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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 13, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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thank you for joining us here on "morni 2"it is wednesda week, ju i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. you brought my friend , steve paulson back. you gave him a few days off, but you had to bring them back. >> it is good to be back. when you entertain company, it is fine, but. >> you were golfing in wine country? did they say it was time for you to go? >> pretty much. thank you for visiting, you are leaving now. we have a little bit of patchy fall down toward santa cruz and on the san mateo coast. i don't think it will be too much. tomorrow is a bigger story. nice, warm, mild or hot, depending on your proximity to the coast or inland. you could see some of the fog down there. the main fog bank has another day to go before it moves in. we are going through a pretty significant change, as the low
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will drop inhere, but not until friday into the weekend. we will drop big ti degrees. when -- water temperatures are very cold. not much of a delta breeze, but it is picking up. s the coast under clear skies f right now. 53 in gilroy, 55 morgan hill, upper 40s low 50s santa cruz mountains, mid 50s upper 50s around campbell and saratoga. that is a little moving into the north. believe it or not, it will backtrack and dig down toward us over the weekend. it will open the door to a big cooling trend. today is 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s for your temperatures. >> you are back. >> have you noticed a change in traffic? we have not noticed a change. any day now, we will get to the point where yes, we have the summer vacation in effect, so
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to speak. right now we have typical traffic on 580 and 205 coming in from tracy. there have been no major problems here as you drive crowded. but it is getting as you drive to livermore, it looks good. no problems in dublin. i want to switch to highway 12 in fairfield. there is a crash at that busyge ually by now, we start to see slow traffic. maybe today is the day where we start to see a little bit of summer vacation affect. going to the bay bridge span, traffic is moderately heavy. i want to mention an accident on the political north and 101 at university. they are clearing an accident from the pass line over to the side. as not caused a big delay yet. let's go back to the desk. today house fire in walnut creek claimed the life of an elderly man. >> two other people were hurt and the fire. ktvu's alex savidge is there with more details.
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>> reporter: firefighters are still here at this scene trying to find out what caused this overnight fire. the two-story home erupted in flames with an elderly couple in their adult son asleep inside. the elderly man who lives here did not make it out of this fire. the fire started about 12:45 am at this home in walnut creek. contra costa county fire crews got here in town flames pouring from the home. firefighters also found an elderly woman and her adult son out on the front lawn in front of the home. both of them were suffering from smoke inhalation and other injuries. crews made their way inside the home and found the elderly man in a second-floor bedroom. he was pulled out and rushed to the hospital but did no ive. >> the fire was very y on both the first and second floors. there was a stubborn attic fire, as well. we are looking into what th cause of the fire is. we will be here for the next several hours, at least.
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>> reporter: firefighters say it looks like the fire started somewhere on the first floor of the home. the cause is still unclear. that will be part of the ongoing investigation. the elderly man who was killed in this overnight fire has not been identified by authorities. we are being told he was in his 70s. now his wife and adult son are recovering from their injuries still at thhospital this morning. it is confirm now. 9% of tesla's work force will be laid off. tesla's ceo,made it official, but workers in fremont will not be affected.
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3600 salaried tesla employees will be targeted for the layoffs. elon musk says the cuts are difficult, but necessary. as tesla ramps up production on its model 3, the company is also trying to become profitable. >> he has this model 3 he is trying to crank out in large numbers and trying to become a mainstream car company. you cannot do that at a lost month after month after month. >> elon musk says the layoffs will not interfere with production goals and it does not involve factory workers in fremont. ney released documents show federal agents were able to successfully carry out immigration rates in california, despite an advanced warning of -- warning by mayor libby schaaf. it led to the arrest of 232 people from bakersfield up to the oregon border. the operation turned political when mayor schaff announced she had heard about the upcoming immigration sweep. she had been harshly criticized by the white house, with some officials cacomments an obstruction of justice. weeks before the operation, an ice -- i.c.e.
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agent said they would be surprised that they picked up 200 suspect. the director of i.c.e. blamed mayor schaff for letting 800 people get away. the mayor told a bay area news agenda. at exposed the white now qualified for the november ballot, a controversial proposal to break up california in three separate states. tim draper is paying for the measure. it would divide the state into three-step aspects separate states. northern california would include the bay area and sacramento and south carolina which would run from fresno to san diego. it would also separate part of the ine from los angeles to monterey. that would just be called california. even if the measure passes, it would need congressional approval. the last time a state was divided was in 1863. that is when west virginia broke away from virginia to become a separate state. we learning new details on the man accused of deserting
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the air force and disappearing 35 years. he is being held on charges of desertion. he was arrested at his home in daly city less we. people who worked with him told the chronicle he was known as tim o'byrne and worked at the california university. coworkers told the newspaper he was smart, honest and could make difficult concepts easy to understand. he had held the top security clearances and there were fears he had been kidnapped by russia because of what he knew. the san francisco mayor's race is still not decided. london breed, the board of supervisors president, has a slim lead over former state senator, mark leno. the test count shows london breed with 43% of the te leading by only 1861 votes. the department of elections has
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only 8000 male in and provisional ballots left to be counted. london breed's lead has been growing over the last couple of days. they hope to finish the count by friday. world cup soccer governing box -- body has awarded the tournt to north america. >> canada, u. s. say have been selected to hold the 2026 people world cup. >> the joint bid that was won by a 2-1 margin over morocco. it is the first time member nations voted instead of a committee to decide the location of the tournament. there will be a total of 80 games. the preliminary games will be played in all three countries, the u. s.,mexico and canada. all of the days -- all of the
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games for the quarterfinals will be in u. s. stadiums. that include here. that means all three countries automatically have players in the tournament. you can watch this year with us. ktvu fox 2 is your home for the 2018 world cup. we will carry the matches live right here on ktvu starting tomorrow morning. the first rush -- the first match is russia against saudi live coverage begins here at 7 am. don't worry, "mornings on 2" will still beon, you just have to go to vu plus. how about the warriors? hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of oakland for another warriors championship array. the players were on open air buseofan them and partied with the fans for the second straight year and the third nba championship
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in four years. the players and coaches thanked the fans for their incredible support. they are hoping to do it again next season. know it will not be easy. >> it just gets tougher as you the journey was a long one. >> it is great to be back here. >> the big crowds soakedup the sun and enjoyed the entire atmosphere. that is an incredible picture. while the players were on different buses, a lot of them got off and basically walked the parade route, so they can mingle with the fans. >> this is for you guys. this is why it is so special to play in the bay area in front g they would reimburse the city of oakland for the cost of the parade and would pay up to $1.2 million. if you haven't had enough of all of it celebrations, you
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more video of the highlights of the celebrations on our website, still ahead, a bay area jogger who was seen on video throwing away the belongings of a homeless man was slammed again by critics. we will show you new video that led to his arrest. we have more on that agent who got into trouble on the dance floor. coming u details on his arrest and the charges he faces in court. last minute gift finders.
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on 2". come back to "morning the f-duty fbi agent who's going accidentally fired while he was dancing at a nightclub in denver will go to court this morning. that fbi agent surrendered yesterday to authorities. 29-year-old chase bishop is facing charges of second-degree assault after his gun went off after he did that. you can see him dancing in the video. he did a back flip. while doing that, his gun fell to the ground and went off when he picked it up. an unmanned nasa plain is my plant has fluent solo through airspace. the plant was remotely piloted through airspace without a safety chase plant. it is designed to detect technology.
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we will just kick back at the beach while it is flying around. >> sal castendo is autonomous and does everything by himself. choked it -- we are doing well almost commute. we may be seeing a summer vacation effect. this is nohbound 101 gilroy to san jose. it looks pretty good, no major issues. traffic is moving very well to sam martin and morgan hill. if you're driving into the west valley, it looks pretty good. we had a an earlier accident on northbound 101 and university. they moved it out of the way quick enough so it did not cause any lasting effect. steve asked me earlier if we
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saw any of the summer vacation effect. this is the first day that at 5:16 am or so we don't have a fully crowded bay bridge toll plaza. yesterday at this time it was pretty quiet at this time. we will see what happens at 5:30 am, but so far, so good. let's bring in mr. steve paulson. >> the pattern has changed over the last 10 years or so. >> yes, it has. more people are employed and the economy is stronger. there were days where it was very light. we will see what happened this summer. we had a lot of 90s yesterday. there will still be some today, but santa rosa was 91, we will palo alto, the airport was 79. closer to stanford, it was 90. it drops to 84. livermore from 96 to 91. there is some patchy fog near the coast.
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this will not kick in until late tonight or tomorrow night. this unseasonably cool system is poised to move in, but not until friday, saturday and sunday. hopefully the bodega bay temperature gets fixed this week. west-southwest 16. that is down two. i think it will ramp up in a few days, but not today. 40s to 60s, 40 half moon bay, 60 in brentwood. occidental is 50, 51 in petaluma. 30s in the mountains, truckee 86, 83 in viva las vegas. 53 in monterey and 63 in sacramento. the low will dig down and that will not only give us a cooler pattern, it starts a little bit
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today coast and bay, in a little bit inland. tomorrow we pu those 90s out to the valley and 80s will be back in areas that will be in the 90s today. here we go again with another system dropping in. for those of you heading up to the mountains, it looks like some rain is in the mix from that low moving in. it is moisture starved, but there are some signs it might produce untain shower activity over the weekend. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. we are in that summertime pattern. temperatures will be above average for some and average for others. tomorrow we bring back the fog in a big cool down day friday into the weekend. a popular part of yosemite national park has been off- limits for the past three years. that is about to change before the end of this week. we have the details of the reopening coming up. the singapore summit is now over, but did president trump strike a good deal? i am doug luzader in washington. i will have more reaction coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". president trump is back in washington after his historic mmit meeting with north korea's kim jong un. the white house is describing the meeting as a success, with kim jong un agreeing to dismantle his nuclear program. as doug luzader reports from washington this morning, the details are still scarce. there are people in congress that are skeptical. >> reporter: the president is back at the white house here in washington this morning. he says he is confident that kim jong un will live up to the terms of this very broad agreement that has been signed.
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the details, as we have been saying all along,ill be difficult to work out. >> reporter: air force one touching down back in the united states this morning, just after dawn. president trump emerging with a wave. the long flight back to washington has given plenty of time for critics to pylon. was a historic summit with kim jong un worth it? did the u. s. get enough in return? while the president tweeted from air force one that the wor from potential nuclear catastrophe, his critics did not wait for his arrival to time in. >> president trump seems to have given away two or three major things that kim jong un wanted, a meeting, flex next to each other, now a delay of exercises with south korea without getting anything in return. >> reporter: the decision to suspend military exercises with of attention. president trum he wasn't
5:23 am
crazy about "war games" to begin with. >> it really is something that is much appreciated. >> reporter: it wasn't that big concession. what kimong un agree to was to work toward dismantling his nuclear program with no timelines or verifications standard yet. >> 70% ofthe forces are deployed on the dmz. that will change if we are going to suspend our exercises. north korea has to make the corresponding commitment to pull back. we have seen the movie trailer style video that the president played for kim jong un during the sun, showing the potential for a wealthy an prosperous north korea if the agreement ultimately holds. >> reporter: that is a big if. cretary of state rex tillerson -- secretary of state mike pompeo will go to south korea.
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south korea is keenly interested in getting some kind of an agreement between the u. s. and north korea. these military exercises have been put on hold and have traditionally gone on twica year. the second anniversary of the deadly pulse club of california were marked with remembrances. dozens gathered at castro and 18th street, honoring the lives of 49 people shot and ki the pulse nightclub in florida. were part of the lgbtq community. attitudes about gun control have to change to people
5:25 am
>> if it can happen here, it ppen anywhere. >> there is a community feeling that guns are needed to protect. we need to reverse that. >> there was also this, i die in outside of san francisco city hall. young people from the peninsula, the east bay and the north bay wanted a graphic representation of all gun violence, not just a mass shooting. they wanted to bring attention to people die inootings ev every year. in orlando, survivors and family members of the people killed two years ago gathered at the site of the former pulse nightclub for a special remembrance ceremony. supporters who dressed up as angels helped to give family members privacy. they shared memories and grieved together. the former nightclub has been turned into a memorial park now with landscaping, an art exhibit there are break -- benches in place already. they are working to raise money
5:26 am
for a museum focused on the shooting and the people who died there. back here at home, a home invasion in sevastopol may be connected to others. with the armed robbers were looking for coming up. remember the people killed at pulse nightclub. we will let you know about a ceremony in the bay area and the push for gun control. ro there is a backup building as you approach the bay bridge as we look at the maccarthur maze. ere will be a backup at the i have more on that up. we have a hurricane, but it is weakening rapidly. there is more of a breeze today, so cooler for some.
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this is ktvu "mornings on 2" . welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is the middle of the week. >> yes, it is. >> it is wednesday, june 13. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. we have sad news to tell you about. investigators are trying to find the cause of a house fire in while creek -- walnut creek that killed an elderly man. it started around 12:45 am this morning.
5:30 am
it is near the contra costa canal trail picked up authorie was in his 70s. an elderly woman and her adult son were on the front lawn, suffering from smoke inhalation. they have been taken to john muir medical center. firefighters found an elderly man on the second floor bedroom. they pulled him out, but it was too late. ktvu's alex savidge is on the sce. he will bring us an uptake coming up. we are checking your weather. as hot as it was yesterday, steve paulson is back to tell us what we will see today. we have hurricane bud. it is a tropical storm. it has gone from a category 3 to a category 1 and now it is a tropical storm. women has been -- wind has been below 74 miles per hour. it is heading toward baja, sent lucas -- cabo san lucas. rain could end up in arizona and new mexico. nice to warm to hot, a little cooler with a breeze picking up. forecast with starting off in
5:31 am
the 50s and a lot of sunshine. it is cooler over by the airport, 72, it is nice, but not as warm as yesterday. west-southwest, there is a slight breeze. we will see if it collapses or holds. 50s for some, 60s for others. there are a few 40s on the san mateo coast. cerrito 54. ncord pavilion, el the lo -- the low will dig in and give us a big drop on the test. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s for some. th en things pick up >> the metering lights are all in. there is a little bit of slow traffic. there is a car fire on 24. it has spread to a brush fire.
5:32 am
we are just getting word of this. we will talk about that. we will talk about the solano community westbound, vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. that accident has been cleared up at beck avenue. it is slow heading to sonoma county. i also want to mention tr is moving along okay crossing the carquinez bridge. highway 24 eastbound right near the car fire that has now turned into a brush fire, we have the fire department with a critical response because of the history of the open hills. it is a mustang on fire. the people in the card to get out according to chp. it is a tricky situation. let's talk about the approach to the bay bridge, westbound 80
5:33 am
, this traffic is okay. when you get to the toll plaza, it has filled in but is still lighter than usual. we might be getting a little bit of the summer vacation affect. this ramp is not complely filled in. we might be getting some of it right now, but it is still crowded. there was a accident at the toll pla. there is a crash at westbound 84 at the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. we are checking on that, as well. there is a wa pete -- pg&e may have to shut off power when there is a high danger of wildfires. they say they may have to turn off electricity to neighbors during extreme weather conditions. when possible, customers will be warned and notified in advance. the recommendation to shut off power came after the fires last october. calfire found many of those fires were caused by trees falling down onto power lines or power poles and snapping in
5:34 am
the strong winds we will be right back. a wildfires burning out of control south of the nevada state capitol. the fire is in voltaire canyon, which is a rugged area about fourilcarson city. emergency crews are starting to evacuate some of the nearby neighborhoods. crews are fighting strong winds while they battle the flames. they hope the winds calmed down this morning, so they can bring in firefighting aircraft. so far, no injuries are reported. fire officials in southern california are letting people go back to their homes after fire forced evacuations in a canyon near beverly hills. some multimillion dollar homes in the kenya were evacuated in the santa monica mountains. the fire out there is 10% contained, but there is not much wind, so it is not growing fast. fires also burned already 35 acres, but no homes are in danger this morning. investigators say the fire was started by a weed wacker. in colorado there are two serious wildfires, the biggest in durango in southwest colorado. the newest fire is burning near the ke resort. the fires burned within 200
5:35 am
yards of homes in silverthorne. 1300 people have been forced out of their homes. the homes that are threatened are tightly packed together. fire crews have been called in from around the state to prevent the fire from spreading air crews will be called in later today. crews across the southwest are on the fireline in durango. that fire has burned about 36 square miles, about two thirds the size of all of san francisco. >> 2000 people have been evacuated. no homes that burned at this point. newly released % contained. inspector general report about the safety of some dams. they are shasta and full sedans, both of them are hearing, -- california. the others are glen canyon dam in arizona, the grand coulee dam in washington and the hoover dam on the nevada state
5:36 am
line. the inspector report found two of them are risk of outside cyber infiltration. they are at high risk of cyber threats from within. the names of the two dams at risk have not been announced because of security reasons, as you can imagine. the report made recommendations on how to improve cyber safety at those dams. caltrans crews are making headway after massive light -- rock slide shut down the roadway last may. the picture taken last week shows the progress that has been may. they expect the roadway will be reopened by the end of july. it is estimated more than 100 million tons of rock may have covered a quarter mile of the roadway near the san luis obispo county line. the video that went viral of a man that showed him throwing a homeless man's
5:37 am
belongings into a lake is now in jail. >> reporter: authorities say this video shows henry sintay realizing he is being recorded on a cell phone in lake merritt. when the moments, this happens. >> hey! are you out of your mind? >> reporter: the man recording the video then screams. >> help me! >> reporter: officials say henry sintay stole the phone that the man was using to cord conversation. he said he suffered a mild concussion, some cuts and bruises and strained muscles. he was asking henry sintay about the now viral incident captured the day before. in this video, henry sintay is seen taken a homeless man's belongings and throwing them in the lake and the trash pickup the man asked henry sintay what happened. >> this guy has taken up permanent residence over here.
5:38 am
>> reporter: the man asked whether henry sintay through the man's name -- stuff into the is some witnesses say he did. henry sintay then asked why he was removing items for the lake >> i don't want to pollute the lake, do you ? >> reporter: even chuckles moments before the struggle. oakland police arrested henry sintay on monday afternoon on suspicion of robbery. on facebook, the man said on the incident, i am relieved one of the men who robbed and assaulted me has been taken into custody. he should be held accountable for his actions. while what happened to me was horrible, it does not begin to compare with the daily mistreatment of our nature -- neighbors who are un-housed or unsheltered. prosecutors will review the case whether to file charges. sheriff's deputies in sonoma county are investigating another marijuana -related home invasion. it was the seventh recent
5:39 am
marijuana -related home invasion in that county. neighbors living alone pine village outside of sebastopol were awakened by speeding cars and gunshots early saturday mornin there were four armed robbers. one of them slipped into the home through a window and t the others in through a back door. someone was actually sleeping at home at the time. the man who rents the house arrived and confronted the armed robbers as they were leaving. the commotiowas heard all over the neighborhood. >> we heard pop, pop, popo coul was. then we heard another one and then we heard the screaming. it was from the neighbors. >> the robbers stole valuables, cash, marijuana and other
5:40 am
drugs. investigators say this home invasion fits a pattern in recent months of armed ers, some from out of state, targeting homes and robbing people they believe are in the cannabis business. the pressure is mounting on e controversial trict decision by petaluma high school to turn off the microphone during the valedictorian speech. the student said she was sexually assaulted on campus while she was a freshman. during the speech, her microphone was cut off as she was about to criticize the school district for what she considered a lack of action by the administration. r surspp cr school board last night for their handling of the situation. about 10,000 people have signed an online petition, calling for the removal of the principal. the administrator floor say they follow policy to turn off the microphone when a student deviates from the script oa
5:41 am
speech that was earlier approved by the school. the santa clara county board of supervisors voted to speed up the processing of rape kits. $600,000to process a backloof kits by july of next year. right now, it takes 94 days to process a rape kit. the supervisors hope to reduce that to 30 days. two new criminal lists will be hired to help meet that goal. county supervisor cindy chavez says testing the rape kits in a timely fashion is the most obvious way to demonstrate respect for rape survivors. a bill that would further limit conversion therapy in california has passed out of the state senate committee. that bill would still allow churches to provide conversion therapy, which is used to try to change someone's sexual soul -- sexual orientation, but they were no longer be able to advertise it or charge money for that service. lawmakers came to the decision after hours of testimony from more than 300 people against the bill, arguing it went against the religious freedom. >> it is motivated by religious
5:42 am
animus. sadly, the legislation is attacking people of faith. >> the use of conversion therapy on minors is already legal in california. the bill still needs full senate approval and a signature from governor brown. do you know, we still don't know who will be the mayor of san francisco? there is still no winner announced. we will tell you how many votes are separating london breed and mark leno this morning. victims getting compensation. coming up, what they will get from the state after suffering from the hands of the suspect a golden state killer. we see traffic isbenning to get a little more crowded. i am looking at the maccarthur maze, particularly. it looks pretty good when you get to the bay bridge. i will explain more about that coming up, as well. we have a little bit of fog
5:43 am
trying to get its act together. it will be a warm day inland, but not as hot as yesterday. we have a big cool down by the weekend.
5:44 am
5:45 am
a truck driver was arrested last night after 50 undocumented immigrants were discovered in his big rig in texas near san antoni international airport. several people inside the truck are young teenagers. some were treated at nearby hospitals, the rest were taken to a detention center. san antonio's fire chief said the people were fortunate the truck had air-conditioning and water. >> this is a totally different outcome than what we had several months before when we had the tractor-trailer incident down south. again, it is a feel-good story, because we are only reporting
5:46 am
five patients that will be transported tonight. all of them have minor injuries. >> a year ago, people died in san diego -- san antonio after being illegally smuggled in the back of a truck. a new study on a ballot measure passed by california voters shows reducing sentences for some inmates might be linked to a writing car break- ins. thefts from vehicles averaged 16,000 to 17,000 a month statewide before prop 47 passed in november 2014. the public policy institute of california says the number went up by 2000 3000 a month in the next two years. critics have said prop 47 would make crime to go up. overall crime is down, including drug possession. violent crimes drop by about 13% after prop 47 passed, but experts said it was mainly
5:47 am
because of unrelated changes in crime reporting. victims of the man known as a golden state killer could receive compensation from the state for the trauma. joseph deangelo was arrested in april after dna tied him to some of th murders and rapes 70s and 80s. the goen state usually, crime victims have just three years to seek compensation from the victim compensation board. language in a new bill considered by late -- by state lawmakers would allow them to have until the end of 2019 to apply for the compensation. a federal dge approved the controversial $85 billion merger between at&t and time warner. a judge in washington, on's arg
5:48 am
deal would hurt competition i mean higher prices for consumers. the merger is valued at $85 billion. it is one of the biggest media mergers ever. it is expected to lead to more deals between cable companie and content providers. we need to lo up the stocks to see how things are doing. it gained a little bit yesterday. it looks like it will be down today. >> are you buying or holding? >> not commenting. he met pam is very professional. let's go and look at the commute now. westbound 580, we had a problem just after the 205 interchang a one on rd the altamont pass. when she made -- make it over
5:49 am
there, there are no major problems. at the bay bridge, it is crowded. we had a letter commute early, but now it has filled in. eastbound 24 there a car has been put out. there was a little worry it might spread to the hills. the fire department got it not down rather quickly. we have mostly clear skies down at the port of oakland. >> they are playing star wars right now. >> they are playing star wars. we have to leave now. n. no cranes were used as the no more danger. this but for you -- this bud is for you. it is now a tropical storm. it is not hurricane strength anymor temperatures are going down. 91 yesterday in santa rosa, 87
5:50 am
today. 90 in palo alto, 84 today. 88 in san jose down to 83. the average is 79, 56. the record is 100 back on the state in 2000. the record low we will never see again, 36 in 1893. some fog around santa cruz and monterey bay. a little patch or two on the san mateo coast. it is inching closer, but it will likely be later tonight and into tomorrow. the water temperatures continue to be very cold. as long as they are there, i don't think our weather stays in a hot pattern very long. west-southwest, that is a little hint of adult a breeze. 50s and 60s for your temps, 40s on the san mateo coast. wood, so is montero and half moon bay. 37 in trkee, 39 new cryo- -- in ukiah.
5:51 am
this will deepen and settle in over california and could trigger shower activityver untan that would be over the weekend. temperatures start to take up lunch tomorrow. we take the 90s and push them out to the valley. 80s will show up in areas that are in the 90s today and yesterday. there is the outlook for rain. that would be this weekend. still some 90s away from the coast, not as hot as yesterday, but still hot enough. 60s and 70s closer to it. temperatures look like they toppsterday. one more warm to hot day inland and then tomorrow we cool down and a big cool down happens this weekend. >> is that okay? >> i think that will be nice. it is been a little too hot. a popular part of yosemite national park has been off
5:52 am
limit, but that is about to change before the end of this week. we will llabout the big reopening coming up.
5:53 am
5:54 am
the bay area air quality management district approved money for a new charging station. they will be in stolt in workplaces, schools, transportation hubs and
5:55 am
complexes. grid alternatives also received $60,000 to fund the project in some low income communities. the funding came from a $4.00 car registration fee that was put in place in 1991, in part to support clean-air vehicles here in the bay area. starting this friday, you wille allowed to again visit one of the most popular attractions at yosemite national park. we are talking about the mariposa grove of giant sequoias. it will reopen friday morning at 9 am. this very scenic area has been closed since july 2015 because of a big restoration project. during this time, people walking and riding on horseback could still take a trail, but just a small number of sequoias could be seen. conservationists say the restoration projectwill
5:56 am
enhance the entire experience for visitors, while also preserving a natural beauty. the houston astros beat the oakland a's 6-3 yesterday at the coliseum. >> karlos karina swings left down the line. >> reporter: the game got a ring -- got away from the a's quickly. the houston's sent -- houston's team sent the astros to a win. the miami marlins beat the giants 3-1 in miami last night. >> is a left. it is over. he makes the catch. >> look at that again. it was the great play with two runners on base. a rough third inning by giantst -- gave the marlins all they needed. the giants lost.
5:57 am
they will try to do better tonight when there's two teams play again. splitting california into three state. the proposal you will get to vote on this were november. a portion of the transit center in san francisco is due to open this week. we will tell you which services will be available starting this weekend.
5:58 am
ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> reporter: investigators in walnut creek are trying to figure out what caused the house fire that let -- that led to an elderly man's death. california voters will decide thi s whether to split the golden state into three. we will take a look at the boundaries and the potential impact to california during presidential elections. this is ktvu "mornings on 2".
6:00 am
thank you for waking up with this on this wednesday morning, june 13. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. it was really hot yesterday. steve paulson is back. it is good to see you. it was t for you, pam. >>hot. cool it down a bit. >> no problem. we have a little bit of patchy fog that will not make too much of an impact. by tomorrow, i think it will be gone. there is a lot out there, it is not making much of an impact. some patchy fog, nice to mild to warm to hot, cooler coast and bay. some inland areas will cool down a bit. 66 and 53 or the average, we are pretty close. 91 in 1966 was a record high, 47 in 1896 was a record low.


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