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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 6, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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responding officers have to call for backup, including the rancher who owned the bulls. no one was injured in the rancher was fine for each of the bulls. were both are coming again in this november a democrat and a republican will face off for governor of california. >> this is only the first tap to turning around this date and taking back california for all californians. >> we will have the latest results and here at home. changes in the air, the weather is getting sunnier. we are focusing on your vote your choices on this day after
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election day. there is a lot happening in san francisco. the lead in the mayor's race likely changed while you were asleep. when we went to bed london breed was on top, but it is mark edging him out this much. it is coming down to good old right choice voting. i think that for major cities here have it. some people don't like it. >> i do not ever remember a race for san francisco mayor not waking up the next day and having some sort of controversy going on. >> it is good for us and it is good for you. we are going to focus statewide and start with the biggest race and another boat that was very closely watched, gavin newsom and john cox finished first and
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second respectively. if you are with us in the 6:00 hour we spoke directly with john cox and thought -- asked him why he thought he could win? >> most people cannot afford to live in the state. 46% of the bay area residents want to leave and there is a reason why. it is dysfunctional and mismanaged and mr. newsom bears that responsibility. >> is that the issues he is running on is ending sanctuary city and state policy as well as our state's recently increased gas tax. the lieutenant governor says his issues include affordable housing in the state education system. >> it is time to reinvest in our public education system and start treating teachers like the heroes that they are. >> the lieutenant governor and
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his wife shared kisses and a victory embrace at the primary election party in san francisco. he preview one of his strategies against cox, calling him a soldier in the trump administration. on >> analysts credit the strong showing for john cox due to the president. this morning the president tweeted another message of support. putting that race on hold, let's turn back to the mayor's race. former state said no -- state senator leno has pulled ahead due to the city's ranked choice
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voting system. >>reporter: a whole lot of drama, good morning to all of you. it potentially could be days before we know who the next mayor of san francisco will be, that is because they are still busy counting ballots. thousands yet for the count before we can defy. we know last night the supervisor london breed jumped into a big leap. in the early morning hours things started to shift in the direction of mark leno. he closed the gap and eventually pulled into first place, all because of the ranked choice voting system. the latest results so leno with 50 point -- 50.4% and breed with 49.58%.
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leno is ahead by less than one percentage point. the ranked choice system turn things around us candidates were eliminated from contention. second-place votes were then redistributed. you will remember during the campaign leno join forces with fellow candidate jane kim, encouraging supporters to list the other as a second-place choice. leno ended up earning 77% of jane kim second-place votes. early this morning we talked with kim about how this strategy paid off for mark leno. >> i am going to be able to leave office on january 7 with some sense of relief that my work will continue through the mark leno mayoral administration. i really look forward to be able to continue my work to serve our city and our country in a different capacity.
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>> i voted number two for jane kim. she made mention she did the same for me. using the dynamics of ranked choice voting and being transparent and accountable. >> no matter who becomes the mayor of san francisco we have a lot of work to get done. i am still going to be here doing the work. i am planning to continue to work with whomever, whether it is me or anyone else. >>reporter: this was a dramatic race from the start, all prompted by the sudden death of merely back in december. no matter who ends up coming out on top this election will make history. leno will be the first openly gay mayor of san francisco while breed would be the first african-american woman to hold a job. the latest results so leno
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leading less than one percentage point. a lot of mailman -- mail in and others yet to be counted. we reached out this morning to representatives from london breed and mark leno, still waiting to hear from each of those candidates. a sonoma state political science professor here with us in the studio. but first, the top spot in sacramento, the governor's race. john cox had a good showing coming in second. some would say it was an upset to villaraigosa. if you were to win this race, what would it take for him to do it? >> a huge republican turnout. he needs the independent voters to swing to the right. it is very hard to do. there
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will be a lot of money spent in the state. he will need some momentum. the newsom team really has the matchup that they wanted. this is the person they think that they can beat. newsom cannot skate to become the next governor, but he is in a strong position. the key becomes what do they do with the legislature? neither have very strong relationships in sacramento. what do you get done or what did you accomplish? that is key, everyone will be looking at 2020. >> looking ahead, how do other races happening in the state affect who gets the top spot? >> you have the seven house races that hillary clinton one that are representative by republicans. democrats look like they will be able to compete, they might not be able to win.
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those districts are critical. if the democrats are going to win the house and nancy pelosi will become the next speaker, they have to win the majority of those districts and compete in three other districts, and they have to win in pennsylvania. if not, nancy pelosi is out. that brings us to the mayor's race. there is a lot of turning going on in terms of political positioning. >> in the presidential election we saw some democrats voting for donald trump, could it happen here? are we going to see democrats, maybe not necessarily here in the bay, but across the area voting for john cox? >> let's say the valley democrats, would like to say they eat coastal republicans for lunch. they are relatively conservative and they the online from parties. republicans stay closer to party and vote the party ticket more, but those independent
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voters play a small role in the june primary, they play a huge role in those congressional districts in that november general election. right now the san francisco mayor's race has turned. does the process of ranked choice voting effect the legitimacy or the response of the new mayor? >> no, the voters may not vote all the way down for all three choices, they may rank first and second and then they get confused. it is so well known in san francisco and in oakland that it does not delegitimize. it gives candidates an opportunities to be more strategic. >> right now i think four major cities have it. >> it allows a more progressive recommendation. voters tend to get confused, but it gives us a lot to talk about it.
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>> the whole choice was to save money. we interviewed jane king and when i asked about her future in politics she said she would not run. whoever loses this race, you expect them to be there? >> absolutely. this race is so important. you are feeling the mayor's turn, and you can run twice after that. you could run san francisco politics while what happens with nancy pelosi, all of that speculation begins on friday. >> mentioning quickly we get updates every day at 4 pm on the mayor's race and we will have that for you at the very top of the floor. thank you. another hot topic was regional measure three, talking about tolls in the bay area. i wanted to bring in sal for a
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little more on the outcome of that. >> thank you very much. regional measure three looks like it is going to pass. it is now 54% yes, 46% have voted no. voters in all nine bay area counties had a chance to vote for this. so far solano county and contra costa county has voted no, the other counties have voted yes. this will rage bridge tolls by as much as three dollars by 2025. so it will cost you three dollars to cross the bay bridge over the next several years. we are going to bring in the bay area council, who help to put this on the ballot. thank you for joining me. a lot of people on my twitter feed were saying this sounds like a very expensive proposition to help improve bay area roadways.
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>> good morning and thank you for having me on. 54% of bay area voters who heard arguments on both sides during the course of this election cycle voted for it. we know not everyone was of the same mindset, but i think the legislators, our partners who we worked with on this measure had the foresight to bring the bay area together for a vote, because it shares a common economy and regional infrastructure. while there is a difference on how to fund infrastructure, i do not think there is a difference of opinion when it comes to people agree we have a serious congestion problem. people are frustrated by it. it is part of the reason why folks are becoming more dissatisfied with the bay area and thinking about leaving. we have to address these things.
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it costs money to do it, that is part of the solution. we have to realize that washington is probably not coming to our rescue like it did in generations past with major transportation money. >> this morning a congressman sent out a press release say that he did not want this measure to pass. he wanted the state to get more money from washington dc to help with infrastructure. also he said he feels the counties that have the most bridges, it is unfair for those people to bear the brunt of people who live in santa clara or on the peninsula who do not necessarily cross bridges. what do you think about the fundamental fairness of this cost? it is going to affect more people in the east bay. >> you know, with all respect back congressman was opposed to
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this in almost every legislator in the bay area supported it. he is on the transportation committee. i give them all the support in the world in bringing the money home to the bay area that we need, but we all know that is not happening right now and probably not in the foreseeable future. we are on our own. i think fairness is an important question. the bridges use a big part of where that can just. what we are trying to do is get more cars off those bridges and give people who use their cars a mass transit option. about 75% of this money is going to go for the fairies and for tramp or another alternative, so that people who do not have to use the bridges don't. most of the counties, in fact
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every county besides alano has passed multiple sales taxes. people are paying for transportation in other ways. in the past 15 years we have raised about $80 billion of our own money for transportation improvement. only a small portion is coming off the bridge. we are going to have to keep looking for ways to fund our infrastructure and make your job less relevant in a couple of years. >> all right. we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. we will see where that money goes. election covers continues after the break with results on san francisco police officers using god in a printing error that left thousands of voters off the roster. for all the latest results you can go to we will be right back. was -- breyers natural vanilla.
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the dow jones started off strong, it gained 230 points. the s&p 500 up by one half of a percent, nasdaq up by a quarter. san francisco voters were decide if the sala flavored tobacco products should be banned? supporters say they are designed to get children and teenagers to try them, small businesses say it would take money out of their pockets. with close to 100% of the vote counted more than two thirds approved. 32% fat no. it outlaws the sale of labor baby and tobacco products. two democrats came out on top or lieutenant governor. coming in second we find a state senator who represents the san gabriel county.
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11 candidates competed to become lieutenant governor. in san francisco mold -- voters reject it measure h that would have created new rules on the use of stun guns. many city leaders and the commissioner opposed the measure. thousands of voters in los angeles county were left off the voter registration rolls because of a printing error. more than 118,000 names are left off. those whose names were left off the list were offered provisional ballots. antonio villaraigosa called on officials to extend election day until friday because of the error. henry winkler was one the names
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not on the voter role. moving now to our question of the day, did you vote in the california primary? 54% of you say yes. >> little red says the following ... >> erica simpson says she would never miss an election, especially now. >> we will take your responses throughout the day. coming up next, the new information surrounding the death of a student found at the bottom of a high school swimming pool. and the new video that shows it was not a suicide.
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welcome back, this is the time of year that travel is on mines. the fog tends to slow down flights sometimes. >> usually it is a morning a van and then it gets better, i think everything is looking pretty good. a few clouds, most of that is starting to move off. it is a cool pattern. giants play at 12:45 pm. you can always do three or four different forecast for at&t. if you are in the sun it is warm sometimes even though other areas are cool. you see that dip, that is
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allowing cooler air to spell land. a few clouds in areas to the south. a west wind or a west southwest wind is all on sure. this is going to keep us on the cool side. a lot of 50s in the makes, that system right there moves through . i think we will get a bigger impact on the fog tomorrow. this is for thursday, watch what happens, the highs really do not go anywhere. if you want the 80s you have to head out to the sacramento valley. these are all blowout temperatures, it is nice and somewhere down the road we will have to change, but that won't be anytime soon. the nice cool weather continues for june, you guys. us and north korea teams are meeting to finalize the
9:26 am
details between next week summit. we have more from london. >>reporter: we are learning more about next week's highly anticipated summit between the president and kim jong-un. the white house says the 2 m -- the two will meet in singapore. meanwhile, the president was expected to stay at the shangri- la, closer to the city center. >> and a lot of relationships being built, and a lot of negotiations. >>reporter: what could be one of the final rounds taking place today. the head of the us and north korea delegation hammering out a timetable and a means for denuclearization. officials have been pushing for a formal an to the korean war and a path to re-unification.
9:27 am
>> of inter-korean relationships improve i will prioritize the work of discovering the remains buried. >>reporter: experts are worried to not expect that kind of a big breakthrough, saying both sides are trying to keep the focus on denuclearization, putting together -- a thought the permanent be -- beef between the north and the south. >> none of those things of change. >>reporter: the prime minister of japan is scheduled to meet with the president at the white house tomorrow to coordinate their strategy ahead of the summit. coming up, more information about a student taken into custody or threatening to open fire at a middle school. the post that led to that arrest. a show of support for high school senior out of kentucky. how the school is stepping in.
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welcome back, we will now focus on a boat that received nationwide attention, the effort to recall judge aaron persky. the efforts down from his controversial sentence of brock turner who was convicted of sexual assault. the public uproar over the sentence was linked to the etoo movement. voters have removed a fitting judge for the first time in over 80 years. >>reporter: around 60% of voters voted to recall aaron persky. that effort was prompted by his sentencing of brock turner in that sexual assault case. he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman
9:31 am
two years ago. the judge gave him a six-month sentence for the crime, even though it fell under legal sentencing guidelines, critics audit was far too lenient and were outraged. voters apparently agreed, ousting him in a recall vote last night. his chairperson issued a statement saying the voters are the winners. we voted today. the recall effort did have its opponents, some sitting and retired judges came to his defense in the weeks leading up to election day. their concern is that the recall would encourage judges in the future to base their set the sink on public opinion. >> this is unique, the first in the history of california were
9:32 am
a judge with a stellar record who made a lawful decision lost his job. that has never happened in the history of california and i hope it never happens again. >>reporter: what happens next? the assistant district attorney will replace aaron persky once the results are finalized. she garnered 70% of the vote in a separate election, feeling a position of who would succeed him if he was recall. she was a civil litigator for five years and joined the district attorney's office back in 1995. she has been an assistant da overseeing cases in the family violence and juvenile justice division. henderson supported the recall, but did not speak publicly about it during the campaign. that did put her at odds with her now former boss, who did
9:33 am
oppose the recall effort. also, the incumbent mayor has a lead with 74% of the vote. the closest candidate is steve brown. if he clears the primary with more than 50% he will not be required to take part in a runoff. the santa clara county sheriff's six -- is seeking her sixth term. she currently has 45%. she needs to capture the present in order to avoid a runoff. here are more election results. you can see the results they are. they will face each other in the november general election.
9:34 am
>> in the race for superintendent of public instruction, marshall tuck and tony thurmond are squaring off. tuck has the while supportive charter schools and education reform. voters approved almost every position except for one involving how money is allocated to come back climate change. >> proposition 68, 60 -- 56% yes, 40% saying no. proposition 69, 80% voted yes, 19.6% voted no. this amendment ensures that a 12 fence tax on gas last year can only be used for trance --
9:35 am
12% tax on gas last year can only be used for transportation this year. >> had it passed, the state could only access the money with two thirds approval from both legislative chambers. proposition 71 says new ballot measures cannot take affect. currently when a ballot measure passes on tuesday night it takes effect on wednesday. supporters say some ballots have yet to be counted in some valium ballots have yet to arrive. proposition 72 allows the state legislation to construct new rainwater capture systems.
9:36 am
when a property owner as new construction that is assessed for taxable value. this measure does make sure it is not trigger a property tax reassessment. did you vote in the california primary? thank you so much for answering our question of the day. for all the latest election results, you can find the information on our website, we will be right back. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto. new information on the death of a 15-year-old boy found at the bottom of his high school swimming pool last month.
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an autopsy report determined the freshman died of an accidental drowning during a swimming class. the autopsy report says there is video showing him going underwater another swim is -- other students swimming in getting out. one hour later his body was spotted. at the time of his death his classmates that they believe he had taken his own life. his family has higher an attorney who says the family is upset the school did not make public the information it had showing the death was not suicide. an unusual accident where a car ended up near a tree. we are live with more on what happened. >>reporter: a wild morning, police say that car was traveling southbound speeding and came up onto this private driveway. when they hit the greenery where the officers are standing a went airborne, hit a carport,
9:40 am
and the huge tree behind the car but does my carport is what police they prevented the car from hitting a house. the driver allegedly got out of the vehicle and then walked away. you are looking at pictures of that car in those trees. a few minutes later a separate call went out of a man i walk again the street. it was determined the man came from the vehicle crash at the carport. paramedic started treating him, but police say he started assaulting the paramedic crew. police got involved, the mandate got into a physical altercation with the officer. he was ultimately transported to the hospital conscious, but nonverbal. the extent of his injuries are unknown. homeowner said they feel lucky the accident did not hurt family or neighbors. >> i just called for my husband to tell him the tree was down.
9:41 am
it was maybe five or 10 minutes later that i saw a man walk away. >> we feel very lucky. we heard that possibly the person left the car and we had our doors open. we need to lock our doors around here. >>reporter: we have two themes to this accident, one where the car crash and there is also a crime scene down close to where the oakland zoo is. that is where the man allegedly assaulted the officer. one officer was taken to the hospital. at this time no word on what charges may be coming for the driver. the deputy at the florida shootings that the president has turned him into a punching bag.
9:42 am
17 were shot and killed on valentine's day. the president accused the deputy of not wanting to go into the school as the gunshots rang out. in one interview he says being called a coward is the worst label for a police officer and that it is false. he says he wants to tell parents he is sorry, but he couldn't russia without the facts. it did not know who or where the shooter was. authorities reveal how they were able to fool a plot to shoot and kill students at pleasant hill middle school. investigators say they were met by an post on snapchat. they say a 13-year-old posted he was going to kill many students on the last day of school and included 30 gun emojis. >> it came to law-enforcement attention, snapchat notify the f vi -- fbi. >> the ip address was tried and
9:43 am
that eventually led police to arrest the suspect at his home. there is a show of support in the east bay for a high school senior that was barred from giving his valedictorian speech because he wore makeup and heels. now emeryville has invited him to help kickoff their cities pride celebration. >> i think that a lot of people -- >>reporter: being named valedictorian was an incredible across the -- accomplishment. he had a 4.8 cumulative gpa, but his sexuality and sense of passion landed him in hot water with school leaders after he wore makeup and heels to prom. >> i was called to the principal's office. >>reporter: the week of graduation his mother will get his first call ever from the school. >> when she got that call it
9:44 am
was a message from the diocese, he was the one giving the message that she had to go ahead and enforce the dress code for graduation. i needed to wear a shirt and tie, no makeup, etc. >>reporter: 10 hours before he was set to deliver his valedictorian speech the diocese stripped him of that opportunity. he would not let them have the last word. with a megaphone he made his voice heard outside the graduation ceremony. his story went viral and caught the attention of the emeryville mayor. >> i grew up in the midwest myself, i had very personal experiences with homophobia as a youth. i felt like my position afforded me a unique opportunity to give someone who has a voice that is being stifled others an opportunity to be heard. >>reporter: he and others pulled money on their own
9:45 am
wallets to fly christian to california to deliver his speech to kick off pride month. >> we will have an audience who will not only appreciate his point of view, but welcome it. >>reporter: for christian, this is just the beginning. he says he hopes to use this form to push for aggression in kentucky. >> we are all capable of having that voice and advocating on what we believe in, regardless if we all hold the same core values this -- value system. >>reporter: christian is set to go home tomorrow, but with a mindset of motivation to change the minds of many in kentucky. tonight in oakland members of the community and big-name sport stars and at risk youth are coming together to tackle the issue of violence and racism . we are excited to be joined by two leaders up tonight's
9:46 am
form. gentlemen, thank you for being here. what is the goal? >> to give room for those who are in trouble to seek help from those who have been through it. you have to have influences the come together and say you don't have to deal with this by yourself. the only way you find help if the find those who have been through the pain and came out on the other side. >> you have been through it yourself? >> my life is just like everyone else's, dealing with the struggle of figuring out your identity. my whole family has been involved in gangs. i was the one who was protected, but you cannot be protected from the environment. the forces that push you backwards. what we have that is how do we use our lives as a way to push
9:47 am
forward? you have to have folks who can lend a hand. >> you are sort of a big brother to a lot of the young men and women at skyline high school. they see a large financial divide, they might see a large racial divide, what do you say to them? >> ask for help. we are showing them away with our foundation, we want to give them the tools that will be needed to survive out here. >> bishop, i know you do a lot of your work in dallas, but you also reach out to other communities. there has been a lot of talk about racial bias here in oakland. there was an incident where woman call police on a gentleman using a charcoal barbecue and that sparked a police response. it also sparked a larger response by the community. it was a difficult talk to have,
9:48 am
do we need to talk about this more or less? >> that woman definitely raise the idea that we have to get rid of, the real typing. you also have to hear that there is a fear. there is a fear because what you don't understand you tend to run away from. maybe you start thinking it is them a lot and the truth is it is all of us. we have one idea that we can be civil citizens and have spiritual ideas that come forth. you have to figure out how to not look at it as us versus them. >> a lot of what you deal with in oakland similar? >> it is unique. i just asked him to tell us something different, and he said we are just like other city, but we have a hardness because we have to survive. when you are surviving sometimes
9:49 am
you suspend the rules. sometimes people misunderstand. it is not i don't care, it is i have to figure out how do i make it to this moment? oakland is unique, but the one general topic is violence cannot be our response, if we come together there is a solution amongst us. from the broken you can get a lot of help. >> in your relatively short lifetime you have seen oakland change a lot. how do you stay in your community and still have a pride about the future? >> you just reach out. what you know you can help someone else. the pain that you have seen you can let them know, you don't have to carry it yourself. a lot of people have gone through pain and overcome. we tried to have an organization where you can come
9:50 am
and speak about it. >> i know a lot of people view asking for help is weakness, what do you say to those who feel that way? >> don't, i almost killed myself because i did not ask for help. i struggled in reading and writing and it almost took me down. my message is you have to ask for help. pipes will break. the biggest thing in being a man in the -- and the young lady is to ask for help. >> you have an antiviolence form being held tonight from 630 to 8 pm -- 6:30 pm until 8 pm. we have more information on the pride of oakland skyline high school, thank u for jog us. have a good event tonight.
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the associated press is reporting the president is expected to grant a request from kim kardashian-west to free a grandmother in prison on a drug conviction. kardashian-west met with the president last month and spoke about prison reform and in
9:54 am
particular the case of alice marie-jonathan. she is a 62-year-old who was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1992. sources say the president will commute her life sentence. police responded to an unusual report of a fight on city streets between two bowls. it happened around 9:30 pm yesterday. police tweeted this photo. you can see the two bowls locking horns in the middle of the street. responding officers have to call for backup and they also call the owner of the ranch who eventually helped heard -- herd them to safety. no one was injured, the rancher will find $100 for each escaped animal. four if you are a fan of property brother, the stars are working on a new children's book called builder brothers.
9:55 am
the story features two brothers who want to design a double- decker dog house for their dog, it also includes a do-it- yourself project the whole family can tackle together. the property brothers recently taped their show brother versus brother right here in the bay area where they purchased and renovated two homes. the way the rock johnson work with under armour to create a pair of athletic shoes. the shoes go for $120 a pair and were sold in a few stores and online. they were gone in half an hour. he says the color scheme is a tribute to them in a women who serve in the military. lebron james and steph curry are weighing in on a potential visit to the white house. this comes after the president canceled the white house visit by the super bowl champions, the philadelphia eagles. when asked how they feel, both
9:56 am
agreed a visit to defeat is not on the agenda. >> i know no matter who wins the series no one wants to go. >> i agree with lebron, i am pretty sure the way we handle things last year, it kind of stays consistent with that. >> last year the president withdrew his invitation to the warriors after their nba championship because of curry with hesitating about whether or not he and the team would accept. the two will once again face off tonight for game three of the nba finals. the warriors have a 2-0 leave. the head coach hopes and injured player can play. he missed the last six games with an injury and is now listed as questionable. he was replaced in game two of the finals.
9:57 am
tonight's game starts at six the clock. >> as the san francisco mayor's race is still unfolding london breed is just lightly trailing. every day at 4:00 we will get an update. we will have that for you first thing. gavin newsom not waiting long, he is campaigning this afternoon. we hope to have a lab report. thank you for watching. see you at noon. so by simply adding the right ingredients... can end each day crafting a perfectly delicious dinner.
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