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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  June 8, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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cold. they did go up a teeny bit half today will be more sunshine. tonight, i think we will get that fog and cool it down. 60s, 70s, and 80s today. 4:30 on a friday. and -- >> well, we are doing okay so far, steve. i'm looking okay -- around to say we didn't miss anything. if you're driving on 80 westbound. let's go there. traffic continues to move along relatively well. no major problems as you drive through. you can see traffic getting closer. and you can see that it is not a bad commute. also looking at the commute across the bridge here. you can see traffic is moving along very showing a lot. there've been no major problems on 80 westbound. carquinez bridge macarthur maze, 60 minute drive. bay bridge toll plaza, just a little bit of slow traffic 4:30. let's go back to the desk. >> new this morning, and -- an
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eight-year-old child was killed. three people were hurt in a multicar crash in snow -- suni . >> just south of alameda county. the chp says the cars were slowing down in the construction zone. one driver fell asleep at the wheel. that driver slammed into a white toyota corolla and caused that car to hit another car. the officers say that child in the backseat was killed. investigators say drugs and alcohol were not factors in the crash. the freeway was closed for about 90 minutes but it is back open now. ktvu's leigh martinez will have live report coming up trying to identify a man was seen brutally kicking a homeless man. >> the suspect is wearing a dark suit and holding a briefcase, katy a homeless man.
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-- kicking a homeless man. this happened two weeks ago near mcallister in the civic center area. police are searchinthat man at this point that they don't know what motivated the attack. >> based on what we know, it appears unprovoked. we are unaware of any relationship between the suspect and the victim. >> the 38-year-old homeless man suffered injuries on his face and head. he was treated at the hospital and then release. police say the suspect was wearing a black beanie, as you see here. he has on eyeglasses. you see the dark clothing he is wearing. if you can help identify him, call the police. 4:32. two brothers in santa rosa are being evicted from their home. it was determined to be a health and a sonoma county the brothers didn't clean up piles of junk on the property. the house was received. it was sold for about $300,000. almost all that money will go
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to pay for the cleanup, court costs, or receivership fees. the lost -- lost was avoidable -- loss was avoidable. >> i didn't realize the seriousness of the crime. i didn't believe we were in any violation because we have lived here so much. >> we weren't given that chance. >> one of the brothers says he is sick. he has nowhere else to be arres then leave. family members say they found out about what was happening too late to help the brothers keep the property. three people in that fire s drive at about 7:30 last night. san jose mercury news says the fire started in a cluttered garage.
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firefighters say they were able to save about half the house. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. seven people were arrested in one of the biggest fireworks busts. cal fire says nearly 50,000 pounds of illegal fireworks were taken. some of those from right here in the bay area. many of the fabrics came from montana or nevada. where they all -- are illegal. most are fireworks that shoot in the air like you see in professional shows. cal fire says confiscating this type of illegal fireworks reduces the risk of fires starting when sparks go into trees or brush. >> that means fewer fires. your injuries. fewer deaths. let's property damage. endless impact to the environment -- impact the environment including air pollution. >> illegal fireworks received in hayward, walnut an oakland. 4:34. we have some shocking breaking news just coming in right now. getting reports that celebrity chef treppel host, well-known
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tv show host anthony boarding is dead. >> cnn, the network which airs his show parts unknown is reporting that he took his own life. we are checking in on the story. we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. 4:35. we have an update about a stolen van that was carrying a group of dogs on the way to a dog show. we are talking about this yesterday. the van was assaulted in the parking lot of an in-n-out restaurant. the police found the van and the dogs are safe. >> overwhelming relief for pet owners. their dogs are safe. many police say they found the 14 dogs locked in the stolen van stressed, hot, thirsty, but otherwise okay. they were all checked out by veterinarians. we spoke iphone to the van's
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owner, who is currently shaken by what happened. >> this was the most horrific, scariest thing i could ever, ever in my entire life, i've ever come across or been involved with. so how i'm feeling is i cannot be more thankful. >> reporter: carter was headed in a van in vallejo. on wednesday afternoon, he stopped at an in-n-out burger and left the motor running. do you have air conditioning had to stay on even though we weren't planning on being there, just a few short minutes, because it was hot outside. >> reporter: within minutes, the van and the dogs were gone. police released this image of a suspect. acting on a tip,rect sunlight on a rural road. they get in the van. animal control officers helped get the dogs out. we spoke by phone with one of the dog owners in they are family members. they are family members.
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all i can say. they are part of our life. part of our hearts. >> reporter: here at woofstock, with the '60s tie-dye team, there is relief. people are just glad the dogs are safe. >> heat exhaustion, anything like that, -- >> reporter: the owner of the van says under the circumstances, he would rather just go back home. in vallejo, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the warriors finish off the cleveland cavaliers and bring another title back to the bay. >> the warriors lead their best- of-seven series three games to none. both teams spent the day practicing and met with the media yesterday. head coach steve kerr took a moment reflecting back on some of the most challenging moments of the season. >> every season is very journey
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a new one. each season. and yet, the cumulative effect on multiple journeys adds up. and we have to felt that this year. i think it's been almost inconsistent season. it's been our most difficult season. but our guys since the finish line. and they turn it on right from the beginning of the playoffs defensively. and that's been what's been key, i think, to get us to this point, we are we are on -- where we are on the cusp. >> they are right there. this is the fourth year in a row these two teams have played each other in the nba finals. while the warriors offense gets a lot of attention, both teams know it's defense that helps the warriors get here. lebron james was asked what makes the warriors defense so unique. >> draymond. draymond is a catalyst. very
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smart. defensively. he knows pretty much every -- he kind of flies and dictates the defense. >> through 20 games, draymond green leads the warriors at rebounding, steals and blocks. tonight's game starts at 6:00 pm. if the warriors should happen to lose game five would be monday night in oakland. at least 40 companies applied for the new permits to rent electric scooters in san francisco. before last night's deadline. san francisco's city leaders ordered companies to pull the scooters off the street until the permits are approved. it came after 2000 complete about scooters blocking sidewalks, streets, and driveways. three companies were operating in the city. now there are reports that uber
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also submitted a permit request. the city hopes to review all of the applications by the end of the month. whether scooters return, the number will be allowed to initially cap at 1250 for the first six months. after that, the city may allow up to 2500 scooters. our time is 4:40. we will tell you about a triple shooting in the mission district in san francisco that turned deadly. coming up at 5:00, the very latest on the investigation and the continuing search for the gun. plus, the age-old question, are we alone in the universe? the new discoveries on mars that has nasa scientists scratching their heads. good morning. right now, we do have traffic that is doing pretty well for the most part getting into san francisco. we will tell you a little bit more about this straight ahead. i'm friday forecast that out of this world. well, it's going to be warmer, how about that? we will talk about that coming up.
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our time is now 4:43. authorities in san lorenzo investigating a deadly shooting. it happened last night just after 7 pm near several leaf drive. deputies in the alameda county sheriff's office responded to report of a man in the street. authorities say the man was found. he had been shot several times. first responders pronounced him dead at the scene. investigators say they don't know of a suspect right now. if you have any information, call the alameda county sheriff's office. mcdonald's is warning some
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of its employees that they could soon be out of the topic fast food giant is restructuring it's a business in order to increase profits. the company's president said an email to employees, suppliers, and franchise owners. the email says the restructuring process means some workers will exit our system. there's no word yet on how many people will be laid off. more information is expected next tuesday. facebook is admitted to another privacy problem on its site. the company says as many as 14 million users may have unknowingly exposed their private information as part of a public post. facebook says a glitch enabled eight user's post to be shared with anyone, even if the user had chosen privacy restriction. it happened between may 18 and may 27. facebook says it has since fixed
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that problem. let's get you moving on this friday morning. sal is right there watching the commute. sal? >> that's right. good morning to you. right now, we do -- do look at traffic that is moving along pretty well. approach and to a five and 580. the tracy super commute. you can see traffic is now slow onto a five. and the 580. it does get a little bit bid -- better on the altamont pass. driving to dublin. there have been no major issues on interstate 880 here. traffic continues to look very good. at the bay bridge we have a couple of lanes that are congested for the most part. a nice drive driving into san francisco. now, at fort -- 4:35, let's bring steve in. >> see those flags, sal? >> i see them. >> all right, we will get it -- right into it. we had a week of all normal temps. yesterday was starting to bump up a little bit. and then today will be most -- most will be right around where they should be. tomorrow, we will cool it down.
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right back up sunday, monday, and even into tuesday. next week, is looking a little warm for a couple of days but and then it will cool right back down. temperatures today, santa rosa was 8184 today. walnut creek is 77, 82. now, again, there's been a lot of chatter a lot of talk about next week. it will warm up. you know, it's really going to be an inland event and it won't be that hard. 82 today. 74. 82, 82 -- after that, i think they will said it -- while it will be warm for some, it's not going to be 105 or anything like that. just some patchy fog. nothing compared to what we've seen. this system will sweep pick up the breeze. probably will get us more fog, and maybe some drizzle.
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there's still an onshore breeze, so we are not getting anything out of the north and northeast. 50s on almost all the terms. napa airport 48. 49 morgan hill. sam martin 40. a lot of 40s there. santa cruz mountains, even campbell and saratoga both 50s. cupertino, that water temp is called. half moon bay and also monday. 51 san francisco woody today, sunny and warmer. the system sweeps in on saturday. for those of you this time. some of you safe, there might be a little rain there on saturday. don't think it will make it to lake tahoe. not a lot. there is some forecast precip. temperatures are up. we will get a bigger increase in the fog as that system rolled in. temperatures which will be in the '80s for many today will really be suppressed tomorrow and then back up on sunday. more sun mac -- more sun today. inland temperatures, pretty close to average for this time of the year.
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which means low 80s for some. 70s around the bay. 60s near the water. warmer sunday. >> steve, i like the job you're doing. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> as always put >> and you, too. >> as long as you're right. we do expect a warmer weekend. you may want to get out in the sun and there's a lot to do. >> the events range from poplar street first to an appreciation of cultures around the world. rosemary orozco has the we can watch. >> reporter: heading into the weekend, here are some things happening around the bay. in san francisco, celebrate the first annual square festival and street for complete with live entertainment, food, craft beer, and wine. spring india date will spring union square park with culture, cuisine confession, and entertainment on saturday. were enjoyed 200 vendors of food and heavy craft. kids area and local band at the street fair on sunday. san francisco comic-con is coming to the oakland
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convention center this weekend. for fans of comic books, magazines, toys, games, star wars, star trek, anime, and more. celebrate with live music, food, and rings at the 15th annual street fair on sunday. had inland for a relaxing afternoon at the summer wine store in downtown martinez complete with samples from local restaurants, that's on saturday at the main street plaza. head over to downtown livermore nc horses, stagecoaches and marching bands. as part of the 100th annual livermore rodeo parade on saturday. in the south bay, enjoyed portuguese food, music, dancing, children's activities, museum, parade, at the dia de portugal festival. see the sonoma county hot air balloon classic, which also has food and kraft foods and eighth -- craft ods and a kids area.
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or check out the 108 -- foot race in dempsey. giants are on the road. the warriors continue in the finals. that is your we can watch. >> a lot to do. >> yes. and good weather to do it in. 4:50. there's a new stanley cup champion this morning. we are going to show you the late-night celebrations of washington, dc. they are celebrating the city's first major sports championship since 1992.
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a search for survivors is now called off in guatemala. the death toll from a volcanic eruption is now topped 100. search was called off because it is just to dictate -- too dangerous. the death toll rose to 109 after the most violent eruption in guatemala in 40 years but it can't many in that country by surprise. they had very level -- little time to evacuate. prosecutors amended an investatmethods were properly followed. new discoveries suggest that life might be possible on mars. nasa officials announced a new discovery which -- by a -- the
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rover curiosity. the potential building blocks for life. the best evidence -- nasa scientists are cautioning people not to get too excited. >> we've had organic molecules in rocks from ancient lake bed. those organic molecules could have come from life. we don't know that there was any life on mars. >> reporter: the curiosity rover has also confirmed seasonal increases of methane in the martian atmosphere. rear they can't rule out a biological source like here on earth, where methane comes from animal and plant life. our time is 4:34. the washington capitals are the new stanley cup champions. they beat las vegas 4-3. >>
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>> there it is. they won game five of the finals last night in las vegas. they clinched that series four games to one. alex won the conn smythe trophy. it was a late night for people in dc. they were celebrating in the streets after that big win. a sea of red field more than four city blocks outside capital one arena marking the capital's first title in the franchise's 44 year history. some of the people in the crowd were and light pole >> really showing the excitement. we are not hearing about any arrests so far. this morning. stadium goes from a football venue to a golf course. today, it's the start of the stadium links golf tournament. it was the second year of the event. there are nine holes scattered across the stadium. going across the country and transforming football stadiums and baseball parks into golf
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courses. they are trying to get more people involved in playing golf because younger people aren't playing. >> you know why? 4:56. sad news. big fan of his. shocking were this morning. anthony boar taint -- bourdain has died. deadly multi-car crash near fremont killed a child picked several people are injured. what investigators say one of the drivers did just moments before that crash.doing okay if you're drcrowded -- a c of these lanes just before 5:00. we have had a cool weekend temperature wise. today will be a day will -- were temperatures go near average. they are ice maybe a little bit above. we will talk about that coming up here
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chp says a driver fell asleep at the wheel on interstate 680 this morning. causing a crash that killed an eight-year-old child. more on the investigation anth celebrity chef anthony bourdain
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found dead. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, june 8. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check your friday morning weather. steve paulson has the details right here. >> i know your heads are buried in your scripts. temperatures will be going up. then tomorrow, they will go down. so it's about a cool week, though. temperatures have been below average, near average. today, they go above. we will send them back up again. there's fog out there, but it's more confined near the coast. that will be back tonight and tomorrow because this system will swing through. that will call us back down tomorrow. there's a breeze but not crazy. upper 40s, 50s for some.
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around the bay, because of those cold ocean temps, the lows really drop. the city is 53. 31 in alameda. el cerrito is 52 degrees. it's a little cool. today is about more sunshine and warmer temps. 80s inland. about where the should be this time of year. 60s, 70s around the bay. 5:00 on a friday morning. and let's hope there's some good news. you will start with what? >> we are going to start with the altamont pass. we do want to have traffic that is moving along relatively well. if you're driving on the area here. you can see traffic continues to move along relatively well. but you will see some stop and go traffic in the area as we would expect getting out to the area. there are no major problems here. the traffic on interstate 880 is moving will


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