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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 8, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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it will need a little help. really having us a big cooldown saturday. for most today, it will be warmer. certainly inland and around the bay. there is an onshore breeze at sfo. hayward and oakland have turned easterly. that's the first time we've seen that this week. 40s for napa. even sunnyvale at 49. low 50s open at 51 degrees. and there are many 40s as well towards the santa clara valley. 44 in felton. 46 in campbell park cupertino and santa clara 50. what attempts bumped up a little bit. they are still pretty cool. 51-54. i will warm everyone up to where they should be.a friday. and the traffic is -- >> it's about moderate. it's not as busy as, say, on a wednesday. i want to show you the trip
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into san francisco if you're just -- it should be a regular drip some of the fast track lanes are moving okay. also, looking at a commute on interstate 880, that looks good past oracle arena, driving into downtown oakland, there have been no major problems on highway 4 that definitely is lighter than usual. we have a little bit of slowing on highway 4. and that is about all 680 is absolutely clear. from concord to walnut creek and all the way down into alamo. we are off to a nice start there. 80 also looks very good. as we backed off. the altamont pass traffic and before it gets very slow. traffic looks good. the south bay commute is light. 6:01. let's go back to the desk. we have developing news in san francisco. we are following police investigating a shooting on paul street. alex savidge, you are out there now. what do you know so far about what happened out the?
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>> reporter: we're still obviously gathering information. it's an evolving investigation. from what i'm told, a man was shot and wounded early this morning. he wound up here outside of bob's doughnuts. san francisco police have blocked off this area with crime scene tape. they are gathering evidence. this happened at about 4:30 this morning. officers responded to a call of shots fired. that's when they found this man who had been shot. he was ultimately rushed to the hospital. if we can, we may have some video of a second crime scene that we thought just around the corner on california street. just off of polk. that is where there were shell casings on the ground. that is where we understand the shots likely were fired. and again, a neighbor described for us that they heard gunfire at about 4:30 this morning. a couple of shots fired. again, we have two separate crime scene >> one of them on california
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and again, we have this crime scene here on the 1600 block of polk street. you can see the area roped off with crime scene tape outside of bob's doughnuts. a man was shot and rushed to the hospital. the person who did this remains on the run. >> alex savidge, thank you. san francisco police are also investigating a shooting in the mission district. where one person was killed two others were hurt. it happened just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon near treat avenue and cesar chavez street. one of the victims, 21-year-old jaime poole, died shortly after the shooting. another victim is in critical condition. a third is listed in serious condition. the police mod any witnesses to come forward to help find that shooter. >> we're questioning people, looking for surveillance
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footage, looking for anything we can to help us. >> police say all three of the victims are men in their 20s. right now, we don't know of a motive and so far, no arrests have been made. the votes are still being counted in the race to be the next mayor of san francisco. mark leno's lead over london breed has tightened to just 255 votes. the new numbers show leno leading by just a 10th of a percent over breed but with 93,000 mail-in and provisional ballots left to count, that race is far from decided. in fact, the mail-in ballots are still coming in. as long as they have a two-day postmark and arrived by today, they will be counted. election records say they are processing a lot of ballots. it will be likely several days before we find out the final outcome. >> everything is fresh. there's nothing that's been preprocessed to flow into the tabulators. >> part of what's making the contest so close is the city's ranked choice voting system where voters second and third
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choices are taking into account. that system has been used in san francisco since 2004. in place of a runoff election. 6:05. strange story. a woman from santa rosa is in the hospital. she was gored by a bison. in yellowstone national park. park officials say her group got too close to the bison and it charged. this is a 59-year-old woman. they say her hip has been hurt. she is expected to be okay. a group of women were kicked by elk. they are also expected to be okay. park officials say the animals are wild but just a reminder, and tourists should give them their space. a couple in lake county is facing human trafficking charges. 37-year-old sam and his wife, 27-year-old christina, were both arrested. they were accused of recruiting has, girls and forcing them into prostitution.
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authorities are aware of at least 40 young women who are traffic. the couple is being held on wilmington -- 1 million and $2 million deal. president trump is on his way to quebec, canada for the g7 summit. the president said he will be fighting for medal -- better trade deals at that g7 summit. >> european union treats us very unfairly. canada very unfairly. mexico very unfairly. with that said, i think we will very easily make a deal. >> it's expected to be a 10th summit leaders but other world leaders say they are going to push back against the new tariff by the united states. there have been protests in quebec, canada. >> [ crowd chanting ] >> the protesters are a coalition of different groups who say they are showing their
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opposition to racism, capitalism, colonialism, and other issues. the demonstrations began with a peaceful march to the venue followed by a die-in. there were some minor scuffles and there were some arrests. it is affecting wall street once again. stocks are lower on that news. 6:07. an eight-year-old child died in an early morning crash in the east bay. we will have an update on the chp investigation into what caused this three-car accident. the warriors could with -- when another nba championship in cleveland. we have a preview of game four of the nba championships and what the warriors have to do to shut down lebron james and the cavs. 80 westbound right now, not looking to slow. as you drive to richmond and had out to oakland. there are some fog. mainly san mateo coast. part of mendocino coast. otherwise, a lot less than we have seen. we will take a look at your
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friday forecast in more detail coming up.
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get the best price on fast, reliable speed. call today. extra police will patrol outside of oracle arena tonight, where warriors will head to the warriors watch party. it's already a sellout there at the arena. it's in response to wednesday night's shooting in a parking lot near oracle at -- after the game, three watch parties.
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a man was shot twice during an argument between two groups is expected to survive. oakland mayor libby schaaf and the oakland police are spreading the message tonight's watch party will be safe. >> we want everyone to know that when they come out to the watch party on friday night this is a celebration, a safe place for everyone. >> we're here to support that and keep it safe, keep it positive. >> metal detectors will also be inside oracle arena. the warriors will try to finish off the cleveland cavaliers and bring another title back to the bay. warriors lead the best-of-seven series three games to none with game four tonight in cleveland. both teams spent the day kerr reflected on some of the more challenging moments of the season. >> every season is very different every journey is a new one each season. and yet, the cumulative effect on multiple journeys as up and
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we have to felt that this year. i think it's been are most inconsistent season. it's been almost difficult season. they turned it on right from the beginning of the playoffs defensively. and that's been what's been key, i think, to get us to this point, where we are on the cusp. our defense has been fantastic through however many playoff games we've played. suspect is the fourth year in a row that these two teams have played each other in the nba finals. the warriors offense gets plenty of attention. both teams -- it's also the defense. that helps the warriors get there. lebron james was asked about what makes the warriors defense unique. >> draymond. draymond is the catalyst and the anchor for the defense. very, very smart >> defensively. he knows pretty much every said.
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he kind of flies around and dictates the defense. he protects the rim as well. >> draymond green leads the warriors in rebounding, steals, and blocks. tonight's game, 6:00 is the warriors -- if the warriors lose the game five will be back in oakland. >> draymond should post that on his facebook page of lebron saying -- >> he had to come up and say, you know, i mean, lebron also says, the warriors are one of the best teams ever assembled. you have to acknowledge they are amazing. >> absolutely. absolutely. very much fun to i'm looking forward to tonight's game. i can't wait. >> you got your hands full this morning. >> yes, we do. we are looking at a commute that is doing all right. at the bay bridge, we don't have a lighter put some commutes are lighter. this isn't one of them.
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we have about eight 15-20 minute delay. what i think is going to happen is that the morning wears on. all the other lighter commutes are going to affect this one. for example, i've seen lighter commutes on 885 -- 880, 580, 680. the concord and walnut creek. things might change. but look at highway 4. it is dramatically lighter than normal. so if you're driving and drive times are going to be up a little bit, which is good. 80 hercules, richmond, and berkeley also moving along well. but again, as the volume drops off, if you end up waiting around, it might help you as we look at the south bay commute, it's also light. there is a crash northbound 280 getting up to wolff road. there is a backup there. but happily, you have an alternate routes there. 85 or 101 are good alternates this morning. 6:15. let's bring steve in.
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happy friday. we do have a little bit warmer forecast here. certainly away from the coast. there's still some fog larking. but it's been nice here. except for a couple of days. it's been below average or near average. what's not to like about this wonderful, whether, mr. b? and you can take a look and see 40s, 48 saratoga. 47. 40s in the santa cruz mountains. socal. santa cruz as well. bowie creek is 45. gilroy is 46. a little cool there. today will be warmer for most. patchy fog, mostly on the san mateo coast. a from the coast. down towards the beach. and then it's getting closer, so we will keep an eye on that. and then probably well.
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after that, marin coast and simone -- sonoma coast looked to be in fog free. when i say steve, that's not what is happening, but that is what it looks >> hint of an easterly breeze at vacaville. 40s, 50s on the temps. that's brightwood park napa airport is 58. water temps are still cold. 51 sf buoy. as long as that cold water is in place, right there that's going to cool us down and give us a big push on the fog. high pressure is building in. a little warmer today. 80 -- these are really about where they should be for this time of year. the city should be 66. san jose should be 77. livermore shld82. these are normal temps. we got a cool weekend today. tomorrow will be cooler. sunday will be nice. warmer monday and tuesday. >> okay. all right, steve, thank you. still stunned to talk about
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this. anthony bourdain, her celebrity tv chef, best-selling author, world traveler, found dead in france at the age of 61. his death ruled a suicide. we will bring you all the details of the investigation of bourdain's death. how much money would it take for you to get sick on purpose? one school is putting a price tag on that. plus, here is a look at night's primetime lineup. back-to-back episodes of phenoms. make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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♪ >> dave? >> come on, sal. >> he is dancing. >> ain't no stopping us now. mcfadden and whitehead. i think you knew that, dave. requested by franchise. one name, by the way. that's the weight she spelled it. she wanted to do it in honor of our warriors. she says there's no stopping the warriors now. if there's an inspirational song you wanted to hear, let us know. we pump you up for the warriors
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or anything else that needs dumping up. keep that here. use the hashtag ktvu. >> thank you, sal. at least four electric scooter companies applied for new permits to rent those scooters before last night's 5 pm deadline. city leaders told the companies take the scooters off the street until permits are approved. there have been almost 2000 complaints about scooters blocking the sidewalks and streets and driveways. three companies were operating in the city, lime, bird-- spin. scooters are returned, when they come back at the number of scooters allowed on the streets will at first be capped at 1250 for the first six months. after that, the city may allow
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up to 2500 electric scooters. the owners of several bay area restaurants have been ordered to pay millions of dollars for underpaying hundreds of workers. japanese seafood and buffet is facing more than $5 million in wage violation fees. the state labor commissioner's office says the restaurant did not pay minimum wage and overtime to more than 100 employees for at least three years. the owners of another restaurant were also cited on $5 million for underpaying workers. more than 200 workers were affected. the restaurant had locations in palo alto, san francisco, sent: -- san carlos, and belmont. a new report says the rising cost of owning a home could be contributing to a decline in birth rate. a fertility doctor says she is not surprised. >> it's no secret more and more
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millennials are delaying parenthood for a variety of reasons. you can now add rising home costs to the list according to a new study by zillow, hotter housing markets produced fewer babies. >> the bay area is really expensive. it's grown significantly. having that home and financial stability in order to have a baby is very challenging in those areas. >> reporter: zero's -- zillow's research found home values rose 61% while the birth rate dropped 22%. home values rose 60% while the birth rate fell money 4%. in santa clara county, home values rose 50% while the birth rate dropped 20%. >> i would say that i'm not surprised. >> reporter: fertility doctor says this is nothing new.
6:24 am
>> patients are telling me, i'm waiting to save up enough of my down payment. it's a real thing. i'm seeing a lot of patients move out of the state because they can afford everything. >> reporter: zillow says their analysis does not suggest that rising house prices alone are causing falling birth rates. they say it's likely a could do being a factor. >> we are noticing that fertility rates have been falling since 2007. >> reporter: while some may put off major milestones for owning a home, she says it's -- it just takes love to have a baby. >> you might be waiting too long. your fertility is so precious >> it's the most precious commodity. you cannot take it for granted. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news.
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ikea is phasing out all single-use plastic products by the year 2020. it's part of that company's push to use only renewable energy and recycled materials. products like disposable plastic straws, plates and utensils, they are going to be phased out and replaced with alternative >> more companies have been banning plastic because the impact on the environment. sprint is offering a $15 a month plan for unlimited talk, text, and data. it promises significant monthly savings. that significantly is cheaper than other plans. the price does not include taxes and government fees. this is different. researchers are willing to pay people, and maybe you, $3500 to get the flu take a team of researchers at st. louis university are paying
6:26 am
volunteers to come stay in their research suite and be intentionally exposed to the flu. to see if experimental vaccines keep them from getting sick. research room is just like in a hotel room, but you have to be quarantined to about 10 days and go through all kinds of medical tests. the hope is when they are done, it will be closer to a universal flu vaccine. at 6:26, a puppy saved the life of a stockton family when their home caught fire. the details on how that young people made the family aware of that fire. a driver who fell asleep on the wheel at 680' an accident that killed an eight-year-old child. more details coming up. good morning. right now, we do have traffic here on 80 westbound. that is looking all right. it's just a little better than normal heading out to the maze. well, most of the date will
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warm up. most. there's some fog near the san mateo coast. for friday, it does look warmer. we will show you the numbers.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us on mornings on 2 but it's a pam cook day. it's friday. it is doing eight. i'm dave clark . >> thank you for the day. i will share the day with you.
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>> what about me? >> i will share it with you, too. >> every day is pam cook day. suspect tell everyone else that >> happy friday, everybody. for those of you -- steve, going to santa cruz tomorrow, is it going to be warmer in the coast? no. today is the day to go or sunday. if you can only go to market usually they get the sun anyway. there will be an increase in the fog. on the work its way in. so far, it's not made it into monterey bay. it's inching closer. temperatures today will be in the 60s for many on the coast. still an onshore breeze. 49 santa cruz. a little cool in carmel. pg 52. it will be warmer for those awaiting the coast. san jose, 73, 77. the city, 61 66. they have been below all week
6:31 am
long. we will bump you up 4 today. there's a lot of fog out there. it's only working its way in on part of the coast. maybe point raised -- point reyes. a little hint of an east. that's the first time this week. that there went has been easterly. 40s, 50s, to a couple of low 60s. it will be warmer today. 51 you 31 up in truckee. cooler saturday. >> these, 70s and 80s. these are average for this time of year. 6:31. sal tells us that you're looking at what? >> well, the commute is lighter in some areas picked it's not lighter in another >> but the issue of freeway is one of the light commutes right now from western contra costa county to the macarthur maze. and getting out of the bay bridge toll plaza, 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. when you get to the toll plaza, there is waiting to do picked up about 10-15 minutes. and then it looks good on the bridge. this is a look at interstate
6:32 am
880 driving up north and getting up to downtown oakland. checking in with the airport. i know a lot people travel this time of the year. and there are no major delays reported right now. for airline flights in and out. highway 4 has a little bit of slow traffic as you drive into pittsburgh and bay point it's a little bit better than normal. let's go to the south bay. i do want to mention northbound 280 just north of saratoga avenue exit, there was a motorcycle accident. that's been cleared. traffic is recovering. happily this morning, 85 and 11 are decent alternates. 6:30 two. let's go back > new this mornin famed celebrity chef, best- selling author, tv host, anthony bourdain has died. his show parts unknown, is one of the most popular shows on cnn. this morning, cnn confirmed anthony bourdain was found dead in france but he was there filming an upcoming episode. a friend found anthony bourdain unresponsive in his hotel room. investigators believe it was a
6:33 am
suicide. anthony bourdain was 61 years old. so but -- celebrity chef gordon ramsay tweeted early this morning, stunned and saddened by the loss of anthony bourdain. he brought the world into our homes and inspired so many people to explore cultures and cities through their food. remember, the help is a phone call away. one 802 73 tal k. eight-year-old child was killed in a crash that the chp says happened when a driver fell asleep at the wheel. that happened early this morning on interstate 680. leigh martinez has more from the scene. leigh? >> terrible tragedy this morning. chp says the accident is still under investigation. the accident scene is clear this morning. ure taking a look at 680 northbound >> the traffic is slowing. at 12:40 this morning.
6:34 am
chp says the driver of a black dodge was traveling northbound on 680 south of calaveras road when traffic began to slow approaching a construction zone and that number one lane. chp says the driver admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. his black dodge crashed into the rear of a white toilet -- toyota corolla. at the hospital, an eight-year- old child died. the chp says the eight-year-old was in a car seat in the back of the white toyota. the child's father is currently still in the hospital with major injuries. two have minor injuries. we don't know their current status. chp says that this accident is still under investigation. and no word yet if that driver who admitted to falling to sleep at the wheel will face any charges. back to you. >> thank you for that update. san francisco police are trying to identify a man who
6:35 am
was seen brutally kicking a homeless man. take a look at this surveillance video. it shows the suspect who was wearing a dark suit and holding a briefcase walking up and then kicking a homeless man who was lying on the sidewalk. this happened two weeks ago near mcallister in the civic center area. he -- police are looking for that attacker. they don't know what motivated that assault. >> it appears completely unprovoked. we are going to do our best in this case to bring the suspect in because it's just something that we are not going to tolerate. >> the 38-year-old homeless man suffered injuries to his face and head. he was treated at the hospital and really >> san francisco police say the suspect -- take a look at the surveillance photo -- was wearing a black beanie, eyeglasses. santa clara county debating , spending millions of dollars
6:36 am
to help survivors of domestic violence. one proposal is to spend $5 million at the -- that's a 400% increase. crisis hotline get about 20,000 calls a year. it will expand much-needed services including legal and housing help. a new model where a -- an abuser has to leave the home instead of the person who is abuse >> >> there have been some models where the abusers are the ones that are forced to leave. there could be some pilot funding for something like that. it's a really exciting opportunity. >> that extra funding will be official until the budget is passed by the board of supervisors on monday. police are investigating a deadly shooting in san lorenzo that happened just after 7:00 last night near bayberry lane
6:37 am
and silverleaf drive, which is near eatonville park & highway 185. alameda county sheriff's deputies responded to reports of a man lying in the street. when they arrived, they found that he had been shot several times. he was pronounced dead at the scene. right now, there's no description of any suspects. if you do have any information, you are asked to call alameda county sheriff's office. 6:37. streets in an areas near alameda creek and union city blvd. mosquitoes and birds infected with west nile virus were found in a park in that area. those crews will be using a spray that's mounted on a truck. three people in san jose are in need of temporary housing after a fire burned their home. that fire started on westbury drive at about 7:30 last night. the san jose mercury news says the fire started at a cluttered garage and spread to the second
6:38 am
floor of the home. firefighters say they were able to save about half the house. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. our time is 6:30 eight. a dog that man's best friend that really turned out to be a lifesaver for a family in stockton. sunday morning, eight month old pit bull -- this one -- this is sasha -- alerted the family that the house was on fire. the dog was outside and kept knocking his head into the door until someone woke up and came to the door. >> i owe her everything. if it wasn't for her, i probably would have still been in bed. >> sasha's owners says she hopes that incident helps change the perception of pit bulls. 6:39 is the time put a santa rosa woman gored by a bison in yellowstone national park. coming up in our 6:00 hour, we have an update on her condition and the situation that caused
6:39 am
the our -- and will to attack. will he stay or will he go? we will break down the current contract situation of warriors star kevin durant. he can become a free agent this summer. good morning. we do have traffic that is slowing in some areas. and better in another >> the bay bridge commute once again onto the span looks good. sunny and warmer for most. there is a little bit of fog out there, but it looks like it will be confined to just heart of the coast. right around the corner.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we actually have a good update about that still in van filled with several special dogs on their way to vallejo for a dog show. the van was stolen in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in redding. while the thief is still on the loose, ktvu's rob roth says police found that still in van and the dogs are safe. >> overwhelming relief for pet owners. their dogs are safe. reading police say they found the 14 dog locked in the stolen van stressed, hot, thirsty, but otherwise okay. they were all check out by veterinarians who spoke by
6:43 am
phone to the van's owner who was clearly shaken by what happened. >> this was the most horrific, scariest thing i've ever, ever in my entire life i've ever come across or been involved with. so how i'm feeling is i cannot be more thankful. >> reporter: carter was in eighth dodge van. -- a dodge van. he stopped at an in-n-out burger and left the motor running. >> the air-conditioning had to stay on. because it was hot outside. >> reporter: the van and the dogs were gone. police released this image of a suspect, $30,000 reward was offered. acting on a tip thursday morning, reading police found the van parked in direct sunlight in a gully on a rural road in south riding. they had to break the window to get in the van. animal control officers helped get the dogs out. we spoke by phone with one of
6:44 am
the dogs -- dog owners from washington. >> our dogs are our family. they are family members. they are family members. all i can say. they are just -- they are a part of our life. part of our hearts. >> reporter: here at woofstock, the four-day international dog show with a '60s tie-dye theme, there is relief. this is where the van was supposed to come. the people are glad the dogs are safe. >> that'ssays he doubts he will in vallejo, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. kevin durant will be back wi next season. the warriors -- he says that h stay with the team this summer. his contract allows him to opt out and become a free agent. he is pretty good. we want to keep him. just last year, he signed a discounted two year $51 million
6:45 am
deal with the team. that allowed the warriors to have enough money to keep andre iguodala, shaun livingston on the roster. i'm anxious to hear what a max deal -- 116 million. i think others what as well. 6:45. let's check in with gasia to see what's coming up. good morning. >> i will take that discount deal. >> any day. >> coming up in the next hour, we will look ahead at the nba finals game. we are going to look at the game between the warriors and cleveland cavaliers. explain how the teams are preparing in the -- in cleveland and what you will likely see more of. at oracle arena. i think i told you my little sister and her husband adopted a little puppy last year. you would think they would have
6:46 am
a newborn baby. special gear and feeling like he is at home. too bad we don't live in the norway, sweden:or finland area. there's a company that is giving workers paw-ternity leave. we talked about health benefits for parents of children here in the united states are woefully behind what many countries offer their new moms and dads. they are making a huge leap. >> gasia, give it a second thought. >> moms get a year off. >> exactly. >> interesting. we will be talking about that. time is 6:47.
6:47 am
baseball fans are once again able to buy a beer. from a roaming vendor without leaving your seat. >> last month, the san diego padres launched in seat beer service. that hasn't been offered since the 1980s. fans of legal drinking age, you can choose from a variety of beers in 16 ounce, aluminum containers, nine dollars each. at the coliseum. the oakland a's it's a between 40 and 50 new employees are going to be hired as mobile beer vendors. >> thank goodness. you don't want to have to leave your seat, right, sal? >> i remember when they used to do that before. good morning, everyone. now i just sit at home at my couch. >> and you leave your seat for your beer, i hope. >> sometimes.
6:48 am
that's okay. let's go out and take a look at 80 westbound. it's not lighter than usual at the toll plaza. ed lee -- it leaves me to believe that this commute eventually will lighten up as well. looking at a commute on interstate 880 that is doing very well driving up to downtown oakland, san mateo bridge traffic is not very slow. it is moving along a little bit slow here and there across the span. highway 4 is a little bit slower than it was. 680 is absolutely clear from the benicia bridge all the way to san ramon. we had an earlier accident northbound 280 that's been cleared up. it's a little bit slow on 280. 6:48. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sir. happy friday, everybody. we have a heck of a hurricane here. went from just a little tropical storm to a category 3. it may even make it to category 4. it is moving west, northwest. it's not impacting land yet.
6:49 am
looks like it will stay away and then drift out to sea. pretty impressive for our 1st eastern pacific storm. atlantic, golf, this was eastern. for us, today will be warmer. we had a pretty cool week. temperatures have been low average. tomorrow, they will drop. sunday, near average. monday and tuesday warmer after that. it just feels different this year to me. patchy fog, mainly on the san mateo coast. sunny and warmer. cosplayed and also inland. that's not something we've had. we've seen a little bit of that fog. most of it looks to be on the san mateo coast. you can see some of that trying to get into point reyes. it's not going to do much there. that looks to be the line. if that's the case, you can let
6:50 am
me know. showing signs of making a little bit of a search. that's really about all it's doing. the water is very, very cold. 51, 52. that's why there's so much fog. it creates that thermal topic easterly trees in vacaville. that the first this week. sign of it will be warmer inland. a couple of low 60s. really, a lot of 50s. 54 vallejo. 47 runner park. sebastopol, 51, low 50s bodega bay. 40s or 50s for everyone all the way up to windsor. and low 50s. you can see the signature of the ridge of high pressure. that's your friday. that little dip will be saturday. today, though, it's near average for a lot of these temps. which is not something we've had this week. 60s by the water. 70s around the bay. mid 80s for some inland.
6:51 am
temperatures will start a slide down tomorrow. and breezy and ice. >> sounds good. thank you, steve. the race to become san francisco's next mayor is even closer. we are going to show you the latest vote totals in a race that has been reduced down to mark leno and london breed. and a huge seizure of illegal fireworks in the bay area. one of the fire's
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these a ♪ ♪
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in the early stages of the russia case. >> time is 6:55 a new blood toast developed at stanford university that may help predictive a been will be born prematurely. researchers say it's 75-80% accurate. at predicting a they also say the tests queen use today's give a reliable estimate of the due date. stanford researchers say 15 million babies around the world are affected by problems related to premature births every year. 7 people are in police custody after one of the biggest fireworks busts in california history. cal fire says 50,000 pounds of illegal fireworks were taken. many came from montana or nevada where they are legal. most are the kind that sign the
6:56 am
the air like in big professional shows. one of the big benefits is the reduced risk of fire when it goes into a tree or brush. >> that means fewer fires, fewer injuries, fewer deaths. less tropical in and less impact to the environment. >> governor brown is now proposing an increase in fudding for enforcement and education on the proper disposal of illegal fireworks. a busy stretch of road willow. pg&e is replacing pipes along st. mary's road. the closure starts at south lucille lane in lafayette and goes all the way to the boulevard in miraga. the color will run for the next 60 days from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. time is 6:57 san francisco
6:57 am
comic-con begins today. that convention will feature artists and celebrities and costumes and electronics. the major guests attending include matt smith from dr. who. and bonnie raitt from the harry potter movies. the event begins at noon today at the oakland convention center. it will continue through sunday. well, there is a new stanley cup champion in hockey. the washington cap tolls are the stanley cup championships beating leafs 4-3. >> getting by scores. >> yes, he did. the capitals won gaye 5 against the leaf again knights. the caps clinched the series 4- -1. all stars center alex ovechkin won the con smythe trophy. he was the mvp of the post season. it was a late night for the people in d.c. they were out in the streets celebrating the big win. a sea of red filled more than
6:58 am
four city blocks right outside the arena. it was a capitals' first title in the 11-year history of the franchise. some of the people climbed trees and light poles. so excited, so far, though, we haven't heard of any arrests this morning. well, this weekends levi stadium goes from sidelines to sand traps. today is the beginning of the stadium links golf tournament at levi stadium. the second year for this big event. there are nine holes scattered across levi stadium. the people behind stadium links go around the country and trance form football stadials and baseball parks into golf courses. golf courses. good morning, san francisco, police are searching for who ever shot and wounded a man early this morning. the victim was found about side of a popular doughnut shop. we'll tell you what we're learning about the investigation. >> also, the warriors going for the 4 game sweep tonight
6:59 am
against the cleveland cavaliers and the nba finals. we will have a preview of the big game tonight in cleveland. in cleveland. what a friday it is already. . good morning, i'm dave clark, let's talk about friday weatherments i stepped outside. it's beautiful. >> it is. >> you did good, steve. >> well,thank you, dave. dave's right it is nice out there. there's just a little bit of fog. most locations won't have to deal with it, sunny and nice and warmer. in fact, bless you, bless you. and temperatures today, heading up after a week where they've been below average today. today near average. going right back down saturday and back up sunday to average and above but not that far above monday and tuesday. so here we go. 62,86, patchy fog sunny and warmer near normal
7:00 am
temperatures. little bit of fog. not that much but there is some on the san mateo coast. on skyline, as well. starting to make a little move up pacifica. half moon bay and turns away around santa cruz. i think they're okay. 51 the water temperature at san francisco. half moon bay 52. very cold. little westerly breeze. there was the easterly breeze for a bit. now, it's turned back on shore, again. still that's in place. i don't think the coast will warm up that much. 50s, 60s a few temperatures in the 60s. have to go out to pittsburg. little bit black hawk


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