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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 7, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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firefighters tackle an overnight brushfire put the fire to his output given is okay. the history and location of the fire. kevin durant way outside. >> the warriors are just one when awaits from back to back nba championships. we will take you to -- behind the scenes to see the players' reactions. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 brick thursday morning, also known as friday eve. june 7. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. a little cool this morning. steve paulson is right here. >> the months have been cool all week. we might get a little warm up next week. i don't think it's anything we haven't felt or experienced before. let's just ease into there.
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steve, i love this weather, but it could be a little warmer for swimming. it's way too cold for a warmer swim. deanna, just jump in. once you get in, you won't want to get out. that's just reinforcing what pam said. i love it, but -- anyway. it is cool. that is for sure. we do have a pattern where the temperatures have been kind of steady on the cool side. they are going to jump and go back at it. tomorrow will be a little warmer. not a huge jump. but then it will really cool down on saturday and we will see a nice patter tomorrow, for friday, here it is. some of the 80s creep back most of the area it will still be in the 70s. or low 80s. on short wind or breeze but that's not changing. a few 40s. a lot of 50s here. low to mid brick even toward the santa clara valley. mostly 50s. one system swept through this
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area yesterday. 60s and 70s. on the temps >> 5:01. have they picked up that road work? >> they have. you say it's going to be soft 80s tomorrow? >> soft 80s >> like el sobrante. -- air supply. simply red brick soft 80s. -- read. -- red. soft 80s. moving okay. the icon that i have there is on -- this is pretty typical for this time of the morning for the traffic to be slope and as a matter fact, we have speeds here that are about 8 miles an hour, 10 miles an hour. so that what's going on there. no major issues. but it is going to be slope at 30 miles an hour after 2:05.
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traffic moving along very nicely. i do see police officer here. there you go. where are you going, sir? we will figure it out picked traffic is going to be okay at the bay bridge toll plaza as you drive through. when i see that chp officer, i'm looking here at oakland's area picked there is a brand- new accident report is now. imagine there. on that 90th ave. on-ramp in northbound 880. so that's where that person is going. okay my gosh. scared me when you did that, mr. director. let's go back to pam it. >> okay. thank you, sal. an early morning brushfire is a strong reminder that the fire season is underway here in the bay area it. >> it started near the memorial to the 1991 firestorm victims. people were worried because of the strong winds overnight. allie rasmus, you're in the oakland hills right now. tell us about what you know
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about that fire? >> reporter: the winds are definitely much calmer. a gentle breeze right now. this fire happened around 1:40 this morning. and it just off tunnel road, where we are probably 100 feet away. behind us, you can see a little bit of small portions of the area that end. it's not a steep hillside tickets but 1000 feet away. no homes were immediately threatened. i had a chance to talk with the oakland fire captain, with out here overnight just before their crews left. he says if this fire looks pretty impressive when they arrived here, you can see the flames from highway 24 just below put the concern -- what they were worried about was that the fire because it's on -- was going to travel up the hill and possibly threaten some of the homes. that did not happen. just a precaution, they brought in extra crews.
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the fire was completely out they had a handle on it. no one was hurt. no homes were threatened. because of the history here, this is the area where the oakland fire started 27 years ago. and also because of the drive train behind us, -- terrain behind us, they were trying to get out ahead of it to make sure that the fire did not spread picked by 2:30, it was epic no one was hurt but no homes were threatened picked the cause was under investigation. the fire captain i spoke with says it didn't appear to be any signs of eighth campfire. how this fire started in the first place is to a major -- mystery. >> the winds are much lower now. right? >> yeah, just a very gentle breeze right now. >> allie rasmus in oakland, thank you. >> a burning candle inside of attend at a homeless camp may have started last night's grass fires along the pittsburg- antioch highway. >> that fire injured one firefighters and two other people. it started at 5:32 last night but then spread to a junkyard called a-1 auto dismantlers.
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the fire sent a cloud of black smoke into the air the contra costa health department issued a public health advisory warning people that the smoke could cause eye, nose, and throat irritation. firefighters is a strong winds helped fuel that fire. but 15-20 mile-per-hour winds. once the fire did get going, it started to go very quickly. once it got into all of the nasty stuff in the junkyard, that really didn't help any. >> the fire marshall says one firefighter hurt his hand but was able to keep fighting the fire, two other people were also treated for minor injuries. today, cal fire plans to announce details of a three are investigating -- investigation into illegal fireworks. we've learned that seven people were arrested. cal fire will release the suspects' names at a news conference at the state
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capital. agencies more than -- it's believed to be the largest fire in cal fire history. the oakland police investigation goes on into a shooting last night in the parking lot at the oakland coliseum complex. it happened near oracle arena just before 9:00 as the warriors watch party for game three of the nba finals was ending. investigators found a man who had been shot at least once. they called for medical help. so far, we have no other details. speaking of the warriors, the warriors are now one game awaits from sweeping lebron james and the cavaliers in the nba finals. >> what a game last night but kevin durant led the way with 43 point >> and a pretty heated and exciting game. scott reiss has more from cleveland. >> what a basketball game and
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what an environment here in cleveland let olympic the fans just about blew the roof off this place when the cavs took eighth double-digit lead. they came back and played terrific in the second half but survived nine legal changes. and outs one game away from that third title in 40 years. after the game, we were fortunate enough to catch some raw emotion and the victors. >> wow. deja vu. star katie. >> going to take all the air out of the building. >> yes, sir! oh, my gosh. >> just about 10 minutes prior to that. really broke the elective back of the cavaliers. steph curry hitting a three pointer. came through in the clutch but kevin durant led the entire night. the dagger three in the final minute >> reminiscent of a similar shot in game three a year ago in the same building.
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and the warriors now sit one win away from their third title in four years. >> i'm not done laying basketball yeah. i don't want to downplay anything. i do want to act like this is done. don't get me wrong. every time i make a shot, i get excited. i just internalize it a little bit as i get older, a little bit more than i did when i was a younger player. i'm excited. it's hard to make shots at this level in the nba. >> i'm looking forward to the opportunity to close out the winning championship. so it's going to be tough. we thought tonight was hard. it's going to be even harder game four. >> can't relax. we are going to ride this wave. it's a friday. so we just got to stay hungry. it's that simple. >> one thing that was shouted out in the locker room? >> a lot of heck yeses, the g version. just a lot of raw emotion.
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that's why you play sports. i'm going to miss that locker room camaraderie. >> the dubs will go for the sweep. here is a note that puts everything into perspective picked should they win this series in four or even five games, it would complete the most successful four year playoff run in nba playoff history. mind-boggling stuff we are running out of superlatives as the warriors give us a once-in- a-lifetime kind of experience. >> super exciting. thank you, scott. >> today is the deadline for motorized scooter companies in san francisco to apply for a new permit. the city ordered the companies to take all of their scooters off the streets and start over with that permit process. city says it received at least 1800 complaints about scooters blocking sidewalks and walkways
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. making it dangerous for some people. scooter companies have to turn in their permit application by 5:00 this evening. the first permit may be issued by be -- by the end of the month. >> 5:10. a band that had 15 show dogs inside was stolen. coming up, what happened when the trainers stopped to get something to eat and the search that's underweight right now. at a could take days before a winner is declared in the san francisco mayor's race picked any moment, how many ballots still need to be counted. good morning. we are off to a nice start when it comes to the morning commute. for the most part, we do have traffic that's moving along pretty well. we will tell you more straight ahead. well, the temperature difference is not that great. it's 49-55. that's it. santa rosa, san jose, most locations cloudy or mostly cloudy. i will show you those temps.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5:14. in houston, texas, a toy grenade forced the tsa to shut down a security checkpoint. early this morning, tsa agent spotted that toy grenade in the passenger's bag. then forced hundreds of people to move away from the area on both sides of the security checkpoint. the bomb squad investigated. they determined the grenade was harmless. the hobby airport is a hub for southwest airlines, and they are experiencing delays as a
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result. this comes a day after police detained a patient for making comments about exposes in a back at houston's bush international -- intercontinental airport. the san francisco mayor's race is still too close to call. just 1000 votes. >> mark leno is leading london breed. 50.4%. she has 49.6%. leno owes that lead to the rain chose voting system. more than 80,000 ballots that have to be counted. london breed has the most first choice votes. mark leno has the lead. leno picked up a large number of second choice votes with 75% of supporters choosing leno. san francisco's director of elections says about a third of the ballots still not counted, anything could happen.
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>> the report that we issued, they are not indicative of a final result. but the director of elections says they will be working 14-16 hour days this week and through the weekend. at this point, there's no estimate of when they will have that final count. >> so we have to wait. in the race for governor of california, it will be democrat gavin newsom against republican john cox in november. >> we are going to -- hearing from both candidates. gavin newsom got 33% of the vote. john cox finishing with 26%. former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa finished a distant third. he has announced his support for newsom. newsom was surrounded by supporters at the ferry building. he was asked about comments made by his rival, cox.
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>> a lot of these issues, i share the same critique. we just have different solutions or different strategies, different recipes to address these issues. he is good at identifying some of these issues. i think we have a better approach to solving the issues. that's what i want to focus on. >> cox says the people of california are overtaxed and says the state won't be able to afford all the retirement payments it owes to state employees. >> the big problem obviously is that california can't print money and its credit rating is hanging by a thread. i'm a cpa. that was my 1st degree. and i tell you what, i've got to level with the people of this state about the problems with this unfunded debt. >> gavin newsom did joke about a congratulatory tweet from president trump to john cox. he says he wrote, please come campaign for him as much as possible.
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it's 5:17. let's check back in with sal. someone is getting ready to head out the door. any problems? >> there are a few, although for the most part, you can still get a very nice commute if you're going to leave the house soon. let's start off with the gilroy commute. northbound 11 looks pretty good from gilroy to san jose. it moves well right through morgan hill and sam martin. we've had a couple of minor things. it's so early that even minor accidents, even moderate once, as long as they are not in the lanes, don't seem to have a big effect on the morning commute. a look at 280, san jose. you will see traffic is light. 98th ave. on rep to northbound 880, there's an accident on the on- ramp. the traffic seems unaffected so far. let's bring steve in. >> it's a forecast that has a bigger fog bank. another cool day. coast bay and even inland. there's your breeze kicking up.
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the water temps are really cold. as long as that in place, i don't think we are going to warm up that much. 50 in tiburon. 53 in oakland. two observations there. 52 officially in the city. how about those water temperatures? they are really cold. half moon bay, 52. monterey, 52. bodega bay, should be fixed amount of 15th or 16th. i put the request in. they are telling somebody to get on it. my guess, it's 49 or 50. even if it warms up in the valley, that's going to grade the thermal trough and the fog will come back. tomorrow, it will get a little bump up. and then sunday, we warmed it up. i don't think it's anything we haven't seen or felt before. there's talk of a big warm-up. i don't see that. today, there's a little
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chatter. westerly breeze. westerly, westerly. gust of 51. there's still a breeze out there. 40s for a few. napa is in there. also towards santa rosa and lakeport. 50 for others. it's really closer. half moon bay, 54. brentwood is 54. you don't see that all the time. but that's what we are dealing with. low 50s. also 51 point raise. a lot of upper 40s. low 50s. petaluma is at 49. 42 in truckee 76 down in las vegas. viva las vegas. 55 degrees that's cold. one system that swept through yesterday gave us some thunderstorms activity. here comes the next system that's swinging by. that system coming in for saturday. a little warmer. not a big deal.
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probably near average. saturday, cooler and wendy. sunday does look a little better as well. you will see how they will bump up a little bit inland. there will still be fog and low clouds. some 80s for the interior. still 60s, 70s. saturday is the one they you might head-on up to the mountains or something. could be a little rain. and then the sierra just keep an eye on the sky. 70s on a lot of these temps. some low 80s. i mean, 81 in june. for vacaville. that's a beautiful day. it's hot out there, but not now. 60s, 70s on these temps. right around right at 80s. upper 70s or mid-70s for many. including san jose, cool 72. that's six below average this time of year. 50s, 60s on the coast. really low 70s. a little warmer friday. nice sunday, warmer on monday. >> we can handle it. a grandmother who spent 21
5:22 am
years in prison has now been pardoned and is free. coming up, what she said as she walked out of prison and how a tv star helped make it happen. plus, he is a thief who just would not give up. the search for this man known as the bumbling bandit.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:20 four. the head coach of the super bowl champions, philadelphia eagles, says it's time to stop talking about how president trump's -- present trump canceled their meeting and start talking about the football season. the eagles responded to the white house cancellation. malcolm jenkins, one of the team's outspoken leader, -- leaders, delivered his message in a different way. one sign read, colin kaepernick gave $1 million to charity. other eagles players accused president trump of unfairly targeting the nfl. >> people think you're disrespecting the flag or stuff like that. that was never the case. you know, it's about the killing of unarmed minorities. that's what it's always been about. >> reporter: the white house says the super bowl champions were disinvited because only a few players were going to show up. and the administration felt the rest of the team might try to use the event to make a
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political statement. a woman who served 21 years in federal prison is home now for their family this morning after president trump commuted her life sentence. 63-year-old alice johnson was released from a prison in alabama yesterday. she was sentenced to life without parole in 1997. for a first-time nonviolent drug offense. kim kardashian, the tv star, heard about her case. she met with president trump last week, lobbying for her release. ms. johnson says she now plans to fight for other inmates in a similar position to give them the same opportunity. >> god has given me this second chance so that others may one day have a second chance. i have an obligation not only to my family who has waited all of these years for me but an obligation to the people who have been left behind. >> reporter: the white house says ms. johnson was a model
5:27 am
prisoner who was accepted responsibility for what she has done in the past. her clemency was also supported by her warden and other prison officials. present trump tweeted, good luck to alice johnson. have a wonderful life. 5:20. 15 dogs on their way to vallejo stolen in a flash. still to come, how the thieves got away with those prized dogs. right now, comcast business is doubling your internet speed. so you can download large files faster. and power more employees on more devices. all for a new low price. what does that equal? our best internet price ever. you do the math. because now for less than what 75 mbps used to cost, you can get 150 mbps internet. plus for a limited time, you can get a $200 visa prepaid card when you add a voice line. get the best price on fast, reliable speed. call today.
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us but it is thursday, june 7. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook >> thank you for joining us. if you're feeling it's a little cooler steve says your right. >> for us, it is. low and highs all below average. so you know somewhere, we will make up for there. it won't be today. it won't be today, you guys. we have a bigger fog bank this morning. near average. we are below average on a lot of these temps. chris down in morgan hill, he is weather savvy. it's nice to go outside and not sweat. i like that. looks like next week's warm up will barely qualify as a heat wave but i like the euro. european forecast model the operational drop. next thursday and friday. it will continue the beat of a cooler patter that's a big change from what the forecast models were showing. now they are backing off, which
5:31 am
makes sense. low clouds picks on is breezy. there's some areas where it's nice and breezy. 5152. that's really cool. as long as that stays in place, our temperatures are hard- pressed. we will see a little warmer pattern friday. cooled down saturday. nice on sunday. everything continues to, -- to come in on short. so no change there. the breeze ask up, dies down. cool side, even east bay, low 50s. 50 degrees picked 51 moraga park 54 san ramon park high pressure -- san ramon. high pressure. upper 70s. pretty cool for june. 5:31 this is usually the go time for traffic breaks >> traffic is getting a little
5:32 am
bit busier. we don't have a lot of incidents. that's good. we are going to start with solano county. if you're driving from vacaville and vallejo, we do have some slow down. this is the time when things start to get a little more crowded -- crowded. across the carquinez bridge, it looks pretty good. when you get to the maze, it's taking about 18 minutes to do there. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see those metering lights have been switched on. at 5:32, let's go back to the desk. 15 show dogs are missing this morning. they were being taken to a dog show in vallejo this week. they were inside of event that was stolen at a fast food restaurant. a trainer was driving the dogs to the show in a white dodge cargo van. the trainer stopped at an in-n- out burger. left the van running with the air conditioning on to keep the
5:33 am
dogs cool. when he came back out, the van was gone. the dogs were all in kennels in the back of that van. whoever stole the van probably did i know those dogs were there. since the van doesn't have windows in the back. again, if you see that van that has a seattle seahawks sticker, call the police immediately. 5:33. police in lafayette searching for a suspect who ran away from them and then ran into an east bay park but -- park. he abandoned his car on sessions road near northridge lane. he ran into brioni's regional park. we are waiting to get an update. the latest, so far we don't know what led to that chase. >> the nfl is considering a punishment for linebacker reuben foster. an attorney entered a no
5:34 am
contest plea yesterday to a misdemeanor weapons charge stemming from his february arrest in los gatos. the weapons charge is tied to foster's domestic violence arrest those charges were dropped after his ex-girlfriend testified that she lied about assault. the nfl could still suspend foster, though, under the league's personal conduct policy. >> the warriors are just one -- one. -- one win away. >> in the opening minutes of the gamecocks the fans are on their feet. that's lame duck -- slam dunk. the night wanted to kevin durant. he scored a career playoff high, 43 points per including a clutch three-pointer in the final minute of the game.
5:35 am
>> shot clock at five. kevin durant way outside. delivers! kevin durant six-point game. >> that was the dagger to the heart. durant put the game on ice. back to back championships. they are now within reach but everybody was talking about kevin durant's special knight park >> we got a lot of depth and a lot of guys who can play. they are all chipping in. but we should probably go back to kevin durant. shouldn't be? [ laughter ] >> can you take us through that moment when you were emotional? >> i said the wrong thing. it was almost like i was cussing him out but i was so happy. that was a huge shock. from steph three to that one. 38 feet out. just put a dagger like that,
5:36 am
that was huge. >> draymond is funny. the warriors have a chance to sweep the cavs on their home court. lebron james told reporters that his team will have to play a perfect game on friday. >> it's almost like playing the patriots but you can't have mistakes. they are not going to beat themselves. whenever you have to be able to capitalize and then you have to be so in tuned and razor-sharp and focus every single possession. you can't have this communication. you can't have my faults or bet -- my bad -- bads. >> oh, boy. no nba team has ever won a best- of-seven series. game four friday night at 6 pm. warriors fans around the bay area held watch party so
5:37 am
they could share the nba finals experience with other warrior fans. about 600 people went into this party at the alameda theater. the game was on that movie screen there. fans see the view is great. the snack bar is open. tickets were only five dollars each. >> you go to the game. five, $600 cheaper. >> seeing it on a big screen, it makes it so you can see everything. and then the kids get to run around. >> pam, that's a good way to do it. the theater also played trivia games. the kids walked away with something to remember that night. alameda theater will host another watch party for game four tomorrow night and the warriors are also hosting their own watch party at oracle
5:38 am
arena. tickets for that event are $20. some of the money raised at both the theater and at oracle will go to the warriors community foundation. >> very fun. facebook is launching its own news program with some familiar faces from television. the social network is paying fox news, cnn, abc, and univision among others to produce programming for its service called facebook watch. the company says it helps to give users a place to find high- quality timely news content. the first shows are expected to debut online this summer. the parent company of google turned down a proposal to link executive pay to improving workplace diversity. some employees argued that women and minorities remain underrepresented at the tech giant so they wanted executive pay. authorities in san francisco giving us more information about a bizarre homicide case where the suspect is accused of killing a roommate just -- dismembering her body and leaving the remains in her apartment for 2 weeks.
5:39 am
paul chambers says the victim had been renting a room from that suspect. since last summer. >> this home is believed to be the scene of a brutal homicide. >> this is a very concerning case for uzbek we take it very seriously. we are very disturbed with the allegations. >> reporter: court documents state lisa gonzalez lived here in san francisco. in august of last year, gonzalez offered to rent a room for $400 a month to a 61-year- old woman picked >> it appears that it was a roommate relationship, not necessarily an intimate relationship. simply renting a room. >> reporter: court documents go on to say that items around the home started to get misplaced then broken. gonzalez threatened eviction. on may 16, she came home and heard what sounded like sawing and the smell of rotten eggs. they later found some kind of hacksaw under the sink.
5:40 am
police were notified on june 1 >> officers found the 61-year- old woman's dismantled body rotting inside a plastic home. officers arrested gonzalez the next day. officers learned that the 61- year-old woman was reported missing by a friend on may 15 after her arrest. gonzalez told investigators that was the day that two got into an argument. gonzalez says she thinks she flipped but the didn't have a real recollection of what happened. gonzalez didn't show up to court. she is being held on observation. we asked that newly appointed public defender to explain. >> i don't know exactly what's going on with her. i don't know if she's in psych observation or something different. >> reporter: she is expected to make her first court appearance on friday. ktvu fox 2 news. >> the fbi in san francisco
5:41 am
launching a new team of special agents to investigate active shooter that at schools and other public places. while agents have already been -- always investigated these cases sometimes they were pulled off to work on other assignments. >> we've seen a better result when all of law-enforcement is partnered together to actually attack these threats or to analyze them and to resolve them. >> the fbi says northern california averages 6-10 of these threats per day. >> police in concord searching for a serial burglar they are calling him the bumbling band it. he tried to break into a convenience store last november. take a look. he was only able to yank out the front door handle before having up and leaving. they believe he is the same suspect who came back last sunday. he broke the front door with a rocket back in the process, got
5:42 am
his right foot. his issue was briefly stuck in the door window. when he did finally got inside the store and reached for the cash register, it was empty. he did, however, still $5000 in lottery tickets. 5:42. two days after the election, the race for san francisco mayor still up for grabs. we are going to break down the current vote totals in just a minute. heading to the beach this weekend, are you ask why you may want to pay real close attention to what's happening later today.
5:43 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today, it's the defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire are due in
5:45 am
court later this morning. the judge will consider whether the trial should start on july 15 as it is currently scheduled. lawyers for max harris wanted the trial pushed back to at least september. there minute's attorney opposes that postponement. today's hearing is set for 9:30 this morning in alameda county superior court. 5:34. the war -- the lawyer for a dental emily who's done -- benjamin curry drowned last month in the high school swimming pool. there were rumors that he committed suicide. surveillance video from high school shows benjamin's death was an accident. attorney andrew shorts -- andrew schwartz says the parents were upset that the school did not publicly say their son's death was an accidental drowning. >> they let it sit out in the public for everybody to believe that this poor young man committed suicide when they knew certain facts contradicted that narrative. and they never changed it. >> reporter: the coroner's
5:46 am
report says danville police reviewed surveillance video of the swimming pool. it shows him underwater as the rest of the swim last left the pool. he wasn't discovered until an hour later. the coroner did say there were traces of antidepressant -- antidepressant medicine. police have arrested a transient suspected of trying to grab a teenage girl as she walked down the street. here is side-by-side look at the sketch released by police and the booking photo. 44-year-old matthew madrid chased a girl and attempted to grab her. the release of the sketch got in tips that led to madrid's arrest yesterday. on suspicion of assault with the intent to commit a sex crime. he is being held on $50,000 bail. 5:40 six. former white house spokesman sean spicer will make a san francisco appearance in august at the commonwealth club
5:47 am
promoting his new book. sean spicer was present trump's first press secretary until he resigned. his new book is called the briefing. the commonwealth club says spicer will, quote, shed new light on the headline grabbing controversies of the trump administration's first year. his talk is scheduled for august 2. stormy daniels, the porn star is releasing her own fragrance. it's for men and women. it's called truth. the adult movie actress who claimed to have a relationship with president trump announced the release on social media. the new fragrance is said to be infused with pheromones to make the user more chemically attractive. there's no word on how much it will cost or when it will go on sale. it is now 5:47. let's check in with sal once again. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> the tracy commute is pretty busy, as you might know. nothing unusual.
5:48 am
there are a lot of people who have to wade through all this slow traffic to get into livermore. i'm going to show you on the maps. it is slow. livermore traffic is actually fine. but to a five and 580, that is jampacked. i would like to say it's unusual, but it's not at this time of the morning. it's usually crowded. it looks all right. already, some slowing on to 38 at the castro valley. this is a look at interstate 880. it's amazing how late it is for 5 -- 5:48 in the morning. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, that is filled in. it's backed up for about a 20, maybe 25 minute delay. it's depending on where you are. it is good once you make it onto the bridge. 12 minutes before 6. mr. steve paulson, -- >> mr. sal castaneda, thank you sir. the first three days in june,
5:49 am
we are above average for many. since then, this whole week has been below. today will be no exception. intent grove, good morning, steve. another nice day. another cool 40 degrees in penns grove. we can have another nice day today. why not? things might change sunday, monday. until then, it looks pretty quiet. petaluma is 49. 48. 47 hills.. kelseyville, sebastopol is in there. bookings, bodega bay. cloverdale is at 50. everyone is within a couple degrees. a little cool drop here. tomorrow we will bump up a teeny bit. we start a little warm up on sunday. just really near average. monday, tuesday might be a but already, four -- forecast models are downshifting. 62-52
5:50 am
for the city. 85. that's it. 1979 on the high side. 47 back in 1901. near the sierra. many on the east side. we still have the onshore breeze in place. that's not going anywhere. what did i say quick -- what did i say? 24? west, southwest, west, southwest. 40s up in lakeport. also, napa, santa rosa. 50s for others. sunnyvale at 49 degrees. 55 livermore. 54 castro valley. 54 hayward. everyone is really close here. el cerrito says we are in there. 54 in paloma. we get a little
5:51 am
break. the next system is due on tap for saturday. cool pattern really kind of continues with a slight bump up on friday. right back down on saturday. the system on saturday might produce some light rain. i will get to that in just a second. tomorrow, we will get a slight warm-up. look where it is. south of the valley. more 50s, 60s and 70s. maybe some 80s. kiefer saturday, if you're heading up to the mountains, i don't think tahoe. but just keep an eye on the sky. it could be some very light rain up there. i think just the lesta in the north is a better opportunity. 70s for others. quite cool for us. these are below average for almost everybody. they should be warmer than that. 60s around the bay. 70s, san jose. 77 coming in at 72. hello there. 50s, 60s on the coast.
5:52 am
many upper 60s and low 70s. a little warmer friday. nice sunday. warmer monday. >> pam says okay. >> i hope so. >> okay. >> a nice weekend definitely. not too hot not to cold. that's what i define it as. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. a dramatic road rage incident in sacramento. this one was caught on camera. wait until you see it. the terrifying moment when a driver got out of his car. and tried to attack another driver.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
a man was arrested in sacramento after a suspected road rage incident earlier this week that was caught on camera. it happened monday near highway 50. this cell phone video shows a man driving a white chevy trailblazer, ramming a blue honda sedan. the angry driver says he got out of his suv, climbed on top of the other car, started stomping and kicking the windows. the woman who took this cell phone video says she could not believe what she was seeing. >> my thought was, i witnessed somebody's mental break down essentially. what was he going to? why would he do that? we don't know. >> police say the suv driver, 40-year-old jose alvarez, did have drugs in his system when he was arrested.
5:56 am
he is facing felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism. by the way, the driver of the other cart suffered minor injuries. the chp has released new video showing just how complicated a rescue in yosemite national park can be. officers say a man from montana fell 200 feet while climbing the north stone trail last month. the helicopter rescue crew located the man, put him on a stretcher and flew him to an ambulance blow. this video was just not released as a reminder to people about the possible dangers of climbing yosemite and other parts. two of the world's top rock -- rock climbers reached the top of el capitan. in less than two hours. shattering a record for speed climbing. they climbed 3000 feet just one hour 58 minutes. they broke their previous record set last week. in may, they make that climb in 3-5 days. they wanted to do it in less
5:57 am
than two hours. >> isn't that incredible? a list of california's most polluted beaches due out this morning. a lot of those beaches are here in northern california. it's called the beach bummer list. it gives a letter grade to 459 california beaches based on the level of harmful -- bacteria found in the water. this year, seven of the top 10 beaches the most polluted beaches are in northern california. that list will be released at 11:00 this morning. a massive grass fire spreads to a junkyard in the east bay. what might have started that fire and caused a health a warning this morning. >> also, you could soon see electric scooters back on the street in san francisco. we will tell you how soon permits for those scooters will be issued.
5:58 am
5:59 am
ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'. no one can declare victory yet. about 90,000 ballots still need to be counted. we have the latest numbers for you. knocked it down. >> we are celebrating a big warriors when last night in
6:00 am
game three of the nba finals. you will hear from the biggest stars. the warriors are one from another nba championship. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here. thursday morning, june 7. exciting game last night. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather to get you moving this morning. steve paulson is right over here. >> another cool day . 47 up in santa rosa to start. bigger fog bank this morning. low clouds are in place. and temperatures, well, they are going to stay below average again. it looks like an entire week set for may be tomorrow where bay -- where they might be near average. that's what we're looking at here. temperatures again will be especially inland. they should be a lot in the 80s.


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