-in ballots have not arrived at the elections office. proposition 72 allows the state legislature to exclude rain water capture systems after january 2019 from property tax assessment. a yes vote with 83% here makes sure that installing a new rain water capture system does not trigger a property tax reassessment on your home. >> gasia, thank you. time is 7:08. san francisco voters were also asked to decide if the sale of flavored tobacco products should be banned. supporters of proposition e say that product was designed to for a way to have children and teenagers try them. tobacco and base owners say that -- and business owners say that a ban would take money from them. more than 2/3 approved proposition e to ban the sale
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of flavored tobacco products. the vote is too close to call. with more than 14,000 votes cost, the yes votes are just 40 ahead of the no vote. napa is doing mail-in only ballot for this election so there are thousands ever votes still to be counted are the measure is seen as a may blick vote on the rapid expansion of the wine industry in napa county. in san francisco, voters rejected measure h. that would have created new rules on when san francisco police officers can use stun guns. no votes received more than 60% of the vote. yes just below 40%. city leaders and san francisco police commissioners were against that measure. it looks like regional measure 3 will pass. it would raise the brim tolls
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on all seven of the state- owned bridges here in the bay area by $3 over seven years in e change for transportation funding. the yes votes are leading with 54%. 46% have voted no. voters in all nine bare yard county -- bay area county has to decide. so far, solano county voters turned down the measure. the first increase in bridge toll comes next year if the measure passes. still ahead, another body was discovered at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital.
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welcome back. it is now 7:12. california lieutenant governor gavin newsom will now face
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republican john cox: this is the first half of the election. but thanks to you, the half time score is promising and the home team is winning big. >> we put a businessman in the white house. let's put a businessman in the governor's mansion, right? yes. >> gavin newsom and jokhan finished first and second in the race. cox harass an uphill battle, trying to win a blue state where only one in four voters is republican. newsom had 33 point 3% of the vote, john cox with 22% of the vote. tonio villaraigosa conceded last night and
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endorsed gavin newsom. with his wife there, jennifer see bold newsom introduced him to the crowd. he says that his campaign is only halfway finished. >> the state of california, you know, it's always been america's coming attraction. millions of destinies connected by one dream to be whoever you want to be. where a state where we don't criminalize diversity. we celebrate diverse at this time. gavin newsom shook hands with supporters and called john cox, a foot soldier with president trump. >> cox credited president trump for the low unemployment numbers and for the economy. he has run for state office five times but described
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himself as a businessman, not a politician and he blames democrats for california's problems. >> so, before you get too comfortable enjoying your partisan registration advantage, you might want to ask yourself a few questions. how many hard working california can't afford a roof over their head. >> that was john cox. he was backed by president trump. the president posted tweets urging the people of california to vote for cox. in november, he will be running on issues that include sanctity state policy and the gas tax and within the past hour, he was here with us on mornings on 2 live repeating some of his campaign themes and issues. you had a chance to hear it from him directly here on mornings on 2. >> we'll welcome a political professor to the studio who will be talking not just about the governor's race but what's happening with the rank choice voting in san francisco and
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the other measure, still your honor decided. stay with us. it is 7:15. if you want to get out door, sal is the one you want to listen. >> golfland road near falafalia, there is a car in the house. we are following that. that's a good area to avoid getting off the 580 at kalafia. let's take look at westbound bay bridge. barked up for a 15 to 20 minute delay before you get into san francisco. there have been no major issues. this is a look at interstate 880. we also look at 880 heading south. hayward to union city. we had slow traffic in san jose. they are clearing earn accident on 101, a couple of
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motorcycle accidents. we had a few motorcycle accints unfortunely and a lot of them with serious injuries. give yourself extra time. 7:16. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. >> the forecast is a nice one, 60s and 70s but the first tropical system in the eastern pacific. eastern pacific. remember they already alberto. aleta, a tropical storm here. it's moving westward, away from land. so no worries. some of that moisture might work it way north ward towards arizona and new mexico. this is not associated with the monsoon. the monsoon kicks in june 15th. they might get some moisture out of that. genie smith says, good morning, steve. a cool 49 degrees in pen grove. how is today going to be? i've been loving the last several days. the answer is nice, if you liked the last couple of days,
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you will like the next four or five mill valley is 48. mid-50s around american canyon, hidden brook and vallejo. everyone is within a couple of degrees. a weak system just dragging acorks spinning some high clouds. san jose today, 72, 53. both below average which is 78, 55. see. it does happen when you can get both below average. west, west, west southwest, west, west, southwest- southwest, hono on shore, on shore. delta. >> usually about mid-50s. 50degrees in san
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morning clouds and mostly sunny later this afternoon. 60s, 70s. tomorrow, we'll get a pretty enhanceding for bank and then temperatures retreat. look at what happens, 50s, 60s, 70s. big cool down on saturday. these are all below average for this time of the year. and that trend will continue into tomorrow. looks like near normal, slightly warmer. time is 7:19. more than 100,000 people left off the voting rolls. the major error in southern california.
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time is 7:22. antonio villaraigosa quickly conceded last night endorsing gavin newsom for california governor. newsom held a party in san francisco. he was already looking to november. >> there were loud cheers when it was announced that newsom
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would be the candidate. newsom was declared the winner at 9:00. he was introduced by his wife, jennifer siebolb newsom. >> too many politicians want to tell us what can't be done the but our can-do campaign painted in bold colors and big ideas. guaranteed health care for all. a marshal plan for affordable housing. a master plan for aging with dignity. >> reporter: newspaper says that choice will be clear in november between someone who plans to continue supporting california values and fighting against the trump administration and john cox who newsom calls a foot soldier of the trump administration. at one point, he got a little bit emotional tonight, talking about his late mother. he says that she would be celebrating this victory but also telling him to get back out there and get to work. certainly, it will be more campaigning between now and november, before he can close this deal and actually get
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into that seat, the governor's seat in sacramento. that's what he is hoping to do is continue on that mantle left by governor brown and continuing the fight against the trump administration. the question of the day, did you vote in the california primary? yes? no, but you wish you did? and no and you don't care. vote on the facebook page and leave a comment. santa clara county voters are supporting the recall of superior court judge aaron per ski. 59% of voters approved the recall. 41% opposed it. those numbers are holding steady since the first results came out. now the recall effort was sparked by a decision judge per ski made in -- persky in 2016 sentencing broc turner, the former stanford swimmer to six months in jail, after he was convicted of sexually
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assaulting an unconscious woman. judge persky said that he listened to recommendations from the probation department and followed legal guidelines. however, stanford law professor michele dalberg and other, said that the sentence showed a bias against violence. cindy hendrickson was getting 70% of the voters. she will serve with the other santa clara county superior court judges who, by the way, all stood with judge persky and against that recall. time is 7:25. a big decision on whether or not to flan flavored tobacco. how the san mateo county board of supervise ors voted last night. another body found in san francisco general hospital. we'll bring you the very
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latest developments this morning. on the roads, northbound 101 traffic is moving along okay as you drive into san francisco. take a look at what it's like getting into the peninsula. >> higher clouds and lower clouds. by later this morning, they will be gone. temps staying below average for this time of the year. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore, and then call 911. the first responders will come out, and they'll make it safe for you and your community. ♪ 6:28. a nice, cool, mild morning. but my goodness. politics anything but. two people running for california governor, the two choices you will have on the ballot. the question is who will lead
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the city of san francisco. >> that is the big question. we don't know. >> still up in the air. >> but it's close. perhaps you went to bed thinking it might be one person waking up to think it might be another. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm de ar we do know about your weather. that much, we know. >> partly cloudy out but it's cool, good sleeping weather. >> definitely. thank you, you two. weak system going through. most of the afternoon, most of this should be gone. day baseball here. the arizona diamondbacks and the giants. mostly sunny, awesterly breeze. facebook only? right? facebook only, unless you are going to the game. and then good luck getting home. those day games are tough. >> temperatures cooler than yesterday. that we expect the name pgh ♪ yes. upper 40s, 50s, there is the
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50s. 52 in gully. 45. 55 san jose state roof sayings and 54 in campbell. so not much of a difference there. low clouds, higher clouds in the morning but they'll push out. the breeze already kicked up for some. 50s on the temp, low mid- to upper, 8:59 in blend wood. 51 miraga. 53 out by the con sort pavilion and 52 cool grease in el cerrito. those make a big difference. 52degrees at the san francisco buoy. high clouds and low clouds in the morning, temperatures in the 50s, 60s, 70s, tomorrow, more fog. sal, you had a couple of things going on. what do you want to start with? >> we want to start with a notice that there had been a lot of motorcycle accidents out there today. i'm not sure exactly what's going on but if you ride a bike, be careful out there.
7:31 am
apparently, a lot of crashes. the good weather is back. people are on the road and we're getting a lot more in the last few days. this is a look at the bay bridge. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well. no major issues here but crowded for at least a 50 minute delay. 880 in oakland looking pretty good. has not filled yesterday past the colyseum. san mateo and dunn barton bridge, traffic is moderately heavy. 680 is slow and so is 880 south. northbound 101 right there at 880, that has cleared, that crash. the damage is done. crashes are there. traffic on 101 still very slow from near yurba buena. back to the desk. san francisco police bursty investigating after yet another body was sound at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. the second discovery of the mysterious death in the hospital in there is than a
7:32 am
week. ktvu's lee martinez, you are out there outside of the hospital. tell us what you know now? >> about an hour, i talked to the spokesperson within the hospital. she says there is no update in the cares and declined to speak on camera the victim has not been identified yet but allegedly, she showed up at the hospital on a 72-hour psychiatric hold. police say that her body was discovered at 6:00 a.m. on monday. the circumstances of her death at this time are unknown. the hospital says that privacy laws prevent them from saying why the woman was at the hospital. under california law, authorities can place a person on a psychiatric hold if the person is considered dangerous, suicidal or gravely disabled due to mental illness. this is the second body found under mysterious circumstances at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. last wednesday, the body of a 35-year-old dementia patient was found in a stairwell inside of a power plant building on the hospital property. she had been reported missing may 20th from the hospital but the hospital says she was not
7:33 am
a patient there. the power plant building is not generally used by patients. it's unknown why anderson was there. forensic examiners say there was no sign of foul play in her case. this new victim has not been identified. san francisco police say that medical examiner will determine her cause of death. back to you. >> lee martinez in san francisco, thank you. time is now 7:33. there is national attention this morning of one issue on the ballot in santa clara county. that is the recall campaign against judge aaron persky that looks like it will pass. you remember that the campaign was a response to persky's short jail sentence of brock turner, the former stanford swimmer accused of sexually assaulting en an conscious woman. the yes vote was 59%, no vote
7:34 am
was 41%. organizers expect to be passed. >> women will never achieve full equality as long as we are subject to the kinds of rape and sexual violence and sexual harassment that we experience. that's why what is happening in society right now, of which this campaign is a part is so important because this part of a movement for full equality for women. >> political science professor david mcewen, thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me here. >> we have a lot to digest. it's been 80 years since a california judge has been pulled off the bench. judges don't like to see anything they do in the courtroom to be political. it's easier to run a recall. this makes judges somewhat nervous. that go to the ballot and
7:35 am
change sentencing laws. that involves fights to take years. you can put something on the ballot or a threat a ballot recall. this is going to send a chill through what happens in courtrooms across the country. it is much -- it is much stronger here, much bigger here than what happened in dollar county. >> very personal. was the argument against the recall, was it a valid, strong argument? >> well, the problem with what you have here, many recall efforts are beat back. it depends on what the proponents have, the resources. here, you had the outrage us sentencing, you had organization, dollars and that funding puts the opponents of the recall in a position where they have to raise money and do things and act in a much more political fashion than we would think in terms of the law. that pushes judges back. and make them nervous. this will spill into other jurisdictions, maybe not in california but throughout the nation. >> do you think the #metoo movement had an effect. >> absolutely. there is a lot going on in
7:36 am
terms of what's going on with sexual violence and sentencing. this will spill over for juries and courtrooms. if you have organized pro poynts, that will make these races much more visibility. >> let's shift gears and talk about what's happening with the san francisco mayor's race. we still don't know who is going to be the mayor yet and all the changes that happened just during the night. what are your thoughts. >> if we look at this, rank choice voting can be a difficult endeavor for voters. we had experience here in oakland and tran. voters like that opportunity to provide their different choices but really, the key was the alliance made between mark leno and jane kim. london breed and her campaign didn't participate in that. that alliance made a couple of weeks ago flipped this race. with the daily updates that will happen at 4:00 p.m., that's going to be very important. we will probably not know the winner of this race until later in the week.
7:37 am
probably looking at a friday news day in terms of when we'll know who won the san francisco mayor's race. >> i remember when rank choice was a big player in the previous oakland mayoral race. i had the sense that voters were not satisfied. >> right. what we see is rank choice voting provides voters an opportunity to list perhaps not their ideal choice. you know, we are don't want to vote for that person, rather for the leisle of two teals. that allows the folks to go down the ballot, second, third, fourth. that's top three, usually. candidates are acting in a stat ic fashion. that's what mark leno and jane kim did. they'll run san francisco politics or be involved in fran politics for some time to come. that means that london breed, if she is not the winner, already go into the fair breeze. >> city does rank choice to avoid having to have another election. that's a money thing. >> that's a money thing and
7:38 am
allows voters to voice their presences. this is good for cities with third parties, blow vest siev movement. >> all right. well, always, a pleasure to hear from you. you should point out that there are a lot of votes still to count? >> a lot of votes still to count. that's why we'll get the daily updates at 4:00 p.m. like alex talked about at the top of the hour. >> we will tea talk about what is happening locally and voting problems in southern california. david mcewen, thank you so much. >> always good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. we are following the latest developments in the race for san francisco mayor. and jane kim will join us here talking about how rank choice played a big role in the case. let's talk basketball. game 3 of the nba final is tonight. we'll have more on tonight's matchup and whether or not
7:39 am
andre iguodala is expected to return. crowded out there. a few crashes made it even slower. look at 101, slow approaching the don't area. >> many of you are voting yes to this nice weather. will that continue? mostly. we'll explain.
7:40 am
7:41 am
car crashed into a firetruck a fire engine in the south bay just before 2:30 this morning. firefighters were called into a brush fire. putting out a fire when an hour later, someone in a
7:42 am
nissan altima drove by, smashed into the back of the firetruck. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. none of the firefighters were hurt. investigators say that drugs and alcohol are not suspected. a san francisco woman could be in court as early as today charged with kill her roommate. last saturday, police were called to an apartment on 14th street near 101 in the mission district to check on a 61-year- old woman who was recently reported missing. according to the chronicle, police found dismembered and decomposing body, stuffed in a bathtub. police arrested lisa gonzalez, 44 years old old. she is held without bail. the sale of menthol and flavored tobacco products have been banned. the board of supervisors inn
7:43 am
santa clara voted to ban the sale in non-incorporated part of the county. supervise ors say that -- supervisors say that is a clear message to tobacco companies that they will not lure young children. amy's first red is in roanoke part and people in cord last supported the plan self. y leaders say they granted amy's kitchen a drive-through ban because amy listened to what the city and public wanted. this is by garr, gasia. police in fremont reported to an unusual report of a fight on a city street. it was a bull fight between two bulls. this happened about 9:30 yesterday morning, right in the middle of castro lane, not far from mission boulevard. fremont police tweeted this
7:44 am
photo of the bulls locking horns in the middle the street. they belong to a nearby ranch. the responding officers had to get some backup, including the rancher who owns the bull who herded back to the ranch. two homes suffered property damage while the bulls were fighting but no one was hurt. the rancher, by the way, was fined 100-dollar for each of the bulls. people are surprised to see that on city streets. >> yes. >> any time i drive 580-- and sal, you know this, every time i drive, i say to children, this used to be nothing combos on either side of the freeway, right? >> now in the bay area, if you see cows, you are say, wow, this could be going away soon. here. i don't know what that was. >> let's take a look at the commute now on 80 westbound. we'll take a look he time. 42 minutes drive right now from the carquinez bridge to
7:45 am
the maze. that's better than yesterday. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see it's all blacked up. no problem passing the colyseum although it is getting more crowded. you see some overcast here on the san mateo bridge and that leads tee to believe that flights in and out of sfo may be affected, depending upon what steve says in a moment about how long this is going to last. but if planes are late going in, as you know, they can be late going out. and that could affect you. this is a look at 880 south between hayward, union city and fremont. south bay commute, that accident that was right there has been removed but northbound 101 is really slow from really almost 85 up to the other. so it hits 85 twice in the
7:46 am
south and in the north, i think between tween those two spots, most of it is slow. 7:45. steve, i did see that fog there. what do you think? >> 45 minutes delays at sfo. >> okay. >> arrivals and departures. >> you got it. thank you, sir. and if you get up above there, you probably can't see any cows down below because there is too much fog. (cow mooing). >> there is one. there is two. >> okay. [ laughter ]. >> hard to hear me laugh and dave, at the same time, but you have to try. >> that's the first one here, about four days shy of the first one to come in, around the 10th. the monsoon kicks in around june 15th, according to the national weather service in phoenix who i follow on twitter. this will not be the monsoon but more tropical if it goes that direction but that would not be for about a week. we have a very weak system coming in but giving us higher
7:47 am
clouds and lower clouds. day baseball, if you are in the sun, it's nice. in an area where there is that breeze, that's cool. i can do two or three forecast from at&t. if you are in the sun, probably warm. temperatures in the upper 60s, low 50s. san jose, 72 and 53. 78, 55. below on both. 41, way back in 1896. see some of that low clouds. here is the weak system coming in, westerly breeze, west- southwest, gusts now at sfo. 50s with one lone 60s towards brentwood. even over in union city and fremont, we vp montero, half moon bay. water temps are very cold. 50, 52, 52. that is the coldest i have seen holding on for a long time. goes all the way down to santa barbara with 50 to 55 degrees.
7:48 am
ukiah, 59 degrees. by the afternoon, they will be gone. temperature on the cool side of that system moves through. this will be a stronger system moving through on saturday. we'll get a cool and windy day. mount shasta, you could see some light rain. that's just this time of the year. people travel so keep that in mind if you are going in that direction. 60s and 70s. more of the same tomorrow, dave and a little warmup friday before a bigger cooldown on saturday. >> thank you, steve. time is 7:48. tonight, the nba finals between the warriors and cavaliers continue with game 3 in cleveland. the warrior have a 2-0 the best of seven series. everybody is hoping that andre iguodala can play. he missed the last few games
7:49 am
with a leg injury. center mcgee replace him if andre can't start. ihop plans to change it in him but only one letter will be different. we'll, plain in the 8:00 hour. and homes in hawaii engulfed in flames. the very latest on the volcanic eruption as the bay area response teams arrive there in hawaii. (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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welcome back to morning. jet blew is the latest airline to site en up its emotional support animal policy. passengers will have to tell jetblue 48 hours in advance and need to submit veterinarian forms. passengers will be held liable if the animal hurt someone soakages anything. the federal government now says that med care, if changes are not made, will run out of
7:53 am
money in just eight years. that's three years sooner than the previous estimate. the same report says that social security money will run out in the year 2034. president donald trump made a campaign promise not to cut either of those programs. treasury secretary steve mnuchin says that there is time to fix the programs and those remain secure. some lawmakers will have to cut their summer recesses short. it the four weeks have been cut to one. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it is to vote on trump's nominees. democrats say it is so they can be kept off the campaign trail. the house has no plans so far to do so. 27-year-old brandon jenesse was arrested at his home after accusers came forward. they told police that jenesse had inappropriately touched them while working as a babysitter. he had worked as a babysitter for a lot of families. he also teaches in lafayette at bentley school, he is now on administrative leave. three people were hurt in a wildfire burning in san bernardino county. two of the vick tills are
7:54 am
children. sheriff announced that cal fire crews found the bodies. the names of the victims have not been announced. they are a woman, a toddler and a baby. the three were found in a burned out camp north of san benito. the fire is now 85% contained. firefighters are burning a total of three fires. california air cross is sending a team to hawaii to help out in the relief effort. an explosion in a volcano triggered a magnitude 5.4 earthquake. the path of the lava flow is still unpredictable. >> looks like a flood, you know, pouring out, covering everything in its path, just incredible what it is doing. looks like there is no stopping it. >> in recent days, a small group of people who at first
7:55 am
decided to stay in the evacuated areas had to be rescued by helicopter. a police pursuit unlike any you have seen before. this one in virginia was caught on camera. an active duty soldier from fort picket sold it from a basement he refused to
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
the race for san francisco mayor a true nailbiter. we'll explain how rank choice voting left former state senator mark leno and london breed breed neck and neck. toll picks today, everyone would agree with is, there is
7:59 am
too much anger. instead, we offer answers. we like to call is resistance with results. >> we're going to grow our economy. we're going to cut the cost of living and we're going to give people a chance at a real life in california. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this wednesday, june 6th. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. let's get you out the door, props to the cool jacket. good morning, mike. >> good morning, steve. >> we do have a little mix. low cloud, high clouds there is a bite.
8:00 am
can you see the dip in the a ir -- in the air today? 62 is the high. below on both. 95 the record high. patchy low cloud, higher clouds but by this afternoon, most of that will clear out. there is a no-doubt-about it breeze, out of the west shall southwest, 50s for most. 161 outpost out there. san francisco buoy very, very cold. few high clouds over all. look for partly cloudy to mostly sunny with 60s and 70s on the temps. okay. you have had issues here and there but you want to start with what? >> we'll start with the east bay, steve. that commute is getting filled in. good morning for you. we are about to hit interstate 20.
8:01 am
some slowing. the only good news is that it's better than yesterday when the bay bridge snarled things up. another 10 for the dive into san francisco. driving on 880 northbound, brake lights after davis street. 520 is also slow. we have slow traffic this morning on the dumbarton bridge as well. 880 south, sensors are showing a lot of heavy traffic here. 580 and government links road and kalafia, good area to avoid as there is a car run over the 'em bank. there and police activity associated with that. 620, slow from pleasant hill to walnut creek. 8:01, back to the desk. big development in the san francisco
8:02 am
8:03 am
8:04 am
8:05 am
somebody who really wants to fix the state, get the state to be lower in taxes and better in management and less wasteful with our money. >> cox finished second in the primary votes. he says that his issues include ending california's sanctuary policy and the state's gas tax. you can can see newsom with 34% of the vote, john cox with
8:06 am
26% and antonio villaraigosa, the former mayor of los angeles, with 13% of the votes. big numbers in california. so much for the big blue wave. maybe a big read we have working hard. here in california, looks likes regional measure 3 will pass. it would rain the bridge toll on all bridges that we use here by $3 ov the next seven years. the yes votes e leading, 54%. the no side has 46%. voters in all bay area county has a chance to decide on this measurement if it passes, the first increase in bridge tolls will happen next year. joining yours now is political science professor mcewen. >> thanks for being here. >> let's start with the govern another's race i was watching
8:07 am
newsom giving that speech. he described john cox as a foot soldier for president trump. is this about president trump? >> well, it will be interesting to see if the president will come here. if you are newsom, you are reaching out for the big stars, and they'll contrast or put forward with john cox that he is basically donald trump light here in california. if that works, we'll see what happens because republicans are pushing for a repeal of the gas tax. that's when john cox and president trump can be important. >> we talked to john cox who promise add civil debate and a civil future as he takes on governor gavin newsom. lieutenant governor gavin newsom. >> they have to -- there will be outside money coming in and that will draw in some contrast. >> that will get nasty. >> that will get nasty.
8:08 am
will they have a gavin wsom tal debate, and john cox obviously wants a debate. that will be held during the middle of the dade when no one will watch. republicans need a future moving forward in california. can they have one? and, obviously, gavin newsom is a rising star in the democratic party for the country. biggest weaknesses for each? >> for newsom, that's his past. in have been some things in the past. and for john cox, his name. castle is a blue state. the purple voters will hugely important. they will spill over to other races. that will be an important development. >> on that note, even if cox does not win in november, last night, you could say, it was
8:09 am
rick tri for republicans on the congressional races because it will get republicans out to the poll in november to compete against the democrats on the digit, especially in those tightly contested districts where it's going to be republicans versus democrats, especially the one that hillary clinton won back in 2016. democrats had to feel good about what happened to them but at the same time, republicans and the white house have to feel good. you have people like david vallejo in the district where hillary clinton won by 58 points, he won by 30 points. in the general election, that blue wave and those democratic leaning democrats will be important. women, female democratic voters will be huge. >> let's to cuss on what's happening in san francisco. rank choice voting is in effect. this shows the effect of political allies. >> if you see what happened with mark leno, we'll know later this week in rms who becomes mayor of san
8:10 am
francisco. bumark leno and jane kim, that will affect politics. that is a lesson for folks like london breed that you need to build alliances with political enemies which is different. >> do you like rank choice voting? >> academics like rank choice votings. voters door tend to be confused. we like it. you just have to spend a lot of time and investments and people economize. >> at one point, london breed had a 10 point lead. >> that's right. and mark leno were underperforming in all of the polls. that switched. that's why rank choice voting can make for a good spectator sport. is this typically san francisco politics? we had leno and kim together?
8:11 am
the fix was on from the beginning. >> that's another chapter in the crazy politics of san francisco. >> when i say the fix, not to have london breed as mayor. >> that's right. you see someone like willie brown. he was able to navigate that. we need willie here to explain the crazy politics of san francisco. >> we are glad that you are here with us and we'll join you again in the 9:00 hour. still moral to discuss. thank you for joining us. for all the latest election results, go to our website right now at more on the new video that shows that a student drowning in a pool was not suicide.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
new information now on the death of a is a-year-old boy found on the bottom of his swim willing pool. freshman ben curry died of an accidental drowning, says the coroner. but there is video showing curry going under water and other students getting to the 'em of the pool and getting out. an hour later, curry's body was spotted at the bottom of the school at the time of
8:15 am
another class. a police investigation is underway saying that another body was found in zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. >> this is the second discovery of the mysterious death there in the past week. ktvu's lee martinez is out there to bring us up to date on the investigation. >> reporter: a specs person for the hospital says there is no new update at this time and declined to speak on camera the victim has not been identified but showed up at the hospital under a 72 hours psychiatric hold. police say that her body was discovered at 6:00 a.m. on monday. police say that the body was discovered and that they are now investigating. at the time -- the circumstances of her death are unknown. the hospital says that privacy laws prevent them from saying why the woman was at the hospital. under california law, authorities can place a person on psychiatric hold if the person is considered
8:16 am
dangerous, suicidal, or greatly disabled due to mental illness. this is the second body found under mysterious circumstances at the hospital. last week, a body of a 75-year- old dementia patient was found in the stairwell at the hospital property. she had been reported missing on may 20th from the hospital but the hospital says she was not a patient there. the power plant building is not generally used by patients. it's unknown why anderson was there. forensic examiners say there was no sign of foul play in her case. police say that the medical examiner will determine what the cause of death is for this woman and, again, here is has not been identified. back to you, guys. >> thank you, lee. that's the developing story we are following in the south bay where a person was injured after crashing into a firetruck. this was the scene this morning as firefighters were called to a brush fire. they were putting the fire out when, an hour later, the driver of a nissan all the ma
8:17 am
came back and hit the back of the fire struck. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonthreatening injuries. none of the firefighters were injured. no alcohol or drugs are suspected. lets' go to sal now and look at the traffic. >> let's go to the east bay commute. it has been throw. 680 and highway 4 all very slow. san mateo and dumbarton bridges very slow. 580 westbound slow from about the san leandro board boundary line there with oakland and getting into the lake shore area. bridge is better than it was yesterday. as a matter of fact, the traffic is going to be backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay. you can tell it is a much better commute. also better today is the
8:18 am
carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. 39 minute drive. yesterday, at this time, it was about an hour. let's bring steve in. >> you're too kind, sal. >> another nice, cool day. lows and highs are mainly below average. see, it can happen. it can happen. chloe loves clouds, other good friend up there in lake county. high around 81 to 83. i'll go along with that. sound good. clouds to the north. mendicino county. signature of the system a little dip in the jet stream, that's what's moving through right now, keeping that onshore breeze going. day baseball today. the diamondbacks and the giants, 12:45. again, if i can do two or three forecasts during the day game. but if you are in the sun, not that bad. if you are in the shadow,
8:19 am
cooler, layers. west earlily wind for some, breeze for others. 30miles per hour already at sfo. 22. up over 25. half moon day out of the northwest. 61 brentwood. yet, everywhere he is, 50s, low mid- to upper. concord, fairfield, 59. 50s for many because these water temps, i'm pretty sure that bodega bay, at 59. san francisco buoy, 51 degrees. the system will be off to the east by this afternoon. the low clouds are not going anywhere, surprisingly. they will be back tomorrow and tomorrow's highs will be 60s and 70s. tomorrow, 60s, 70s. saturday will be the key day. cool and windy as well.
8:20 am
below age temps. rain up north. humbled county, shasta. a lot of chatter about next week, getting hot, hot, hot. let's ease into that. i don't think that's a huge deal. nothing that we have not seen  before but we'll keep an eye on it. that will be next week. 60s, 70s on the temps, very low 80s. these temps again below average. so if you like this kind of weather, then this week is for you. a little warmer friday, warmer sunday. >> got it, thank you, steve. we'll continue to follow the latest developments into san francisco's mayor's race which, as of right now, is still undecided. we'll talk with supervisor jane kim. she will talk to us about how it comes down to rank choice voting in deciding who leads san francisco.
8:21 am
ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids.
8:22 am
they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
8:23 am
back now to the san francisco mayor's race which, as of right now, is still undecided. you may remember that london breed had a fairly sizable lead but she didn't reach 50%. so now, mark leno is in the lead. we are now joined by supervisor jane kim. good morning. >> you and mark leno teamed up and agreed to be each other's number 2 choice. have you talked to him this morning. >> i have not had a chance to talk to him but i'm looking at the results and it looks very good for mark leno?
8:24 am
supervisor, back in january, on the 23rd. we know that vote voted london breed out of the acting mayor role. you and leno teamed up. some agreed that the fix was on, whatever it took to make sure that london breed did not become mayor. what do you say to that argument? >> well, it's not about an individual. it's about politics and values and principles. i endorsed mark leno as my number 2 vote because mark and i share a lot of similar priority and values. he and i have both cared deeply about our community college system, raising the minimum wage of our workers to $1an hour and ensuring development of affordable and low income housing. that's natural, because our similars are similar. we institute that had for candidates to be able to run
8:25 am
and support candidates that they are aligned with and not be considered, quote-unquote, spoilers. >> this was in no way personal between you and london breed? >> you know, it's actually funny. i'm much closer to london than i am to mark. london and i worked together for six years. we are more similar socially. we have circles of friends that overlap. i actually don't know mark as well as i know london. however, mark and my politics have been more in alignment over the last decade than it has been with london. >> did london breed reach out to you to be her possible number 2? >> no. >> what do you say to the argument that voters don't understand rank choice voting and that, at the end the day, it does not provide a satisfying result for voters. >> i think rank choice voting worked in this election.
8:26 am
i'm really proud that 77% of my votes went to state senator mark leno. my voters care about afford. , care about the wages and benefits of low income communities and workers. they care about regrowing a middle class. they care about investing in public education. these are the plaid forms that i know that mark leno will continue as mayor of san francisco. while i would have loved to have done that work, i'm really excited that mark will be able to do it. >> in regard to your future, jane, do you have another election, down the road? where are you looking to? >> well, i have to say i'm going to be able to leave office on january 7th with some sense of relief that my work will continue through the mark leno mayoral administration. i really look forward to being able to continue my work to serve our city and our country in a different capacity.
8:27 am
i will not be running against mayor leno in 2019. the race twins be updated every day at 4:00 p.m. we are on the air with the 4 on 2. so you will get that first when you tune in. still to come, an east bay teacher arrested. the other concerns of parents with children that did not attend that school where he taught. and santa clara voters have recalled the judge in the brock turner sexual assault case. how the organizers of that recall effort are responding to that victory and more on the person elected to replace judge aaron persky coming up. we do have traffic moving along pretty well in some areas already. you are beginning to see a little bit of improvement on the san mateo bridge and other bridges. our string of cool weather continues today. both lows and highs, in most locations running below average. we'll see if this trend will continue.
8:28 am
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bursty wednesday. here we are, 8:30 already. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike, mike, mike, mike mike mibach. there you go. let's check in with steve right there. [ laughter ] >> thank you, mike, mike, mike, mike: a little sun, a little bit for everybody. yes. >> a little cool. it can be darn warm, really warm if you are in the sun at at&t. sunny, breezy, nice. tough it beat kind of weather. maybe next week there is a warmup but that remains to be seen how much. i don't think we'll be crazy hot. another system going by as we talk about diamondbacks-giants at 12:45. westerly breeze at 20 miles per hour. a system dragging across will send some higher cloud and
8:31 am
really kicked up the heels there almost up to 30 miles per hour gusts, same as sfo. 50s for many, many. couple of isolated. enjoy it, 60s, 70s on the temps. focusing on the east bay to south bay. is that still the case? >> yes. giants game, on days like today when there is a giants game, it gets crowded leaving the city. if you want to take car, remember it's going to be crowded coming out. the giants game, the first pitch is a 12:45, gets out about 3:30, 4:00, something like that and then everyone is trying to get on the bridge. all those people -- not everyone drives, of course. some people take transit but that means that even the trains are more crowded. bridge traffic is going to be a bit busier throughout the day as peep try to get into
8:32 am
the city for the -- as people try to get into the city for the giants game. slow from san leandro to oakland boundary. delays at sfo because of the cloud cover keeping planes coming in at the standard cyprians rate. if you are keeping a flight out, going to be late coming in and maybe late going out as well. 8:32. back to the desk. continuing our election coverage this morning, a big turn around in the race for mayor in san francisco. state senator mark leno now leads that race with 50.42% ahead of london breed who has 49.4%. breed had a sizable lead last night
8:33 am
kim out of the race. and newsom has been chosen as the candidate for governor for the democrats. he has called his opponent, republican john cox has a foot soldier for donald trump. santa clara voters have recalled a judge, the first judge to be recalled in 80 years. we have more on what happenings next now that judge judge aaron persky has been removed by voters, allie. >> reporter: around 60% voted to recall judge aaron persky.
8:34 am
that began almost two years ago after the sentencing of brock turner. he gave him a six-month sentence for the crime and seen though that was under legal sentencing it guidelines and followed the recommendations of the probation department at the time, critics thought it was far too light and were outraged. voters agreed ousting judge aaron persky in the recall election last night. the chair of the recall campaign, stand ford law professor issued this statement this morning in response. the voters of santa clara county are the winners of this election. we voted today against impunity for high status of domestic violence. ic violence. >> reporter: the recall effort did have some opponents, some retired judges and sitting judges. they stayed that recall set a bad precedent and they are concerned that it encourages judges to base their decision
8:35 am
on public decision instead of guidelines: this recall is unique, the first recall in the history of california where a judge with a stellar record who made a lawful decision lost his job. that has never happened in the history of california and i hope it never happens again. >> reporter: santa clara county assistant district attorney cindy hendrickson will replace judge aaron persky. she was a civil litigator before she joined the santa clara county d.a.'s office. here has been an assistant d.a. for the past several years, not prosecuting to cases in court rooms, but supervisor prosecutors. during the recall campaign, she said that she supported the recall effort but did not speak publicly about it during the campaign. allie, thank you. now to san francisco where voters are asked to decide if the sale of flavored tobacco
8:36 am
products should be banned supervisors say that the tobacco was to entice children and teenagers and those selling it say that will take money awith a from them. voter joked measure h which would have created new rules on when san francisco police officers could have used stun guns. no received more than 60% of the vote, yes at below 40. many side liters and fran police commissioners opposed this measure. thousands of voters in los angeles county were left off the registration rolls yesterday because of a printing error, more than 118,000 names were left off the list. people whose names were left off the list were offered provisional ballots. voters eligibility has to be verified. former los angeles mayor
8:37 am
antonio llaraigosa called on elections officials expand the election because of the error. we are learning more about next week's highly anticipated summit between president trump and kim jung un. he will meet at a resort. president trump is expected to stay at the shankry la hotel closer to the city center. >> a lot of permanent relationships being built. >> the head of the u.s. and north korean delegations hammered out a timetable and a means of denuclearizing the north. north korean officials have
8:38 am
been pushing for the end of the korean war and the push of reunification of the korea. >> hostilities have not ended on the korean peninsula. north korea is armed to the teeth. the united states has a very significant presence. sonon of those things have changed. >> japan's prime minister is scheduled to meet with president trump tomorrow to finalize the strategy. facebook is facing more backlash. and i hop is planning on making a name change, switching just one letter. which one will it be? we'll explain coming up. okay. and right now, we do have traffic that is moving along
8:39 am
pretty well on some of these bay area bridges and causeways. the bay bridge is looking a little bit tight now as you drive towards the tunnel. looks like another day where temps will be below average. coast bay and also inland. somewhere down, things have to change but not anywhere soon. right now, you can get my spicy chicken club combo with fries and a drink in one delicious deal. that's amazing, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! try my new spicy chicken club combo today.
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time is 8:40. tesla ceo had some good news. and stocks are responding. >> let's go to pam. elon musk says that tesla is near its blow ducks goal. that news came during the am shareholders meeting. tesla announced plans to build it first factory outside of the u.s. in shanghai. tesla stock headed up 6% when the bell rang this morning. right now it is up about 17 there are a share to 308 there are a share. voter confidence in tesla. checking the markets, the other companies taking stocks up today, boeing and the banks. there is a live look at the dow, up almost 200 pounds, 24995, very close to 25,000-
8:43 am
dollar mark. up a quarter%. s&p up to a quarter%. and nasdaq up a quarter%. more criticism of facebook. a new york times report says that facebook shared user data with several chinese company that make hand sets. one of those companies has been flagged as a national security threat by the u.s. the da tape clued work history, relationship status and likes on users and their friends. no word on how the data may have been used. >> the federal government now says that without any changesburg made, medicare is on track to run out of money in eight years, three years sooner than the previous estimate. the same report says that social security funds will run out in 2034. now, president trump made a dame pain promise not to caught either program and treasury secretary treasury secretary steven mnuchin -- treasury secretary steven mnuchin made a statement that there is time to fix the two programs so both remain
8:44 am
secure. starting july 1st, passengers will have to tell jetblue 48 hours in advance if they have to travel with a support animal. they need to submit veterinarians forms. passengers will be held liable if the animal hurts someone or damages anything. and the international house of pain cakes, better known as ihop is changes the name to ihob. yes, ihob. won't safe what the b stands for until monday. that set off a twitter storm. the restaurant post add poll with four possibilities, biscayne bay, bacon, butter nut squash and barnacle. but there are many other possibilities, it says. does make a lot of sense because international house of pancakes, they have an extensive menu and makes sense they want to be moan more. >> i thought internationa house of breakfast but that
8:45 am
may cut out your lunch and dinner. >> every i'm i ahead there, i would eat pancakes. >> in my house, you eat breakfast any time of the day. >> really? yes. let's go to sal with a look at that commute. >> i'm with you, gasia. i thought breakfast immediately but we'll see. you might want to grab that breakfast to go on these commutes. there is a look at the bay bridge, better than jet but still a little bit slow, about a 15 minute delay. it is gettinger, i can tell you. there is a giants game, 12:45 pierce pitch. last game of the series between the giants and diamondbacks, today, 12:45. traffic will be heavy in and out of san francisco dueout the day. a look at 880 oakland, past the colyseum. you will see the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges are
8:46 am
pretty slow. oakland and san jose not affected by that. san mateo harass recovered from a couple of accidents. all the way noose the silicon valley, the west valley, are slow. 8:46. let's bring steve in. >> sal, guesting on the bridge after a giants game, bring your -- getting on the bay bridge after a giants game, bring your patience. >> exactly. i would take b.a.r.t. >> exactly right. >> temperatures below average on the lows and highs. nice weather trend continues. all these subtle changes until we get a big dip on saturday with a rebound slightly on sunday. there is talks that it will get warm. there is that little system that swings through right now. a lot of it dissipated. baseball forecast, i'll touch on that, 12:45. if you are in the sun, it can be warm, even if it's only of 0 degrees. if that breeze, it can be
8:47 am
cool. owe facially, 63-51, borough and on both. san jose, 72, 53. 78 and 55 on both, so below average on both. the breeze is there. and it's going to be with us for most of the day. generally a west or southwest wind for some, or a breeze for others. pretty good gust, 25 to 30 miles per hour. 50s on the temps. a lot of 50s here and temperatures will rebound but will stay below and as that system moves through. that ushers in cooler air allove. ukiah, clear lakes, vacaville, brentwood and other areas to the east. staying in the 70s. temperatures not traveling too far thursday. a little warm up thursday and cooldown on saturday night. >> perfect timing, thank you, steve. 8:47. an east bay teacher is arrested.
8:48 am
up next, the concerns for other parents with children who didn't even attend school with him. and looking in guatemala where the search for the volcano survivors continue. we have the incredible story of survival for one child.
8:49 am
8:50 am
police were called to an and. on 14th street near 101 in the mission district to check on a
8:51 am
61-year-old woman who was reported missing. police found the missing and decomposed body stuffed in a tub. police arrested root many mate, 47-year-old lisa gonzalez, reportedly being held without bail and under psychiatric observation. the coroner's office is working to identify the victim. an east bay teacher is arrested for suspicion of being appropriately with teachers. he is arrested as victims reported in appropriate touching while he was working as a babysitter. he had worked for many families. he is also a teacher in bentley school in lafayette. police don't have any other properties. the demonstrate fors
8:52 am
outside of google are asking to protect people living nearby to protect people from jen gentrification. yesterday, the san mateo county board of supervisors allly passed an ordinance banning the sale of those flavored tobacco product in unincorporated parts of the county. supervisor david canappa who cosponsor the ordinance says it sends a clear percentage to tobacco products that luring new customers will not be tolerated in san mateo county. an an exception against the new drive-through restaurants. amy's kitchen will be allowed to build a new restaurant on pair rice east of 101-6789 the new restaurant will be built where a new denny's shut down a year ago. the first restaurant was up in core na park. tonight, the nba finals between the warriors and the
8:53 am
cavaliers continue in cleveland. the warriors have a 2-0 lead in the bells of seven series. steve kerr hopes that andre iguodala can play. he missed the last six games because of leg injury. now he is listed as questionable. mcgee has replaced him. now we can see iguodala against if he can play. if you are a fan of the property brothers, you may want to listen up. the hgtv tars are work on a new children's book called "build brothers big plan". the story features two brothers one wanting to design a double decker. and there is a do-it-yourself project that the entire family can live together. the property brothers taped their show, brother versus brother, right here in the bay area where they bought and renovated two homes which recently went on the market. take a look at this picture. two gerber babies born 90
8:54 am
years apart. the two are finally meeting nor the first time -- for the first time. and we are proof. 91-year-old ape turner cook was the original face on the better gere jar. she met her replacement. one-year-old lucas warren, the current spokes baby, if you will. lucas is the first better gere baby with down syndrome. unusual flight in the streets of fremont. not a traffic jam. up next, this is what happened after two bulls were found fighting in the middle of a residential neighborhood. also, we're going to bring you an incredible story of survival after a baby is rescued following the eruption of a volcano in guatemala. the latest on the search for more possible survivors.
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8:56 am
i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
8:57 am
we continue to follow the latest developments out of guatemala. authorities say 75 are dead and 192 others are missing. one woman says she lost 36 family members in the disaster. a fast moving avalanche swept through so quickly people did not have time to escape. three days later the terrain is still too hot to search for survivors. evacuation orders are in place for half a dozen communities. it was a brief moment of relief, new video has been relief -- released showing an officer saving a little girl. police have a girl and her family were taken to a nearby hospital. employees from red cross organizations headed to hawaii this morning to help with relief. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. an explosion sparked a magnitude 5.5 earthquake
8:58 am
yesterday. the path of lava remains unpredictable. in recent days a handful of people had to be rescued by helicopters. three people dead after a wildfire burned a camping trailer. the fire is burning about 75 miles south of san jose. two of the victims are children. the sheriff's office announced by a crew down the bodies. the names have not been released until relative have been notified. officials say they are a woman, a toddler, and a baby found in a burned off camper. that fire is now 85% contained. fire crews are fighting three separate wildfires in that county. there is a high school senior band from wearing his cabin gal because he wore makeup and heels to his prom.
8:59 am
-- cap and gown because he wore makeup and heels to his prom. the school also told his mother she would have to enforce the schools dress code. >> she had to go ahead and and -- and enforce the dress code for graduation. no makeup, flat shoes, etc. >> those protesting used a megaphone outside of the graduation ceremony. the story went viral and caught the attention of the emeryville mayor. police responded to an unusual report of a fight on a city's treat. it was a bullfight between two bowls. police tweeted this picture of the bulls locking horns. they belong to a nearby ranch.
9:00 am
responding officers have to call for backup, including the rancher who owned the bulls. no one was injured in the rancher was fine for each of the bulls. were both are coming again in this november a democrat and a republican will face off for governor of california. >> this is only the first tap to turning around this date and taking back california for all californians. >> we will have the latest results and here at home. changes in the air, the weather is getting sunnier. we are focusing on your vote your choices on this


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