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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 7, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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warriors when last night in game three of the nba finals. you will hear from the biggest stars. the warriors are one from another nba championship. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here. thursday morning, june 7. exciting game last night. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather to get you moving this morning. steve paulson is right over here. >> another cool day . 47 up in santa rosa to start. bigger fog bank this morning. low clouds are in place. and temperatures, well, they are going to stay below average again. it looks like an entire week set for may be tomorrow where bay -- where they might be near average. that's what we're looking at here. temperatures again will be especially inland. they should be a lot in the 80s.
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won't be hard-pressed to find many of those. a lot of 70s, low clouds. water temps continue to be really cold. and that certainly plays into a cooler forecast when you have a system sweeping through. onshore wind in place. as we have this morning. as we've had for the last three days, after a pigment -- pretty good warm-up. 40s for some. low-cut mid 50s for most. temperatures even on the peninsula. a few upper 40s. stanford is in there. mid 50s around belmont. tomorrow, a little bit warmer. today is all about 60s and 70s. almost even areas that should be a lot warmer than that. 6:01. sal tells us traffic is moderate , but we are focusing on what? >> the bay bridge. we have a broken down car there, steve. when that happens, the bridge traffic looks busy. and they have to flow that metering lights on. now it's jampacked.
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that's because the metering lights are on extra slow. we spotted a vehicle. it is westbound. just right near the middle anchorage here. it's kind of hard to say. i will put it on. i will make a little arrow here. it's right there. that car is not moving. that means the traffic is slow on the bridge. and it's going to be that way until you get up there and get some help. this might happen on the bay bridge. toll plaza. for at least an hour. the longer it's up there this could have an effect for hours because of how important the bridge is. this is a look at 880 north and south. it looks pretty good there. san mateo bridge could be moderately heavy. not a real big bill eight right now on the other freeways leading toward the silicon valley. let's go back to the desk. all right. sit thank you, sal. the san francisco mayor's race is still too close to call. just 1000 votes have pit mark
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leno and london breed. she has 49.6%. leno owes deadly to the city's ranked choice voting system. there are still votes that have to be counted. leigh martinez joins us with more on where the mayor's race currently stands prickly? >> london breed still has the most first choice votes. however, as you mentioned, mark leno is in the lead thanks to those second choice enough votes. this could all change as there are still thousands of ballots that need to be process. they are only separated by 1200 votes. former state senator mark leno currently is ahead of london breed. 50.42%-49.8%. leno picked up a large number of second choice votes with 75% of candidate jane kim's supporters choosing leno as
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their choice. it had roughly 90,000 uncounted ballots to review. a lot of this uncounted ballots are vote by mail ballots. >> almost 13,000 such ballots. we checked it. it's about a 50% turnout. those are numbers easy for presidential election. >> with so many votes still uncounted, it's still anyone's game. the director of elections as they will be working 14 and 16 hour days this week and through the weekend. the next update we are expecting is going to come at 4 pm. we're told that this can include some of the mail-in ballots that were received on tuesday. and the director here it says it's likely that they'll get a lot of these processed by sunday. >> all right. thank you, leigh, for that
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update. we will continue to watch this. 6:04. today is the deadline for san francisco's motorized scooter companies to apply for a permit. last month that the city ordered those companies to pool all of their scooters off the streets and start all over again with a new permit process. the city received at least 1800 complaints about scooters blocking sidewalks and walkways making a danger for pedestrians. the scooter companies have until 5:00 this evening to turn in their permit applications. the first permits may be injured -- issued by the end of this month. the judge will consider whether the trial should start at july 15, as it is currently scheduled. lawyers for max harris want the trial pushed back. the oakland police investigation continues into a shooting last night in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum complex.
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it happened near oracle arena. just before 9:00. as the warriors watch party for game three of the nba finals was ending. investigators found a man who had been shot at least once and called for medical help. so far, we have no other details. time is now 6:06. on a much lighter note, the warriors beat the cleveland cavaliers 110-102. they are one game away from sleeping lebron and the cavaliers and the nba finals. kevin durant led the way for the warriors 43 points. in a heated exciting game. our scott reiss has more from cleveland. >> guys, what a basketball game and what an environment. the fans just about blew the roof off this place when the cavs took a double-digit lead early in the game. the warriors showed that trademark poise and resilience that came back and played terrific in the second half. survived nine league changes. one game away from the third title in 40 years. after the game, we were
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fortunate enough to catch some raw emotion from the victors. >> wow. deja vu. >> going to take all the air out of the building. >> yes, sir! oh, my gosh. >> about 10 minutes prior to that, a couple of ways that broke the collective back of the cavaliers. steph curry with about 2 1/2 minutes to go, hitting a three pointer. came through in the clutch. kevin durant, who was just otherworldly the entire night. the dagger three. in the final minutes, reminiscent of a similar shot a year ago in the same building. the warriors now sit one from their third title in four years. >> we are not done laying basketball yet. i don't want to downplay anything. i don't want to act like this is the end of the road. don't get me wrong. every time i make a shot, i get excited.
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i just internalize it a little bit as i get older, a little bit more than i did when i was a younger play. i was definitely excited. it's hard to make shot at this level in the nba. i understand there. >> i'm looking forward to the opportunity to close the winning championship. so it's going to be tough. we thought tonight was hard. it's going to be even harder game four. so we got to be ready. >> can't relax. we got to ride this wave. it's a friday. we learned some things we can do. so we just got to stay hungry. it's that simple. >> what was shouted in the locked room. >> a lot of heck yeses, the g version. a lot of raw emotion. that's why you play sports. i'm going to miss that locker room camaraderie. >> the doves -- the dubs will go for the sweep. should they win the series in four or even in five games, it will complete the most successful for your playoff run
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in nba playoff history. mind-boggling stuff. running out of supportive's -- superlatives. in cleveland, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it has been exciting. my daughters are excited for the steel taco. the other team is home. steely taco. renting for those who rely on subsidized housing. the reason they should pay more. firefighters tackle an overnight brush fire in the oakland hills. the extra precautions because of the history of the area and the fire's location. good morning. we have a couple of new crashes on the eastshore freeway. and we had a stalled vehicle removed from the bay bridge. that's going to make for a tough commute on 80.
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it's pretty tough for us to warm up. a lot of low clouds out there. we will see what in short -- in- store the next couple of days.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:12. from oakland, some of the people who lived near the memorial to the victims of the 1991 firestorm , they are happy to wake up in their homes today after a brush fire early this morning broke out in that neighborhood. several fire crews rushed out
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to that scene. they were able to put out the fire. does pretty quickly. allie rasmus is there in the oakland hills this morning. the biggest concern, though, came because of where the flames burned. allie? >> yes, we are just on tunnel road behind us. we can pan off to the left. we are about 50 feet away or so from the oakland fire storm -- firestorm memorial. because of the location of the fire, the history of this area, but also the fact that the ground is pretty dry, firefighters were a bit concerned about it. behind because you can see the fire burned from this area all the way up probably less than have an a, according to the oakland fire captain. the nearest homes are about 1000 feet. they weren't immediately threatened. fire crews brought in some fire trucks from berkeley and moraga to help them to be in position. just in case. the fire was out by 2:30.
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the flames at one point were visible from highway 24. good news, though, no homes were threatened. and immediately threatened -- no one was hurt. the oakland fire captain i talked to said that there didn't seem to be any sign of any sort of campfire or homeless encampment nearby. arson investigator will do some of that work. in the meantime, they have kept one of the hoses out here. you can see it just as the cyclists go by. they have it had here just in case the fire reignites. they don't expect that to happen. again, a little bit of a scare this morning just because of the location of the fire. the ground is pretty dry. we haven't had rain in a little bit. also, the history of this area was what had and then -- them concerned. >> thank you, allie, for that update. 6:14 is the time. a burning candle may have started last night's grass
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fires along the pittsburg antioch highway. it started at 5:30 last night. then spread to eighth junkyard. fire sent a cloud of black smoke into the air. that triggered a health warning from the contras can't the -- contra costa health department. >> 15-20 mile-per-hour winds. it started to go very quickly. once it got into all of the nasty stuff in the junkyard, that really didn't help any. >> the fire marshal says one firefighter hurt his hand but was able to keep fighting the fire. two other people were also treated for minor injuries. time is 6:15. sal is right over there. have you taken care of the folks this morning, sal? >> we do have a new crash, unfortunately. this time, westbound 80 near pinole valley road. i want to show it to you here
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are the maps. it's a motorcycle crash. it looks like someone is injured. 80 westbound now backed up the on highway 4. as you head down to pinole. this is obviously going to have an effect on people leaving the carquinez bridge. and driving through you're going to see traffic this time here. it's 23 minutes. it's going to keep going up and up. at the bay bridge, it's also slow. we had an earlier stalled vehicle. that's been cleared. traffic is moderate once you make it onto the span. those metering lights went off. this is where the stall was. it's not been removed. that traffic is moderate. san mateo bridge traffic is getting busy. likewise for the dumbarton bridge getting across the peninsula. if you're driving into the south bay, you're going to see traffic that is going to be slow. 6:15. let's bring steve in with today's weather.
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>> it's another cool pattern. some areas are 12 believe -- 12 degrees below average. another cool day for many that should be a lot warmer. temperatures 4-6 degrees below. mainly, it's inland. those cold ocean temps are playing into a colder forecast. that helps. san jose is right in there as well. 7155. right there on the low. way below on the hi. 40 back in 1893 on this date. system came by yesterday. that's ushering in cooler air aloft as well. the onshore breeze is in place. not to bed at half moon bay. as of oh has been here over at 25-30 miles per hour. due west of oakland, still a westerly or west to southwest component. low clouds in place. 40s for some. 50s for others. even inland areas are running on the cool side. 51, santa cruz.
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47 saratoga and campbell. that is cool and 52 big one little system went by yesterday. that did triggered some thunderstorm activity. also northern nevada. today will be a low cloud event. there is another system only for saturday. we will get a little warm up tomorrow. not much. i think just near average. and then it comes right back down on saturday. pretty strong system seeping through. unless you're well to the north or east, you will find a lot of 70s. i mean, fairfield is at 75. it's pretty cold for this time of year. somewhere down the road that we are going to make it up. until then, if you like the cool, enjoy it. very cool for san jose. even santa claus -- santa clara, gilroy is 50s, 60s on the coast. big cooldown friday. warmer monday. >> it seems like it's in the middle of a lot of people's
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comfort zones. are you hearing fewer complaints. >> i am. >> let's keep that up. thank you, steve. the fbi dedicating special agents to investigate school shooting threats. we have more on the new task force that was just launched here in the bay area. the cost of coffee at starbucks is going up. the reason why and how much more you will have to pay. tonight, on prime time, the lineup it's the four, the battle for stardom. right after that, it's the 10:00 and the 11:00 news. to make sure my new spicy chicken club combo is a great value. i asked a sales expert. it's amazing, jack!
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welcome back to mornings on 2. housing secretary ben carson wants to raise rent on people who get federal housing assistance because he said it would encourage those people to get jobs. nationwide, the rent increase would average 26%. carson says it's an attempt by the trump administration to give poor people a way out of poverty. what organizations that work with low-income families say most of their clients already work two or three dog -- jobs but find it hard to pay the rent because of the low wages. at starbucks, a cup of coffee may cost more. the wall street journal says
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the price of brewed coffee went up between 10 and $.20 this week at most starbucks. the price of other things will stay the same. the wall street journal says in the past year, starbucks has raised prices by 1-2 percent in order to keep up with inflation. cadillac is adding more high-tech gear to its cars and suvs. gm's luxury brand is expanding the use of its super cruise system. it uses cameras, sensors, and laser guiding radar to allow drivers to right hand three on divided highways. it also has an, -- an infrared camera to make sure you are awake with your eyes on the road. you can look for it on all cadillac models by the year 2020. in honolulu, hawaii, lawmakers limiting ridesharing companies from using surge pricing. there would be a tax on surge pricing. rates won't be able to surge higher than the maximum their set by the city. companies argue that allowing ridesharing companies to set their own prices would not fair.
6:24 am
the ridesharing companies says surge pricing is a key part of their business. the bill still has to be signed by the mayor to become law. commuters should start seeing benefits in public transit and better roads across the bay area. regional measure 3, which would raise the tolls that was approved by a 54-46% vote. tom vacar examines the local project that will be funded and the reason lawmakers is skeptical about where that money will go. >> reporter: the first improvement that will get underway are on the rail and bus transit front. even before the tolls actually increase. >> b.a.r.t. will be acquiring 300 some additional cars over time. >> reporter: those new b.a.r.t. cars are above and beyond the ones already under contract. it will add a lot of capacity to future b.a.r.t. expansions. what about road improvements? >> they will get under
6:25 am
construction in 2019. >> reporter: probably first up, finishing up the widening of the 101 narrows. the addition of more express lanes that will eventually be placed on most freeways. expect more emphasis on projects such as traffic over and under passes that will allow trucks and freight trains to move more freely through the region. >> that's a really important part of the mobility puzzle. not necessarily big ticket projects. but things that make the whole system operate more efficiently. >> reporter: also, expanded regional bus services. doubled frequency of ferry service, new routes and terminals in the north central and south bay. improvement to bike and pedestrian access on and around state-owned bridges connected to bus and ferry terminals. and so, another -- a 2nd buck
6:26 am
in 2022. and the final buck in 2025. the people are expecting that these projects will take place on time and on budget. and skeptics are going to be watching like a hawk. >> a lot of those folks are people from my district who do not support that. >> reporter: he questions many of the proposed projects. >> i think this was devised more for political motives than what what benefit the community. >> reporter: you can find a complete list on our website, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. 6:20 six. a case of road rage. this was caught on camera. an suv repeatedly slammed into another car and as you'll see, this case of road rage did not stop there. plus, facebook working on a plan to deal with the terrible traffic near its menlo park
6:27 am
headquarters. we will tell you about the partnership between the social media giant and county officials that could lead to the revitalization of a 100- year-old railway across the bay. >> we do have traffic that is busy in some areas. san mateo bridge may be taking more traffic. because the bay bridge is clouded -- crowded. it's cool out there. speaking of cool, happy birthday to the king of cool, mr. dean martin. 101 today. >> ♪ i'll hold your hand
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. thursday morning, june 7. transit -- i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. a look at our kohler weather. >> -- cooler weather. >> not a lot. nothing we can't handle or haven't seen. once you're in that pedal does pattern to its tough to break it down. cool to nice. inland areas should be about near 80 for some. they will be hard-pressed. this is a very cool pattern. there will be a little warm up on friday. the temperature trend sunday,
6:31 am
saturday has been down. warmer. saturday, real cool. we see a little bump up on sunday. temperatures, san francisco 52, 52. record is 85. 1979. mostly sunny for napa. about along the cool side coming 46 for a low. that's pretty chilly. 75. that's not the airport. that in town. that's still pretty cool with upper 70s. low clouds in place. i don't think they're going to budge too much. onshore wind has no problem. kicking up. that's already in place. you can see some of that great getting up and down the coast and pulling in. more so than yesterday at this time. 40s and 50s on your terms. there's some cool readings out there. a lot of bodies, 47 healdsburg. 47 windsor park 47 palm valley. 47 mill valley. 46 in occidental. we will see another system sweep their on saturday. in between that -- there will
6:32 am
be a slight warm-up on friday. 60s and 70s today for your temps. already, sal, what do you have. >> we have that motorcycle accident that is still blocking lanes. 80 westbound as you drive away from the carquinez bridge towards highway 4 actually near pinole valley road. now we have a big back up here. it had been a decent commute. now it is somewhat ruined. if you're driving on 80 westbound driving through the area. i do want to mention that they are on the scene. they will be clearing it soon from what i understand. the damages done. you can see the time, it was 23 minutes, just 10 minutes ago. now it's 42 minutes to drive between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up as well because of an earlier installed vehicle. if you're in san francisco,
6:33 am
traffic looks all right. and this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. some of these commutes are okay. others are busy. san mateo bridge, i think a lot of people are heading out to the peninsula. and hayward, union city, traffic is going to be slow heading south. facebook is working on a plan to help ease traffic congestion near its menlo park headquarters. it could include renovating a defunct rail bridge that runs across the bay. ktvu's alex savidge has more on this agreement between facebook and san mateo county transit officials. alex? >> good money to you. this is a public private partnership designed to deal with the growing traffic problems near facebook's ever- expanding headquarters. obviously, you know a lot about the congestion that we see during those commute hours in this area here in menlo park. part of this plan is resurrecting this 100-year-old real bridge that sits unused here in the middle of the bay and runs alongside the dumbarton bridge on southside. you probably see -- you've
6:34 am
probably seen it before. lastly, facebook entered into an agreement with the san mateo county transit district and a development group to improve the dumbarton corridor. train lines across the bay would help to give facebook employees to and from work and it would also improve traffic on the busy dumbarton bridge. they are planning to build a new campus which would eventually mean a staff of about 35,000 people at the social media giant. that's about the same as the population of menlo park. people who lived and work nearby see the traffic near facebook's headquarters can be terrible. >> here it is. pretty ugly, all this. like i said early in the morning, it's not as bad. after hours, around 8 it's ugly. 84 willow ave., all this is pretty bad. >> reporter: this old rail bridge was built back in 1910. the county bought the dumbarton
6:35 am
rail bridge in 1994. facebook is the first group to show any interest in renovating it. i, last month, facebook entered into that agreement with san mateo county transit officials to try to revitalize this bridge. the potential cost of this project remains unclear. this would likely include both public and private money to get it done. as far as the timeline here, that still is up in the air. pam, dave, we will send it over to you. >> thank you, alex. the contra costa county sheriff's office has released a photo of a car they believe is connected to a homicide in north richmond. they describe it as a dark blue or black jeep grand cherokee. possibly a 2016 model. take a look at that photo there. a 22-year-old man was shot and killed in the cards in north richmond. this was about 6:30 last friday morning. the suspect is described as a man in his mid-20s who is dark
6:36 am
hair wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans at the time. anyone with information should contact the contra costa county sheriff's office. our time is 8:35. police in lafayette searching for a suspect they were chasing who ran away from them and escaped into a park. the suspect led contra costa county sheriff's deputies on a chase from el sobrante to lafayette last night. then he abandoned his car on sessions road near northridge lane. the suspect then ran into fiona's regional park. we are still waiting for an update from police on what led to that case. spent the fbi in san francisco has launched a new team of special agents to investigate active shooter threats at schools and other public basis. while agents have already -- always investigated threats in the past, oftentimes they were pulled off the case to work on other assignments. >> we've seen a better result when all of law-enforcement is partnered together to actually attack these threats or to analyze them and resolve them.
6:37 am
>> the fbi said northern california averages 6-10 of these types of but a day. >> onto some other news. warriors are just one of -- from another nba championship. >> andre was back. he missed the last six games with a leg injury. lebron james did a playground trick play. he flew the ball off the backboard to himself and slammed it in. here is another look. that was good. the cavaliers had the lead at halftime. but the night belonged to to kevin durant. a career hi, 43 point, including eight -- a clutch game in the final minutes. >> kevin durant way outside. kevin durant from downtown. six point game. >> way downtown.
6:38 am
now back to back championships. within reach. after the game, everybody was talking about kevin durant's big night. >> we got a lot of depth and a lot of guys who can play and they are all chipping in. but we should probably go back to kevin durant, shouldn't we? >> tell us about that moment. >> i said the wrong thing. it was almost like i was cussing him out. i was so happy. it was -- that was a huge shot. from step three to that one. he took that 30, 8 feet out. to put a dagger like that, that was huge. >> now the warriors have a chance to sweep the cavs on their home court. lebron james told reporters that his team will have to play a perfect game on friday. >> it's almost like playing the
6:39 am
patriots. you can have mistakes. they are not going to lay themselves. when you're able to be the force of that and then you have to be so in tune and razor sharp and focused every single position, you can't have miscommunication. you can't have my faults or my bed and things -- bads and things like that. >> no nba team has ever won a best-of-seven series after trailing 3-0. the man was arrested and -- in sacramento after a wild suspected road rage incident. it happened near highway 50. the video shows a man driving a white chevy trailblazer ramming a blue honda's event -- honda sedan. he started stomping and
6:40 am
kicking the windows. the woman who took this cell phone video said she could not believe what she was seeing. >> my thought was just, i witnessed somebody's mental breakdown essentially. what was he going through? why would he do that? we don't know. >> police say the suv driver, 40-year-old jose alvarez did have drugs in his system. the driver of that other car did have minor injuries. a driver in texas ran out of patience and that road rage was caught on camera. look at this. reporter at our fox station captured this incident seconds after a car rammed into the back of an suv. the driver apparently was not satisfied and kept hitting the gas. you can hear the back wheels spinning. to no avail. look at the back wheels
6:41 am
spinning. that driver was arrested. okay. 6:40 is the time right now. two days after the election, the race for san francisco mayor is still too close to call. we are going to break down the current vote totals and tell you how long it could take to declare a winner. there's a police search for this guy. a thief caught on camera raking into an east bay convenience store. he is being called the bumbling bandit. good money. we do have traffic that is getting busier. in many places. including the marin county commute. here on the golden gate bridge, it looks pretty good. heading south. low clouds in place. another cool date on. there's a bigger fog bank. some breaks. it will be mostly sunny. there's a cool breeze.
6:42 am
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welcome back. a woman who served 21 years in federal prison is back home with her family this morning. that after president trump commuted her life sentence. 53-year-old alice johnson was released from an alabama prison yesterday. she was sentenced to life without parole in 1997 for a first-time nonviolent drug
6:45 am
offense. reality tv star kim kardashian heard about johnson's case and met with president trump last week to lobby for her release. johnson says she now plans to fight for other inmates in a similar position to give them the same opportunity. >> god has given me the second chances that others may one day have a second chance. so i have an obligation not only to my family who has waited all these years for me but an obligation to the people who have been left behind. >> this morning, president trump tweeted, quote, good luck to alice johnson. have a wonderful life. the white house is johnson was a model prisoner who has accepted responsibility for her past action. johnson's clemency was also supported by her warden and other prison officials. 6:25. this is going to be a closed- door meeting trying to work out differences on immigration. but will they find common ground? nobody knows. republicans are trying to head
6:46 am
off an internal war over immigration going into the midterm elections this year. the biggest stumbling block, offering citizenship to immigrants who were brought to this country illegally. 6:46. let's check in with gasia in our newsroom with what's coming up in our next hour. >> we are going to focus on recently released information from las vegas metropolitan police. they just released a new video as well as audio from that terrible mass shooting at eighth country music festival this past october. the tapes reveal that desperation by people. there please to dispatcher and video showing some of -- although it is silent, it shows the chaotic scene as police raced to the area where the attacker opened fire and how the people under fire are scrambling to safety. it's been what appears to be missing news for scientists working on an experimental hiv vaccine. what's it does what it's able to do that's described as a
6:47 am
major step in the effort to create such a vaccine. and of course, this is so important. almost 2 million people became infected with hiv worldwide in 2016. 1 million people died of eight- year -- hiv related causes. i will join the two of you. i will see you in minutes. >> i have a lot of blue ready to go for the warriors. please in concord, busy. they are trying to find a serial burglar they are calling the bumbling bandit. >> he was only able to yank out the front door handle before he gave up. they believe the same man returned last sunday. he broke a front door with a rock. he got his right foot caught. his issue was briefly stuck in the door with her. he finally got into the store and reached the cash register, which was empty. but he did steal $5000 in lottery tickets. >> you can see him pretty
6:48 am
clearly. you know someone is at home saying, i know him. yeah. >> that's pretty clear. we were talking about those lottery tickets. they can be deemed with no value . he might try again. >> six. 48. dell is trying to get you to where you need to go. >> the damage is done on 80, dave and pam. 80 westbound as you drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. taking almost an hour. there was an earlier accident in pinole. all the way -- all the lanes are open. and it's going to take you a while to get to the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge, you have another 20 or 25 minutes. we had a stall past the vehicle -- stalled vehicle on the bridge. the fire department has been dispatched. you can see that -- or i will tell you that b.a.r.t. may have some delays. some of the delays in all
6:49 am
directions. as we look at san francisco itself, the freeway system is moderately heavy. 6:48. let's bring in steve with the forecast. >> thank you kindly, sir. another very cool pattern here. there are some locations that are good 10 or 12 low average. they are not even going to sniff that. they are sniffing cool. low clouds. there will be some sun, of course. temperatures, those be in inland, are all going to be below average. and then we get a slight bump up. and then drops right back down saturday. sunday, we warmed it up a bit. after that, i think we cool it down again. 71 for san jose. 78, 55 the record. 95, 1972. below or near average on lows. no doubt about it. oakland, 54 and cloudy.
6:50 am
66 with a breeze today. they should be gosar 271 or 72. you can see inland and around the bay, also all below average. weak system yesterday brushed us. low clouds make it for a cold morning for some. low cloud deck and the westerly component on the wind. has been cranked up the time. low clouds are moving up and down the coast. making a pretty good push inland. temperatures stop dropping. 52 in the city. 54 castro valley. 54 brentwood. don't see that usually in june. that's what we have today. 51 out by the concord pavilion. mid 50s. pleasanton and low 50s lafayette. also moraga at 51. el cerrito is 52. ukiah says, hey, we are 51 degrees. monterey and sacramento both at 55 degrees. 42 up in truckee. thunderstorm activity yesterday up in the mountains. you can see the system that's lifted out. there's still available
6:51 am
moisture. it doesn't get warm up to the mountains. slightly warmer for us on friday . i think it will be mainly in the. a big drop on saturday. these will be the temps for tomorrow. if you're near the ocean or the baker i don't think it will change too much. there will be a slight warm up. it doesn't take much to warm up in june. tomorrow will be one of the state -- days. it doesn't mean the rain for us. it could mean some showers should know shower activity in the mountain. and keep an eye on the sky. 67 -- 60s, 70s, to very low 80s on the temps. walnut creek at 71. alameda 64. 71 san jose. 70s for everybody. upper 60s, 70s on the peninsula. san mateo 65.
6:52 am
62 in the city. that's below average as well. big drop saturday. pam? >> thank you, steve. in guatemala, rescue teams are looking for survivors from sunday's volcanic eruption. and the death toll continues to rise. authorities say 99 people have been killed. more than 190 people are still listed as missing. crews are fractal -- frantically trying to find any survivors but hope is quickly fading. many homes near the volcanic -- volcanic the fuego -- fuego volcano. erupted some more. more hot volcanic material. and forcing more evacuations. in hawaii, new drone video shows the river of lava still coming from the tail vail -- kilauea volcano.
6:53 am
that video shows how wide it is and how close it is to some homes there. look at the river of lava. this is one of 24 fissures from the volcano. which began erupting on may 3. more than 200 homes are destroyed. a neighborhood known as vocation -- vacation island has disappeared. >> the lava claimed her land back. unfortunately, we lost. >> officials say lava filled up a bay and has extended out to the coastline. nearly a full mile. so far, there have been no deaths in connection to the lava flow. nearly a dozen people have been injured. coming up here on mornings on 2, a massive grass fire spread to a junkyard in the east bay. up next, the possible cause of the fire that triggered a health warning. and a report card for bayer era beaches. what we are learning on how
6:54 am
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welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. new this morning, a boy scout with a fake grenade forced the tsa to shut down security lines at an airport in huston. a bomb squad came came in to
6:57 am
investigate and determined that the grenade was harmless but southwest airlines is experiencing delays from this, this comes days after a passenger made comments about explosives at bush international airport. nasa will reveal computing new results about what was discovered on mars, the rover has been sent to mars to accept scientists determine if it's possible to fined life on mars but nasa is being secretive about what they have found out. there will be several experts at today's event including the man in a charge of champles from the
6:58 am
rover. 15 dogs heading to a dog show in vallejo were stolen stolen. who ever took the van did not know that there were dogs inside since the van does not have any windows but anyone who sees the van which has a seattle sea hawks sticker in the window should contact the police immediately. so far we have learned that seven people were arrested in cities that include oakland and fremont for illegal fire works. agencies have seized more than 50,000 pounds of illegal fire
6:59 am
works, it's believed to be the biggest seizure of fire works in cal fire's history. a list of california's most polluted beaches will be released this morning and a lot of the beaches are right hear in northern california. it's called the beach bummer list, it gives a letter grade to california beaches based on the levels of harmful bacteria found in the water. this year seven out of the top 10 beaches, the most polluted beaches are in northern california. >> a two day sea urchin harvest off the coast of sonoma county collected three and a half tons of, rchins, divers came from all over the bay area to clean
7:00 am
up the floor of the ocean cove. the urchins were eating the food needed by other species, now the experts will have to wait and see if the harvest will help to restore the kelp and the abalone to that part of the coast. kevin durant knocks it down. >> the warriors are celebrating a big win in game three, you will hear from the games biggest stars now that the team is one win away from a championship. no candidate can claim victory in the san francisco mayors race, we have the latest numbers coming up. this is ktvu fox news mornings on 2. it's thursday, june 17th. >> good morning, i am dave clark. lets


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