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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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francisco in this very tight race with the latest results in just the last hour. to give you a sense of how tight the race is, this morning the candidates were separated by 1,146 votes. now they are separated by just 1,121 votes. after a grueling campaign, the wait is still not over to see who will lead san francisco. the board of elections saying the count is still on for some 47,000 vote by mail offices dropped off in polling places around the city. 14,000 provisional ballots and 16,000 vote by mail ballots all waiting to be processed through san francisco's ranked choice system. >> the results could change on a daily basis really until we're done with the processing of the ballots and i certify the election. >> reporter: that means for now, the candidates are in limbo. the race is tightening overnight bringing them to within 1%. today both top candidates are talking. mark leno first recognized the hard fought campaigns of jane kim and london breed and saying with the latest results that he was hopeful and
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confident that he could lead the city on key issues including homelessness, clean streets and affordable housing. >> we are feeling very encouraged and optimistic and i want to thank all the san francisco voters who have been a part of this effort for fundamental change in a new direction for san francisco. >> reporter: london breed, who watched an early lead erode after several rounds of ranked choice voting, says she is watching the results closely. >> it has been absolutely an amazing journey full of love, full of excitement, full of hope, and i am optimistic. >> reporter: as for when the candidates may finally learn who ultimately prevails, the board of elections is working through 15,000 to 20,000 ballots a day and will accept mail-in ballots postmarked on election day through friday, so it could stretch into next week. >> i imagine this weekend would be the soonest we could probably have a sufficient number of cards reported for
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people to make projections about potential winners of any contest. >> reporter: frank, heather, no matter how tight this race gets, it will not trigger an automatic recount. san francisco doesn't have automatic recounts, mean if this race is won by even a single vote, we wouldn't have an automatic recount. somebody, probably the losing candidate, would have to ask for a recount and it would be expensive. they could retabulate the machines and make sure the numbers are accurate to a hand recount which could take days and be very expensive. so this whole process could continue on conceivably even after the results are finalized by the board of elections here in san francisco. back to you. >> all right, thank you. now to the race for governor. democrat gavin newsom will face off against republican john cox in november. lieutenant governor newsom came in first with 33% of the votes. next was john cox with 26%.
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and former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa 13%. today we got a chance to talk to both of the candidates and cristina rendon joins us now from the ferry building in san francisco where gavin newsom spend the day campaigning. reporter: it hasn't even been 24 hours and already gavin newsom is hitting the ground running, campaigning for those votes and looking forward to november. a small crowdof supporters cheered him on. reporter: gavin newsom was the center of attention surrounded by supporters before walking into the ferry building in san francisco. how do you feel fresh off your win? >> it feels good but i think it's pretty obvious we're out here and taking nothing for
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granted. >> reporter: they posed for pictures and greeted voters over lunch hour. he has a strong lead over john cox who spoke with us on "mornings on 2". >> mr. newsom is a walking, talking special interest. you can see that with his financial reports. we have to get the power of money out of politics. >> reporter: cox represents new change while newsom represents the status quo, he says. >> just told the truth the voters of california. this state is now the number one state for poverty. most people can't afford to live in the state. >> look, a lot of these issues i share the same critique. we have a different, um, you know, different solution or different strategy, different recipe to address these issues. he's good at identifying some of these issues. i think we have a better approach to actually solving some of these issues and that's what i want to focus on. >> reporter: newsom made light of a congratulatory tweet by president trump to cox writing, please come campaign for him as much as possible. despite california being a blue state, newsom is not taking any votes for granted.
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>> as california goes, so goes the country. i think he can inspire other governors across the country to really stand up and be proud of who we are as americans and our potential to come together despite perceived differences. >> reporter: newsom says cox called him last night congratulated him on both of them advancing. he says cox is really a great guy and he sees that this campaign is a good opportunity for voters to see two contrasting visions for california. >> thank you. in the race for lieutenant governor, two democrats are headed to the general election coming up in november. eleni kounalakis was the top contender with 23% of the vote followed by democrat ed hernandez. the republican in the race came in third and will not advance to the general election.
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the measure will raise tolls by $3 over 7 years in exchange for investments in public transit and freeway improvements. tonight at 5:30 we find out about what the first projects will be. also, we are tracking all of the election results on our website. so be sure to go there to check the latest numbers on contra costa county coroner has concluded that the drowning death of a san ramon valley high school student was an accident. and the coroner's report says there is no evidence that the 15-year-old boy tried to intentionally kill himself. ktvu's rob roth obtained the report and spoke with the family's attorney who says the parents are angry at the school district for what it didn't do. reporter: the contra costa county coroner concluded the drowning death of benjamin curry here in the san ramon valley high school swimming pool last month was an
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accident during swim class and not suicide. that speculation of some students in some news accounts including ktvus. and that has curry's parents upset through their attorney. >> it makes it doubly worse and they have been in pain as a result of the death of their son and now they are in pain because there is a false narrative that he killed himself. >> reporter: the attorney also says the parents blame the san ramon valley unified school district for not correcting the mistaken reports of suicide. >> they let it sit out in the public for everybody to believe that this poor young man committed suicide. they knew the facts and never changed it. >> reporter: the coroner's report also says danville police reviewed surveillance video of the pool. it shows curry submerged as the rest of the class leaves the pool but the report continues, quote, based on camera angles, it was unclear if curry left the pool with
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the other students or if he remained in the pool under the surface of the water or if he surfaced in another area of the pool. curry was discovered an hour later by the next class. >> there was a lack of supervision in the swim class. that allowed the son to pass. that shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: the coroner did find traces of antidepressants in his system, although he suffered from depression, there's no indication he intended to harm himself. the report doesn't say what caused the drowning. >> we are going to do our own investigation, that's for sure. >> reporter: the district has no comment on the criticism while the danville police department is still investigating. that investigation is expected to wrap up perhaps by the end of the week. in danville, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. police in san francisco are investigating the discovery of another dead body on the grounds of sf general hospital. it is the second such incident in less than a week.
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a hospital patient died monday morning. she was reportedly on an involuntary psychiatric hold. the coroner is working to determine the cause of death. the discovery comes less than a week after the body of 76- year-old ruby anderson was found at a power plant there on the hospital campus. anderson was a dementia patient who had been reported missing from an elderly care facility on the hospital grounds. 49er linebacker reuben foster today pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor weapons charge stemming from his arrest in los gatos in february. foster will serve more than 200 hours of community service and face two years of probation during which he is barred from possessing guns. the weapons charge all part of foster's domestic violence arrest in which charges were dropped after his ex- girlfriend testified that she lied about foster abusing her. foster has returned to the 49ers and is taking part in off season practices. but espn's adam schecter reports the nfl is still
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considering a multi-game suspension for that weapons offense. the backboard at the fire department the paramedic personnel and oakland police officers. >> a high-speed crash and fight. ton an out-of-control driver is under arrest. how this car landed on the roof of an oakland home. >> reporter: i'm scott reiss live in cleveland. the big story in game 3, will he or won't he? andre iguodala may make his series debut. we'll update you right after this. >> it was cooler yet again today. temperatures keep falling. how much cooler will it be for thursday? we'll let you know. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing.
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the warriors are looking to take a 3-0 lead in the nba finals and it won't be easy because the cavs are different at home and so is lebron james. scott reiss joins us now live from cleveland with the preview of tonight's matchup. reporter: it's loud at the q and it's only 10% full. it's massive, one team the cavs trying to get back in the thing make it a series and the warriors of course looking to step on the proverbial throat and take a 3-0 series lead. we have klay thompson that's come on the floor. he is warming up here behind me. but the big story heading in, andre iguodala. will he or won't be play for the first time? it sounds like yes. he left the floor about 15 minutes ago did his normal pregame routine wearing a
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little extra padding under the tights under that knee but he looked normal and fine. he did everything he normally does. seemed like he would be good to go. steve kerr was asked about it half an hour before the warmup and here's what he had to say. >> he is going to test it out on the court. he is likely to play but i don't have official word yet. as soon as he is done with his warmup and chelsea tells me and then we'll announce whether he is good to go or not. >> obviously we all know what he is capable of and how he helps the team so it will be a huge boost for us. >> settles us down a little bit. you look at dray and he has an even keel for the game and somebody that's always dependable so looking forward to getting him back. >> would you know it? just within the last couple of minutes, we have gotten official word from the warriors pr department that iguodala will be available tonight. not sure whether he will start, but it sounds like as we suspected, he will play and
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that's so critically important for there team. not only because it gives them another offensive option but obviously the biggest contribution iguodala makes in this series is on the defensive side of the floor. he is one of the very best in the entire nba at slowing down lebron james. and here's a number for you just for some lebron perspective. the cavs have won eight straight games in this building in the play-offs since they lost game one of the opening series to the pacers. in those eight home games, lebron is averaging 40 points a game. he has been truly unstoppable in this building. so we'll see if some combination of iguodala and friends will be able to slow him down here tonight. >> all right, scott. we're looking over your shoulder. klay looks good, that high ankle sprain, he should be maybe 99% anyway? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, klay certainly looked the part when he came back in game 2. so i think the high ankle sprain is a thing of the
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past, knock on wood. i don't see any long ankle braces of any kind. steph was looking like the mvp candidate that he is now. he is the runaway favorite to win the mvp finals award. he is making half his three- pointers and so the bottom line is setting up to be a terrific and incredibly exciting basketball game here tonight. i can't wait to tip it off in about an hour. >> you have a front row seat, my friend. >> certainly is. scott, thank you so much reporting live in cleveland. concord police today released new surveillance video of a bumbling bandit to break in a convenience store. first he rips part of the door off, leaves, comes back and uses a rock to bash the glass door. once he got in he made his way to the cash register which was empty. police say though he eventually stole $5,000 worth of lottery tickets. anyone with information is asked to call concord police. be. it started with a speeding car that flew off an oakland
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road landed on top of a carport and a home and ended with that driver arrested and accused of attacking a police officer. this all happened on golf links road just outside the oakland zoo. leigh martinez reports. reporter: at this time police don't think any other car was involved. it was a single car that sped, didn't brake, cracked through the greenery, went airborne and a tree prevented it from hitting a house. reporter: oakland police say the nissan altima was traveling southbound at a high rate of speed when it turned onto a private driveway, a dead end. the car never stopped. a woman was up early feeding her cats when she heard the crash. >> didn't know what it was, thought it was an earthquake but felt absolutely no movement. i then looked out and saw the tree down. >> reporter: she says she saw the driver walkway from the crash, appeared injured, a
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white man, sandy blonde hair, a beard, and walked away barefoot. >> very thankful that tree was there because it would have went right into our house. >> reporter: shortly thereafter police were called to a report of a man seen walking in a street on golf links road. paramedics started treating him but police say he started assaulting the paramedic. he allegedly grabbed the paramedic backboard and used it as a weapon. >> reporter: he was using it against the officials and then he attacked the officer physically, grabbed the officer. >> reporter: the 38-year-old man was then transported to highland hospital conscious but nonverbal. the extent of his injuries are unknown. the oakland officer was hit in the face by the driver and was transported to highland hospital with abrasions to his face and hands. homeowners on this private road say they feel lucky the accident didn't hurt family or neighbors. >> we have multiple homes with kids. we were very lucky.
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we heard that possibly the person left the car. >> reporter: leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the driver was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer and four counts of assault. we are tracking those up and down temperatures we have been talking about. talktalked about it for several weeks. last weekend warm, last couple of days cool, warmer friday and then cooler on saturday, and then back up. so we are getting this constant sort of fluctuation which makes it hard for a consistent marine layer to form. makes it hard for fire danger to really take hold. makes it hard for air quality to get really bad. so in all reality, that's not a bad little pattern for us in terms of some of the negatives that we're avoiding. it's unusual to say the least. this is the low pressure. if this is january, we're going rain, rain, rain, rain,
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rain. i mean, this is a pretty good- looking system but it's not january. it's coming into summertime, and that system just serves to cool us down and keep the things, you know, keep the winds going. we are having some significant winds today, especially up in the altamont pass and some cloud cover. you see clouds toward hayward up in the east bay hills. those winds, 21 miles an hour in the napa area. we got a gust out there at 30 in fairfield, 30 in concord. that's big wind. and let's see what sfo is doing there. yeah, almost 30, 29. so the winds are westerly. winds should die down tonight and tomorrow but they will still be kind of breezy. and this pattern, as long as that low stays there, continues. like i say, it's going to cool off a little bit and then warm up a little bit and then cool off a little bit through the next few days. temperatures did cool off yet again today. these are the departures from yesterday. minus 5 in fairfield. and then outside we go and you can see some of the stratus stuck up on the east bay hills. but you're not seeing the traditional stratus that's right down stuck at the coast
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because it's stretched out. so everybody is getting cool. but the fog itself is having a tough time holding together especially at the coast. but there is the forecast model. that's tomorrow morning's fog footprint. you see how it's pushing well inland. that's an indication of a deep marine layer because those hills are averaging 1,000 feet and the fog is getting up over that. burns off. more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures about where they were today. maybe a degree warmer in some places but yellows are 70s. greens are 60s. that's your forecast high for your bay area thursday. warmer as we go into the next couple of days. community leaders are demanding action after what they call a hate incident here at santa teresa high school. we'll explain coming up. >> later coming up, new at 6:00, the fbi dedicating special agents to investigate school shooting threats. more on the new task force
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just launched. >> we have seen a better result when all of law enforcement is partnering together to actually attack these threats.
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on incidence happened at santa teresa high school in san jose. it involves a white teacher, a black student, and what appears to be a simulated news. ann rubin has more on what happened. >> reporter: this is what a santa teresa high school
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student said when he went to class one day. his teacher picked up a rope used for arm exercises. >> his teacher made a rope- like structure around his own neck and directly said to the student, stay away from me. >> reporter: the teacher who is also the student's football coach later claimed it had been a joke. but he is white and the student is black. the student says a simulated rope around the neck can never be made light of. >> it shouldn't be joked about. the student was like that's not okay. >> we have had a whole history of lynchings happening. they call them nooses. many of our ancestors were hung. >> reporter: the team's family went to san jose police and the east side union high school district both promptly beginning to investigate. the school district found there was credible evidence the incident happened and so today the superintendent released a statement saying the district will redouble its efforts to, quote, ensure that discrimination, harassment and bullying are removed from our campuses.
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but community activists say there is a bigger picture problem here. >> everybody needs to take an introspective look and say we are not serving our black kids the way we need to be serving them. >> reporter: police referred the case to the d.a.'s office and called it a hate incident that may not be a crime. activists working with the student and family says the district needs to take action. >> we definitely want to see the school held accountable, the coach teacher held accountable and the district because they are supposed to be providing a safe environment for the youth. >> reporter: for now the teacher is on paid administrative leave. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. it's not 100% certified but it looks like regional measure 3 means their tolls are going up starting 2019. >> and a woman accused of a gruesome crime in san francisco involves a room for rent, a dispute and a bloody homicide.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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get ready to pay more tolls on all 7 bay area state bridges by $3. the first increase will be next year up $1. in most cases it goes from $5 to $6 unless you're on the bay bridge during peak hours that toll will go up from 6 to $7 next year. in return, for all those increases, regional measure 3 provides $4.5 billion to improve the bay area commute over the next 25 years. the money is slated to go towards dozens of transportation projects all across the bay area and ktvu's tom vacar joins us live on treasure island to explain the changes commuters can expect. reporter: a lot of these projects are indeed future oriented. some are going to take quite a few years to accomplish but others are hot to trot shovel- ready. reporter: the first improvements that will get
5:31 pm
under way are on the rail and bus transit front. even before the tolls actually increase -- >> within probably the next few weeks, muni can pull the trigger and actually buy some additional vehicles. bart will be acquiring 300- some additional cars over time. >> reporter: those 300 new bart cars are above and beyond the 775 already under contract and will add a lot of capacity to future bart expansions especially in the south bay. but what about shovel-ready road improvements? >> the first of those projects will get under construction in 2019. >> reporter: probably first up, more quickly finishing the widening of the clogged highway 101 marin-sonoma narrows. expanding the smart train north of santa rosa may begin next year. work onmore express lanes on
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most freeways. planning for a direct connector from 101 to 580 across the bridge to richmond should begin next year. expect more emphasis on projects such as traffic over- and underpasses to allow trucks and trains to move more freely through the region. >> that's a really important part of the mobility puzzle. not necessarily big ticket projects, but things that make the whole system operate more efficiently. >> reporter: also coming, expanded regional express bus service to reduce congestion, double frequency of ferry service, new routes, and channels in the north, central and south bay, improvements to bike and pedestrian access on and around state-owned bridges connecting the bus and ferry terminals. and so another buck in 2019. a second buck in 2022. and a final buck in 2025. the people are expecting that these projects are going to take place on time and on
5:33 pm
budget. and skeptics like congressman mark desaulnier will be watching like a hawk. >> a lot of those folks are people from my district who did not support it. >> reporter: he questions many of the proposed projects. >> the project list was devised more for political relationships than for what would benefit the commuter. >> reporter: now, there are a lot of projects that are involved and we have put up a link on our website at, web links, and you can see each of the projects in your county. but remember, a lot of these are multi-county projects so it's a very wide package. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, pretty lofty goals, too. any idea how they keep track of that toll money to make sure it goes into the transportation fund? >> reporter: oh, yeah. there are a lot oversights on this money now because people have had the feeling that some of the stuff was being siphoned off and many years
5:34 pm
ago some of it was. but it's well guarded. the question, of course, what project do you think has a priority over another? everybody thinks theirs is the most important. so these were projected locked down in this law so they would fund these projects and they will be easy to check out the spending and the timelines and everything else. >> all right, tom vacar live there on treasure island, thank you. voters in santa clara county have decided to recall a sitting judge. judge aaron persky is the first in california to be recalled in more than 80 years. persky was the judge who sentenced a stanford student who had been convicted of sexual assault to six months in jail. with 100% of the precincts now counted, santa clara county voters support that recall by 60% to 40%. >> this campaign really drove it into the polls and i think the message coming out of this is if you are aan elected -- if you are an elected official and you don't take violence
5:35 pm
against women seriously then you will hear from women at the polls. >> s this is first recall in the history of california that targeted a judge with a stellar record who did nothing wrong, had no track record of misconduct and made a lawful decision. so this sets a very, very scary precedent for state court judges in california and maybe even beyond. >> santa clara county assistant district attorney cindy hendrickson is set now to replace him. taking a look at the race for california attorney general and the incumbent xavier becerra held on to a 20- point lead over his nearest challenger steven bailey a retired judge and republican. they will face off now in the november general election. ction. san francisco police have arrested a 47-year-old woman for killing her roommate, dismembering her body and keeping it in her apartment the past two weeks. as paul chambers reports, the victim had been renting a room from the suspects. reporter: this home is the scene of a brutal homicide
5:36 pm
according to the san francisco district attorney. >> this is a very concerning piece for us. we take it very seriously. we are disturbed with the allegations. >> reporter: court documents state lisa gonzalez lived here in the 200 block of 14th street in san francisco. in august of last year, gonzalez offered to rent a room for $400 a month to a 61- year-old woman. >> it appears that it was a roommate relationship, not necessarily a -- a -- an intimate relationship but simply renting a room. >> reporter: court documents say that items around the home started to get misplaced or broken. gonzalez then told the 61-year- old woman she needed to move out by mid-may or face eviction. another person who lived in the home told investigators that on may 16th, she came home and heard what sounded like sawing and smell of rotten eggs coming from the bathroom. they later found some kind of hacksaw under the sink. police were notified on june 1st, officers came to the home and found the 61-year-old woman's dismembered body rotting inside a plastic bag
5:37 pm
inside a storage unit in the home. officers arrested gonzalez the next day. during the investigation, officers learned that the 61- year-old woman was reported missing by a friend on may 15th. after her arrest, gonzalez told investigators that was the day that they got into a verbal argument after the 61- year-old woman said she wasn't moving out. gonzalez said she thinks she flipped but didn't have a real recollection of what happened. in court, gonzalez didn't show up. the judge said she is being held on observation. we asked her newly appointed public defender to explain. >> i don't know specifically what's going on with her so i don't know if she is in psych observation or something different. i don't know yet. >> reporter: we came by the home but no one answered. gonzalez is being held without bail and is expected to make her first court appearance on friday. in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. facebook announced today it's launching its own news programs with familiar names. the social network is paying fox news, cnn, abc and univision, among others, to produce programming for its
5:38 pm
service which will be called facebook watch. facebook says it hopes to give users a place to find high quality timely news content. the first shows are expected to debut online this summer. she to be a bullet for her 18-month-old brother and she is only 10 years old. coming up, you're going to meet a girl who now has a bullet in her back. >> plus, an overhaul in the way our country's veterans received healthcare. the new law that will give them choices outside the va. outside the va.
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today marks the 74th anniversary of d-day. thousands of americans, british, canadian and french troops launched the largest military invasion in world history on this day in 1944. they stormed the nazi-occupied french beaches of normandy in a deadly surprise attack that marked the beginning of the end of world war ii and nazi germany. today's d-day ceremonies were low key. a bigger event is planned for the 75th anniversary next year. the president today signed into law a new major overhaul of the way veterans access healthcare. the va mission act will allow veterans to seek medical care from outside the veterans administration. it expands access for veterans to va funded care in the private sector. >> if the va can't meet the needs of a veteran in a timely
5:42 pm
manner, that veteran will have the right to go right outside to a private doctor. >> reporter: the new law also provides pre9/11 veterans with benefits to help costs with in home care. previously it was only for post-9/11 veterans. a woman who served 22 years in federal prison is free after the president commuted her life sentence. the 63-year-old woman was sentenced to life in prison for a nonviolent drug crime. kim kardashian lobbied for her release. the white house said she was a model prisoner to work hard to rehab herself. a 10-year-old girl is being honored for heroism. she was in a walmart parking lot and was caught in the middle of a shooting. the 10-year-old girl shielded
5:43 pm
her 18-month-old brother from gunfire by covering him with her body. she was shot. she is having surgery in the coming weeks to have the bullet in her back removed. >> my first reaction was to get out and hers was to jump on top of her brother. she jumped on top of her car seat when i told her to get on the ground. if she wouldn't, the bullet probably would have hit him in his midsection. >> i had to protect the baby. >> the mother was shot in the right shoulder. clark county officials awarded the child with a medal for bravery and declared it her day in clark county. as for the gunman, police have arrested one person in connection with the shooting and they are still looking for another. coming up, a new look at the most recent damage from the volcano in hawaii. the destroyed homes plus how the lava is changing the island's coastline. we'll check how things are changing from day to day. >> and the weather is changing day to day up and down temperatures. it was cooler today and now we are going to start to warm up again but just to cool down beyond that. so the five-day forecast when i see you next. .
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lava from kilauea volcano took over two oceanfront communities this week. and hundreds of homes were destroyed. jeff paul has the latest. reporter: authorities new lava would destroy new homes
5:47 pm
but no one anticipated so many in a short period of time. in some spots it's 600 yards an hour and physically changing the shape of the coastline. take a look at these images. the first is from sunday and you can see the smoke from the lava is approaching the ocean. the next shots are two days later yesterday where lava filled kapoho bay extending nearly a mile from the shoreline. overnight the number of homes destroyed jump from 117 to hundreds more. the county's mayor among the people who lost their homes. we spoke with one man who evacuated and doesn't know if his house is still standing. >> well, it's spectacular, number one. the other thing that's going through my mind is why here? you know? but i guess it's just what it's doing. i can't do anything about it. >> reporter: air quality also remains a concern especially near lava fountain where's the hawaii national guard took us as close as we could get. we got a chance to see up close exactly what's falling from the sky. these black clumps of rock and ash come from the nearby
5:48 pm
fissure and what's incredible when you walk out on a dirt road, under it is pavement. firefighters recently airlifted three people from the area who became isolated by the lava and i incredibly, authorities say only one person has been hurt from the kilauea eruption and no deaths. jeff paul, fox news. >> hard to wrap your arms around that because it's so spectacular to watch but it's creating all this devastation. >> yeah. >> it is and we just keep following it from week to week to week. >> we as humans hate the idea that we can control something. >> absolutely. >> this is the earth, man. this is a whole 'nother deal here and this is a hot spot that there's numerous areas like this all over the pacific "ring of fire" where the volcanoes are but this hot spot, i mean, it could do this for years. you know? that's the thing. we can't control it. that i think makes us all pretty uneasy. it's that earthquake thing, as well. um, but yeah, it's spectacular. and it's scary and it's, um, a
5:49 pm
lot of things. for temperatures today, eh, a little cooler in some places. some areas a little warmer but these are the highs. we have been cooling since the weekend. we have been doing this roller coaster thing. it started i was going to say two weekends ago memorial but it's been going on all spring. it's been warm and cool back and forth setting up with temperatures below average for the most part and this spinner, you can see that big round area that's rotating, it's counterclockwise, it's the low pressure center, the mechanism for all of this. lessened fire danger, better air quality, cooler temperatures and not an aggressive fog bank, which is unusual for this time of year. this is when we start looking at -- my friends out in the avenues, late may, early june is time for "june gloom" where
5:50 pm
fog settles in and maybe ends up from the avenues to the buffalo fields and then comes back in overnight and burns back. it's not doing that. we're seeing lots of fog burning off, some becoming low clouds. in this pattern, not changing, it's not tomorrow changing, not the next day. it will be on again and off again. so with that said, the winds today have been brisk. they will begin to die down a little bit tomorrow. but they will still be 10, 15, 20 out of the west. current temperatures and there's that sea breeze all the green there, little cooler especially in concord, 9 degrees cooler. live camera shot, windy on the bay through the microclimates tomorrow. in the bay, berkeley, 65, 64. lafayette maybe 71. out towards livermore valley, 75, 77. if you really look hard in antioch you might go 78. so it will be warmer tomorrow. 79 in brentwood and the santa clara valley. but heather holmes, good air
5:51 pm
quality out of this pattern. >> you know, that's the upside to all of this. and we're not -- literally, we're doing fire stories this time of year usually. >> it's good sleeping weather. nothing like having your window open with that little breeze coming through? >> i love it. >> if you are sleeping in i'll just roll over and go another hour because it's cloudy. >> i'm used to getting up on that morning shift the last couple of days, it's been great. >> it's been nice. thank you so much. appreciate it. president trump attended a hurricane briefing at fema headquarters today along with the first lady. there could be 10 to 16 named storms in this coming season of which five to nine could be hurricanes. this comes as a new report shows that hurricane harvey last year dropped the most rain ever seen in the u.s. since records were kept back to 1850. in fact, they say some areas of texas saw 55 inches of rain. >> in the case of texas, it
5:52 pm
wouldn't even go away. it could come in, we thought it was gone it would go back out, it would reload and this happened three different times. that was a record raindrop, that was a record water drop on a state and it wasn't even close. >> today also marked melania trump's first public event in 26 days. she kept a low profile since having surgery to treat a benign kidney condition. the president said she went through a rough patch but is now doing great. a san diego padre fan is the latest overnight star on the internet. that's following an amazing scene at petco park last night. the woman upper deck when a batter for the visiting braves sent a pitch to her seat. she caught the ball in her beer cup while holding her cell phone and in front of a national audience chugged the beer. how about that? thousands of fans watching attending the game and she is getting some air time up here
5:53 pm
in the bay area. one more sip. there we go. who's better than me? >> good for her! >> and she got the ball. >> yup. on to some serious news here. new details now emerging about next week's anticipated summit between president trump and kim jong-un. where the white house says those two leaders will stay as the u.s. and north korea hold one of the final rounds of negotiations before that face- to-face meeting. >> and in minutes, coming up new at 6:00, the fbi dedicating special agents to investigate school shooting threats. more on that new task force just launched coming up. >> these are not specifically federal matters. but we think that we have anbling to the public.
5:54 pm
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four believers from a phoenix suburb have been placed on administrative leave after this video surfaced showing them beating an unarmed man while responding to a domestic dispute at an apartment complex. mesa police department released this 15-minute video of the incident which took place last month. it shows the officers punching him to the head causing him to slump to the ground. the police chief promises a full investigation into what he says is clearly a very disturbing incident. >> if you just look at the video, um, it's -- it's unanswerable. so, um, that's the reason why i'm moving forward and, um, being transparent and public about what our actions are going to be, because it's -- it's, um, somewhat unexplainable. >> mesa police have identified the man as 33-year-old robert
5:57 pm
johnson. his attorney says he plans to address the news media tomorrow. u.s. and north korean diplomatic teams met again today to finalize the details of the upcoming u.s.-north korea summit which is set for next week. reporter greg palkot has more now from london. >> reporter: we're learning more about next week's highly anticipated summit between president trump and kim jong- un. the white house says the two leaders will meet face to face at a luxury resort on sentosa island in singapore known for high-end facilities. the president will stay at the shangri-la hotel closer to the citycenter. >> a lot of relationships being built and negotiations going on before the trip. >> reporter: what could be one of the final rounds of negotiations is taking place today at the korean dmz. the heads of the u.s. and north korean delegations hammering out a timetable and a means of denuclearizing the north. south korean officials have increasingly been pushing for
5:58 pm
a formal end to the korean war and path to reunification. >> this inter-korean relations improve, i will prioritize the work of discovering the remains buried in the demilitarized zone. >> reporter: experts warn not to expect sump a big breakthrough at this summit saying both sides are trying to keep the focus on denuclearization putting aside the larger issue. >> hostilities have not ended on the korean peninsula. north korea is armed to the teeth. the united states has a very significant presence. so none of those things have changed. >> reporter: the prime minister of japan is scheduled to meet with president trump at the white house tomorrow to coordinate their strategy ahead of the summit. greg palkot, fox news. ♪[ music ] . a day after the election and the race for san francisco mayor is still too close to call. right now the latest numbers show mark leno edging out london breed by a slim margin
5:59 pm
with leno's alliance with jane kim making all the difference. >> we're feeling very encouraged and optimistic. >> san francisco's ranked choice voting system making the city's mayoral race tight. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and good evening. i'm frank mallicoat. the updated numbers show mark leno's number over london breed is shrinking slightly. right now he is leading by less than 1% with about 1,000 so let's and there are still tens of thousands of mail-in votes that have to be voted in the next few days. christien kafton reports. >> reporter: you had just talked about the percentages. let's put those into real numbers so you get a sense of how close this race was. this morning, the number of votes separating mark leno and london breed was 1146. now the number of votes separating them is 1,121. after a grueling campaign, the wait is still not over to see
6:00 pm
who will lead san francisco. the board of elections saying the count is still on for some 47,000 vote by mail ballots dropped off in polling places around the city. 14,000 provisional ballots and 16,000 vote by mail ballots all waiting to be processed through san francisco's ranked choice system. >> the oakland time we project a winner is when i certify it at the end of the process. >> reporter: that means for now, the candidates are in limbo. the race is tightening overnight bringing them to within 1%. today both top candidates are talking. mark leno first recognized the hard fought campaigns of jane kim and london breed and saying with the latest results that he was hopeful and confident that he could lead the city on key issues including homelessness, clean streets and affordable housing. >> we are feeling very encouraged and optimistic and i want to thank all the san francisco voters who have been a part of this effort for fundamental change in a new direction for san francisco.


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